Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 20, 1936 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1936
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PAGE SIX MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY," OREGON "OUT OUR WAY" RVW1!I1AM? America's eight -oared crew rep LATE, COMPLETE Another Soldier-Kin: Emerges resentative in the Olympic games at nriin. While a crowd etima'',d at 50. f LISTEN, Mi-TEB-1 WslOW : l i tvttcv 3njuti in iHb l I WAIC BV WERT, SO , I 1 ooo persons looked on from van- noints on and around Lake OAKS INCREASE LEAD; BEAVERS, ANGELS DIVIDE ' YOU'RE NOT FOOUNO MG I ; Washington, the Huiky varftv, NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS Oakvllle. Representatives of the Willamette church. Oukvilie. i witm these rMAPPee- , 'packing too mcuh power for the ,Pfrs from Berkeley. boMled the I UNDER THE CABPET: I MOVA I'M OOIKJO TO .rv TELC vou aqaim'to.. &UQk Culiforniani to a standstill Saturday and swept serous Ibe finlh line with a lead of two and a half lengths. The Huskies' time was attending a meeting of Presbytery ' held In conjunction with Presby-1 terial at the United Presbyterian I 15 SB-4 for the three-mile race. The Washington fresh won the AND MlDMIGUT V. U lr TO . Cnho Nitcholij, Mission Reds' right-hander was the vtllian of the Sarramento Senators' piece today. The Texan cut down Senator batsmen with only fix hits In the cnurcn in bhedd Tuesday and WedneMav were Rev. and Mrs. E. J. Clark. Mrs. Grace Bulman. onenins; two-mile event in 10 minutes. 11 second and the Javvee naved the war fr a fWan vb bv defeating th nar Junior var Mrs. Anna Adams, Mrs. Lois Sher-er and Mrs. Erna Williamson. Mrs. Emma Archibald, member sity by seven lengths In 16-14.2. of the executive board of Ihe Chil u i 'ml n i'i i! ' . 1 m OAKS' MANAGER TO BE ; SELECTED second game of Sunday Mlsslont-Sacramento double header, defeating them 2 to I and thereby eliminating a promising ooportunlty for the Saca to win their first erier of the season. . At It was, the Missions won both ends of the double bill and took the aeries four games to the Senators' three. ; . The Reds headed off a late rally by the capital city team to win the first game, 7 to 4. They called AT MEET TONIGHT The manager of the Albany Oaks will' be selected tonight in dren s Farm Home, attended a director's meeting held in Portland Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. NeU Buchanan of Junction City spent Sunday at the home of Mrs, Anna Kendall. Hector Macpherson was one of two speakers representing the Cor-vallis high school at the sixth annuel state speech conference which was held in Eugene Saturday. Recent word . received from Adah Post, former Oakville resident, now of San Bernardino. Cat-says she is accompanying friends on a trip seeing the Grand Canyon and other points of interest extending south into Mexico. Vprnn Willinma uo c givnn a cur the club meeting at the Flics tern-ole at 8 o'clock. Baseball plsvers. bulness men, and the new officers consecutively upon southpaw Wal- a r.. . , . ( phi J irt 4 irr oirwsn, nui ouitwi ana nat wilt be present In selecting the The late, beloved King Albert ol Belgium won the title of soldier-kinK because t hi heroic leadership of the gallnni little army thai smiKht w stem the German lule in the World War Here his son and successor. King Uopold. pictured astride his charger during maneuvers at Beverioo camp, slums his inclination to plav a similar