Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on May 1, 1936 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1936
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r -PAGE 'SIX TH E 'ALBANY OKEiSOTT FRIDAY, MAY 1, 19331 DEMOCRATS ERATO, ACBXRV W. Neve, of Mildmhall, ha c6l- them all. "I can't help it," ho lertpd 51 jobs, and he utill hulds Fays, ''Jobs wem to come my way, ame ir tlie Miuiona as the Iteclj CotiqOrS, Wcbfett lioin San Jrrancmco blasted out j ' BULLDOG ERRORS, ROOK HITS SPELL SCORE OF 17 TO 4 Bill Split Doubk a 4 to 2 win over Seattle in u ninU gome. IVPARADS. SPCfTl i en Clean" on the tongue! YANKS MOVE ' WITHIN HALF ! GAME OF TOP SACRAMENTO MOVES UP TO FIFTH PLACE Eugene, Ore., May I. Univer-I The Oregon State Rnok combined 10 bingles with nine Albany B llrnry Mil-emore Valud Frm fluff t'rrMpeaeVat Picked Men to Enter of rt'S"n and Washington .,, . . ! State opened the northern division Volley TrOCK MCCt.coaNt baseball conference yester-, , day by splitting a doubleheader. Oregon took the opener, 4-0, A hand-picked crew will re- behind the 7-hit pithing of present Albuny "at the Willamette Southpaw Bob Millard. . 1 ROMA- EICIIT-FOKTY BRANDY errors yesterday on Central field to down the Bulldogs, 17 to 4. They never touched any of Albany's three pitchers hard, but erratic field play by the Bulldogs led to the victory. The Rooks jumped ipto the lead in the first frame, scoring four nri h rhrn valley track meet Saturday at The visitors won the second. Bv I nllf4 Prrwl Sucramento Senators continued Louisville, Ky May I. Throw your cards on the table, boy, and quit your quibbling. It's a Grand Slum THE Grand Slam. That's the hide tomorrow, boys their assault on the form chart It's superb brandy, you'll apree ! Distilled, matured, bottled by America's largest winery-Roma Wine Co., Inc., Lodi, Calif. Corvallis. The Bulldogs will be in 9.0. behind 3-hit pitching of an-competition with other schools t other portsider. Left Marlowe, from up and down the valley. 1 Oregon lost ' Catcher John i 3 ....II L. - . . , I n, . , . . Thursday to pull even with the i nfti-4iisi.ia San Francisco Seals in fifth posi-i Grand Slam, the mud running. 1 ill rit'M:'if runs on two hits. They added to the total, inning by innings, as the tion. while the Oakland Oaka rV'V" lu -.71 r : Vu,,H- w ne New York. May I New York Yankees today Hood at ole pretenders to the throne atop the American league, now occupied by the Boston Red Sox. Only one-half game out of first place as result of crushing Cleveland three . straight, the Yankees stand a good chance of taking the lead in the next five (lays. They engage the seventh place While Sox In a pair of ORANQO snuDM-d out of a two-earn loth-1 cinngs ni nn a DUil tore nesn oi nis. arcyo r?iD Los Anceles B?7 and yesterday, and those few will be, thumb from the bone. j argy 10 nip las Angeies 017 ina ,,..j h.auv imu in iniav1. a,.i I Bulldogs continued their erring ways, and the chuckers became aoMi - mT o bolster their afflicted with wildness. position at w.t on Cent , field wiln Cor. BRITON HOLDS 51 JOBS ! position at Die of the league. r j vHi high. . ' I London. Since 1920, Arthur1 Trimming the Seals . 8-3 Although Albany was outhit, 10 to 5, Vic Croening, shortstop, poled out the longest hit of the aiUT Citmes and the last place St. Louis Bed i afternoon, a tnree-Dagger, out Brown in three, wnue the was caugnt at me piate wnen ne attempted to stretch it Outfielder staging a tour-run rally in one inning, the Solons copped their second 1 consecutive contest from the Lefty O'Doul gang. Oakland used four pitchers, beginning with Olds, Haid and Con- dry running, fast running, long running, chertnut-coated aon of Chance Play and Jean Bowdrc. Put your dough on him now. and grab yourtclf a first place in the pay-off line. Quit worrying about Brevity; eel your mind off Indian Broom; forget those beetles named Teufel, Grandvill. Merry Pete, and Cold Stream. They're just a bunch of hayburners who got in there because there mutt be a parade to the post. The only parade that counts is the one down the stretch. Get on this hide Grand Slam: straddle him with your bankroll and let him carry it to the bank. Don't worry about what the Bob Arthur teamed with Croen ing In leading the hitters for the Ian, and finishing with "Wee Willie" Ludolph, before they subjugated the stubborn Angels. It took a home run in the sev S-taamtinsJKr WJW5SnW ii' was ni, .... gmA Sox ha to fight off the Indians and the Detroit Tigers. 