Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 18, 1936 · 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1936
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SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1936 r PAGE EIGHT : THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ER AID, ALBA NY," OREGON Mrs. Alwood. This meeting will ADDS ANOTHER Home in Ashes, Trudge 500 Miles probably be the last until fall ex-cent for a picnic which will prob LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS ably take the place of a June SEALS DEFEAT SEATTLE; BUY PITCHER DAGLIA ALBANY TRIMS C0RVAI1ISNINE BY 21-7 SCORE meeting. Lewis (Bud) Steele and Mrs. Ray, who had been employed as his housekeeper for several weeks, were married last Wednesday. Lebanon . . . . - 4y; A A ' H 'miAr. im Lebanon. The hiah school con- Mrs. . J. Steele returned to her tacts committee of the Oregon sys- home last Wedneesday after stay-tem of hlnher education which met ina for a week with her mother. A "shot in the arm" which may in sae" April 14 selected two Mrs. O. J. Bagley, who Is still elevate the fifth place San Fran- ifDa,no" m8n ' graduates, ' quite m wixn pneumon.a. . cm vc Cisco Seal to a contenders' posi- Hascl Brown and Hilda Speasl. to Johnson is taking care of her now. tion In defense of their 1935 Pa- rfiv scholarships Miss Brown i Mrs. C. P. Davis and son. Rob-clfic Coast league pennant erased wi'' a,,end Eastern Oregon Normal ert, of Salem visited atthe Doug-some of the wrinkles lining the 8t L"Grande and Miss Speasl will las Davis home Tuesday. Miles brow of Manager Lefty O'Doul to- enro1' a Oregon Normal at Mon- Davis, who has been confined to day, ' .mouth, i his bed for the past two weeks, is Noticeably weak on the mound. ' Mrs. Trances Phelps made a trio , now able to be up and about. YaXX the Seals henceforth will be assist- to Portland the first of the week1 , Mj- ana ta"- K'P" ,lkBBr B"a ed in their 1838 title efforts by big, and returned on Thursday. i children were Easter dinner guests burley Pete Daglia. President Mrs. N. E. Irvine spent Wednes-' !L m Tp LSon'" 'f.Hs Char lie Graham of the Seals an. H nH no f Tk,,r.j.. in o... Mrs. J. R, McCustion. at Falls f A " .City, , ( ..v i ' f r A I it XH ..wU..vw - .uiouiwu uuiii unu at me nunre ui relatives. - i r t an-- ,u h unAn the Seatt e Indians, i Mr. Frank m., .n,t A Mrs. O. M. Allen, who has been father, William Gearhart, started homeward Thursday leaving her father greatly Improved, but still quite ill nd confined to his bed. Mrs. Maurice Hoof and sons, Crawford and Robert, of Portland, were puesta during Easter vacation week at the home of Mr. Hoofs father. Wilson Young. ff Crbtree nnd at the home of hr siter, Mrs. Joe Prokop of Rivervlew. . Mi' Marv lu'e ifoble and F.loyd Jacob of Co'VHllis snent the yk-nd at h home of Mr. and Mrs. Sum Noblo. v - H-nrv Hiwk of Holley, father of Rrott Hawk, is quite seriously HI o conct'ion of the brain. Mis Donna Dunn of Salem has Iven he t"n giif of her cousin. Miss Shirley Gilkey, the past wwk. Dinner Ruet Friday f Mr. and Mrs. Jamc Riley was Mrs. M. C. Bomm of Lebanon. Mrs. Fred Summer's sister. Miss Nora Holt of Portland, visited at the Sommer ; home and 8t the home of her sister, Mrs. Elmer Whetstone of Lebanon Sunday. Those enioving the hospitality rf Me. and Mrs. Joe Prokoo during the week-end were Mr. and Mr. Joe Voting and Mrs. Larry Smith, of Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Rebham of S'lver-ton vMted at the Herman Zellcr home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. McNoun who have been quite seriously, ill for several days, arc greatly Improved. