Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 24, 1936 · 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1936
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FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1936 THE 'ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, "OREGON PAGE THREE " In OARP Row i student body on Thursday In I which they presented some of the I selections which will be sung at .the music contest at Forest Grove LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS (H U R(H ES and our choir leader Miss Elizabeth Larson is doing good work. Mondny night at 7:3n, church board meeting, and at 8 the Sunday school board will meet. Wcduesday at 6:45 the choir will practice. At 8. prayer, praise and Bible study. We are to study Act 11) 33 rest of chtmter. : this week end. fur east as Iowa, have come to Lebanon to visit at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Evans, Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Blackburn. Mr. and Mrs. Ashley are uncle and aunt of Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Blackburn. Mr. and hir. Charles Snyder of Sodaville will alo entertain the visitors. Members of the Lebanon high school glee club gave a short concert before I lie members of the About 40 students, under the diiccti'in of Miss Irene Moore and accompanied by Betty Keeblcr, will enter the contest. Lebanon VTVTVYYWlVTTf TTTTfTTTT St Peter's Episcopal Church missionary will bo the evening ' will have entries in the glee club, quartette and solo sections of the rfinrmrtilivft olrnnt i V first Presbyterian Church I - M. M. Stocker. Minister r";V Sunday school at 10 a. m. Mrs. jSt r - - 'J f j Daniel Freeman, superintendent, ft 4 - I'-' . Sixth and Lyon Sts. speaker. Rev. D. Vincent Cray, Vicar A cordial invitation is extended Sunday, April 20, at 7:30 p. m. to all. I-cbnnon. Golda Stephenson of bulcm, H. S. Nolan and daughter, Doris, of Forest Grove, 4 Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Corvallis.- Mrs. Ralph Hiirms. a niece of Mr, Bird, gave a short talk. Mr. Bird offered a few icmurks of appreciation. ' Mrs. Henry Ray, entertained with a party Monday evening in honor of her son, Eldon's, birthday. A large group of friends were ptesent. Elder John Turnie was the honored guest at a lamily dinner at his home Sunday in honor of his birthday, which was an event of April 13. Those present were the honored guest; Mrs. D. M. Higbee and daughter, Bernice, of Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Ruban Edwards and children. Rev, and Mrs! Henry Turnkige and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hansen and daughters, Ruth Tumidge ond Mr, and Mrs. Oarison and baby of Sulem, Mr. there will be service of evening I Bible study class on Thursday Classes ror u ages, evening. 7:30 p. m.. will continue Morning worship at II. The I the study of the book of Revcla- pastor will preach. The choir di-Ition. rected by Mrs. Roy Yl'orley nnd reciea oy nirs. noy wunry ana Peoria Peoria. Dean Bilyeu of Pine Grove was taken to the Lebanon hospital Wednesday suffering with blood poison in his arm. It developed from a cut he received recently. Mrs. B. F. Howard, wife of the Peoria ferryman, is quite seriously ill at her home. She has not been well all winter. ' I Mrs. Black, mother of Mrs. Vere Hit! bee and Henry Bales arrived Tuesday on a few days visit. She motored through with friends from Langlois in southern Oregon. Mrs. Lurena Pearl of Albany visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hughes, this week. She has, prayer with sermon with the Rev D. Vincent Cray in charge. Chare f Christ Fourth and Broadalbin Sts. The . Salem : s r District FiO worth Fred Neal. organist, will sing "'The j Lion will be hld n Ch"rd" SuHvnl. i ! League Conventi Virgil F. Halbig. Pastor nihiShi o'm. m""h beginning on Fridav 1 ' "CTn rnip iu.-iw Bible school 9.43 a. m. Classes -i j ; Bflstor will m-each. A str nu ouar .inni..FriH- Evening worship. at 7:30. The for every age. You will enjoy this s ah vouna nro- m composed of Walter Smith. Jr..'. ri;R:,rrm,the inspiration of this ent. G.lchnst accom- i.-t. will play numbers by Han rv..i ...wo. 1 , del nnd Druhms. Morning worship and commun- Grace Mennonlte Church i 1 Mid-week service will be held, i Wednesday at 6:30 with class at 7,j Fourth and Main Sts. W. R. Augsburger, Pastor and Mrs. Wilbur Tumidge of Tennessee, Margaret Cole, Mi&s Kar-man of Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. David Turnidge and children of Talbot, Paul Turnidge and the hostess. Mrs. J. C. Harden was a caller in the afternoon. . ion 11 a. m. Special vocal number. Sermon: "Man's Forbidden Fruit." 