1 Monte Pearson limited the Indians yesterday to four hits while the Yanks pounded out an 8 to, 1 Victory. , , 1 Boston Red Sox maintained (heir half-game margin over the Yank by winning their third ytralght over the Chicago White Sox, II to 4. Chicago executed the second triple play of the major letfu. season In the eight when McNair lined, to Appling with two men on base. Appling threw la Piet, who stepped on second and threw to Bonura, who corn-Dieted the clay. Bulldogs, while Soller, Rook catcher, led the yearlings. Ernie Underwood started on the mound for the Bulldogs, but wild-nets got him in tha fifth frame and he was relieved by Tubby Manning, who was making his first appearance in a game since receiving his thumb Injury . a month ago. The Rooks greeted Manning with three runs but he stuck to wok and in the seventh and enth inning one of the few four- ' baggers ever hit inside the Port-1 land park to give George Myatt credit for San Diego's 0 to 4 vie- j tory over the Beavers. The long liner Into centerfield scored De-j track looks like. If it's wet, and. seems fit only for a pair of adolescent ducks, put down an extra two bucks, for this Detroit wham-mer dotes on the soft going, loves to feel the mud a-bouncing 'bout his fetlocks. And if It's dry well, mortgnge the little hom and pet and put the game on ice for the Padres. Manuel Salvo allowed Portland eight hits, while "Hobo" Carson, eighth rounds blanked them. Draeoo took over the chore then. aboard. Grand Slam likes a dry and they nicked him for another score. track like Jim Farley likes voles. I ra1mPby "T K ?. L In fact there's a report around that, & Grand Slam, after a workout on Pitcher Imnnskl won his fifth 7 Injuries continued to bedog the tfetroit Tigers as they lost 8 to 7 to the Washington Senators. Mickey Cochrane waa forced to retire with a badly bruised instep n the seventh when a foul tip hit his ankle. He will be out of the came three or four days. . Connie Mack'a Athletics won their third straight from the St. Louis Browns, II to 8. , the Sahara desert as a two-year-old, returned to the barn and, in perfect English, told his sire: teii iidix Next Tuesday the Bulldogs entertain Lebanon on Central field In a league clash. Summary: Summary: . R. H. E. Rooks ..'.17 10 2 Albany 4 S 9 Mason and Soljer; Underwood, Manning, Dragoo and Robertson. St. Louis Cardinals moved into National as the third place in Now Playing LEAGUE STANDINGS New York tha they defeated SAVE $25 to $45 STANDINGS .. ,. 1 . Pacific Coast League W. L. . imuillIM sW . 1 Giants, 8 to 1?-- A I to 1 victory over tha Brooklyn Dodgers brought the Chicago Cubs within a half game of the league leading C'anU. Fue Nitmtn Los to IllMlillitlf i K 31 KyZ Miit urn- Of rt SROEHLE A Pet. .697 .563 .559 .516 .452 .452 c&ii GABLE f I YTiiacorsv wi i warning 10 14 IS IS 17 17 20 21 Oakland ....23 Missions 18 Seattle 10 Portland 18 San Francisco 14 Sacramento ....14 San Diego 14 Los Angeles ...11 Th antir p3jpc of 10 ereat Krohlr J fietorl mrm behind thl fait. Nothing haa ban laft undsna to brine yau the crest- I llto lj . .412 .344 j Second Inter-collegiate meet of (lie year will be on tap for the Pirates Saturday when they meet the Oregon Institute of Technology aa a part of the May-day jmmum AT J . American League W. L. .11 celebrations on the campus. The Boston .... fnatchea wijl start at a.. I New York . The aquad from Portland wile Cleveland . have but three men, and as a con- j Detroit , . . , sequence only three, singles and . Washington pna doubles matches will be Pluy- Philudelnhia j t . . 1 . i 1 j . r , "Chance Play, oi boy, why can't that sub-soil be drained of its ex- j ce.s humiditv? I found it a bit; sticky today." j The experts will give you Brevity. But if you stny around the ex-, perts long enough they'll give you i measles. And you don't want the measles, enve, perhaps In a mh moment. The experts gave you Today and Nellie Flag Inst year. You should have taken them. if. only to oblige their owners, who have, found them a great expense. I'm trying to give you a horse who can run. a big horse who hat big bones, a big heirt. ond who can 'pick , that weiRht up in the stretrh that Is heartbreak highway, and run over, through, and past those early-foot sweethearts who dazzle n the first mile, and fizzle when the going gets tough. Mv horse hasn't got anv early j speed. He's cmart enough to know j that the cashier isn't a the mUe post, but way around yonder where the judges judge. He doesn't care who sets the nare in the nack i sirHtch: he's only interested in aettlng his big muxzle down to( the finish. i ' Thev've got a camera eve here, 1 but thev won't need it to catch the finish Saturdiiv. The only thing they'll need wll he a cal"nd'ir to check the dute of arrival of the other finishers. Tuke it from me. Brevity won't rim one-two-three. Indian Broom w'H run him rihtj 'mack into Jo Widenor's drawinn room in th first mile. At that noint they'll collanse rnd mv home, mv big ol' beautiful horse with the big, blue eyes, will come boiling 'round the curve and go on to gather in the boot". So I give you Grand Slam, ths winner of the 62nd renewal of the Kentucky Derby. Pet. .688 .667 .571 .538 .529 .424 .333 .200 ..10 . . 