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gore, who are residing temporarily at Seaside, soent the wek-end at their home here and visited relatives. Mr.' and Mrs. Merle Gilkey and daughter Shirley were Easter Sunday guests at the home of Mrs. Gilkey's sinter, Mrs. Hubert Dunn of Salem. ; Mrs. Robin Tnmx of Albany, The Seals turned on Seattle In -Harold Irvine were In Albany Vn9ul.te ' ? rheumatism, is able a niaht same Friday, defeating the FriHnv am tha r.,.t. of Mi.. to De aDout again, v- v , " mmm JJj wwtf w wa, aVaVaa WSS John Hostettler of Woodburn nuruienitrs o 10 o w even wie JacKSOn Albany high ichool bast-ballcrs pounded Corvallif high into sub-1 mission, 21 to 7, In the first league clash of the year yesterday on Central field. The game wai called at the end of the seventh inning. Bulldogs took field day t the expense of the Spartans ' poling out 17 hits, and stealing 11 bases. John Richmond rapped out 'a four-bagger in the fifth with the ban empty. ' The . Bulldogs captured their lead early by crossing the platter twice In the first inning. They add-. ed five more in the third, and five again in the fifth, finishing up with ; nine counters in the sixth round. I The ' whole Albany team shared In the hitting, while Pitchers Ernie Underwood and Chub Dragoo were limiting the Spartans to four blngles. Underwood issued two hits in five innings, and Dragoo gave up' two more in the last two frames. - - ' The " high-scoring game was played in ragged fashion with Albany's superior hitting power showing to good advantage. Rich-1 mond, Bob Arthur and Jim Robertson led the Bulldocs' batting ar-i ray. Summary:. R. H. EJ Corvallif ... 000 410 2 7 4 6 Albany ..... 205 059 21 17 8 j f.ri. 9 in 9 Tha h&v At.m MaA C D Tu A n if J i- SDeni MOnaaV niCHl 81 me 4. o. r Art McDougal from the box with . Lebanon on Thursday on a busi- H?Jr?f: 5f"'i.onCVeral a three-run rally in the opening ness trip and was a guest at the.Vic.., h. Lhf. hh frame. Don Osborn held them in Lions club luncheon at noon. Mrs. ' , "3; SJS It check untU tha seventh when they H. Corrigan accompanied her fa- 'P.fl.'?0!? in. SS hH ,nce again crept into the lead with ther, Mr. Bach, to Lebanon and mol,eru , m wnere. sne nad one run. The Indians got to Sad was the guest of friends tor the 'PS?; 1. , iln'. ,H,i Sam Gibson in the sixth to tie the day. , f Mr. and Mrs. John Davis of Hal- score at three all. Seattle pushed Dr. Parr of the department of . v,i!f n.lf. ahead with two in the first half education of Oregon Statee coUege,1"-J3':! mnA of the eighth, but the Seals won paid an official visit to the Leba-. fjf- Ta,"d.Mi,UiI..IeInoi out with a two-run session In the non high school on Thursday in ba5yVM' vf Si?,1?: same frame, tha Indians going his capacity aa Inspector for the n.d baJ' "nd mroiPM in tha ninth i.. . j. .1 .Allen and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Jr., ll'n a Inns, lone y l( l.itth- Ituvk. Ark. 5 iii!Ich in ruit from lii'il.Ouk. lit., hii! thin family., leaving Ha Iioim- in' charred mini, I timkihii thv hvA itf I lie aiiliiouit trip.. After n bliue had lii'Hiroyi'il miiil all their MiMi-Mitin, Mr. unii Mi. KlUm Hirric k li ii ii til. (I inm t;iin niHkchilt rart tlit lr lliiee thllilrcii, Violet, 3; Hoy. 5; uml Unity Tlinudiire, liiiMi n by lilnnki In, mill nturled th long hike 10 the Little tiock home of Ih-ri'irk'i imrentn. sleeping at .light II. u roailhldf. They ate iiklurtd here iiiur Hickman