Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 28, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1936
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THE ALBANY DEMOCR AT-H E R AID, ALBANY, OREGON TUESDAY, APRIU 28, 1936 PAGE FIVE SOONER QR LATER YOU'LL WONDER WHY YOU DIPT USE CLASSIFIED ADS SOONER ' PIANO MM ALL BALAM'K PL'S 8 for Sale, Wood and Coal WE aUVI SEVERAL VEB1 flNE range iwiia la additiaa to the ohm mantieae ia our rular adi. Mounlaia 8u Fewer Co. fli want quick talc. Cash or IS monthly. No reasonable effer refused. Good, Sixti-rsda piano. Add dm Mr. Smith. Adjuittr. rUna Piano Co.. 1 g. W. Washinton Noted Educator WOOL j Wool, per pound 30r Mohsir, irr twund Iilc I MEATS ' (O. E. Nberall Meat Ca.) i CATTLE I Steers , . . IS.I0 7,0 WANTED WK ARE BUYERS OF CAS-cars Bark. M. Senders 4 Co. 'a!-ml WANTEDW40L a MOHAIR Cah advanced on contract. No inlereal chamrd. W always pay market price, rWe u before you tell. SAM F RACED Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd ft Baker. m2(-a2l ' WHITS LEGHORN BABY C IIK h St., Portland, Oresvn. til t j Heady now. mill plenty uf lime to rl Answer to l'revlous lusat 12 i a anii an I COOD WOOD rKICED KICH1. DKLIV-red In anr lanath. Lester Chilrete, 10 Santiana ftd. I' bow 714-R, J-U IUKKCT rRflM THE MILL II. INC U mill wood, fin for cooWtts, $s.M par cord. Heavy aid grvwta 4 ft- slab, f J in -lead lota. Baa-duet and shavings. Albany Furl Co Inc., II Calaiwoia St, fhoiM 42. avtf I WRECKING t SCHOOLS -Ll'MBER fl j and up. Brick II par M. Plaaka ood for j barna and braises, tlmbrr, lag and ! annlln , fliiorin, ceiling, aiding. Can dr-I liver. Inl and Madison, Albany. a2s-f-S a nica lot of (all lay. Alw Jemr While fiianla. vnserlled for eamns, and Black Minorea. a ar-U-ndid twe-purpoee fowl. HLS8KU.S HATCHKRY, Cervallie, Ore-goh. I'hont H. mli Coalition. II In a tinl verslty To exist. Street. Dull, ....i.. I.l0'(t.0, beef 3.001 e.i I Cow, cutters 1.S0M3.I.W HOtiS 1 10 to 1 Ait pounds t 3.2 Infill In '.'All imiin.U It KAj S 9K NEW TODAY FOR S4I.K SIALIC (lU.r UK atove, Singer sewing machine, also draer. Mary Room, Afil. 3, McDowell Hlitg IDKAL SI III KB t .ttMKMiK, Willi two acre bearing Kiiglish walnut , modern poultry house for 250 hens two brooder houses, large anil good plastered house with electric lights. A real good home- at a rral close price ami 5oii tush puts you in iminedluto oaaes-ion. Arrm Karat. one- of Linn county' vrry choicest farms with prac. ilt-ally all lch bottom land ana a, air )ot of alfalfa and clover, Immediate possession and all crops for $20,000 and extra easy terms 5J.. TriPP 4 Marshy Hrallara. a!S-tf ATTi TeTe irj r-T Fli He Is a kidtr 15 For Rent, Houses, Apt. I In Ik. S..M A WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WE psy hit heat market price, M. Sender ft Co. alS-ml OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUCBT al rwoa'a Drug Store, asarltf IliO la 210 poumU .7.Hi.7s! i FOR MI.K 3 I.I BK TK. H4M- , KMln price. ltl Santtam Hoad. ! a2S-.10' THI RIGHT WOOD THE RIC.UT PRICE. Clauda WrIgM, nun l-J, 3 E. fib St. ai20-tl mm :'.'