Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 23, 1946 · 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1946
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i s H v I s 1 PaIe El EIGHT ALBANY DCMOCRAT-HCRALD, ALBANY OREGON, SATURDAY, MARCH 23. 1946 ' ' v- Sports Headlines Costs Raise Price Of 'Prefab Housing Death of William H. Hornibrook Ends Colorful Political Career Close Balling Race In Major leagues Is Seen This Season i Sizeable Track Squad Prepares for !t j cnn,4c ! Triangular Meet at Corvallis Soon 'oaTs P0 Frtim a sizeable sQuati of hope-' res.'rvc will b3 two likely looking I ! full Cch Slyde Martin of AI-' Junior hiiih candidates. Dale Leabo tml committee secretary. Hornibrook was Instrumental. in the election of the late ex-Gov. Geonje E, Chamberluir. democrat n.. I J it ; u . I. ftb. ir .... , . rawing v, fl. nurniuroo rfSr;.Jl Wedr-day Grove. CI., ftS - 7 TM wh'fh revived demerit. ,f inl-n.lve JLMMtJTS5i?br7 J polllle.l cmpien. in which the Increased from 800 to $S00, but t n. u....u ..u ri ' ' , n'WlihT participated durinz his 7- A. Booth f Eugene price re nnured of eorjy Chamberlain was one of Thil. ,u. -u a . Kornibiook came htre after Tnee were the chief develop- i bany hikh experts to pick ; and Don Warner. Tuu4 rm mi -.itmM.m m(nti this week following a meet- . "" ' .. . ... . LJ V' .. 'r.r... . ii. . n,B. . i.i.m ihui will ii Allmnv u JuHin Miller and Inland Rattle. inB n KrH ,,,ru.nt ' umu mannuoa, win , .,. w. - - - - - . - - . ... 41 flioi t-..- " " " - " " " ' " -" and retired at Chrrnkiw In ,,.. ixith sophomores, are DicKiing tori -. :" officials of Northwest Fabricai- .",;,".",. ; , .' . r. Truman Ta Speak At f Jackson Day Dinner' ? And Radio This Eve Washington, March 23 OJR. over the republican candidate. R. ; president Truman will be fl principal ieaker at the demo. Senator I By Jark Cmdij Tmtu4 rM Mm II firrnf mill n U - . : ... . , ! . . I . I I .. t In. fcaguef cUt Individual batting ' angular me,t. f.rM of the ea, ,. 440 honor, and Goin. J,m Durdlck. animated akycra pen 'dominating ors, ,ne., of Abanyt when c. D. nt tZj" ! rac In year, appeared aured to! 'KheduUnl for Wed, elay at Cor-; -nlor. ami Iverne Adkin,. a .ball I and Harold Olaon of pBXtur( company manager, .ai l mSelJ aftw Jay. with Ted William, of the vail... with Albany. Corvalli and aophomorc. arc trln out in the Ohio State the HCAA rule, com- (here WUB no 0,ernative but to Z,". lluTl o.i a.jt f i . i e...:..fiu 1.1.1. .,... s..if m,i,. miuee cnairman. were on a mu- ,.i r . ... ' n JkCU US, tflJQ UimaKIO P lllltl K lit 111 ill m .. of- the New York Y.-inkee and ' patmrt. Blck Wakefield of the Detroit Cuih M.utin has several vet- If mile, ."7 inurman. were on a mil- railH! prce of unlu the ml)U. :"r. I., the mile O-nch Marti, will""" Pt today-but again little fiirlur were no, ,0 iu(fer Um 8 tL'TLV. pi obably enter Darwin nirkson. 1. 1 Wfl ,P t'd lo come of "thw Nc- FHA rcuirements, In- Movini! ihi-nce to Twin Kails. Tiuan nlLrriutx In iti..l l... .......... ' nrun- .... vn.i .,1 IKt Iml iii M-nior lei Ittl.'l n 1111(1 Hill Swim- IOUtinK u ... . . . i.. ... .i ... .1 .. i i ..ii.... c...;ii. inv roar oi me nnvp.nniu j . . W'W VO, I.U.HH,. i.ii(i., " ' " .u j .... w miu wwni I.J-.II...1- urlL.,WlirA ...Unt lit llio ttuto Idaho, ilornibuiok purchasrd the i i. . t...u. .- i.i. ....i ....ri i..i. i,L,.iu aii. 1 1. hi i iir'4 uiiiiiiiur trcKvnuo ai inn i..., i. : .. i . IllllRC ujt Hi-' Uiiiiv in i in 1-IHII.5- .ii ...n-.n ... - nun iiinriiBi JIU Miguel . tua.. luij.fe ; : ; " v "-" (or material ana labor were giv . I . . I .. . uuu"". l""" .'"