Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 24, 1936 · 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1936
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FRIDAY; APRft 24;i93S PAGE TWO' THE ALBANY- DEMOCftAT-H ER ALD, ALBANY,- ORJEGON eon Journal In thu issue o( April Ol M. COURT-OF AWARDS 't,d t0 Provid? a modern display, his building remodelling is com OUR-WAV plite and the public will be lnvit-cd lo iTispeej the new lino. jruun for the new cars and a ishtp ifor rerviee work. The nt-w agency I, - i . . - i . HELD BY LE3AN0N 2i. To Attend Funeral I Frank Harris arrived last evening from Spokane, Waih., to at tend the funeral of his step-father, 1 cant see wt-rv you kjww. AU.ER LOOK,UP TW' ftUT X CBEEK. FERAMILEJO l -UfiT CAkJ'T ) ( I SEE IP TWER'S A COW. USUP! IT. EC AMYTMINa IM IT; 1 CUR1Y TM WOZ2 CUL1UCE NOU CtT, ACE MUMTIM' NOTICE TO CITY SUBHCRIREBg " If your - puper .ui not been delivered by your Albany carrier by 8:00 o'clock csU I). !. Rohrboui h, Phone 718-T and, a copy will be delivered by special carrier. Report all other complaints to the office, Phone IS The Albany Democrat-Herald John Simon Lamar, who paased . , Jut once-try ; Schillinsf FES4 SOMETHItf -- .... I VWtN TUU rMWYV,"3 I f W away Wednesday. Mr. Harria is a O BE UNWAPPV brother of Fred Harria and haa SOUT been with the Western Union 'Telegraph company for 30 years """"" s. ' ' " v' Ls "' rP'EW " " H : ' a k and spent his early days In Al HXtfYy ABOUT TEW r-EET y CT ' . - f-, r - GIRL SCOUT GROUP Friday. ; I Alfred W. Burgoyne came to Al- j Lebanon. (Special) On Mon- bany from Portland three years) day evening the local Girl Scout f and wa.l, iated with, , .- . A . t Monegomory-Ward Co. until lust organization, assisted by members September, when he resigned to of the scout council and the scout open a used car business in his ' leaders of each patrol, held a court present location. This venturer of awards at which more than one proved successful and since the j hundred badges were received by! first of the year he has been on the members of the four patrols, the look-out for a desirable new i The program of the evening was ! car agency. After a thorough in- i made up of special numbers inter-; vestigation he selected the Nash i ' spersing the presentation of the agency and is at present display awards. Each number was a parting models of both the Nash and of the activities of the organiza- its smaller brother, the LaFayette. . turn. The program follows: Mr. Burgoyne plans to hold a Color guard, Troop Four; "Oh formnl opening next week when ' Beautiful Banner," Pauline Pen-I - . , !--Tt- bany. He was known here as Chub" Harris. - Trade in your old tires for new mm McClarcn DeLuxe tires. Special Linnamoki trade in deal. Tcdlock Sc Forster, 1st & Jackson Sts. a23-2S in an apple pip , THE' WEATHER Oregon: lliitly cloudy tonight and Saturday, but unsettled in north portion tonight, warmer In Interior of , west portion Saturday; gentle west wind off coast. Arrives I Albany Wm. Sharp of Topponlsh, Nev., arrived in Albany last evening. gra. Troop 1; pledge of allegiance,! Betty Howe. Troon 1: welcome. Maximum temperature - ycaieruay nrirn. nnmn . , locally 69 degrees M.nirnum tern-. Jd who h pc:ratureflaSt night 50. degrees. spending tne week at the Kiver a ieei. j home of hii daughter, Mrs. Harry TULIPS I iiiivci iuii, & amim, rciumcu home last evening. He reports the sawmills at that place active and business improving. ' From ForUlnd- Charles S. Brewster and W. S. Covett of Portland were among the out of town visitors spending last night in Albany. Ruth Zimbrick. Troop 3; second ' i class awards, Mrs. T. McKinney; first class awards, Miss Mary !Clem; "Hail to the Scouts," Grace j jChilcote, Troop 2, and Pauline iPengra, Troop 1. i J Shadowgraphs, "The Three Mu-' sicians of Bremen," "Noak's Ark," Troop 3; awarding of merit badges, j i Mrs. Francis Phelps; "I Want to ; ' Be a Friend of Yours," Grace iChilcole, Troop 2, and Pauline j Pcngra, Troop 1; awarding of troop I - flag to