Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 23, 1936 · 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
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THURSDAV, APRIL 23, 19361 PAGE TWO THE ALBANY- DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, -OREGON That SO THAT'S WHAT HE WAS TRAINING FOR! was uil :!.C l ii '. a ' "i'tl like ti." .. d, but it ws i,wm t lu. urkau. aaatBtiW a t'Yes,'' bhu answered ton-com-iiillUljy enough, knowing why and nut believing ins explan-ji.oii. "You did it because you are kind and I was inexcus.iu.y ruuu w j-- i hit.. "Oh, sure, that's all right. M44lM miL ataaabe Uaila Ji 4 MCA Nl hnlM. Betla4 It. ' i-m not really ufnml of having nd bitu-tly.' 'i don t know where no money ," hc 'd battdy when my mother is and i had no one the' story was luiislied. "1 can th.t but Aunt Kulherinc. She left woik Other girls have had to Huh morning to stay with cousins i f uce the necesMly of earning a liv- i;f tiers. N",.I have no one t go !in and there's no reason why I. to." leant" . i "liut surely " Pete could- 1 ;-Woik is tough for a girl lliwe n't fmbh his protesting quention-' days" Pete said. "Particularly for "Oh, there are friends," she 'a girl like you. I mean that you said. "But one doesn't live with have been ui.ed to a different sort, the m, and they., don't .keep one cf life and to different things than from feeling alone. I feel pretty ,tbe averaue working girl can buy much alone now and it, frightens 1 for herself today, You ought to me. It's a strange feeling', I don't Editors and. I'ublUhen L. JKkM . ft. Croaks. Things weren't so good around 8UH8CIIM10K SATES 'DELIVIBtD Uf CASEIIt heie that night. I meant to come bclui e to explain .... but, well .... I really came tonight became my mother Insisted." "Your mother?" Peta heard the Um rt, la advene ....Ill fit eaufil V la idruoi t.1 "It's a date," Pete was ashamed ! iU A iic was so relieved by her '-iiiwer. "And now young lady; 1 ' .ii.nk I'd better get you a wrap '. o- something. It's getting dampuh 'out here." I "Would you.... would you mind ' coming in with me? 1 haven't hud iUpper and 1 thought maybe, if )Md keep me company. 1 might have some.' Linda was much less like the president of the Junior League than a small, pathetic child. . "Sure enough, if you'll give me seme. I haven't had mine either," ! Pete lied Gallantly. Da MMk, to dM M BX MAIL Kl.tll Ltaa. Brtlaa. lOriosy U ,! LteD stay home with your family note of wilfulness and sincere interest In her voice, and the distance between them didn't scum OUBtM. you get matrtca. When v he said that , Linda , rear, hi 4fa .............. seem to Know wnii, to ou auoui it." ' .. : a " Pete took a long draw on the Lut halt-inch of his clgarcL "You could marry me," he said. (To Be ConllnnedjL ioo great. "You'd like her," he said. He lis tenth, to a4rea ............ tf Tar asentha, la advene 1 thought of Dix, and when she thought of him tliat quick thrill i I Idled her and stabbed her heart; was surprised that he had said it; he seldom spoke about his mother On eota. to, aSvaae Br tun tiMw-1 u. i. A. suddenly. There had been only the ; 6h pear.' to aa tl-M wuii all the affection in Ins heart is asooih. to .. .......... t.f ij close in his voice. Om eaoatk. to . r l. Inlai eeS imMMl .. "I don't know .much about cooking, but if tea, toast, and eggs I would tempt you I think 1 could' , manage." 1 Later, sitting before a blazing j hearth in the library, she told hint i all the things she had been crying la araeriM haq( aidrw a voters' it should altar are La at ! 