Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 12, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
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TUESDAY, MAY 12r 1936 - j. THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FOUR TESTIMONIAL TO THE DEPARTMENT OF- JUSTICE TURNING THE ATTACK the manner to which you're DC-customed." Linda was horribly embarrassed. That "Veterans of Future Wars' Intend M Albaar, Oreaoa, frvtaffle M "Skip it, Dix. I wasn't forcing you mmml Mil NMiU Ualtea fm Into a declaration of any kind. We'll both forfet it." aa MEA Nm Wrio. EeUhliahea IMi. farce that a group cf Princeton University students enacted some time ago would have been forgot "Work of the Division of Market Enforcement" 7:30, Music' for the Strings, Clara Chapman. Catherine Jortion and Carol Yokum; 7:45, Municipal Affairs, League of Oregon Cities; 8:05, Music; 8:30, We Write a Story, Alexander Hull; 6:30. Willamette University; 9-9:15 United Press News. - D.-H. Want Ads Bring Results News; 4:00 Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for boys and girls;. 5:00, On the Campuses 5:30, music; 5:45, The Vespers, led by Rev. H. H. Griffis. 6)0 Dinner concert; 6: IS. Oregon Farmers' Union; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour Things Seen and Done Floyd Mullen; 64:5, Market and Crop reports and weather forecast; 7:00, F. E. Price, "Sprink-ler Irrigation"; 7:15, A. A. Reed. "No, you weren't forcing me In Editor and PobHarwrB Ik lukttH and B. R. Cnmbe. to a declaration, as you call It." SAY WHO ARC PUBLIC ENEMIES NO. X ANP 2 rVOvV ten long ago if some of the former service men would Mop talking tUBMCmrTION MATM DKU VEKIlD BY CAKKIKI about it in public. The prank was designed to ridi The straight brows had drawn together again. "But there is something on your mind." "Please forget it," she begged. "There is something on my mind, but it's pictures and not matri Om yai, la aaVaaea ..... MM Manthc, la adVaaot 1-71 Dm awnth. la aduaea 10 BT MAIL cule World war veterans, no doubt, but it was perpetrated only by a bunch of kids who shouldn't have been taken too seriously, and who Msa, Baotoa, lUrba, Um aad Uaeela mony." Dix did not dismiss the subject, aauatUa. "I always thought we'd get mar Ob m a adnata Bit MK U 4vft-U themselves would have passed the Tkaea aaatithi. la adranea .......... 1.U incident by without great ado had Harry W. Cooley DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR Linn County Commissioner ried. Not right now" Linda's whole being sang "but would you have date to run down to Yuma with me and take me on for better or for worse the minute On BMath. ta adtsaee .......... Br Mail Weewhre-ta U. ft. A. they not seen that some of the Var vets were badly teased. That is the way with children, as any parent Oaf nr, a adnata ............ IS.H la aaealha. la adnata ........... 171 "77 ' I net a lob?" Oaa mmik. la adnata ............ "Sold," the answered, and clos knows. Sonny Will play a trick on fat an, aa trelaa aad aevaataadt .. M ed her eyes. someone. If the victim ignores it la entering caeao at addraat iobecrir an timid than area H aa anil aa aa Pi&tlaaed Daily Eater Suadan the kid will go on with hU play Economic Administration' with Square Deal to All Dix wanted to marry herl Days were like hours after that She was jealous of her sleeping hours Townsend Pllif ' 100 (Paid Advertisement) or try tho Joke on someone else. If THt Demotrat-BetaH FuWIehuia C&. It a ladaaaadtat AfUraooa Newt pa per the subject reacts and is visibly annoyed, woe bo to him. The teasing boy will tantalize him until he at 0. Majajwa Co, Natfeaat Aim Uera Biueaaeatallw.