Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 24, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1936
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t THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE- FRIDAY, APRIL 2V 1936 Poultry, Eggs NEW TODAY HELP TBI NEEDY j Th Salvathin rmy tirvds fruits, vege- FOR SALE CANVAS AUTO COVER. ' 14x111 ft W'tn. 1L Smith. 417 E. Third St, City. miMi The Democrat-Herald Classified 'Rates. A Vertebrate 17 For Rent, Farms. 'aoiee, cHtnina w.. w ntip aeeay people in esservt'Ocir raws. Money, loo. If you ear lo rontrtbut. We have no telepbona but bring what yua have to donsts or drop as a card and we'll call fur It Caps. Iter! Ilslley, 4U East First St, Albany. WANTED TO MEET THOSE INTER. ' rated in Unity and New Thought. Call tln-d. .. . -. . .. U' SPECIAL BARRED KIK'K CHICKS Today. PC. Jrnk's Halchrry, Tsnaent. Ore. aiS-S4 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed RATES AND INFORMATION t Couat tlx averaa word to la Ha. I If your ad appear incorrectly, aott. Ir im inwirdialelT. We areept respon- j iihiHt for ane ineoereet inortioa. ! Answer te Trevlou Puzzlo FOR RFST 4 ACRES NAR ALBANY, .Good builrlinxa and turn fruit K. II. Hollowsy, Phone 2K-F.12. a22-24 Personal 33 IS For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR BALE SEED CORN, McKAV'S Yellow Dent, brat for ensllairei 104 Ihs. 44.00; 5l'0 lb., lli.M; i.OiHI lbs., A; C H.ymas, AlUny, Rt 4, t mi. west from Bryant Park. al7- ADS MOtB THAN TWO US IS I time, per word 3 1 consecutive time, per wni ,.., consecutive ttae. per word Munlh, consecutive Hum, per ward 5e READERS Couat five eversae word to line. Set m cap doui.te vaunt. Prr line, first Insertion, tee i per tin each addi. tiunai tnsertioa, lac. Card of Thanks, ode. , COPY DEADLINES Classified oop must b ' la office before II o'clock oa day at publics! iea. Copy tor Thursday must b ia befor t tr a. m. for classified pa.' STOMAIR UIIEK, GAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer! For quirk relief get a free gift packet of Udga. a doctor' prescription, at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. m?4-s'J4 FOR RENT - I I I ROOM UNFURN. apU. Phono Mi-R. . , a.'l-tf WAKT TtACTyS PABM Of TUT, HAVE nice If Mrt improved lilac la exchang. Will give or e. dif fsareac. Trias A Marys Bealtsrs. IN Acre firm, Waal Clly Hmm. On of Lino county finest lanaa la eiehang. Trial , Harasy leallar. Waal Saba Preaerty far a guud so acre itock nick alonsr crtk alone edge foot, kiy. Tra A Marshy BcalUra. : 2-U PHONE ADVEBTIakMKNTB Ada will be taken owr th telephone i by mail. This I sua for the eon-.erience ef th advertiser, and tan absuld k mailed upon Ike reeelpt f invole. -, Minimum I LLr 1 lima- .......tee M'nimam t LL t time la Minimum I Ll.-f time Mc ; Minimum t Lt.-Minlh 12. , .. ,. , Fbaaa II, , SOJA L0 M B 1 i ;6 1 ,,.,. ypliOoiR A R E R VVTRWER MIE tncloVciElo E , ?rv UD4EAtsUp,A)otJf,L iqijN SjElNbi I N G.TjAjfi.E tie t qnfp u it f i e i r 5tX5J w EJOaIlTl A iSQ8 E iL OivvnL (OJWIE SnolAtl JSLJuATpiAi livestock 5' ELLSWORTH APT. HEAT. OVER, turfed furniture. Ph. la. 101 Klkiwortk. t-tf LIVESTOCK WANTED INCLUDING ewea with or without Ismbs, pigs and c.ltl. S. E. Eicber. Phon I2-F-13, Albany. Bt t. 23-24 APARTMENTS FOR RENT. DR. Stark's Bids?. . alt-m II Bird's borne. . II SoulhwesL 20 It is a vertebrate. , 21 Having sides. 