Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 20, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1936
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PAGE SEVEN THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1936 OPPORTUNITY STARES YOU IN THE FACE FROM THESE ADS.-.--READ, HEED7AND SUCCEED! Ml .a I Automobiles Wanted QlinAKI KAHS CKK1 FOIt HAI.K. CASH 1 KOIt Ol. It lli' iinwiia. tirhlae- NEW TODAY uuwnn J((hn Hurkhart Itt. 1. Al- bany, I ml. nut an 11 anon Hwy. tn!0-ll TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS r 1 1 1 1 1 ar old Jewelrv. w atch .'a etc. F. M Fren-p A Son. JeWetern I.UMf DACTIipr Foil IIKNT KIVKK I no I Unt iH.ttom, cow a. horaea nr heifer. J, 11. Hlakely, ml. So. Kanderaon'a Itridge, ml-2l FOR RENT"4 Uk'm1'n. "L"1 furn, aptn, phoae 54T-II. aSI-tf pACU FOH VOIR CAll ll '-'"Oil ,.M,y. Warilina I'ar Mar. ket. jl.nn..n phone tsil. toS-Ji ONE OF L,NN ',,t-NT ink vnu VI (rm. good ahare bottom land and moat now undrr "ilium 11.11 a reel ranch with nnlv fair iiiiprotrinenta, l'rlce tit Mil f 411 ;h at re nrar Albany t ulih e.oite luiiirovenu-nt anil nice Mi'iir. IS under cultivation. khi. Several houaea anil one farm to , rent. Trlii II tlnrphy. Itialt.ira. mISif II i-t liin; do fancy, II ji-l l to; V.wlimm tra fitnry la ho; do fancy, II ti hna; da fac and fill. . fancy boa: do face and fill, choice. iSe hoi; Hpllaenhera;. Mlrt fancy. II 40 hoa: do ii.nihlnnllnn. II ii boa: Home Heaaly. Jiimtile, IJd lh; wlnaapa, er fancy, 11.11 bi.! do fancy, 11.40 ..; do jumlile, lra fancy, Sc In. Oanlaloupea California atandard. 7 , For Sale, Miscellaneous PAINTiNfv WA' P PKItlStl iniilllitu Ml.rrlr ilerorating that' different. Phone 41 or II3-U Wilbur laWB4in a Clair Hovder Ifi" Mil I '',l' t'HKHN 13 50 I U IVIILU pHP ,.rJt ; ,,rt dry It. fine for cook alovea. aawdiint ehavlnga. Albany Fuel Co., SI Calapoola St., Phone 51 , mSfltf HEAT. ri 1 cAnoTU aith Frier aanted Wtaw an lhe prevailing at II 'clock a, at. day f pablleatlM. and are bkt U hanv al any hour thereafter, nt 1 i LULOH VII I II nilO-tf 0vemiuff.1l furnl- lure. Ph. 35, 10$ Kllaworth. a-tf I For Sale Real Estate It: JiiiiiImi 30. It f J crule; Jiimlin 4, Mf. fl. II9FD ,,AH UAN,iKS. KI.KCTHIC "t" rung en, oil aiorea, eletrlc A' gim platen, Inwent onallle prl.en Rebuilt uned ranaea, large I'M k only 1 75 ft till. Kent Hnal-nhiee nt Albany llaranln Unnne. 2nd linker. tnlD-ll urj p tiii; m;i;iiv iiik, nt-Lr lion Army needa frulla i vegetable, clothing, etc.. In help needy people In emergency caaea ' TO IAUAT WOl'U VOl! I.IKK VETERANS YOG CAN HAVE ; YOUR CAR NOW-PAY WHEN YOU GET BON-US '29 "30 '31 UP TO 35 NOW IN STOCK -FORD'S, CHEV'S, BUICK'S DODGE'S AND MANY OTHERS ALL CLEAN CARS-GUARANTEED lil'EN Ht'NIIAVH t.Ol . iN V, Mevidera a t'a. Whent! No. I while, 77c Ilannntut Hunch, SJn lh; Manila. 