Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 22, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1936
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PAGE SEVEN THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HE R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1936 it. Feminine Ruler The Democrat-Herald Classified Rutes. MALE COAT SERVICE. 8KB MANAGER City Dump. alil-SI j WEANLINU PIGS FOR SALK K. ML ! east and t i. No. Uranuer. 1). R. I Whradun, Bu 4, AlUny. asl-il'l TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS .vit l rrrvluu rtilr CA8CARA HARK WANTED WE ARK in the market fur aa unlimited yuan. Illy of dry or green Caseara Hark. Will lay highest cash prices. Allany Bargain House, 2nd and Baker, Phone '.VA. atA-tf WaNTKI WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WR lay bighrst market price. M. Se-nilers A Co. ali-ml WASTED WOOL A MOHAIR Caft advaiired on eontiaet. No interest charged. Vie always pay market price. See us before you sell, SAM FRAGEH ! Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd A Baker. mJH-aJK Prices quoted hrlow are tew pre vailing at 11 a'rlock a. as. oa da, i iioiiistkjt, sin arc inhjret w. ckaags at an h,ut thrree'lel CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS Horses and rows. Day-old ralvee. I'n. 14-F 14 Albany. Cecil Montgomery. m!4-tf NEW TODAY rALEXAM)EK FOR I'SED CARS 'St lord Model A Tudyr. upholstery (lean. TU per cent lire, good paint, '. 1 Down. I 'It Chcv. Cout. motor OK, god Urn. alcan inside, taay term. 31 Kurd RosaVlcr. new motor Installed recently, iiuod tim. Two in stock. i "2! Ford A Touring. Hi per cent lire. .w paint, (Olid curtain, full price $136 Oo. i tf Ford V-8 Pick-up. low mileage Wrt f condition. j OPEX SUNDAYS j "". ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. RATXd AMI INFORM ITION Count ail aver words to the line. M viiur e-'l aiiMar iiteurrerlly. noli-iy tw tnimediatelv We accept rceinM.-ill'iiitv fur one Incorrect ineertloB. PHONE AOVFRTIHKMkVTtl Ada will be taaea over llw telephone oi oy mail. Tiiw Is done lur tne cooler wme of the ailvertirr a ml remit-lance should be mailed upon the receipt of invoice. . M mmum if Li - l' time tit H nimum 2 Li. timet lot Minimum 2 Li.- times Hie Minimum 2 Li Mont U. ADS MORE THAN TWO LINES I tinir, fee mini . . A., it 3 iimerrutite times, tier wnru . ...4e a MiruHrutive I imp, ii-r woid ......Tc Munlh. consteutitc tim. per word 2'ie READEKK Count five averane words to line. h-i in rai-s duui'i ewuiit. IVr lute, first Inaenwn, JOc ; per line each addi- ' titiiiai iiiaertion. l&c Card of Tnanks. tnc. COPY DEADLINES Cbuairwd eoiw must be ia office before II :oe o'clock oa day of publication. Copy tor Thursday must be la before f :tnl a. as. for classified pace. DEAD AND WORT Hl.tSS HORSES AND cows plrkcd up tree of r ha rue anywhere. Phone eolleet 14-F-lt, Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4. Contllie. mU-tf LOCAL GRAIN M. SeaaVts A Ce. WHEAT; No. I white. Kuc ; red and I'M A I iN O O L L iAni-;t'A V El iPLjUACIE DJ iKiSnPEIJL.' IvV A.SlJT E;A IQ O.M A I :N R 0 L L A N 0 I VIl IviAnLiE'A.v'EriL t.A P o m'eIp LJla'c 1e 'd Ul'e'n'o LtA'0 KiSnp'ElQHuAiOE;N ucriwAsFfTiE Atrrp M O.O.T ,'0 G,0P,L a p,Eisn r in. i ,E,pnr.t.L a FlA R'oUCiRjO N EJA LA 5 f 'r'e'n c HnNH2 0 R'' C H aiixtd. 