Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 9, 1936 · 14
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 14

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1936
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GUIDE of the STARS Dwarf Rhododendrons Now Are Popular For Five Star Fashions . . ,. p V-"' " Small Home Gardens MlWcxxhltim- Garden Expert Teils How To Grow Flowering Currants, Foriythiat, Daphnes . , - By CECIL SOLLY j UNTIL recent years Rhododendrons were too big for all but roomy gardens, but with the new race of dwarfs of the Pink Pearl type, that disadvantage has been overcome. It is generally known that Rhododendrons hate lime and that they like peat. So, If your natural soil Is a timely one, you can only hope to succeed with Rhododen 1 - .. .vwA . t , i Vi drons if you excavatt the planting altea, remove the original soil to a w4- '1. questioner has heard of the place but doesn't know what he's heard. So off to New Zealand we shall go. OLD NATIVES KNEW It as the Long White Cloud. Six thousand miles from California. It lies on the other side of the Pacific as far below the equator as the California-Oregon line ia north. Two Islands comprise It Residents are British: chief trade is livestock and agriculture. Progressive yes. Attractions the rainbow-colored thermal areas of Rotorua, Glow Worm Caves of Waltomo, Southern Alps where glaciers melt in the lower tree ferns, and sports that include 20-and-upward-pound trout fishing, deep-sea fishing, hunting, and what have you. AND THERE YOU ARE with a travel folder In 90 words. It takes IS days, each way, by fast ship. But the real Interest, to me. lies in the native life. Days to the eastward. In the Society Islands, lies Raiatea the "Ha-waiki" of the ancients. The "Land of Spreading Heavens." It wsa from Hawaikl. legends say, that isianders traveled by great canoes to ihe ' ong White Cloud, and there established their homes Living still in the native manner, the Maoris today rank as the purest of all Polynesian strains. They use few fires. Boiling springs and mud pools keep the atmosphere In even warmth, and cook their foods, and wash their native garments. I SHOULD LIKE to take you to see them, and to watch the sunset tone the white slopes of Ngauruhoe, but "deadline" is at hand, and the wheels of land transport are calling. I go far inland today to breathe the air of pines. MY EARLIEST recollectlble that's a new 27-cent word, marked up from a dims desire was to have some printer set my name In a Una of type, just so I could stamp It on the Infantile stories I wrote. Today I wish I knew of some way to stir up ambition to.complete my work regardless of the lure of springtime, regardless of names, regard-leas of anything! THEY ALL SAY the Index of a successful man Is a clean desk. I often wondered how ' it was done. Yesterday I learned. It's the desk top they are talking about not the drawers. I looked Into two such desks, and today I'm successful also! In caaual view there are; 1 fountain pen set, 2 HHng boxes (empty), 1 reminder pad (with a notation). 2 penoils i sharpened). 1 brass ashtray, and. against the wall, 1 relief map in colors of the big island of Hawaii. THIS RELIEF MAP is primarily decoration. It's also to help me picture the terrain of an island I knew pretty well, for some day, when the mood appeals. I shall ramble in words back through an experience that happened there. I shall get the modern American atmosphere ' that's been plopped on Hawaii al) mixed up with legendary gods and goddesses, and tell what actually . happened to that rising business man who stepped into a similar combination. Such things make stories, whether they happen in the Ozarka. Kentucky's ! mountains, or the nation's Pacific Island unit. But not today! TODAY THERE'S COME a request for something about New Zealand. Nothing specific lust "something." Apparently the 1 icawv wnv aw and fill up with peat, or a mixture of peat, leaf-mold and compost. Rhododendrons can be grown well in loam and indeed in most ordinary na : Cecil Solly v v , i - - . $ i SUNOAY: 8udden