Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 4, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
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MONDAY, MAY 4, 1936 i THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT WILL MOUNT WHEN YOU . BECOME A USER "OF OUR WANT ADS.; QTHPUf BWf lK.NT - FL'KNl- 1 6 MisceUaneoiM Classified 22 W044j l4i Cl DEMOCRAT-HEX ALD WANT-ADS ARE AT YOUR SERVICE, ALWAYS NEW TODAY Uluvn tare, it arrea located on Urtmh Creek, all bottom land. iti.p all in, very food buildings. AnDRFQ ENVEUiPKH. PUI.V1-nUUIlUOO flr), anajp. work. S to IIS weekly conimiasloii. Experience, unnecessary, tltmv lirlnga details. Employtncitt lu-' aaer. Dept. 441, ttnx ' 13. Ham-i iniuid, Indiana. ro4 nnnn ww priced uuuu Delivered In any length. 1 .ester I -t Mi-ale. 144)4 ItanlUm Hi : ' WhA ! ""i PAOLI PAID FOR OIJ tloLP, UAOil fl,R crowna. , bridges, fillings, old jewelry, wati'h caeca, etc, F, SI. Freiii a ft Son. Jewelers. a very fine little place, X hersee. NK Of RlltD SEE OUR 'Pttey Ulidies. llaU' Phone 714-K. jlO-tf . MM. i 140 to 140 pounds........ 4 33 4 71 140 to 110 pounds ........ I ;&j7i 210 ttt MO pound ,.. 125013 tJO to 3S0 pounds 4.25414 10 poumle up 4.40 7 13 Mows 3.10fl 7.40 hMKEP lml.s IV50OH 50 Ewes , 2.0041 4.0 Yearlings a. 00 4.0 VEAL f iHiai. all equipment needed, alt furniture needed. Total price only m4-4 . i . , dintf Floral Co. 1 i . WtMl VHK IlIUHT RIGHT Ji&o move right In. 1HV1NK U IIUOO. Phone 300 AND WIFE TO Rl'N U)CAL MAN price. Claude Wright PElt . C'KNT KEPUC coffee agency. Wonderful op- TWENTY lOtf phone !4-J, 41 K. 4lh Kt. Mi20-t f lon en Mother's Pay PAIWTINR- WAIX . PAFEHtNtJ. I mil IIHU interior decuraJIng that's differentt Itinne 41 or 8II-I-, Wilbur lawen ft-Clalra IVrder. IM.rtuniiy to mnke I3A0 in a month. Everything sent complete. You m4-4 Card. Hall Floral Co, I HQT rtoIjEN or strayed 5 LiTMtock, Feuiltry, CJ9 risk no money. Font Hedan given Me Ic Iseased ,. Ito n3-tf rilOTfiM HATCHING 11KCEIVKD nrfttirers as a bona. Write quick. i-vvj 1 1 ,(tnt rom.n mm, BwU U. ward. Finder notify Mgr. City lump. m4 kORTH- PACU FOR tUJi AND Wt POI LTHY ZANOU 1M Teutb St., (laklaJKl. PAPU PAID FOR I'HED Fl'RNI- s. Pay- jyuivivi nww w- u rhbks. Sc. Burred llock. Sc. Jcnfca Hatchery. Tangent. Ore. m4-4 Cal. ' ml unoil.,,,,,; etc. '"l-ook In your old ralvea. Ph. 14-F-I4 Albany attic." 4'hae. Rohrbough ft Soa t'eili ifonLtTotiiej-y. ' nil 4-tf WANTFlY-KXPERIENCEP AN1 I'"! 1 UL' nsponalble logger will k.I sponaible logger wllp 415 W. First Kt. Jl-tf JERSEY BULL '. T. v burned and rln In nose. From : rt-sTlstered stoc k. Frank Uruah, Ht. 4. Ph. 37-F-33 m4- cat to log 4 million ft. Una Co. ARE YOI' tlOfNil Tt Bf IIjH. RB-model ar repair? If so, let rue Logging, tfinlter and roads good. AC AH ASP WORTHUEHK If ORHEtt t-and cowa picked up free of 3 charge anywhere. Phone collect 14-F-I4. Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4. t'orvallia. m!4-tf Address Hos 1143, c-o Democrat Herald. 3ml figure with you on your work lieo. V.