.(l to Jill pound S Si'.i S.S0 3.10 pounds up V .S0'n 7.2B AiW ! Obtained from FOH lt:T t-ROOIf MODF.U1 house, sax. fruit tree, garden, gurage at 1227 K. 2nd. fall at 0 R 2nd. a!7-: mm mm Siw l.e0u"-00 grape Juice.' 12 For Sale Used Cars air FOR Ml.i: aPRISSF'.H JKHSKV cowa, slso heifers. Fred Schneider. nt. i. NT j-l s 1 1 '.'. fr-t-i--rrv . fcrv CA8H PAID FOR VSED FURNITURE, etc, "Look la your attic" Chat, Bohr-bough ft Son, 411 W. First Rt jl-U Snake. Detests. Ingenuous. FOR RENT DUPLEX, Ft'RNACE, GAR-as st II E. 7th. Adults. a:t-Sa liao TOR SALE 121 RECONDITIONED Oldimobile Coupe. Terms cah. Addreaa Box ISM, care Drmuerat-Herald. 2I-2S M l if, A 28 Houses Wanted l aiCJL SHbEP Lamb I', Ewe ......... a t )0tiit0 Yearlings S J0i.0t VEAL Live 7e Dressed 12c POULTRY (Swift 4 Campany) No. I hens, 4la to ( Iba 17c HOHI.ONTAIi 1 Famous American teacher. 13 Male pit;. - MWInit. . 15 College Official II Station. 17 Frames for the dead. 19 Croat luxe. 21 To sixik flax. 22 Mullilles. 24 To bow. 25 Corps. 26 I-aiiRliter sound. 27 Half an cm. 29 C'liaos. 3i Lacquer In- gredlenl. . HI Hodenl. 3.1 Angry. 31 MournltiR Vlrsln, S5 Jewel. .16 Night before. 37 And. 39 Tone U. 4( N'nrlhi-ast. To loiter. Coif device. To annoy.' FOR RENT 4 a I ROOM UNFURN. ants. Phone 147.R. atl-tf FOR BALE I.KAX HISOX FLAX eed. II bu. Iay-old cnckr-rcln, II Iter 100 Frl. It Hut. nrinir buioa. unit-wood Poultry Farm, Taha-nt. I'hime S-F-3. a28-:0 1 1 Hay, Grain, Feed 41 Mtixlcal liulo. 60 42 Fiber knots. toil AAI.K TEI.LOW SlYfiKR ' with cage and atuud, $5. Huston's, th aV Broadway. g2$ To tip. VKIITK'AI. Klk. Piebald. Form of "b.- ELLSWORTH APT. BRAT. OVER. . ituffrd luraltur. Ph. IS. SOt Ellsworth. ad-tf W ANTED TO RENT i OK ROOM house In Albany for S'd or 3 yra.. 3 dulta. Lance saraiie. Caih rent or wilt consider painting, decorating or remodeling. Phone 112-Y or address Ilia E. First St., Albany. a'JS-2H FOR 8ALE WHEAT ft OAT BRIGHT atraw, I per. ton. Tangent; Katahdin table and aeed potatoea, 12 per 1IM stored In Albany Seed Co. Whae. Flrmera Reed Acct., Brownsville. all-28 44 Me was s U.S. member. 2 50 Also. 3 I'ROFKnKIOK AL HIIKKP KIIF.AH- ar, iprayina; machine for licks, nark a twine. Iluy wool, fall 60I-K-1 Albany. Oliermeyer, Tan-Kent. 2i Instruments. Uiunii plsnL, No. 1 bene, over Ik 17e No, I medium hen, over J'i Iba. ...,14c Na. 1 medium hens, under 3'x lbs 14c Colored springs I He APARTMENTS FOR Stark'a Bids. RENT. DR. all-me FOR KALR ERPTIOAL BIV 1 for '21 Hrdun. Look and rana -ttka new. Kiorioinloal to nprrutr. 3'IS K. th St. ail-29' 30 Miscellaneous Classified Prlt. To make lac. Either. Kenc bar. t On the le. No. I broiler. 1 V to 2 Ike 14a 32 Training for Position Unoccupied, To doie. Deify. Sound. Rumanian coins." Rooster 7 Stags ." le 51 Press root end 4 &3 lludge nt valor & 54 Present, 6 55 Observes. 