rule as the war drugs' rresi-endo nws in Europe club leader. No one candidate has a oinch on the post as yet. Jim Ault's decision not to accept the job left the field wide open for all comers, but the chances are that a plaver long acquainted in Albany will be chosen. The meet will also consider the various ball parks and choose the most likely for the 1934 play. FERRELL SCORES SECOND VICTORY FOR FIRST WEEK prise party Tuesday night when a transacted tusincrs Tuesday in line dejpite the fact he is sight-group of friends and relatives a- Erwvnsv;lle. i icss.. - - fembled at his home in honor ofi Mr. and Mrs. William Filkinv ter Beck, before they edged out a last-Inning decision. Oakland won a double bill from the San Dierro Padres, .taking their series by a five to two margin and pulling three and a half games ahead of the second place Seattle Indians. The first game went to the daks bv a 9 to 2 margin and the second 3 to 2. Young Jack Lar-occa matched tricks with E. Wells m the second, allowing five hits to Wells' 10. frank Shelleneback and Beryl Home pitched the first game for ' the- Padres and were found for nine blows while Wee Willie Ludolph was marking up a six hit performance, t Paul Gregory, who with Lou Koupal has won nine of Seattle's 14 games, turned back the San Francisco Seals, S to a, in tho his birthday anniversary. iand Mrs. O.cnr Rankin were Ku-i Nectarine trees in full blossom gene shoppers Tuerlnv. on the R. M. Lindsay farm indi-l Miss Masa Brcdrirk attended a1 cates that the growing of this va- meeting of the R.iinbow Girls in . ,0":,.Mlr.l''lltt WMV MQTMEB5 OST 6EAV 3tiy?" J riety or mm mignt De aaaptei to Alhanv Mondav niht. this locality. The trees are valu Clark Fte is workihn in the their unbeaten string by winning Loggers; 9-9:15, United HARRISBURG, SWEET 23 to 8. News, able as ornamental specimens. Puoils of the Grade school are practicing Softball regularly ns a recreational rchool activity. Paul New York, April 20. Wes Terrell, Boston Red Sox pitcher who won 25 games last year, added bis Home and halsey win in b league Tuesday, April 21. a. m. Homemakers' Hour: 10. ; Beight. teacher, coaches the play Haj-rktrarg Wins 11-4 Harrlsburg. i (Special) The Harrlsburg high added another second victory of the season yes- morning game for his second win ers. They expect to play eamw of the week at Seals stadium. Mc-lterday. He held the Philadelphia i"welry store of his uncle. Frank : E. Fe. j Delhert Stirr and Charles Tyscn ' visited in Albany Tumdiv. Mrs. W. C. Cooley. Mrs. W. 11. Pffttnn and Mrs. Mary Sawver visited friends in Albany Monday , nipht. Mrs. Ed Starwood Mrs. O-v RHpllf-nbaraer and Miss Lydia j Childs visited in Euijene Mond; y afternoon. Music; 10:15, Guarding Your i with various schools before the game to its baseball list Friday af- Evoy, Kerr and Mills worked fori Athletics to five hits as the Red Scio. (Special) Sweet Home 1. 1 .1. -Iki vi .IkITi ill ternoon when It met and defeated: sV."i.w: 7";n.: j i of the year. Sox. also limited to five blows by the Seals. Each team hit 1 1 times. scheduled STbaUwiTh Sc! T " 33 Xb"Zl sX"V ffilS,ttn McTSn0,F; &$PffifiL V. J22?::?nJ5? girls the same dav. makinir thern 5"' 11 ,S,f.n.!S. C. T. U. Tuefday aftrnoon. thMA Gordon Rhodes, trtumped 21. The American League along with the Cleveland Indians, who buried the St. Louis Browns, 13-6. ' ' Chicago, White. Sox dropped out of the lead when -they lost their ApH, Zi, ? Kr-fHnlnn-' pW.l wnrk.foV