- Khhards, llulldlng Con- 21 For Rent - tractut, lot! t'alnpoola Ht. Phone nj-R . ,. k iu;s- RRINR r" vorn tirkby boo UmilU nu.nnr. w nave plenty of room now.. Pacific Hawkery, TMe;ent. m4 Usui ft aaerl N'o. I bene, 4W lo 4 lbs. ......,.17c No, I hens, over t Iba 1 Tc Xo. I medium hens, over 3i lbs. 14c No. 1 ntedluiithelia. under I's Iba. 14c Colored springs 14c No. broiler, 1 to 3 lbs lie ltotstera 7c Ktags ..........................140 - - " ' EtitiO " AU Priaea Are Uetleeeed Albany ("aoea Meter Bed Extrna ., rHajidarda 17c Extra medium ..14c standard medium ..lie H row its extras ! Dirty extra 14c Cndcrgrnde ,f , ...13c Pullela ..12c Peg wees , 10c WANT TO mTY A 0tP MILK lll rw? A),K, known with a Want-ad. FHR RFrJT--AcuB tcrkey Uri THE NEEDY. Til U HALl'A- FARM FOR LEASE J5 loa( lull miiI good location with 19 acres nice alfalfa and M acres - other crops, balance . pasture. ?,arge I room home with bath and IfHrt -and eHd water, barn fur 4 dairy cowa and two alios. Poultry house for f50 hensind other buildings. 1 nice young Jr-sty cows, ball and youna- stock. I horses, hogs, tractor ajid full machinery with thla year least foe for 93769 and can have Ion line leaae oa farm. 10 ACItEH WELL, IMPROVED Minnesota clear for Oregon. TKIPP Ml K-,PHVf ttEALWIW. , tntth "uu,i tlon Artsy needa friilta, i vii bin rtnvh or. had. Bee . Wm. ltnln near P. O. oa Breads! vegetables. Clothing. te., to help bin between tnd A 3rd. mi-l needy people in emergency- raee I APT -(JHBK.N GVEIUHARP -uo ' pencil at Albany Collrce May Py. Reward. Richard TsJ-bott. I'lione 370-1. mt Money too. If you want toronlrlb WANTFD pm cahh on vnilll.14 m arortblefia horses and rows. Dead animala picked up free of charge anywhere, title at ' Moiitgomrr)-, Phone collect 31-F-12, Corvallls. inltf ' ute. We have no telephone but FOR RENT-4- 8 notun-N Itt-lII turmm n,iUm Phone bring In what you have to donate 647-It. . - V 21-if or drop us card and we'll rail for WHFN RRAIV TO SHEAR TOL'R If null HhrrJ) ,,an j r,,,. Mallow, Rt. I, t'orvallia. Phone It-F-I. m4 It. Cspt. liert Ruiley, 104 vWcaV 3rl KAL ELLSWORTH ovt"Uffa,frnT-ture. Ph. St. 0 Ellsworth. a4-tf pi, fs ihhiit, i.i 1 . 1 1 i. ourrp miEARiN'n, caix robin ont--rTrua, Phone J9-F-4 or call : at 1J1S K. Xnd. ml-7 Live SUe ...12Hc B TTKHFAT A .Ja APARTMENTS XP"- al4-W CCyCn fOCKEREIJ. fl PER 100. OtAtU Brtng boKW Thur,., rr., Kt. Will take turkey eKa until Muy li. P(Mnt s-K-1. Oakwond Poultry Farm, Tanuent, Ore. B)4-S-S ....24c ....25c ....21c cbnn act quick tisoo. so T I 0JJ tori! of prairlB all under cultivation fair building, Ih beet buy aver offered In l.lan cpualy. flSOS' total ric. Why rant? u V JHVJNK I ftOOD, Phone 300 . v . . . a30lf - Bj W"W a a II grade . . . . t! grade .... f . in lis WHITF eON BABY CHICKS Vi I II I u jiatcbea every day the first week lu May. Order from thla ad 110 per 100. Klill plenty of time to raise a nlre lot of fall layera. ItCKXKI.IH HATCHERY, MIKKP TODAY'S BIARRET . QUOTATIONS . . 