Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 25, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 25, 1936
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. 4 M I PAGE SEVEN THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1936 B Explorer of Cold Regions DIRECT FROM THE MILL I4.INCH mill word, fin for eookatove. tXiO par j cord. Heavy old r-rowih 4 ft. slab, 13 l L... .1 Ll. n.Mjtuat maA ftkaviim,. AL ' WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. Wl pay highest market price, at grader Co. ale-ml I OLD UNITED STATUS COINS hot OUT I NOTICE CALK ft MONTCOMKBT. WHO are advertising In tbt paiar for worth-lea hunc and costs, arc I a way con nertea with my place. Cecil Montgomery. -'S-"-' NEW TODAY roTENT-IM.'PLEX. rl'RN At'E. 4.AR-at at 139 E. itk. Adult. ai!- bany rul Co., lac, 114 Caiapuoia St. Pboa i astf at rwaa'r Drug Star. awtlf Answer lit rrevlous I'ursln 13 For talc, Miscellaneous I lA N.SI CASH PAID FOB USED FUBMITUBB. I etc. "Look t your ante.' CKaa. Rohr. bough ft Son, 411 W. Pint Sk jl-U THB RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICK. Claud WriuM. pnun 2C4-J. il C th St. milMf rO SALE 11 latONUlTrONED OldVjnobllc Coap. Trtn ea.h. Atliines tto. IBM. tar Drmorrat-Uerald. a'-i-i" WANTED TO BENT OR ( BOOM HOUSEHOLD (iOODS FOB SALE. CALL and see at tUil Et 4th, Mm. McConoa. hay. na4-26 SGCB All Prleea Art DellMred Albaay lasea Metaeaea Estras , ., Ie Man.larvl I4r Extra mrdiunt ...Ie Ktandard medium 13c ttrow extra IWr ttirty extra , l!nderaradr 1st Pwllete Kt Pea weea It VEAL' Live 'e tlressed t-'-jC ttlilTEKFAT A grade ., 5r l grsilt 2ct V grsilt 2-c . t SHEEP 30 Ivfiacellanttdtia CUsttMud hnmt hi Alfcaaur for I'j r 1 7 rn., S adults. Lane aanut. Cash rsnt or will I N0N-BE8IDENT SAYS SELL Navar la h hutory of Albany ha thcr braa a house told ef Ilk tain at tkla prtr. Two tra fin Iota, paved traat. fruit, (in location, th boua Itself would cost aou to replace; hardwood floor In front room, fireplace, full ba nt Thi property a) offered for a few day only at mx. whub at only a frao Hon of it ml value. Located at 622 WmI ith atrrL Dm by but do nut diaturb th tenant. Plea act uuickly on thi a It will not but. IRVINE L. HOOD. Phon XM a-Ktf HELP WANTED STRONG. CAPABLE woman for noua work in country ham. IJi.OO month. Permanent Job, Call, phone or writ Mrs. Willard Herman, Kt. I. Harrlalmrg, Ore. aie-Xi TAX SALE PROPERTIES SELLING for traction of value, include Lebanon, Iota, timber, farm land, acreages, etc. Ill piece to cboae from, Address Boa tfcM, tare Democrat-Herald. a-al 12 For Sale Used Cars " U8E-CAR8YOu"1-An" BUY ' WITH CONFIDENCB Ford Coach - Kwouditloned and In PAIN'TINh WALL PAPERING, INTER-i lor aVeoraUtig that1 different. Thon 4t up H.I.L. Wilbur Dawson ft Clair Ssrdee a30-tf WRECKING t SCHOOLS-Ll'MBES ti) and up. Brirk 14 per M. Plsnks wood for barns and bridges, timber, lit and 1st shelling, flouring, ceiling, siding. Can de-liter. 3rd. and Mmwa, Albany. aUS-Jt-g , ronstder paintUiaV daeomllna ar rsolet-In-. Phon S12-Y er addrsa Ilia . Kim 8L. Albany. a!!-is WANTED CIBLroi GENERAL l1anesXJ& eU t.s ABiCiAOiElS FROG flVlLt P0 UT Ejfi t ' stiMr MM P E0 E. B 5TA Kl QIaVAI IE L EM El l&Vst, aeuse-urt. Call 43-f-ll. Paal Mailer, perfect ahati. Her' car that will give good service at a prke that will st-IL Come and see it. , 1M0 Chevrolet Coupe-lf you want aj coupe, grasp this oiportuiiity of a lifetime, j You'll be proud of its appearance and per- j formanc. And at this low price you can I BL watt Tan-nt toward Oakviil. Hi Lamus , td. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Portland Market Review 17 To rub out. IS Calyx leaf. 19 To detour. 20 To oar. 21 rtaylnf card. 22 To Corrode, y Kttuhed. 24 To enrounlet. 27 To apllt. 28 Hall! 3t Cylindrical tody. 37 Decayed. 38 Harmonious. 40 Seventh Rote in scale. 42 Third note In rale. 41 Narrative . poem. . , 43 Resioa. 4En(tlUk coin. 47 Vigor. . 48 War 0yer E0 Eon. El Halt an em. ; S3 To perform. (4 Rumanian ' coin. 53 Part of circle." HOHIZONT.U. 1,1 A polar explorer, 11 Conwlnus. 13R1's tle-tt. 11 Dosnns. IS Street rars. II DeluBRlng ( a neat. 20 FVallVkln. 24KatlJ tnvlkt-li His military title. . I Form of "be." 30 Knock. 31 Oolf det Ire). 32 Ctlmbinc ahrub. 23 Line. 31 Formr Hua- Ian ruler. 31 Audacity. 31 Slfnal ayntem. SSRIave. 41 Pedal dlgU. 42CoUlnlni . , motea. USED TIRES WE HAVE SEVERAL good Uo-17 used tires sod luben ; also othwr lln at vers reasonable priewa, Ted-luck ft Pontrr, 1st ft Jsckwa Sta. I 'hone 375.. a23-2-S FOR SALE CANVAS At'TO COVER. 44IH ft. Vin. II. Smith, 417 E. Third St., City. 23.2 PricM ' uoted behiw at taoat asa-ealliag at II stock, a. as. aa day f puMwartun. a4 ar subject ta sasaa at any bur taennrur . SPECIAL BARRED BOCK CRICKS Today, to. Jeass Halehery. Tsnirent, On. kt- a2J Wl HAVE IEVERAL VERT PINS I ran speelal in addition to tha an maailaiara In anr regular ada. Mountain Slav Poawr Co. , M? PIANO SMALL BALANCE HUB want auirk Ml. Cash or ti BMwitHly. No reasonable offer refused. Good, hiejh-arsde piano. Addsa Mr. Smith. Adjuster, Clin Piano Co.. Ill 8. W. Waahingtsn St., Portland, Orrcoa. aS4-2 BABV IHICM FEEDING EQUIPMENT, water fountain, at less than mail order price. Brewster Hatchery, Crabtree. Ore. - - aCa-2' Portland. Ore.. April U. Th price of standard cube butler was advanced ' ewnt a pound on the Produce Exchange today. ButWrfat ws uarhangvd. An advanr of le dosea has beta forced in th arir ea irgg her with th ex. change touting lee for extras. Nv other change were made! - With cooler weather and heavier receipts, strawberry prices continue their downward movement for Callfurnlan with both Florin and Fresno shipping. Tin cups of lb latter ar aut meeting with favor although the brines ar of very d quality. ( or Rt nt, Houtet, Apts. FOR RENT GOOD I ROOM HOU8E. new I'slnt and newly papered. 112.4" par month. tiM Ijifsvctte Kt. Innulre fur J,- E. Wilson, 1X West 7th St. ax4-2t VKHTMMU 1 Hodent. 2 To be Indebted 3 Curse), , 4 I'prtKht. 5 To soak flax, C flutter lump, 7 Walrd. 8 Conxtclltillon. Border. ; 10 Afllrmatlre. 14 To mak sad. ltlla dlwovered the Pole. 4.1 FalMliuod. 45 Sloths. 4 Kng-tthaprtl. 49 To run out. S2 Rvlla. S Chines fond. 57 Ooddfns ot poa. BSOne who Ires. 0 He wan an to He mail or-aral x-pedltlona. r F or SU Farms pay for many months' operating cwts with tha saving. Reduced for quick sale. 'if'JI ford Victoria Sedan -Just travVd la on a new Chevrolet Sis. and ia excellent condition. Body and upholstery just like new. For sal "with an OK that counts" to th fust lucky buyer at a eery lose pric. W have many cheap cars such as pontine. Fords, Chevrnirts, Buirks. Stude-bakcrs. etc.. that vvu csn buy .for very little money. " v Open Sunday for your convenience. Used Car Corner ALBANY AUTO COMPANY 2nd ft Ellsworth Sts. Phone 2WI ' - aaa-as-s 11 . Hay Grain. Feed FOR RENT 4 ft I ROOM I NFURN. apu. 1'h.iii. &4T-R. al-tf KI.I.HWOKTH APTS. BEAT. OVER-,rd iiirnnnr Hh M M El as worth at-tl 8ITKNE88 COMPELS SALE, SI ACRES rich Willamttta Bottom with 12 la aU 'alia and Mm barrira and filbert, bsl-ane mostly cultivated. Fiva room rmU dene with lrtricit and. ,uul out buildipg. Storked, with I row. 4 how. calf.,- 1 bar and .full lln of machinery. All for onla IS,? terras tMH),eash. bal- oca llo. loan, lent lima few interest. Thi ia raai bay. Trias Mnaany, Bsal-aoa. , .. ai-tf , PORTLAND LIVESTOCK . By U. B. Dept. f A(riraltare) Portland, Or., April 25.