Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 15, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1936
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t 9 PAGE FIVE THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1936 1 NEW TODAY I WANTED WOOL AND MOHAIR.. WE par highest market price, M. Sindr.s ! Co. alS-mt FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN' ROOKT-rn, 4 k. old. Sr. II ring host. W. J. Uiddings, Phone li-F-31. alJ-i; CASH PAID FOR OLD COLO. DENTAL crowns, bridaaa, fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French 4 Bos, Jeweler. attui Explorer. of Did ,A TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Answer to fVovlous ruzzlc TRAILERS WE HAVE A NUMBER OF nailers, some wttkr stock racks, well built, lia.os and up. 12 in, steel pkiw, or. chard plows, etc. Albany Ban al a Huuse, ind and Baker. alt-lT FUR BALE 8KBD POTATOES, 4 VARI-ctk, t Sudtrll's Auction House, si i-lif LOW PRICED CARS i Frsss US.N is MUST SELL -All make. 20 ears to choose from. Ready to go. Bur now and save j OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at f son's Drug Store. eisrltf CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE. etc. "Look In year attic. Che. Ruhr. hough 4 Sun. 413 W. First Rl JMf FOR SALE SPOTTED POLANII CHINA Bread Sow with weanling pi its. tMllgr-hide Co., US Ellsworth St. alt-U FOR SALE WEANLING PIGS, II WKS. old. Car( Keen Uarrlsbant On. Bu I. It-Is CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F it Albany. Cecil MonUonwry.' asU-tf NOTICBCALE 4 MONTGOMERY WHO are advertising la this paper (of worthless borsva and cows, are In no way connected with my place. Cecil Montgomery. ntJS-ai Prteee quoted below are those pro sailing at II o'clock a. s. wi ua t Mtiiiwi. ana are subject t etiango at any hnar thereafter FOR SALE II.WK. OLD PIU8 t-MO. Jersey heifer. Walter knfe, Kl. 1. Albany, all" CASCARA BARK WANTED Wl ARB in the market fur an unlimited quantity of dry or green Cascara Bark. Will pay highest cash pricts, Altiany, baricain Hum, 2nd and Usker, Phone ,V. ali-ll 0 lIoItQa O'U LTI 9 I For Slt Real Estate AtlAlRIElADCMN L 21 Help Wanted Female ClLlAIDOCiAiN E ' r- W s .A f I 1 i LOCAL CHAIN M. Senders a Co. WHEAT: Nv. 1 white. m,t SILIA s HOIUZONTAL I. l Famous otplortr (or EnclunJ, 10 India i boat. 11 Womhlper. 13 Tart of pulley block. 14 Kalian coins. 15 To iron. 17 Snakeii. IS To onk flux. 10 Doctor. 21 Quantity. 22 Structural red and money. OPEN SUNDAY ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. ind 11)4 Lyon St. Albany al5-17-S FOR BALE TWO GOOD FRESH COWS, 4 mil East Near Price BchouL M. R. Markhau. al5-IT lO RjO TiElA'R TjADfE FOR SALE THREE VERY NICE building k.ts In the oe block on East Second St., just West of the canal on the North side of the street. Address P. O. Box t, Corvs'llkt, Oregon, or telephone It. , . all-17 A'L BE' WANTED EXPERIENCED Bookkeeper Ih produce business, lady pre-ferred. Addrcaa Box 1731 care Democrat llrrsld. alt-l mised. Kc bushel, BARLEY I Hansen, I21.M tea. OATS: While. No. I, SIM.Uv ; gray No. Poultry, F.(ts MQSiA TiO.NE BOt'SEKEEPER WANTED LIGHT work. Call etchings. I'hone toi-K-l. At. kaiiy. SI3-I11 LtAiNC ', 323.00; gray feed 10. W ton. WOOL w'ool, per pound ..............,.,... Sue Mohair. er iniund 4c MEATS D. E. Nrfcergall Meat Ca. CATTLE 12 Fop Sale Used Cars POR SALE 11.11 LIGHT 3 SEDAN. Exceptionally nice condition, mechanically good. Priced right SMS E. th St. al-lS a gonu " 12 Slumbered. Id Squanders. IH Monstrous winged serpent. 23 Doit parts. 24 Honey gatherer. 25 Measure, of area. 26 Transpose. 27 Constellations, 29 To ulilver. 31 Deri!. 32 Moving picture. 33 Monkey. 35 Dormant. 36 Emerged. 37 Writer's mark. 38 Singing voice. 40 nioiiilsutklng wcrm. 42 Chestnut. 43 Lair. 4C Drinking cop. 47 To hasten. 50 Note In scale. 52 Therefore. DAY OLD COCKERELS EVERY WED. and Thura., 31 per Ion. U E, ArrMsld. Lobanon, Ore. I'hone 1421. ali-lS FOR SALE-Bl"pFORPINGT)N HATCH-ing eggs. M. L. Gingrich, K. 3, Albany. Phone lo-r'-U. a!4-l ALEXANDER FOR USED CARS Renewed and Gaaraateed '35 Chev, Coupe, aputleaa clean throughout, low mileage, motor,, In perfect condition. See for younelf. 