1 i Price aueUd below.4 aVe Ihw dre-alliag at 11 e'elock a. ,m. ea day 'ef ubHratlan, nai are change at any hear thtcrarier. ' f 20 Wanted. Miscellaneous ... .13.2069.00 Phone i0, Corvallis, Ore. a3tf POHTI.AMU MAHKKT ' Portland, tare., Mny 4. Market for 1 RAY TFAM 9 10 Tns 0LD i dam .1 Lrtrvi, , fur ,ale about 1400 Hi. each. E liny Mule, J yrs. old, IIM lb. Inquire at Fisher Impl. o m4-S butter suggested a trifle easier tone PAQPARA BAK WANTEP-nJYK K,nojtnntrt , ,ht mmrkH tor - an unlimited quantity of dry or grean Caacara Hark. Will pay h Ik h est caah prices. Albany Har gain House, 2nd and linker. Phone 5i. Bl5-tf FAR ?AI Ci-BAIN WAfSON. 1 run ,OrLL 1bcI; raa, ,uf wtn or' will trade for cow. Paul Cnr-. ler, Albany. Rt. 3. ; ni4 although prlcea were unchanged. Wltb iirO e unchanged geoemlly n , LOCAL iHAIJ . . at. aradera A l a. although buyer continue lo offer h I For Sale Real Estate . 7 - f or Sale, Mjiccllaweom WRPPKlNfi "UI Kto'-s m.VyflUUlnb,r 4 ,, lie), ka ft per M., planks fur barna, bridges, timber, lag aad 1x4 aheetlng, flooring, celling, aiding. Can deliver. 3rd at Madison, Albuny. a3u-iu4-S more than the official resale price, WHEAT: No. 1 white, 0c; red aad rno est r pocblk disc drill ready for work. 'Al Jersey cow, W E.. 11 6 liar. a generally steady tone la suggested 47 'A APRF farm POR SALE for egg. (II n CNITED 8TATKS COINS Mught at Pawnon'a Drug Store. - marltf Increased offerings of crabs are mixed 78c bueheL IIARLEY: Hnlisen, 121.00 too,. OATH: 'White, No. 1. lls.00; grny No. 1, 121.00; gray feed 120.00 ton. i i k . ; -i. ftevirA. showing and recension In the price 1 shown in siMits. Crab mi eat demand la good but some price decline 8 Lost, Strayed, or Stolen miles out: new S room house, new chicken hotme all other outbuilding's fair; on main vower line. Clops all In. A HA1USA1N. fire owner. Wilt. McKlnley, Kt. 1. Albany, Ore 21-m3i Wool, per pound ,10e are noted. FOR Al F "NM.V ELECTRIC I UH OniL. w1(nw, Buindid condition, 115 00. Kamboo flab poles up to 20 feet, ie to lie. Chits Robrbough 4V Hon. ml -4 Small supplies of Columbia river salmon are arriving but the run I I flT-CAHTINO- POLE ft REEU VUO' between llnir Nursey Muin Ht. Reward. Finder notify liemM-ratHerald r K u s a e 1 1 Knighton, 1014 E. tin. mt-i Mohitlr, per pound .....40c MEAT 411. K. Kebergall Heat Co.) 4ATT4.K . TDAnr HEXL HOl'SE IN AL-f i ivvul. b(my (c n., a go8d ear.- . t20 ACRES, fdoaa'.'to LetanOn, 0 acre cultivated, balance pasture and timber, on food . graveled road Improved with two a eta of building. IS760 for all. AUJp several farma.. on vefy ty terms. - ' , C. M. DCttXAUHIDE Ol - - 2?-tr atlil a limited oue, although Inclined to show a fractional Increase. Price FOR- SALE ,!"A"T 10 Help Wanted Kteers 15 60 i 7.00 being held firm. Old and uew iHitntoea steady. First California field cucumber Heifers 4.&04JS.&0 Rulla 3.50(1 1.00 AI AWTFD HOC8EKEEPEK FOR VVnilit-U gentlemen or motherless home. Address P. O. Box 6", Albany, Or. s mS-S Fnrins. All counties In Western and Ham hern Oregon, c. A. Barnes. .Field Saleainaa, ,1143 Oak 8t.. Eugene, Ore. al4-ml4 I nOT LOCKET OX WATCH LUO I f,m i n valued us keepsake, sake. Reward. Notify lbx 1877, co Peuiocrat-ilerald. nl-4 Cows, beef 3.0(Ml 5.00 are around 11.50 per lug. Cowa, cutter 1.404 . 