- reaches the breaking point. The that took away her consciousness, made beautiful by her dreams. Weeks went by on the proverbial wings of the songs she lived by. Romance was rampant In Hollywood, and it was as much as Linda could do to keep her secret to herself. She wanted to tell the world that she was Dix Carters' brother-sister Idea, you know. LOCAL RECOVEKIT So a good thing for the veterans Deposit! In local financial Insti to do would be to drop the matter tutions are again approaching the entirely, laugh It off, or, better, four million dollar mark. That fig chosen bride. Instead she listened and lived for the moment when she might make her proud pronouncement. - yet, to follow the example of their nationul commander, Ray Murphy. ure hai not been equalled since 1920 or 1921 when there were four Raymond C. Burkhart Democratic Candidate For County Judge Subject to May Primary "Economical Business Administration of County Affairs With a Square Deal to All" (Paid advertisement) Commander Murphy showed local banks in Albany. "I suppose you ve heard Honey Harmon and Pete Gardiner are himself a true statesman and a man worthy of the signal honor ' Total deposits last week amounted to $3,587,399, Because of the romancing all over the lot?" Cora Jarrett asked her. with which tho American Legion "No. I hadn't" That was all policy of the United States National Bank and the First National Linda said, but secretly she wished that Pete had rated a girl.... well not quite Honey's type. has endowed him, when in a re- cent address at Miami, Fla., he disposed of the collegians' attempted slur with the following statement: Bank of not revealing deposits of And romancing he was witn tnc famous blond star! "They're doing a good job, (To Be Continued) whether they realize it or not. They're making all war look ridic ulous, and some of the greatest minds in the world have tried to KOAC Radio Program do that and failed. They have launched a good peace movement, FOLLY FAREWELL , . ; Tuesday, May 12 5:00 On the Campuses! 5:30 mu Vote For Ronald L. Gilson Republican Candidate for Nomination, Linn County TREASURER "Economical and Efficient Service" NATIVE SON OF LINN COUNTY (Paidadv) and if they're sincere we'd like to have them Join us." Those are words of wisdom. By Marie Blizard O IQ36 NEASrK, Inc. There is a chance for the college peace champions and the World sic; 5:45 Vespers, led by Rev. J. S. Burns; 6:00 Dinner Concert . 6:30, Farm Hour :30 The Ag club; 6:45 Market and Crop reports and weather forecast i 7:00, G. R. Hyslop 'Canada Thistle Control"; 71:5, R.W. Mores ;The , BRIilt II Kit R TODAY war veterans to get together. Both I.INI.A linl HNK. 20 yar old. pretty, la laft almimt pcnnllfaa by groups want peace. Their only dif rta aiKKifn flnalh or her father. ferences are minor they might be I'lil'KIl liAKIUNRIt, nowBimin-r Story that Dairy Herd Improve rapnrt-r, hfltia her not a Job writ ment Associations Tell". Ina; loi-lftty new. I.lml la In lova with I 'IX t'AKTKIt. but he Bora 7:30 The Citizen and His School "The Contribution of 4-H clubs termed merely scctarion. War is ridiculous. No one knows that better than a war vetpran. The, question is how to get rid of It. The an swer will require much calcul niirmul to aturty Hliitthiar. When Hater uaka I.lndn to marry lilm to Education", H. C.-Seymour, ARCH RAY I Native Son tt aha Hurcfa, but vmalMiioB the State Club leader. . 8:00 The Oregon State System did not doubt. He had once asked her to wait for him. Waiting for what? Then he had come back and told her that he loved her. When a man loved a woman he wanted to marry her, didn't he? Linda wondered, and suddenly she had to know. She could not go on for years-jWaiting for Dix, knowing that the (jay would come when she would begin to dread losing him, the day when she would hear that he had been out with another girl and she would lose her head and give her heart over to torture. Linda had never experienced that feeling, but she was woman enough to anticipate it with all its devastating pain. When- that day came, she would go away and never see him again. ating. " begin. Nonetheless, she wondered if her voice was as bright and gay as she meant it to be when she answered. "I'll ask the uestion, and you supply the answers. Do you love me?" 