- Hogs': Week ' total 4o30 ; compared with week ago t Mar. bet sttiJie. ineasea toe off; bulk better U to 210 tba. drivvlns, few aarly (10.40; kwd lot to II0.7I, tew sale down 47 ACRE FARM FOB SALE ON BAN-tiant Hwy., ( miles out ; new I room house, new chicken house all other outbuildings fair: on main power line. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. See owner, Wm. McKinley, Rt. 1, Albany. Ore. iltsffl 1 For Sale-V-Real Estate For sale by owner one or two acre in Nurth Albaayi close in. Bos 4.1, Albany. i aZ4-H7 FOB BALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A, Barnes, Field Salesman, I1U Oak St., Eugene, Or. al-mlt APARTMENTS FOR RENT. . DR. Stark s BMg. al-m i 1 1 1 VA'sinied MiacellaoeoM FOR 8ALB SEED CORN, McKAY'B .Yellow Dent, brat for ensilagei I0U lbs. 11.00 i tOO lbs., tl'.tO; 1.00a lbs., t.W.UU. A. C. Ileyman. Albany, Kt. 4. i ml. west from Bryant Park. S17-30 RIVER BOTTOM Livestock .1 LOCAL GRAIN J as. Readers a C. - WHEAT: No. I white. We; red and atiscd. 1c bushel. " I BARLEY t Mtasea, 2I.04 . ' --OATS: Whit, No. I. l.(Mi gray No. j ', 23.W : gray feed ton. . , wool, a Cr ' j Wool, iwr pound ... Joe Mohair, per pound ,.H,4ue -. MEATS , i (D, g. Nsbsrgall Mewl Is.i - -CATTLB lam .'.. , . . . . .I.W44T. Heifers 4.K),1 4-fcO HulU l.50tAa Cows, beef I.lKlHlt.OO Cows, cutters , I.l0f.00 : Boua . -- ICO to 1M Bounds .......I ' JJ 210 to 260 ppusds ............ .J5y.f5 140 to 210 pounds , 1.711(1 .; 2(0 to 360 pound t,l.'.t'.tO 3M pounds up 4WU7.2S Sow I.SOU7.O0 SHkiKP Lamba , "!.' Ewes IOt.0 Yearling I W4.a . VEAV Llv Te Dressed ...12 P0UITBT (Swift a Vaasaany) N. 1 nana, 4H ta lb. ...17c No. I hens, ever lb. ...17 No. 1 medium hens, ever 3H lb 14c No, t medium hens, under t't lb 14c Colored aprings lc No. 1 broiler, l4 to J lb 14o Stag , ,. Ja 6 Poultry, F.gft LIVESTOCK WANTED INCLUDING ewes with or without lambs,, piga and cattle. S. E, Eichrr, Phone 12-F-13, Allwny. Rt, I. -'. a23-2S 104 acres fSoOO. Easy Urms; family fruit, bid., highway. ACRES CLOSE IN Strictly modcrr bungalow, eluckea euulpment, walnula and fruit. Price f.16ti0. CALIFORNIA TRADES l ACRES. PLASTERED aouae. family fruit, cleae in. WANTED WE ABB BUYERS OF CA8-cara Bark. M. Senders ft Co. V alO-ml WANTED ALL KINDS OF TrTcTOR work, plowing, discing and all farm work. Uuy E. Cutter. W 'Hailrond 9t. : 21-27 CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL crowns, bridues, fillinas. old Javralry, watch rase, etc F M Fnmcb 4k Sou, Jewelers dSIHf CA8CARA BARK WANTEI-WE ARE in the market for an unlimited quantity of dry or green Cancan Bark. Will fay highest cash prices. Albsny Bargeia House, 2nd and L'akir. I'hune ISA. alWf to 110.31; 230 to 2S lbs., I:;t(10.2t S70 lb. kind down to t.o; light lights 10.OOUtO.2S, few to llu.JO; parking awt tV.iijit.2, smoot Ivwrt f good to t hoi re feeder pigs H0.OUttlO.7a. Cstllt; .Week V total JU"i calves 340: com pa red with week (go: Market 26t(3tc lower! vtalct attady; bulb led stern 4.7647.50, top I7.7S; common down to U.2li fed heifer 14.00. TI, s few to 7.00; cutter to common heifer tXlbH 6. SI); low cutter and cutter rows f 2.6041 4.011, common to medium. Including fat dairy type cows. 4.tiM)'t.2g ; good beef caw t.0f,f 4.00 ; bulb) M.OOttS.SO: cutlery down to 44 00 ; ajand ta choir vealers S.VII 1D,1; emmnn down to U.0O. 8eepi Week s tsUI JOM; compared with week ago; MoeA, ! about . atcady : TmTmTm ? "rr.;'' 7" d 9 K IT - -" T " ' - cir - J' ' . W T e$ ' 7 & ; & $4 S T " "3S """5TTii "r - V " ' . .. . w wa H H di 4 - ". 