00 Tomatoea ar firmer and higher. Cauliflower 1 scarce and higher; up to $1.TB crate. LemoM ar tto higher for the la. - - Arutona grapefruit up 15-Jlc. t'atrtftlouneti setting around M5 t.50 for Jumbo 14. Navel orange up 15c case la apot. Mllght laiprovement In price on POUND MONEY By HAROLD. CRAY f . ale S 7 HE DIDN'T TELL- I But finally he went and HM-M-" . WELL. California carrota. Il?esterww-- miracle of miracles-four HUNDRED DOLLARS IN THE JOMES' fAAlL BOX WHOEVER 'TWAS JUST IF IT I5N T A , K'O I WAS IT , j. CAUIM ; LOOKED- AND THERE WAS FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS' HONEST, ANNIE- ISN'T THAT MAXBE A REAL MIRACLE? MIRACLE. CUTHBERT. IT'S TH' MEXT if?. i. TUIMr. Tn najr POHTLAKU UVRSTOIK Pnrtlaiid, lire,. May I, Uuge 2,000; 177 direct. Mow. Few enrly sales Little dVIU IU UU LUUrv v IN TH" MAIL BOX-DAD FIGGERED T . WAS SOME BOW TRVIN V TELL ME WEU, MOM WAS drlvcin steady t 11.50. .Most bid CRV'M , AND DAD 15-!5c lower, lllds down from (14.40 TO PLAV A JOKE "-. . iii lan 4 SAID WE'D LOST ALL ABOUT IT AGAIKI CUTHBEirr- '"A on load Jota: down to 114.10 - for lightweight drlvelns. 2JO-860 lb TH FARM SURE- butchers, S. 75-10. Pew packlnK aows THEN TH PHONE RANG" ' Mi. 1 1. No feeder gold but best beld above f 10.60. Cattle! t,00; tit direct, Calve Anne eAnd , OtherComicjL. 100. Meat U red sales around IS cent higher. Home In between steers up more. SI any bid only steady. Veal or steady lo fifty cent higher. Best fed steers held around I. ttarly bulk I tal; Klamath, It. IS cental: ftcappoai Netted trema. SI-f.IS cental:, pea chute Netted Uema, 12. 11-2.66 n Hi- : Celery 'allforn la, 11.26 crMe; Lenta, 6 do bunchea Pea California. S160-2.O0 aack. Hpinarh 16-oOc orange box. Onion Oregon, li.23-1 15 per ISO lb. Tomatoes Imperial, 11.25-1.60; Indio l. 76-1 5 lug. l-ettuce (tallua. 12-1.26 ' crnte; Sacramento, dry, 11-1.25 crate. flweet piUUe l?allfomla, IS per 60-lb crattv southeirn yarns, 11.16 crate, t- .;, - . . Cauliflower Hnseburg, ( ) oral; California 1 75 crate. Ithubarb Field grown, 25-l0o per apple box, ;,f , . i . ' Cucumbers Local, hothouse, l 1.60 .dag, '.- v, ;::.(, ; New potatoes Texas, II. 75-1. SI per 60-lb bag; ftharter, 11.751.65. Aiaragv Uid-Cnluuibla, per 60-lb pyramid: Mermlston, 4V lb; Vaklma, 11.65-1.75 per 10-lb pyramid. flew onion (.'all fosnia Btruiula , 75c per lug. MKAl'S A Si II SHIOVIglONN' Country meat Belllag price to retailer: Country killed kag. beat batcher, under ISO lbs, JlJ-Mo lb; vealera. No. I, 131-14c lb; Light and thin, -l2c Ih; heavy. 6-llc lb; cutUr row. S-IOc lb; lamba, old, 14c lb; prlng lambs, IO-80c lb; ewea, 6-1 Op IU -....''', ; liacon to-lljc In. ' ' . . ' Hams 296vc lb; picnic, 11-22 Mi. Jjud Tlerc lals. 11 Jc lb.. u, HOPS AIVD WOOI. . Hops Nominal: 1636 Fugglea ( I lb; Clusters, l-6Jc lb. Wool 1936 contract, nomlaai: Willamette valley, medium, 10c lb; coarae and braid. Sic Jb; eaaterg Oregon, Jt-!3c Ih; sotitliern Idaho I lb. ' ; rri-rrr-hit .-H-.