Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 16, 1936 · 8
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 8

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
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PAGE TWO THE ALBANYDEMOCRAT-HERALD; ALifr'AN Y,- OREGON THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1936 THE REPUBLICANS GO IN FOR SOME Ljlf.GINp. familv plot at Willamette Memorial Park.' ' " BEjmNQ THE SCENES , I IN WASHINGTON Clw4 at An1 , llrrton. IXXtotfU a tod NBA Nwf Srvl. fcubiltW' 1U. BY RODNEY DUTCHER- SEASIDE MAN FINED Lebanon, April 15. (Special) ' Robert Cooper of Seaside forfeited $8 in justice court here yesterday when he failed to appear In answer to a charge of permitting four persons to ride in the driver's sent of his automobile. ; Bl'BHmiPTlOM tiTM DELIVERED' BY CASRIES BY RODNEY DUTCIIER ParlcV T Stone of Wloonln. a f.K Nrlra CarrraaaaOat I Democrat, to try til liailW R-TTASltlNGTO-N' The tmpearli-.! rently a fourlh Jmlii lal dUlrl. t V ... . . ... . 'I l.Aflt A.I tM fl.-l,lira, untl 111 Ittll Qa jrt, )n. adanra . ...., ....lf . m,.nlh.. Is advaaoa' 1.71 y. m-nt trial 01 ifOfrsi owirai :". ' I u. .. .hum a Iftkiia II I a I a HI at Arthur V. lderle. was (jivfii to On imntlL la , aa"vn .......... H tudia hr the Senate rails t "4 ' BT MAIL tcntlon to the judlrlal proof m wbo i expected to Kit eisewiierd while Stone coma In for that pur- Ll.a. IUU afwoa," U m4 Llaaala the ll.son.noo.nnn asked for re-lief purpows by the president, there wil be available a substantial sum left over from last year, as well as extensive fund voted ior the CQC and public works estimates the actual reduction in the relief budget at 13 per cent, in place of the Daily Worker's SO per cent, , Hut it, likes the reduction no better than does the Daily Worker, and it is scornful of the president's hope that substantial :, reemployment by private Industry will make the relief burden lighter. Now the interesting thing about all this is to find these left-wing criticisms being broadcast in the columns of the Wall Street Jour-nol. The Journal evidently thinks that industry can profitably listen to what radicals have to say about a nt the way It sometlmen operates CENTER TRACTION In the lower reaches of the federal toe. The government will proceed t roR On rmt. la edvaaea 41 M-M tlx ath. la aaVaaa TTr aneath. la adVanea .......... On aunta. la adaae . GREATER CRIP t iuh nwwiMtMa a a. a. Om ar, la 4jm ............ fS.H III Month, la aavaaaa I-t On aumta, la adnata J9 trr tar, ea train and awttUna .. ,01 la rdrln elunr addr ubwrtr. tr inmiid Itt tr elij vll a PabUb4 'Dally Bw Sued ' yh Tb Dwaotrat.Harala' PoblUhlns C.. In a IaaWpailiit AfWrnooa Nwpap adanaa. - ' " ' M. a Mwnif A Co. HaUoaal AaVee- government spending; and it point' ' tteina lUniwnUtlrM. out that ,no matter which way the courts. Appointments to the district bench are political ones' and the appointees ' usually have political backgrounds. Senators of the party In power have the most Important voice In those appointments. While District Judge Halsted. L. flitter of Florida was trying to explain to the Senate why he received mouey from a lawyer to whom he had assigned a receivership. Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes of the V. S. Supreme Court stepped into a cockeyed situation In Detroit, where several other district Judges P'ay Important roles. The tale: More than three years ago two billion-dollar banking chains in Michigan collapsed, precipitating the state bank holiday, which precipitated the national bank holiday. The key banks ot the two chains were the Pirst National and the Guardian National Bank of Commerce. Thirty-four bankers, officers of 1 lie two groups, were indicted in trial with the tlrt ae May Judee Arthur J Tultle and Judge Edward A. Molnet had been bank president In Michigan and they disqualified themselves. That left Judge Ernest A. O'Brien, who Insisted that lie would try the bankers' cases, though the government insisted lie was unfit to d so. O'Brien went oil with a trial whkh resulted lu acquittal of three defendants who. however, are still under otliar Iwlli'tnient a 'T'HE government weut to the lr-cuil court of appeal". 