'Certainly. Next?" "Do you think you always will?" D5c laughed. "Don't you read the movie titles, woman? Don't you know that no one knows the answer to how long he will love?" "How much do you love me?" Linda persisted. "Linda, you sound like a character out of a children's book. Am I supposed to spread my hands 'so high' or something like that? Or would you like me to mall on one knee, seize your hand in mine and lay my heart and hand at your feet?" He had given her the opening she had been hoping for. "Something like that," she said, and addcdvyickly. "Only that isn't done any more, is It? Except that people still do get married. They just say 'Let's fly to Yuma and get married. It's not as romantic, but quite satisfactory." : Dix .didn't say anything. Linda knew he must feel her heart skipping beats. She wished fervently that she had said .nothing. Now of Higher Education Wayne L. Morse, Dean and Director ol Law. B: 13. The World in Review, ur. For Counf-v Commissionhi D Kit.-Flying Skill Republican Ticket Brings Prixe Money Seven local boys walked off the Victor P. Morris; 8:30 Oregon State College Cadet Band, Capt. H. L. Beard, conducting; 8:45, Reading for enjoyment: "Great Books , of the 1930 s" Dr. Herbert E. Childs instructor in English, OSC. FOR Albany airport with a total of $10 in their pockets because of their proficiency at kite-flyino. They wrniiinir. IlnNlcy HAU.MON, film ' ktnr, riiinva to Mew town, making a "IwrminnHl aiaranr" tour. Bh litiyi k. aiionarlo writlvn hy I.lmlit. iMlvr l.lndu aura to Hollywood and, by (r-nHlnit Idea that are rnlly IVtvr'a, Kniuirm a rt'imla-Ikin fur lulliif nhl to (IIkiovit new marH. Nik m hIih Ih tt I'elt-lirlty. IHx I'nrli r riiiniB In llullyHiMid tii K't lulu filnia aa mi n.ti.r. l.lnil.i ll'll'M to I i -1 1 ll I II). Til ..Ul ix, alic In vlt.-n HASH, THOKN'K. ilircc-tnr, to her Iniluc, iiIHiiiiikIi hIic iIIh-llki' ami dtatruata Thornc. I'i li r tiardlnefv wi ld s a NUci'i nHfiil I'lay anil liilrr conua tit Hollywood. I.lnda Hifiida ai aftrrnooii with him. Hi' ti'lla her I'lx ja union licr ua u ati'iiliiK Htonti to aiiii-cHS Hint l.iuda lii'i'onii'M furloiiHly miKry. MW I.O 0 WITH TMK MTOIIV Taxpayers Interest. ' Development of Linn County. '-.-Reasonable Wages to All Laborers. otfOa&lS, United Press News. It took Linda less than a minute to aa to pieces, thinking pi their branches, figures for the local banks cannot be published. This is true also of the postal savings bank.'. v It can be (aid, however, that the Bank ef Albany, which was organised by a group of local citizen In October; 1933, has total deposits of $870,008. This bank is growing rapidly and expects to approach the million dollar mark this fall or winter. Both' the First National and the United States National bank branches have been making rapid gains. ' The First Federal Building & Loan Association has been making rapid progress. Although no effort la tyUig made to stimulate the growh. of the Valley Building & Loan Ann., the two organizations have Increased assets by $103,-925.08 since January. Total assets Of the two companies were $595,-553.60 last week and R. C. Miller, manager, expects an even larger Increase during ' the, next ; few months. ;" From progress being made by all five financial Institutions in Albany it appears quite likely that deposits will pass the $4,000,000 total before the end of this year. This, however, does not represent all of the money in the community, for there are still a number of depositors who have their accounts in banks in Salem, Lebanon, Portland, Corvallla,. Shedd, Halsey and Scio, withdrawn from Albany during the nervous days of 1932. With the strong banking setup here now this timid capital has been gradually returning and with deposits insured for accounts up to $5,000 it will only be a question of time until all local people bank where it is most convenient for them. Linn county Is extremely fortunate from a banking standpoint, , say bankers who are familiar with the situation. This county has more banks than most counties in Oregon and all are good, sound Institutions, serving their, communities in an efficient manner. The banks at Scio, Shedd, Halsey and Lebanon went through the panic in a sound condition and all actually gained confidence and depositors. This picture will be givc within a. few days. :-'' . ' When Dix arrived he found, hi " VOTE X-72.1 ARCH RAY hands cold, her eyes Cane- an CHAPTER XVIII j The thlnes Linda eouldn't think 9:00 a.m. Homemakers hour; 10:00 music; 1045, Ouarding your health: 1:030, music; 10:45, KOAC School of the Air The Story of Oregon; 11:00, Around the Pacific Agnes Dorene Campbell; 11:15, Facts and Affairs; 11:30, The Story of Music; 11:45, music. 