-r '-T-17 medium to good grudis I7.1S-7.40. Few fed heifer S4.50-7. (Jnnd beef 15.75-4 35. Cutter II 75-4 15. Bull 7 wmm m I5-S.7I. Choice vealer up to I0 76. t'-i ru iw rlheep: t.OOO: 1164 through and dl SjmS'ei.!' sect. Hiirlng lamb around 85 cent higher. CMdrr classes about ateady (Jood trucked In spring Isutba 110.36. Medium grades around 13.60. Few good shorn lambs x-l.25. Ixad wonted lambs unsold, linlk good TT" i-lBy Thompson and Coll MYRA BLAMES HYSTEftCH MVRA NORTH, Special Nurse horn ewea 14. cz TVIAT FIEND, UVSTER, loREAT SCOTT 1 Jt-Ti MUST BE RE5POM5IBLE THEY'RE RETURKIlMO FROM HARUrVL ALL RIGHT.... BUT THEY'VE BEEW PRETTY CAREFUL WITH THEIR EiOMB" - for tmi5 ATRocrry IT DC OEVRlES DELIBERATE TME THIMQ QUEER, ABOUT THIS --s-saaswi i , in I I av I PBODI 4K KK'HaNtiH The following price were named lo be effective today: Mttttar-cuu extras, 17c: slandurds, Hjc; prime first, 20r; first, S6)c. ' f'lie se tlregon triplets, 5c;' Oregon loaf, 16c. Ilrokers will pay below quotation Kggw Produce eadintige quotation tie t ween dealer; entra large, 19v; standards, large, Uc; extras, medium, 17r; liindnrdsu mediuiii, ITc., Jobbing price tc higher. S3 1 iiLeQl 1QO BAD OTHER PLANES ARE LEAVIMGHUREV, DOCTOR-WE AAV BE 1 ABOUT JACK' J . BUT TW5 r RSTURU Just im TlWE TO PLANE-s 5WOOP ; towM . WAR, MYRA Pj I r-T- a-Tisa. - WIFE ASKS DIVORCE L. C. Blake has Med suit in circuit court here asking a divorce from Fred Blake, to whom she was married at Salem March 5, 1826. She asks custody of their minor child and $25 monthly for its ' - '' - " ' AMo vpop W5 IABOVIB . OMTME M05P.1TAL. BUT JACK LAME, OM A HILLTOP FAR FRQM THE PAKJ6ERZOWE, INITENITLV STUDIES THE ENEMY fLAUE ' , & im m irsvict. me. PORTI.AMt HIIOIMAI.K PHHM These are the prices retailers pay holesalers, ezopt where otherwise slated: iiutter 1'rlius, A raile, 29c lb. In parchment wrapper, 30c Hi in carton: B grade, parchment wrapper, iHc lb, enrton tr lb. ' But terfat-( Port land " dcflverl-A grade, delivered at Least twice week, 2-So lb; country route. M-!c fib: B rrade it-iic lb; C grade at market, to grade cream for market Buying price butterfut basis, 6.1; lb. Cheese Helling price to l'ortlund retailers: Tillamook triplets, tie tb loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: triplets, 19c Hi; loaf, 24c lb. ,Kggs llttying price ef wholesalers: Kxtras, 19c doz;. standards, I7r dot; extra meriitiiiis, 14c doi; do me-il Mi in firsts, tic do; under grade, lie dos; pullets, 15c dog. llllk A grade Portland delivery. -ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this pafe are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call, an . them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in the Democrat-Herald. , STYMIED FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ATTORNEYS ROA) i1D)i VZ" TOMOPRCJW TLL EXPECT TO FlMD A V m Lt IToZI ' T I66 ( YAWNIWG OVrtY WHERE THE FLOOR 1 e.. ir yvc n-e-ic ur- jmc I. OLD ORDJ- V TUPDrri nr A VavakjiUi fAnv h . x JUST A CVYOR SO AGO, TWS BO ASKED ME IF I'D TEAP LP MY FLOOR, AMD NOW ifcU DEMAND . MARKS & McMAHAN ; Attorneys at Law ' ' 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 58Jc lb bulterfssl basis for 4 par "TMAT I DO V Vv'M 'wwiwn . 