1'harglnit more than 30 prejudicial errors In O'Brien's charge to the Jury H also alltged that O'Brien was personally Involved, because hi wife was In debt to one of the bank" and facing suit by Its receiver because ahe had recovered collateral on certain loans without paying off certain other loans in the bank. The appeals court ordered O'Brien to step down and let an nntalila Indira rnnia ill fiilt frUt'lell TYBANNY AND HEROES cut. jumps, there is little danger that any jobless man will have to go hungry, , The one redeeming feature of for, as the Journal ppints out, any tyranny is that It throws old the president has declared: fashioned' eouraga. Into high re- "Only if industry fails to reduce . lief. It bets, gown. tnQ ; destroy manv 'of the things ' that make substantially the number of those out ( work will another appro civilisation worth, . keeping, but, it priation and further plans and doc stir up plenty of plain, un adorned heroism- policies be necessary." This, to be sure, does put the Cable .from Germany . recently illustrate the point abundantly June, 1934, for alleged false re First, there it the case of Dr. matter squarely up to industry, If the government is to got out from under the relief load, the jobless men must be put back to work in private employment , ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIRE Hugo Eckener. mx;mwwf VTA iu , I Dr. Eckener is flying the great airshlD Hindcnburg- to new tri But it also leaves the door wide umphs, just as he did with the pninpn ff3im, 90 Graf. Zeppelin tt years past. His open for further relief appropriations,' if private employment is ports and other banking law vlo- (o(l(!ht on, presented by John latlwtis. Uy. Davis, he appealed to the su- , , ipreme court Itself. The supreme rpHE Department of Justice hajcourt reusea to review the case, been trying to get the cases j whu.h ,ade the 8Wais ,.0ui t nil-tried ever since and Its lawyers at- j K effective. tribute failure to proceed to the re- But rpartment of Justice offl-fusal ot Michigan's three federal j(.aU declare the appeals court still district judges Republicans ap- j wag unai,ie t0 persuade one of the pointed by Taft. Coolldae. andj(i,ree jUage!, to accept a transfer Hoover to step aside and allow j0 that a substitute might be as-an outside Judge without Detroit signed t0 the trial, The stymie was banking connection to be assigned broken by creation of the f.mrti to the bank cases. ; judgeship. Hughes has now appointed Jidge, (Copyright. XE.V Su: unable to meet this challenge. And so, as the Wall Street Journal concludes, "There doesn't seem to be much cause for alarm" E , . ; r . , " mind about one thing. She would not stay home, waiting for Tim STORIES IN STAMPS I5y I. S. Klein Let us show you the' world's first choice economy ure more than a match! for many highest-priced makes in long safe' mileage, tread grip, blowout protection and looks. A value we give you because Goodyear build the most tires by millions. OVER 22 MILLION SOLD -THAT'S HOW GOOD IT ISI Jumiuson to telephone. She had done that once; she would never do it again. Tim's part in her life , UM : (M. ; 4 mirrr;itlrtyri had come to a finish and it was going to stay that way. Probably he wouldn't call. Whether he did BY LAURA LOU BR00KMAN name is appearing in the newspapers everywhere but very little in his own Germany. t For, Dr. Eckener do'esnlt like the Hitler government and he does not care who knows it. When the farcical .election wav held not, long