7e bushel, i BAKl.KY ! riaascn, .'l,lu 'oh. I OATS; White. No, 1, Jls.nUi gray No. I f:'l.ti ; gray feed l.'u.ou ton. ! wool I Wool,, per pound 3H Mohair, per pound 42f Ind and Lyon Albany II Your Ford Dealer a22-23-8 ' ' Foy aI. MiacellAneout USED GAS RANGE8. ELECTRIC ranges, oil stoves, electric and gaa platee, lowest pnasible prlrea. Rebuilt used tangea. 'large stock, only up. Heat itU- value at Albany llargain House, 2nd audllaker. a21-21 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at Is son's Drue Store. aaarltf CASH PAID FOR USED FIRNITl'RE. etc. "Look Ir. your attic" Chaa. Rohr-bough A Soa, 411 W. First St. Jl-tf country. M llnllaml I falil'iua for 22 Tart. 21 Klutnli. 25 .Small lililct. 26 Pallern, 2S Carole. 30 Tlpxler. 31 LnnR km.. 33 To rlor will wax. 31 Hnvlni! tors, .14 Coif trfchor.. SSt'owder In- greillriit. IdTd luxe heat, 42 Suture. 44 To hollow. 45 I'art f R wall liar. 4'i KiiiKWiirm. 4S Half K'git, half man. Ml Coftln rtolll. M 63 Hurrah! . fit Muitlrnl nolr. lloltl.ONT A.i I Iti.liT of ll.r )Ulfh HHIl. H I'uriliti. 1 1 Ki: tit lhe. 15 I'Anf f a rif. IT Sin-InI Innii l. MTu vntlllMte. 19 Hy y ot. 21 You sml mt. 1 Si-rro f ul. :l Writ tin tool. :('liaog. 27 KlPt lrirlvil larll'le. 2'.l IVrlulnlni! In Ilia siile. 12 Sun. 3D romrHmlilun for two. 33 Perforated. :i Fairy. ,17 Fuiiriih ilUeaKe1. ,1!l CiiHlom. 4il To eoniirtNg. 41 rlinnllfKt. 4.1 To tlrivrl. FOR BALE EXTRA FINE JERSEY i bull calf, thrrc montha old. H. C. Huffman, Route 2. first house wesl of Millers- MEATS (D. E. Nebergall Meal Ca.1 CATTLB DIRECT FROM THE MILL II.1NCII mill woud, fine for cuokstovea, t.tu per tord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, ti in load hits. Sawdust and sbavinua. bany Fuel Co., Inc., Hi Caiapuoia SU Phone 62. a'.'tf fsfturs on Censer road. . a 2 2-2 3 Kleera , . , , sslilt-w Ir-e. UHTIi U. 47 lliiaalimi Mnl. 2 You anil me. USED ICE BOXES ft. If AND I P. PICK yours now, a Urre stock to select from., Lan Muwcra trade in your old mower on one of our new Hunt running-, hmh wheel, ball ocarina: mowers. Garden Hose Wc nav a number of pieces of irood used aardea boos. New hose &D-fU lengths, Sprinklers, eardrn tools, etc. Albany Uanrain House, 2nd A llaktr. tii-i4 IJ.lHilT.M 4.MI4.U FOR SALE SEED POTATOES. NET-ted ttemn, Hurbanka and Earliest of Alt at Sudlrll's Auction Mkt. ail-22 18 Lost, Strayed, Stolen lost black Tleatheh i pi :rsk"Tat". urdsy night at Cottonwood.. Contains small amount cash, fountain pen and valuable iMprrs. Reward, Kinder plraae return to IVmorrat-Hcrald office. B-l-22, j NON-RESIDENT SAYS SELL 3 Never In the history of Albany 'Heifers ... , Bulla Cow, beef haa ."If'iii'tk li'lti'r I KMH lig. .'iNallvc. find of war. Cows, cutters GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGH1. Ofcl.IV-! ered in any length. Lester CbilcoU, !" Santiam Kd. Phone 794-R. j'-O-tf aw.s IS Mate. 4 Hit foimtry Iiiih tan a. .12 Miiplv hhriih, SI Crlil hoilst). MOf thfl uloa. there been a bout aold of like value at Ihia price. Two extra