Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on August 24, 1927 · 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 24, 1927
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-WEDNESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 24, 1927 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD ' FACE EIGHT , ISURE OF TERM AS SIOUX CHIEFTAIN nnnr in mm CflMSIFJ IE SI TO nr. u r The J. C. Brill Stores JCPNY& l UillUlNU IU ' KIT. 181 IN ID WIFE APPEflR FIJI ssW sastas arf gfmUttj iiaxvr. oaseoN. Sheet. .. $1.39 Nirfly rajUm! sheets tn-4 rr. Blaacbed QQ 9-4 Sheet iisc OuC A mi rlit. 7 - tv virM shwtinf. 25 Anniversary Lunch Cloths 54 x 58 98c (By fates Pna LtvS Win) I SALEM. Or.. Aug. 24. A we-! or to th late M. E. CrBmaacter, re-' prewntativ is conitrvK. from tit Third Org"ti district will be elected. October ( a pe-iai elocttniu it 1 Gov. 1. I I'sttentoa burned the mil' tit the etn-1ia iaml night it wuuU ( comply with the statute which provides that 40 iy U Hie minimum time iu which candidates hive to file! (Br rH4 rrm lfm4 Wh US ANiEI.F.S Aug. 24. IJts Grey Ctsplin will be legally the wife' of Charlie Chaplin for St least 15 dsrs yet ! As s result of a technicality arUisg from a eotroversy over payment of receivers fee Mrs. Ciaplia wiii not rereive her interloeutorr decree ofi divorce until the matter lias bees art- tied. ' '"'! The present nndetermined status of ! Mr. Cbsolin's det-ree was caused ! Erill Special Pillow in etui liC H eU fiubiwi 40-iwh pil- True Blue Play Suits For Boys Gives the Boy all the freedom I-l theater goer will be girem a treat at the Gke theater Friday whe -Suub" Pollard, sa TW'jna Ianieui ef ax.ring pirtare fame will si-pear- in perm ia a oe set eoas-edy skit entitled t)ut of Us." , rullsrd aeeU bo introduction t the theater public for Tn the past aevea rears be ss made himself one of the outstanding . favorites of both mate sad arrets. Misa Daniels will be remembered best for her clever portrayals with large ,J f'turj roforrd iw Nim-ti rfeth. their petitions wilt the aecrctary of Bute lor crtifk-etka to th couuty clerk. Both the Multnomah fount Herno whea Judge Walter Cueria awsrted Pillow Tub-be, 42-inch hxtr fin quality pillow tuMng 4i Inch. ffobbv Vernoa ia the Christie nmes I rhirrs th mm of (4..(100. Mrs.! SheetintJ i C ""' Thirty -ais Inch Ru(if be needs to p!ay and at the same time keeps htm presentable. Easily washer, too. Durable materials, sturdily woven. Drop seat Sizes 2 to 8 ' years. clsssie. "Ihimmv Love" and also wit V Chaplin's sttoraeya protested snd oh-Snnb" ia "The Yokel" sad "All j tained s 15-dsy stay in orler to mske Wet." Miss Daniels is not only to !sn appeal. j be on of tb most beautiful blonde' On a motion made by W. L Gilbert. ! rratic and Republican committees are! ind to cell conviitions within 1)J day f off be. purpo of nominating candidate. . I Other methods of candidacy open! ire certification of nomination by ap I assembly of 1H) or more totem Slid i certification of nomination by indi-l insenuses in motwa pictures, out is one or tne receivers mm x m Fancy Towel 29c Extra Large tQ Bath Towels DVC large to writ. 154 also rated as a very clever vaudeville tn. , For their preent vaudeville vehicle b made part of the interlocutory decree. Judge Guerin announced that be would take the ease under advisement snd if anybody's interests had been ; Kancy colored turkUh tnr- rhoir ef three colore. vidual electors. lliee two scintillating stars have ae- 79 c lifted a hilarious one act skit entitled forgotten, he would revoke the decree t ut of Gas-. This .offering affords 1 Dd Tant n'w. . .. both aa excellent optwrtnnitv to elis-' Thi automatically defers delivery play the r individual talents before I f j 'interlocutory decree for a l- ....... . t r i.ul .. 