1 short, conventional note from Dix. J BOOSTERS THY RIME Perhaps he thought it best to wait 1 Momcrey, Cal. Boosters of for a little time and then, surely, i Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas-and he would come to see her. Surely. gan ucijjto have decided to adopt after what he had said to her all as a nationwide booster slogan those other times, he would come t-Monterey bay for all year play." soon. j ' t "Haven't you some plans like lut Qt e. You Forqet . that?" Pete was speaking to her0"' raalksae Dtifr EacMt adar TW Democrat-Herald Fahltahlat Co la. "Tell me about her." lie did wiin, increasing pleasure as she drew him out until he told her about the early years, ,u mile house on the other siis ot town, the weathered shingle in the windows, the years of struggle und schooling and work. "You niUiit be awfully proud of a Iapeaaest AfWraooa Nesnpae irae, M. C, Mtain A Cat, KUcel AaSwe. uviri . in Vile gjfctaswwi The Bourne "ioriune" was gone. Her father had speculated and the reason for his suicide was obvious. The mills were in the hands of the. twaS BiiiiatlB, i and she had to come back from the ; I OU nare roiw eern her." There was moistura in Linda's eyes, Dut Pi le could nt't know the reason why. I receivers.) There was no mftney in . t t. mi x i. , inM -r me dutik. i ue iiuum- inoi ut far p ace of her memory. , I s prnr "I ikithat?' she asked ilng' Pl'iB r Win. ra.tetli.:a ef sne BSKea. improved wdrr bold thear flm, "and "Won't you want to go some i mJTh;: No , j, u. where and visit or stay with. ..... Et. lauu and. talk wit well, some of the family? mr rt. c.a Ktti ffom ovr drjrnit ' "I haven't any family," she 'Thre Siwi. -.dv. ' 'l , , r ' Tha Rust brothers' of Wmphis, Ick-bts. but Linda, left penniless. "I'd like you to meet her," Pete said Quickly, and us quickly half regretted it before she answered. m or may, not havt, perfected felt that she ought to try and sll It. ' ' r ' ' 1 urn - -r v ,-ii 7 gctUcevf been the only one, that went to the mechanical cotton picker for which th world has been waiting; but they do teem to have compelled folM to think serious about the great 'problem of machines and the men who run them. These brothers, as you may re. call, announced recently that their cotton picker is at last In shape, to o to town; but they ' asked the country at large to help them find some way of putting it on the market without throwing hundreds of thousands of southern, cot to picker and, share-croppers out of work. : "How," they.asked, "can our Invention bring security and leisure f Win, toil, instead of resulting, In starvation and homeIessness? They have advanced,, several Ideas. One Is to lease the machine Instead of selling it, requiring the lessee to maintain a definite minimum wage and maximum hour scale for his workers, to abolish child labor and to rccoghUe. the right . of ' collective bargaining among employees. Another Is to use part of the machines profits to set dp a social insurance plan for the djsablcd and, the aged, and to develop a program, of Industrial diversification in the southern cotton belt. Now these suggestions may be very good or they may be very foolish. The cotton picker itself, ta the expense of putting up a big 23 FOLLY and FAREWELL wall There must have been ,na yod. St1 SMC it ' years when the 1790.000 put into that wall looked like a big fiMa 'aTrt. , si By Marie Blizard - o w6 nea Sew, i. f ,Mi , f P OtrtJ bfac and a, o " . .1.1 But Portsmouth sut tUiht and rule .a. m- w er- jouot box- and I had a funny idea I might be able to tell you without it's hurting more than was nece&sary." He jhot' fibef edv .rMV waited. This spring the snows tn L a,.' . j an' too Linda's eyes grew a little wider melted, the rains descended, and X the waters rose; and' what happened ' , in- T1 a VTt Vo Every other city in the vicinity j.Oo Slta inch " jl Gre"" was Hooded, trom rcusDurgn, Where catfish made their nests as she appraised him, seeing him for the first time as a person. Pete was embarrassed by her ' silent scrutiny, "Guess I was pretty presumptuous. I don't usually get that way. I wanted you to know, though." "I'm glad you told me," she said gravely. "Why did you do that? Why did you come t otell me?" Pete didn't answer at once be lockt ..