both mWft SMlU '"".the women's and L.TL. branches uuce ; 12:40 Market and crop re-rf.,i k r..,i chips on their shoulders the dia Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ireland of TO INSURE a home, store, or Eueenp visited at ih lm' ef Mr. factory' loss from fire re-and AL-s. Glenn McFarland Tues- iiuiics th- services of an insur- 1 1 1 Big Ed Stuti went the box In the second game and limited the Indians to seven hits, thereby turning In a 7 to I victory, Lucas and Pickerell allowed U blows and the series went to the Seals, four games to three. Los Angeles divided with Portland in the south, winning the second 2 to 1 after losing tho first 0 tO 3. ;... .1.1 -- ,-. ' -V mond-scorchera are determined to first game or the season. Schoolboy rtnrts ani u'nalhsp fnpM!iet ' ... 1 LEAGUE STANDINGS! make the best records possible. i president. SK JiS? t'f " ind The evem .;;.Ted "wi anx I'lp. m.. Music; 1:15. World Book! Mrs. Lovie McRevnolds suKMff- lous anticipation by local fans. world champion Detroit Tigers trl umphed. 5-0. The New York Yan Wan; l:Z0 Music; 1:30. Prosrams cd an exchange of 'plants or serds nn PnrnHA 145 MWif O 1 nsenn . u w.. ...Kit. ..... Pet. On the Scio diamond Friday af expert. Our advice might .save you money but will not cost a lent. Owen Beam Agency lib UeM Second Street 475-R 0ipiR.ile I'uttt Off Ire keea defeated Washington 9-1. ' In the National, the New York The single victory was the only dav." Rev. nnd Mr. O. W. P.ivnn :-tpndr-d the srvi"" m"ct'ng tf tlio Prosbytf-rv of Willamette at C'os-va'lis Tl'ur-dav and F'-'dav. K. E. White, who has been .cei i-riiflv ill for sonip t'me. reported po impving. Dr. F. A. Paden and F. H. Weber are also rcprotcd as slowly improving. SIGHTLESS FARMER WORKMAN OF. SKILL W. 17 14 14 11 '11 9 7 7 L, 6 10 9 10 11 15 14 15. 'Hi ,n sPanisn- 2;15' Msuic; 2:30, Rural approved. Mrs. Theodo-ia Yates 'Inn Life Review' 2A!- Know Your conducted the exorcise 'InA s,atc; 3 Raclio Club "How Can I; and Mrs. Loij Shcrcr had charge .524 MeasuEC Progress Toward Adult- of the l?sson study. Mr. Tor-d .500 hood?" Dr. O. R. Chambers, Pro- Holzapfel and Mrs. Dairy Terwil- .375 fossor of Psychology, O. S. C: 3:30, : ligcr were guests. .333 Music; 3:45. The Monitor Views i - ternoon Scio girls took Halsey into Oakland .... camp by a score of 48 to 8. The Seattle ...... visiting boys scalped Scio's nine to Mission . the tune of 10-9. Weather condi- San Francisco tions were the best and an en- Portland ... couraglng crowd of rooters wit-San Diego . . ncssed the games,' . t (Sacramento' Shedd is billed for Scio April os Angeles one the Angels could muster In six Giants continued their dizzy pace. games and the series left them in winning their fifth straight game, the cellar. . 14-1, over the Boston Bes. .. St. Caster opposed Gabler, Camp-1 Louis and Chicago., the other po-bell and Kimball In the first game tential pennant fighters, also tri-while Hobo Carson was the vie- umphed. The Cards whipped Pitts-tim and Joyce the beneficiary of burgh 7-3, while the Cubs halted the Angels' belated wrath in the Cincinnati, 18-8. Brooklyn defeat-tecond. led Philadelphia 2-1. This week's bill finds the Oaks' ' DR. CHAN LAM BrAimviU' ,318 the News; 4. Musical Stories; 4:30. 1 Stories for Bovs and Girls. 2t; Harrlsburg, where hot words and fast ball have made rifts in the American L'agae Standings i ! 