Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 19, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1936
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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1936 OREGON THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, PAGE FOUR EMPIRE dier is becoming an adjunct to the .M . operation of expensive and com' fc"U'- ... plicated machinery. Never again, BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASHINGTON omaa. asstnfflisj at sThmW at Attir. - liw I tl mH probably, will the world see any BsUklbsaa MO. thing resembling the mass move ments of the World War. .BY RODNEY DUTCHER- JUIMia aas rsbtisbsta M W. U jHbn aa . . Crash. The old-time infantryman with his rifle, his bayonet, and his hand SUBSCRIPTION BATES EEL1VIJLCO IT CABJUXS grenades is out of date, The mod " , three hundred more a week..., hope it will be satisfactory appreciate your services policy of retrenchment makes it impossible to give you more.,.." There was more but it was enough for her to real' that Commonwealth was renewing her contract for two years. It wasn't happiness that she felt, it was relief. Happiness was something she never hoped to experience again. But at least she still had her chance to go on work ing and working, forgetting. There was one last task she had to do that day. She had a note to write. Deliberately she avoided her apartment or her office. She didn't want to write it where she could let go. She chose no less bright, popular spot than the Brown Derby at cocktail time tawli aaaass M M miK ta aaaaasa ! ern army is almost as fully mech CHw aaata, la IT MAIL anized as the modern navy. And until this mechanism is fully prepared, Europe will not be ready 1M BMtea. Maitsa, Ua eat tbssla statist. Om iu, la a4aaaa K-M to fight. a a a a I awatka, at aaVaasa ..... Tats awolia, la advasst .......... Ml Om swath, 1a aaraaaa .......... M In the World War, for Instance, Ing a surplus which, in fine print subsequently, turned out to be a deficit. Landis wrote the opinion and Kennedy later engineered his selection as chairman. ' The commission still apparently ' has no plans to do anything about unlisted trading, over-the-counter sales, segregation of dealers and brokers, and similar large problems, : The most worrisome aspect of this is its seeming indication that SEC is unprepared to handle the next big bull market, with all the fast operations that may then be expected. The term of Commissioner Robert E. Healy, famous for his investigation of public utility methods, is about to expire and it 'ill be all right wiln quite a itu SEC the airplane was primarily a scout Mall yiwwaan hi U. I. A, ing arm. Today, it is looked upon Om sr, la s4aasa ............ M-t la bmIm, la a4vaasa S.TI as essentially a striking force. When war begins, each nation Om asMta, la eaas .... ....... M ttt mm, trmlna as mum .. M la starts saaara at aadnsa aaaserir. when she pushed aside the silver can be expected to try, with its air an altafa sla as "all as asw fleet, to paralyze the great Indus PvblahM Dally Biwpt Baa Tm DnaMmt-BnaM PiisUsalB Ca, lu. trial and commercial centers of its aa. jaaiaiaams Aftsrassa rtswspapsr enemy. Mastery of the air might easily H a Mi Ca, Mitlsaal AaW mean the gaining of an over whelming military advantage in " NOT A1X THEY SEEM the first fortnight of fighting. BY RODNEY DOTCIIEn XEA Strvta Staff Csrmasadsal TTASHJNGTON.-C h a i r m a n " James K Landis of the Se-curities and Exchange Commission, after prayer and thoughtful consideration, has decided to stay on the job in Washington instead of returning to his law professorship at Harvard. That doesnt mean that Landis or anyone else outside of Wall Street is especially satisfied with the record of SEC to date. He and many others who were once enthusiastic over the securities and stock market acts are disappointed at the commission's failure to grapple successfully with the many complex problems presented by the securities markets. The SEC staff is weak. There has been constant dissension between a large group known as "Wall Street stooges" and another group made up mostly of liberals, many of them dissatisfied with Landis Personal jealousies and bickering have been rife. This, plus the difficulty of getting able men to work for the salaries offered and the caliber of men picked by former Chairman Joe Kennedy with tacit approval of Landis and other commissioners has made it impossible for SEC to present a strong front on any major issue. The result is that Landis. originally considered a crusader against Wall Street malpractices, is unwilling and perhaps unable to crusade. - CO far