Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 21, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERA LD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE. FIVEH 'Rope Downs' Practiced in City HindenburgCommandersGreeted After RecordTrip LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY dny pn6 tfw.c lr two crates t strawberries, . IFH Quick woi k by" Jir, Roner and some bridge carpenters saved the Roner farm housa from being destroyed by fire last Monday. Mr, ind Mr. Jennings of Sil-verton and Mr nrf Mrj. flrnnt odist church. Talks were given by Mrs. Sidney Smith, president of the P.-T. A- and Rv. Briggs, pastor of the church. The following program was presented: piano trio by Phyllis Hull, Elaine Stra-lcy and Gcraldipe Stralcy; vocal solos, "Beautiful Lady in Blue" and "Over ParadUe," by Earl NEIGHBORHOODS r TTT V4X ; ; ."! in.,u ii r .7 .u- u ; Brownsville Brownsville. Mil. Fred Bower ! Wright; trumpet solo by Welling iox of Monmouth visited with Mi. Ida Hansen Sunday. Sammie Sawyer jUended a baseball game in Bcllfountain Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Crover and ton Bond; vocal solo bv W. L. Nicholas; vocal trio, "A Sittin on a Log," by Lyle Holt, Seth Bayne and Lowell Stralry; and a farewell song by the girls' chorus. Miss Edith Hutton, primary teacher in the local school spent Dr. and Mrs. Tony of McMinnville wavta iviiv (.niirif fit Mir iiuiiir in Mr. and Mrs. Roe Phillips last Sunday, Mrs. Davis is Mr. Philips' only living eUter, She is in ill health. A new bridge is bcinjj built across Sucker slough hear Munk-ers on the Sclo-Jefferson highway. ; Mr, and .Mrs. Ralph Piischel and children, were Sunday visitors at the T. H. Quiglay home and helped Mr. Quigley celebrate his birthday, Mrs. Puschel baked the cake. : . Leroy, the small son of Mr. and Mrs,' Ralph Babcock of Al- jthe week-end in Portland visiting r .... -i i- relatives. . Mr. and Mrs. J, O. Cross were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill, Sunday. Guests at the William Curtis home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clprk. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brock of Lake Creek. Mrs. Charles Poole and son, Curtis, of Eugene. The Halsov Townies defeated ' barty, is spending 'the week; here ' bafiy, is Spending 'the w Mrs. Lii- l J v i j ; at the home of his aunt, f JSS lie -Wilson, whUc.his mother, is n ill. jthe Jefferson baseball team here Harold Maine, made a business trip to Mount Angel one day the fore part of the week. ' sunaay oy a score oi o io z. Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Bond de-Darted Saturday for Klamath ;r&?A rpik tlx: 1 1 j Falls. They were to return to rcoseburg Monday to attend the grand lodge of the I. O. O. F. and Permanent ' the Rebekah assembly. Wave Mrs. Adrian Smith returned Sunday from Banning. Cnl., where she nnd her parents. Mr. Dr. Hugo E.kcmr, ieit. red Comniender Ernrst Lchmann. right, shown surrounded by newsmen rfter they set ths giant dtrlcibte Hnulenourj down at Lakcluirst. N J completing the first commercial airship f light between Europ? end the Unite! States. The g snt ttuxraft mc.da th crof sins In 01 hours SO minutes, bettering by a tiny and a half ths old record hc!d by the Ornf Zeppelin'. 7 V ! and Mrs. I. M. Tuthill of Oakland. .Ore., have been visiting their son and brother for the post five day guests at the D. K. Jackson or of the birthday anniversary of i A. Holteen of Salem made a brief home. , 'her daughter, Drnls, Friday night.! call at the home of their daugh- Mr. and Mrs. Harold Knuths Refreshments were served to Mr. iter, Mrs. Puschel, on their way to and son, Billy were in Albany nd Mrs- Dick Davis, Mr. and Shelburn to vote. They then made Compltt with Shampoo '.' Finger , Wavo , , and Trim $2 to $7.50 visited mends here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Temple-Ion of Albany visited with Mrs. Anna Rebhan Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Blakely and daughter returned to thrir home in Seattle Friday after being colled here by the