23 Cross. 25 Calm. ' 27 Gypsy. ti Mac ' 30 By way of. 21 Kind. 35 Knave. ' 31 Clan, sVmtwL 39 Year. - 41 Toward ses. 42 Chestnut horse 43 According to, 44 To depart. 41 Neuter, pronoun. 47 Musical In- strumenL 41 Part of eye. 41 To assess. E2 Dined. 14 Pair. E5 You and L El Note in scaler El Prbnoua. HOIUZOMAIi 1 Grown-up Utlpol. IH Is a UI1Im (pl ). 14 Vrse. ISClicler block. 16 Sketched. 17 Males. 15 Opposed to Terse. ,' 1) Circular tor- tl "cat Ion. 20Nirrow. wsyi. 22 Devours. 24 To more up. !! Covered avenues. 2JBa. 32Fncy pigeon. 3 River mud. J10n that Impedes, St Monkey. 17 Dirty. 40 Aato sheds. 45 Hole. to Composition -for on role.; FOR SALE TWO"COLT8 ONE YBAR. ling and on lwo-yrld. Call Ida May Ruth, Albany. I'hun l-f-i. , . aiS-M 24 Wanted. Miscellantxous TODAY'S RIARRET QUOTATIONS : T, SZ X Prices quoted below are those prevailing at It a'elock a, as. as day of publication, and sr lubjeet la Chang at any hour thereafter. GIRL WANTED FOR BOUSE WORK IN Albany. Call at Z2t Wr.1 1st' itreet or after p. m. 113 Wat Irta. a.M DAY OLD TDIKIY POULTS TO LET But on thane. Shook Produce, Fool of Parry St., ' aXt-St' 4 ACRES STOCKED AND EQUIPPED near Springfield, Or.. 450, liiuo cash, terms. J. F. Smith. Box 1. Spring. field. Or. alal-S W ANTKOWE ARB BUYERS OF CAS-cars Bark. M. Sender ft Co. all-ml FOR SALE BROOD BOWS AND WEAN. ting pigs, tj mile east airport beacon light Frank Hoffman, Albany. RL X.. i a22-J4 8 For Sitle, Wood and Coal HOUSEHOLD COODS FOB BALK. CALL and see at MO East 4th. Mrs. McConna-hay.- atl-Zt WANTED ALL. KINDS OFN TRACTOR) work, plowing, discing and all farm wotk, Guy E. Cutler, 140 Railroad St FOB SALE ZIMMERMAN SEED WHEAT and Sodas Grass seed. John Uarkhart. four miles out on Santiam Road. a!4 DIRECT FBOM THE MILL 14-INCH mill wood, fine for cookatsvoa, per pord. Heavy old growth 4 ft lab, II In load lots. Sawdust and shavings. Albany Fuel Co., Ine IK Calapooia St Phon 12. atf SI Pussy. S3 Rubber wheel pd. SI Bell sound. 6SThe female . lays her est lo . S7 It feeds oa ' Insects aud small s (I It belongs to " ths tonus (0 Kind of fig. 61 Existence. VERTICAL 1 Frencb. I Cleft. ' 1 Foretoken. 4 To propagate. 5 Snake. Combines. 1 ' 7 Golf teacber. 8 Possesses. 9 Froien water. 10 Indolence. 11 Melody. WANTED FOR CASH OLD OB WOBTH. less horse and cows ; aba dead animals If in good condition. Cale aad Montgomery. Pboa. colleeet 33-F-12. Corvallia al7f, 1 N0N.BE8IDKNT BAYS I ELL Nntr la tka history of , Albany baa llwra ban few mM of lik valua at tbl prle. Two extra fin lots, paved Use, fruit, fin location, th kooi itself wold aott taOOt t replace; hardwood fleor in front roams, flreplaea, full baa, tnaah Thai property la offered for few day only at ti0, athlvh I only a frae lioa ef lu real valaa. Located at 121 West 7tk street, Driv by but do aot disturb tha trnaat. Pleas act quickly oa tola u