1 FLOOR AWDFOUWD I W r . '11711 I II X. . '!- II PdVtLT l I I I.I IL I V-4 in la) .r-l--- ft . tt IT- f f" ti ll I a ' .J S" VH ceiit. I ' hive poultry Portland delivery, buying price: colored hens, over 4 lbs, m-lOc Hi; under 41 lbs,' 1N-I9c ALTO FREIGHT SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Casco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montfortiery Sts., Phone 871. lb; liuhorn hens, over 3) lbs, 16-l7o; under 3) lbs, 13-1 lie lb; leghorn broilers, 1 to 1 1 lbs, 14-I7c II); do It lb up, 16-l7c lb; colored springs, 1 lbs, and up, (0-tlc lb; roosters, l-c lb; Pekln ducks, young, 14-17c lb; geese, 11-lZc lb. CARPET CLEANLNQ Uve poultry Helling price by wholesalers: light hens, 16-17c; med THE SHADE SHOP ' 409 West First St. Phone 78 lum hens, 17-Uc lb: colored hens, IH-IOc lb; broilers, 161c lb; springs FILM SERVICE IS-22c lb; Pekln ducks, young Zl-22c lb; do colored. 12-17c lb; 'capon, over 7 Iba, 24-25c lb; guinea hens. HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOR Overnight Film Service 50c eacb. Habbits Fancy draaed J0-!l,c . Turkeys (dressed) helling price 1 ; ; ; : i i " ; : ; zl FUNERAL DIRECTORS to retailers: No. 1 hens, 21c lb; tonis 22-22ic per lb. rsitlH FU IT ,,:niNNY ife Jroped in BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOME. Day or Night Phone: 447-R : Applea Lcllclous, , extra fancy. e- m . INSURANCE 11.65-2 box; do fancy, 11.65-1. 0 box; New Towns, extra fancy, 41.70 box: do fancy. It 45 box; do face and fill, fancy, 65e box: do face and fill. SO FAQ SO GOOD. OL Gua, BY HECK.- HERES WHERE WE HAND THEM A SURPR'SE ( . K AWRlGHT, FOOZY-HECe V 1 upv THEY fTQME. ROIT-f A i I'VE GOT OL' DTKIWY BY THE AJECK OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Eatabli6hed 1911 THAT I GUARANTEE WILL OPEU choice, 66o box. Hpttseiiberg, extra THEIR EYES' ' I 7UU nH,D.' I tiMrvjT MiM I rt r V, . nice goin; WM. BAIN, INSURANCE, Money to Loan, Farm Security 4 J 4- ' it PRODUCE SWIFT AND CO. -- ALWAYS IN the market for egg, poultry, veal, and cream. fancy, 1.40 box: do combination, 11.25 bog. Konte Heaaty, Jumble, 2c lb. Wlnesap. extra fancy, 11.65 box; do fancy, 11.40 box; do Jumpble, extra fancy, 3c lb. Cantaloupes Cal. standard $6. Pony 65; jompbn 64 57.26-7 60 crate. Hanaaaa Bunch, 6o lb; band, 6-6c lb. Strawberries Florin. 11.60 per 12-box crate; Fresno, ( ) per 2-ba-ket crate. Pear DAnJou. II 15 box. Orangea . I'aJllorniu. naves, fancy 1 14-3 .10; choice, 11.75-1.05: atand- WASHING MACHINES . VUHATCHA A GSAKiD WITEE.' 7 v iVrT OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.- sA Maytag, Easy, Thor, Wsshera ards, 12.66 caae. WELL DRILLERS JO i ra ,. f fy iirapxfrult Arliona, l H0-2 40 case; Florida, 644.26 caae. C. E. GORDINIER tt SON Well Drillers ."We solicit your inquiries' , Euene, Oregon - lemons I'aliforiiia, fancy, 90 case: chokne. 4-6 case. FHP.XII t Kt.KT.tCM.KS Potatuc 4-ocaI, fl.Vu-l per cen tm r mis rvictr vc r m. re r t. o. t " I, a.

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