illness of Henry Blakely. Mrs. Layton TVmplcton and daughter Jean of The Dulles spent the weekend here with Mrs. Thoebe Cordingly. Mrs. James McMahan and Mrs. Fred McHargue attended the Rs-bekah Assembly in Roseburg Monday. Miss Alta Hcdlund returned to the home of her parents here Saturday. Her school in Swest Home closed Friday. She is hired to teach in Brownsville next year. David Manual, Alfred Averill, Alta Kedlund, Joe Bates, Mary Elles Averill. Nathan and Homer Mitch played tennis in Sweet Heme Sunday afternoon. The evangelistic services being held at the Christian church bv Teddy Leavltt are being attended .with great interest. They will continue through this week, closing with a baptismal srviee S'inday. Sandy Cochell, Barbara Dawson, Milton Elliot and Zona Nance attended a baseball game in Sweet Home Sunday. Mrs. C. V. Averill and daughters. Mary Elles and Sammie Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Burnelle White and daughters, Dolores and Daphne visited in Albany Saturday. Mrs. L. M. Webb and daughters, Frances and Ruby. Mrs. C. J. Heeler and daughter. Ardvth. visited in Salem Sundav. Mr. Webb returned home with them and went back to Salem Monday morning. Mrs. Fred Gustavson and daughter, Blanche, were shoppers in Albany Saturday. I Dr. Burns of Corvallis gnvc the evening service at the Presbyterian church here Sunday night Mrs. F. A. Paden and daughter, Marian, were business visitors in Albany Saturday, ' Saturday on business. wrs. verne wiuiams, Betty Lehn, Marie Whitaker. June Jackson dall ond Edd Meng. ( and Bern ice Gay. all graduated at I The last ball game of the scathe eight grade exercises at Shedd ion or th Oakville grade school Thursday night. i team was played at Oakville last Mrs. J. C. Harrison hns receiv- fc? hn 'I0?1!0 a trip to Brownsville accompanied by their granddaughters, Ninia and Elmira Ephlen, where they visited at the home of their sons, C. A. and Clell Holteen. Mrs. J. L. Arnold accompanied Mrs. Clarence Leffler of Scio to 'J? . j l.n.1. -to -- r jji.-f i weeks. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Drinkard attended the Linn county postmasters' banquet at the Albany hotel Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Norton went to Woodburn Monday to visit relatives for several days. Mrs. Harry Harding of Portland is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brock of Lake Creek. Miss Mary Umstead, who Is' attending Oregon Normal, was a visitor at the Eldon Cross home over the week end. ed word of the birth of a little i j"V"i" "'i. Vu. X ..r.lZZ Oakville 1 Albany on Monday where she vious Wednesday the WALKER'S BARBER & BEAUTY SHOP .Shoe Shining in Connection. 115 Lyon St. Phoa 79-t daughter to Mr. ond Mrs. Ralph Lawrence at the Good Samaritan It's no cinch, this business ot fast "rope downs" fthlch figure in hazardous mountain climbing, but members of the Sierra Club, Northern California organization of mountaineers, believe that practice makes perfect. Getting in their practice, they chose of all places a mountain in the heart of 8an Francisco. Here's Kenneth Adam swinging in space as he scales a cliff. uia ana visited at the homes of her sons, E. G. and Marion Arnold. teem was victorious In a game with the McFarland school with a score of 19 to 8. hospital in Portland. W. C. Inman has employment at Lebanon for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. William Light B. i made a trip to Albany on Mon- Went 3cio wst Scio. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Ramey's absence. review at Oregon State college Oakville Oakville.Mr. and Mrs. Paul Height accompanied by Ruth Reeve entertained members of Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Brine Reftiilta. Albert Weddle has just finished Inst Friday afternoon. Stanley Afth Swale Ash Swale. The Lebanon wrecking the old Watkins build- Gregory took a leading part in ing. once used as a post office this review. Community club is to put on the, the Oakville ciphth grade gradu building, and a landmark on Long .Chloris and Larry Alexander program Friday night. May 22, at' ating class nt the home of Mr. street. He plans to erect a con- ieft nere Saturday evening for the Ash Swale community hall. I ond Mrs. J. U. Beight in North Al-cretc building on the location in eastern Oregon to spend the week This is to be the last meeting of bany last Thursday night, the near future. with friends. the club until October. Ladies Friday night Mr. and Mrs. Otto ivire ii. h irrnspn pniprininon i . . .? Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kreger of Please irin8 either sandwiches or , Stockton wore host and hostess at Saturday in honor of her hus riuiia. k cane. a dinner party at meir nome in band s birthday anniversary. , " 7 . . '"K"i There wos a called meetina of i honor of mcmliers of the eichth PHONE 73 FREE DELIVERY WE ARE ALWAYS OPEN Second and Main Streets HInL w'Xr' winnfnl home of Ivlr. and M. Fred Kreger 1 he f" holl 1 grade class. Seated nt the table played, Mrs. Inez Walter winning k d " .Saturday after noon. Two newiwere Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beight, n ,WfnTnmd r'J A birthday dinner was served members were added to the club Ruth Reeve Donald Stockton. JJJ? g Sundav at home f Mr. and 9sterV Mrs- Lf0 Clendenen and Dons Horning. Bertha Brown, iT'ins Fav Wrightman in honor of M- Lyle Tucker. The next re-( Charles Lamb and Ellsworth --f,M QhiHnJ nt the birthday of their son. Frank fular "?.,,n-rt l',e "'Cunderson and the host and host- MtnXmmn. of Albany. Those duav Tuesday. June 2. to;ess ; .. were week end visitors at the . M ' , . work in the community kitchen. Electricians ore nt work this Features for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday May 22, 23, 24, 25 MAXWELL - HOUSE J pound tin 25c home of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. ft. i r i 7 c. i.. r- i. The Hunt club members are meet-. rewirinif the. Hazel Wood Zoe Stockton Frank The Hunt club members are wwi- rewiring the meet-, .Oakville school Keeney. Mr. and Mrs. John A.' Cole of San Francisco left Monday for Wrightman, sr., of Salem, Mr. and ,n ?.ls0 that.,day V? I,niti" ,lhe building. Mrs. M. P. Kizer and children Panting on the hall. A pot luck i Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bales went ci. ' 1 j n: it . ' i dinner will be served at noon. I to Albimv Sundav nfleniiMin to CAI tiAkl Pink. lc No. 1 tall cans. - - iui nsi i iru . " w .i ,afn ....... 10c 23c CRACKERS fV2i 2 pound biuv... . Guy Shellenbarger, teacher at Marshfield. visited wth his wife her over the weekend. Alfred Averill. David and Nellie Manual. Dick Smith and Lorraine Baker attended the softball game in Albany Mondav eveninp. Mr?. L. B. White is confined to her home with a severe case of poison oak. Peoria Peoria. Mr. and Mrs. ' O. J. Lovos of Corvallis visited nt the home of Mrs. Lovos' sister, Mrs. J. W. Lamar,, and family last Thursday evening. Margaret Shaw and Bruce Harding motored to Portland to spend the week-end with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Brattain If I kl A W Pur iHAmm. A 19c their home folwinajen days ; dM Alvin wrightman' and (Harvey Crowe closed a success. Meet Mrs. Susie McBride who visit with his mother, Mrs. Jeiry jailButP Mildrpd- Mr and Mrs torm ot school with a picnic.iwas returning from an extended Keeney. Mr: Cole is an architect Kwriehtman and l the euest of and bnl1 Kame Saturday. After a i visit with, her daughter. Mrs. Isa-in San Francisco. i honor bountiful dinner the school chil-, belle Thompson of Portland. George Corner is ot home f rom j . . G GreBorv fnmilv 'clr?n played a gome of ball against. Viva Smith is ut home for the Nchalcm for a week's visit with gra2uations occur this',hcir dads the teacher ond school! summer- following the close of his family. ' " L,rinE Peenv OretforT -rrbdtmtes board witn the victory going to-school at Foster last Friday. Miss Mr. and Mrs. Clark Price of Al-!8- lmbu) rg school the grownups. Mr. and Mrs. Smith has been re-elected as bany and Mr. and Mr Lou Tycer; . . . H njnrman Rreonrv Crowe ond little son are driving