6:30 p. m. AH C. E. groups will meet in their respective places. All young people urged to attend. 10 a. nr. Sunday school. A vices of the church. urn ly wfrit-uiiic dwutts juu arm ; ft yours at our Sunday school.! r. u ... employment in Albany. Helen LaMar visited last Sunday in Corvallis with, Helen Spring. Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Walbeck were Corvallis callers last lues-day afternoon. Mrs. Vere Hagbee of Tillamook is here for a two weeks stay while her brother-in-law, Lon Higbee, is putting in his spring crop. 7:30 p. m. Evening praise and ClassM for nil. Dr. J. N Wirlmnr rinp St. and Salem Road -worship service, oood orchestra , superintendent. m i i inr4a ,k A i jin t1 Mr ! , , m . ... m.i J. D. Miller, Pastor uo.v uu. v,,.v.v... w. : ii u. rn. morning worsiup. me ,n ej, u,i a Cleffman, Corvalhs. A rousing ' pastor will bring the concluding JJt song service and special vocal message in the series on "Praver.", " ire"in. T; numbers under the direction of(The tLme will b ..What and for J"T",.n .JJP: A csose Irlrtia oi Ur t'taiicis Townsend, Frank Arbuckie, (above, regional director t the 11 Western states, is attempting to stem the tide ut insurrection reported sweeping Towtwenr ranks f aiinir Km-mnn- "The wu . n .. . ti u: ...mi i neme Dicsscaness oi uie new Linden ATTENTION Linn County Voters When I threw my hat into the ring and asked the voters of Linn countv for the job as County Oommissioner.T used as my slogan. "LOWER TAXES." Since distributing a few cards announcing my candidacy for this office I have received letters asking how I proposed to lower taxes. As It will be impossible for me to meet all of the taxpayers of the county before the Primary Election. I take this method of tclrmg the people what I think should be done. First, I have investigated the proposition, and the State Tax 'Commission ia willing1 and ready to cooperate with Linn County. The Commission will furnish one man from that office, the Linn County Court to furnish two men. These three men will reappraise the property of the entire county. I have had a lonpr interview with our County Assessor, Clarence Templeton, and he is highly in favor and told the writer he had investigated the matter, and it should be done. ,A number of counties are reappraising and revaluing property now. Clackamas and Klamath counties have completed the work, 'making a great saving to the taxpayers of those counties. , The writer has talked to bankers, farmers and business men ond they all agree we ore paying taxes on war-time prices. I feel that taxes can be lowered 25 per cent without impairing our present road system, and if nominated and elected to the office of Commissioner of Linn County, I will make every effort as a member of your County Court to have this adjustment ' made at once. ED. H. HOLLOWAY Republican Candidate for Linn County Commissioner Paid Advertisement. - . . v. Hum in i i a. . iiit. vnuir win life. Voice That Cans lo bcrvice.' Bap-j Sing the anthem "Saviour, Take 7 p. m. Young people s meeting. ttsmai service lor me new mem- My Hand," by W. C. Jordon. Vur J . r : : r Topic. "The Power of Thought." i i u. in. i inisiiHii ciiiii-uvui. u. j iui.i. j u... ai t:;ii tn near at 7:30 to hear Dr. Junker's key- ' Mid-wek prayer service and ' p. m. Evening worship. "The j. :. ...., inotc vnnip sti ic sermon. ' !m " " m .... . , Mid -week service, Wednesdaey, 8 p. m. Evening worship. Theme, study class Wednesday . night at , Reception the Lord Will Receive 7:30. . ' ! at His Coming" is to be the theme "Sin vs. Righteousness. Immanuel Lutheran Church R. Heins, Pastor Services will be held Sunday at Lebanon Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs, George Chandler are parents of a baby girl who arrived on Tuesday, April 21, at the Lebanon hospital. The young lady has not been named yet. Miss Lcona Zeitler represented the Lebanon chapter of the World Wide Guild at the stale conference held last Saturday and Sunday ut McMinnvllle. Dorothy Littcll, 12, of Brownsville underwent an operation for ruptured' appendix at the Lebanon hospital on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Evans are the parents of a daughter, Margaret Louise, who was born at the Lebanon hospital on Saturday, April 18. L, H. Emery and son, Billy of Sodaville, have moved to Lebanon. Billy has entered school at the Queen Anne building. Mr. and Mrs. Churles Ashley of Rigsby, Ida., who left home in October and have spent the winter