12:00 Noon aFrm Hour 12:05, United Press News; 12:10, Whose 9afety?-John Kerrick, 12:40, Market and crop reports and weather forecast ' 1:00 p.m., music; 1:15, World Book Man; 1:30, Programs on Parade: 1:45, music. 2:00, Bards of the. Oregon Country, by James M. Morris; 2:15, music; 2:30, interesting People in the news; 2:45, music; 3:00, Homes Along the Oregon Trail "James Bybee House at Sauvies Island" Manche Langley; 3:30, musie; 3:45 The Monitor Views the of to say to Pete Gardiner she were the winners of the annual Ki-wanis club kite-flying contest, conducted Saturday by a committee headed by Joe L. Stuart and Carroll Waller for the club. , - Contestants were divided into two divisions, A and B. Lylc Parsons won first in the A division for having the best all-around kite, for which he received $2.50. Paul Winterstien won a $1 award for having the oddest kite and Dan Heins another $1 with the biggest kite in the division. In the B division, reserved for older contestants. Orris Willard won the first prize of $2.50 for having the best all-around kite and Bobby Winterstein won $1.50 in second placo. Glenn Hancock's kite was the smallest entered, which netted him $1.00 and Bernard Parsons received $1 for having the oddest kite in that division. remembered when she was dressing (or Dix that night. Brushing her huir with swift, angry strokes, she finished Pete forever and found her ryes sparkling and her Dix would think she was pursuing him, and Heaven help the girl so unwise as to force av man to declare himself! . a i" Dix swung his legs to the floor, smoothed his rumpled hair. Anxiously she watched his frown give way to a smile. v.-' "You wouldn't marry me, would you?" ' v ' She didn't say anything. "Come, come, darling, you're much too smart. You're a successful woman, and I'm a starving actor: I couldn't support ynu in shadowed.. :7-; . "What's the matter with my little girl?" he asked, folding her in his arms. Linda didn't try to be gay. Her eyes searched his face, expecting to find she knew not what. It was the same face with . the samp laughing eyes, the' same easy smile, the same impatient eye-browns. She laughed nervously. "I'm tired, darling, and in a talkative mood. I want to play Question and Answers. Would you like to?" 'Anything you want to do is always all right with me," he answered, dropping to the sofa. She lit a cigarct for him. "You shouldn't smoke. Think of your voice! And is there anything new about the voice?" 'Yes. 1 dropped In to sec Thornc today. Thought I might have some trouble getting lit, but he remembered my name and asked me In. Nice fellow. He's go "3 " k cheeks flushed. Dressed in scarlet sutiu pajumus, she .marched up and down the small area of her living room, darting quick glances ut the clock until she laughed in pure amusement. She hud been going to vent her anger on Dix! Dix had always the power to change her mood. She couldn't be sad or angry when she was with hint. She couldn't be independent or herself. It was disquieting to think she couldn't be herself, that v. 1 ..-1 T. W. MUNYAN Democrat, Candidate for Nomination for REPRESENTATIVE Thirteenth Representative District, Comprising Linn County. she was always playing being gay happy, helfpul. Thinking again of ling to make a sequence of his lust TRANSIENTS SENTENCED Frank Crontn and George Mor-iey, both transients, were sentenced to five duys each by Judge Van Tassell in city court Monday when they pleaded guilty to charges of drunkenness on which they were arrested Saturday bv City Officer McBride. Harold Penn forfeited $10 bull in city court when he failed to appear on a -disorderly conduct charge on which he was arrested Saturday nujiht by Police Officers Stell-maeher and Kirk. In announcing myself as a candidate for re-election to the Legislature as Representative t i ;''' C . ' ... .