teacher of the primary room at f Rrn,rnill ilw Snnrfav elnln Krac,c- . Norman ureg(iry ... ,i. : .... - of Brownsville were bunday tn Wvnmirw this Gallon SHORTENING 4 pound Package 39c for 23c 3 lb. Can 54c CHAD Big Ben "The Big JWMI Yellow bar" . . O m L-nu Hii.h BAhn,. W W.yUIIIlllK KlllS Wf'IV fcU V ll I . C Ultl HU UIV .VIIIiriK ... V7II IVLUIII- IKIIIUU OIIIIUI W ,11 1 V.I OUILIll guests at the Jerry Ke.ncy S M ttOr Mrs. Crowe's parents. O a"l "k4r"r?,v?P I IS?2 Pt.23c Qfl. 43c college. They are oil honor '"K.'ney are io move io me i . f.. reccnuy wnere sne is enrom-u aa l Tlicy aUhSSS -intf.they . are to move to TOMATOES "S,8!.?.;' 10c $109 this week, where they will make SPINACH n4. 2 For 23c their home on a farm, for which they traded their auto camp and stoic building at Sweet Home. 'tudents narnson runcn in Asn awaie w a siuaeni in a Deauiy sciiihu. Charles Kreger returned to "ve dur'n8 the school year. j A trip-to Cascadia Sundny wos Gresham last Wednesday after' Mr. ond Mrs. P. I. Troutman enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Otho spending several weeks at the and daughter, Dorothy, and Mr. Froman who were accompanied home of his brother Fred Smith spent last Saturday on the "by Mrs. Flora Lehn and Mrs. Josie Kreger ' , coast. , i j Griffith of Shedd and Mary and m ' Teco Pncrh ronnrii fhnt i Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allen enter-1 Amelia McCune. FOR THE PICNIC visited Sunday at the home of Mrs. Brattain's sister, Mrs. Leiyh-ton Bavne, and family in the Lake Creek vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Smith of Corvallis were last Sunday guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Taylor, at a birthdav dinner. Harold, Lee Curtjs, rmall son MARSMMALLOWS, lb. box . 15c 17c some one v entered their basement tainl w'th a birthday dinner r Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beight drove last Wednesday evening and car- Sunday in honor of their son, Ir- from Corvallis ond were joim-d by rifH swav a number of iars of win and nis cousin, Miss Charily C. V. Yates and Mary Lou Yates TRICKEY'S POTATO CHIPS, pkg. 10c and Curtis, of Halsey, it being their as dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. fruit and sweet pickles. orritio sr . YOUR CHOICE of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Curtis, is palmolive; threatened with pneumonia. twenty-first birth anniversary J. S. Taylor Monday night, this week. I 'Ruby and Edna Peterson closed Mr. and Mrs. Alex Densmore of their respective schools at Row-Lebanon and their son-in-law . land and near Scio last Friday, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Har-j Mrs. Glenn Williams was host-vey Frietag of Albany were Sun- ess to a group of friends in hon- Paper Plates Paper Spoons Paper Cups Dessert Dishes Napkins Miss Helen LaMar returned to 20 FREE TOURS OF EUROPE Hal$y Halscy. The P.-T. A. sponsored a-farewell reception for the teachers Friday, May 16. at the Meth- her home in Peoria last Thursday 3 pkss. " 29: evening following the close of the Milleurc Millersburg. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Covey and daughter. Sylvia, have returned to their former home at Riverside, Cal. Mr. Covey will hold the same position there he held 'before coming to. Oregon several years ago. Last Wednesday evening Chloris Alexander gave a musical party for her beginners' 'class of piano pupils. Those taking part were Shirley Bird, Edwina Rhoades, Billie Yokum. Jackie. De Wall, Peggy Gregory and Ardys Alexander. Edith Anderson sang a number of vocal solos accompanied by Chloris Alexander. Mrs. A. D. Gregory. Mrs. Charles Alexander and Edith Anderson assisted. Mrs. A. D. Gregory and daughter, Peggy, attended the military or 20,000 in CASH '100,000 worth of ADDITIONAL PRIZES AtK Ul tO full DITAIlf PALMOLIVE SOAP 3 Bars 14c 15c 10c Wax Paper, 125-foot Roll Deviled Meat, Va, 3 can ...... . . ; . . Punch, Sardines,,' Cheese, Pork and Beans Lunch Meats, Cookies, etc - yiVFVE BEEN LIGHT, GOOD QUALITY, EACH BROOMS 27c THROUGH ALL THAT FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES New Spuds, 10 lbs. 29c Fresh Peas, lb. . . 