troop four, Mrs. Arthur; j Pcngra; award to girl scout forj i cookie sale, received by Marilyn j Scroggins, Mrs. Arthur Pengra; i B unions Visiter 100,000 In Bloom Now In Our Gardens E. B. McNaughton. president of Lebanon Visitors the First National bank of Port t Sol Lindley and Denis Cormier laid, was a business visitor at the ot Lebanon were business visitors branch bank in Albany yesterday. Visitors ' Welcome I a Albany yesieraay aiiernoon. Returns Heme Dance TanlghU- ' , John Bain, a brother of Coun- I A Knights of Pythias dance for cilman William Bain, and who has "uooa Night," an scouts. IVallter Floral Garden members ana incnas is acncauiea been spending; the winter months ta be held at the Pythian hall this ' with his daughter in Ltong Beach, cj ening. . Cal., arrived home Wednesday and . ' twill continue to reside on his One Mile from Albany, on. Corrallu Highway. A class of fifteen girls received tenderfoot rating, all of whom' have completed the work since the' court of awards held in October. Four candidates completed thei prescribed work and were award-! WATCH FOR OUK SIGN - but very Utile actual business Was very interesting pictures. At Kings ; seco?d cI? r?t,nS- sained . -Valley they were privileged to see th ranks of first class spouts. n mimhw nf door of whirh ihpv Among the special badge awards ' f tempt for the soap box orator who talks about Russia on ' the street corners but who does not want to being transacted, the U. S. agricul ture department today reported. go there to live. He expressed the Asking prices on domestic wools took pictures also. i th n05 Popular seemed to be . . child nurse and junior citizen, each . ?' JHMtES fnhf, I ot whi 'ned by a class of SjM SEii .CL"b I thirteen. However, craftsman and IIANCE, MOOSE IIAIX. ALBANY fruit farm near Albany. i Sat Nite, April 25. Siegmund's . ,, Orchestra playing. One nit only. Leave for Calif emia - ' ; 23-25 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fisher of I ' - Salem, former resident of Albany, Visiter In Albany ' were visitor! here yesterday on ; R., H. Savage ol Cottage Grove their way to California on a two viaa among the visitors spending weeks business and pleasure trip, last night at a. local hotel. i Their two daughters, Lucy and , . Phyllis, will remain In Albany at Frons Oakland 'the home of Mr. and Mrs, W. O. Miller and W. E Begg from Biddle, Mrs. Blddle being their Oakland were visitors spending aunt. 4 appeared .unchanged from earlier in the current week. Average to We Carry a Full Line of Sperry's Farm Tested Feeds And invite your inspection of this -Nationally Famous Bnind " "ZZ '.: J"r" J"'ok both ranked in favor with a belief that any teacher who teaches communism should be dismissed from the public school system and that public hulls, built by taxpayers' money should not be rented for rneetings where destructive teachings are voiced, ' The speaker closed with a dra class of twelve receiving each, good French combing length fine and H blood mixed original territory clips "were ' quoted mostly 82 to 89 cents, scoured basis. to complete their crap books This meeting was the second of the year and brings the sum of awards made during the year in Bright medium grade fleece wools, FOR LOWER MORTALITY-USE packed in the country to include last night in Albany, SOIL MEETINGS ATTRACT matic reading of "your. Flag, and combing and clothing and V cluding camp work and regular 400 wintcr activity, to about two dred. l My Flag, a. patriotic poem, lie Business Visiter ' Ed School of Dcvcr was an Al blood grades togetherwere offer-) From CorvaUl Jess Stoncr of Corvallls tiuiiS' ed mostly at 34 to 39 cents in the was '"f b,S & William-h 'SURE BUILD" combined Starter and Growing . Mash , lor chicks .... and .'SURE .TURK" for Turkeys. - - Northwest Poultry & Dairy Products Company 124 West First Street . " -Phoe 49 bany business visitor this fore- (Contlnurd from Pag On) grease, delivered east acted business and visited friends noon He reporU that he is plan Dr. Joe Gray, won the