1 i .1.. u rind of 13 days. tiie tootiijibts and tbos. who may be The hearing revealed thst Chaplin had consented to per receivers fees to i" - SPECIAL! Thursday Only 10 bars of . Crystal White Soap .-v 25c '. (Limit 10 la a Customer) fortunate enough to see these celebrities in person will be afforded an opportunity to see motion picture stars in action on the stage. I Wfllld S ; the extent of ?10.(KK leaving the bulk 25 Anniversary Nation-Wide Play Suits for Boys'" ot a-vi.uw to oe paiu oy aim. NEW l'OHK, Cloth coat are expected to outnumber auite during the late summer and early fall. However, aults for the tourixt and for the Inspection Service on Lumber Planned ' As Help to Market Kiwanians Elect : Washington Man District Governor tailored woman art being Known by stout shops. Kuits for aportawear will be made of tweeds and t wilLa primar .The Store of Better Merchandise The J. C. Brill Stores ily. For formal wear, broadcloth and Blue denim, - khaki drill or khaki jean ; also in blue materials. Sport col-far, long sleeves, open front, drop scat, set in ' pockets as ihownhere. Sizes 1 to 10 . yean At ttnltrs Pma UsmS Win) SPOKANE, Wash., Aug. 24. After electing A. II. Byverson, Smk toft wooleua are the favored fabrica. Velvet although popuiar tor gown and coats, ia not seriuusly conisideml for suits for the coming season. Huit will be of bip-lengtb as s rule. Fur trimming i absent due to the increasing vogue for separate auluial scarfs. Third and Broadalbin St ALBANY sne, as district governor snd selecting Aberdeen, Wash., as th 1!K28 conven OREGON jj.' 98 Colors listed as imiortaut are tans, grays, browns and black, fur neckpieces harmouize. t , TO M'HOOL KXKCITIVKS commereial orKauixation secretary liip and thcee who would be trade tion city, nearly' 1,0(K) Kiwanis delegates were en route to their homes to-dav. . ' - The convention representing 71 Kiwanis clubs of the Pacific Northwest closed here last night. In addition to the district governor, lieutenant-governors for the eight divisions of the Northwest were, elected as follows; Division No. 1. Itobin Welts. Mount Vernon, Wnsh. ; No. 2, Stanley Brown, Auburn, Wash.; No. 3, Dr. F. 3. Cnlb-n. Puyallun. AVash. ; No. 4, M. M. Moulton, Kennewiek. Wash. : No. 5. A. I Martin. Cuer d' Alene. Ma. ; No. (i, Charles Walker, Portland ; No. 7,,. Henry Morris, Halem, and No. 8, Senator Juy I'pton, Ilend, Or. anwH'iutinn HecretarieH. The arbol will have the use of the Northwentern tTnivenit)r educationnJ giliint on Lake Michigan. ' Bolero frocks are important among the fall showings. It is noticed that these models are not for the plump woman since the bolero is invariably posed over a snug-fitting body foundation which demands ulemli rnesH. As a rule the bolero is rather short, extending am inch or two above the waist-line. The tight body and bip-liue is essential when the bolero is used, , 'eVANKTON. III., -Aug. U2 (P.P.) r The business vl training young men li . hopeful of -beensniiig the ex-i iiiive of Amerlcnn business in the I Mure will he undertaken y the Nil- ul 'HiilwiJ, for- - Commercial an Q f(l iteauisalion J.Cxi'Cut've which '"tills alo,wee,kii' course of instruc-i .f Jier today.' . . . , ! v'Hfctinlnjry, effeetivp upeiking, liuni-;s (jm(1 government anl