Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 20, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1936
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PAGE FOUK THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1936 OH, TO HIMN KNGLAND NOW THAT' APRIL'S THERE with a considerable number of great natural resources mtneial a4iJ)Jj deposits, wider power, rich soi lMm at AUMnit, unm, paiorfte at MmMw bwIL Mnabrr Uaft4 Pi forests, and so on. We are begin BEHIND THE SCENES IN -WASHINGTON BY RODNEY DUTCHER ; an NEA Mm (Urvio &UblWk Itfl, ning to understand that it is crime iigalnsl nature for us to Cdltor and fubllahrrt L. Jarkwa and R. R. CroalM. waste these things. SUHSCKIPTION MTU DELIVERED BY CABR1EB BY RODNEY MTCIO KA trre Staff t'erasaaaat A good purt of the rem titrru-nt against the AAA came from a dim feeling that it was somehow very wrong to let fertile soil go to Oa mt, la advance IIU am auratta, la adVaaat 1.71 deaj ahead of us, too. We'll have to miike plum together. I've made some of my own. but perhaps you can Improve on them." They, .talked, lor. half an hour, longer. Suddenly Toby said, "Fatherlook! Kveryone else has gone. We're the only ones left!" Hillyer glanced about the room. Except for themselves, the dining room was deserted. Weary-looking waiters were eyeing them from a distance. "So we are," Hillyer said. "Well, we'll have to fix that" He dug into hit pocket for a tip, then turned to Toby, beaming- "Do you know what you said?" ne asked. "You called me 'Father.' I've been a. father for 19 yean ar.d this is the first time I've ever been called that!" (Ta Be Continued) XY7ASHIN0T0N "Blgnens" in agriculture Is still far from a On awMh, la a4naa ,,, , 10 T MAIL waste at a time when some peo Una, Boitoa. Harioa, Laa l Ltaeola ple were finding it hard to get aauatlat. possibility if romparlfon with "bigness" In Industry The trend, however. Is In that direction Revelation of huge benefit Om yar, la asraaaa U N cnougn rood, we swung away ; , . .i ...' .iv-r.wi;.rf' : '; . : - ,v .. ''-','7" ' .'.'A' 'J 'r- . u MiZ ,- -;' 'Jf ;"', ? .v.'tf"'. sfsls ai"- lis BMatU, la aaVaaae tjt from the NRA largely because we Tbrw awnibj, la advaaaa l.ti On autath, la advance M checks paid by AAA called attention to the growth of corporate felt that to waste productive ra Br 1U11 Mlf-la D, B. A. pacity through restrictive devices Oat year, la aaVaaae ............ tl-t was sinful. fanning and large farm land hold-logs. It was also shown thai both the number and total of Mrh pay Bis awatht, la adVaaea , 1.71 But all the while the depression ments were quite smalt In com was committing the greatest waste of all with one of our richest na tural resources man power. Oaa awata, la adraaat ,. M far 9017, train and BfwMtand ,. M la ardrrian kmrm af addraaa tsbccrtt tra ahoald alTar ! aid mil a ar PoalitM Dallr Eia Buadafs ft Dnaocmt-Harald Publihln Ca. tea. a ladtptndrat AfWrnooa Ntwiaap ddrwa , M. C. M-iaiia C Natioaai Adnr. tlB( BipiWf tlW. parison with the number and total of all psyntents. The story makes good political propaganda but Secretary Henry A. Wallace bas asked critics bow they would limit production with of retail trsl was In automobiles and related sales-ami 22 per rent lu food, but that plfxr rent of the automohlle Industry was. In the hands of three boards of directors, while the prod uH ion uf food was spread anmns f.Ouo.ntm farmers." PERHAPS the last pin of legls-- la I Ion to be Introduced by Senator Kdward P Costlgaa of Colorado, who' has just announced that he will not run for re-election because or falling health, is a sugar bill bearing his name which is remarkable fur Its provisions for laborers In the wane and best field. Few If any measures paused by ' Congress have ever been so comprehensive In covering agricultural or other labor J The bill is designed to remove legal doubt as to AAA's sugar quotas by writing quotas into the bill Instead of leaving them to executive discretion and to supplement Soil Conservation payments of about 12 '4 cents a hundred pounds by an additional msxlmura o 3"i cents. Payments would be conditional on maximum working hours and minimum wages to be set by the secretary of agriculture, no employment of children under 14, an The presence in this country of Buyers Swarm to County Tax Sale Real estate moved more rapidly in Linn county Saturday than for nu,ny years. u The front entrance nt th some '40,000,000 intelligent, active men is a resource sucb as few na out co-operatloo of the large tions have ever possessed. When house was congested all day long a fourth of these men can find I8LOATIOX HOPES VOID nothing useful to do, and must at public expense be kept from starv ing, a waste of unimuginable .