Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 11, 1936 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
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MONDAY, MAY T 1 , 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, AUG ANY, OREGON r PAGE SIX Bv WILLIAMS "OUT OUR WAY" officer T. R. Rodman on a motorcycle between Sweet Hume and I.rhnnon vesfrdnv. NINE GIRLS SEEK HONOR AS QUEEN . OVER BERRY FAIR YANKS POUND WAY TO LEAD; BISHOP PLANS 'SEEK APPEAL supervision of Ruth Reeve, teacher. Janice Millhollen and Bertha Brown sang with Mrs, Millhollcn as accompanist. Betty and Dorothy Lehn, Annabelle McKinley. Gertrude McLa-ian, Louise Windom, Garner Pool and Leona Hughes gave a folk dance with Bertha i Workingcr at the piano. The RED SOX LOSE FROfi! RELEASE ENDS TONIGHT! Portland, Ore, May. 1 1. Max Biihop, unconditionally released by Pwldent E. J. Shelter ot the Portland Beaver yesterday, said today he would appeal to Judge Lebanon. (Special) Nine young students, ranking high in grace, charm, brains and feminine pul-chitrude, have been chosen from the student bodies of Linn county high schools as contestants for the honor of becoming ' queen of the 1936 Strawberry Fair and will appear at the annual queen's bayy on May 15 when the winner will be selected. Eight of the contestants will act as princesses. The young ladies who have won the first lap of the contest by being chosen to represent their respective schools are: Martha Cook, Harrisburg; lona Bullis, Halsey; Betty FiUpatrick. Albany; Ruby Nystrom. Gates; Elva Colbry, Lebanon; Carolyn Ruth, Shedd; Crystal Ross, Tangent; Ruth Russell, Sweet Home, and Lucille Scheer, Scio. Landia. . , Schefter dropped Bishop yester day after hit team, now in third place, .yvon a double hradcr from the tecond place Seattle Indians. He placed Bill Sweeney, first baseman temporarily out of the game becaur of Injuries, In charge as 1 P1 1 THERE IT 15 AGAiMf JTO FUNNV WMY VOL ' 1 j 1 IP A GUV AlT SWEATS. AUWAV3 TAKE. . ! I I U ME AIM'T DOINI' N0THIN7 M 50METWIN1Q I POW'T !JI IT WAS TH' SAME WHEN ' l I UMDERSTAKIDf BYTMS I 1 TOOK VIOLIN LESSON TIME I CATCM O4T0 lyllilJI'llP'H ."iJ IP, I WASNT PLAVIN' LIKE "TUIS, VOU'LL. WANT TO S A JI6 PIPDLER, WHY 1 , I TAKE LC SONS IN LmJ WA9N PRACTICIN' NJOW V HVPWOTISMf 7 w-iW-tfi THAT tM TAKIN TAP -y j ' H o T PANCIN', 1 GOTTA BE f l'4r ,di BUMPIN TM' CEIUN.ER f 'J 0 , j AIMT PRACTIQAJ' VW I'll! iTi i gff i -i I iyTr-r itsiiuwcs.. yVl-iy MOTHERS QET QRAV. 9-lt J . the team left for San Diego, Bishop was dropped, , Schefter New York, May 11. Smiling Joe McCarthy, with his prirt rookie Joe Oi Maggio under one arm and the American league lead under the other, toe k - his New York Yankees and headed west today after the first success ful home stand in many seasons. Joe was all smiles Ah on he bundled his tribe off for St. Louis because the Yanks had just routed the Boston Red Sox from first place and because of the new "murderers row" uncovered by the Yankees in winning 10 out of 12 home games. Five New York regulars Chapman, Dickey, Crosetti. Cchrig, and Di Maggio are hitting more than .355. The Yankees clubbed out a 7 to 2, victory over the Philadelphia Athletics in displacing Boston from the league lead yesterday. Di Maggio put the Yanks in the lead by smashing his first major league home run in the first inning. Buck News'vn blanked the Red-Sox as the Washington Senators won 4-0. The victory enabled Washington to climb above the Detroit Tigers into fourth place as the Tigers lost said, -because he wanted playing manager.. iitl ACE HIT NO. 1 "love Before "We signed Max to play second as well as manage the team," Shel Winkler Convicted Of Reckless Driving women s trio, Mrs. Sid Taylor, Mrs. E. J. Clark and Mrs. C. H. Brown sang with Mrs. Taylor accompanying on the guitar. : A talk was given by Mrs. Walter W. Smith of Corvallii on her experience as a teacher in the schools of Japan. Students