it will l last. r , . IKVIXE L. HOOD. Phone 800 a-Stf CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL rowns, bridge, fillings, old jawalry, watch casaa. eta. F. M. Freack ft Sou. Jeweler. .. ., M0U THE RICHT WOODr-THE BIGHT PRICE. Claud Wright, prion 64-J, S E. Ith 8t . ' n20.U CA8CARA BARK WANTED WE ARE In th maek.4. fnp sn unlimited Quan PROFESSIONAL SHEEP BREAKERS Sprayinp; machine for ticks, sack, twine and buy wool. Call COl-R-l, Albany, or Obcrmeytr, Tangent aZ4 POTATOES FOR SALE A FEW MORE sack left of tabl and teed Katahdin Potatoes at Albany Seed Company Ware-house in Albany, price 12.09 per 100 lbs. Farmers' Seed Acct, Albany, Oregon, a24 NOTICE CALE MONTGOMERY. WHO an advertising in thu) paper for worthless horses and cows, are is no way connected with my place. Cecil Montgomery. m:t:4 CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calve. Th. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. mfUf tity of dry or green Cascara Bark, Will GOOD WOOD, PRICED R1UI1. Dtl.IV-red In any length. Lester Chllcote, 1404 Ssntism Rd. Phon 7J4-R. jL'O-tf pay highest cash prices. Albany nargain House, Xnd and Baker, fhone .70S. ald-tf POTATOES FOE SAIE-A FEW UQRE .sacks left of table a ad ated Kitabdin Potato) at Albany Reed Company Warehouse la Albany, arlra, , pea 109 1b. firmer' Seed Acer.; Albany, Oreaon.,aZ4 12 For S!e Used Cars WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR., WE pay highest market pries. M. Senders ft Co. alS-ml USED CARS YOU CAN BUY FOB BALI, BY OWNERONE OB TWO acres in North Albany ; clus in. Box 43. AlUny. ' a24-1 DEAD AND WORTH LE8S HORSES AND row picked up free of r barge anywhra, Pko collect 14-F-14, Albany. It no answer. Phono ll-F-4. Corvallia. mU-tf 13 For sale, Miscellaneous . WANTED WOOL ft MOHAIR Cash advanced on contract No Interest charged. Wa alway) rsy market prio. See us befor you sell. SAM F RACER Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd A Bskr. m2S-a:8 FOR RENT GOOD S ROOM HOUSE, new paint sod sew ly papered. lli.M per month. 131 Lafayette 8t Imtuire for f. P.. Wilson. 10TS West "th St 24-2 LOCAL CHAIN M. Seseera ft Ca. WHEATt No. 1 while, guc ; red and mixed, 71 bushel. - . BARLEYi Hansen, S21.M tan. OATS: White, No.1. I1H.00; gray No. 1, IJ3.00; gray feed 120.00 ton. . WOOL v Wool, per pound SOe Muhair, per pouad 40o MEATS (D. E. Nebergall Meal C. CATTLB Steer ,tS.!0T7.00 HeKera , .... 4.6O4i.C0 Bull , ,, S.BOdll.O Cow, beef S.0etiS.oo Cows, cutters 1.0013.00 HOGB 160 lo 10 pounds t ' ti 210 lo 230 pounds 8.!5fil.2J 160 to 210 pound I.7SMI.7S 250 to 3511 pound , l.2Sl.B0 SS0 pounds up , I.SOirt7.2S Sow-., S.HOMJ.OO SHbKP Lamb , r S0I3S.S0 Ewea 00x13.00 Yearling I 0J4.0 VEAL Llv ,....7e Dressed .,....I2e POULTRY (Swift ft Cempssy) No.1 hen. 4t to f lbs. 17 No.1 hem, over t lb. ,,,...17 No.1 medium, bens, over JV, lbs. ,,..14c No.1 medium ban, under 8V4 lbs. ....14c Colored spring 18c No.1 trailer. 14 to t lb. 14c Roosters ",?.t Stag". 1 rlVM MTTOM 104 acna .iM. Lasy terms; family frulj, bid., hi bway I ACHU CLOSE IN Strictly asedcrg . 