effect tve writing are amimic the iiiliject j eh ill at uI i d by thow cik-f I it' tieooui' truttHoerrlal or trade f I'KaamtJoit esveulivea, ltmida tMa .Whetboe (r nut Picidii!t Coolidjre is rcnoiuinatcd by the Kepublicaus, lie is sure of wuc term nnvliovv us t'luot l.eud'ng Kagle of the .Sioux tr be. LUMBER' RATE ( I T KLAMATH FALLS, Or., Aug. 2t A rote et n lumber shipped over the Southern; Pacific from Klamath' county fas been announced by J. J, Miller, district agent effective September 25, IiKJ7. The reduction brings Klamath rates on a basis of the Weed, Calif., rate on shipments of lumber to points in California, south, east, ami west of Sacramento, where existing rates are 17 or more The president was recently rereivvd 'into the tnlie at the Days of lK7tl ccle- TACOMA, Wash.. Aug. 24. Retail lumbermen of the Cuited States ro-st'"ied their business sessions of their 11th annual convention' this mom-intr witb discussion of insimtion service on West coast lumber at destination and remedies for the narrowing profit condition in the retail lumber business. Discussion of' the' former question was opened b John J. Chambers, Chicago, while Tborton Estes, Birminn-haiii, was iu charge of the discussion of the other problem. George I). Rose, Dubuque, Iowa, opened a discussion on the need of h random lengths - shipping provision, and Nate A- Allen, Lincoln,; opened one on the desirability of a minimum wright specification for kiln dried r.-d cedar shingles. The convention yesterday afternoon unanimously adopted t a . resolution condemning the practice of starting a carload of lumber eastward before "t was sold. This action followed a discussion of "The Transit Car; a detriment to every branch of the lumber industry and to the public," which was otiened by Frank Carnahan. manager of the- transportation department of the National Retail Lumber Dealers' association. Abuses occasioned by the five p,-r cent degrade clause in the lumber grading rules also . were discussed Many retailers favor reducing this lirfrentage ot slack to. two or three ier cent and the 'manufacturers are showing a favorable attitude toward the change. , The tendency now is toward grade marking and trade markiug to eliminate many of the abuses. Under present haphazard marketing of donv- i hration at Desilwoed, H. I. - .; ' . A0KI1 100, GETS JOB (Or JnllH Prna Uufi Wirt) MVKRl'tKJl Kngland, While many much younger men in all part of I he enuntry are vainly Heeklng work, JnmeH Ilackett, at the age of 10(1, secured a Job lu a baker's store. Hacker has just died here at the aire f 102. Vp to a short time before Iiih death he regularly attended the seven o'clock Mum each inornii; unil had glwaya poiuet)Mel a wondcriul itiltv. . To be appropriately dressed for all occasions, one should remember that in.n lisle stockings are far preferable for sportswear than silk stockings, it salaried crowded men. The siilnwulks were with pcrainLulutr.Sj ptisheil pine d-lnoking wonit p of ail Iby stimt, Canadian Embargo on Peaches Shipped From U.S. Is Lifted very senium, uowauays inai we una a from shop to shop, tiiy lisle stoekings worn, with the sports I..