-hi among the lamp posts of the main stem, all the way down to the TVT eodef' levr EMM MRS TODAY LINDA BOURNE, !0 jwam old, Drrtl ib4 aortal!? prominent in tbo Utile mi44l rtrra Iowa of Nrwtowa, mreU I'tTKR GARDINER, political rrporUr. whra ah (tea to tb bladt office with an anBouacv wnt about a charity baaaar. The aamo day Linda's father, in finan-lal dlfflrultba, killa hlnuelf. I'ator awa to tno Bourn Bom to break th am to Linda., Miaundrratandinf. an IrraU hlia rudrlr. ' Latrr ah apotOKln, and con fid to TrUr that her father money la gen and ah must find a Job. NOW. CO ON WTH THg 8TOy CHAPTER II For fully 10 minutes Linda rest ed her head on Pete's shoulder, and then she remembered who she was. With toe tight little wet ball of her own handkerchief, she, wiped the lust of her tears away,, smoothed Tier rumpled ' frock, tucked, her, hair up and drew away. comi ind"1' neighborhood of Cincinnati, the. yolV water went swishing through the Uo, showrvV. ,,5.15 0 I v.rtev TO $125- streets, driving people from thcic homes, workers from their shops, ifl5S. a Supreme Molded A to Brake Lining cause he didn't know how. He didn't know himself.. He couldn't very well tell her that he Jilted the way she carried her head, or taat he knew she was, the kind, of girl who could take the harder knocks, ie-iH I Piston Ring Sets 20-om. Can sets Far Or irfj Super Quality-Sesdy Cut set TJ39 put he dido t want her to have to take them. . He , hadn't really thought about it before. When Mod especially for western 1 climotic condition!. UnsJr-posved for ail aurfoces. 3vc - 6 oil ond 12 comptev aion rings, Chev. '6'. M Chev. ever he thought about her. he had it "Economy" "Kleen AViA" "Don t mind me." Pete said. And , a good cry often docs a disliked her. Dust Cloth In his own mind he amended Full set, A Ford $1.68 LOW PRICED SETS FOR OTHER CARS. Auto Mop $1.29 K2S4 world of good. Have a cigaret?" , lie tendered his crumuled nack. f 7- -- 1 r-.M M.nn thank T 1.. Radiator Hose .Fan Belts Ceau to say. then reached with a hand that still trembled childishly. the word dislike to resent. He hadn't disliked her; he had resented her. The latent pride in him that had protected him so well through his young years had met not challenge until he met Linda and knew that he or his kind did not exist i jk Is . Miuef Keep your eirculotion I F0S All Cars X13 systam in good shape. yvi --n u .'Thanks, ' she said, as steadily W , 2 Vr-r Chemicolly treated, absorbs Q dust as her close-to-tcars voice would Soft brush ottocnas to hose, washes cars quickly. FordT.smoll v for her. e i ,rrt to . -.rnaW"" in" lFordT,lor9f rt- permit. She swallowed hacd and strove lor poise. . Then, remembering, she lost what littie she could assume Her composure crumbled And Pete, like most who knew 1p!L2 rnOI..i1c- Chamois A full line of flat and "V" type belts for oil cors. . . Ask for or. thought they knew Linda eocn, Kiju amw ' rdr Othar Cors Bourne, was wrong. She was in 13c up per ft. low prices-your size. and she buried her. face in her arms. -' ', capable of snobbishness. She was lata Hie u A good quality well tanned chamois. Others.. S3 to 2-5 "Say, look here that won't do and merchants from their stores. Many lives wore lost; property damage rose to astronomical figures. ,,,:' .',. , .. But Portsmouth snuggled down behind Its flow wall and went hbout Its , business dry-shod. , Its tnills, railroad shops, urui public Utilities carried on without a letup. Children, played unconcerned n yards, 20 feet below the level of the swollen river. Cash registers clicked and jangled in stores that might, easily have been full of ,waer. City Manager Frank E. Shechan estimates that Portsmouth would have suffered property damage of at least 11,000,000 had it not been for the wait Industrial payrolls of $330,000 a week, would have been suspended. There would have been heaven knows how much suffering and hardship for individuals. There Is the neatest kind of moral in all this, both for those who live jn river cities , and for those who do not Those great "natural" catastrophes that visit ui every so often whether they be floods, industrial depressions, or wars don't come out of a blue sky. We can see them years in advance. And despite all tha we say about their irresistible force, it is possible to get ready for them. " - Portsmouth proved it. Isn't the tip worth, taking? Gem Auto Paint Outfit any good." Peter, in the throes of an . unaccustomed emotion, found himself, for once, with pity lending a sturdy brake to the flow of fair, kindly, gracious and intelligent, : but she was reserved and had the