'tuogalo. rnicken equipment,- walnala and fruit Pric 3SV0. CALIFORNIA TRADES IQ ACf ES, PLASTERED bout, family fratK el In. - - .' C M. D0LIARH1DE CO. alt-tf For Sale Farms OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at Iwsona Drug Store. snarltf r" 5 3 ,v ? f7" 7" 3" 5 " 13" TT" le"" ij kJ T" "" . . "S" "" "" T" "" " . iT " "r" 15 " TT T w " 1 ". -mm 7 i- ; IN A' . mm-mm ;'"f!' 15" """" M 7" " " ST , , . . ' . 46" ' . ' v 'j a .? , ; . I, , ,. 47 , - i - : 55" 4i 5" aT " TT 45" "" T FaSTW"" So" T " " " "T" 3e 33" " """" " "r" 3T " " T 5T " W "" 51 W "" " ZcT " " " ST" ' I 1 j J 1 1 J J ' 1 1 J ' ...If 1 USED ICE BOXES ll.N AND VP. PICK your now, a la rye stock to elect from. Lawn Mower trade In your old, mower on on of our new light running. high wheel, ball bearing mower. Garden Uosa We have a number of piece of good used garden bos. New hoa 10-ft lengths, Sprinklers, garden tool, eta. Albany Bargain House, 2nd, ft Baker., a2?-24 wiltt lunnuanis Ford CoachRecondHioned and In perfect shape. Her' a car that will give good scrviet at a prica that will sell Come and see H. ! 1931 Chevrolet CoupsIf you want a coupe, grasp this opportunity of a lifetime. You'll be proud of It sppes ranee and per formance. And at this low prica you can pay for many months' operating coats with th saving. Reduced for quirk sale, 1931 Ford Victoria Sedan Just traded in on a new Chevrolet Six, and in cicel teat condition. Body and upholstery just like new. For sal "with an OK that counts" to th tint lucky buyer at a very low price, Wa have many cheap cam such a Pon-tiacs. Fords, Chevrolet, Buicks, Stude-bs Iters, etc., that you can buy for very little money. 47Vi ACRE FARM FOB SALE ON SAN. tlsm Hwy, I mile out i new. 5 room house, new chicken home-all other outbuilding fair; on main power lino. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. Set owner, Wm. McKinlry, Rt I.Albany. Ore. ' tti-wti CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. etc "Look la your attls." Chas. Rohr. bough ft Son.' 411 W. First Bt Jl-U 4 DOO CHEV. 8EDAN. MODEL '. Beat f shape. Privive party for I18S.0S. I'heoe Til or addrcM 304 East 2nd St. a24 30 Miscellaneous Classified I For Sale Real Estate WRECKING SCHOOLS LUMBER 4 and up. Brick 14 per M. Planks good fdr barns and bridges, timber, 1I and lx sheeting, flooring, ceiling, siding. Can deliver. 3rd aad Madison, Albany. a23-2l-8 DR. WILLIAMS. FOOT SPECIALIST, will be at St Francis Hotel all day Sat and Sun., Apr. 21-26, Phon for appointment a23-24 POTATOES FOB BALE A FEW MORE aaeka left of Ubl and teed Katahdin PoUtoa at Albany Seed Company Ware. houat in Albany, price $2.00 per 100 lb. Farmer Seed Ant, Albany, 0 reran. a24 CUSTOM HATCHING OF TURKEY AND hen. est. Aay tim and any amount Phone 636-J. Mr.,T. B. Burton, South Ferry 6t a24-26 TVSED TIRES WE HAVE 8EVEBAL Open Sunday for your convenience. Used Car Corner FOR BALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Farms. All counties In WraU em and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnea, Field Salesman, 1163 Oak St, Eugene. Or. fIr SALE HOUSE OR BUII.IilVcToT. 