from the Corvallis high school with their instructor, Miss Stevenson, were present and gave a tap dance number. A one act comedy entitled "Burglers," was played by Florence Lindsay, Hattie Stockton, Ema Williamson and Jean Williamson, directed by Lottie Eagy. Wary Yates -returned from Albany, where she participated in the music contest, in time to give a saxophone solo. The' women's quartet, Mrs. Clvde Walker, Mrs. Lois Sherer, Mrs. Bess Millhollcn and Mrs. Sid Taylor, accompanied by Mrs. Victor Yates, closed the program with a selection entitled "Good Night." Program committee included Mrs. George Willett; Mrs. Clarence Eagy and Mrs. Aaron Keyes. Three hundred servings of both ice cream bars and ice cream cups were reported sold out by the re-fershment committee consisting of Mrs. John Burch, Mrs. Erna Williamson, Mrs. R. A. Cale and Mrs. Gunderson. Committees appointed by Bob Cale, president are: June program: Rev. and Mrs. E. J. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Coon; refreshment: Mr. and Mrs. George Millhollcn, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lackey, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Eagy. July program: Claribel Yates; Vernon Gunderson and Ruth Brown. ter said. "He olayed on one came. the first of the season. All the- rest of the time he managed from the bench, and a few days ago, noti fied us because of Illness it was Winnie Winkler of Lebanon was convicted on a reckless driving charge in justice court here today and was fined $100, besides suffering revocation of driver's license for a year. Since Winkler's license had already been revoked less than a year ago, the new revocation will take effect when the license would have been otherwise re.-tored to him next fall, the court explained. W'nHor wiis iirro-ttrd by State a 15-inning struggle to the Cleveland Indians, 9 to 7. Breakfast St. Louis at Chicago was rained out. The St. Louis Cardinals moved FIVE TEAMS WAGE CALIFORNIA! TURPIN UNFOUND; OAKS SEEK FOR OTHER HURLERS probable he wouldn t play the rest of the season." Bishop said he didn't believe he wa treated fairly by Schefter. "I never would have signed with Portland, if I thought I was expected to play on crutches or get out of a sick bed, or to live up to the letter of a document. I'm not accustomed to doing business that way.". . . . ' "I point to the position the Beavers are now occupying in Justification of whether I have not lived in full to the management end of the contract. -' - -1 . "When it became apparent 1 wouldn't be able to play again this year, I agreed a few days ago to tear jp the original contract and voluntarily take a $1,000 reduction in salary. At that time my attitude seemed to be appreciated, and I was told it would be l right, but lust a week later, I get my release Instead."' . Bishop Is the third manager Schefter has let out since he took over the Beavers. Early last year, Budy Ryan, resigned claiming "too much front office Interference." with Carole Lombard AND Preston Foster out further in front of the National chase by winning their third strfiirht over the Chicago .Cubs 5 to 1 in a contest clipped short by rain. Paul Dean gave up only three hits in the five innings played. FIGHT FOR UPPER DIVISION BERTHS Shedd and Harrisburg resulted In a victory for the latter. The score was 12 to 6. Shedd led off with two scores the first inning but Harrisburg followed with three. Nothing more was counted until the fifth inning when Shedd made Paul Derringer, in his first Pive teams, closely bunched in Albany's champion Oaks fin- Uhfrf thpir firct u?trlr nf nmr!fm pitching role since lifting a sus two more. Harrisburg came back Tangent Graduation To Be Held May 20 pension incurred for failing to with fire more. The battery for!vf.rrfa nnrf nri.nrxi in the battle for first division honors, settle down this week to a free-for-all series that may go far toward determining make-up of the CkU ...oo A A w- CI Tr.l.n .nrft''. . " .. . V . . - . T . " slide home last bunday, DianKea i I 7 ii -i iJ j "" "(flown me nnai sireicn oi wnippmg the second place Pirates 6 to 0. Clark; for Harrisburg, Hurdisty into shape before the opening the and Fry. Bill Terry, playing first base ,main for the New York Giants, select group entitled to enter this year's title play-off. led the way to a 6 to 2 triumph Oakland, soaring along five full 9 ovrr Philadelphia. R. H. E. 6 12 5 12 9 2 to the schedule will pluy here next games in the lead over the second place Seattle Indians, apparently Tony Cuccincllo broke up a Shedd Harrisburtf According Brownsville Friday. SENSATION NO. 2 inning bafltle by driving out a sin- stands aloof from the challenge of Kle to push the winning run across the five squads contesting for sec ond, third and fourth place honors. in lh" Boston Bees 5 to 4 win over the Brooklyn Dodders. and Bill CisselL who succeeded Ryan quit at the end of the year, claiming he failed to get a bonus Eromiaed him by Schefter for finding in the first division. Tangent. (Special) Tang'-nt hinh school will hold its annual commencement at the Methodist church, Wednesday evening, May 20th at 8 p. m. The eighth grade graduation will also be a part of tlie program. Baccalaureate services will tie Sunday evening. May 17, with Rev. J. P. Bray in charge. The commencement address will be given by Dr. M. M. Stockcr of the Albany college faculty. Graduates are: Helen Grell, Estalyn Say lor. Crystal Ross. Annie Davidson, Martha Peterson, Paul Bray and Robert Awbrey. Maas, Victor Downs, Letlia Haull, Eighth graders are: Robert Verna Conrad and George state league Mny 24. Onlv a portion of the Oaks indulged in the work-out yesterday, and while Manager Carl Shoots was worrying over the lineup, it was revealed that no word had been heard from Mai Turpin, the former Coast league star. Whether or not Turpin has sicned with another team, or even resides at Yonralla, his old home town, it not known. With Turpin gone the main hopes for the champions" hurling staff nlso .depart. Attempts will be made to secure other recognized ehuckcrs. The hurling situation is not too had off, however, for Bill Lake, F.u;ienc pitcher of last year, has been takinu the workouts along ANNUAL WOMEN'S PROGRAM IS GIVEN AT OAKVILLE CLUB Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, the Missions, and San Diego Padres are the neek-and-neck rquads. Portland in third place stands two games behind the Indians; the Seals are three games to the rear, the Missions four, and San Diego four and one half games j back. j Sacramento and Los Angeles fight it out this week at Sacramento for cellar honors. The An "Beyond Bengal" The Only real and authentic jwiik'c picture of today! LEAGUE STANDINGS! Brownsville Loses To Scio by 1 5 to 3 Scin, May 11. (Special) Hub Elder of Scio coached an easy victory over Brownsville at Rodders field In Scio Friday. May 8, Scio winning 13 to 3. Smith, Srio pitcher, struck out 16 In the first seven Innings, nod IMIyeu three in the lust turn Whr4tfr nf unc ln'irl- Oakville. (Special) A full Ceaat League St "dints W. L. house greeted the participants of the women's entertainment spon gels dropped last week's series four with the Oaks. Bill, a Mde-wheelcr, ing hitter with three. Scio had turned in some effective chucking Uilll-CIUU tusi- last "season, a poor three errors and Brownsville six Pel. .682 .588 .823 .500 .476 .465 .429 .349 .it 14 19 19 21 22 23 24 28 Oakland SO Seattle ?9. Portland .. 21 San Francisco ..... 21 Minion 20 San Diego 20 Sacramento ....... 