Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 16, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1936
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THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON MAGE FOUR When Cologne Paid Its Homage to Hitler , . 1 L . ." ' U Judge J. J. Barrett. Daniels was brought before the court on a de- linquency charge, the outgrowth of hi allied attempt to shoot Rev. O. D. Schantz( of Crawfordsviye Friday niylit. ) . KOAC Rodio I Progrom LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS Sep. 13. 1868. Mr. Biggs died while in Central Oregon ubout 1884. One daughter, Mrs. Wilbur Cook, of Dallas, and a son, T. Armand Riggs, of Portland, survive. She was a great aunt of Ralph R. Cro-nise, of this city. Mrs. Sarah Riggi Buried Thursday J " -V J I t Mrs. Sarah P.' Rig, a pioneer of Polk county, died at her home in Dullas April 14 and was buried in i the family cemetery this afternoon.; She was 87 years old. ' I I Tcr;:mrct3 1 I ri f '"" . '..",r ' T j" n un I rJ r'rA-.L ?"-- J GOES TO W ATERLOO. IA. t F. B. Schoel left last nijjht or SENT TO INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL ... . Thursday, April If 3 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, Music; 5:45, Vespers Led by Dr. E. J. Harper; 6, The Dinner Concert; 8:15, Swindles to Suit Portland Better Business Bureau; 0:30, Evening Farm Hour 6:30, Farm Act Information: 6:45, Market and naiciiw, " v .... J' by the serious illness of his broth- Richard Daniels, 16, Crawfords Mrs. Riggs was born in Marion county, Missouri, April 24, 1849.! and came with her parents to Dal- i las in 1864. making her home in, that city for 72 years. She was married to James Berry Rings 1 vr, George. Mr. senoei expects xo 1 be gone for the next two weeks. ; His toother visited him hertf about ' eight years ago. - ' ville. was taken to Woodburn yesterday by Sheriff Shelton to serve at the state, industrial school for boys at the order of Juvenile Millertburg MillfTsburg. Mr. and Mrs. James G. Gourley attended the funeral of Mrs. LoUu JUirion of Irish ttend at the Bcllfountain cemetery near Eupne Sunday. Mrs. Thomas Farlow and Mrs. Laura J. Blume drove to Salem on Easter Sunday to spend the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs, T. C. Morgan. Mrs. Chnrles Alexander and daughter, Chloris, returned home r V Am f l.fV ; ft it r ul -. T.J I crop reports and weather forecast; ,7, Animal Hsubandry; 7:13, Hops; :7:30, Radio Shorthand Contest; 8, The Oregon State System of High 7) mm fax Ms. ftixtTZJ'r last Friday morning after spend ing several days at Vale. er Education J. A. Churchill, President of the Oregon Normal School; 8:15. The KOAC Drama Guild "Love in '76"; 8:45, Oregon State College Orchestra Delbert Moore Conducting; 9-9:15, United Press News. Mis Jesn Gregory of Estaeada and Stanley Gregory. Oregon State college student, spent the Easter I- - -''SN j Here is lie reason wkyn Wn p the picture cn uj "Kauler's acts bettW in 90 PROOF h holidays at the home of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. D, Gregory, William Kreger is working at the West Timber Jogging camp this spring. Mrs. Gus Nygren is spending few days visiting at the home of her daughter, JUrs. Sidney Klahn, in Salem. .1 . , Bert Morgan has entered the MiUersburg school. He is in the fourth grade. In honor of the confirmation of Edwin Kreger in the Lutheran church in Albany Sunday a dinner was given at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kreger. Invited guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leonnrd Fnlk, of Mt. Angel, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Falk and chil v Kesdefis a o fclepd. That means it b made with good wLitlej and fiaenea-tral spirit made from f oldea train. And bexante taere is g eaerou amoanf of fine neutral spirit Kessler's acta better . . . tastes better. . If yoa'd like to know a superb blend, try Kessler's. It's sold at an extremely low price. With lMiiii'ii' MnliiK the KtievlM of CnloKiiK mid saxnii: limn inflow ln.iit.