and unexpected opportunities present themselves today, Romance and social affairs should be hugely successful. Contact strangers. Mendsy: You can't afford to let a wonderful day like this go by without extra effort on your part The stars promise excellent results. Tuesday: One of those hectic days when you can't get people to see things your way. Evening advene for social affairs, but good for literary matters. . Wednesdsy: Cood for ordinary affairs. The evening favors your Interests at a distance, but Is adverse for contacting occupational superiors. Thursdsy: You could make a lot of mistakes today If you're quick tempered. Don't sign anything unless you want some severe headaches later. Friday: If there's a ray of promise In this day, It's carefully concealed. Stick to routine only and don't believe those tall stories you'll hear Saturday: Make up today for the last few days. Reliable hunches and artistic Inspirations abound. Much energy; trips and correspondence are favored. CHILDREN'S PROSPECTS CHILDREN born this week have the following life prospects, according to astrology: Sunday: Lady Lucy In person comes to this child's birth. He'll be slow getting started, but he'll make up for It later. A motion picture career Is Immensely favored. Monday: A careful, businesslike, reliable nature. This child will go places, including to the top. A born organizer with great tact and diplomacy. Tuesday: Original, creative; inventive abilities. He'll have his own ideas; if you guide him, it'll be by love only. A romantic, faithful nature. Wednesday: Gain is indicated through travel, friends, associations and companies. A child who will have wide interests; a keen student of human nature. Thursday: Children born in the morning will attain a public or political position. Those born after noon will have martial Interests, and could successfully follow a naval career. Friday: A quiet, poetic child, with creative and artistic talents. As a writer of romantic novels or detective stories, he could make a name for himself. Saturday: Children born this morning would make excellent crime detectors or scientists. Those born after noon will be pioneering and energetic. Legal work Is favored. ORIGINAL 'TEDDY BEARS' KOALA Park, Sidney, Austra- . lla, ia the home of about 75 Koala bears, friendly little fellows that make devoted pets. The "teddy bear" or a decade ago was a close replica of this native of Australia. It Is difficult to keep these animala alive away from the southern continent, since they subsist entirely on a type of eucalyptus leaves found nowhere else. These special green provisions come regularly to the park from distant points. SIXPENNY GREETINGS HIGHLIGHTS of the holiday season In Great Britain in ? y ' t Soap Box Sonnets manuring in the manner for Flowering Currants. PERFECTION IN BERBERISES THE new Introductions of Ber-berises, and the crosses raised of late years, good as they are for foliage and berrlea, have by no means eclipsed the popular Steno-phylla and the broader-leafed Darwlnil, These remain the two finest orange-yellow May flowering shrubs there are. These Berbertaea will do well in almost any soil which has been dug a spade depth. It pays, however, to prepare a site specially for them by digging two spades depth and working thoroughly into it rotted manure or leaf-mold. That can easily be done If you devote a bed entirely to these Berberises which Is the best plan with these shrubs wherever it can he managed. To obtain the finest possible results from the shrubs, give them a fairly sunny, sheltered position. The eouth face of the shrubbery is best, although they will do quite well in a situation with an east or west exposure. Plant the shrubs in the front row and allow them ample room to develop their graceful arching habit. CARE OF DAPHNES THE pink, dark red and white varieties of Daphne Mezereum take pride of place as the earliest shrubs to flower unprotected in the open garden. In sheltered situations and mild winters, we have had them In bloom In January, although late February and March is their normal season. Almost