4- ' trade Try a ftwnp" ml red tnd ) lh. " , 4 Xlrawberrlea I'anl.y, per 10 Help Wanted 14-baaket crate; Florin, 11,40-1. ti; local Ilio.JTi, KeiinVwIck 13-1 15. ACRF KA,tM FOU RA,'K- mllea out: new i room hmine, ne hi. ken houae all other nut tiullrilnga fair; on ton In rtu-e . hit. Cropx all In. A HAIMAIN See owner. Win. M. KIilley. III. I. Albany. Or al2-m3 sioney too, 11 yon want to coiurin-tite. We have 11a telephone hut bring In what you have to donate or drop oa a runt and we'll call (or It. Cunt. Hert Halley, 101 Weal 3rd Ht . Albnny. m'aed 75c hiiahel, WAttt.RY: llanaen 1 ton. AT- While, No. 1, III 00: ray Nit. I. 133. 00 ; iar feed I20.S0 Ion. ' AOOI. Wool, per pound 30r Mohair, per pound ...,40r 4F.AT (Ik. F eWeeaall Meal ('a. I FflR .AI rfATKRI'll.l.AU "20" I Ull OniL tra. tnr with logging iMinlpnient, fs.'.il. Connlilrr car In tr.i.le. (1111 arrange muue lerma. H. i. Ilahrke, Itt. J, Corvallla. Ore. ml 1-20 I'eara D'AnJui, II. IS boa. tirancea t'allfornla navela, fuhcy FARM ,,AN" WANTKH US inlilVI ,jrv frin, titarrled. Ilnnae fiirnlahed. John C, Terhune, Jef-f.t.i.n. tire. Ph, 47-F-14. mlK-21-S I1.I&-IJ.30; choice, I 7i-t.91; aland. Hid a. 3.(1 caae. 1 11 .I 22 Wood and Coal 20 Wanted, Miscellaneous THRIFTY BUYERS SEE ALEXANDER'S USED CARS Km n kiln ite mi. del trade-in nn a new l.liui.ln-Z j.liyr, apotleas throughout 75 tire, mat new IIM.HI. A real buy at f49S. '21 Chev Cnuiie, good tire, original paint, low mileage. Humble aeat. Thl In really a dandy. Mil Ford Model A Cuiipe. .1"! Ford .Model A Mm i 'lie v. 4-tnor Sedan. 'i'i I'hev 2-ioor Sedan. Ml Kord A Itoadalcr. Utt model lunar wheel trucks. in other real hargalia! Take advantage of our low down luiyment. OPKN .SCNIiAYM Alexander Motor Co. 121 Lyon tit. Albany, Ore. IH20-21-8 tlrap-fruit Arlaona. tl.N0-t.40 aae; Plnrlda, I4-4.3S caaa. California, fancy M.60- ' Alcxniider Motor Co. Ill Lyon Si. Albany, Ore. Your Fiml lllM-31-H ..IJKMMOO SHEIUFF S NOTICE OF SALE By virtue ot an order issued out of the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 4th day of May 1930, 1 will on Saturday the 6th day of June, 1030, at th hour of 1 :U0 o'clock in the afternoon there i.&O caae; cholca ir,-4 7H, all kinds w;:;T"Z Utewnrt. 1 1 S3 W. 12th. niT-IT-8 All I K Sleera Ileirera Holla , t'owa, beef t'owa, cullera ,.,.. WOOL WANTED-' market value. 51. Kcndera A Co. m7-30 -HKNII l:4KT4lll.i:il potato lcal, 13-1.10 tier rent H AYINfJ TIMB 18 COMIN'lI. NKW IIAIII1U ,,, ,p,,,Bl 1, s, I new r.'pc He per lb. Alno anni guild uned hay rope. Fork carrier for bmh wood A aleel Ini. k, carrier furkH, hny furka fork hamlli'N. Save money nn your hay lug lieedn Hi Albany llargaln limine, 2nd at llaker Sla. nil-i al; Klnmath, 13.35 cental; Scappoaa Netted tlema, IS-3 15 cental; Itea ,rVBred In any length 1. enter fhll-'nte, ln H.-intliim ltd hute Netted tlema. 13.33-1 cental. I.UIilH .... iiiiio .... 3O0 4fS.H0 .... I.t03.00 ..,.17 OOQ7.B0 .... TSS0I6O .... I.OO41 S 00 .... t0 4 131 .... i 1H I'D .... tlS.7l cental. ' Phone T34-H. JS-tf . IIOO 140 to IHO pound ,,, ISO to 210 iMiunda .... 210 In 810 pounds 150 to 360 pounds CpFIAI 'Aim bi-v - i:t orcuirtL Ui4n nni, ln(il((y f i-tilllvntliiii Hllh Iutkh (nrm hmir. barn ami running water through the pluee, III.