-.X J r , -' v, '. - -. . A f ... . Pete's words, her anger rose in 'picture over, and he might give Dix's defense. It wasn't because me a chance to do two songs." Dix was weak. It was only that; "nut that's wonderful! Dix, Dix wus someone to live up to, -She 'darling, when he sees the rushes felt the strain that is almost un-jyou'lt be made and I.;.." Linda avoidable when courtship is deli-'didn't finish her sentence; she eately balanced on the wires of j was about to say that her work two careers. ' would be done. She sighed with Courtship was an old-fashioned j sheer relief. The last day that she idea, Linda thought, and wonder- j had to see Thorne could not come ed what new word there was for 1 too soon. She was afraid of him. it. Courtship was a lovely word! Afraid that he would make art tor never-to-be-repeated days be-1 overt gesture, and she would not fore marriage. Pete had given her know how to handle him. a sort of courtship, but she hadn't Dix captured her hand. Her kived rVte. and It took the tender ; other stroked his hair. "What are. Contemplation of love to make it the Questions and answers'." h precious. ' j asked. Waiting for Dix, Linda found j .. herself thinking of marriage. That Linda was glad that he asked she was fiotng to marry Ul, she 'that. It made -it easier for her to from Linn County, I have adopted as my SLOGAN: "My past record; Honesty and Integrity." I do this with pride as I voted for the best interests of the people of Linn County at all times and -on all bills. I am not a servant of any special Interest or clique. My desire is to serve the people of Linn County as a group with the idea in mind, "The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number." In asking for re-election, I feel that I am better qualified to serve the people of my county now than I was at cither the Regular or Special Sessions. 1 believe one is more valuable to his constituents after having served a previous term. I have lived in many sections of I It W m I. ,.. "V' - -! e.t -. : ;v iu-V' ,;W. V , at-m Ik ii i .. aaL -jm. imtm 1.3 All Summer mm naunn trip inninFcnnsEnsT Daily May IS . Octefcar f S Prom Portland Standard Toatiit Coach Chicago . . $86.00 $68.80 $57.35 New-York . 124.40 107.20 95.75 Boston... 131.48 114.28 102.83 Cincinnati. 97.00 80.70 69.85 Detroit... 98.30 81.10 69.65 Kantat City 72.00 57.60 48.00 Klnneapolis 7100 57.60 48.00 New Orleans 10 1.40 81.15 67.60 PhiladelphUI22.8S 105.65 94.20 Stlouii . . 81.50 65.20 54.35 Wasbinjton 120.75 103.55 92.10 Praaotiioaal reaaaiieat aa away atkera points fcetura limit Octokar It, 'tatuia Han't tl dart aritk ranger limit at tlifhttr kigkar itraa; aoaa fcr OctoW II, , .. .., , , f Staadard titkati eeaored la all alaaaaa ef equip. awatt teunai tickatt ta aaw ajraa leariat eleep-. iaf cara akara aaaUakla, aa4 caatkaa; coark Jick.ta ta oaathaa aalfi aaat al St. Lauia. ate, ail lickata koaor4 la aay aquiamant. Ilaapin ctr ckar(.a ata additional. Chaicaat-IUHiaiaanltopoanialackDlractk ' Votc For THOMAS A. VERDENIUS - For Delegate to the Republican National Convention a"rar- A a 1 WILLIAM H. TRINDLE; CANDIDATE FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE Third Judicial District, Marion and Linn Counties. Primary Election, May IS Position of Judiciary Ballot - - 16X William H. Trindle A RKCORD OF SEP.VIi K WKLI. IH.E la tha votar a juide aa to ht " may l aaiwcted of a (-andilte hen elected to office. In auhmlttinit my name as a mnrtiilate f..r I'ireuit jutise. for fcllrlon and I.lnn cnnntlea. it l my ho md desire thHt each voter mill, for himaelf. inveatiajte my record in puhllc aervice and nrlrate life. I liav beta a resident and taipayer ef Salem for the put II raara and am the owner of a farm and am