7 57 High mountain 8 5S Without. 9 FOR SALE SEED CORN, McKAY'S Yellow Dent, beat for enaiiase; 100 IU. 14.10 i t0 lbs., 117.10; 1.000 Iks., 130.0. A. C Uryman. Albany, Rt. 4, t mi. weal from Bryant Park. a 1 7-10' PAINTING, WALL PAPERING, INTER-lor decorating that' different. Phone 42 or 113-L, Wilbur Dawsoa 4 Cairo Snyder. mSO-tf 1SF.D OAS RANGES. ELKCTRIC rang, oil stoves, electric & saa plate, loweat possible prices, lte-hullt ufd ranges, large stock only 9.75 ft up. Beat possible value at Albany nargnln House, 2ml A linker. a2S-30 EGGS AD Prices Ar Delivered Albany Cases Retsraea Tale. Structural unit 54 Tribunal. 5 South Carolina Smith America.' 59 lie Is dm tnrlO Sheltered place fit Cow's limiie 5 Livestock nf . 11 TRADR RRLI. llouaa In Albany, to trade for a Rood car. 2S0 Acre, rtoa to Lebanon, 90 acrr rultlvatecl, balance pnatura and limber, on Rood gravelled road Improved with two (tta of bulldlnga, 14760 for all. Alao aeveral farma on very eaay term. C. M. Dollarhlde Co. . a:;-tf Etlraa , Stsmlsrds ...,16c Extra medium ..I4e Standard medium ., .....13c I XkT TO TALK TO AMBITIOUS men who w ant to tiuulify for positions servicing, repairintr, and Installing Klectrlc llefrlgerators and Air I'omllfloning Kyateiita. No experience necessary, but chosen applicant must he mechanically Inclined anil willing to devote some spare time In training. For personal interview write Refrigeration Engineering Institute, liox 1S07. c-o Pemnrrat-llerahl, I7-Z9 FOR SAI.R TKAM. 7S BROOD DAT 01.11 COCKF.RK1.S RVF.RY Wednesday V Thursday, 1 per 100. U E, Arnold, Lebanon, "Ore. l'luine 1421. a2S-!5 BELP THE NEEDY Th Salvation Aray needs fruits, vest-'ablea. clothing ,eU., to help needy people In' eaaargency ease. Money, too, if you ear o contribute. W have a telephone, but bring 'a what yog cava to donate r drop as g card and we'll call tor It Capt Bert Bailey. M0 East First St, Albany. - sows with and without, also wean' er plara and milking rows. .Must sell this week, 1 '-i ml. N. of ltalwey tin I'acific Hwy. 27-Sr Brown culms , .,,.,,19? Dirty extras ..........He Undergradea ....13c Pullets ,12c Pee wee .,.,'..,..10 For Sale Farms 21 Help Wanted, Female VEAL FOR RKXT It-ACRR PLACE 9 mile out of Albany. Inquire 624 Ellsworth, or 231 Lon St. - a2(-I0 WANTED FOR CASH-OLD OR WORTH-leu hones and cows ; alao dead animals if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery, PhoSie rollecet 33-K-12, CorvalliS a!7-tf Live ,. ..H'ac Ui-rued ., 12!x 47H ACRE FARM FOR SALE ON SAN-tiam Hw., I mllra out : nt I room bouse, new chicken home all olhar outbuildinm fair; on main power line. Cropa all in. A BARGAIN. Set owner, Wm. McKinley. Rt. I, Albany. Ore. a22-m22 TODAFS MARlWr QUOTATIONS UTTEHPAT WASTED F.PF.HIFArF.D GIRL for housework, fall Howard l'arsons after mum nt John fuller whimI, riunrlsr, I'hone 6SS-J. a27-2!t A grade 2c B grade ..2cl C grade , ...,22c 1 for Sal Real Estate SHEEP WAIHTKD OW TO FASTI HK. ' R-ood trraa k. water. C. E. Baron, Not Albany, Albany, lit. i. Box 20-A. - 28-30 RIVER. BOTTOM ACRRAGK acre located between Holliy and CrawforUavllle on th hlichwny, nap at 1809. Term or will take soldiers bonus bond. 