ago,,' prn Eckener refused, point-blank to get out and stir up enthusiasm. In revenge, the government,' is giving, him t the; silent treatments ., : - , ; " It It were not for tfjo fact that no one on earth can make airship jump through 'the, h'pop the way Dr, Eckener can, he would be locking for new job right now. As it is, the Germans don't dare fire hirn. They will persecute him, however, apt if they ever develop anyone who can , take . bit place, they will bounce the veteran out of there in jig tune. '... , I Dr- Eckener's attitude is a thing to win the admlrotlon ot everyone $ HI NU Sr4i, U, 'Founders or not. she would not be home, CHAPTER XXXIT - the boat races the Saturday before, overhead, green fields, trees reaching out generous, shady branches, perhaps a stream and the sound of rushing water! How had he known that a picnic would be irresistible "I'd love It," Toby said, raising shining eyes. "The car's waiting and the lunch is packed. Hurry up and get that bonnet on " Already Toby was on her way upstairs. She called over her Shoulder, "I'll hurry!" She put on a dress of yellow linen and tied back her hair with Afterward Toby thouaht "she,, a new car that passed them until For two days she invented ex- I .,..... I ... -11 M - I ,4.-- 1 T. I. . ' U I. I W 1 ' J...!.. ' ' HOWARD RITES HELD Funeral rites for William H. Howard, who passed away April 12th following an attack of pneumonia, were held from the Fisher-Braden chapel Tuesday. Rev. Boyd Patterson, pastor of the United Presbyterian church, officiated. Pallbearers were D. M. Rohrbourgh, V. Dvorak, C. C. Bray, David Gerberj Homer Lind-sey and Leonard Grice. Music was furnished by.Lural Burggraf. Mrs D. M. Rohrbough and Mrs. Spencer Griffith arranged the lloral offerings. Interment was made in the family plot at Riverside cemetery where the 1. O.'O. F. conducted the graveside services. Toby halted before a doorway, jcuses to keep away from the apart- Op Can; uiuiiagt-u fvcijr wen. 11 ane nes- itated fof .an instant, if her voice' nis is me piace, sne saia. inisjmcu. one wem u KnuppuiK uips. She had a call from the Models' was not quite as level as It should have been, there was no sign of I an.. m . .::.! League and spent several hours is where I leave you. It's nice to have seen you, Tim" She had. one hand on the door, ' . SV-iaiW-CkfVSJ the hottest part of a terrifically hot day bundled up in one fur coat would have entered, but he stopped her. "Wait a minute," he after another, posing before a cam- a yelloV 'soarf. She slipped on low, flat-heeled shoes, caught ud a 1 mimtMpf '"Jffj JTX u.5 tvocr sweater, and was back. The roadster at the curb was new. "Like it?" Tim asked, grinning. . ;. MITZNER RITES HELD Funeral services for Mrs. Emilie Mitzner, who passed away at her who likes courage. But he does diconcortion in her face as she laid, "Why, hello, Timwhat a surprise to see you!" "It's a surprise to see you, too," he told her. "I thought you must be out of town. You seem to have stopped answering telephone calls; at least you don't answer when I call." . . Ho would say that, of course. Toby didn't believe that Tim had telephoned. Probably he didn't expect her to believe it. But, being Tim, he would say it, nevertheless. "I'm sorry," she told him regretfully -polilely regretfully as one is, speaking to an acquaintance rather "It's grand!'! pot, after all, stand" alone? She climbed Inside and Tim took Eum. now aooui nunung up S cooi,cia. 111c cuius wuuiu iiui appear roof this evening, doing a bit of (in shops until August, but they dancing, maybe? Don't you think 'had to be photographed in June, it's time we did something like She lingered in the League of-that? I do." v 'lliqc, lunched with a girl she did She shook her head, milTng. wiot particularly like. Bill Brandt "Sorry, Tim. but I couldnt. !wiook iier to a play she had said she going to be busy tonight." jwanted to see, but the night was "I'm afraid not" , so warm neither of them enjoyed "Have a heart, Gorgeousr he the performance, urged. "I've been trying to see you J Finally, Toby's sense of humor for weeks; honestly I have. Don't fcam to her rescue. It was ridicu-turn me down, now that I've found jlous to stay away form home be-you. Come one let's make it a cause of Tim, and suddenly she date for tomorrow!" 