5 o. m.. On the CamDuses: 5:30.! Brownsville. Mr. and Mrs. W. Pci. Music; 5:45. Vesoers Led bv Rev. N. Damon and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. clouds on rare occasions in the ' W. Muncie, Pa.,U.R)Harry Gottshall. meeting the Seals at San Francis-, Wiqhtmon Cub SaUOO CnM..M,A .nil I inntn. " Contains Vt flayers Modiiiue t o. Nut 'i ml nrmdh fur ilts.rit m ui livtr, litumHch, iflatnlM, nkm V uriiiMi-) ftyU'm of rrnii and wtrn-n, Mtw droifr; iv, euuiir tlihbiti without the u v of iii-iuim. Itf ytr in Suiin s. .750 J. Lacklen; 6, Dinner concert; 6:30, Smith entertained mcmb"rs of the blind, is eagerly awaiting spring .667! Farm Hour 6:30 The Ag Club: Presbyterian church choir and weather, so that he can go back .600 , 8:45 Market and crop reports and husbands and wives et the home to wor. tending his farm. .600 weather forecast: 7 G. R. Ilvslnp of Mr. and Mrs. Smith on T;is-j For years. Gottshall's truck ar-.500 "Root CroD Production"; 7:15 J. R. day evening. Following a brief don nas tlf0 p,., of jlun. ,500 ' Haag "The Chemical Composi- ; choir practice the evenina was cv LoCai residents marvel at hjs .200 t'n antl Feeding Value of Forage snent in a social way. Mrs. Margie ajjjii(v (0 Brow plants in a straight .. f I . . .. I. ...... . n n w. , ....... ..-.. . - . " past, is scheduled to bring a pair Chicago .......... 3 1 of nines calculated to even up old ; Washington 4 2 scores, this to take place here on Boston 3 2 May 1; Brownsville comes to Scio Cleveland 3 2 may 8. Scio goes to Halsey May 15, New York 3 3 and to Sweet Home May 22. . j Detroit 2 2 These games are with teams in St Louis 1 4 the Linn county class B league. Philadelphia ...... 1 4 April 28 and May 3.' 12 and 19i " . fighting over the cellar spot at Los Angeles, the Missions giving Portland fans: their first glimpse of 193S league ball at the Heavers' home park and the Padres and Seattle locking horns in a similar debut at Seattle. v,.--...- New York, April 20 An aU-veteran found, headed by Helen Jacobs, will seek to give America its sixth victory in the Wichtman cud matches at Winbledon in June 200 Villus. I ruu. luuilll m i(ciiili, v yiy ! 7-30 Thp Titian and Iti Krhnnl spnted with a Bift from the mcm- Nutm-oiiaihic l'rjTiiriini "Training in Manual Arts in thp bers of the choir in annreciation of VENETIAN THEATRE were left open for teams outslei National League Standing w ! ruone 5cnoois r. M. Bucnanan; ner launiui service, iteiresnmenis against England's best women ten-1 the league in case proper arrange W. nis stars. i menu could , be made. STARTS WED.. A Pill. 22. RINS FOIR DAYS Matinee 2 p.m. Nites 7-9 p.m. The team, announced by the New York . Pittsburgh . Philadelphia Ebrlghr Sees Husky . . Crew for Olympics Sweet Horn tt, Shedd 7 United States Lawn Tennis asoci V. T. t,.m. N.D. t:MtHini Room r and S. Vrnrlian Thtlr IIUIii., C.r. Fiinl tnd Mr.,,llbin Si... Albany. Olfirv Hour : 1 p. m. to S p. m. Turwlay lid Saturday Only. OiiMultiitkHi, Blood lmurv and Urine T.t r e f lation, did not Include Mrs. Helen Sweet Home. (Special) Sweet Cincinnati 5 2 3 3 3 2 2 " ' ' 1 ; Wills Moodv of San Francisco. A! Home high school beat Shedd high ehiD mm Smm Mi j ooo 8- Toe Oregon State System of were served by the hostesses, c;-'5ut) High Education J. J. lindsbiirv. sisted by Mrs. Frank Iom. 500 Dean and Director of Music: 8:15, Following the regular meeOng 500 Tn' Wor,c' in Review Dr. Victor of Lone Tree Circle. Neighbors of 500 p Mrris: 8:3" Oregon State Col- Woodcraft, Tuesday evening at the 500 ,ese Cadc' Band