8 .. 7 .. 0 , . 8 ...4 s s 8 8 8 , 8 8 12 est values In quality lllng rooa suites . hae aver offered. Instruction- cere sent to all faetorleede- lgntra had their orders p-oduetlon oanageri got bus? costs aere rieured down to a olnl-ua and the results een exceeded our expectations Due to steadily lncre'.ng casts of fabrics nd ra naterlalt, e can offer these suites : for limited tine only. It Is Important that you start your sale lanedlately and pass Iheee. savings along to your customers. e have maintained the same rigid etanaard of vorluianehlp In Baking theie ne suites Jhat has made the name 'troehler famous or aor than 40 years, Suecest of your sale If a certainty and win create eensaMon In your city. You Just cannot nlee with valuee like these. j ENDS SATURDAY cq. torn mcei ja inw kwiiu ui ChlcaBO ... St. ' Louis the season for the Pirates, they having been defeated by Linfield yesterday. - : . National League w i Albany suffered a whitewash ing in their first tennis match o(,New York 8 '7 wV3 ' tnt season yesteraay wnen tney Chicago 8 Sun. - Mon. Double Bill t. mi r i in is iiLwrr fell before Lintieid at MCMinn- st. Louis yille, 9 to 0. The wildcats boast-(Cincinnati L. S 8 5 7 6 0 8 7 Pet. .615 .571 .545 .500 .500 .438 .420 .417 ea a weu-baianced aquaa ana ex- Pittsburgh to yourself Itli kindest perianal regards nd aseoolatee, I remain perienced no trouoie witn me ft- Philadelphia raies in any event. Brooklyn . ocutt, i ovn iciioi, v-v, Boston Xours very truly, KHOEHUvR gro, CO. Just one of the beautiful suites appearing this month in Kroehler's National Advertisements. . . All Kroehler Sterling construction throughout, covered with heavy 5-year guaranteed mohair freize. Regular price $134.50 you save $35.50. SV-f ' MEAN IE BAUER TO WRESTLE KENNA IN ARMORY MAT CARD rtouts, U beat Kramer, o-s, e-a; Pearson, L, beat Hoyt, 6-2, 8-3; Dyke, L, beat Bryant, 6-1, 6-1; bteeding and Pearson, L, beat Hoyt and Kramer, 6-2, 6-3; Mc-t'sddcn and Patty, L, beat Nichols nd Buckley, 6-4, 6-8. t E Kroehler Uvina Room.Dinino Room Abdul Kahn, who has been ab Plus WRESTLING sent from Albany ring work since last fall, returns tonight to greet a totul newcomer, Buck Lawon, in the main event of the wrestling wars at the armory at 8.30. Dutch Bauer and Bill Kenna will mix it up in the semi-final. Bauer, rated as number two meanie in Eugene, dropped a decision to Bobby Burns there last night by virtue of a shiyglng attack by Burns. It was Bauer who started the bodily attacks, but after receiving body blows, pokes in the eyes, bites and vigorous tugs at the scalp, Burns adopted the tactics to put Bmier awn v. s TONIGHT v. '. 8:30 p.m. - . ! Albany Armory Main Event, Best 2 out of 3 falls : t-8 hour limit. Abdul Kahn vs. Buck lawson Semi-final: Best 2 out of 3 falls hgur Jimit Bill Ktnna vi. Dutch Bower - GOOD" CURTAIN RAISER t I .53 r t i PWMILD oa6... f J-A . " tin kM hi Um kMM Modigan Protests Raid by Yankees San Francisco, May 1. nacked by Harry Wolters. Stanford baseball coach and director of the American Olympic games, Edward "Slio" Madigan. militant St. Mary's college coach, today sought to enlist the aid of the Pacific coast conference in protesting the signing of Francis Kelleher, St. Mury's third baseman, by the New York Giants. Madigan snid he would ask members of the conference to re-Bard the Kelleher case as a showdown test with the major leagues in the matter of the big circuits raiding college athletic teams, and lodge an official complaint with Kenesaw Mountain Limdis, baseball's high commissioner, SM hnt m k M4t 'EVERY Saturday McDowell s Shoe Store FREE! Bridge or Junior Lamp and shade with every suite Lj..t-if -u f7 - under $100.00 J U M t A H 6 THOMAS BECK IED r R0UTY SPRING BYINCT0N PAUL STANTON Ilia CtftlMI ! unwi ftW -v I Tha Horn of Nationally Advertised Shoes ill IE CD dDLLn KJCS GOES TO YOlIIl FEET ' m CHAS. of LONDON SUITE AT A $25 SAVING . .This is a big suite'with a 65-inch seat, covered with tapestry. Kroehler's .Sterling Construction assures long life. Regular $S4. 50. LOOKING FOR FATHER Chief of Police ChHiidler is in receipt of a letter from Willard Miller of San Francisco asking the local police to aid in in in locating his father, who was last heard fram at Alhnnv about a year ago. 1 1 i ' ... 25c till 7 p.m. r-v- ... Rosette y7) $12F 'Bj F R E E One of, the many beaufifu Ihaf'N pronuuncod modern suites in this sale. We have them from $67.50 up. 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