'saw that. Probably he hadn't j home April 7th ' following a pro the wHeel.; Across the bridae to ' Some thousands of German priced aslovas workmen refused to get out and Long Island. Along hot streets, past tired-looking buildings, with vote as they were told to do; and the mighty Hitler government has 'PWO naniaa that recall the early exploration and founding ol Canada are those of Jacques Car tier and Samuel de Chaniplain. : both Freiichnien, whose pictures appear on the one-cent value of the set Issued by Canada lit 190S, coin-memoratlns; the, tercentenary of th founding ot Quebec.' Cartler . the flrat European explorer to sail up the St. Lawrence, establishing an Indian set- the air gradually growing fresher, less stifling. On and on until presently the ribbon of pavement was bordered on either side with green. On until there was the blue water been taking its revenge on them ai it dared not take it on Dr. Ecke longed illness, were helq from the Fisher-Braden chapel ' April 10th. Pallbearers were C. 1L Davidson, D. S. McWilliams, F. O. Salmon, H. L. Straley, J. H- Vannice and Mr. Zimmerman. Dr. Thomas D. Yarnes, pastor of the Methodist church of which Mrs. Mitzner was a member, officiated. Music was furnished by a quartet from Halsey, and a duet consisting of than to friend. "If you called 1 But I can't. Tim. Really. I've he hadn t called, or, if he had, and ner. had received no answer, there was and no one answered, I must have got a date for tomorrows" ot the Sound and waves beating against the shore and a breeze that was certainly cool! j little likelihood that he would call been out somewhere. Harriet's "Can t you break it? awav. so there's no nn In tiilcp I "Not verv -wel " , again 4lement at ' Quebec. In 1535. In Still Tim drove on until, round Storm troopers have been making the rounds of the shops and factories with lists of non-voters, and the non-voters are being fired from their jobs just as fast as the ing a curve, they came to a stretch messages," ' j "You mean you don't -want to.'j Beside, she could always find , "Where's Harriet?" ! Is that the idea?" Ian excuse for not seeing him. "Up In the country. She'd been 1 "No, that's not it" s I With this decision made, Toby of beach so picturesque that Toby cried oifL They left the car, got out working too hard and needed a Why was she denying it, since it slipped, back into the old routine. the hamper, and carried it to a Mrs. C. E.' Williamson and Mrs. Stanley Peterson! ' Lurul Burggraf was organist. The floral committee consisted of Mrs. Walter Kropp, Mrs. Alan .Banks, Mrs-Sidney Smith and Mrs. Lawrence Edholm. Interment was in the rest." was true? She didn't have a date She-wes at home one morning, in authorities can get around ,to it shady spot. Tim unpacked the The traffic liuht flashed red for tonight or the next niuht either. specting' a pair of soiled white san-dalsflnd trying to decide whether lunch cold chicken, salad, a ther ' These men face a dismal future. They are on the : world's worst then, and they crossed the street. She was saying she hud because I JSU3 Champiain sailed up the same iriver'as far as Montreal, but U was not until 1608 that he returned and ifoundtd the first white settlement which became Quebec. He Inter 'became governor of Quebec, but was ejected by the Urltish In 1631. He died In 1635. j While Chaniplain Is pictured only on the Quebec tercentenary stamp, Vhown here, Cartler