fine lota, paved Hreet. fruit, fine location, the bouse itself would coat IK01I0 to replace; hardwood floor) in front noma, fireplace, full base-incnt, Thia property ia offered for few Vara only at $300. which la only a fraction of ita real value. Located at tit Weal 30 Miscellaneous Classified BON B DRY WREC KAGE WOOD. SRD A Madison. Albany. alt-22-S thoriu;hiirki springer kpamf.i. pii, finest hunters, nnly 3.IMI each. Jrnk'a Halrla ry. Tangent. Ore. a2n-2'. WRKCklNfi 2 lllti SCHOOLS LUMBER f4 A vp. lliMiring. ceiling, aiding;, caa-ing A Moulding. ImIIi. Planks '.'t. 2x12. 2 Jt 1 1. Mi. V.'irk 14 A ui. Dry wood, Salcnman 3rd A Madimin, Allmny. al6-22-S 16(1 to Dili pounds 2HI to 2S0 iHiuniU I mi to 211 pounds iMI to 350 iwunds 3&II iNiunds up Sows DUMP TRUCK FOKD late model, new let grade tim, i -H ply ; built up end gate for H'-j-S yd. bed; everthinar in fine ehairc: guaranteed. SAVE $400. AI.KX ANDKIt MOTOR CO. PAINTING, WALL PAPERING. INTER- ior iteeoraline thitt'a different. I'huno 42 7 X rronntiii. 9 Klitl. HI I'rlin Ipiil. 1 1 lllicli' lllillll. 12 Norllipitsl. . l.tMll.M . 1.00(11 J. 00 . l.U3.a .1 11.2-1 . 11.251 nil , H.7MI9 7S . g.2AlH.SI . liil7.2li . 5.r,0dl 7.IM) .1'. ui.u , t matM . I jiiiu ... ....7 ...12c Poultry, Eggs or JU L. Wilbur Dawson A Claire Snt.lee 57 Lion. fiO II or iiiuniiy Kiiiiiiloiii Jib. atreet Drive by but do not disturb the ' n30-tf BHkKP -rid and Lyon. , Albany, One. rnant. Please art quickly on thia as it will DAY-OLD COCKERELS EVERY WED. A Thura.. 11. oil ir 100. L. K. Arnold. A ot last. B22-23-S fit I.Ikes. M A In lier r t,"To rttovo Imus . Ewea Yearling a21-22 Ore. Phone) 1421. tabanon. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 3l a-Htf I VIAL OR SALE IMS-CHICK SIZE WADE BELP THR NEEDY The Salvation Army aerda fruits. ee-able, clothing .etc.. to help acedy people n emergency ease. Money, toa. If yoa -are o eoBtribute. We have ao lelephona. but bring 'B what yoa have to sonata or drop as a card and we II call fur rt Caps. Uert Bailey, 4 East Firm St., Albany. 15 For Rnt. Houses, Apt. FOR RENT 4 A I ROOM 11NFURN. ajita. Phone 647-K. ' a2l-tf Kl. IS WORTH APT" rlKAT. OVER, stufrrd furnituiv. I'h. U Ellsworth. at-If brooder aluve. 0. M. Auppcrle, Jefferson. a22 FOR SALE 12 WEANLING PIGS ; I feeder iga. Ho to 60 llw. Gale Jakel, 2 ml. west of Shedd. a21-2:l 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed POULTRY (Swift A Cempaayl No.1 hen. 4'v to I Iba. 17c BUY NOW FINE FARM, ACRES. one of our county a finest farms fur only iu per acre. , Anethere Fin IJl Acre Farm, well improved and owners will accept smaller place aa part payment. Half Acre, f Rosa H seise, nuts anil fruit, clear incumbrance and owner will" consider a good farm subject to Federal Loan. Eichangea Everywhere. Two Apartments to rent, Tripp A Murphy Realtors. a22-tt V OR SALE RROOU SOW'S AND WEAN- 1 linv liiirs lu mils slnuiri. ivmrnn lAK'o. 1 bene, aver Iba. . . 