-Chronicle in 1WI9. and w;. I'OU.MIIi mid Tlmna. Fll Vliir.h 74 III Pi flut cli.n.liii" :il IMPsl'lil lire I 111 II Rookie Dick SUIer, urn of the Ralph 'WhrnticV' I'.nkcr. a aojiho- All of the- sririnter will compcii , . o"Iiooii Lcocn- cl , rt-asonn for the incre'i.-;'. groat George Sisl r. wa. back In more sprinter who biirncil on the in lhc broad jump and in the pole I M- Th odd that once mors 6ntention for the first base job turf last nhht a workout on Mini- vault M irlin llobbs and Hob Say- v.ould bent itself out upon fro With the St. Louis Cardinals today ton field, ami Anlm Goin. high . lor. both i ovies. are on tap. shruKgmg shoulder, of the Hew 1 946 Tox Rote$ after rtniring at bat In two gnniei. Kh l footlKill en.l. who Imke l Kirl Kelly and Carl Kox will i hilV1' wh" ho(e soon r u . ki 'I.J Jffteiday. Km,,! in (he hair-mil.- take rare of ti c discus nnd shot " J1'"" their ranks with recruit- rOr employers rVtQIied i Th(. ,,;!( ,,..,, .hilVj ., ,,! ulxMtfd by I. MrClosky and ,ul1 y. Silem. Or., March 23 (Special) "West falm Dcach. Fla.. March spiioklinu of alhlele, who arc I cs Kemhtig and Suylor will throw 1 M navc-not faction, led by Now 1946 tax rales for employ He served half of the 4- year It rm but was found lo be too y.iinu loiiiilly tn retain office so rcMKr.ed and came to Orecon. IHirch;..lng the Democrat from F. P. NuttiiiK in 1912. Hornibrook immediately became active in Oregon politics and rose lo the position of slule democratic ci n- Bruce Drake of Oklahoma, How- ers covered by the State Unem- i i is .' pi;im:.iii junior hih nrd Hobson of Oregon and Nirt ployment Comensation coimnis- ! I . TPflr r6S(i'6nK 13. UIM Manager Connie Mark phinrliH to mix bn-icball and ' the Javelin ot the Philadelphia Athletics Kit j ft Iruj-L it.flii.1ifW t iiitv A'iit-if ti.'in (Jllll'i' It today ho uai pleaod with pilch- v ho is wni-kini tiul in Uic huh :rhml (m!cst:inls ore Dave Oris- "uim'" c.c.w.x., naa iwo tar- sion are Ucing mailed oul the last Chamberlain was one of Oregon . . : Jncltson Day dlnni World War I delegation member.. ( hfn ,onlght where party merii und was chairman ( f the senate ben wi, y m each for military affair committee during ',ervjoll pstes of 700 calories.; that cruls. ; Approximately 1800 had paid In recounlt.on of hi. pait in (h(f ,jdv 1(jm ,0 aUend ,ne the l.le Senator Chamberlain. KHthl.ri;,g election. HomibriHik v. a. namwl g,...' or Commerce Henry iniiiLster plenipotentiary to biam w ahtt) wi make a fpeecn, , IBIS. He returned here two congrMsnK years hue, and in IBI9 sold the M n ,prcnengive tbMt Demon at to it. present publish-; whot h(, m h, My ,(nce he prs. W. 1. Jackson and n. K uivoeaXeA tnat those wh'0 Crjiiiise. , . I boil on major administration pr.-From hire H.jrn.brnok went to' dM Vancouver. Hash and purchased reelection. ' the Vancouver Columbian. Ho " .h i ... to raie funds to aid congressmen's .reelection campaigns. The addresses of President Inler went lu Porterville, Cal.. where he purchased another newspaper, the Recorder, moving 'ill lo itovo, uian, wnere nc ui- . , , . V. i, I. ii. Truman and Wallace are to he nuircd the f.vemnu Herald. He " Sell Farm Home Ing ,4iOWn .yesterday by Holm hmdlej nnd hluh iunm uln e with , roll, hurdler: Hob Hems in the c,g today at the final session .f week of March, Administrator Ncwsom and Russ Christopher, pu Jenkins. slml and (liscus, Kellci in hair mile ,heir rules clambake. One wa Silns Gaiser announced today, two-"t)ld reliables" Of the staff.. Couch Martin is cuiiilinc on and in the 440. olson und ,he olher was the About two-thirds of the 11.376 2' ' ? Barker and Clifford Smith mainly Coach Martin will devote Mon- employinit units subject to the T '?r : Fort Uudtrdale. Fla.. March 23 ; ,hc sprints. Smith is gettmg day and Tuesday to iiolishing up. TheX wcre- 'rl oi all, iralo unemployment law ore included u' " , k OifJ -7 Rookie pilcheis will get bad; into sh,.,e alter ben, mm x.oi kin.; if weather pro- '""cause Olson proclaimed recent- in the experience rating system ' ""y."? t Mrnt Ifw ii ' their ?ts.U today. Bcston Brave, back by an attack of n-.umps. In l.ibi's oulsido .i. lining. 'Vl " n'W rU,M were necU aml mosl ' ,hem wi" securc KuMiX n, i ! . tL Miinar. Billy 8outhorth said l. They insisted, secondly, th.t lower rates despite a heavy claims " 1 ? T Anqeies. The wlthTom Trlner. Glen Fletcher Vhsiip P.'n 5.3 v.' lo pin.ud but by t' c time the the bi'i man must be legislated load in the doling months of 194S. Bpyer. who have lived here f ir rtld Lou Tost each carded for . . ( i referee cot theie Angi-lo had against as an "evil influence". The other firms have not yet had z yL'a,s. coming from The Dalles. Uire Innlnot nin.ln.i tin. N...,., DeCIIIOfl Ofl Portland w i iiti'lt-cl out A few seconds later Drake led the attack hv ini. !. Ihe reniiisite thine vi.-u or more P'an to visit two months with rel- York Giants. Vanrouver, IJ. C, M;.ivh 23. (UP) Aiuelo damped on a full Boston ing that with 1.000,000 boys play- employment experience to qualify 'i . . Tin' Va'uoivi,- Ciini'i'ks today ''rub to take the match. 'ing the game, the timber t-ppcrs , for ratAti lower than the normal Daytona Beach. Fla., March 23. held the roriherii divi.-.o i I'iir.lic Malchmaker Owen announced ; Imd too much of un edge by the;r 2.7 per cent payroll tax, he said. California before re- Q1M Pitcher Kirby Hisbe was i Const Hi. kev lenuu.. iir.mi.m.i- thrt Dussette would be awarded I permitted proximity to the bas- SX DSC ted to loin the Rrnnklvn ! .hi,. n. il,., ,,.,l,i i., ,.w,i ii... a lematl'h DlOVidina AngtlO Would ket on foul shootinL'. Hi hrnui'M Dodgers today but was not ex-lsouthirn clivi loii lillisi for the for the match. in such a team as Oklahoma A. Mrs. Truman to Attend pscted to see any action against the Montreal Royals, today, exhibition opponent. circuit crown. Tlic Canucks whipped the Poit-lulid Koc.Ick .") to .1 last lii'iht in tile rieeidii.i" g.iiue of a lust Hue" out ol live games series in a last, hard fouKhl match before G.tMlll fans. which has 7-foot Bob Kur- Demo. Jackson Dinner n lives in locating. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dclbert Ashford of near Millersburg have br.ught a 7j ncre tract of the Cora Pc:i-body estate from Paul Smilh. They are building a double garage which they will use for a residence for the time being, im- broadcast over nutional radio net works, beginning at 7 p.m., PST,. The conservation menu listed! clear (tomato insomme, celery . and olives, baked chicken without stuffing or gravy, pea. and Kt Hll Clll III ,1 wt'l'V"" - . ' .4.