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cwa. Day-old calve. Pa. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery- a14-tf DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up five of charge anywhere. Phone collect I4-F-14, Albany. If no answer. Phone I l-F-4, Corvallis. mH-tf Lamba 3.29.0O . Pries quoted below art that prevailing at 11 'lock a. m. aa dny of publication, and ar (abject to (bangs at any boar thereafter. ji d 3" T" " o T" t 7T" j T" "" """" i7 " is"" W " " M aS "7" a5 . S 5 " T" tt 35" " , 3 35 T 33- f'j) M I 33" " "" JTi XS" "" T" T" rf. ;l-:i3 H 1 1 I I" 1 I rr i I I rrn POIITI.AMI M tltKI'T TAX SALE PROPERTIES SELLING for fraction of alue, includes Lebanon, lota, timber, farm lands, acreages, etc 70 piece to chose from. Add rem Box 183, care Democrat-Herald. ait-mi CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crown, bridaea, fillings, old ' Jewelry, watch caa, etc. F, M. .French ft Boa, Jeweler. dlOtf rortlnnd, tn April 2. Market for butter was generally without SO acres located 2 miles north of! ennnge for tno ilny. 13 For sale, Miscellaneous ' bggs were ririned. BtniulurilK. large, were up 1c, Hie only change LOCAL GRAIN M. Reader 4 C. WHEAT: No. 1 white, 0e; reel srni mixed. 7e bushel. BARLEY: Hsnscn. 121.00 tea. OATS: White, No. t. 118.(10; grar No. , $23,00; grsy feed 120.00 ton. forvallia on west aide highway, all under cultivation, cheap bulldlnfrn, thla place lay nice and rolling-, offered on quick aale for only H00. lltVINK U HOOD, Phon 3U0 . . . a2I-tf niiidc. There Is n shortage of atraw BABY CHICKS FEEDING EQUIPMENT. water fountain, at lea than mail order Price. Brewster Hatchery, Crabiree, Ore, CA8CARA BARK WANTED WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry or green Cascara Uarki Will pay hixhest cash pricra. Albany Bargain House, 2nd and Baker, Phone 794. atl-tf FOR BALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Karma. All counties in Western and southern Oregon. G. A, Barnes, Field Saletmsn, 1163 Oak St., Eugene. Or. al-ml6 hcrrles here. Only a few i rates of hi-lilovi'i'H were nvailnnle. a25-2 i NOT A HAPPY ENpING By HAROLD GRAY 77 -. . -a . . -a., AT RUT LEfVPIN' LIZARDS! KEEP VER SHIRT nui wha qui n i a v 11 I READ A BOOK ONCE- IT SAID IT'S O.K TO ANNIE! OM. CUTH&ERT-VOUR FOLKS WOM-'T LOSE THEIR FOOL A GUV WHO'S GOlN' I CAN'T SAVE IT- FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS- MIGHT A. WFI I RP POIIO Rll LIOM- I COOLDM'T TELL HIM THER.ES NO HOPE O' SAVIN' THEIR PLACE- t HB TO TELL HIM EVERYTHING TO BE SHOT- BUT FARM- I HA.VEN1 CUTHBERT AND HIS FOLKS TAKE A POLITICIAN TO YOU promised! VOUVE fiSff TO HELP SAVE K GIVEN UP- v WAS O.K - HAVE GOT TO LIVE l-f . t RAISE THAT MUCH- ) I X il s . I II I ON AND ON-' f. ON AND ON-' j assssssiiaajsssssswksaBSssssjasi Ml I II I -Tryri OOR FARM' 11 I I ie-v. II Cnullflnwer Is stronger. Prices advanced nt Icitst a nickel nml rrsnles srer ngnln roiwirted tn $1.35 fur Csl-Ifornlaii, (Irnpcfrnlt Is strong. Italian stiimsh is lining offered nniutiil 12c. I'eas are a trifle easy selling mostly II-!. 