any soil will suit the-Daphnes, and ordinary spade-depth digging la enough preparation. They are not deep rooters and perhaps flower more freely on soil of moderate depth than they do on sites where the soil has been specially deepened and manured. Because of their early floweringthey usually have to put up with some frost and snow they should be given a sheltered position. While the leaf and branch growth are hardy, the flowers are somewhat tender. If you want to plant Daphnes in the mixed shrubbery, give them a position in front, facing south or west, so that they are protected when in flower from cold north and eaat winds. Dwarf in habit 3 feet 6 inches is the average height of the mature shrub and very slow growing, Daphne Mezereum is well . suited for planting as a centerpiece to flower beds in quite small gardens. ,. . MOLLIS AZALEA REQUIREMENTS AZALEA MOLLIS Is a close relative of the Rhododendron, but whereas the popular forms of RhcSSodendrons are evergreen, the Azalea ia a deciduous shrub. Soil similar to that required by Rhododendrons is also needed by Azaleas. You can mix them into the. sunny faces (east, south or' west) of the shrubbery if you like, and they will do passably well there. But the best place to grow these sweet and showy Azaleas is to give them a bed to themselves, excavated to two feet depth, and filled In with peat Afterwards you can plant hardy lilies between the shrubs. The bed may have anything from full-sun to half-sun exposure, but always It will be sheltered from cold winds. We specially recommend the mollis sinensis hybrids, of which there are a number of named varieties in the yellow, orange and flame colors. Bv lone Williamson Pa brio: Presto Print, a Beau Monde washable rayon. Pattern No. 3030 can be purchased for 23 cents each. Please remit in coins or stamps (coins preferred), giving your name, address, pattern number and size. Mall your order to Five Star Fashions, Suite 450. Mills Tower, San Francisco, Calif. Five Star patterns are shipped by first-class mall. NEWSI WHEN the Montmorencys Or the Vere do Veres Have a blessed event. "It's news my dears!" When the Cohens. The Kellys Or the Sullivans do, "It's another kid And a pity, too!" When the Montmorencys Or the Vere de Veres Take a trip to Reno The whole world hears. When the Cohens, Th Kellva tural soils, If It Is remembered that they are fairly shallow and bulky rooters and also that they want plenty of water at all times. So your preparations should be two spade-depths digging, with leaf-mold, or rotted manure in the planting holes. Rhododendrons will do well in half sun or even with less than that So you may plant the dwarfs on the eaat or, northeast facea of the mixed shrubbery. Another good idea la to fill a bed entirely with them. The coarser forma of the species Pontlcum will grow quite well with shelter trees branching over them. Or, If you have a damp spot, you might well plant these taller Rhododendrons in it or around the edge of the bog garden or lily pool. FLOWERING CURRANTS YOU can have Flowering Currants, or Ribes Sanguineum, in color varieties of white, pink, bright rose and crimson, and all of them are hardy, free-flowering shrubs that will do well anywhere. The yellow form, Ribes Aureum, is not quite so showy a bush. It grows more strongly than the varieties of Sanguineum, however, and Is suitable for mixing in the general shrubbery. Spade-deep digging with a layer of leaf-mold placed in the hole at planting time is suitable preparation for all the Flowering Currants. They are not particular as , to exposure; they are quite con- . tent with a little direct sun, though they will not do well In dense shade under or near evergreens. FACE FORSYTHIAS SOUTH THE Golden Bell shrubs, or For-sythias are lovely flowers, and very ahowy they can be. There are several forms of them; Suapensa has large, full yellow flowers; Viridlssima has rather smaller flowers, definitely tinged with green, and the cross between the two, Intermedia, has also a little green tinge In its blooms. If you want one form only we recommend ' Intermedia