-;,,,, t ,ii . Fear Mother of Former Hoquiam Coach Is Drowned rlowcnentiuD f BtiKlcnts two r Iiit cltiKKilkatiDiiw nre iirorlded for tn'r dress although it is quite certain that they should be. jjift"- aeeking'- to fit 1hnwe!va for Crepe satin is the favored medium for the early fall irock. Most models WOIJM RAISE TIG IKMJI'IM. sl, Aug. 21 -An . effort was &Vngl!igde today to raise the Airman I Itabhlft-, tugboat Queen, 37 net. tons, which kink In the Hoquiam river last night. Cause of tint vessel going down if unknown. Only the smokestack jmil upper portion of the pilot bouse aw above water. Li suite of the heat ami tW1 noise and the .overcrowiMnesii of it, .Itrvy loved it ail, tor it had been home td him for ten years the . happiest ten yen ra of him life. He sn.ffed the mingled odors of over-ripe fruit, wilting vegetables, fresh baked bread and f an -tons of lisli, oLered for Friday's dinner' and Imnnl them sweet in his notif I! lu . ' I : show e little longer hemline, the hem wing uneven in nsist casen. Kiack satin will outrule colors. Just m black satin is the favored innterliil for frocks,, black velvet is the favored apket Special n- United Praw Leastd Wire) HOiil lAM, Wash.. Aur.L'4. It was feared here today that Mrs;. Bessie Ilarto, who disappeared' from uer home Sunday,' had fallen intu the little Horrtiiam river Sn l' drowned. Searchers traced Mi-s. Ita'o, who is the mother of Harold Rarto, former Hixiuiam football conch, to a barc mKired in the river. Her hat and coat were found about a mile uwa. material for tuillinery. v The building wiiich he sought was Bt llnitMl PrfM hnti Wire) WASIUN'tiToN. Au?. 1 Th, arrii'ulture department was advised today tliat. the Canadian government lins lifted the emharso on fresh peaches and nursery stock from il illicit .Slaiesexcept to the prorinres of Ontiir'o and I'.rilish Coluinbia. 1 T'uder aineiulcd regulations, the embargo eontiiiiiss in these two irov-inces on peaches and nursery stock from nil slates east, of the Misaisippi and St. Croix rivers. It also will applies in liritish Columbia, to peachs and uinwry stwk from Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas. , . , , Tnen1 are "iiti restriclions against importation from other states west of the Mi-'i.-s jipi. a toiit'-mory v walk-up" flat house: that is to wiy there was no elevatur and no dootuniu. Certainly n most amazing 'place for a Crnmlall to live, 'f she tint live here! He scanned the four-row battery of' bells and mail bones, found the "4-B" e.isilv enough anil rend the curd in the little slot below the number, us he 'pressed the I las fir this lumber is competing with lue tiully white shoulder corsage may be doomed to extinction by the time fair approach.. -Advance afternoon models are minus these accessories. A few sleeveless evening gowns still adhere to the shoulder corsage however. .. . , Gloves continue .: in purchment 'Twenty-eight Blankets ,and pairs, left pver from last year. Some slightly soiled and mussed to close-out at low prices. This lot consists of Cotton Sheet Blanket AVool Mixed and All Wool Blankets. Lift Off-No Pain! yellow pine in southern territory. I n-der the proiKwed grade and trade msrkiug with stabilized production nnd marketing the lumbermen are uuufident they ran extend their markets with resulting profit increases,. The order of Hoo-Ityo, lumber fraternity, ' had a stag dinner last evening. The women were rntertained nt CHINESE IRI, HONOREDs. (Br Unites' Prna LumS Wire) .TEKINti. Premier Pan Fu has anpointed Miss Nadine, Hwang of the Chinese Bureau of Economic Information as his "press secretary." iss Hwang, daughter of a former Chinese diplomatic representative in Spain who died last year, is an accomplished linguist and holds the honorary rank of colonel in the Shantunir leading I (hree times ' tting vens the one shades with suede siip-nns above other styles. When light hair is growing