15 -4 H "" W 35" "" 6)" " 7" " is?" 4i 55 3S" "" ," """" 37" "" " "T a" " " . -.- mm. - ' " " ?1 CUSTOM HATCHING OF TURKEY AND hen tines. Any tint and any amount. Phone 3-J. Mrs. T. B. Burton, South Kerry St '.'4-2 DAYOLDTURKEY POULTS TO LET FOR SALE TWO COLTS i ONE TEAR-ling and one two-year-old. Call Ida May Roth, Albany, Phone l-F-2, - a23-25 O. M. DOLLARillDB CO. alt-tf FOR SALE WHEAT ft OAT BRIGHT out on shares. Shook Produce, Font of I Ferry St. - a24-26a . SPECIAL BARRED ROCK CHICKS Today, . Jenk's Hatchery, Tangent, Ore. a2S-24 WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-lea horses and rows : a -so dead animals if in good condition. Cakr and Montgomery, Phon eollecet 13-F-I2, Corvallia sIT-tf CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS bar and cows. Dsy-old calve. Ph.- 14-F-14 Albany, CeeU Matgomry. mlt-tf traw, t per ton. Tangent: Katahdin table and seed poutoea, per 100 Stored In Albany Seed Co. Whs, rarmera Seed Acct., Brownsville. " a2S-!8 WHITt LEGHORNBABYCH!CKS Ready now. Still plenty ef time to raise a nice tot of fart It-ffn. AUb JewerWhlle fiianU. unxeelled for caaona, and Black Minorca, a splendid two-punwse fowl. RUSSELL'S HATCHERY. Corvallis. Oregon, Phone H0. quality mostly plain; common ta medium spring lambs 3H.Mtil.tO, few good lots ing lamb 6H.Myi.tu, few good 110.00';'. fairly good waled aid to S For Sale. Wood and Coal crap lamb. .M; common to medium .00i WANTED WOOL ft MOHAIR Cash advanced' on contract No Interest charged. We always pay market price. Set us bsfor you sell. - . SAM FRAGKR 'Albany Bargain House. Cor, 2nd t Baker. an2-a2i DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND row picked up free f charge anywhere. Phone collect I4-F-14. Albany, tf no ana. wer. Phone ll-F-4, Corvallis. ml4-tf 9.00 ; good 70 lbs. shor lamb t.40 ; heavy and pltiarr kinds 11.00 down ta; few clipped' yearling fl.00; Wether 14.1X1 COOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT, DEI.IV-red In any length. Lester Chllcote. In Santiam'Rd Phone 7H4-R. j20-tf 1 THOUGHTS WHILE GARDENING hV HAK ) I) GK A down; good to ehoie woled ewe tiiMl (.00; medium to good a horn ewes J.60(( 4.00. T RUT I TOLO HIKA ALL HE COULDN'T ANYTHING 1 - t ( UNCLE" JAK'S I'ifllurW SORT OF A FUNN", WW 1 ml FE1XOW, IN SOME U 3 W F' ' WAYS ' 'COORSE l - I 1 'BOUT IT- I DIDN'T S'PECT HlrA TO- BUT I DJS SORTA HOPE HC'D FEEL SORRY AND I'D GIVE A LOT TO KNOW -WHAT'S IN THAT "YOUNGSTER'S MIND- THE JONESES- THEIR TROUBLES WERE NOT JUST A PASSING THOUGHT WITH HER-WELL , THEY ARB REAL FOLKS- A.60UT HOW HARD UP TH JONESES ARE- THAT . THEV' RE GOIN' TO LOSE EVER' THING- HE, ACTED AS IF HE HARDLY stairway In a brick - building now situated on said lantL thence south parallel 'with the East line of said lot Sixty-five (65) feet Three (3) inches, thence East parallel with the North line of said Lot Thirty (30) feet three inches to .the East line of said lot; thence North to the place of beginning; together with the perpetual easement in and . to the West half ot he West wall ot said building: Now, therefore, by virtue of - SAY SO- HEARD ME- AND NtlGnpORS- v - NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby Riven that the underiigncd have been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County