Mills. Mo. Both teams scorpd 10 hits. The Miss Ora Chilcote is visiting Clarence Sm th nd baby spent Seals were guiMy of five errors friends in Los Angeles and will re-. ' M.i.,tn. and Seattle two. Lucas replaced turn to Lebanon in the near future. ' l- ."ii. w'j" cIna Osborn in the eighth. The regular monthly meeting of "nd Robfr Mr. and Mra. Sam The defeat pared the Indians the Friendship Guild of the Pres- Suver, visited Sunday with their lead over the third place Mission byterian church was held on Wed- in ana "'J, f" Reds, who defeated Sacramento, to nesday afternoon at the home of 5,m?" na ffrIVy.and ..f1" I i monia. was reported Monday in, a Special Easter services were satisfactory condition. It was sta- held at the Methodist church Sun-ted at the hospital that she might day morning. An Easter play un-be able to return to her home helder the direction of Katharine nan a game. (Mrs. J. G. Gill with Mrs. Glen -. t......T...v, Batteries Saunders and Beyer-leln; Underwood, Dragoo and Robertson, L. Schrock. ACHIU TOO WILEY 1 FOR THUNDER PETE IN ARMORY MATCH The score of the Senators-Mis- Richards, Mrs. Dan Ash ton and ' sions game was 13 to B, It marked Mrs. Raymond Downing as assist- Wcllf Splashing her way through fha 100-meter breast stroke vent In 1:M. during tha national A. A. V. swimming meet la Chicago, Katherina Rawla, above; net another American record. 7 The comely Miami miss, one of America's chief beta for , Olympic points, beat tha old mark held by Ann Govednik - of Minnesota by thr seconds. waiter docks lirst successful ant hostesses. A ouartet comDosed last of this week. Pugh was given and Rev. Kinch !and her mother. Mrs. jess Kogers i.m t j ii.. delivered a srjecial EaKtPF miMisaim of Scio. visited last week at the tlf.11. T ..A TT : J - . . . pitching venture In five starts, of Mrs. Reeves. Mrs. Wilcox. l'rhtS7Jm''i'S Rank limits K. C. . . J T 1l ..l.w HIO pUpiH Ot II1C CI15 BVIIUUI IIC1U J pnrf A -Mta j Q, Portland visited wtiiuva imiwuvu aiiu Idllliij i pa. . . . . . . .... . - . Sunday at the p,fveral nw members united with , home i of Mrs. Laura Piatt and duunhter. Mrs. Bartnick. nina htnua luhii. th. itninn k. ..k vi.i,nni.i.i. . k. ni.n. n abater party, ine upper graacs hnrna n. M , (he church, i . ... .. . ,4he fhurch Miss Veloris Crenshaw enjoyed ;. S I- V 7-v..n,K:r c,' r: k ""t'VT.."'v,".. -t .L. conducted a taffy pull, while the " y' VTTJ: Tl A numho, ,,f tnHi. r w iv t ifLnJS? A number of Indira from Wo Walter Tinkit 'Achlu had too many wiles for Thunder Pete at tha irmnrt In it nlffht and won the and Ehlers, assisted by four errors, Tomb the Savior Lay." . l ig.n Ar . hnt w i Urwood has been quite ill at the i attended the district meeting, of hf Eastcr Yaca,tl0n at'he was sufficient to permit the Mis-; On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Har- .'VSi,?!! h"V 3? farm near Scio. he Ladies Aid at Monroe Tues-; her parcntsMr. and Mrs. Steve Mi III UVUi tfkiV Z - . U ,., main event bout with two out of GROYE, DESHONG .1 . tl - inkln'a .vn.rl.nnA, sions' leading hurler to coast to old Irvine was hostess to the Study 'SLSttu i7catcst numbir of victory. club at the regular monthly meet- i' 8 greatest number 01 TIlVAM knM am J . 1 . aT r I . 