the SEC has merely worked out problems as to information for security buyers and none too well, according to liberals who still talk about the; Northern States power case, in 1 Nor is that all. The tank and the old-line cavalry troop have negotiated a marriage, and from it is teapot and drawing a pen and pad from her purse she wrote: Dear Dix, I do no feel the need of any explanation here and I am sure you do not require it. We do not love each other any more. More than that, there is nothing to say. Let's forget yesterday with our plans for tomorrow to be spent together. I am happy for both of us that we have learned now. Do not feci that you have failed me or that I have failed you. Let's only remember that once we were happy and that I sincerely hope that the tomorrows I will not and cannot share with you will be filled with all the things that will make you happy. This is my farewell. Sincerely, Linda. She read and folded it, slipped it in an envelope and sealed it. 'Proposal by the administration that power from all new federal project! be delivered to all consumers at uniform rates appears emerging a strange hybrid a mechanized force that can move up on the surface to be a fair proposi to the fighting line at 50 miles an tioh, but analysis reveals that for Oregon, at least, the plan is ques hour, exercise the fire-power of a whole brigade of 1014 infantry, tionable, i . . and overwhelm a hfle-and-ma- men if Roosevelt finds something else for him to do, instead of reappointing him for five more years. The group opposed to Healy attacks him on several grounds, chiefly, they say, because he is cantankerous and so set in his ways as to be something of an obstruction. : a JOE KENNEDY continue his "raids" on SEC personnel for : his office in New York, where he has been engaged mainly with big corporate reorganizations. Following his hiring of Bill Hickey, one of tbe commission's best experts, he is taking back Joseph R. Shechan, whom he brought here and who would make an ideal lobbyist in relations with SEC, because he was" long in charge of hiring of personnel. Kennedy is also 'after General Counsel John J. Burns, whose de- . The reasons for doubt are set chine-gun line of the World War forth by John Kelly, Washington type with ease. Correspondent for the Oregonian, a During the World War, the rival forces of infantry were thrown together and left to work out their Then she gave it to the waiter to post and asked for hot tea. who reports that the administration plan has been received with enthusiasm by Los Angeles, and Js'beinj backed vigorously by tou them California representatives own salvation. The typical soldier m a a She waved gaily to some people was still a man who carried a gun and did his work on foot. Air and lobbyists in Washington. she knew, joined two of them for a few moments and then left in the twilight wondering if all her The cause of this Jubilation, Mr. planes, tanks, artillery all were life she was to walk into twilight adjuncts to the infantryman. as lonely as this one. She hated In the future it will be different. parture would be a distinct loss to the commission. Cuiyrtshl, IMS. NBA Service. Jnc.l' beauty because it hurt. And she hated being hurt because she knew that she alone had hurt which a registration statement I balance sheet was approved show-1 The typical soldier will be a highly trained technician; he is apt to be riding in an airplane, a truck, herself. She walked aimlessly along FOLLY and FAREWELL Russell Winner In All Precincts and armored car, or a high-speed tank. Instead of festering in a Vine Street and turned into Hollywood Boulevard. Her unseeing muddy trench, he will be forever By Marie Blizard 0)6Nt-ASvic.lhc on the move. All this means that a nation BRGIV HKRB TOD AT LIN It A BOUHNH. 20 years old. Kelly points out, is the fact that auch a plan will deprive Oregon of its advantage over Los Angeles through the proximity of Bonneville dam to possible industrial sites in comparison with the remoteness of Los Angeles from its nearest power source of magnitude Boulder Dam. . Were federal power charges baaed upon distribution costs power could certainly be sold at or near Bonneville and at Portland for leu than the Los Angeles rates must be. This might attract industries to the lower, Columbia river district, in preference to Los Angeles, . despite the. southern California city's present advantage incidental to its , larger population and that of Its territory, with resultant greater consumer's markets. ';: . - But if power rates are made uni pretty, la left almoat penniless by the udclen death of her father. County Clerk R. M. Russell was today found to have accomplished what few candidates, no matter how popular, have ever done in the face of a contest, and what no other Linn county candidate did in 'he Linn countv primary. The county clerk carried every precinct in the county in receiving the republican nomination. must build and maintain far more mechanical equipment, per soldier, than ever before. It must consult the factory, rather than the barracks, before it goes to war. FETKR UAKKINKR. newiDBDer reporter, helpi her set a Job writ- rVssr?