has lieeu portrayed oil other issue u well. for, Gor- she had made up her mind she-jor hot they were worth dyeing. "Where're you bound mos of iced coffee, a magnificent chocolate cake and fruit. blacklist. It will be almost impos' would not let Tim Jamieson coax when the bell from the entrance geous? Tim asked. downstairs rang sharply. sible for them to find new jobs, Jut once try Schilling GET REAL SERVICE TOO! ..... , , Your rial elcmold of rue amill bnl apan atraiiat-card DO ixtra aharS. Cardul anoaiiat by lira apccialitt. Aad iatnli ancntioa altar ti ! taat 'a waat m t Oaai aal It must be the postman with a letter from Harriet One letter had arrived several days ago a letter that described "Aunt Abigail" Dinwiddle.. Aunt Abigail's cooking, her comfortable, old-fashioned .home She changed her plans abruptly. She didn't want to say that she was going to a movie to escape the heat. So, instead, she said, "Fifty-seventh street. It's the day for the beauty shop." "Beauty shop! That's the last place I'd say you'd rieed to go." Once ' the compliment would and it's a lead-pipe cinch thut they won't draw any. unemployment benefits while they are looking for them. Some of them will starve, some will land in 'concentration camps, ...111 , 1. : . 1 . 1 her Into agreeing to see him again, "Well, maybe you'll change your mind," Tim suggested. "Girls have been known to do that. Anyhow, I'm going to give you call tomorrow." "All right. You can do that. Goodby, Tim." '-.. "'Bye, Gorgeous, Remember, you'll be hearing from me." Toby went into the building and stepped Into an elevator. Since she was here, she decided, she might ns well go up and let Charles do and the little town of Plainsville, all with equal enthusiasm. After lunch they lingered lazily for a WhiUi, then set off to "explore." When, they were tired of this they came back to the picnic spot. Toby settled herself comfortably, leaning back against a tree and staring off across the blue water. Tim stretched out, full-length, pillowing his head on his arms. Suddenly he sat up boldly. "I know," he said almost roughly, "why you're never at home any more when I call. It's Jay Hillyer! There's something I've got to know, j Gorgeous. Just-how much does1 Hillyer mean to you?" (To Be Continued) P" mm -m -a raaaaja Mil . .,. .. .... ti have thrilled her. Now Toby knew Toby, anxious for more news, hurried down the stairs. She how easily Tim said such thlngs-and how little they meant a "Oh. there's always the upkeep.' she told him lightly. opened the door of the tiny vesti bule--and faced Tim Jamieson. 'Hllo,-Gorgeous," he said, grin nine. "I've Kiven up trying to tier hair. On such a hot afternoon Tim turned to her appraisingly, Cinnamon ' - -' - ... in an apple pie there would be no difficulty about reach- you by phone. Decided to tCui rlUt.M3.'NK.V eKrvlc; Jr INSPECTING IIIGir SC HOOLS Prop .. W." Part; ot ihtr state "I don t think you need to worry about the original job or the-up tin appointment. Ana she really come myself. Kun upstairs ana get hadn't wanted to see that movie PARKWAY MOTOR SERVICE Third and Washington SU. Russell Reeves, Prb. , rhone 175 ' IRVIN'S GARAGE 324 Broadalbin ' Phone 396 J. V. (Vin) Shank, and W. H. Bacon, Props. keep, either. As it happens, I'm headed in the same direction myself. Mind if I walk 'along with iepai tnurtt of educutivn.'vaii'ivod auiinr win i jiidy luujr Aicftyu around by the storm troopers, and all will suffer tremendous hardships. ' y : .. . :, . . Tat what? Simply for refusing to bend the knee when the whip rarcked; being men enough to look omnipotence in the eye and tell it to go run up a twig. Heroism of thut kind doesn't grow on every, rose bush, Tyranny finds it and puts U n, the; spot-liglit. And some day, wjien the present madness is past, Germany will pay high homage to the rnen who displayed such