1 A VMRS any. piay was Drcscntcd bv thtf vuuoiiow. , Several I county and district can- locaI ladies under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. George Gcrmeycr and children. Ixuie and Lion. TURN IN STELLAR " """'f " nu c- ui. rari, uenm. yonraw prcm. and Mm. Kpnnth Tarter ana rars. rkmnciii 'wnrthv nitrhina nrfrman hv ik. ...M. n ih. In 4k. yBiwi mc iuuiuj uirnuci anc ciuo OI ,nB from here were Mrs Jnhn enjoyed tne nospitallty OI Mr, Showed to good advantage as he came back to capture the last two falls after the Indian had taken the first. In tha semi-wind-up Bill Kenna, pinch-hitter number JOBS OF HURLING Jimmy Tobln assisted the league- toVm o? m irtteto 0 Mrs. Fred Sprenger. Mrs. and Mrs Scott Hawk over the leading Oaks to their 15th win in which appeared in the National M lt'n eJj T rirtlrP I ?inh 1 c''5 .lrD 3 d'A' ?ert Lnvman. Mrs- F- M- Kinch, week-end. rork, April 18.-Freddie 20 tarts. Tobin bottled up all the Geographic magazine. Personal ac- MM nnHwont ' r aS,S e S0"8'''"" G- Mrs. Harvey Pugh. Mrs. L. A. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Prokop en-Cons who i. bein worked San Diego Padres' batsmen except counts of trios T through the state IMf!"i!,lSU-t!c.h "2d,eIwc.a Carney of. Mtlwaukie, democratic Zimmerman, Mrs. Horace Cling- tcrtained a number of relat.vcs ilv for fear of ncm-avatinir the veteran Ray Jacobs, limiting them by Mrs. Cormier and other mem- .Ior congrcssmiin from , man, Mrs. Ida Brasficld. Mrs. Lura and friends at Eastcr Sunday din- 1u h f . n.11 nil a fnnl . ow which he lniured last year, to eight hits while winning a 6 bers of the club made an interest- f" ol r...i u " J? " it. .1 :ne l, o1""" n opposition to Malson, Mrs. Vernon Roberts, and ncr. Those enjesying the occasion here Tk. l f.ll n tha main auant CHIOW Hon. James W. Mott, republican Mrs. Agnes Clark. (were Mr. Wilson Young, and son ieved Carl Hubbell in the sixth to 5 decision In a 10-inning con- ing program. y; " 5 w Hubbell in the ..xth o . waV a taWW Both Sunday afternoon. incumbent. Dinner at 6:30, served Mr. and Mrs. Glenn work and Mr. ana ws. oienn worK ana wrestlers went tnroutn wieir oag , j . . . ... t in r-.. th. Tvrtinn Hahcv f by the Pytman Sisterg oI Sdo pre. family of .Portland spent Eastcr CCfJcd thc mecU of tr eks in the period which vankpd f ninch.hitter. Terrv Beavers kept their slate inUct Halsev. Mathew R.aThompson Sunday at the home ot Mrs. worn s lasted almost 13 minutes, rcic 4u , i,h th. 'winning their fourth atraieht ttame took it finally with a roUlng head C rt - Z wi that arid from the Angels. 7 to 4. and push- of Sweet Home was elected prin- sister, Mrs. J. F. Torgcrson, and eJ.., .... . u,,i ku ru " - .Hnr. Achlu affixed . crucifix ?uic "", pfn, of ,h. .nM. hltfh .chol .1 family Fir Grove Fir Grove. Mrs. Rirt .T.imos Funice Thompson nnd Helen Alex and James Young and Miss McMcckcn entertained with a Margy Stuart of Crabtrce, Mrs. party Saturday afternoon at the Maurice Hoof and sons. Craw-gym in honor of their birthdays, ford and Tiobei t, Mr. and Mrs. which full on the same day. Mrs. Joe Young and Mrs. Larry Smith John Cox acted as chaperone. 0f Portland and . Mr. and Mrs. Guests were Priscilla Layman, Lynn Young of Falls City, Anna Marie Duncan, Betty Dick- Mr. Nichols, formerly of Al-ron, Margaret Stone, Howard bany, has purchased, thc R. W. Workingcr. Tripp property, better known as Floyd McRcynolds. Byrdthc pr0pCrty of Mrs. Henry1 Sprenger. We?ley Pugh. Chester struckmer and moved his family Simms, David Layman, Leland t. hiiriwn ntorrH ihn Un minutes' l.W to" even the on.Th Giants coed deeper The"1 &.;S board Mr. and Mrs E A Carter a . i i i. in,,in. snw uianiB OI.WII-U . . .,,.. ' u .ni Tnmnann Mr. and Mm. Lvle Carter snent flva minutes lcr He and Mrs. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Carter spent CUUIll Will III II v IIIWIV ill. i.i,... 