1118 E. 2d St., Albany. a23-2t-S good 650-17 used tire and tubes; also rather elses t wry reasonable rtrea.'Ted- FAINTING, WALL PAPERING. INTER- 'tor decorating -that1 different -Them 42 or M3-L. Wilbur Dawson ft Clair Snyder. . mSO-tf , , ALBANY AUTO COMPANY 2nd 4V Ellsworth, Sts. , Phone 200 ' a23-25-8 lock & Forstcr, Is sV Jackaon St. Phone s;s. :j-25-s towns, extra fancy, 11.11 : do fancy tl.4t ; do far and. fill, fancy. Sac i do faca and CAGEY OLD FELLA GGS Att lriea An Dtllverea aikssj Cssai Rrtsraea Kitr le By HAROLD GRAY bill, choice, ti i Spitsenberar, extra fancy, $1.40 : do combination l.2t; Rom Beauty, jumble, tt'.-j lb. I Winesapa, extra fancy. Standard ..! 7 Extra medium IS 11.61 bo; do fancy $1.40; do Jumbl - '5 ;i tH i GOOB MIGHT. tra fancy Se lb. Standard medium .'.............IS TO THINK" FOUR l-MROPvXrC rSLt.. YheVRE X SUPPOSE NOT- C $VPPO$ I SEE OUR NEIGHBORS. THE JONESCS. I I JHVr LOSING THE Tp0ofS- I 1 MILLIONS LIKE SO- I 1 THIS AFTERNOON- THEY WERE, I t'J WgJHr tuTTTw.t 1 I CAJM T STILL. I lAWft,V-. uain a uttic-. it I ' H A.RO." VES BUT THEV. CANT I R MAKE THE GRiVDE 51ILL I -w WADjk UTTLE . -I NOTHING TO-WORK , THE i hWPELESS" , ,p THEV f Vii " VW0 WOOND- J 1 WITH.' k THINGS fl VKtLtS HfvO M40THER Y " rV4N(E- , SEE t YOO IM 'THE MORNING--. . Bananas: Uunch. tVi lb i bands Mitri lb. i Straw berriia i Fmno tl.90 per It ba' kct crate; Florin tl.lO'tf-J.20 per IS boa HUNDRED DOLLARS WOULD crat. (SO SHE HASN'T SAVE 'EM Orphan A -i'a' Hrown extras IVc Virtjp extra 7.1 60 Uadecsrade) ISc Fullrta IS fs ate 10 VEAL Llv ...S'ie Umard ,.)'ac SUTTERfAT A grsilr 28c B grade , 2r5 C srade , lit suKsr Gears: D'Anjou. box. Orange: California navel, fancy, UtMl rholc U.UUW. atandard tl.ti CAM Grapefruit: Arltona, tl.012.4t; liar, id 14.004(4.2$ ess. . Lemon t California, fancy, t.2SI.IO; choie I4.00rus.o0 ease. . FRESH VEGETABLES . Potatoes! Local ll.V0fU2.lJ0 per cental; Klamath fi.4OOi2.60 cental s Scappoos . netted gems. $z.00(2.1t Deschutes Betted ' gems tt.2t(t.SS cental. Celery l California tl.00lirt.7I fratd. v Peas: California, t2.00r2.40 sack. Lamb ..... t8.2SQt.00 v IS"! m x in nasi li si -r-- . i And Other Coniictt f $ ' r Portlauad Market Review l'urllsnd. Ore., Auril t4. 8un.lsrd egira were slashed one cent a down today, nd losses of one-half rent each for ton and bottom, aeon also were reported. Prims first wer unrhsnged. Butterfat aold at yesterday' price. Ekki wer unrhsnied. Strawberry prices con I In ue to reflaet lownesa her as a result of th arrival of three carloads from California. Flurin 1-s are trlllnir mainly II.10H1.20 with Cresno Sue around I1.V0 for new arrivals: a few ti.n. f Lettuce deal Is esalrr with Salinas down about 21c. Drvswd rneaui generally about steady. New potatoes are easier around ll.7oAf 1.80 generally for Cos. Aiiiaragua msrkrt wa firmer and slightly higher In spot. Frsi are selling around 2.20tf 2.40 per 50-lb. ban for brat. THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER IVIYRA NORTH, Special iNIurse By Thompson and Coll NOTICE OF FINAL . , : SETTLEMENT .. Notice is hereby given that, the , undersigned executrix of the es-r tate of Fred C. Veul, deceased, has. filed