as the best. All the Forsythiaa flower on the leafless branches (the leaves come later) produced in the previous summer. They are all moderate growers only as to height and thus are suitable for small and medium-sized gsrdens. The place for Forsythiaa is near the front of the shrubbery and facing southeast, south, south-West or west. They are good mixers with other shrubs. The ground for them should be prepared by deep digging and I DOUBT IF I EVER CANI I WISH I had the nickles and dimes. The quartets, the halves and the dollars - I've given away to ambitious young men, To make them most excellent scholars! I wish I had the hats and the coats. The shoes and the old umbrellas, I've packed up in bundles and sent away,- To those cannibal-Island dwellers! I wish 1 had the paper and stamps. The money I've sent with the hope Of winning a car or a thouaand for life As first prize, in a contest for soap. I wish I could start some kind of a racket. No. 3030 The Stylist WITH fuhlon point new and fresh as Its dainty frilled collar, this charming afternoon frock Is surprisingly easy for even the least experienced home dressmaker to "run up." The ruffles edging the demure collar and youthful puffed sleeve add charming feminine touches to the draped blouse. While the low-placed pleats on the skirt are very new and are designed for ease of construction and slender lines. With daisies tripping gaily over Its dark background, the model pictured is made of a soft, smooth rayon crepe which drapes beautifully and Is especially endearing to the fastidious In that It can be washed often and easily with no fear of fading, running or pulling out at the seams. A tiny cluster of daisies high at the throat Is an amusing trimming detail of this youthful style. Five Star Fashion No. 30;i0 ta -designed for slsea 12, 14, IS, 18 and 20. Corresponding bust measurements 30, 32, 34, 38 and 38 Slie 14 (32) requires 44 yards of 39-Inch fabric, plus 1 yard contrasting material. Five Star Fashions Suite 4."0, Mills Tower San Francisco, Call. Knclose 25 cents in coins or stamps for Pattern No Slr.e Name Address ' ( Wrap coins securely In paper.) Spring pattern book Is now available at 15 cents each, or If bought In combination with pattern, 35 cents for the pattern and book. . Or the Sullivans split, "It serves them right. They stepped Into It!" It's very sad But It's very true; It's only "news" Vt'hn lh hlnrvt ia hlii.' . Some kind of a contest or plan That would keep me in money, clothes and ambition But I doubt if 1 ever can! DIETING TO REDUCE mm GOLDEN POUNDS AGA KAHN ia literally worth his weight in gold. The picturesque ceremony of weighing the ruler was one of the featurea of his recent Jubilee celebration In Bombay. The city was filled TEDDY WHKN we hear of Theodore Roosevelt in Brazil, we usually think of him hunting big game. As a matter of fact, Col. Roosevelt led an expedition on a hazardous trip down . an unexplored river. Vp until this time the river was referred to as "the River of Doubt," because no one knew just where it did have its course. When the trip started, there was a party of men and seven dugout canoes. Several of the canoes were lost and most of the trip was made with great hardship. But what Roosevelt planned to do, he did. In honor of the Colonel, the river appears on the maps of South America as . "Rio Teodoro." Cut out fat meats you don't need them eat sensibly of lamb, lean beef, fish and fowl. Go light on .butter, cream and sugary sweets eat fruit and vegetables in variety. Gain in physical charm look' yountjer - feel vouneer. Maryland lady writss: "I've lost exactly 21 lbs. snd sm so happy to get rid ef that bulky fat. Mv akin i r, w a- wan ihsuHRiki . f thrifty farm fiml-)ia Mill torn mm art i O V wiMkmi ruatomtrt and r ta rvft , , few rau try will twjr clude the immense popularity of the greeting telegram, now only sixpence. The new low rate brought a flood of over 300.000 wires. Hard on the greeting-card manufacturers,' but appreciated by the thrifty English. ih4 rami It ! clearer and I feel to much better." I Mn N. S. Tske one half teaspoonful of Kru.