0unt and in more In the seventh wlne-J Carnett, Joyce and Kimball saw meeUng. visited at Albany several days to Xe rrpittsburg Urates in sec- mound duty, allowing .11 Beaver apont the evening here Tueseday. Easter at Brownsville as guests of help with the care of her sister-Bill Kenna again substituted 0k .iTtrS nil hits, while Larkin and Liska. who as Prof. Thompson assisted tha Mrs. Lyle Carter's folks, Mr. and n-law, Mrs. E. F. Ingram, who won on a series of head butts ron on a series of head butts. Freitas. Riverview school Tuesday. for an absent grappler, when GiantV saw their opening game relieved him In the , seventh, board n selection of the other Mrs. MaxiocK. has been confined to her bed wiih Herb Bergeson'i bad knee kept w th the SU Umis CaVdinuls froi- checked the AnBels with nine. high school faculty members. I Mr. and Mrs. Myrl DeLashmutt neuritis. him from wrestling. The first Jn 0ut. The Chicago S two Enid Veatch spent the Easter of Portland spent Easter as guests Mrs. Ed S. Carroll visited her fall of his bout went even longer, gamn to ,h. rcar pf the New Webfcet, Bearcats Si6"10"- r? "l?8 v"."' Tfinfnn 8 Will daughters who are making their than the opener of the main event. Yorkers got off to a bud start at "s"rvHU Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Veatch. She Tpmlinson. ! home at the O. H. Frank houso. A drop kick gave it to Kenna ia Wrigley' field by dropping a 12-3 , Divide Twin Bill Jon crutches due Jo the automo- Mr and Mrs. Lafe Barclay spent, Loren and Lee Nash left .Monday 18 minutes and 83 seconds. U decision to the Cincinnati Reds. I , We whi5hJ?he1f',(!uH "'ft mJK vSkri nd .mornin8 t0 work lIi.the West Fir Bell., holder of the Canadian The Brooklyn Dodders scored their rDp. fSr- Anril ifl iinivr- several weeks ago bad y injuring Mr. and Mrs. Nels Yenckel. and logging camp near Eugene. VENETIAN THEATRE ' middleweight title, dropped Ken- first victory of the season. 4-3. in sitv of Orecon and Willamette uni. her left knee and ankle. ; Mr. ana Mrs. j. . n. fuciiay ana The Fir Grove school enjoyed Mr: and Mrs. J. H. Mackay and a Wni cnAnt aetof mi i i ft A r . . . i x n - i STARTS WFD.,' APRIL 22. RUNS FOUR DAYS Matinee 2 p.m. Nitcs 7-9 p.m. 10 Innings, over the Philadelphia ve sitv baseball teams divided a- 'nomas raimcr m onvi.ioa rZ"u"Z". Bn M!,ler e nunl naay nlu- na in tnree minutes ana m sec Riverview Riverviov" Thnpe visiting Mr. and 'Mrs. Peter Peterson Sundry were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voss, nd f-milv of Suver, and Mrs. Jack Roddy and daughter, Miss Edith of Lakeview. Mrs. Roddy and Mrs.- Voss are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson. Mrs. Walter Beck, who was called from her home in Southern California some time ago on account of the serious illness of her in n,i, mnrm ujhh a crabhold Phititc. . nni, svM.v spent tne wecKena nere visiting aunaay in Ainany at me iwme noon. "H: .C VmfSoJe with American league hostilities were "SSShiui 1 1 to 2. with hi. mother, Mrs. Gladys Pal- Mr ft a1 . R Rd - vUIted 1 his the grappling becoming rougher featured by the two best pitching handing the Bearcats their first mfr- fnIlnuL.inff rnilHrpn wpre '."h reunfo for her sister Mrs fj MrS Sam Gundtrson' Sat than it had been, Kenna had the performances in either , league to defeat of the season. Willamette . Jn following chndren were rich i reun on for her sister, Mrs. urday. bout, ior La BcU fouled him. Both date. The former low mark of four won the second game, 5 to 2. be- riened Sunday morning by Mary Sm Ith. and dau8hte la' Mrs. William Hall enjoyed a vis-matches were almost entirely hits was held jointly bv four pitch- hind the one-hit pitching of Walt ReY' W" A. Briggs: Harold Rchard who are leaving for Los Angeles u with her grandmother. Mrs: frM from roiiPhnen. ers. Lefty Grove of Boston s Red Weaver. ."