&NOW2YEARS '''jKnrtTnir"i"ri when she had finished, he set her last fear at rest. He remembered the last case in which Thome had become involved and was certain that a firm reminder would end the entire episode and convince Thorne that such a night had not been. He told Linda that lie would protect her utterly; he wouldn't write to Thome, he would ask him to come to his office and telephoned the man while Linda was in his office. His invitation was a command. Thorne agreed to meet the lawyer at noon. And so simply, the episode did end. ' There were other things that Linda had to do that day toward setting her world in order. And putting the one important thing behind her, she busied herself writing checks to pay her bills. Then she telephoned Sybil Carl- na- aoelety new. Unita la In lova with l'IX CAHTEIL but he nea This "next war" for which abroad to study ainslns. When Peter aaka l.lnda to marry him again. There were many unpleasant things to do that day. She must see her lawyer as Dix had advised. Strange that she could say his name without it hurting her. She must try to reason that but not now. There were other things to do. There was one short week before she would know whether her contract with Commonwealth was to be renewed. Before that moment came, she must settle her debts. For if they did not renew, she could not afford to stay in Hollywood; she would have to go home. Home to Newtown. everyone is waiting Is not likely to she acreea, but poatponea the wedding. TJ.-H. Want Ads Bring Results HON BY HARMON, film star. begin until the factories give the word; and it probably will be won by the side whose factories have made the better preparations. enmea to Newtown, making; a USE CHINESE HERBS WHEN OTHERS FAIL peraonnal appearanee" tour. She buya a avenarlo written by Linda. lter Linda soea to Hollywood You'll Enjoy all these dvanUjei and, by expressing Ideas that are Miss Garbo may be "homeless." at the.. as she complains, but we'll bet really Peter's, acquires a reputation for brill able to discover new stars. Soon she Is a celrbrlty. eyes strayed from shop window to shop window. There was no place that she wanted to go, no place that she could find peace, no place " "Missy, this is the last bunch." An old woman thrust a wilted bunch of violets almost into her face. Their fresh, sweet scent rose to her nostrils. She took them in both her hands for a minute and gave the old woman a dollar. She stood there for a moment looking at the violets and thinking of Pete. Pete had loved her! She had to know if he still did! She had less than an hour. But if she hurried she could catch The Chief, the eastbound train. And she would find Pete Gardiner in New York. She had to do it! She pinned the violets to the belt of her gray gown, pulled her grey turban on, slipped into a velvet moleskin jacket and picked up the small bag she had packed. A telegram to Beulah would settle all the affairs of packing and renting the apartment. She wasn't happy, she was ecstatic with anticipation when, breathless, she made the railroad station just in time to catch the train. There was no time to make reservations. She had to haggle with the conductor. "Why, Linda! You may share my drawing room." It was Honey Harmon. A fly (but not a very big one) in the ointment. Linda thought, declining the invitation. she Isn't in need of eleemosynary form tor all projects, then power1 at Bonneville dam'w41ost -thi Charlie Chan Chinese Herbs Remedies are non-poisonous, their healing virtue has been tested hundreds of years in following chronic Lson, a young writer who had come service. ' . r. . i same as Boulder para power will E.A.Ftl MOTEL Since the primary election" we cost at Los Angeles. Therefore in dustrles will spring up at Los Angeles instead of in Oregon because IJIa-Vwrter romra to Hollywood to St Into films ss'aii actor. Linda LrlM-alp hi itu To please Dix, she Invites BASIL THOK.NK. director, to her home, although she dislikes and dlstruais Thorns. Peter iSardlnrr wrltea a aucceasful play and cornea to Hollywood. Thorns drives Linda to a mountain note that some of the old stand-bys are now Just bystanders. PORTLAND, OREGON