her final account in said es-, tate with the county clerk of Linn. County, Oregon, and the county, judge has set Saturday, May 2nd. 1938 at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon as the time and thn fimntv rvitirt rnnm nf colrl if . ' NOW.TUEWr FIRST I MUST 5EE THAT JACK IS COMFORTABLE - THEM, OU TO TWE EMPEROR'S . PALACE, TO GIVE HIM ALL WV INFORMATION ABOUT MYSTER : : county as , the place for hearing objections to said final account, . if any, and the settlement of said -estate. IDA I. VEAL. ; ,, 1 Executrix ' SWAN St -SWAN, -: 3 Attorneys for Executrix. April 3 10 17 24 Ml ,' ' j : . t. ' . - .. ,i v; 1 ? .. - ' - ' i. r 1 v Itmitime.our jT1 f J FRIEWD - KjOT I I 1 Jfftn 7 so LUCKY t :p5f ' i- lillifari .T-dr'JCitacvict.r,cl- . . . WITH TUE DONKllMG OP TUE RED CROSS SUBTLE . CWAMQE . COME5 OVER MVRA WORTH-' ONCE AOA1U SUE PEELS CAPABLE OP PACING LIFES PROBLEMS. AMP WOCKIWCi TWEM OUT ' " FOC MER.SELF PORTLAND LIVESTOCK , (By U. 8. Dept. f Agrieullun) rortlsnd. Ore., April 24.- Hogs ; K-celpU 3f, Including 2I direct: steady; gmdehuiee drlvelns mostly f 10.50; liahl ligtila liniiMiiii I0.2J; iiackinar sow I8.U0 DiS i'S; feeder plga 110.76. Cattle: Keeeipta it; rslvcs S3, including; 2 direct !' nominally steady; grind long-fid ativrs tiuotsble to $7.75 : fed heifers ts.ftoriit.7S ; low cutter and culler cows f 2,I0f!U(U oud bwf'cowa ta t&utti bulla Albany Businet DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Pemocrat-Kerald, ; "WM1LE, A rWOMEWT LATER., IM THE CROWDED STREET IN FROMT OP TWE BUT, SUDDENLY, A BROWN MAND APPEARS OUTSIDE TWE WIMpOW, AMD A CURVED BLADE FLASHES TOWARD THE NURSE..... , ' 5WE i 5CHEAnA-i ASr TMbr KNIFE' - - LL)W6E5 TMBOUGM MER CAP AWD ,PlMJOU&..l JO,TWE VVALL-... HOSPITAL - 14 0.l!ii(n 6.611 ; vealers tl.00rfie.6O. Sheep: Receipt! lull; nominally stesdy ; good trucked In spring lambs saleable to 1 10.110; good-choice wnok'd lamb quotable to I10.IW ox better; shorn lambs SH.6U down ; chiilro woolcd ewe lo 6.00 ; cliiipid ewea, 14.60 dpwa, 2ERO HOUR FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ATTORNEYS " BHssssssawawaBBrk , ' , i . I ... . - 1 i -' : sT as m. i, . a II , i.gss.. -a III A Ti wmm " f I I ....... ML'M . 1 ' - MARKS McMAHAN 1 Attorneys at Law - t 1st Natl Bank Bldg ' Phone IM WOULD T HAW AFTER I BLrr K VTAU Akin 4 "THAT'S UP I rWEI W . tOUR CASE IS NEXT, j si W.Be)rL gReI I'M- HD THAT BS- , Qook ....THE. COURT ,COOK.S JPlW'M S vJtSTfrAk?' H" JUDGE TO llL ' iV. ' IS WAITISJQ .' A -PEMEMBER THE; ) AUTO FBEIGUT. SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight-Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., ' Phone 371. . THK produce exchange The following prices went named to be effective today i - ' Butter: Cuba ' exlrss 27c: atandard 2('ic; prim firsts 2c; firau 25..c. Chew: Oregon trlpk-ta lS'je; Oregon loaf 18c, Broken will pay e below quot-ationa. , Eggs: Produce Exchsnga quotatlona between dealer) Extra large lac; standards large lie; antra medium 17c i standards medium 17c. Jobbing prior 2c higher. PORTLAND WHOLESALE PKICES Tries sre the prices retailer pay whole. Mlers, except where otherwise aisled : Butter: Prints, A grade, 21)c lb. in parchment wrapper, 30c lb. in rsrtions : U grade, parchment wrapper SiMc: cartons "K lb. Butterfat i Portland ' delivery I A grade, delivered at leaat twice weekly, 2KtUur lb, country route. 