acquainted with the dlfflctlltlea hich the farmer facea in endeavoring; to meet intereat and tatra ftjr I lieraonall am ronfrnnted with Imth probleina. In puhiie Ufa I hae held the office of Maver and R-offirln Police Judge, member "f the l.egialat are. flty Attornev. and at preaent t am PiatrU-t Altcrney for Marion i'..unty I am a member uf the Bar of the' aiatea of (irea;on, 'o.rail... and Iowa, and the Mara of the t nlted Statee IMatrlit t'ourta and I'ircuit Court of Appeals. I have practiced law con-tinuoaalr. for the paat S.I y.ra. ii of which have been In Salem Purina: my term aa l'.sinct Attorney the criminal buaiyesa of Marlon roanty iu leen more than double, that in any previous period of equal time. Yet that buins has been handled with the aasiatartce of hut on paid deputy. In addition to the criminal buaineaa. the ofrwre handled the two larsej.! tax. forei loanre ault ever tnstitnted bv MarlpA rountr at a to the county of. appruxiinaiely J:,it0 over '.he last previous' fora- I THK MY SALAI1Y (UT AT ALL TIMES. If eiectd tc the office f Judge. 1 will B,ve the aame prompt and efficient ertrM hi. h rtiararterlied hr term aa IXatrrrt Xttorner l.itt;anta will have the.r set and tried promptly 'and the' Court will be conducted ua ecom mlcailv a adrmnlatratlua of jnatice Will permit In caaea. m Menem will be anff irienttv ... i.l.. - Greater Comfert, Economy, Pleasure, In Train Travel Ntw daluaa Caackaa. lataat Taartat and Staaaard Sl. ing Cara, nnaat Dialog Cara, ' witk low prictd maali. Otv-arvatioaClub-Loung Cara. Sloapiag car ckargaa ladocad. (State at Large) I will support the choice of the people of Oregon for president until that man has no chance for the nomination and then use my best judgement in voting for the best qualified candidate who can secure the nomination. I am an American citnen, a property owner in Portland and for the best interest ol this great coun-, try of ours at alt times. Your support will be appreceiated. Oregon in the past twenty-nine years and I believe I know what the people of Oregon want, I favor the Townsend Plan as outlined by H. B. 7154 (McGroarty Bill) and will put forth every effort in memorializing Congress to enact this Bill into law at an early date. I favor s State Old Age Pension until such time as the Townsend Plan goes into effect. I have always voted against the Sales Tax. I served in the 1935 Regular and Special Sessions of the Legislature. I served as Vlee-Chatrman of the Committee on Counties and Cities, Vice-Chairrran of the Committee on Game, Food and Dairy products, Highways and Highway Revenue, and Forestry, I have served the City ef Lebanon as Mayor for two terms and have every reason to feel proud of my stewardship. My term expires Januaty I, 1937. I served as Secretary for the Chamber of Commerce 'or, five years, and am a member of several lodges and fraternal organizations. I have been in the bakery business for 34 years, have lived in Lmn County eight' years, and now own' and operate "Mimyan's Bakery" in libation. -. t solicit yeur tote nt the Primary Election, Ma 13, 1936. VOTE 4 9 )( T. W. MUNYAN (Paid Advertisement) All ticktti honored on tiff famous thains PULLV AIR. CONDITIONED toCIIICACO ViaSPOKANC and ST. PAUL TMPIRI e NORTH COAST BUILDER . LIMITED . Vl Craat Narthara 9f. Via Narthara PaciHt ltf. Man) (ana abowd ito.a'ara ttia aaim.or allgktt klfHar from your hama aratio. Far dataila. eonauit Soutnara Pacific Age-nf.or wrira K. H, Cretl.r.Ganeral Paaaangcr Agant, i.V.t I. Railway, Partlaad. Oiagoa. SPOKANE, PORTLAND & SEATTLE RY. crime, an i lhe..arvle be Invoked only w hen the intereata of th. r,hi, and the in-ltvidual wtl be J.e-at aerved therehv ! '' -t'ltur., a,ln the past, endravup t.t I.. .....n.. i a... and the lUjei.j, "f thia iliairti-i mav ei ....r. .t.. .l. fircnit .Mirrrwl!! be toed tm eettie ,ittons- dlffhrttttlea and not 19 elltfendyr slrife , lJ (Paid Advertisement by T. A. ViTiJi'iiiUh) I I I l II TIMVM.r laid aj.erviseti.ei.t L iiha: t U. Tr.ndla

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