36 per 50 II). Lag. Hothouse tomatoes are selling up to 20c lb. for extra, fumy, lettuce Is easlor. IfothotiHA cucumbers are scares and higher priced. tinml ealihnge continues scarce. Asarngus is lower with more arriving. Uicnl stock priced around fl. 50-1. 50 pyramid. Little Orphan Annie And Other Comics 1 lllfelj Pi 1 '-7 -"-ARTJLt IT ' f . I t il Ml o wv-i I 1 4' i r,Kl. I'ljD d. CMew rrieuw M t K.WI Ivttili.sto. Iw i I I sWRRI I I I crate: Fresno, $1,50 20-hos basket . Pears lVAnJnn, $1.15 box. Oranges California, navels, fancy, I3.15-3M0; choice, .. $2,71-2.15: standards, 12.65 case, t'irapefruit Arlsonn, $1.10-1.40 case; Florida, $4-4.25 rase, Iiemnns 4'nllfornln, fancy, $5.!6-6.5V ease; choice, $4.S case. Freik Vegetable Potatoes Loral, $1.10-3 pr cental: Klamath, $2.25 rental: Ncappos Netted Uems, $1-1.15 cental; Deschutes Netted Uems, $2,25-2.14 rental, Celery California, $2.25-4 crate. Pens California. $2- 2.25 sack. ' Hlilnsch 26-35C bog. Onions Oregon, $1.25-1.35 per 101 Ilia. ' cauliflower Ftnseburg-, ( ) crate; California, $1-1.35 crate. Tomatoes Callfnrla, $1-1.25 lug. lettuce $1.50-3.75 crate: Sacramento, dry, $2.25-2.75. .Sweet potatoes California, $3 per 50-lh, crate: southern yams, $1.15 crule. " ' Hhuhiirh field grown $H5-40c per apple box. Cuetimbers Local, hothouse, $1-1.50 dox. New potatoea Texas. $1.15-1.75 per 50-lh Lag; Slmfn.-r, $1.76-1.85. ANparagun mill -Col itnibla, $1,75-1.85 per ,10-lb. pyramid: liermlston. Hi; per lb: Yiiklmo, $1.50 per 10 lb, pyramid: California $1-1.50 pyramid. . New Onions California llermudas, 70c per liiw. Won) 1936 rontrat-ts, nominal' Wlllamcttei valley, medium, lOo lb; coarse nnd braid, 28r lb; eastern-Oregon, 21-2:c lb; southern ldaho ( lb. DR. DeVRIES IS INTERESTED MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll rOHTI,M MVKHTAI'K Portland, Ore1., April 2. Hogs: 150. Slow. About steady, (iooil-chnlce lightweight rlrl veins 110.35-10.50. Heavies $10-10.2... Light lights $10. I'ncklng sows $1-8.25. Feeder pigs $10-10.73. rattle: 50, calves 10. Around stendy. No good fed steers offered tiiotalle to $7.R,'., Few cnlti-r-com-mon heifers $3.76-5. Fed heifers snlealilo $8-7 nnd nhnve, 1iw cutter and cutler cows $2. 75-4. ('oiniuon-inedium $1.50-5. Ilnod hecf cows tn.ill-tl. .Few liulls $5-5. 