5c ONIONS Toud", 17c LETTUCE Larce Ileadi Each Ac NEGLECT OF CONSTIPATION' IS A SERIOUS MATTER Delicious Cereal Corrects This Condition in a Natural Way Your choice Bunch Alford school near Harrisburg. She plans to attend the San Jose State Teachers' college Summer school session. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barnes are having as their guest Mrs. Barnes' mother, Mrs. Edson. of Tillamook who is to visit here for several days. ' " " Mr. and Mrs. J. R.'Frady, Fred Frady and son, Vernon, drove to Philomath last Sunday to visit Mrs. Belle Mason and son, Floyd Hamilton. . The Pedria school is planning a last day of school picnic for Idyl-wood next Wednesday, May 27. Will McLaren, jr., moved his family to Detroit last Sunday where he has employment for the summer. Gustave Hohn suffered a light stroke of paralysis last Sunday wight. His brother from South Benton county is here to be with the family to help care for Mr. Hohn for a few days. The condition of L. C. Hughes remains about the same. He is showing a slight improvement. Sweet Home Sweet Heme. Everett Dangh-erty, delegate from the Sweet Home Odd Fellows, and Mrs. Alta Foren from the Rebekahs. Tom McQueen from the Crawfordsville Odd Fellows and Mrs. Grace Dennis from the Rebekahs, left Monday morning for Roseburg where they will attend the state meeting this week. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ramey left Saturday for a week's vacation in eastern Oregon and Idaho. Mar-ley Sims of Sclo is in charge of : the Pay'n Save grocery during INEWTURNIPS NEW BEETS LIGHTHOUSE BRAND CLEANSER Can,15C Don't talk io mo about trying to save monoy on coffee. What wo put up wilh during the past yeat wm plenty. Wo went from brand to brand and I can't remember a single cup ot - coffee I really enjoyed. Of course we knew about Hills Bros. Coffee, but we'd built up an idea that we couldn't afford 1L WeU that idea was knocked flat My wile was smiling one morning as she poured the coffee. When I tasted that coffee, I knew the reason. You guessed it. all right. It was Hills Bros. Coffee and Us flavor was PICKLES DILLS SWEETS CHERRIES. . . 10c Big 5-oz. bcttle Maraschino Cherries FLOUR ; A Money-back Guarantee with every sock. TERMINAL. 49 lb. tack . . . . '. $1.49 EVER-RIGHT, 49 lb. tack . ... I ... $19 Quart Jar i. . Pint " Jar , . Quart Jar . . Pint Jar . . 19c 15C 28c 19c x SOAP CHIPS; pkg 00( The New Rets Naphtha Immediate attention to constipation is important for t$o reasons. It causes discomfort, and may lead to headaches and loss of appetite. It also tends to slow you down. ' When elimination continues to be faulty, over a period of time, your general resistance may be lowered. And a weakened body is less able to fight off the infections that abound in every crowded place. The most common type of constipation is that caused by insufficient "bulk" in meals. In Kellopg's All-Bran, you have a delicious source cf effective "bulk." Within the body, the "bulk'' in AIL-Bran absorbs moisture, forms soft mas and gently cleanses the system. This tempting cereal also furnishes vitamin B and contains iron. Two taWespoonfuls .daily are usually sufficient. Serve as a cereal with milk or cream, or cook into tempting muffins, breads, etc. How much pleasanter to enjoy this natural laxative food instead of taking pills and drugs. All-Eran is guaranteed fcy the Kellogjr Company. Sold by all grocers. . Made by Kellogg in Battle Crk. Cjitwi Am to MaJlcuiit "tm!km CHEESE, lb. 17c r Schilling Jell Powder Hollywood 6 Packages Shredded Wheat, Kellogg's Package IT 10' miles ahead of any of the coffees we had been using. But that isn't all . . . my wife bought Hills Bros. Coffee at practically the same Velvet Tissue, 6 for OR 1000 Sheet Rolls ' : s3 ' . ' ' A ' ure fifi Rockwood's Cocoa, 2 lb. can 1!-c 7-DayaWcekScrvicc--Wc Lead, Others Follow. price she'd been paying for most of those other brands. I

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