18 Los Angeles , , fc. , ,15 Burning Car, Flue Result in Alarms ing his decision. Sm What Jungle Life Really is! IN AIR-CONDITIONED, COOL, CLEAN COMFORT ONLY THE TRAIN provides the advantages of air-conditioned travel.Nomattef"-hat theweather may be; inside an air-conditioned . car the temperature is automatically maintained at just the right degree for your greatest comfort and the air is washed and purified. Southern Pacific has the bippest fleet of air-conditioned trains in the West. Vl'e feature ic and lOr Tray Service for coach and tourist car passengers; low cost dining car meals; RAIL FARFS AT 2r A MILE AND LESS! , Southern Pacific C. R. NOKES Agent, Phone 37 Batteries: Scio, Smith, Bilyeu, Wheeler; Brownsville. Sullivan, Ell wick, Austen. Uubcock, Wright. Scio girls lost their second game of the season to Brownsville girls 15 to 13. They have won six games games to three against the Seals, while the Oaks sunk the Solons four games to three. The Missions entertain Scuttle. Portl'ind moves to Sun Dumio. mid Sen Francisco goes to Oakland in other series of the week. Sunday's results found the Souls annexing two victories, 10-2 and 10-5 from Los Angeles, The Oaks split with Sacrnmento, winning 6-3 and losing 2-0, but won the series four games to three. Firemen were caNcd to First and Ferry streets Saturday niht to Scio May Install Ne-Water Mains Kr"ir- iSnciiil 1 Plnns fur more National Leagne sitandlngs W. L. P". sored annually by the Oakville Community club Friday nifjht. Following a brief business session, conducted by Cob Cale, president, a program of entertaining numbers was announced by Mrs. , George Willett. chairman. After a community sing led by Mrs. Elmer Sinner, Ardys and Phyllis Eagy opened the program with vocal and harp solos. "The Bachelor Girls' League," a one act comedy was played by Doris Horning, Bertha Brown, Wanda Nordyke, Janice Millhollcn, Phyllis Lamb and Gladys Horning, directed by Paul Beight. Avis Keyes gave a reading. A Dutch folk dance was given' by girls in th the primary room under the this year. Xonr'tliir.s; fa Remember Forever .667 Both Scio teams will play at than a thousand feet of new water 14 12 11 St. Louis ........ Pittsburgh ...... Chicago New York ...... Halsey May 15 and at Swift Home May 22. .871 .945 .424 11 Portlnnd bested Seattle, four extinguish flames in a parked car i belonging to 1.. B. Haw kins of 1 Burntwoods, Or. The flames, b?-I lieved to have been ciu -ed bv de-fective wiring, destroved all of the 1 wiring in the car, which was of an old model. The fire department was called . to the home ot Mrs. Anna Morcan. j 525 West Eleventh street, early vesterdav to control a flue fire ' 7 9 10 10 13 14 13 12 .458 f" Sweet Home Beats Halsey to Keep Lead Cincinnati 11 Philadelphia , 10 Brooklyn ......... . 9 Boston 9 ENDS TONIGHT! .417 .409 .429 games to three, by winning twice Sunday, 4-3 and 3-2. Moose Cla-baugh homed in the eigth frame of the first game to give the Beavers the victory, while Dixie Howell, former football great, doubled to score Frederick for the winning . Americas League Standings , . W. L. Pet. Hals-v. May 11. (Special) Sweet Home continued on the way to its third consecutive bnsebail run In the second melee. 709 ,640 ,609 The Mission Reds split with San j championship by downing Halsey, - mains in Scio were considered at the regular-May meeting of the city council. Tentative plans specify 450 feet of cast iron 8-inch mains from the city drilled well to the corner of Main and Mill streets. Six-inch wonden nmins were considered for the remaining; twe blocks on Mill street from the corner of Mutn to the school building. Purchase of the new mains, to replace Scio's wooden pipes in use nearly 40 years, was laid on the table by the council pending closing cf school May . 29. Exact amount of available funds for the project has not been ascertained. Two new hydrants, one for the corner of North Smith and Wheeler streets, and one for the corner of South Oak and Fruit streets, were ordered purchased, 5-3, .at Halsey Friday. Squeeze Diego, losing 5-4 and winning 4-2. New York 17 7 Boston ........... 16 9 Cleveland .14 9 Detroit 11 10 Washington ....... 14 33 Chicago ........... 9, 10 Philadelphia ...... 