- scores oi prospective buyers awaited favorite piece or pieces of delinquent tax property to be offered for sale. Sheriff Shelton and Deputy Sheriff Southard relieved each other as salesmen and Amv Rnss magnitude is taking place, ; The United States may have decided, during the League of Nullum campaign in 1020, to pursue a course of unyielding isolation in its relations with the outside The money we have to spend to keep these men fed and housed is deputy sheriff in charge of tax not the real waste; neither are the world, but you can't say that it cuuecuons, acted as clerk. i More than 100 pieces of properly were cried. The sale will mntinm. footling, picayunish job, we in isn't getting plenty of chances to vent to keept them occupied. Ttio change Its mind. into next week until all of the farms. Information as to the concentration of farm, holdings l limited. In a northeastern area of 22 states, reaching as far west snd south ss Minnesota, Iowa. Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia. It was found that from 1930 to 193S the number of farms operated by full owners had increased 12 per rent, while those operated by tenants in-Creased 10 per cent Percentage of total farms occupied by tenants Increased less than 2 'per cent. There were fewer manager-operated farms and the total number of these is lew than 1 per cent, but the average acreage of this type of farm increased 12 S per cent while the average acreage of all farms was declining 6.6 per cent. Yet manager-operated holdings as a wbole declined 8 per cent. Department of Agriculture econ real waste is the simple, tragic approximately 500 parcels listed are disopsed fact that, this great army of men f , Sheriff SheUon eight-hour day for children between said. who might be busy "are idle. , We could abolish WPA and abandon The most recent one of course, Is the proposition advanced by the heads of three Latin American na- tipns lot a league of New World , states to keep ; the peace, settle arguments, . and turn the "good ; neighbor"' policy into something LICENSED TO WED j A marriage license has been is sued to Samuel M. Ropp. 22. R. F. D. No. 1, Albany, and Verda Kropf, 21, Hubbard, Ore. - : 14 and 16 and the growing of enough cane or beet to meet allotments but not exceed them in order to have a continuous supply of sugar at prices "fair to producers and consumers" Settlement with laborers must be made before payments sfe received and labor disputes would have to be submitted to the secretary These provisions apply for Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and continental United States. (Copyright. (. NEA Brvlc,' lac.) I that you can get -cashed at the the dole, if we chose; the fundamental waste would go on. : We don't seem to be ablo to get worked up about it. We can bewail the slaughter of little pigs with fine fervor. We con denounce 'scarcity economics" when industrial production is restricted. But. we can't seem to under bank. PROGRAM SCHEDULED Hiverview. (Special A pro -.:v-. . Aa with all such proposals, the gram and pie social is danned iV dSH-jen- .... i-eftlCas for Wednesday night, April 22, at ino ladies aid hall in Crabtree. omists consequently like to point out that there bas been no real change (luce 1929 in a situation which tbeo found that 19 per cent Talent from Lebanon is to present stand that the greatest, most ex had to find out who you were and where you came from- miscellaneous program. ESTATE TO BE PROBATED Mabel Howard and A. K. Mc- pensive of all wastes is the one represented by the men who want to work and can't. trlx and executor respectively of ing probating of the will the estate the will of the late W. H. How- includes $5000 in real property ard. According to the petition ask- and $50(1 in personal property.' Mahan have been named execu- "Next morning I got in touch with a private detective agency and put them to work. They pieced back the facts-but it took time. You see, trying to find your f potential value of this scheme depends on how secriously the na- i tlons Involved could be induced f to lake it. It might be made ex. i ceedingly useful, and it might turn into just 'one . more high- ' powered, debating society, orna- , mental, but impractical. However, the suggestion has been made; and it Comes, oddly enough, at a season of year when the mere Idea of national isolation looks just a little bit foolish. Right now, for instance, an American air line is Just getting BY LAURA LOU 6ROOKMAN $ r)l NCA StrJIf, 1Mb ,1 mother, I had no clews to work lie drove 22 miles after hours . daughter I've found, Toby. You! l'm I'm Vfinr Hnliwhtnr'" CHAPTER XXXV Toby eyes searched Hlllyer's- with, out tracing your story was ... ... " v. " . . , simpler. After a while we were ' p BARBS Ygu mean," she said, "that it's "Yes Toby. Ive had dctectivei able t0 t tm? . slories t th at work forweeks-eyer suice I eP the jig.saw puzzle began t0 tome one I know? She's your daughter, and you've only just ah show a pattern. asatt duvivu iuc iiuuii livj n pieced together the whole atory; ' found out about it? She noesnt know it, either?" a! the legal documents 4? re in my Anri) TLLlv -&c - HOLLYWOOD electrlilsii say 'red light msltes peopls irrl- "And all this time,'" Toby said reproachfully, "you've known and No," Hilyycr said, "she doesn t pnder way with a mail and pas-1 talUe, and green brings peace i ' m lm .' ".