17c 33 Personal SighL Frank Hoffman, Albany, Rt. 2. APARTMENTS FOR RENT. DR. Stark's HMg. att-me i B22-24 FOR SALE SEED CORN, McKAY'8 Yellow Dent, best for ensrlage: 100 Ita. 14.60: 611(1 lbs., 117.50; l.OiK) Ita., A. C. Hryman, Albany, KL 4, 2 roL west from Bryant Park. al7-3is STOMACH ULCER, liAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer J For quirk relict get a free gift packet of Udga, a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson's Drug Store. m!4-a?4 20 Help Wanted. Mais RIVER BOTTOM lot acrra $'1600. Easy terma; family No. 1 medium bens, over J'-j Iba 14c No.1 medium hens, under 3', Iba 14 Colored springs 17c No.1 broilers, li to 2 II. 14e K ousters Stag le EGGS All Price Ar Delivered A Iba ay 4 Caaa Relaraea Extra lie 1 For Sale Real Estate fruit, bldgs., biirhway. Livestock ACRES CLOSE IN StrMly moderr bungMow, enicken MAN FOR COFFEE ROUTE. I4S-A-WEKK Write Albert Mills, 131 Monmouth. Cin-opportunity. Automobile given as bonus, cinnati, O. B20-22' N ACRES STOCKED AND EQUIPPED near Springfield, Ore., Hoiill. f 1 300 rash, terms. J. F. Smith, Box VI, Spring-field. Ore. al-24-S euuipmrat, walnuts, and fruiL Pric IM"9. CALIFORNIA TRADES 7 in .as-ot-c tit sci-t-DL-n i . i 7JT a?" "" 77" "zT "" S" " " 3d" "T "" "" T" T" T" 41 " " 5" "" 55" il ' 4a" "" W "J" 5J f v rs 3 i3 " i&" T" v" " "SeT - Y-v fruit, eloae in. C. M. DOLLARHIDE CO. alS-tf FOR SALE 4iRAY MARE. 12 YRS. OLD. I Win Ha. Black gelding. 4 yrs. old, will make 11 ml lbs., come and sea him work. 2 cows to freshen thia week, Holstein and Jersey. Amos Noftifcr, ; Albany Rt. 2. at Conwr Sta. a-1-21' WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-lcas horses and cowa ; also dead animal, if in good condition. Cale add Montgomery, Phone collecet 33-F-12, Conailia . a!7-tt i Standard 17e j Extra medium It Standard medium lie , Brown extras lac Dirty extra , It 1 Undergrade ! 24 Wanted. Miartiineous WANTED ALL KINDS OF TRACTOR work, pluwing-, discing and all farm work. Guy K. (Jotter, (4u Kailmad St. ail-27' I LI B HEARS FLANAGAN The regular mooting ot the Sweet Home Townsend club was held Monday evening of this week. George Flanagan of Seio was the speaker of the occasion. It was not known in advance that he was to speak and as a result, according to the reporter, Alta Foren, the audience was small. He is expected to return at some subsequent meeluig. The club went on record in favor of the view that all of FOR SALE REAL ESTATE FEDERAL Land Bank Farms. All counties in Western and Southern Oregon. C. A. Barnes, Field Salesman, 1IM Oak St., Eugene, Or. al-ml8 f'alteta Pre 47'4 ACRE FAR! FOR SALE ON SAN. tiam Hwy., 6 mile out : new ( room house, new chicken houaa all other oulbuildinira fair; on main power tine. Crops all in. A BARGAIN. See owner, Wm. McKinley. Rt. I, Albany. Ore. a22-m22 FOR RENT 4 ACRES K2AR ALBANY. Good buildings and some fruit. E. H. Holloway, Phone 28-K-12. B22-24 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal THR RTCBT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. I2e loe VEAL .....iiae , 12'je BUTTERFAT , , 2c ,. , 2c CASH PAID POM OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridstea, . filliags. old Jewelry, watch cases, etc f. M Ferncb A Sou, Jewelers. aUtttf WANTED WE AHK RIIVERS OF CAS-can. Huik. M. Sender 1 Co. , al-mt NOTICE CALE A MONTGOMERY, WHO .fViAr advertising ia this paper for worth-; less Imrsea and cows, are in no way eon- inecteoiwith niy place. Cecil Montgom Llv Dressed . I I A grade U grade the work and money spent by the Claude Wright, plume 2C6-J, S.IH E. th St. mzo-tf ery. . m2C-a28 club has not been in vain. .22 HAD SHE FORGOTTEN! 