- ahnil, family nr- hard etc, Hpeclal price In order to settle an entitle only .17.Sn .t acre. Term within reason. Trlii V Murphy, mlutf of, at the front door of the County Court Houae In the City of Al-buny, Linn County, Oregon, tell at public auction to the highest bidder, all the right, title and in-terest acquired by Linn County Celery California. IJ-S 6 crata; pACpADA BARK WANTEO WK novnnn,,,, , ,he IH,i,et (r an unlimited quantity nf dry or green Caacirn Hark. Will pay 'hlwhent ranh price. Albany llargaln Houae, Ind a'fid Haker, Phone 7KI. ali-tf ...ib '!' . It , ! Kl hearta, ft dot htinrhea. ' Hay, Grain, Feed IVna The I in I lea 7-c lh: Califor .160 pound! up ....... Sows nia. 13 to per 10-lh aark, rnb oa I c on tuahi: m.iz- cutter a pipe; 1 ntowera; 7-ft. blinler; t Iron wheel wagona; gaa englnen; garden Irai'lur. 1 riding i iiHIVHliirn at Kambiirii A Hoth Action Mkt. nilN-20 aHKF.P Al FAI FA hay s tons, 18 van nunLI n ton. V. W. Cae. Itt. 1. near Dever. mlS-20 Spinach 40-SOc itranc boa. - ttnlon Orea-on, 11.10-1,31 par 100 tjtmtia ..,.17 50 01.10 OLD I'NITKI) UTATKS COINS bought at Iiawaon' lirug lb. Kwea t 00 ft 4.00 $1800" 9-WHFFI TIlAlLKft (Dl'ALtO 'lll-l- with bunks for loan, lumber.. Cheap for eh. J. W. Short ridge, SIC Calanoole Wt. I'h. 61., sn!ef -act quick fnoo. to ocrca of prairie land all VrarliliRa SO0(.0O Rtore. marltf 5 Livestock, Poultry, Eggt lU'l Tnmatnea Indln, 13-1 It lac . Ittuce UH-al, ll-l 14 era I a. Sweet polatoea -California, II per 'RAI. Live 7r 24 Personal IHeaaed ,...0c under cultivation fair building, the best buy ever offered in I. Inn county. $100 total price. Why rent? 1HVINK I II(Hn. Phone Hon asoif 10-lh. crata; aouthern yam, 11.06. crala. WANTED nFKF "CATT,'P- TinillL.f apriuger niwa and heifera. Walt Nelaon, Albany. in!9-21 Pltl tTHV lawtfl A (aapayl irDCpY BCLL AND JKKMKV JLI,OLI row for aale. W. U Hlrtink, Albany, Itt. 1, 1 ml. Ho. Handc rann liridKe. tntO-Sl WRFPKINrt mi scniKijt ,14 per M.. plutika fur hurna, brlilKen, timber, ItH and I xt aheelliiK, flooring, ceiling. Hiding. Call deliver. Aril It Mndleon, Albany. ml4-20-S Cauliflower lx al, 11.50 crata; through forecloaure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Thurston P. Hacklemun, and described as follows, to-wit: Lots 3, 4, S and S, in Block 8, Huckleman's 4th Addition to the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon. The said County Court has set a minimum price for which said property shull be sold at $50.00, plus the cost of advertising said sale, said purchase price to be paid in cash, or not less than 20', of the purchase price to be paid in cash and the remainder to be paid California. fl.S0-l.7a crate. No. 1 hena, 41 to lh ..17r QTHMAPH t'icER, tiAs pains, OIUIVIAUn inaijwnion vlctlma, why aufferf For quick relief get a free aaniple of I'd a it, a doctor'a ' preacrlptlon t Fred Itawaon'a Imig Store. ml-J5 Ilhubarh Field grown, 3S-40C ap N11. I hena, over Ilia. . . ,17o WHITF K"1HKN CHICKS FOU limit Ha, Mny In A j, I,. ,a,,n ple boa. No. t medium hena, over l Iba. 14c Cttcninbere l,cl, holhnuaa, 1 Nn. I medium hena, under It Iba. 14c Jenka' 1.60 do. Ilalehery. mlS-20 Phone S-F-SI. Tungent, Ore. 15 Trades t'olored apritiRa 1 7c New potatnea Shafter, per No. I broilrra. It In