-mtsaT . ..... - . . i - . v v m 'w m t m m ty v .- . i calm; Wot any "to driver snows never given me a hint!" "How could I until I was sure? That's 'why I went away on this know either. I suppose it will be a shock to her." He smiled. "How do you suppose she's. going to tuke it? What do you think of me as a father, anyhow? Think I'll make the arade?" office. Toby, you said a while ago that you wouldn't mind having me for a father. Do you still mean it?" She could not speak not for a few moments. She was smiling, yet her eyes were filled with tears. "My father!" she said, almost in a whisper. "My own, real father!" . ( ; Hillyer drew out a handkerchief trip. To establish the truth of the last link in the proof. I was able senger service that reuches all the way across the Pacific. International negotiations are under way for a lint to provide similar service to Europe. Our airplanes link in with South America, which, in turn, has just been connected with i 9-9 ' "JlAf-posNe'jaini molar found J JuiJMrl." Without a fuller decrlitlon, ll'l difficult to Affile whether it vat the one nc had pulled the other day. "I don't know why not. I think' to do that." Toby shook her head. "You can't know what it means to me," she said. "To have a father a real father of my own after these years when I haven't had anyone!" - iind snczed. His eyes, too, were The Nw Deal Is being planned. It seems, tor both Ms "economy f you'd make u wonderful father." lie was silent a moment, his ..yes directly on hers.- "Do you really mean tliut, Toby?" "1 certainly do. But where is she, tfiid when am I going to see her? I'm terribly excited about all this. Did you say J know herT" "Yes, you know her. Very well. "Don't forget, Toby, that I'm suddenly suspiciously moist. "My Toby," he added. - "But how did you know? Ifow did you ever find out? Oh, I Want to know all about it 7" v1 scarcity" and "scarcity of eeon vniy." The California women'i flub which decided to send fiuaer-print i of itt members to Washington might tave time ey mailing itt deck of tardt. Educator criticise II It Is red clioolbouse. Still others frown on (he bit- red colleges. Europe by the dirigible Hinden- Pw'. . . .... The farm belt is turning the soil for a new crop, The great Industrial belt of the East and Middle-west it hiring new men and hopefully planning expansion. And, in both cases, the hoped-for prosperity will not be as robust as one wants it to be unless a fair pcrcentage of the product can be shipped overseas. This, in turn, depends in purt ort such remote questions, as whether the French government will devalue the franc; beyond It even remoter questions, such as finding out what it's like to have a daughter after all these years when I've had nobody either. My parents are dead now. The breach that developed between us as a result of my broken marriage was never healed, I'm sorry to say. I've been alone for a long while, Toby." She smiled and her eyes glistened mistily- "You asked what I thought of you a a father, didn't you?' J hope that, as a daughter, you're going to find me acceptable." "As a daughter," Hillyer told her. "you are every thing in the world I could hope for. As a I'll tell you her name a little later. You've heard my life story, Toby or most of it. The rest can be told in a few words. Since there seemed to bo nothing else to do, I went to work to make money- The Hilly er Soap Company was u small concern when- my father owned it; I've made it bigger. "iiut we've been talking about my affairs all evening. Now won't jf She had to hear the whole story, then, from the beginning. And the beginning was the day , weeks before when a dozen photographs were laid on Jay Hilyer's desk photographs of models from who the "Hillyer Soap Girl" was to be selected. ....... "It wasn't your photograph" not at first that decided the question," he told her. "It was your name. I was curious about a girl whose name was Toby. You see, it happens to be my name. .Jay T. Hillyer. The T. is for Tobiaa and it was my grandfather's name. I was 'Toby' as a boy . and that is whut your mother called me. Later when I went into business I fcAAnAaidA,iia iiiini