& Mlwail nraaH stnlfil Tsi 1st mcnt by the late I res. Woodrow I '""- 'T" T Aff Wdson as minister to Persia and , P. cook,M and c6ff' minister plenipotentiary lo Afghanistan. He returned to the ! United States and participated in went thence to Boise, Idaho, but a short time later moved to Sail Ijike City and became publisher of the East Salt Lake Tribune. In Utah, too, he became politi- ! caily active, and earned appomt- Buiineii Girls' Gym Clou Ploca Changed The business girls gym clu::; which meeU every Monday and Thursday at 7:15 p.m. will bAngelo and Kiser Are moved over to the Central school ' ' , xu, gym through the cooperation of Mat Card Winners Here the school department j A larne crowd turned out last : TV. .!.. I... MMn...M 1 . . ' : . L . ... T" .. . , . .. . - iivwii bj iBiv uigni io M"v cruno rtcgem, me that if was found necessary n new Pacific Coast lunior heavv- In the opener. Jack Kiscr de- & M fealed Pilly Raburn, the Georgia land. tctch. with a drop kick for the i,m a-inc to send thnt hnv Denver. March 23 (UP Mis. deciding fall. Unburn nt the graduation present when -h? Harry S. Truman will be the gue I , they can build a house. fiiM l.ill with a n llmg leg cplit. . leaves' school," Drake said. "We- Colorado democrats at their Ml'- :'n'! Mls I-'iwience FidUv Kiscr toi.k lbs second with a skin ve played him eitiht times and annual Jackson day dinner here ,,avi' Sl '(l lncir place near Gieeoj liie cat. he's beaten us eight times. A tonight, but her attendance at the Bridgy to Floyd Schaup. Th.- The c:i.wd stood al attention sm;ilf boy of fi leet,3 hasn'l a funclim, will mark the only pub- Fidlcrs will move to Albany, for one minute to pay their re- di.ince against a man like that 1 appcai-ince iluriiiK her l':i- Mf- i,,u' Mi-s. Ui n.ilil Boyi specls to Red Dawson, who died Un, if you don't have a big m.i'i ver visit. f luiv- sold their 55-;uu- farm, fiom ling injuri.-s last Saturday, 'you are whipped." The first lady of the land, cm- known as the Snoddi rly hum. f. It uas announced tliut ail women Proposing an arc that would rently visiting her brother's fam- Jl,hn Gien. Mr. and Mrs. Hover would b? udmittod free next week, eliminate the tall man's threat ily here, accepted the" Jackson day have announced no plaiu as ti under the basket on fouls be- dinner invitation last night af their future location. Plans Being Made For cause c! a spread free throw zone, her first regretful refusal causc.l v . - , . Drake insisted that the big fel- a stir smong Colorado member, KOtZenjammer bottoall 0WS should be made to work for of the democratic party. FNGINF.EHISG DEAN DIES Porllar.d. Or.. March 23. UW-i the second term rc-ekttion of the Funeral services were held today lute Pre.. F. D. Roosevelt, where- for Richard H. Dearborn. ?, grsmd upon he was named U. S. minister , old man of Oregon' nilrteerinc.' to Iceland and later to Costa Rica, j who served until two ycaritk ago Finally Hornibrook settled at j as dean of the Oregon Sl U!-col-Pacific Grove, where he publish V ; lege school of eDKineering,V)pear the Tribune until illness forced j Dearborn died at Portlarid's'lYov-his retirement. , ' idence hospital Thursday. .' ; . make this change. The girls' , weight champion, win a disputed porning class which meets ev-; decision ever George Dussrtte, the ry Tuesday and Thursday mom- Boston strong boy. Dussette im- Plans are under way fJr tli- their baskets. trig at 9:15 will continue at th. mediately demanded a rematch, organizing of the ."Katzenjam- "The way it is," he said, ' I 0em Council Turns (Mvio center. Angelo won the first fall with mer" softball league to swing in-, could get an 8 footer, put hi.n wwm wuw'" eBusiness girls and matrons are a vicious stamping I'aiumeilo.