in travel in various states as 7:30 p. m. for grayer nnd Bible study. Choir rehearsal at 8:30 p. m. Wednesday for music week anthem. ,i ' W rf-ordiaHv invite "special day" worshippers to the privilege of regular worship in a church of their choice. Interdenominational Church Fourth and Ferry Sts. II. II. Hubbell. Pastor II a. m "Showing Forth the Lacomb Lacomb. Berlin grange members were guests of Lacomb grange at the meeting in the hall Wednesday evening. The program included readings by Maybelle Phillips, Mrs. Gertrude Wirt and Mr. Dickman and music by an orchestra composed of Luther Shanks, Bryan Sanders, Rubun Edwards and George Bostwick. Three applications for membership were received. W. J. Bird was the honored gue;t at a birthday dinner given at his home Sunday. It was a surprise for Mr. Bird, when returning from church services he saw a well laden table spread under the trees on the lawn, and 105 relatives and friends present to help him celebrate his birhtday. Those from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harms of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stephens of 11 a. m. I Sunday school meets at 10 a. m.. Walther league will meet at 8 p. m. this evening. . j A German service will be con-i ducted by the pastor Sunday at: 10 a. m. j Vhoir practice Thursday night at ; of the evening message. Special 730 p. m. j music. Watch for special ordination Thursday. 7:30 p. m. Prayer ser-ser vice and musical concert May 3. i vice and Bible study; 8:30 p. m., Rex Dallas, former pastor and 1 choir rehearsal, the Northwest Christion college! Special notice Read Isaiah 58: team will be here. All are welcome.: 13.14. Plan to attend the House of the Lord every Lord's Day. Pentecostal Assembly of God 223 East Second St. Christian Science Society Alan H. Banks, Paston Sunday morning services at 11. Friday, 7:45 p. m. Praise and Subject of lesson sermon, "Proba-1 prayer, Mrs. Banks will speak, tion After Death." "The Spirit of Power, of Love and! Wednesday, 8 p. m. testimonial a Sound Mind." meetings. 9:45 a. m. Sunday school, John Sunday school for pupils up to Nelson, superintendent. "Come the age of 20. 9:45 a. m. thou with us and we will do thee The reading room which is in Willamette United Presbyterian Uids Uiath. 1 his is the quar-Church. Oakvllle ! telly communion service. All E J Clark Minister members of the church and con- 10:30 a. m. Bible school. M. S. gregation especially urged to be Coon, superintendent. present. " 11:30 a. m. Morning ship. An-1 p. m.. "Till He Come." Mid-thrm. "The Holy Hour" (Ethelbert VWr meeting each Wcd- good." itne church building is open W ed 2 to 4 11 a. m. Worshio service. Mes- nesday and rriday from Nevin) by the choir. Victor Yates, ncsaa. sage: "Companionship with God." P- m. All are welcome. director. The sermon will be giv Sunday school at 10 a. m. Young people's service at 7 p. m. : 6:45 p. m. Sand table hour lor children. Christ's ambassadors. Adult hour of prayer at the home of i Mrs. Miller, Sixth and Baker. . 7:45 p. m. Gospel service, happy en by Rev. Henry Moore of Mult-j nomah. Ore. There will not be any Y. P. C. E. j meeting in the evening in order! that many may attend the State j Evangelical Church First and Pine Sts. E. C. Hicks, Pastor Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Os- K0AC Radio Program congregational singing, and spec car Swander, superintendent,; C. E. convention at Eugene this The Voice of Classes for all ages and sizes, with week. ial music. Message, ' God." ' . j consecrated teachers. Strangers are Wednesday, ,1 p, m., prayer invited to come and meet with us. meeting; 7:45 p. m., Bible study " Friday. April 24 United Presbyterian Church 5 p. m.. On the Campuses; 5:30, Fifth and Washington Sts. ! Music: 5:45, The Vespers Led by J. B. Patterson. Minister -Rev. Ti. Vincent Grey; 6, The Din-Bible school. 10 a. m. B. H. Phar- ner Conceit; 6:15. What Trust is, superintendent. Classes for all, Companies Do; 6:30, Evening Farm all in the classes. IHnur 6:30 Plant Pathology; 6:45, Morning worship, 11 a. m. Choir Market and crop reports and wea-and anthem. Sermon by the pas- ther forecast: 7, Agricultural Econ-tor, "Between Easter and Pente-omics; 7:15. W. P. Buruz "Pollin- Don't stay away when in Albany over Sunday, but feel free to worship with us. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject, "Success," Would You Like Success?". Come and hear this sermon. Sunday evening. 