Modern end Fireproof. Restful rooms. Desirable surroundings and location. Excellent dining service. Popular rate European Plan Room, with bath. 1 the. immediate; market for finished products will be more attractive, PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDIED Berkeley. Cal. The University resort where the company la to begin work next day. The othera fail of California both at Berkeley and to arrive. There la trouble with the los Angeles has been obliged to fcrton, 12 nd up. we person, $3 nd up. American Plan eSv ailments. S. B. Fong Throat, sinusitis, catarrh, ears, lungs, asthma, chronic cough, stomach, gall stones, colitis, constipation, diabetes, kidnays, bladder, heart, nerves, neuralgia, rheumatism, high blood pressure, gland, skin sores, male, female, children disorders S. B. Fong, 8 years practice in China, Herb Specialist, gives relief after others fail. 139 E. First St., Albany. Or. Office Hours: Sunday and Wednesday' 11 a.m., to 2 p.m. car and Linda and Thorns are obliged to atay through the night. The stnry gets about, and Linda aska Thorne to slop It. He says he Room, will bath, 1 add courses in public relations. The demand for experts . exceeds the supply despite the fact that more than 1,000 public relations experts are, already employed in Los Angeles alone. -IT.- Newtown where Pete had been. Bac kto scenes that would break her heart as Dix had never been able to break it because on this morning she was grown up, knowing herself to have been o fool, to have thrown away the one precious and beautiful thing she might have had. Had she thrown it away? Could a man like Pete have loved her and then stopped loving her? , "Fool!" she addressed herself again as she swung her legs out of her bed. "You're not going back to Newtown to live with memories. You're going to stay right here in Hollywood and if you don't get your contract renewed, you'll jolly well take any job you can get. You've had your lesson in pride. And now to get to work." She dialed the number of George MacMillen, a well-known lawyer who had advised her in matters of contracts, and. made an appointment to see him that morning. She dreaded having to tell him the story. MacMillen made it easy for her. Si un sis V 4 l 1 will If aha will marry him. Linda confides In Ulx. Is amaicd thst he treata the situation lightly. rtlbmta Asm m h'f V She tslephones Peter Gardiner and ainutn dhv4 ifsa B.vadwty Is told he has left Hollywood. fcOW t.O O WITH Til rJ STOIlV NOISE SURVEY PUZZLES San Francisco. The city's ef (To Be Concluded) forts to find a demarcation line between necessary and uneces- CHAPTER XXIV "Setting my world in order is lary noise demonstrated that at getting to be a habit with me," 40 Hollywood a fortnight oerore. "This is Linda Bourne. Miss Carlson," she said. "I heard you were looking for an apartment and I wondered if you would be interested in seeing mine. I'm going to take a vacation and I'd like to rent it." Sybil came and fell in love with Could aha have it quickly? Feeling Utterly mad, Linda told her; she might have it as soon as she liked and didn't pause to question herself or her insane desire to be out of the place where she had been both happy and miserable. She wanted to be away from every association that would remind her of herself. She would like to take a hall-bedroom somewhere and lose her identity. Not that she had the faintest idea of doing anything of the kind. As usual, she intended to pursue the routine of her life in a new home environment. She went to her office tha ... afternoon and found urgent summons to the office of Paul Leonhardt. c .. a - Something inside of her did an elevator dive from throat to the pit of her stomach. She didn't really care what happened that day but summons to the producer's office brought a swift, unpleasant thrill. Was this the way a writer was let out of the company? Why should she be afraid? Her bills were paid and she had nothing to fear. She smiled at someone on her way to Leonhardt's office; she didn't know whom. She opened the door softly with a cold little hand. And then she was inside and Leonhardt was talking to her Linda said to herself with grim times San Francisco s street noises Is comparable to the noise made by a steel riveter S3 feet away. Lack of funds made it impossible to find the demarcation line. humor the next morning when there was no sunshine to warm her heart for all that it poured through the sheer curtains of her wniaaiaaaasaai4aaaiii bedroom windows. . the southerners reason. There are .other ', factors to be considered, such as availability of raw materials and transportation advantagesbut it must