-" V"!1 , . , namsouru tasi wbck, thc - isox and Jimmv Deshonc of Wash-. nn McPaHden. Oreaon ni eher. . and Mrs. wyne or nnt Mcriyn anew iupu Miss Lucile James spent ington brought the record down to allowed eight hits and struck out n w Hjiuwru ir lac 1 1 k una a uu oiiula uui a.... . n. Boll Club Decision two hits. Grove yielded only two 14 in winning the first game, while l" HT w i"n ggs' sons weekend with her cousins, Roberta and Doris Eberman and Jane Agger, of Plainview. People of this community are beginning to hoe strawberries dur- "'"' Browrmville not a Gartlneau of the Bearcats uasscd . vl "CVl u 2 . ' To Bt Mod Mondoy ngles by Lou Gehrig and man raahH . oi.pnnrl as tha Snv IQ hit " " niiiioiu n. ui i 1.1 in m. . i... . ..... .... Brownsville. The carnival giv- whipped the New. yont Yaimees.i Andy Hurney hit a homer in the f V, XVL mZ en by the junior class Friday eve- ti is u n i n 7U iau ent or tne oans- 8-o. The Senators wnmnra, tne finHi of the iVen-lnn ne Ly.""""" '"V ""V' i ik. ....inm W9 of the Oaks' 8-0. The Senators whipped, the final ' inning of the seven-Inning Definite settlement Stockton and brothers DRscDau snuauon Monday night is slated for the Philadelphia Athletic.; 3-2. One of nightcap, scoring McLean ahead of K,,K had the leaa,n8 maleVe y w. i attended and . tine' .m,n,i .f. .! SSft-Jf W" h0mCr by .swa8 theonly hit allowed. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ray of Mon-'sum was raised which will go tc..5M it Shirley mer an Easter party at the ti Finley home Sunday. 0 clock in the Uks temple, was Pinky Higgings. by Weaver, mouth arrived in Halsey Sunday wards the purchase of stage equip Dom out oy last nigni s coniao at 1 ne Kea sox victory enaoie . -the temple. them to hold the American league n..w.r. Trinmnk The meet last night found that lead alona with the Chicaco White i BCBTCr ' nuinPn morning to spend the day with ment. Miss Zona Nance was Mrs. Ray's father, E. A. P. LaFol- crowned queen by the senior class Penrist Peoria. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mode ftw-. KJA.mMl 10 lctte, and wife. president, Bill Dcdman. Misses W'' nOrmai IWU, w t.vmnn W Pntlnn'Moro-jrct I iirDO Phvlli More. and son Frank, Mr. and Mrs, Jim Ault was definitely removed Sox who scored their third straight from the field of possible manag- victory, a 5-3 triumph over thc era, which again throws thc man- world champion Detroit Tigers, gership into air. The post will be The Cleveland Indians, scoring and three a,daughters, Frances, I Lois Peterman and Blanche Gar-, Wayne Mode, Mrs. Will. McLaren, Ionise Marv. and Mildred Ann rat uro nrincpssos: A nrocratn r ana w. n. moae an arove in i : - -- iH.n ia nMA NOW PLAYING ENDS TONIGHT . T AN EPIC OF AN t 1 ! ERA THAT WILL V VUI VUiJIS, UIP,, Lflll IB. VIC- " 7 " 1 . . " . n.v ...vvv. r - - a l?l. . . . e..J.. . J , filled Monday night, membars an- three in the tenth, defeated the gon State's baseball nine won its ?r Marsnrieid cauea on rrienas in was given by each class and the. """- ' hf"""- nounced. St.Louis Browns. 