STORIES IN you tell me about yourself?" . She smiled. "There a nothing to tell. You know that I used to live ma gi restoring prosperity to STAMPS By I. S. Klein with my aunt in Juckson Heights. When she died I had to leave ,The Westoott family lives eleven. ,, miles out of town. - ? . Once, a week Mrs. Westoott" drives in to buy groceries at a Safeway store. Saturday before Easter, the Westoott boya Jack, 9 and Tom, 7 -went along. They wanted to ir , sure she bought egg dyes. (Easter Sunday egg hunts were a family tradition.) That evening, when Mrs. West-. rott began eoloring her eggs, she discovered the dyes had been left on the store counter. It seemed certain Jack and Tom must miss their Easter egg hunt. Then Mrs. Westoott answered a knock at her door. Her Safeway r grocer had brought the forgotten -package of dyes. To save two boys disappoint-, ment on Easier .Sunday, he drove twenty-two miles that evening central Europe. daughter, Toby, you ate eminently a success. In the last weeks I have school and start earning a liv come to know you better, I be Meanwhile, our progress toward prosperity is made difficult by ing lieve, than many a father who has lived in the same house with his First of The 'Out your parents. What about nigh taxes; and these taxes are them?" thought Jay was move dignified sb high, partly because we are still daughter all her life." I don't know much about I took to using it Instead. It's the Toby said, as she had before, First Udies them," Toby said soberly. "1 wish paying for our share of a war that began when a Serbian schoolboy My own -father my own real name I've used for 20 years now. "Your mother' gave you my i did. Aunt (Jen never seemed to father!" want to talk about them. I've "We've missed a lot,'' Hillyer wondered so many times what niy shot an Austrian duke, and partly because we are building an enormous havy for use (presumtiblv) told hen "but we have a great several thousand miles west of the CI tUltctlllCHt m lvf'eczema.rashtsxhafinq. .... Jf "4 '-' . 1 dryness-quickly checkedend tJ healinq promoted uuith Resinol after hi day' work had ended. u haC " 7 vl Tilt is a ttui storf. The mother u rott a IsUir to tell let ipfretU-. lion cf tljji neighbor act by her Sujeway grocer. Only tie names of these feople bji e ban dMsed-Xo protect tbtir rightful privacy name, and it was that ihut led to my finding you. Your ."mother and rny Alary bringing - us together, dear, after all theie years. You see, your aunt misled you avhen she sai4 you were her brother's child. I suppose she did it because she thought, as she had said m) often, that the annulled marriage was a disgrace. She didn't want any connection -with the Hillyer name, so she called you Toby Ryan- Your mother's namo was Mary Fern Macy Fern Ryan. Thai was before 1 changed it to Mary Fern Hillyer. There's a record of your christening among the paper's I've gotten together. I'll get them all out and show them to you in a day or so. "Do you remember the afternoon 1 walked ii)to Duryea's studio when you were posing for; a photograph? You had on a blue Hawaiian Islands. AH this has very little to do with this Latin American proposal for a New World league to keep the peace. But that proposal, mild us it l, will frighten a lot of people, who will insist that we must preserve our isolation. When you look at the way our whole national life is bound up with things thai happen thousand of miles beyond our borders, yi.u may be tempted to ask: "What Isolation?" mother was like and wihed that 1 Jtncw someone who used to know her. It's strunge, isn't it: hor nunie was Mary, too. It wus a pretty name, I Uiiuk Mary Fern." "A very pretty mime," Hillyer agreed. "And what about your lather?" "All I know about him is thai ho wus Aunt Uen's brother- My lather and mother both died when 1 was so small 1 don't remember anything about them at all, I have u picture of my mother', though. It's in a locket." "A picture?" i Hillyer asked From a pocket lie took an old-fualiioncd, yellow gold watch and snapped the cuse open. He held it tow aid Toby. "Was the picture," he said, "like this?" "Whyi-why !" She stared up at bun. 'Thut's my mother's picture," she exclaimed. 'Where did Barber and Beauty Work for the Entire Family At Popular Prices - EING A GOOD NEIGHBOR to' his customers and to all who Ol'R GREATEST WASTE fHE woman pictured most fre- quently ua V. 8. aUnipo, and dm wf known Identity, Martha ptmdrldg Cum Is Washington is welt renwmbertd. .the first of the tirxt ladies of Amtrlra. Born of wealthy parents, widowed by death of an opulent landowner in 1757. and left with two out of four rlill-drtn she had by her. previous mar i Use. this charming, young woman .twraiiie the wife of Col. Cfor( Wavhlnston esrly In 1759. at the a of Z6. Waiililnston himself w only 17, and the two lived s happy and cum genial life. No children ei born tit (hem, but th first preoldent Uri raair a lompanion nd auardian uf Martha and John CiiMtls. Mr. Wtmhlngtoii svt a brilliunt example Wliite lloum luitrs. , Wanlilngtou died on Deo. 14. 