d.irker, bars a GOLDEN GI.l.NT Shampoo. l'OKMKR Si:CI!KT.KY OF WORK iicniwr. pun,v, I'luing me illiriiMmn 1IAKTLKV XOW AT f A real blanket buy for you in the face of a I army. ilirr riijoril a ciinKf uu mr poiiim. rising market. CROSS-WORD PUZZLE woru ou. ine earn, neai ry leiieren in mk. So she was Miss Craig here! tlihl how tlwse. nssnming un alias instinct-ivek retain their iuilials, Crandull Cis'k! "Now, if she'd juSt call herself Callahan, I know I'd like thnt woman, princess, or no princess," Jerry grinned-to himself, ivs . the initomaiic "eluker" iu the iiwiile- door of the vestibule told him that his ring was tcirgi siiKWered. H bounded nil the first flight of stairs. Uv the time he' liad reached tho finirtlrfloor ln was not bounding, Int walking rather shinly, drsguiiif a little nt the lialilrailv "Tort , miinv elevaiiii-s in your life. PryCood' FLOOD'S Furnishin,. OI.YMI'IA. Wash.. Aug! 21 Mark A. ' Shields, who resigned as secra-tary to Governor Roland A. Hartley, a week ago today .was working as news editor of the Daily Olympian. Shields' adilitun to the staff of the paper is said to he pursuant to consolidation of the Kvening Recorder and Morning Olympian into the Daily Olympian. The merged paier has morning and evening editions, Shields held numerous executive positions in newspaper work prior to becoming Governor Hartley's secretary. Jerry, tax boy!", he told himself rue r a!i'iiiaMH'!wiiiii!i ai'im mtSmjimm the luiiicts.s came here fully. 'Mayl? In reduce.'! Doesn't hurt one bit ! Drop a little ''Freesone" on an aching corn, iu-stantly that corn stops hurting, then , shortly you lift it right off with fingers. - Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of "Freesone". for a few cents, sufficient to remove every hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and the foot calluses, without soreness or irrita- door IS ADJl IHiF.I) INSYN lie pressed the bell ou the iipai'tmeiit 4-11. jr S y (To tc Clmtiiiunl) Ciillie lVppcrliug of Lebanon was adjudged insane todav bv the jThfi Economy Shoe Store's ' 9th Anniversary Jerry wa right, lie Is face to face! I, inn comity examining board and was with Viviau Crandull. And Vivian has taken to Suleni (li s nfternoou. Mrs. a plan. Head the next chapter. I'epperliuc, who is a widow, has been " " 1 " ' ' I in the i-tte insiitiilion before, being I Vn-oerst-nersld ('lass, ads eet reanlts.' releasi t December i'l. 111'Ji. 1 T i . FT" 5 b WMM bM 2a7 ... 27 ""IA , ' . j 5T" SHoeS A Lourdes Grotto in America ale Last Times Today Patsy Ruth Miller . and .'""' Glenn Tyron In a Whimsical BREAKFAST Chilled cantl loupe, poached eggs on milk toast crisp graham toast, milk, coffee v LUNCHEON 0 pen r e a u sheese sandwich, jolly roll cake egg lemonade. DINNER -Iced consomme, rite loaf, boiled okra, molded vegetable salad, peach rnousso, plain take, milk, coffee. The vegetable salad In the dinner menu is Quito unusual ana very good. Molded Vegetable Salad Three ripe medium sired tomatoes, 3 ears of cora, 2 egs."' sweet, green pepper. 