considerate aloofness of her class. She was not confiding, effusive or intrusive in any relation in her life. And she was shy. She lacked the powerful weapons co1 nita' Lmra t&SL varouifetors L-T; ' 33B For Wort Can m W -iyr 1 T" f MOUS - W . ?ZZl2 Ttliotson Carburetor t-J?mT Complete Outfit for that matter, may fall tar short of' what the brothers expert it to bt. But the point Is that there, for the first, time, we.baye Inventors p labor-saving machinery' realizing that the labor which their machine saves has got to have some' place to go and something to do when it gets therie ' ' ' ' ' ' V " ,' ':' There is something rather ironic about that term, 'labor-saving.'' Labor is "saved,"; as, we say, when some new technical process Is perfected; but II sometimes seems almost as if we should say that it is lost. Instead. The working man whose bread and butter has been cut out from under him by a whirling contrivance of steel is not UkerJ to look on that contrivance as an unmitigated blessing. ' And although our, whole, society is geared to an ever-increasing use of machines, so that it would be insane for us to try to get back to the old handcraft system, we must realist thai this "laved" labor presents one of the foremost problems of this generation. ; This machine age contains more promise for the well-being of mankind, In a purely physical sense,, than did any other age in history, If man is finally to be released from drudgery he nay at last begin to live as Cod iutended him to live, with his mind and spirit as well as the muscles of his back. But he has to go on eating while he is doing this high-toned living. A heavy responsibility rests on society as a whole when it bases itself on labor-saving machinery. The Rust brothers deserve great credit for having the vision to recognize this responsibility. iSAV his flippant talk. What did a fellow do to comfort a .weeping girl? 1 ' --41 Ui SSW A tor most cars, .f M of spontaneous action and obvious $11.89 '4 t VSfii: . . OT( girl? $3.69 to $11.65 0. "I'm all r-righL Don't m-mlnd tor WM v" Ktngtton Corburetors C 1 A toe Ford T LI25 V 4-- nie. I'll stop in a minute,"' Linda brought out between sobs. reaction, sometimes called aggressiveness.,... . : - . .,.ssem,t a But Pete did not know that, and, from his first moment of meeting 2 p,nts "Gem" Enamel, Block-X2S 'i pint "Gem" Engine Enamel, Black or Grov X-2S-29. Bie-aaaaaaaaaaywaaajririj nm liU 1 pt. "Gem" Auto top Dressing, Block, X36 j : A. rour sheer sandpaper, asst. ants K306 One refimshing brush, 2 inch XI 15 x I -M AIU1U V - her in the Blade office, he checked his uncomfortable feeling about . .. htrttenf hudge b ,!1 r'SeSj-Saii Buy v"-wej ..-rrii Tow Chain her to his own belief that she regarded him as her inferior. And now he. did not know how I rrlfe ' In Handy Baj - Br fort you buy any Tire to answer her. He was glad that "TT..-.ita none of his gang were there to GET OUR LOW Net Prices Vulcan-;., hear him fumble weakly for an explanationthat jcame haltingly. "Oh. 1 dunt know. 1 lust ruin Dott 1101 m Heavy duty, rtrst- Droof finisft. 77 lnrlue fmink Western ed to hear it on the telephone and e s3 A - . j links, forged hock on eech end. well, youd Just 4beea in Giants V f Mil .ns- pZVA.e and ' -,svorr... Pump. Faiv Poncing Is "want me to go away?" Pete was suae that she did. "No," she answeerd to' his surprise, .'Please may I have .your handkerchief again?" , "What is there about me that appeals to ladies in distress?" he asked foolishly when the silence threatened to become permanent. "I'm sure I don't know anything about your ladies in distress," Linda said st last. "But I......1 don't want to be alone." "Alone? How about the family?" Pete nodded toward the house. "I haven't any family. My aunt went away today and Fatlser.,.. as you know,..... Her untinUhed sentence. brqught them boiu buck to remembering the last time they had met. 'After a little pause, and with no small embarrassment, Pete, said, "I dropped around to toil ypu that you misunderstood the reason for my visit the that other night. I didn't come to get a story. 