Capt. H. L. Woodmen hall, a lunch wa served ,-, Beard conducting: 8:45. Reading and Mrs. Myrna Nelson of Eugene. ! for Eniovment "Great Books of a member of the circle was hen- A the 1930's" Dr. Herbert F.. Childs, tored with a shower. " j ' Instructor in English, OSC; 9-9:15,' R. Harrison. mafl '"er of the Al-I United Press News. bany Brick and Tile company. Seattle, April 20. No measure loop-hole was provided. howe-er, here Friday by a score of 22 to 7 c, io,, mm (M,uie CIimii, N.U. Chariie. KOAC Radio Program 'iv, iiiuuid pmu viiiv,ntkj ui vuuils uil llic tram it aiie uvviuvsiw iu ut onm ttismv ivi uj iiiuiiidi- Washington's crew by University later to compete this summer. itarlly and allowed Shedd to almost of California's defeated oarsmen. I The squad which will meet the .tie the score. However, the win-rolling homeward after a triple Britsh women June 12-13 follows: Iners came back with a vengeance setback in their first major com-1 Helen Jacobs, Berkeley, Cat., U. and proceeded to pound three petitive experience of the 1938 S. No. 1 ranking player. (pitchers for the largest score of the campaign. I Mrs. Sarah Pa If rev Fabyan, season so far. Most noteworthy port-mortem of Cambridge, Mass.. U. S. No. 3. ; ! Batteries. Sweet Home: Vaughn, Monday, April 20 1 5 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, the race today was the prediction Carolin Dabcock, Los Angeles, Thompson and Wells. Shedd; Au-of Coach Carroll (Ky) Ebright of No. 4. ibrey, Clark, Shumann and St. Music; 0, Science Stories; 6:15. I Dinner Concert; 6:30. Evening the Bears that the victorious Mrs. Marjorie Gladman Van John. continued Farm Hour 6:30, Oregon Prison . Husky varsity probably will be Ryn. Philadelphia, No. 5. 1 Sweet Home girls Association; 6:43, Market and crop, reports 'and. weather forecast; 7,' F. L. Ballard: 7:15. W. L. Powers : . r i i a . ., . SEASON urainag ana aou niaiiajjemem , 7:30. 4-H Club Meeting; 8, With Oregon State Engineers American Institute of Electrical Engineers; 8:15. The Book of the WeeK Alexander Hull; 8:30, The Oregon i j you risk nothing 1 . - p- '-" j j you get double your money back Ck . VAENETIAK! i If DOUBIE-MELIOW OLD COLDS V 4 jr r don't win you j til A ONE DAY ONLY " V f n j A " tomorrow u i TUESDAY , f V.. ILaA. II V Romance in the Ozarks! ' ?-? A8 ?X if HI ' rf' Vii V-,L -. VJ,A V,l t" . . aJ ."A 1 ;3D irirSTY . . . f -e- ''I T-yfA . 4a 4aV ' . IN ANYIMIRCXNCY 4 Tell Him To Fly His Kite Away From Electric Wires . And Mot to Use CALL book Decomes a great picture! VTUEVOICf: bugle Sun Starring LIONEL U - f . . It. ' 7 ) ' : . : rfPir 1 1 POUBLE-MONEY-BACK OFFER in effect since Oct. 6, 1935 Jt i 1 -v-avJ jnr . J Smoke half a pack of Double-Mellow Old Colds. If you're not yJS H ''f ' pleased, mail us the mapper and the remaining ten cigarettes ' SijJvi V J,t Wire as a Kite String 7i BARRYMORE fx t at any time within days trom this date, and we 11 send you sirv,l'J J "W I m K. - r - -aassar ,: Maureen Hoimtain States Power Conpan7 ! double the price you paid lor the fuu package, plus postage. W v' J (SgneJ) P. LORILLARD COMPANY, Inc. '(Established 1760) Cyw f 1 119 Wert "JOtk Street, Now York City Or V . ...all J JL. . f- IIISIIII W I Ml -TTaW HIIIJI Tm1-' ' f UHr4r4 4rniNrtii I I ' n iic ; VURM TOMTE ENDS "DUl'BLi: BILL till III St at neusnip morgan PLtS "Lady of Secrets' -Rnan''iit-ii'i'ru)(.i i Ujj--MSaSaHamu 1 I - v js.y t f KZJ I KAlAZAZs j

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