I Iba lie 8 Lost. Strayed, or Stolen cental. Uooatera 7r A. LAND N. W. TRADE-- ATTENTION lry- Unit County Fair rirnuml with all buildings and 30 acres of land for holding stock while waiting to load, at the price of farm land, and very easy term. 50 AcrtKH O.N HICH'jVAY near anon Improied for only 131.10. I C. M. rh.llarhtdeCo.. mtltf Mtasa 10c vomiiiK. will iruw no- pAOU Foil OI.H ANI WOltTH-non !,, nonlw, nnrt ..nvn. Day. old ealvea. Ph. 14-K-lt Albany. KKTWKKN imoWNSVIU.K USED ""K W,XKS 'I'Y II AN' It ""vUb lip. Plt'k yotira now, a large atock to pelert from. Ijiwd mow-era trade In your old mower on one of our new light running, high wheel, ball hearing ntowera. alar-den hose We have a number of piece of good uned garden hone, new hose 50 ft. lengtha. fl.Sfi. . sprinkler, garden too I a. etc, bany Hiirgnln limine, Second and linker SIb. m20-3t LOST tntoen. nlfnlfa. ailuitr beeta iinil NOTICE 1O CREpiTORS ' Notice U hereby given that the A l.eliniion lllai k aultcnnc Cecil Montgomery. mlt-tf -- KliUa All Price Are Itellvered Albaay Caaea Melaraed Katraa lie according to written agreement to underrlvned has been appointed ronlnltig Indy'a apiutrel. - John Pler.e. Plainvlew, l-hone 3I-F-3I. Reword. . m !-! need hiiune prndiii'tn, fur Oregon property, 30 to Mil ai-rea. A. It. Pinkul, Sweet Home, III. I. Iiil-ffl -S executor ot the liut will and teita- Htandarda ...,17c be made between said Linn County, Oregon, and the purchaser, in equal annual installments over a rnont and estate of Katherina Vans DEAD ANI w,"tr,l,',:S!4 HollSKS ''-"alld 111WI picked UP free of charge anywhere. Phone collect H-F-14, Albany. If no aimwer. Phone ll-F-4, Porvallla. mlt-tf 1 6 Miscellaneous Classified deceased, by the County Court of 21 For Rent term not exceeding ten years from Linn County, Oregon, and nil duly ,.,.) . &' ')!) . 4 I rtJ ,. I i )ll V In j A , v:ti 11 ?t ft . - f ii" Katra aaedlum '4c Standard medium 13c Urtiwna extraa ...,lc fHrty extraa , ...,14c Undergrade .....13c I'ullela lie the date of sale, all deferred pay qualified. All Demons having UflOC FOR SAKE 8 RKI HOtlS, IIUUO 5 , o)(J T F Kyr( Pert) Itldue. Holley, Ore, m20-22' menta to bear Interest from the FflR RFNT,'VKl',NISI,K,, I VJM I1UI1 I lU.x aI ult at only. PACLI PAIT TOR t:SEl FITRNI-VnOll tore; eln, "Ixwk III your attic." Chaa. Rohrbuugh A (ton, 415 W. Flrat St. Jl-tf QTfjPK EQUIPMENT . Ft'KNI-lure. 31 acres located on Crush Creek, all bottom land, crop all In. very (rood buildings, a very fine little place, 1 horse. Z rows, all equipment needed, all furniture needed. Total price only I.1T50 move right In. 1KVI.NE L. HOOP. Phone JflO ' a0tf date ot sale at the rate of 8 per MS E. 7th rit. mlS-21 . ,10c clalma against oald estate are hereby required to present the tame to the undersigned at the office ot Swan & Swan, in Albany, Oregon, WANTFn FOK CASH OUII irtllllU tnd wor,hleaa horaea and lowp Dead anlmala pirked up free of rharge anywhere. Cale ft Montgomery, Phone collect at A It CUrrn SHEARING. CAUV ROUIN CI If) AM BEKD FOIl SALE. TEST OUUAI1 as.f germination, 3c lb. R. O. Cook, HarrlKburg, Phone IT-F-24. m20-22 annum, payable annually. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon, May 6 13 .20 27 currp PAsri Ri: sn achkm to OIIULI n,nt fl,r B1lllllllrr v w. fane, Albany Itt. 2. inl-20 uiiuui Trua, Phone 2-F-4 .w..ti ....10J. or call nil-Jl 3.1-F-12, Corvallla. mltf. at ISIS F.. 2nd. weoa Ua .... Preaaed A i-rade . at arad , C grftda . Mml.a .. ...lie I6e WINNER TAKE ALL By HAROLD GRAY tlr HKKP MS . :.'i ' .......fiioeioo duly verified and , with proper voucher as by law required .within six months from the date of thla notice. 1 Dated and first published May 20th, 1038. 1 GEORGE VANA, Executor of the laat will 1 ml testament and estate of Katherina Vana, deceased. SWAN & SWAN, . I Attorneys for Executor. Mny 20 S7 June 3 10 17 HA! HA! YES- ISEILOW YOU SOT t Sore- business P"-t tnB kAj Chad. IMHTI.AMI MiRKKT s. Fortlaiid. lire., May 30. Cotialder- ( THIS IS 1936-17' ROT THERE'S tl g MY SHOP .S ll ONLY BOSIN E S5 I P : UP-TO-DATE- ENOUGH IN fc NEW METHODS- THIS TOWN f h SNAPPY SERVICE- FOR ONE 1 GEORGE CHISEIOPOUS, EH? SO THAT'S TH' NAME O' THIS BIRD VVHO PICGERS. ON alii aireuglh hua bean Imparted to VER NERVE-CAN'T VOH . SEE THERE'S A SHOE REPAIR SHOP HERE I SEE- THAT'S WHY I OPENED THIS 5HOP-JACK BOOT-HES OLD FOSSIL- T w .ir wnwi JACK BOOT JUST OUT O' LOCK, CH? HMHMHM th butter market alluallon her and H MUSCLIN1 IN ON "UNCU thrniiRh Hi country generally aa a reault of government buying for ra JACKS BUS1NESS- n r.M!.i shop- n il) f purpoaea. No change In prlcea ALREADY? 1 v I V nuucKr- y v J I There wa no change In th gen NOTICE Or SHERIFF : . . v ; i( is '''iii I ts r -v eral rat market altuatloit. Firm ion la ahowlag for potator. both old and new crop locally with Little Orphan Anne And Other Comics aale of IMS up to 12-74-1 per cental, ,- ' Furthar upward awing of aapara gu price haa been forced aa a re ault of th carclty of offering to. get her with rontlnurd good demand. Male of beat up to pyramid. 'n lad . . .,1 Tomaloea are ateady l firm with beat Indioa around and Imper ial from II to 41.10 lub. Naval orange ar up to fl. Further carload arrival end cantaloupe lower with new offering of jumho 4&a around 14. 6U and 3D 14.16 with atandard 4S ft. - Jmon price firm. lialle praa ar down In ground c III. Local atrawlwrrlr arc chiefly l3.K0-t.7f crat with Californlan II-I IS. the latter for 13 while Mouth-ern urtgun H arc ground fl.40-t.SO. LANE PLANS A COUP MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll 1 it. n Hi i) . . -l r a i SAVyOU MEAN THEVCE IT MICHT HAVE BEEN, IP VOU 4APN'T" COME ALONG?, LEW WEN -I'LL 6ET Affa ifei 1 1 GET IT, NOW, LEW WEU-TUlS 6 THE WAVPEVEIES AAWV WITH MYCA. , WHAT PO YOU MEAKJ.LEW? IV, tSOlNG TO PUCK DOWN THIS HOLE AMD BRING FlfiUCINia ON CAPTUBIWG By virtue of an order Issued out ot the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, on the 25th day ot April ,1936, I will, on Saturday tho 6th day of June, 1936, at the hour ot 1:00 o'clock in the after noon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House In the City 6f Albany, Linn County, Ore- Son, sell at public auction to the igheat bidder, all