1 came because well, because 1 -hoped perhaps you hadn't heard BACKED BY OUR Alt Read Hazard ondwn-- - re- Enligtjttjnccl A't Guarantee s TO Penh Supreme ' -a a. as Ubout OaM 4 -Easy I "?rZ TT7TM Tniv .' t'V San Diego, Oil., April 22. Chief accomplishment of the firsl an sereir al all ear p,reiae 170 ilerea tit IT1" Oar i,l 100 tmrm feaairlraai D-wao Double Distill a Ike Full ity annual western fan dancer convention was the granting of first place in the open fan sweepstakes Per Gallon S.A.E. 20-30-40-5() Poll Ug Your Car for less to Barbara Brent, 18-year-old Miami, Fla., dancer for her num Da Luxe) c ber in which electrically-lighted 3 J Dumper Dars Xnc st v?: fans aided the spectators occupy? ing back seats. Miss Brent said an old maxim ft" 5 Gals. $3.25 51 da Swing Glare Shield For Generol Motors Ccri , . . 1 9 3 3 to 1935 inclusive. Size 5 by 153 inch. Attractively finished. chr t,trirvi 0TI95 J Pair hisa of the show business, 'Tack the gallery and the box seats will take V . ft.Tr:K,ha, Double distilled from selected Pnn crude and Altered to tmov carbon tormmq imrninties ond waxy elements. care of themselves," suggested the ttro heavy bars ond brockets Chroma plated tprged steel 3x1 1 inches. . , uitiminaitmt' idea. r ps- Pla to stay twKib wha yo visit (ha NSW ExiOSITION...TWs axh to m in San Diago RATES Wear-well - I riKB Pexatrhwiia Other Bienpor Ban OS low as. TS Other 6iorlhietdS- 12 to $1.01 Protect Brbr and Beauty Worst for the Entir Family Al Popular Price Radiator Your' Motor with BGas Tank i' Per Gallon 5 At 20-30-40-50 FLUSH our v 15 MILES OF Caps 2 h. W'tt- Interior Mirror 40J ejjjiii GzD. oil n mj?3S- rORTSuMOLTII S PROOF Anybody, who, lives beside an American river might do well to reflect on two things the case of Portsmouth, 0., and the fable of the three little pigs. The pigs, as you may remember, set out to build houses. One pig baw trouble coming, built a solid houH? of brick, and got by when the huffing and puffing began. The other little pigs, building less securely, had a great deal of trouble. '.Now, Portsmouth U a solid industrial city nestled down on a point of land between the Ohio and Scioto rivers. Some years ago the citizens decided to take a leaf from the smart pig's book and fivi ready for trouble. So they laid out $750,000 to build a great steel und concrete flood wall along the waterfront. There are a good many other cities along the Ohio, from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, and of them all Portsmouth seems to have Graphite 1 ""' " j in tv mm . r. vt,a,; ccfu two Coots o'l rvVng ports w!tr reflecting col-Icdol grophit. , . Make ata-tma as.t saves on oil and gas. . . Reduce repairs. jJS Gals. $2.45 IS,.' lack Ilslt; Cutting - Permanent Having Hlr Ttnttitg Flrieer Valng aUrccUlBg ete. 1g-!ajj ...ahk. " 1 rhey can t stea' th. cap o th gas. Cojpvium Chrsm jm plated bovo-1 p.o'.aJ. j. . a net tp. 3 j in. wioe. PYyfTV Complrt Treatment "Vieor-weir is a proven 100 pur Penn-svlva'vo oit Provides tficient lubrication in oil service. Metol backed no clore, bqll-aocket odiustment in li for .uoss c.ra 10-oxe Can mm KIDNEY TUBES Medioal authorities arn that your kid-oniaia IS Mtrt of tiny rula er fiUcra vbiea help to purify ta Vtood and keea you healOiy. WJn), thould mptj S p.m. a day and ao get r4 Of nor Uwa I fouada of vaat. If you hav UfloUe rltb. to frnut kladdrr panarra vith amnty amount eaut. I burninc and dttromrnri. t is JKilra f kidney t.hea mar aW ftuahina- ut. TH aitnal awy be Ibe bermnin of aag- nc harka. he. Ie p,nt, Idm of pep and herfy, (tun Ui xihii, twellinc iHimwaa umter tb er.. aeauarkea and dixineea. Oont wait. A.k your drufaa fef TVmb Pilia. aaed wcr fully by toil-bona for oef 40 yeara. Thy si Kpp relief and will help to liuh out the II HUas f auiaey tubes, 04 Ooaa'a f Uta, iH JSzLJLKL lAUtl! Hinest tvxiiity Wesi : 4 ' 5 f!f:.:,r'? vV'"t' CMKrrt-il575 WAIKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 215 Lyon St. rhone ST9-R VALVI OIL Us in valve; oilers, or on. Pint 49t Quart U CONCtNTIATI im m 123 - i f Vi s First St. Phone 97 te'J t.. fMJ L .. .,. n7 130 West j lf1' .- ayi yuorr C 4-2) 7CC I

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