(" irniii w liirli the Mlks flw, Adolf Hlllrr la hii as hit reviewed' hit kiihkI nt hniini whii ht (-iiirred the city for Ills final wrh hefore the rei-fnl (ivrman Iwllni. In iiy nimixin-j iunil- i inihoinl pflicim y, more than Z.mwi.iiiiii fienple had been carried In the Jtbffte Hiy i, cin.. ih-i rueliei In bM mW1i Hitter declared, "I Iimv tieeii an oKltniiry ulUIr anil kimnytl.d hoiinix of war . 1 mhiiiI for mr.'' . .. I' h I : rlPL-,ii-Ji program included scripture read-' Portland visited several daya 'at, Jf range Snake It"'" ing, songs, and readings appropri- the opening of the fishing season,! . . k.i .. - ' I . 13 I , iLlkBia ifuitui kl ILlkBia Muituy ate to the day. At the close of the ! at the home of their niece, Mrs. : rouna near nere dren, Phyllis and Leonard, of Eu Friday, April 17 9 a. m., Homemakers' Hour; 10, Music; 10:19, Guarding Your Health; 10:30, Music; 10:43, KOAC School of the Air 10:43 German; 11 The Story, of Oregon; 11:15 Facts and Affairs; 11:30 The Story of Music. 11:45, Music; 12, Noon Farmj Hour 12.05 United Press News; 12:15, Furs, Fins and Feathers; 12:40 Market and crop reports and weather forecast 1 p. m., Music; 1:13, The World Bookman; 1:30, Programs on Parade; 1:43, Music; 2, Lesson tn Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30, Bards of the Oregon Country by James M. Morris; 2:45, Music; 3, Continuing Education "Regional Affairs". Mrs. L. T. Merwin. Northwest Director, AAUW; 3:30, Music; 3:43, Music; 4, Musical Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 3 p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, Music; 5:45, The Vespers Led by Rev. Wm. Schoeler; 6, The Dinner Concert; 6:13. What Trust Companies Do; 6:3d; Evening Farm Hour 6:30 Battle of Bugs; 6:45 Market and) crop reports and weather forecast; 7, Agricultural Economics; 7:15, A. G. B. Bouquet "Maintaining Vegetable Yields and Grades by Irrigation"; 7:30, Music; 7:45, Oregonians and Their Hobbies; 8, The Oregon State System of Hicher Education R. H. Dearborn, Dean and Director of Engineering; 8:15, We Write a Story; 8:30, Student Forum; 8:45, Music; 9-9:15 United Press News. Gresham, program, Captain Leask oMJamp j Otto Horton, and family. They re gene. Charles Kreger, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kreger of Cascadia CCC gave a short: Easter port the water too high for good n j mm. i -v .. in nnllan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mehl - " message., : fishing. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Walker and George Corner. who spent the While walking through a slough in the Calapooia river basin south pf Albany this week Ralph Matney found and a killed) a 16-inch snake which appeared to have two heads. daughter, Alice, and son, Bert, who 1 Easter vacation at home, returned ! I prn INT Jullui Kruln niitlllbii r.., Ij Eltullt, IMIrn: 13 L'lliiCIM AV-L, It. Y. m m Co, have ben guests at me nome oi to Camp Nestucca Monday after-Mrs, Walker's mother, Mrs. C. B. noon. He was accompanied as far Carpenter, during the Easter vaca- an Corvallis by Mrs. Corner, Rev. tion, returned to their home at Rittermeyer and family and Mrs. Portland Sunday. (Alexander.: : Sergeant and Mrs. Heath andj The Community Forum April snd son Ronnie of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kreger of Corvallis. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brown of Tangent, Hugo hrlich and son Junior and Louis Winterstein of Albany. , , Mrs. C. D. Haight has received word that baby boy was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin M. Smith of Northinglon. Minn. He has been named Roger Dean and is wATniEiLiJa.. Helen Heath spent Easter with j meeting was held Thursday eve- ning with a good attendance Fol one at each end. ( The snake could not be positively identified, but opinion was expressed by some that ft was a species of blue racer, though its color is a gray-brown. Whether or not the blunt tail was due to deformity or ' merely scarred after amputation was problematical. stampO;b"t6meet Announcement was made today that the Lewis & Clark Stamp club will meet at the public auditorium at 7 p. m. Friday. lowing a brief business meeting, the Lebanon chamber of commerce presented the program for the evening. Mr Hamson announced the numbers. , Traveling Kitchen Due Here April 29 Open Sundays and Evenings PHONE 73 frlenda and relatives at La comb. Mrs. C. E. Pratt, who has been ill at the family home for several days, was taken to" the Lebanon hospital Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ellis and son visited Sweet Home relatives over Sunday. Gordon Short and family attended the closing of the evangelistic services at the Sweet Home church Sunday evening. Johnnie Short, who is attending high school at Sweet Home, spent the Easter vacation with his family at Cascadia. - Sweet Home Sweet Home. Mr." and Mrs. W-M. James of Creswell were Sunday visitors and dinner guests at the home of their son, Walter DELIGHTFUL , Features for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 17, 18yi9,"30 PeefeGranulatedoaplarge pkg tie NEW the first child. Irvin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George I. Smith, who a number of years ago lived on the farm now occuplad by Mr, and Mrs. Fred Kreger. Charles Alexander and Ernest McKinney spent Easter Sunday at the McKinney homestead, on Ten Mile creek. Kenneth McKinney returned to the valley with them. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kreger visited with Mrs. Hugo Ehrlich and little daughter, Wilma LoRaine, at the Albany General hospital last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lotus Conser of Portland spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Conser. On Saturday evening a birthday dinner was enjoyed in honor of Mrs. Lotus Conser's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Barnes and son Norman spent Easter Sunday at the home of Mrs. Barnes' mother, Mrs. J. R. Skelton, at Dever. Chloris Alexander entertained Betty Huroun of Eugene, last Tuesday. " -'', John and Frank Covey completed a new and model farm barn on Sponsorship of the traveling kitchen of the Oregonlan home institute by the Women' association of the First Presbyterian church was announced today, by Mrs. Del Alexander, secretary of the group, upon completion of negotiations with the Oregonian. Accompanying the' kitchen and demonstrating with it will be Ar- j Lindy Products FOR Discriminating Womet mi tii James, and family. They were ac- j Orogonian nome institutc, who will eompanied by their son, Joe, and be assiaicd by B iocal woman. '"f-'ly- , . r This is the second annual tour Weather with the thermometer , 0f tno rjreconian kitchen throuuh or fTlv -M registering 78 degrees,, is making the state. It was in Albany last the arass and pasture grow rup year. Durkee Products Mayonnaise ' Pint jar 25c Quart jar .... : 41c Salad Aid Pint 21c Quart ........ 36c Salad Oil Standby Products Cream Style Or Selected Garden' PEAS -,, i No. 2 cans 2 cans 23 Whole Kernel CORN 2 for S7 Whito Elk ' Service heel the toe style features the Califor nia seam. the Elias Truax ranch last Frlddy. They are now assisting in remodel in a the country home of Mr. and Miss Davy will conduct a cooking school at the First Presbyterian church parlors Wednesday, April 29, at 2 p. m., lectflring on unusual but practical home meals, and discussing economical menus for family meals and entertaining. The school will be public and a small admission charge will be made, Mrs. Alexander said. Mrs. Floyd Fisher. The - Fisher No, 303 : cans . Widths AAA to (5 I I house, which was an old fashioned ; two story house, is being rebuilt Into a modern one story bungalow. C&scadia starve $3.95 In bulk, qt. . . . 