-k to action as soon as the seas-.n ' in street clothes and he could bo Down Plywood PrODOSOl m,AA In li,L. .J.ln. f k. i i i i, ... ......... ' ....v. , .u.M....kc ui .iicv.-, in u iiiiiiuies. jjusscue came starts. ' smoKing a cigar. All ne a nave c .inm Or M urii virii iuwi .i. uiin ui un mu. niiiiiMii uuck io lane me sccon,, imu tirenncman win nanaic io no wouin De yawn, noict nis ,..., , (n ,.TO,ino ;.ii(.m rni. n,.,.hi,.i and entirely free. Major Blake sald. -i .... t , J4. F." II. r- GRAHAM . ; NOW PLAYING , - .. ,, JAMIt iHlllA ouHN.nyiiN also" fall with his full nelson ui ;even the kids on the East side and Ma: hands u in the air and drop it j.,:..i j:. ....: (.. ..h . iii'iiiuu iii(iii.i hi iintiw luii.ii i in - minutes. McConnell will take care of the in the bucket. Nobody could Mop ., ,lf (-.,., ,.ip piv.,.nri i..,. tery separator factory last night was voted down by the Salem NIGHT LEAGUE FORMING j Brownsville Sponsorhip of a team in the night softball league 1 which will play under the lights at Sweet Home is being sponsored by Brownsville W:. olcn Mills. Already signer are Frankie Page. 23 'UP: A Bernatv Hill, Gene Knopf, Eni'l ; Bub Vroman, Richard SUNDAY DINEISR Make it this Sunday to hare one of our tempting special Sunday dinners. Reify 4o serve at any for your convenience. ALWAYS 3 MEALS DAILY SERVED AT POPULAR PRICES 43- .' Js Our Specialty - - - i " THICK, JUICY, TENDER STEAKS Armour Grade AA Steaks Cooked to Your Individual Order z: ROUGH! TOUGH! C2D:.lffJ -- J- OS IMS .J7- JTlT.-I WrbyGRANTWV kJll STARTS SUNDAY fl SCREAM... TnCNDCATII! WtWi mm . - JftBM. H SI AaUVAGI f '4, JMOtHAMD "to ALSO Relmii Engis.nenr ol 'Take It or . Leave It" , PHIL BAKER ' PHIL SILVERS In the fall Aiwlo ducked West siders cooperating with the him ind it is absurd." one of Dussette's punches which city recreation leader. Swanson The young Oklahoma mcnto hit the referee, putting him down, field will be the le'figue heudquur- had an exceptieinally good p'J'nt citv council for the second tim In the meantime Dus'tte had An- tcr playing field. as he pleaded for action. within a month. - - ,, A tackle cant maKe the quar- BK.WFKS S1.A1E 5 GAMLS terback position on an all-Am- San Jose. Cal.. March 23. (U.R c.ican foolbilll tc;lnii can he? Nlj -The Portland Uravers will split bu, ,asl ull.Amt.rican bas. into two teams to wind up their kt.tball (oam h;ld fivi? snrin-j exhibition schedule with (f ,hcm skvserapei-s. Legislation fivs fames today, tomorrow and ,mt4,ujhtpriiv is ne..deH." M""di,y- : He lman, the dapper C.C.N.Y. nEE REfiISTRATION SLATED coacn, concurred heartily tuul look a slap at Olson for the "No rule change" remark whieh ho claimed had "upset" him. liiULIiilLii ENDS TONIGHT The Council's rejection of Hi;: which would have created an industrial zone in what is now a class 2 residential district, overruled a recommendation by the city planning council. Heeler, Chet Pago, Vernon Thornton, Gtorue lynch. Bob Harrison ; and Mark SeKvn. The manage- , mont hopes to sign Gone Td-' ton, Ernie Cochell, Carl Carls. n and Sandy Cochell. ; LEWIS & BROWN BAR AND GRILL OPEN DAILY EXCEPT THURSDAY, 6:00 to 1:00 A. M. 1!9 West First Street Albany. Oregon , Phone 887 STARTS SUNDAY SOMETHING CUTE HAS IAS BEEN . . k 1 J U 8 ; tMAIUS ii WINNINGER I, ADtll. J ER GEN S Sal STARTS SUNDAY to "0f(f you... "We have to do something Salt in. Or., March 23 ;u.R Or - pon's 3020 beekeepers today were reminded by the state ;iricultui-." department that yearly apiary registration will be due April 1. j about the bi men, because they The dep;-tmenl advised each be ,aieux rasKiioau piayers aim you (nvu,r Jlat m,w ,.eluatins re-know it," he told the assemble,! qui,.c SPm,rjlto registration of any CL.aeiis.