179?. and she (ollowrd him less than lliire )ear litter. The flrxt imrtralt f Murlha Wanlilnclon appeared on the Stent stamp of 1902. It taken from a CIIIhtI Stuart lntiiia. dona In Ks, whUli now hamrs In the Boa- Hair Cutting Permanent Waving Hair Tinting Flnrer Having Marcelling etc. . you get it?" home economists all help your Safeway grocer, money is saved. This means your Safeway grocer can regularly sell you fine foods for less. It means, too, that a larger shqre of eaclj'food dollar spent at Safeway can be and is) returned to the farmer . . . M. L Bean, Division Manager for Safeway Stores, 239 South East Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon. Her hiuid lay on the table. Hill dress with a long, full skirt, and ruffles. You can't imagine the shock it gave rfie. Your mother wore a dress like that years ago. Oh. I suppose you would see differences, but the dress you wore looked to me exactly like your mother's. .You looked I amusingly like her. 1 "I asked you to have dinner with me that night. After I'd talk yer covered it with his own. "She gave it to me," he said gently. live in his community is part of your Safeway grocer's service plan. He knows that thoughtfulness can make warm friendships for his store just as surely as low food prices. More and more of his neighbors, your Safeway grocer finds, are coming to understand that he is working at a job they want done. That job is to lower food distribution costs to eliminate wastes Toby, my dear, your aunt evi dently didn't want you to know the truth about your parents. She WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 115 Lyon St., Phone 679-R ed to you, 1 made up my mind that changed the story. Don't you understand what I've been trying all evening tu tell you? You're the I had to know more about it. I A FAMOUS DOCTOR SPECIAL Maybe we've lost our ability to worry about a waste, or maybe the waste of a man isn't as important as that of a , bushel of wheat or a crute of steel caitints; anyway, we don't seem to understand that the most tragic wtitiiss In America today is that represented by unimployment. We put in good deal of time talking about it, to be sure, but we do It with reverse English. If you get up in meeting and denounce the WPA, for instance, as wasteful an Inefficient, you will find innumerable people agreeing with you. If you stand up and denounce the dule as an unendui- ably wasteful drain on the country's finances, you will get more cheers. But both of these wastes are side issue. The really expensive one lie in the fact of unemployment itself, in the act that millions of able, self-respecting men 'who want nothing on earth so much as a job are unable-to find one. As a country we sue bkcd Our experience in rmanent waving has qualified us to offer you fully guaranteed waves, fomplete with shampoo, finger ton Museum of Tina Arts. The same portrait, reversed. -w s s used for the Mioiul Martha Washington t a in p. tlif 4 rent value of 192iT. AS a young man j tle late Dr. R. ! V. Pierce practiced : medicine in Pcmi-i sylvanu. His pre-' scriptions m?t wave nnq nairctu. - . Washington Ifllow UlQUH 75 c - ' - . -, These waves arc soft, becoming, and -we believe, with more curls than any other shop in the city. With such great demand that lie moved to liuffalo, N. Y- and put im ll'r,,,, .,,1,1 Si: SrlW. lnc g- . in between farm and retail store. The better your Safeway grocer docs his job, the larger his earnings will be. So he uvrks u itfy a family cf food expertsa business team. When Safeway buyers, warehouse men, truckers, market experts and Complete How much did )ou spend for food last month? Check up. Then trade at your neighborhood Safeway grocer's for 30 days and compare your, total, savings! SATE WAY L:e irt.tKa,! vur)fh 1J4 Sci, SieUw. in ready - to use form his well-known tonic, Golden Medical Discovery, which will eliminate poisoiii from the intestines, in- Constipation ai.,"u"li!'".,"'."""M' "" ' '" l-llu. IIMJ,,,, ll41 m, l-imn. ' tTnTi" M'"'k ""' AU1.K. Uly .nn. n4 (, Other waves Horn $1.25 to $5.00. which includes the NEW RAY. Mjrhineless lleaterless Permanent Wave Castle Permanent Wave Shop 107 I on Streets Fhone It for Veur Appointments "M the apitite, and tone up tlic ; digestive system. ; Buy ante new sue. tablets 50 cU, i liuni.1 $1,110. 1-arae sin." Ubs. or lioiui ' feihtiai.-n:t;.i riilij' U aUmjii, Li uuls $l,;5. All driuauU.

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