be admitted that there is something to the ajUfornlans' line . of reasoning. And they will -probably do all in their power to enforce, the principle that "to him who hath shall be given." "t' 'c ' 1 While uniform power rates may not give Los Angeles the industrial monopoly that it covets, they will undoubtedly benefit the larger .population centers more than more sparsely settled territories. A prosperous industrial area in Oregon would be a boon to the contiguous rural territory that would more than offcH'tW few cents that might accrue to upstate residents through a uniform rate plan. And anyway poWeT1 distribution costs would have to, be paid by the consumers as a whole; no matter how they are apportioned. Nor can payment be escaped in any other way. If the northwest were tho only territory to be served by federally constructed power transmission lines on a uniform rate 'schedule, all would be Well, but unfortunately this is not the casc.Orrcon is or will be in direct industrial competition with southern. California, Sympathetically he listened and She sighed and closed her eyes STORIES IN STAMPS Hv I. S. Klein William This Curious Worlds Ferguson ' ' llSMlSlll'f ' Treasure Island IN EAST LIBERTY, PENNA; SOME. VEARS AGO; THEJJE WAS AN ORfOCC WHOSE. SONG WENT. " TA GA-GA. BOOM OE-A VT, " EXACTLV IN TUNE. WITH THE. FAMOUS SONG OF" THOSE SAME WORDS. which already has eonsieVrablt advantage; Bonneville promisd to compensate greatly' those ad vantages, but now Oregon's pros ;SQn Diorjo tndtk IXPOIITION? Stop t tht... u.s.GRnnT Oantial downtown location convenient to the Exposition and beache SATES pecttve gains are threatened. The people of this state should beware of the wolf in sheep's. clothing. NOT READY YET ' Everyone thinks that Europe is getting ready for "the next war," LMOST annually, expeditions leave for a small, uninhabited island in the Pacific, 300 miles on Costa Rica, and dig for gold bullion and other treasures that pirates are supposed to have bui led there between 200 and 300 years ago. It is Cooos Island, named so because of the great number of coconuts that grow wild there. Here Spanish and Portuguese pirates, who looted the rich towns along the South American coast, are believed to have landed and left their riches before being captured. Here in' recent years have come scores of expeditions. They have dug up the shore and inland even more completely than have the wild pigs that inhabit it. All, however, have returned empty-handed, and the secret of Cocos remains with It Early in 1936, Costa Rica issued a set of stamps, each showing a map of this island. SUPER npr.i r.lOTOR OIL AT but the expected explosion seems to have been delayed. Just why no one seems to know for a cer DRIVt.tN 6AIA0K corns iRor ItNDItTOUl COCTTXH. L0UN9S No motor oil at any price can give yon more and better lubrication. tainty. It may be apathy of the people, skill of statesmen or just fear of fighting, but in view of A BASEBALL PCVCHEJR. COULD THROW NO CURVES, IF HE LIVED DV Th MOON. THERE WOUlD BE NO Air. resistance to give a break to the ball. tuL. 'Test all the oils from everywhere then create a new oil- the changes in attitude toward war since 1918 another reason prob unsurpassed. That is the w ay the new R P ably prevails. Germany has re-established unl T r .'a. , J am w by the engineers of the famous is AMAZON PM Motor Oil was developed --ar KTi) U I Standard Oil Research Lib- j ?S jH you need particularly in J J j with their new and carefully I A oratories. Now it is ready for versal military service, and has a substantial body of men under DtSOtABfSES ABOUT r. "RP M" gives you more than han ATOOQ ooo n irit fpt-t of watfp the lubrication ot 1936 cars arms today; but because the sol INTO THE ATlAfaiC EVEfZV SECOND calculated high engine speeds, temperatures and bearing MOTOR GIL dier nowadays is an entirely dif-ferenf'sort of human being from hat he was in 1914. this in itself does not-mean' that Germany is pressures. For every car, it is truly a luxury product. No motor oil at any prjee can give you more and better lubrication. 'tPMm SINCE ther is no atmosphere on the moon, there would be no friction such a is set up when a ball is thrown through air. However, a baseball pitcher, deprived of his ability to throw curves, would have the satisfaction of knowing that, due to the lessened gravity pull there, his Inflelders wcki be able to leap twenty feet off the1 jrotmd tn prar line drive, a. ' rraiitrfW ftwVaU'i ".'iilil'jj.L' IPm ' ready for war. v i'yrrthan ever before, the sol forrlllt, llt, Kr. H.rr.r. A NEW STANDARD OIL PRODUCT . r I

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