1 teaspoon graU'4 onion, t tablespoons minced celery. Vs teaspoon salt H teaspoon pepper, I tablespoon dour, H cup milk, lettuce, mayonnaise, 1 lablospooa mlncotl parsley, 2 tablespoons Hncly chopped sweet' pkklo. Scald and peel tomato. Cut into small pieces discarding all Hit seeds possible. Grate corn and mince pepper. Combine tomatoes, corn, pepper, onion, celery, salt snd pepper. Add egga well beaten and mix thoroughly, Mix flour and milk to a smooth paste and stir Into first mixture. Turn into well buttered custard cups or small individual molds and bake In a moderate oven for 25 mln utca or until firm to the touch Chill thoroughly' and turn out m lettuce. Add parsley snd mlncvu pkklo to mayonnaise and musk molds. (Copyright, 1927, KEA Service, tnc ) SIX MORE DAYS TO ; MAKE YOUR FEET HAPPY AT :!' A BIG SAVING 200 Pair of Elond, Gray and light shade pumps, to , s j . i choose from, only JVHt imiUMitlONAl SVNOICATg. Delightful, Beguiling, Comedy, ' That every one will like $2.95 HORIZONTAL (Cont.) 40-Mctal 41- Comparatlv suffix 42- Llks th dsvll 45-Mama 4-Polnt of compass School Days ere only a few weeks off so why not A try and fit the boy or girl at a saving. Prices (sbbr.) 1 : . l ? K St. I 'J ''V '?: ' ' ''ri I '.wLkV ' jKilr4 - ?w?ir Wr? - ml - t Ai.-J '- :j " . Art , ' - JtWI ) ; ... VM. . , 311- : - yA ' --v-ri "I - " ' r - - - ' 65c to $3.95 V 1 1 , 48- Sandy waites 49- 8llnc by fores 50- To find fault ki-i- HORIZONTAL I .,1-Mop . 4-Movo '. 7-Artlcle e-Statuts 10-Motlon of the hsad 12- Uttar in words 13- Ran swiftly . 15-lndistlnct 17- Shlfted to wind. ward, as a tlllsr 18- Ordered 20- Half a dogsn (Roman num.) 21- Csreal 23- Outftt 24- Colo of horss 26-Run off 28-Placs of aesustomsd resort Comedy Pathe News VERTICAL (Cont.) 12- Mstriematlcsl quantity 13- Preflx meaning "oain" 14- Preflx meaning 'from" IB-Place for coining money 18- Gods or goddesses 19- Vlgoroua 2?-Throw 25- Outsldc 27-Sister of Charity 26- Possetses J1-Percived 32- Brother of Moses 33- Frtiliir 35-Fmal ptrson 3-Projctlng tooth 3S-Plle 39-Bestow s fund upon 43- Por Instanes 44- B 47-Crud 49-Cleft 81-Procesd S3-Fathir constantly 52-Sound made by a dova H-Shallow vessel 54- Labor 55-Outr osrmsnt VERTICAL PENNY PRINCESS i . Hunters ,We have 100 pair crepe sole leather and canvas j . top hoea, just the thing for hunting, for only (Continues from ram Threel $25 INSTALLS. IT now! prcmioed her when lie was s boastful flshiing, ambit ion-ridden Utile . est headed "Irisher." The address which Vivian Crandalll 2-Rendr unconscious Plasty U TL-as sat aUlaatca Irssi't Watt Nr raU Rusk i 1-Modsst t-Pronoun J-Dettltut of light 4-Lovely 8-prpoltlon a-Wand 7-Troplcal quadrupid a-Pungtnt 11-Cowch M S W V Economy Shoe Store t 30-Flnsl t S1-Gloay silk 14-Bolls slowly J?-Comfort SS-Proaacut St Isw m i ne imu uot llie slUhtest doiilit that it was she- had given him was only two blocks from the flat building in which his mother had died six years ago. It wns like ruining home to get old of the fauiillar subway station. In him tin. same old cigar store a id . Formerly Metiger'a 117 Broadalbin Street t,Tl ii I- t " , SUGGESTIONS FOR SOLVINO CROSS-WORD PUZZLES Start out by filling In ths words of which you feel reasonably sure. Thei will aWt you a clu to other worJs crossing them, snd they in turn Albany, Oregon An exact duplicate ot tho famous Inrdes itrotto of France, where many mlracutou enr.'s are reported annualtj. being built by tha congrnatlon of Sr. Jo'oph s church at SU. Joseph, O. 'This picture shows the grutto under conMrncUou: "Inset Is Her. Kdwaril J. -en i"(Ki restaurant. Hut why was I Vivian Crandull livlni 1 FURNACES I'bnne UK to still others. A letter oeiongi in eacn wiuiv i-. iu. .nm.., i wi hiwil like thi7 lVivut viimuli, but peopled by th big fmiiilie id low !!ii!Hin:: IUIic& Ppifiig, fastor of tha church an suptwlot ot tho.morll.. Martin Ludwig Shop " puf fa ?J S1 Jiti,er 'l0ll!5nt,l,1y or nkslly or bothj ( 1 ' "1 ' IJU'l'!'.

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