8 15 St. Louis .......... S 19 1 .524 .519 .474 .348 .136 Harrisburg Wins Over Shedd 12-6 Harrisburg. (Special) The B league game here Friday between i Democrat-Herald Want Ads. Bring Result. plays turned the trick for Sweet Home, scoring three of their runs. It was a nip-and-tuck contest with Sweet Home taking a two-run lead In the first frame. Halsey. aided by three errors, went into the lead in the second inning, 3 tn 2, but fnilt-d to score again, wh'le Harry .Palmer's squad added two more co ters. Doth Thompson, Sweet Home pitcher, and Farthing, HaUcy, hurler, turned in nice games. Each whiffed ten. Sensational support, was given Farthing by Barham and Kirk of Halsey. Summary: R. H. E. Swet Home 5 10 4 Halst-y 3 9 2 Thrmnson and' Stock; Farthing and J. Wade. . Fictitious Character All ".MIT til I'm llHIk I'lU'lc iiTjA'KH.AdM I Altvri TIA HUE H fcUKUiC Fred Dawson The Old Time Albany 'Druggist Candidate for Democratic Nomination for STATE REPRESENTATIVE Will appreciate your vote Hl)HIZOTh , Tl filth t I lellirsil In, i ' LHKftllott'H I It) iHKurgtntK. f II BcMM'. f II Relative i IS Bed 4 l( DiminlfthH, I II Preaonlilon. '"! Turnrnit, 21 To tnif Z2FplKt. mm n Hal liicfr 0 TtejM dXh'SOF:E;N 5tlD pTSTTs" a6 EdLiino a 10Pj&'f)!bll 16 A LQAW.E. o'gO dHo RiA WTIU b e!s ft i tenTd r NEpv l eJCJa i MnlC IE 0U JjU 00 V 'E 'N r"' I er F? 1 ! I a'NV.'w.,.;rtv.WBjifcMMMMMMMii im iii ffj mmm mmmM , SnWii m k,iiiirtiiiiii -hiiii infini in whmimw iriwinaimlfc infill nif a. mau ..tuMatf 'V ( LIMBING OIT OF RED Honolulu, Hawaii expects definitely to pass out of the red with the close of the biennium on June 30, 1937. It expects that its surplus of territorial funds will then total $832.00(1. exllp. IS Kiivny, 17 l'lnr lKVf. IS Swnrit. 2 Male Hhf"!!. 21 JowpI :i Miiriixlln live. 25 They wri . milled lit his (tenth . Siimiirt. : MmIummi. i' Knnfk. J So Kiirdm. 32 Art !. 24 To 3.', Oiki pillur Imlr .1 Sluw I in iislc) . 4.1' Shi (tir, 41 I)ormiiii. 4 4 Wins. 4 riry. 4 Night hufnrt. 4l Kruit, M KirlHnmtiiiit. '2 Knrni uf 11 S.I Musii-al note 5'i llWtv lbP:E E'P V V IM;I IN t M - I I 111 .." -V w 4 Prt uf Mi' 47 Apil rentrr. 41 Sprit 59 Kporhs. mncu, t KiinxuH rtisi'r I (Ins inillft .1 Strlpcit fain H-, 4 (inlurd 5 Ti (uthtr. ftir ii-npfi' 21 riainxh , 21 PsriiKrirph. 5 PriiwMtlnn. 31 Olw(l lu tishi Si Rrsmh. i 24 Horny titt- - tni. IS To prrUh. 27 NnrthfiMt. SS Ciirwii. . Ji R(trpt. " 41 N'nrthwwi ; 42 LHtucf II Fotlri II BenoM. 4 0llr. MThls 2 Jackets, Double Cellophane, seal-in the FRESHNESS of the Prize Crop Tobaccos in "Double-Mellow" Old Golds f'r()yliiil. 3(L 1 Pm C i- f n pmli fi'ini S Kmoii tier nisn. Cnrm.,.. 57 ll-i -frt. 12 TIimp - Iirarl. . wit m-iii into I i i - ..! lift T iw v ,.i,i.T.n,i, the finest quality obtainable. This Joufce Cellophane protection keeps out dryness, dampness, dust and every other foe of cigarette goodness. I Once you've tasted a factory-fresh Old Gold, with its full, rich flavor intact, you'll neVer go back to stale, dry or soggy smokes. , & i W 4 ' V - it--a i DID YOU EVER taste a fresh-caught trout, cooked right at the Srook? That's REAL freshness! Did you ever taste a fresh-made cigarette, smoked right at the factory? That's REAL freshness, too! Every cigarette merchant in America now offers you that freshness in Douok-Afc.'ouJ Old Golds. It's sealed in every package by 2 jackets of Cellophane; not one but TH'O! Moisfure-fwo Cellophane, II .itj ): i . u , i 4 t t j ''his """" """" !7" """" 35" " " T 2i lj . rS 7F S " " 7$ " "m 31 "" 3 "" " m "" """" " "" ss" " j " T" 35 r " "" 35" " r. 4z " " r " 5s v " " 55" " 37" j " """"" 3 " " 'A " 111 111 1x1 II 11- P. S. Yei, indeed! That "Double-Money-Bocl," offer .t.U op n. Good for 30 day. from this date. 1760 V Eitablished "1 T OUTER "CELLOPHANE JAC! ,CKET . INNER "CEUOPKANE" JACKET i Fragcr Furniture Co. Ilrt and l.yon Street Albany fc, Modol HQ 74-53 Opens o ihe Bottom 4 Opens at the Top i i i

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