attend- la Albany this forenoon, ning to raise a thousand turkeys Prepare Showroom For, Nash, Lafayette Grain Chicago, April 24. Wheat fu this season. ance prize, given by, Charles Bear. I vice-chairman, Glenn Ohling third . member and George Koos alter- LATEST LINOTYPE ! meetin 62 farmers tures firmed fractionally on the Dr. Williams, Foot Specialist, will be at St r rant-is Hotel all day Sat. &i Sun., Apr. 25-28. Phone for appointment . a24 board of trade today on further! Alterations are in progress at . rUKCrlASEu. BT- D-Hi Last night's meeting at Scio was bullish crop weather and private the larcest of all bv far. with an the Buryoyne Motor Co, 127 East CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy and for the beautiful floral, offerings-la the. lost of our beloved mother and grand- estimates forecasting -Kansas crop at only 100,000,000 bushels. I attendance of 121. At this meeting , Second street.-Betting the building . . I George Sandner was named chair-, ready for -handling the Nash-La- j (Contmutd fran Fan On) Candidate for Quern-June Ceil, daughter of Mr. and At the close May wheat waa up man, Victor Lyons, vice-chairman, t ayette automouiie agency, inei John Silbemagle, third member , large single room has been divid- j Mrs, L. R Ceil of Albany and now MTwattA Maniniiirn Protection at Minimum Cost cent, while new crops were Vi to H cent a bushel higher, Corn higher, oats were unchanged to "" Sluiied 'Erma AT Tennison, of community-r-always in advance of requirements. With mechanical equipment equalled by but few daily papers in Oregon, the Democrat-Herald is in position to handle the services available through sponsored by the chamber com and John Rhoner, alternate. A meeting will te held at Lyons tonight, and another at Albany at1 daughter, closed V4 -centf lower to Vi cent ' cent lower and rye was Vs cent 2 p. m. tomorrow tn - the court net a bushel lower. Emma Jane Gillmore, grarfd-daughter. i i i i n a , ; .. its leased telegraph wires of thei house. The final two, meetings of United: Press Associations, thei the series will take place at VERDENIUS URGES merce of Corvallis for queen at the Waldport bridge - dedication May 8, 9 and 10. - ; ,.i Born Near. Lebanon The life story of Mrs. J. M. Hamilton, of ;pi incviiw, born ,on the donation: land -claim . of her parents, Mr.- and Mrs. James Parker Combs,' near Lebanon January 22, 1836; appears-In the Ore- CONTROL OF ALIENS TODAY'S STOCK, j GRAIN MARKETS. ' i MARKETS AT A GLANCE (By Unites Frea Time fur NOMA'S EIGHT- FORTY WINE (CenttauW trom Pm On) mass of correspondence from its Brownsville Monday night and at large crops of reporters through- Sweet Home Tuesday night, out the district and the daily roti- County, Agent Mullen reported tine of Its staff here Iq , Albany: today tbat all farmers of the coun-The payroll of the Deraocrat-Her- ty are apparently favorable to. the aid is one of the largest in, Al- rotation program and practically bany, furnishing work to a large au who, are plan-number of highly skilled mechan- ning to take advantage of its bene-Icak editorial and other employee. 'fits, both in cash bonus to them-The Investment in this one now j selves and in the upbuilding of That's just what you get 'maximum protection at minimum cost" when -you use Raumussen's 100't Pure House Puint. And that is what you. should demand of aa outside paint: Its balanced formula, embodying the highest grades of pure white lead, pure zinc, titanium pigment and pure linseed oil, provides the utmost in surface, protection by reason of its imperviousness to wind and ruin, sun and fog, to extremes of heat and cold. and has been cited for. honors by ; Stocks Irregular lo rnoderate the queen. Dr. Verderuus, he said, lives better than 00 per cent of f , x Restful goodness . a in luvesimcni in wis one iicw.taeir i arm tanas. ta the, last, urop i ' Bottled at Ameri- value oi the. enure mechanical i ji - - ii - i - - i i i rir i r trading. : Bonds irregularly lower; U. S. government duU. ' : Curb irregularly higher and very quiet. Cull money of 1 per cent Foreign exchange: Irregular; francs at gold point. , Cotton firm, May at new high Since December. . Rubber slightly. higher. Silver in New York 45 cents, Off cent. ,V , cm lljifr-l, nmcry, Roma Wine Com- L ........ T . I Lebanon Man Due. To Get 2 Bucks plant of any other newspaper in the county. When the new machine has been installed and. in running order the public, will be welcome to visit this California. office and inspect this remarkable type-setting device. the people in Lurope. Yet he has no telephone, because it would coM more than $300 to have one installed.. He has no automobile because even a Ford in Holland would coat $2,800 and gasoline is more tharv 50c a gallon. He has no bath, still using the old family tub that; is dragged into a room by a maid and filled with warm water from buckets. The average European citizen has few, if any of the comforts and luxuries that are common to even the common laborer in America. On the other, hand,' the man who hauls the garbage frorn Mr. Verdenius' apartment in Portland owns his own home, has . a fine private bath, a telephone, drives a fine Studebaker sedan, and enjoys all of the ordinary luxuries or American life. This man came, from Russia and was a Pinft Groye Cookery Club Has Good Trip Its superior quality cuts painting costs in two ways first, ! it requires less paint per job and second, it adds, several years to the period before repainting is necessary. ''' . We can point to many examples right hereia Albany, showing flte wisdom and 'economy' in ' usini Rasmussen's 100 ',; Pure Paint. F. C. Dannals . PAINT STOKE AND PAINTING CONTRACTOR ; 125 East Third Street r" t Telephone '560-J WllMC' - ' ' t i ' - I Marshfield, Ore., April 24. J. D. Dyer, Lebanon, should receive two dollars, the old fashioned kind, in the mail Saturday morning. Marshfield's postmaster, G. W. Leslie, today found in the far corner, of adesk a letter from Dyer, written in 1920, enclosing two dollars for pork dispensed by the government immediately after the war. ,. Dyer didn't get his pork. But he'll Ret his money. r You Can't (now Everything - - - especially when it comes to drug store products. Consider our antiseptics. Some are splendid for freshening,, the breath. Others have a remarkable power to stop, sore throat. Do you know which are which? We do. OUR knowledge of drugs and their uses, so necessary in 'our prescription -department, enables us to see beyond advertising claims and fancy labels. . Some things are a matter of tast-rrf)Uiera -of .knowledge. When it's the latter, and you i are a bit uncertain, you'll do well to let us help you. This will often save you money, too. HURLEY'S DRlG.STOWi - Phone 10 i Stocks New fyi-k, April 24 -. The stock market went ' through a series of, wide swings' today and ended Irregularly lower In moderate trading. Opening steudy to firm, the list gained for a time and. then phing-ed several points In a burst of selling that cuused tickers to lag four minutes. In the early afternoon prices firmed 'in all sections until a long list of issues was up 1 to 3 points. Just before the close new selling developed and prices tagged ugain, recovering slightly, again before the close. Dow Jonec preliminary closing averugrs showed industrial. 151.-54. up 0 46: railroad 44.68, off 0.11; utility, 30.59, off 0.10. ! Volume approximated 1,660,000 shares, compared with 2,060,000 Peoria. (Special) The members of the 4-H Camp Cookery club of the Pine Grove school accompanied by Miss Shaw, their local leader, Emma Dobrinin; and Kate .Mohoff went for a camping trip to the coast range. They motored to the foothills above Hos-kins where they joined with the Wildwood Camp Cookery club under the direction of lsabelle Hamilton. After fishing lit the Luckia.