5V. Vcnlcrs $10 down, Hlieep: 200. Stendy. Few good spring lainhs to $10. Light culls down to $0.50. odd Iii-hiI heavy wnoled old crop lambs $tl. Choice ) mi t a 1 1 1 to $10. liiiiid shorn Inmlis $8. Mi-dlum ewes $5. flood Miorn ewes $4, PLEASE BE SERIOUS, MYRA TELL ME - WMAT DOES TW5 AMERICANLANE, MEAN TO OACK WUV-NOTI-IIKJO.... PLEA-5E LET ME OUT DOC V'OO KNOW-IT'S LIKE SEEING A UTTUE BIT OF HEAVEN, MAV!KJQ,VOU WERE IN TMI5 WAR YORW COUNTRY MI5 ARE ALU s FREWCH DOCTORS SO GALLAUT 1YUU . TOR- WE MUST KJORTVI r -x-- - gw . , .,, AV e1 xi ie cia rtco. I -aS -3aW : . l 1 . I i l-ic- biiirLis - I -. IS OR WAfT- IMft NO OF COURSE NOT- BUT IT DOES fcab - . 'I 'TIS WELL -1 HAVE V&HsW PROMISE ME OME THiMO... SOUND "'9,glfe' OP 6P.EAT IMPORTANCE J THAT ..VOLfLL MEET ME TO- TEMPTING, - z73iW- i POP. NOU i AH, NIOMT AT THE EUROPEAN DR DEVRiE5. SCL3bsi it -X"1 I 1& CLUB FOR 5UPPER-MDU WE . WE - tVjA C'X'lff NEED A BIT OP RELAXATOU, L 5MALL, 7'T C' J f EJII V to-t'-f ' C X.'jf "" m faaa i s" alSsji1 J "" ' " it,,":t 11-1 I'roiluee Ktrhange The following price were nnmed to lie effective Monday! Ilntter-i'iilin extras, 27c; standards, 27c; prlmn rirstrt, SUMic; firsts, 251i. Cheese Oregon triplets, 15a Oregon loaf, 18c. Ill-otters will vn y ia he low quotations. Kg"gs Produco exchange quota-lions between dealers: extra large, l!ic; standards, large lKi:;extras, medium 17c; standards, mcditim, 17c, Jolihlntr prices 2u higher, Portland Wholesale I'rleea These) are tho prices retailers pay wholesalers, except where otherwise, stated: llutter Prints, A grade, 29c lb. In parchment wrapper, 30 lh. in cartons; B grade, parchment wrapper, Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants End professional people listed on tbu pass are known si Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on ' them today.' Pleats mention that you sew their sd. in The Democrat-Herald. ' .MVRA MA5 BE EM 5-UKAMOUED TO TWE EMPERORS PALACE, AMD PR PEVR1ES. HA OPPERED TO DR'VE MR THERE. ADMISSION FBECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSEB ATTORNEYS 2Xrj III, cartons 2:ic lb. Uutterfal (Portland delivery) A MARKS 4 McMAHAM Attornyi at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg.' - Phont J9B 1..,. t-ir IOR grade, delivered at least twlre f i ) LIONEL ALVAYS TEASED f ,,,;c , ln, lcl AO fT TT DID r I GUESS ( : KIDS SMALLER J. " Y IT' weekly, 2S-30O lb; i-nuntry routes, KIRS. LAMPWICK, THE COUrTT WISHES IbLi TO Tell what sbu know 28-280. Hi; 1J grade 28-2'.lc lb; V. grade AUTO FREIGHT YES, at market. inn cai is vilmjv. HE STRUCK MY SC.-i, LIONEL... NtY POOR SON LIONEL, YOUR HONOR, IS A' PHYSICAL WRECK! II grade cream for market-buying price imtterfat basis, 6 3 ',4 a lh. ABOUT .THE CHARACTER ) TOU I DID, vt,M - THAN HIMSELF! AND I n-airiBK ims, NOT UNTIL AFTER I Your do rr (one day i saw him a FWSICAl- veck? ) i Hit him "WAX ! honor! 