-i chen Suits in a glass of hot wate, , before breakfast every morning foi elimination of excess waste adr1 If rsj auk ta aavt Wowwfi ' awrt M'wh' Hata,Ca(. with his followers from remote parts of Asia, and tourists from all over the world. To make himself weigh as much as possible since the money is distributed to the poor the Aga Kahn dresses in heavy purple robes and an ornamented green turban. As the head of the sect of Ismaell Mohammedans which counts some five million members throughout Asia, he must play the part of a great potentate. The weighing ceremony is unequalled in modern timea and the gold equivalent of His Highness' ponderous body Is estimated at 23.000 pounds ster-'ing, In yellow metal. , ri4 im Mmi'i iH rMMrm'i Cleth' W. the . Dry Goatta tai tlitntafar Iht hama. jun-e or nan a lemon. Ki UFchen coats but a trifle and I sold the world over try on jar ii not Joyfully satisfied money back A. Take a Peep at Peiping! whit i tooav row mif m Boon, h fVHTl f ABD PRINOS IT WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY Menu of the Week By Joan Andrews 9 tTCHINtt NOSEl Help Kidneys Don Take Draitic Drug t KMm Mnuu aUlMa Utj lataa m INtn MA Mr to wuhtmil to wM m irmtf. Wnttt M w Bt mntwt 11 fuarUnul KuImt at RWtte Jifcti mmk ttm Kid Inn Uttiiag t'p Ntctife. MnwM Laa al Ftp. Ui FkiM. kbouattto FVaa, Ikjataan, Cmkai I xlar Km Kmliii. AwMjr. Hwwf, Snsrtiai ar Iwalai. run ooa I wad M Uto M i inn Al dnaBteto am tota Um am anan r t tL PALENESS til mmimmmmmmmmmmWmWmmWSmSmWt? 1 7 Thtie Signs Mean I i ' it - " A.. - . ': WORMS! lfetbara and drwtnra ar ffri pnulJ MANY people. I have found, havp not' fully explored the flavorous possibilities of tongue. When treated with due respect and placed in savory company, the tongue becomes a noteworthy dish I have, for this week, built a menu around calves tongue with sauce piquante. Here it is: Jtlhrd cnHaomm with Criap, thin Swedish wafer " Calvr tonguo, aoare piquante Criapy baked potatoes Green pent Spring alai . Rasplterrica and whipped rrram Cookie . Cfok 2 calves tongues until tender in boiling water to which has been added 6 sliced carrots. 2 stalks of celery. 1 onion stuck with ft whole clovea. 1 teaspoon peppercorns. teasron salt. When tongues are done remove from water and remove skin and roots and reheat in sauce. To make the sauce, melt '4 rnp Hitter and stir In 4 table-spoons of fleuir. Brown. Add 2 cups stock and cook S minutes. Then add teaspoon salt, ty teaspoon paprika, dash rayeons. I tablespoon vinegar, H tablespoon caper, 1 cucumber pickle sliced thin. Serve garnished with pickles and cold beets. ' ' Crispy baked potatoes art just large potatoes rut lengthwise In strips, brushed with butter and baked In a hot oven until cooked brown and crisp. V. ' ii tw.1 .-r-- raMtpUM M Out (!Tail Moraa hat-a ad nra. la M horn II am Mat an tltaHtf aad a aariatacd te mVr m fwl n yauntw la w at ar umw tork na mora id oarx aaraaar. (aMa tar aal t a dracnua tad Um lata) mar re. Adr !2Lir,""" ,w',, UNKNOWN LOVERS IN BUDAPE8T were recently discovered th remains of two unknown lovers in an ancient plot : used by th Huns more than 1200 years ago Apparently th man and girl were wealthy. They are buried with their arms around each other. A rope of valuable pearls is twined around their necks, binding them together: The man was a warrior his horse snd arms sr by his side. Th grave was sprinkled with precioua gems Nesrby are the forms of slaves, ready to serve the pair In the next world. Gabor Csallany. of the Ceon-,'rsncl Muwuni. has uncovered more than 300 different tombs in this area. Tr.a,w.:;,7;inr"-iv far f-ntl trrniM. both . ,r ,M Z'rr rtiklrw nf all um. Iwm,. I I lit CLASSIFIED - nnjm irrm m i.r tbat. fniit. water, nr Try JTr a Ttanrrraa aj , ,,j vatrt tk rt.ll a .tools ekM.1. r".',, 111 fL I MEDICAL Here's s native Chinese food hop in Peipkig, former upiul of Chin snd still perhaps the moM colorful srtvi historic city in that van country. HIGH BIOOO PR! SM)R( iMaaanahar? VrtaM). IM t in Sraatetr H. V.

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