-mute river for a short while a supervised hike squad was organized to hike to the old camp site abov SeeKai,; A" number ol the hiking party, weni farther up into the mejuptaias. Those . who. hud cameras were able to' Ret "some soldier in the Oar's army. He has saved money and owns five other nouses besides his own home. ' America means opportunity for those who are willing to work and are thrifty, said the speaker. shares yesterday. Curb salej WCTA 332.000 shares' as compared with 481,000 shares yesterday. COUNTRY America Owes no man a . living, he said. On the other hand, every man owes America his loyalty and devotion. There are two classes of people for which the speaker said he has po use those who talk hard times and those who are always referring to the "good old country" from which they came. Americans do not know what hard times axe. even in depressions, he said. And as for those who still feel a loyal- j ty to their former homes, if they! like them so well they can easily go back. But few ever want to go back, said Verdenius. Any i ' ' ' . Wool "i ' j Boston. April 24. Numerous in- quiries were being received on r. . wool tops in the nston market, rvri 1 WU ADC Unil UTAlO country which can spend more than $3,000,000,000 a year on tobacco and' spend three and one half times as much on liquor than on education has no conception of yLL women at tome period of tlwir lives need a strengthening tonic lit Dr. Pierce's Favorite lretriptioa Read what Mrs. Vestina UratiiKU of l-'t W. 3Ut St.. l. AiiKrles, Cal., i ih IS -,( , j, . .. S4ia: 1 m v"v P'im . 1 i-.mdtii.ui . r. . . bad had bninit Ihin anrf ..v I aiv hr It ly on ,,,, nt, tf, ik, hJ norwl jihi nd unmMx. TL I am nt tni flt , ' liquid, h.ty Al oa,u,, . W nitin fifiit CI, .-fcufiNkK .Y. fo I IT awlHll ailHCt 1.... fjyl V: f ri;;-:v " N? .4,;. ... "i . I 1 - r-ujjljlizdli a i7, Nit ' It hard times, he said. Verdenius launched an attack upon those who would pull down American Institutions and destroy the government which gives them so much opportunity. There are 16,500,000 foreign , born residents in the United States, he quoted. Of these 7.000.000 are still aliens. Out of the 7.000,000 about 3.0O0,-000 were smuggled into America over the Mexican border or cam? across the Canadian border. These should Ih- deported for any, roan who will not enter through proper channels will not make a good cituen. he said. As to the other 4U0,UU0 aliens who entered this country legally but who have not mad an attempt to become American ntieiM, he suggested that they should be notified that they must apply for. their first papers within two years or return to their former homes. KunHe would not be so liberal, he -said. Kvery foreigner is accounted for from the time he enters a 'country until he leaves. Germany and France and other countries have expelled all foreigners who do not belong there, and they t take no chances on strangers, said the speaker. Verdenius also expressed con- ; AMERICAN LEGION I HALL, LEBANON , Sponsored by- the Lebanon ; Paper Mill Union ! SATURDAY NIGHT J APRIL 25 The. best available old-time music with an attractive a floor "'show ' MtuU by BUI Raad-snd Hi Orchestra . This should be the biggest social event of the season, tkm't miss it. w ADMISSION Men 40c Ladies 25c Painful Piles Co Quick Xa Cutting N. Salves 4 BIG DAYS 4 April 29-May 2 DAWSON DAWSON DRUG CO. lit VV. l irist si. "'.'phowTtl bh Cvceh Cobh Creek do't hae lo II I I W S1, :7 t gulped became it's to mild M & C ,'' f $Jya! ml friendly r et with all -I f C 7 j the power you'll ever want. Full PINT I7aw.7 :f ''& A rbut. proof. Try it 1 J'pO f f K'iJ -.oal..l.l l , l.o Cwrorata XaT OXjJT '.'ifi, ' It IiKm snlr on Mil of Dr. J. 8 l.-nhai4t t ptwriptian HEM-ROID i nln liihlna, bMmi or pnitradin :mIh- Thu intrrnal awdirin irti uiikl) xrn in old atubtorn ruo. HKM-ROtD u-r.d brt-anac il Mfm to hr and l .lurr it aftn-iad IX ru and rllva blend i.n.-lirii in ih luwar bwl tht caw f iil.-. Only an internal mrdi.iiw ran do Ihip. that'i hr aalMt and cutlint ofln fail r)tay A Maaon. Inc., and all druc-hrta aar am ImhiI f ll;M'rrlll TaalrM muat rrhr iron of jour I'll Biiij r monrr bark. dr. -., LENDED W HISKY t.t smooth rxovni to SfeZ

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