23c Cascadia. An Easter "program was given at the Cascadia school idly, much to the gratification of locul dairymen, who have been buying hay and extra feed on account of the lute cold spring weather. Gardening and sowing spring tsrajn is the order of the day In this locality. In a few places the winter wheat is having to be reseeded. John Russell, editor of the New Era, has so fur recovered from a recent serious illness, as to be able to occupy his desk at the newspaper office. Mr. and Mrs. D. Andrews and daughter, Violet, of Brownsville, visited friends and relatives at Sweet Home Monday afternoon. The 4-11 Handicraft and "Camp cookery clubs met with their leader, Mrs Otto Horton, Thursday afternoon and went to the Santiam river bank where they cooked their supper over a camp lire, and roasted weiners and at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, l ne Crystal White Soap 10 bars 29c WOMAN TOO LITERAL Manhatton. Kas.- A woman traveled several miles four time's a year for' 16 years to make insurance payments until a company clerk told her she could mail payments to the office. She thought "payable at the home office" meHiit literally that. i . .' i. -J.ii 1 1 . HOIXYWOOD " JELL POWDER t- 3 1 s. LACKEY'S GROCERY US Sqcc tui Sits Schilling Baking" Powtler mMr.' 25c Bi.uiM,-iMa.;.:.;..l..l5c TOPa:i-a.a?: Pineapple "16 c nH? AC? and CARROTS No. 2 cans fsj rifrla . 3 for I Fresh PHONE 789 Frch Fruit, Meats 4 Free Deliveries Daily 9:30 a. m., 11 a. m 3:30 p. m., 4 p. sn. Vegetables Features for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 17, 18, 19, 20th marsh mallows. Leona Uonkowski underwent a tonsil operation Monday and Mrs. Robert Furster. ...had her tonsils removed Tuesday morning at the local physicians office. Mr. mid Mrs. R;iy Fisher of the delicious butter crackers Package'..... 16c FEATHER FLAKE Mission Brand Schilings A . s vsyjM 1 dOlVJLCC dU Ap or Crisco The diirestiblo Shortening Sib can 58c AT LACKEY'S A Complete Food Shopping Center . -. .-1.1 Quality groeeriest Freph Produce Tasty Meats Get them all here every day at Teasonable prices l&aiXMltL a7UUCil2ocan ' Sherbet Dish FREE NCWI IPECIAUT CONSTROCTID ViOPERUEAVE CREPE -; White Rover 3 cans PogFqod Pajncake and Waffle FLOUR 9 and eight-tenths pound bag 45c - RITZ CRACKERS 1 n Box :23 c DUNDEE PEAS JUICE, Knight's No. 1 tall cans, 2 for Tomato 25c a'5c i to SHORTENING Purola, 4 pounds Large cans 2 for , 25c Wilamet Brand' PEARS Large 21 can 2for : 29c FRUIT COCKTAIL Xo. 1 talis 2 CANS 2 5 C Kellogg'. .2 packages CornF!a!ces OUR SPECIAL i, -1 1 i i 1 It ( ' '' ' 44c 57c 2Uc 23c I OUTWEARS ALL OTHERS 1 WILL NOT SHRINK 3. RETAINS ORIGINAL BEAUTY ALL SEAMS GUARANTEED 5. LAST EX STRAPS Good quality 23c Wft Ground to order. WviaVV Pound .............. cans COFFEE-Hills Bros. 2 pound can ........... OXYDOL-i- Large package ......... DOG FOOD-Scotty Allen 3 cans . ...... . . ....... EQc HAPPY FAMILY 3 pourds for . . . . 50c FLOUR 49Tb sack $1.39 Oregon Blend FlOuritw 491b. sack $1,255' MKINH H-N Ml invrt trtAiM DEL MONTE- C APRICOTS " m M. J. B. Coffee . lib tin ...... 28c 2tb tin . . . : . 55c 31b tin .... . 83c FLOUR . v3 Mothers , Cocoa 2b can a 5c fl9c FRESH FBIITS AND VEGETABLES CAULIFLOWER -i f Head 1UC LETTUCE A Head ...:......; tC FANCY ASPARAGUS Green and ten- 1 J der. 1 lt. .... .IOC TOMATOES Fresh Im-Veria! valley. 1 C pound IOC LOCAL SPINACH i;i c ;i lls. 11 Strawberries, Fresh Pfa. New Spud Crown Best Patent Libbv's Sliced GRAPEFRUIT AMD UI1 J0 (2?CCluti ton toMOiiT wsia 7 491b sack . $1.90 No. 2 cans ', '. 25 2 tor .... Oleomargarine Standard Nut 2 lbs 25c CAULIFLOWER, Head ............ . . . 10c SUNKIST GRAPEFRUIT, doieh . ........ 29c TOMATOES, pound .1 . T. ...;. . 1 5c FANCY GREEN PEAS and New Potatoes, 2 lbs. 15 FLOUR Gold" Sold Exclusively by . McDEVITTS SMART SHOP ALBANY, OREGON TRIXIE DOG FOOD canSc 49tt $1.15 sack.

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