3fv haroi n r.N a SHKKP C grail Lamb .. .l.26.Ott Umonai California, fsocy, ;6.I5HJ5.50; (hole $4.0015.00 case. FRESH VEGETABLES rotators: Local ll.gotfi 00 per eenlal! Klamath $2.40rf2.6 eenlal ; Scappooae netted genu, $2,0042.16; Dctohutca netted CONCEMTRM-ION- FOR THE TlrAE BEING. HER STUDIES HWE gem $2,261)12.36 eenUl. DRIVEN EVERYTHING ELSE OUT OF HER MIND HM-M-M-' Celrrys California $3.0UW8.7 rat. Pca: California. $2.60m.7$ aack. Spinach. Th Dalle 24 y Sic: local 20 THE JONESES AND THEIR TROUBLES- PnrtUntJ Market Ri4w I'ortlsnd. Or.. April 22.- Butter and eggs were unchanged today. Onion seta aalea ar being mad down to I'-a lb. Ther I a trong long In th head lettuce market nre a a reault of furthr aharp advance In th Salinas aeetor. . I'eas ar weaker and lower and down to 12.76 for tils.. New California Ilrrmuda tyo onion are Belling M&cftl 11.00. S6e box. - , OH, WELL, IT S ONCf NAT0RW. Little Orphan Annie V u;amt Tn r.c-r BW4 l ,V.V -. , il SHE D FORGET THEM" Onion: Oregon, $12511.36 per 104 lbs. parked. .' -: Tomatoe t Mexican $2.75j3.0 lug, r. erata. Lettuce; Salinas $.00tt3.Ui Imperial . $3.00. . Sweet Potatoes: California $2.00 per 60-lb. crat ; outhra yama $l.i crate. Market is full of California strawber-. rle which ar wiling around I1.4S for Florin 12a. V. Cauliflower: Knsrburg, 1.16yl.26; Cali New Hhnfler while iwUtora an weaker with ouallig not so good and sale around 2.H0 for whll Teaa red are up to Old ixitaloea ar steady to firm. a s'-H 1 : . ' T"-" ' r-... j H-. V' PORTLAND LIVESTIH'K (By V. 8. Ilept. f Agrlcllre) Pcrtlnnd, Or.. April K2.-Hog: Be-ceipu. IMI : lx direct : tadr : good choice IBS to 210 lb. drlvclns I10.CO; U0 to KM II... tlO-. light light flO.VUiin.2t; pack END OF THE TRAIL FOR HYSTER ing aow IK.26! good cholca feeder $10.00 By Thompson and Coll MYRA NORTH. Special Nurse 10.76, Cattle! Receipts 200: M direct! ealve fornia $1.001 1.16 crate. Rhubarb: Field grows. 3(35e per 16-Ib. box. Cucumbers: Local, hot'uouse, S6cl(L36 do sen. New Potatne : Texas I2.60sj2.60 per $ lb. bag : Sbafter. 6r lb. Aeparague: Mid-Columbia $1.85 f l.W per 30 lb. pyramid; Hermiston 1r lb; Yakima 66ftt.76c per 12-lb. pyramid: California 11.001 1.60 pyramid. New Onions: Texas Bermuda. $2,2642.40 per 60-lb, crat ; California Bermuda $6 l$1.00 pair bag. MEATS AND PROVISIONS Country Meatat Selling price to retail-era t Country killed hogs, beat butcher, under 150 Ira., 13ill4c; vealer. No. I, 13K,Dl4e; light and thiB ll2e: heavy lKc; spring lamlw IHl20c; ewe 6drl0c lb. 6'allc; cutter cow KtMUc; lambs, old. Bacon! 25i26le lb. , Hams: 2''30c ; picnic 21t'(22e lb. Lard: Tierce baaia llc lb. HOPS AND WOOL Hops: Nominal: 1036 cluster. 7 c lb. Wool: 11136 contracts, nominal: Willamette valley, medium, 30e; coarse and braid '.'He; eastern Oregon 2ll2He lb. 2. 12 direct I slow I scattered early sales steady to weak ; no fed steer old early ; COMfs, LEW WEM - MELP KAE (SET BUT,VOUR MJE5TV - MAJOR MySTEE-VOU NVW j COM5IDEI2. VOUR5ELF Y UKIDEB AC REST LWTIL I H M'M iO A HOSPITAL.