13-10. The first victory of the season Friday, wwn sunaay enrouie nome ioi- best program earned a prize whicn r. r;hcHrt Vame over tk.. r,.rh.. th.t tk. n .j a: k. i Hnfaatina htmiui Hnrmni tn ta R lowing theu Easter vacation of v... .uirHH r the iuninr class. tnv Merriam oi sneoa came oer ThrStem icr"Mest'Monday to ,ee Miss Margaret financial condition would reach a league teams who haven't won this although outhit by the Monmouth "iree aayj. , iney aiso visuea .in Portland. team and making more errors. settlement. Conditions have been season. Brotherhood met at Brownsville.-""; Improving steadily for the club, Methodist church S Normal took a two-run lead in the first, but the Beavers scored FOREVER! J&S Jefferson FULLBACK BREAKS ANKLE and by Monday, they believe, the situation will reach point where - Eucrne. Ore- Anril 18. Clifford i seven runs before the Teachers vf j ty- Wit. ' Mammon oi rorxiana was uie - , - ... .. .1 .1 ! IPrlin aaa IK1 l. it can be settled without trouble. Strom. Bend, candidate for varsity , could shove over three more in . ,o.i,- ... ,u .uest sneaker. At the same time they will se- fullback on the 1938 Oregon foot-'the fifth. ,.u of an eight pound son. born Tucs-1 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stanwood of lect the ball nark. Bryant's Dark, ball team, broke his anke in sDrine Conkling hit a home run with V.'n ;S ,r .S " .:!.'v.,.n.1. vir KunHav .Via,I ?LaC!. ,!rll north city limits of Jeff ers'on. Iwith their daughter. Mrs. Guy have been those of the Webfect's 'third and Hastings hit a homer Pine Grove and Peoria schools are to take part in the exercises and the two schools have been meeting to practice. Miss Margaret Shaw has been re-elected to teach the Pine Grove school for another year. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Frady. Fred Frady and son, Vernon, spent last Sunday in Eugene visiting their son and brother, Lawrence Frady and family. grounds among serious injury . I j .. . . J 1 a t JJflL Mrs. C. V. Clodfelter has re- a..;Uei.oarger, here; tuggeuea. season. iwun one ancaa in mc mm turned home after spending some Mr. and Mrs. Dan JJeatty of time In Independence taking care Portland spent the week end here Rv WILLIAMS -OUT OUR WAY of her sister, Mrs. C. Mctsein, who visiting wuh Mrs. Laura Beatty. has been ill. Mrs. Evalyn Wall is spending the MY, VEf IT'S VC")-TM' KlODDtrU' DAISIES -TU' DEONikl' West Scio West Scio- Mr. and Mrs. Char- week in Portland visiting her son LOVELY OUT, and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Shedd ynhiih LEE TRACY fbLWlM BINNIE BARNES AmsL A Uni vert a I H it Upf ? AINT IT ? Kenneth Wall, and their small son. lie White and daughters , visited M-M-M-'AAA'.-I. TU' BCEATM ' OF SPRING 3VI-NA-HA-PM' IT'S WOWDCCFUL BEE5-TU' GAMBOLIM' LAMBS -TW PEEP LIME OP BUOrSSOM-i-TW FB&)U SMELL OP KJEW TUBKiED EAHTW TO BE ALIVE. I 1 A1KJT T? A -jNA-A-AAM i- .v ItCE NECTAK. t in.-. CJ'P ?i BOY ITS VVOWDECFUL, I v.-r J-3 . ; it-i ik.v. a-- -- . ; . .- . ' K ? - - VOU JUST SMUT r'-'tfr'.-X SOUL X. .VW- IF DOUBLE BILL fOR SUNDAY Michael Agnew. Hast Sunday at the home of her Members of thc Jefferson Busi-j lather, Paul Buckner, of Jcffcr-ness club were guests Tuesday son. evening of the Talbot Farmers' 1 Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Arnold made Union at the Talbot school house. a business and pleasure trip to Mrs. Ruth Sather and daughter,' Dallas last Friday. Mary lin, of Sacramento. Cal., andj Mr. and Mrs. t rank Scnz ac-Mrs. Ida Lynes of Salem, w-erc I companied bv Mr. and Mrs. Earl guests Monday afternoon at the MiUcr o Albany made a pleasure home of Mrs. George Vail. She will uip , Vancouver last Sunday, return here for a longer visit after, -Wl Ho,tecI1 and Mr. m,d Mrs. visum t the home ot her unt c A . HoUeen all of Brownsville Mr, Inn, 1T1 1 1 tMifhpr At SlrtllW. . YOU tt EVES AMD A UOLD SOUK UOSE Special Preview Tonight Starts at About 1 1 O'Clock ....... 