2r Hr i U ersU kii uttKpfe Jettrun vrSit -in fjc ' " met i . iuurit in ntnbi ; V J-A RIGHT ArJe5WERc? ' ' ! HERE KJttS I TWiUSEACALEWn FlWO ME V AMD AS PAR AS JrTS S-J ! ?Mj'rTWEWTY- A LOWS ftV , DO0O?y ClWG.' CERMED.WRE L- K-,-- owe.' time? y.-vtl TqZmm KtfPpi HjGuiLTyuhmLyu- ) '' 0 v. -?v. ,,A 73r tTrVr k S- ya cajj prove . y:J TrrFSf 3' tP MWi WPvW mr&: CAflPET CLEANING THK SHADE SHOP, 40kr W. first Phnna 7S HLM rjKKVlCB HUKLtY'S DHUQ STOHK FOB nvemiarrit film annrtrxi FUNERAL D1RECTOE8 1 y mm- Iff V" 1 f0mCmn fadShmm ; : . I,. ;,., . . - ". ; i . ; ; ;..., . , u FORTMILLER FUNERAL HQMJ Da nr Niirtlt rhn- mil-9 INSURANC- ... BY HAMLIN OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P, O. Established 1911 ' t ;...". " -1 - " ' . , WELL, V BIG YAP -DJCWTCHA SEE THAT WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. Mxicy to loan, farm security. PRODUCE LOKKj-NOSED HYENA KNU. Mt LVVNt AM OwAS MY- HAT - 20c lb.; C sraile st market. B Grade Cream for Market: Buying-price, butterfat basil, 63'rie lb. Cheeae: Selling price to Portland re-tallera : Tillamook triplet. 21p; loaf tic. Tillamook selling price lo wholesalers: Triplets IBe: loaf 20 lb. Eggi: Buying pric of wholesalers: Extras Ito; standard. 17e aatra mediums ll do medium flrtU lte; under grade IV: pulleta lSe oase. Milk: A grade Portland delivery, lie lb. butter fat basis for 4 per cent. Lire Poultry I Portland delivery, buying Pries: Coknwd hens, over 4 V, lbs., lU 19c; under 4V lbs.,. lS9ei leghorn hens, over SJ lbs, 15rjHc; under t's lbs, ,164i'lJ teghora broiler. 1 to 1V lbs.. U4(16c; do 1(4 lbs. up, ltiHltc; colored prinsT, t lbs. and up, 19U20c: rooster I'nH: pekin ducks, young, 14rgl7e geese, lli,l"e lb. Llv Poultry' Selling prle by whole, slers: Light hena lSii. llVjc ; medium x" HIs'lilTe; colored hens 18yi9e; broiler ljiie: spring IbtiiOc; pekin dcks, young, ISttlie; da colored (t 14c: rspons, over 7 lbs., 24?S5 b. ; guinea hens SOe each. Turkeys: Dressed: Selling pric to retailers: No. 1 hena. 23e lb i toms ilbl SWIFT AND CO.AL.WAYS LN GO.GIT HIM t" HEAR T the market for eesa, poultry. Tea' and cream. ' ' ''. m WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE.- - i? Maytag. Easy, Ttiof Washaire. f OUCHYWOW-' LOOK AT THAT A .', I BiG LIZARD COME .' IF I i Z DON'T REACH TH' PALACE VV ' S A FlPSn HE'LL PUT ME OKI (?A Vi Ta?Y vTH' HUM r . ' . BLACK.SMJ THING WELDING AW J'J SWDER cV SON - rlEAR AUON ing frames, sxles stroightenedv WELX. DRILLERS i a i t ,i f i xv . i a L TL. at 1 "t 22'nc lb. Babbits : ' Famcy dreued. 2024c lb. FRESH FKl'IT Apples: IVIicloua. evtrs fanev. II g.'.fff . .. V , t" el , - '" . , C. E. GORDINER i SONv Well Drillers "We solicit your Inquiries" Eugene, Oregon, 1, 2.00 box; do fsncy. tl.55djl.tO; New-1 O tM M( SrtvlCC. INC. T. M. CO. U. S. T. Off.

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