7 o'clock, juniors, seniors and intermediates "How to Obtain Faith." . First Baptist Church Rev. Elmer A. Junker, Minister "Does God Expect Men to Repent of Sin Today?" is the subject of the evening sermon at the Bap . ft h cost." (ation of Fruit Trees"; 7:30, Music; tist church next Sunday. This is meet at their usual places, uood V th first of AHm of interesting leaders for each group. ine evening service is ao- 7:45, OreEonians and Their Hob and helpful evangelistic sermons' A real good song service at :45 journed for this Sabbath evening bies; 8. The Oregon State System to' be preached by Rev. Elmer followed by preaching. Subject, due to the large number attending of Higher Education H. E. Inlow. Junker Sunday evenings. A hearty "Praise" let us praise God in song' the dosing -sessions of the state The Eastern Oregon Normal welcome is extended to the people , before this inspiring message. convention at Eugene. Those re- School; 8:15, We Write a Story: of Albany to hear this thought-1 mere win be specials at botn maining here are cordially invited 8:30. Student Forum; 8:45, Music; Drovokina and eminent message ' services. We have a good choir to the service at the Baptist ehurch 9-9:15, United Press News. next Sunday night: Service begins at 7:30. The pastor rejoiced to see a larger number at the B. Y. P. U. ser Y0- - -f I vice last Sunday evening, and to: have them respond to the chal-j lenge of a greater B. Y. P. U. We j shall be happy to meet all the old : members of the B. Y. P. U. and j hope you will help us do a great work for God in the young peo-; pie's work of the church. The Bible school will open the: Lord's day services at 9:45 Sun-i day. morning. Many of the classes ' have responed to the pastor's chal- j lenge to increase the attendance. ! r ft ? MPlM- I'm I h. tn lL ,'I'J "" i Thanks to her new Electric Range, Our goal: All resident members of the. church attending the church school. - At the morning worship the pastor's sermon will be: "The Blessedr ness of a surrendered Life." Let us be as loval to the church as we Were on Easter Sunday. The pastor needs the loyal help of every member if the church is to go forward with Christ. First Methodist Episcopal Church ' Third and Ellsworth Sts. Thomas D. Yarnes, Minister ' 9:45 a. m., church school. Classes for all ages. 11 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon subject: "Children of God in a Godless World." 8 p. m. Evening worship. Miss Bernice Corneliason, a returned T7x rr Tirrl A TT i THE NEW 1936 WESTINGHOUSE COOKING MARVEL Zi: SAVE $50oo "... wilh the Red Draw Sfrinrjs What a blessing to the modern housewife the electric ranges are. It is no longer necessary to arise at six in the morning, clean, scrub, scour and pot-watch until nine or nine-thirty at night in a hot, stuffy kitchen, bending over a boiling hot stove. No, indeed, the modern housewife spends only a small portion of her time in a clean, wholesome kitchen. Relieved from kitchen drudgery, she has time to enjoy the companionship of her family and give more time to the training of her children. Be sure to see this new. range which is now on sale. No description of ours could possibly convey an idea of the exceptional beauty of design and finish, the symmetry of line, the masterly way in which this range is designed and built. The most careful workmanship and finest 6f high grade materials assure a product of the very best. SAVE $50.00 AT THIS PRICE. Astounding ai it may seem, TOTAL PRICE DURING THIS SALE, ONLY $99.75 CASH, or $5.00 down and very easy monthly terms. 4 AT THIS PRICE TOTAL SALE PRICE ONLY $9975 Very Easy, Monthly Trms if Desired ( and sealed in Cellophane" EACIrl Handysack bears the "Accepted" seal of the Committee on Foods of the Americon Medical Association. Each product receives the same careful attention in milling asFisher's Blend Flour. Fisher's Coke Flour, for instance, is milled from the choicest selection of soft wheats, many, many times finer than ordinary family flour. Try it ond notice how long your Sooner or later - you'll try Schilling Coffee. Till then "Wings of the Morning to you!" Try the Schilling way to better coffee flavor by using the special Schilling Coffee specially nude tor the method you use. There are two kinds. One for drip. One for percolator. Schilling Coffee cakes remain moist. 10 DIFFERENT FISHER PRODUCTS fjwnss I j ri'iic . w Mountain States Power Company Fisher's Farina ' Fisher's Rye Flour Fisher's Cracked Wheat Fisher's White Corn Meol Fisher's Yellow Corn Meol Fisher's Blend Flour Fisher's Coke Flour Fisher's Whole Wheat Flour Fisher's Coarse Graham Flour Fisher's PoncokeCr Woffle Flour

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