1 " ... -....... . - . '' ii.Br. rlinnAr cti.vt Sunrfav PVP. Mrs. Sather's mother, Mrs. Shcdd. Mrs. Mary Palfrey and Al Snyder of Portland were guests at the E. H. Margason home Sunday. Leslie Palfrey, who spent the Eastcr vacation here, returned home with them. Rose Alice Hansen returned to Portland Sunday to resume her studies at the Portland Bibl? school after spend her Easter vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Halverson. The Presbyterian Sunday school presented a short program Eastcr Sunday, consisting of a drill by , Ethel McMeekin's class and a song by Mrs. MrMeeken's class. ! Mr. and Mrs. John Cox attended the funeral of Mrs. Cecil Cox in Albany Tuesday1 afternoon. I Loren Douglas visited with his i parents near Oregon City over the j Easter weekend. Miss Alice Vernon spent the, weekend at her home at Lakeview. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Blankenship, Mrs. Chapman, and Mrs. Bertha ' Jensen attended the Tovvnsend. AS STRONG AS THE SEA- tut lofly fr wamtnl HEM'S DRAMA THAT STRIKES LIKE A TYfHOONI GEORGE BANCROFT ANN SOTHERN tha McCallum. of Canada is also a guest at the Flubacher home. Mirs. Grace Thurston, Mrs. R. W. Curl. Miss Addie Libby. Miss Anna Klampe and Mrs. Ruth Cobb have been nacied to serve on the board for th city election which will be held May 15. nihg at the home of their . sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Puschel. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith of Carlton made a brief call on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Miller.. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Young of rail City were callers on Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roe Phillips. Suver Suver. A large crowd attended the community meeting last Friday night. A ood program ot music and readings was followed by a talk by County Agent J. R- Beck on "Soil Conservation. Others outside of the community who took part in the program were Mrs. Chuif Pratlow of Monmouth. Mrs. lv ' WiirV:-N- TsfiirS Scio Scio- Sheep-shearers in the Scio community are plying their tiade diligently during the recent warm weather. LochJ bu.veis a:v paying 30 cents a pound for medium wool, an increase of lour cents play at Brownsville Monday evening. Mrs. Dale Lamar of Silverton visited several days last week with her mother, Mrs. Lena Push; and sister, Katharine. Plus Thane Roberts U ill with the J. K. Beck and Barbara Beck of C -; rr""' i-IJ v -Hyp? : ,. a- Dallas, who Rnve reading and . . ? quotation. MwhJ'i meas,.s. iij,. it ...i,.. on the local market brings Zt w , Aladine Hoffman of who Mr. nnd Mr. J. G. Yandell and cents a pound, a 15-cent jump over the price paid during the previous season. family (rum Missouri arrived here last week and stayed tor several days with their cousin. Mrs. Dan Ruth Chatterton in "Lody of Secrets" Tampion, sang a group of cowboy songs. The program committee for the May meeting i. Mrs. Sam Suver, Mis. Wesley Kester and Mr. Johnson and the refreshment committee is Mr. Couey, Mrs. John Kidder and Mrj. George Stoddart. who was , Farmer. They have now moved in t o t m, MERDES ACH NUE - NOT EOCM ItHIIMIIKI a. taken to a Lebanon hospital a tewim jhe James McConnetl house and days ago fur treatment tor pneu-iare looking for employment. ' ... . -( , .. ..... i

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