the right, title and interest acquired by Linn County through the foreclosure of delinquent taxes, in and to the property formerly owned by Hamilton Company and by Allen Fox, and described as follows, to-wit: SVt of SVfc of Section 18, Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, Also Wtt of Section 23, SEW ot Sec-tion 33, and SWVi of Section 34, all in Twp. 10 South, Range 4 East, in Linn County, Oregon. The said County Court hai set. a minimum price for which said property shall be sold at 13,021.55 plus the cost ot advertising said tile, said purchase price to be paid In cash, or not less than 20 of the purchase price in cash and the remainder to be paid according to written agreement to be made between said Linn .County Court and the purchaser, In equal annual installments over a term not exceeding ten years from the date of sale, all deferred payments to bear interest from the date of sale at the rate of, 6 per annum, payable annually. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. April 29 Mnv 6 13 20 ' .- - 'J ' " ' .... 'i TOO LA. My FR.iE.VD -HOUE NOW FILLED WITH VOUR DEPUCTIVE POWERS ASVOE THIS WUMBLE PERSOM, . BS 1,1 r f 1 mi u I r- A . ia. POHTI.AMl I.IVKNTOCK Portland, Ore., May to. ling: 200. About ktendy.- rinod-rhnlr C2 lir uit P7 -TJosrvMu BRtGAPE STARTER TO CUT THElA OFF AT THE OTHER EKiO OF TH THAT BIRD BACK, PROfJTOl THEIR. MEN IN THIS 1 drtvelua f3fi-t.3S. Ileavlea . to I . s ENEMY TUMNEL.-THI5 I'b COlNGTO BE I -v PUM.'I COLONEL- BUT, HA5TE-M-50UWD CALL TO ARMS TCOOR5 S "V U . - -7-1-2) I CXJITE MUMOROUsi ho 111 7 5 nil ll. 75. Light llghta lliti. I'acking aowa 17-7 IS. Feeder plga l-t 60. Cattle: 300, cnlve 36. No early allien . altera. tlenrrally HokltiK ateady. Few fed aleera held about 17.16. Thin light gran aleera down to fS. Fed heifer around 14 60-7 or ahOgVe. oilier claaaea atoaily. Low cutler and culler cowa 13-4.60. Cotn-inon-mediaui 14 76-1 10. Hood beef cowa to 0. Hull 15-6 IS. No choice veuler aold, aaklng up to fS.SO. Common slaughter calves 13 7S-4. Hheep: 600. Italher alow, tnoetly ateady. (lood aprlng lamb to flo. Common down to ,fl.76. Commit-medium old crop lamb 14.60-7. Fat ewe tu 14. CjlW rather J2F " lMs ..i ' PHOU14K KIIMIWOK The following prices were named to be effective Monday; Butler Cube itra," t7e; atandard a, tic;, prime flrata, t6Jo; first, MISERY LOVES COMPANY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER K WHHMMIR.J.t?ny HUH.... WELL, GOSH, "YtHJ ALL WEPE ASLEEP, AMD ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-tlerald. . GOSHTW DOG SURE IS rJOW.WHAT. IKI THE v ', PLHUGH. f?i irri vm 1 n-m it- "n in n t . a i 1 n FRECK...WAKE 1 iiDf TUTDr'e Howling J i wdnoer HEY, POP..Ar4D MOM ! 7 SOME DOG IS fAKWG ) AW AWFUL RACKET J OUTSIDE NAME OF GOODNESS, PLMGF.... TO LISTEM TD THAT NOISE ALL WHATS VVPOWQ 1 1 1 WAS THE OBJECT IN Wl iriharl-a W A DOG MOWLhMG BY MYSELF ? GRUKGH... HUH? y 1 1 ' VVITH HIM WAKIWG US ALL 1 UP?? ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law -! 