eouragt. your bonnet. You and I are going on a picnic." a If he had said anything else ex wnyhow. Sitting with the waves carefully here tod;iy iind cniburket upon, an inspection . trip which wilt "keep pressed into her hair, waiting for cept a picnic, Toby might not have him in Linn county all this week ntid part ut next, today ho is in- thenv to dry. Toby made tip her I weakened. But n picnic blue sky you?" "Of course not." They went on in silence for scv-. oral moments. Suddenly Tim suid. "Oh. by the way, Gorgeous, I've s-pcctiiig the Shfdd, Halsey mid liitrrispurg high schools, lie will noticed you've taken to decorating thfe news stands. Decorating them visit lie i'bation and Scio high schols Thursday and Albany high very nicely, too. That picture of school riday. Monday he will 111- you one the cover of (he named a widely circulated magazine) last week was a knockout," fpect the Sweet Home, Browns--ville and Tungent schools. Ctmnty sir V ;.- . RIGHT AND M FT WINGS TO i.f !.i ' School. Siiptrlnteudont J. M. Ben nett is , iiccoinpanyinK Professor Purr. ft "Thanks. That was one of Durvea's pictures. I liked It myself." "It was a beauty!" Tim said enthusiastically. "And you can take that more than one way." Oh. yes, flattery cnmeJra.sily to him. Why hadn't she understood lone before that words spoken so PLAN ( III Rt H RALLY Plans for a district, rally of the Evangel icul church to be held at Moiunouth Saturday were au-nminied today. The meeting will start at 3.30 p. in, and a supper will be served at 6 p. in- The banner now held by Dallas for being the most distant source of a delegation, won last year, -will be in competition again at Monmouth. easily must be as lightly meant? mm y in! w w w He talked on of the weather, tho wilted appearance of the city. in ijfeir 111' iSI 11 BOUQUET gill ilPI - - 3. more jyfh lilij ENJOYMENT, ?-HLf$b' t ' s: sandV.cWn'M BLENDED X$R$$$ Nw WHISKIES ' .f 11 1 in t' - Our Prescription for EASTER CHIC and a sure tonic for that "tired of it all" spring fever. PUn to stay awklW wttexi yon visit the Nsf Exposition. I.TWf , wi t in Sen RATES 2 to 3-Ei GRANGE TO MEET The members of the Fall mount grange will serve a hot dish dinner, Saturday evening at 7:30, followed by the regular business and social hour at 6:30 o'clock. Reports will be made on the rodent control contest. ' Jhen you find a solidly conservative organ such ;'. tin Wall Street Journal lepriuUpg. words of Wisdom from such left-wing publications as the Daily Worker and the. Notion, you are entitled to blink three times, rapidly, from sheer surprise. Ulaving blinked, you then go ahead to see what all the shout ing is about; and you discover that it is caused by that- never-failing bauis for arguments, the relief situation- ,'i'he Daily Worker thinks that Tiff dent Roosevelt has riim-ftom-nu d the unemployed in his relief bi il.ef f t the oppjipg eir. His jjupofed appropriations for tnis iicpufe, according to the radical ii' wsprper, represent a cut of fully 550 per cent from last year's fund; and since fiot all the muney vntrd for re lief j lust year wai ai'Ui.-illy spent, it asks aorrMy ! psi)cr there - Is any a. siii;mc 1Y;A r'i the m(;m-y a:ked fur thin ,.1 will be sp'nt. S. -mewhat similar is the ivrr-pi :tii)t of the Nation. This maij:i-ziiu. Inuring that, in addition to ri - .n IivlI0U(O1 a a e 1 Remove that Irritating dan-"d r u f f and choose a flattering KM . IEAC1IEKS AT CORY ALUS . !!;. Undine Hiller was hostess .0 ,ho Western Linn county Teuch- ' a. ;oc ialnm at her home in . 'l;s Monday niht - , Night Coughs NEW An Oil Permanent , .. $2.50 Quickly checked without "dosing" i1 (sjlih" r WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 115 l.yan St. Phone 619-R ..Jt WICKS -. ! itttrm-Uftttltn 1,.-U,j, t,i.i,. Imti Wun, M4. ' rvb on U VtaoRui I

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