executrix and executor, respectively, of the will and estate of W. H. Howard, deceased, and have qualified. All persons having claims against the estate of said decedent are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of the Little Orphan Annie Other Com res t 11 aT said execution, judgment order, V 'k first publication of this notice to decree and order ot sale, and in compUaiu-KvUh the commands of said writ, I will, on Friday, the 29th day 'of May, 1936. at one o'clock P. M. at the front door the undersigned executrix and executor at the office of Marks & McMahan, in the First National Bank Building, in the city of AI- of the County Court House in Al bany, Linn County, Oregon, sen fpany, Linn County, Oregon. at public auction (subject to redemption) to the highest bidder- Dated and first published this 18th day of April, 1936. ftef 0 I Pit 04f Crj-TtitlM, 34. fcf . MABEL, HOWARD ARTHUR K. McMAHAN Executrix and Executor of the Wilt and Estate of W. H. Howard, GOOD OLD LEW WEN By Thompson and Coll MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse Deceased MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, OA, DOCTOR DEVRIE-S- VOO MEAM THE ! r- 1 ftDlPNTAI fiFhlTlPVUkl, Attorneys for Executrix and ITS HAVE SOU -.EEW UAWC Vmi ,FPNJ REALIZJW3 THST SUE WAft ESCAPED DEATM ?Y IMCUES, MVRA SEIZES THE OACjOER AND OftSWES INTO 7UE CORRIDOR' Executor. A18 25 May 2 9 10 ADDRESSED for cash in hand, all the righl title and interest which the above named defendants and each and' all of them in the above entitled suit had on the 15th day of October, 1929. the date of the mortgage herein foreclosed, or since that date had or now have in and to the above described property or any part thereof, to satisfy said execution, judgment order and decree, costs and accruing costs. Dated April 24th, 1836. First Publication, April 25th, 1936. Last Publication, May 23, 1936. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. April 25 May 2 P 16 23 h-v 1-C.VV VVtNJT WHY; YES-INJ PACT, HE GAVE ME THIS NOTE, NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE I ' ii ir TO ME . I WOMDER ... r hi : m 'i -: l-Ola.. w'fH K V IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JU3I rVUlnIC-SI I e -I I ! II I I . I II 1 I J,l sT THE STATE OF OREGON, FOR AGO pi t : ikvf. .-A! ir 3 i . - -.. Tr- THE COUNTY OF LINN. No. 17456 ' r '"1 ' -l & DEAR OLD LEW- f'A Qpy WWAT I OWE TO - ' " ih WIM BUT WHY V !r & ID GET MIKFD UNIVERSAL BOND A ) MORTGAGE CORPORATION) a corporation, ) . ,Pluintirr.) vs. ) J, R. CARTWRIGHT, a wid-) ower VIVIAN CARTWRIGHT.) and HAZEL CARTWRIGHT.) his wife; MARGARET A. ) THOMAS, Executrix of the es-) -tate of J. B. ASHENFELTER.) Albany Business ; DIRECTORY The merchants and profce-sional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and. women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Democrat-Herald. ism ae n trmi. wc deceased; STATE INDUS- J TRIAL ACCIDENT COM- ) MISSION OF OREGON, ) Defendants.) By virtue of an execution, judgment order, decree and order of sale issued out of the above entitled Court in the above entitled cause, to me directed and dated the 24th day of April, 1936, upon BY BLOSSER . FUZZY'S NOT SO SURE ATTORNEYS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 7T7 MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg Phone 291 THE FUTURE OF A VXJKIC3 MAW 1 THIS COURT IS. DE AUTO FREIGHT IS TO BE DECIDED BY THIS COURT.' WHETHER OR MOT , SIGNED TO .ASSIST JUSTICE MUST WOT ERR W CASES IMVDLVIWG -JUVENILES ! VICKXJSWESS IS OWE THIWG...T&UTHFUL SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight BOYSTO HELP THEM. OR TO PUWISH THEM. THIS YOUMG MAW MAY COH-T1WUE TO EWJOY HIS ' Daily service to ana irom au points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts, Phone 371. - - ' IWD I SCRETIOW IF ,"THE: OFFEWSE HE SEEMS WBETTER WAfT? YOUi;; L LIKE A GOOD Y qjix TELL ABOUT EGGS ' VGG 'yl UMTIL YOJ CRACK A fSl'sO ALirrrLE-o n a Judgment rendered and entered in said Court, and cause on the 20th day of April, 1936, in favor of the above named plaintiff. Universal Bond & Mortgage Corporation, a corporation, and against the above named defendant, J. R. Cartwright, for the sum of $5,-172.34 and accrued interest in the sum of $1,552,96. together with interest on said $5,172.34 at the rate of Ten (10"r) per cent per annum from the 20th day of October 1935, until paid; and the further sum of $15.00 together with interest thereon at the rate of Ten (10'A) per cent per annum from FREEDOM RESTS. SOLELY . WnHIW THE. jUDdtMENT . ERITS IT ! CAKPET CLEANING "S " OF THE THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W, First Phnrw, 7 HURLEY S DRUG STORE rOH nv,nlhl film urr le 3 MC PATS OP SLYVESTER hJUCTTY FUNERAL DIRECTOsU, Cook hawqS n THE EiALAWCe FORTMILLER FUNERAL HOM1 Da rr Ntuht nhon X"5a aaa- . -J&rf 5 VN 1 V'a 5 1NSUKANCB FOOZV WILL DRAW FIVE CARDS BY I7IAMLIN ALLEY OOP WHY.FCOZY I THAT BLASTED 6RAUD V SO. YOU TDUOrr YOU'D BORROW MY HAT, DlDJA ? WHAT UJDEGTJWIZER-HE DONE ME I MAY WOT HAVE OC DIWKIY BACK -BUT, BY JEEPECS, I'VE GOT FOOZY -AN' WITH HIM AS MY GBAND WrZERJ CAWT CO OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established M WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. as"cj to loan, farm security. PRODUCE s t . SYaiT AND CO. ALWAYS IM the market for egga. iuiirj , and cream. M' WASHING MACHINES ' J , J rr W l -1 WELL, WELL ! WHAT tX y IHINK VOU UA UUNiz 4 IM tJUN gf-4 UIKI.' W.' 7- 7-A.M DIRT. WITH A GRAND WTZERS HAT, EH? DOWTLHA , 1 1 DANG UEAO.nm WCOWG . WOZZIR riXTEUL TH BUG' KNOW YGOTTA HAVt BAIKJa 1 rxttK EYED POPUUTIOW, ?v - EYED POPUUTIOW, f the 16th day of November, 1935; and the further sum of $376.25 with interest thereon at the rate of 6 per annum from 20th day of April, 1936; and for the further sum of $14.25 costs and disbursements and the costs of and upon this writ commanding me to make sale of the following real property situated in the County of Linn, State of Oregon, to-wit: Lot Numbered Twelve (12), in Block Numbered Six (6),' in the city of Harrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, according to the official plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the County Clerk of said county and state, saving and excepting therefrom that part of said Lot 12 described ". as follows: . The first story of that certain building located on the portion of said lot described as follows, commencing at the northeast corner of said Lot 12, Block 6. In the City of Harrisburg, Linn County, State of Oregon, and running thence West on the North line of said lot Thirtv (30) feet nnd Three (3) inches to the center of the THAT BONNET OKI YER SKULL THAT BOY IS A WHIZ " A-r rK a OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.-Maytag. Easy, Thor Washer. , I IL WELDING - BLACK SMITHING it..' 1 .1, f SNYDER St SON - PF.AR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened. 1 1 1 1 ".V WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "We elicit vr.ur fnciuiries" Eugrnft, Oregon I y f MJl 4QVICC IMS. T - ( U T Oft

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