-WE'5 STILL good longfed etc re $7.7 : heifer 4 jo ; fid heifers M.Oii&i ." : cutter 12.601 4.00 : CUSWIWS TO COCK'S WDE,APTCE LEW WEW5 STA2TLIMG AMMOUMCEMEWT THAT TVE AMERICAM 5TI1X UVE&, MVEA OVEEVMUELMED WfTW JOV. v VOU HAVE OVJLV UWDEIi AREKST, EW? WELL, IT WOULD 5EW TI-4AT 'MATOE WVSTEE" WAS TU5T ABOUT OUTLIVED Ml U5EFULAJEi- IM MABUM -Tr-WMK'S TO TME 1 LUCK OP THOSE AMESICAU cummon to medium 4.60j8.ui gooa IM A t V" COMDiTICM f-QDK LOSS CF BLOOD- m ABLE TO INVESTIGATE bsr1 TWEIE. NQED2 beef ftl.OO; bulls 6.00( 6.60 1. eholc veal-r up to 110.00. A3AIMST MIME THI SITUATION MORE J iilllrl Sheep Receipt 60. three direct i nom h TMORQUOMLV - f inally atrady: good trucked in eprlng". .U.1 lamba 110.00; god choice wooled (10.00 or alwve ; few good fat ewe held 16.60, IXiVCKAQ-lMQ-l MI2ACLE1 Cltil , , Am lT I J NO MIEACLE, ' 5 l&yrw SWEETWEAET- . :a5 , l 'K& just BUrA i. 2 (7tnl THE rKOIiUl'E EXCHANGE The following price were named to be ? . - A effective today : ( 1, :' Mutter: Cube extras 227 'Act atandarda ei X 1 1'-- m Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants and proles sional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Democrat-Kerald. I in--1. i -I 1 AT JUVENILE HALL BY BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ATTORNEYS MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys ai Law .. 1st Nat l Bank bldg Ptimisj M AREXXI THANKS, FRLCK! laws l 114 T-w lll'l-. i ap.oi irrnv V -t fi I ie-r-ri liiniylil. i 'y a ioct vm i 1 X VHEKl I LEFT THRU THE ' FRECK ! I YOLOE A i?eal Pm l AUTO FRKICUT. and if anything turns WINDOtyTHAT ODP QOTC TIMES T.W Money is VbUR AUBI jrOLI KNCW do tdl; think anyone TOOK IT AND PRETENDED MXI LEFT IT I IF A !, vara . UP, lie LET YOU (-Vat FIFTY-CENT PIECE OKI 27Vjc; prime firsts 27c : firsU 21. Cheese : Oregon trlpleta . I5'n i Oregon. lnaf Klc. Ilrokera will pay ',je below uunt- ' ations. . ... ... . . i Eggs : Produce Ksrhange ijuiilaliuns between dealers: Kxtra large IHei standards large 17r ; estr medium 17c t atandarda medium 17c. Jobbing pricea 2e higher. P(IKTLANI) WIIOLKHAI.E PKICKB Tbear are the pricea retailer py whole-ralers, except where otherwise silted: Mutter! Prints. A grade, 2!-jc lb. Ill Parchment wrapper, 30 Uj lb. in 'cartona : II grade, parchment wrnpiier, 2tH,ie lb. ; rartona 29 'io Hi, Hutlerfat: Portland delivery! A grade, delivered at least twlco weekly, 2t)r30c lb. country route. 2'2Hci U grade 2Kit 2Uc lb. : C grade at market. It Kiraile Cream for Market: lluylng price, butterfat basi, 63 '-jc lb. Cheese: Helling price to Portland re-tailcra: Tillamook triplets, 21c; loaf 22c. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers: Trlpleta lc; loaf 2uc lb. Kggs: liuying price of wholesalers: Extras Ihc; standarda 16c; extra medium 16c; donH-dium first lie; under grade 1.1c; pullets 13c doxen. ' Milk: A grade Purtland delivery, 6HVjC lb. butter fat bel for 4 per cent. Live I'uultry: Portland delivery, buying price; Colored hena, over .4'? lbs., lH'it I lie; under 4'j lbs., IKdilUc; legburn hi-ns, over ,1-j Hm., ififirt 10c; under lbs., l.l'd IBc ; leghnrn bruilers, I to l'i Iba., l&spltlc; do H, His, up. 154116c; col-orei I st'ririKS, 2 Hi, and ut, lli4i.2oc; roosters H'riUc; pekin ducks, young, 14(1 17a geese, li lie lb. Llv Poultry' Selling price by wholesalers: Light hena 15416jc; medium hena 1SV 17c ; colored hena 18'alUc: broilers 16 ic ; springs llffiioc; pelt In ducks, young, 16i(7l7c; do colored 'Zt GEE, FRECK, IT'S NICE 10 i KWOW MT OLD FRIEWDS ) , HAVEWT R3RGOTTEW ME.' J il forget rr, Himy.' if J I WANT TO ASK Y. W "TtU ONE J jr . f QUESTION xf ! f: 1 ME...WE WENT RIGHT BACK INTO THE iORE SILVER WHEEL MOTOR freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. THE COUNTER ) OLL 0F TO LOOK FOR THE COIN, WHEN IbU WRAPPINS .HADNT LEFT IT ? A AND IT ','A5 GONE CAatllT (JliANlNO THt. tiHAUli. SHOP, 4tig wv rirst fetiino 7N It I s (i FILM t.KV4Ck V e 0) -X i HUKLJiY'S DKUO Sl'UHlC roH ovrniirrit film Mnii' MjfvfcKAL UIKtl 6Utt J g I I lV I--, (riai'rfc'r'J NOMINATED, ELECTED AND ON THE JOB BY HAMLIN rOKTMilXER I'UNERAL HOMt flae ve Night nrxtna LMSUKANCaV OWEN BEAM AGENCY Oppoilte P. O Established 1911 WM BAIN. INSURANCE. M-mcy PRODUCE ALLEY OOP 14c; capons, over 7 lb., !4'ii;5e lb.; t ia riki' nnp Ltv aevr . dowt wosayASOUT ".e tZ. ntiii.iv tiauii c vrv i'te. r-OAin iAii7nD7 4i. 3 EV-. FOOZY- .to T'nn a' th' mfia WE.L. BLESS I EZZittilM TrJ THivOJE -VE2 HEAD OF A COME HAIL' AN' HIGH WATER ; I M VWWPPF VA -.LrMinrnsr-rnii A-TA5C'. ( YEH -I GOT TH STUFf; OOP. MV PAI AV"IIGH T, BUTI SO TOUGH AiKjT GOT MY OL' I KWEW. BY V -.DlWOSAUrZ GOT ME.' AS TH NE',V YOU? .WELL , FEE- T V ..,, - . ... r . SCLIDSPNE (GONKJA STAY HECE UNTIL I G!T WHATS TH'S V OL DlNNY BACj GAJD WI2ED. I'LL C hMm -MAYBE THAT I A 7 LAMD OF M00 SWIFT AND CO-ALWAYS IM the marKei for enjf ooultt-j vet rind cream. cunn vcu: ccc -.. ?Oi ti5 rM'T CP il iru W Jr K, ZiG, VOU HAD I SEE -YOU ON ( A CAD ICEA. TH' 5TUFF 74' Tri, WASHING MAI IIINtS fi rvt THAT ' : OTTO KOOS. AMES HOWE. May-tan, Easy, Thoi yVa.ihfra. guinea hen 60 each. Turkey : Dreeasd : Set lirkx price to retailers: No. 1 hena, 26 lb; turns Tlit 11 'jt lb. Kabbita: Fancy dressed, 20y24e lb. FKEBH FRUIT 1 Apples; Delicioua, extra fancy, $l.K5y 2.00 boa; do 'fancy. 11.65'H 1.40 ; New-towna, extra fancy, $1.75 : do fancy 11.46; do fc and fill, fancy, tie; do face and bill, choice, 66; Spltaenberg, extra fancy. 11.40; do combination 11.26; Rome Beauty, Jumble, 22 'jc lb.; Winesap. extra fancy, 11.66 box; do fancy 11.40; do jumble extra fancy 3c lb. Bananaa: Bunch, 4'-jC lb; hand 61l!jC lb. , Strawberries: Fresio S2.36ie.40 per 20 basket crate; Florin $1.46 per 24 box crate, Oars: D'Anjou, $1.16 box. Orange I California navels, fancy, $3.16 4(3.60; choice $2.761 2.86; atandarda $2.66 case. Crnnefrult: Arirona l.siwii?.4; Florida M.ii'i'iji.: caaa, 1 I let . HELDLNO - BLACKSMlTalNCl 4 -itm'irX. t f '"v SNYDER As SON - REAR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened i a ei 4e- - -- WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER it SON Well Drillers "We sulirit your inquiries' Em'ene, Oregnu l . 9? a xi t,tBICr, inc. T m trr, u s t ore y

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