-s. iuue- wuu mi u.v : l0.ntecl ilWav from thi! i a time like mis 0011 1 belong in i the game. This is the lastest apiary headquarters apiary. lip growing name of all and the uv- BANK CHANGES MADE cragc Ooy deserves a urea it 10 play and win." Hobson, too, supported legisla- jlion to remove the big b y from m;ln;IRer-f I under the basket on those frie ,.mn h..,lk a.,,.:, , inrovv tap-in snois. uui wuoui CU(f Sp.H.ks ttho Ls retiring and, . .1 . 1 T T-1 A .J. ....... .........I .... "I . Scio Wuldo A. DeMoy, man-; ager of the Sci'o State bank tlw past thrc and a half years will the bwce't succeed in-r Johns of UCLA demonstrated the defensive thought processes of the "haves" and the "hopefuls" when he sp: ke against the suggestion. "The crowds like the big men and they like the free scoring. , You might just as well legilslat-.-I against the fast men of the two-handed shots." Which seemed to be the gen- eral poinion, although unvoiced. ! The answer appeared to be that most tl' the "have-nots'' are in will construct several new res; denecs in Sweet Home. Mr. ami Mrs. DeMoy, Roger and Lois Ann will c ntimie lo live in Scio until housint; can be had at Sweet Home. He will commute daily. PORTLAND BOXER LOSES I'ui'llanct. Or., March 23. (U.Ri---Another Oregon "golden boy" hit the list i t- skids hero last night when r.egrii Lincoln Stanley of Oakland. Cal.. hung a right 011 the chin of Portland middleweight the "hopeful" division and didn't gi,i,v 0lk in the seventh round ! want to be hasty with a 7 looter of tu,j,. scheduled ten round bout. i on the horizon. Once again, il : appears the big boys will be- al- MOTHER'S ILLNESS CALLS FIVE DAYS UM.V lowed to go along as usual A D-H Classified will Find 'It. 7 TODAY- PARAMOUNT DARES TO FILM THE FRANKEST, MOST SENSA TIONAL BEST-SELLER i S OF OUR MM f m ii tt I r "s-v M- 1 iiiu-ifi 1 V. nfc,v.i, 1 111 1 1 11 n 1 11 1 11 1 in 1 .. I m THIS IS THE PICTURE AND THE STAR YOU HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT AND HEARING ABOUT -BOTH OF THEM ARE ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS Lacomb Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sturgis of Seattle arrived he'e Sunday, called by the illness of his mother. Mrs. Dan Sturgis, who reentered Lebanon General hospital Saturday . Basketball Score t Cnttra Tl NCAA WMrn Rfsnmal Tourn.oiifnl tl-lrst Kounci i rnnrtTiiy 'l California SO. I'nivf rsity i Coiorailu 41. Ol.k.hnm: A. M II. B-iylor 5l. NAM' ToiirnamcM (Sum ffnulai -hlll;lu O.kil 1.1. Cerlury S.n Pifso 4. Ambru 42. Or. t. tmm . DBS. CaAN-LAM . 1ti- -- HrrWIMU IWH Wwt 1M SI., unr Bamit Bra. IUbu. Ofnet torn: p. m. M S I. a. MTUXTAT ONLT. Cotwulutka. Blind Pmmin US UiUm Tft WTm caws. The Truman Committee Report States that: "Even in wartime, it was the flow of private initiative that made possible the success of the war program. This flow must be encouraged in the future." In view of this statement it would obviously be a step backwards to stop private initiative and set up socialized public utility districts. Mountain States Power Co, s .,. ' "A Self-supporting, Tix-Paying, Private Enterprise" 1 . -

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