1st Nat'l Hank Bide;. Phone 289 lv I AUTO FREIGHT t v SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Dally service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st oV Montgomery Stav, Phone 371. (A 2 m Hill CARPET CLEANING ii nf : ic ' v THE SHADE SHOP 409 West First St. Phono 7i lc. CheeseOregon triplet. 16c; Dragon loaf, IIS. Hrokrra will pay below quotations. KggHroductt eschanga flotation between dealf rai Katra large, lc; standard, large, lc; eatraa, medium, lie; atandard. medium, 14c Jobbing prlcea to higher. POMTIASD HMOLKMALH fSllCKS Thrs arc tha price retailer pay wholesalers, csrrpt where otherwise atated: butter I'rlnta. A, grade, tile lb In parchment wrapper, 30o lb In carton; 11 grade, parchment wrapper, tc lb carton, a lb. Ilulterfat (I'ortland dellrery) A grade, delivered at least twlca a week, lt-30e lb; rounlry routea, It-UK lb; M grade, tl-u lb; C grail at market. 14 grade cream for market-buying price, butter fat baata, t)j lb. Cheeae Helling price to Portland retallera: Tillamook trlpleta, to lb; loaf, tic lb. Tillamook selling prlo to wholesalers: trlpleta, lie lb; loaf, lc lk. Eggs Buying prlc nf wholesalers: fcilras, Itr dos: standarda, 17c doa; eitra mediuma, lie dos; do medium firsts, lie dos: under grade, lir dos; pullet, lie dos. Milk A grade, I'ortland delivery, Stc per 10(1 Iba. Ilulterfat Heats for 4 per cent. Live poultry Portland delivery, buying price: colored hens, ever 4 lbs I- 30c lb; under 4) lbs, It-Is lb; Leghorn hena, over 31 Iba. 14-17r; under 1) lb I4-I4c lb; Leghorn broiler. I to I J Ilia. 17-lsclb; do I lb up, I7-Ili! lb; colored aprluga, 3 Iba nd up, 10-Jlc lb; rooMter. t-c lb; I'ekln dock, young, 14-17e lb: geese, 11 -He lb. . Live poultry Helling price by , ru: Light bt-na, ls' lb. medium hens, lJ-liv lb; colored hena, 11-lOv lb; broiler, I - lb; aprlnga. IS-Slc lb. Prkln du ka, young 21 -Kilo; do colored. 13-1 7c lb; rapuni, over 7 Iba, 34-tSc lb, guinea hena, Soc each. Ital.bita Fancy dreaard, t0-tlc lb. Turkrya idreaaedi Helling price to retallera: .No. 1 hena, ISjtOc lb. tome, ll-:oc lb. h:h t ut it Apples Uolltloua, txlra feiuy, IN AND OUT BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP FILM SERVICE HURLEY'S DRUG STORE TOR Overnight Film Service SAY. WHASSA MXTTEO UUITH YOU. M EW? SAYS, YER MAJESTY. WELf EVERYTHING IS COSY.' Fooey? 1 guess imth' kiNG AROUND WERE -AN' C . If WHATS THAT ITS LADIES FUNERAL DIRECTORS YA BIG PADDLE FOOTED PELICAN WHEN I NEED ANY ADVICE TMIS 7 J DAY - AND AS YOUR 1 i. I VE GOT MV THRONE BACK WITHOUT A LOT OP TROUBLE. SO 1 GUESS I'LL GO SIT OKI I 11 I I V . 1 CAWTCHA READ? f a i iri a ana-a FROM YOU. I'LL ASK FOR GRAND WIZEC, I AD FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R IT- WOW, WATCH ME ILL VISE YOU STAY IT FOR A SPELL -CMON, SHOW V'SUMPIN AWAY INSURANCE GRAND WIZER OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1811 WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. Morwv to Lnnn. Farm Security mi. PRODUCE OCL SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poul'ry, veal, and cream. WASHING MACHINES irfkJ OTTO KOOS. AMES HDWE. Maytjig, Easy, Thor, Waahcri v ev; ' . -V. . . .- 1 1 '

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