2 J Put A slug in a -? AS t J?K BUND HAN'S TIN ' " 7S ? A sir 1 r op . then i ht : SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Dally service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts Phone 371. OF THE DEFENDANT.' j Cheese 'Helling price to Portland retailers: Tillamook: triplets, 21a lb: loaf, 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholeualers: triplets, 19c lb; loaf, 20c, lb. CAAFET CLEANING Kggn Huylng price of Extras, 19c dox; standards, 17c THS SHADE SHOP, 409 W. Ural Phone- IS ' - dim; extra mediums, luci dos, do medium firsts, 15o dos: under grade, 15c dos; pullets, 15c dot- FILM SERVICE Milk A grado Portland delivery, 58a lb. butterfat basis for 4 per HURLEY'S DRUG STORK FUR cent. i nvecmtffht film tAva poultry Portland delivery. huylriir price: colored hens, over 4 Mi FUNERAL DIRECTORS lbs, is-l!)(; lb; under 4 ',4 lbs. 18-I9c lb; leghorn hens, over S'-i lbs. 19-20c rORTMILLER FUNERAL, HQMJI n or Night thno- 447-R ' lb; tinder 3',i lbs, 15-lCc lb: leghorn broilers, 1 to 1U lbs. 'J5-16a lb; do Hi lbs. up, 15-lSo lb: colored (NSUSANCK springs, 2 lbs. and up, 19-20C lh; roosters, 8-9o lb; Pekln ducks. TWENTY MINUTES OFF FOR LUNCH BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP young, 14-170 lb; geese, ll-12c lb. ' OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 I.lva poultry Selling price hy wholesalers: Light hens, IS Ho lb; medium hens, 17-180 lb; colored (hey, you guvs - V; Mil l$ 'vNu.ti i ':rjto. r cp Krr aj ip hen, lo lb: broilers, I5c lb; SAY GUARDS -FOC2YS SCv,EwME2t WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Mnoey ' to loan, farm security, ' PRODUCE : i -'- i nnir i - lit ' tJ r OUT iW TH' JUNGLE - AM' HES BEEN springs, 18-22o lb: Pekln ducks, young, ll-Oc lb; do colored,' 12-16c 'YA TNW COULDN'T HOLLOW HIS wtrVlTRAIL -TH" WAY THAT OOKc. SO LOMG IM GETTM' NEVER SHOULD A LET FOOZy GO I CUT HUMTIN' A50UND IN THAT N. JUNGLE ALL BY HHM5ELP XSUWPlM MIGHT HAPPEN , V "TO 'W - -S lb: capons, over 7 lbs, 2l-25o lb: guinea hens, 60c each. W0R5EO ABOUT M. GO OKAY. YER Us ; s long no&ep wtjNy tn Habbits Fenty dresser 20-21O lb, SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS & the market for eggs, poultry, veal and cream. ' SEE IP YCAMT COUMD ( MAJESTY r'vtA BLUNDERED THHOUGM Turkeys (dressed) selling price iTa h;m up, will yuh ? HP2b' to retailers: No, 1 hens, 23c lb toms, 22-22 So P" lb. VI J I 1lJ 1 1. ataJrMr WASHING MACHINES i OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE- Maytag, Easy, Thor Wafers. Ms WELDING BLACKSMIIKINte SNYDER PON - RF.AR ALIQM ing frames, sxlei straightened. S Fresh Vegetables Apples Delicious, extra fancy, II. 15-2 box: do fancy, $1.55-1.(0 box; New towns, extra fancy, $1,70 box: do fancy, 11.45 box: do face snd fill, fancy, S5o box; do face snd fill, choke, 5e box. Hpitxenherg. extra fancy, $1.40 box; do combination, 11.25 box. Rome) Iteauty. Jumble. !' lb. Vlnesne, extra fancy, $1.65 box; do fancy, $1.40. box, do Jumble, extra 1 ncy, 3c lb. Itauanns bumh. I'," lh: hands, -4jc lb. ttirawboiriss I'luiio. $l.2i 12-bo W EIX DRIILEKS ?!. If' V I C. E. CORD1NIER & SON ; Well Drillers "We solicit your Inquiries" ' 719 gv Nt l SvlCt. INC T M BtC U T Off fuxeus, Off a

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