33 Ford V-a DtLuae Sedan with built in trunk. Haa the appearance of a new car. Save IJiio.uo, guaranteed the lame an a new car. '31 Ford A Sedan. Thia a) a nice car inaide and out. tut Down. '31 Chev. Coupe, moor A-I, tl per cent Urea, body In fine ahape, new paint, t'Ji Down balanoe on easy payment plan, ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. OPEN SUNDAYS 2nd and Lyon Albany . Your Ford Dealer al-l-8 Personal 33 RIVER BOTTOM 1U4 arm tssoe. Easy terms : family fruit, bldga., highway. ACRES CLOSE IN Strictly ' BMdmi bungalow, thick equipment, walnuts and fruit. Pric 35iK). CALIFORNIA TRADES 10 ACRES. PLASTERED bouse, family fruit,' clow In. ' C M. DOLLARHIDE CO. 15-tf STOMACH ULCER. CAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer t For quirk relief get a free gift packet of Udga, a doctor') prescription, at Fred Dawsoa'a Drug Store. m:4-a:' THE RIGHT WOO Is THE RIGHT PRICE. Clauds Wrigrrt, jihone 236-J, 338 E. (th SU as20-lf 13 For sale, Miscellaneous unit. 23 Ills companion, lils ion 2S MuoUal note. 29 Winer 30 Is furious. St To acoUl. 34 Prkkly pear. 36Ciold coins 37 Punsy 39 Native. 41 Writing flu lils. ii Scraped. 44 To nuift'it. 45 Trf observe. 46 Sailor. 48 Horn. 49 Type Ktaiulnrd E0 Sneet lileHs, SI Ilurden. C3 North Carolina. C4 lie oi an expert . 55 lie arrived at - America In 149T VF.RTUAL 1 Shook vlo-' lently. 2 Assault. 3Carilen tools. 4 Northeast. 5 He explored the eat coast. 6 raid publicity, TCoumkcouh. 8 Hay window. 9 Alarm. 10 Pertaining to 30 Miscellaneous Classified . .;. sitHi.iio .. ,, 3.30S13.OO ,. 3.00m 3.00 .. l.3ot3.u .3 S.TI . 0.2341 1 . 3.1SS 3.73 . 3.731 f.M . 7.0044 T.73 . S.0OU 7.30 ..37.30433.30 .. I.OOW3.00 .. 3.0oat.00 TRUCK BUYERS ATTENTION '33 Chev. It ton, cab and chassis I.1K6.00 '31 Ford IS ton. cab and platform 2H5.0O '33 Dodge Pickup, like new 64.n '2 Dodge chassis and cab. Z ton ., 2S.ou 'ST Dodge chassis, cab, platform 250.00 '2d Chevrolet panel .00 '; Chev. panel l3.0O '31 Ford chassis, cab, duals new paint S26.r;i THESE TRUCKS ARK Ok'e CHKCkElr Painted and Ready la Work See us before you buy The best Values In TWn RALSTON MOTOR CO. 7th and Lyon Sts. dodge dodge trucks Plymouth alt-16-S SIIREP SHEARING. ROBIN : TRI'AX, CsU 29-F-4. aU-S' Sl.s-rs Heifers Hulls Cowa. beef Cows, cuttsrt , HOGS 130 to ISO pounds 130 to SI0 pounds , 310 to 30 pounds 230 to 330 pounds ....... 330 pounds up Sows 8HHEP Lsssbe Ewea , Yearlings , VEAL Live Dressed WRECKING I BIC 8CHOOL BLOCS. Lumber 34 and up. Planks, " flooring, siding, sheeting 22. 2x8. 2x12 J,xlk and 3x12. Casings a mouldings. Brlrka 34 per M. Pipe, lath; dry wood cut to length. Salesman en job 3rd 4 Madison St, Albany. Ore. , - i as-U-S PAINTING. WALL PAPERING, INTER-lor decora ling that' different. Phone 42 or (13-U Wilbur Dawson 4 Claire Snyder. mAII-tf ALEXANDER FORD USED TRUCKS '31 Ford AA Lone Wheel Baa Truck.' new-fsetory motor, completely ovcrhaulrd otherwise, This track will civ yuu real service. - , 13 Ford V- Lea Wheel Base Truck; guaranteed la every way ; H per rent dual tires. 'IT Che. Truck, good shape, a dandy farm truck. Si Font V-B Panel Delivery, bnt of condition. Sava I2u. OPEN SUNDAYS ALEXANDER MOTOK CO. l!ml and Lyon Albany aUi-lt-S VETERANS INVESTIGATE THIS NEW Deal t 10 prr cent run down, plua lice rue and insurance will drive a new Ford V-8 Coupe or Sedan to your home. This deal is for a limited time only. ALEXANDER MOTOR CO. 2nd and Lyon Albany allWll-S USED ICE BOXES ONLY ti ll AND IT. Pick your show a large slock to select from. Tawn Mowers Trade in your old mower for one of our new light running high wheel, ball earlg mowers. Carden Hose We have a number of pieces of good lined garden hone. New hose, 60 ft. lengths 11.95. Sprinklers, garden tuols, etc. Altiany Bargain House, I'm! and linker. ali-17 ...lie HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT AND NUT lives, shrutio, ruse bushes, shade trews. Send for price list. Skttlimeier Bros. Nurseries. RL 3. Albany n2l-tf ELLSWORTH APTW. HEAT, OVER stuffed furniture. I'k. 3k. u ElUwortK. 3-i 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed POULTRY (Swift a Company) No. I hens, 4 to lbs. 17e No, I hens, over 3 lbs. ITe GOOD wood PRICED RIGH1. UEl.IV-ered in any length. Lester Cliilcote. loot Santiara Rd. Phone 7J4-R. jJO-tf Trades 29 No. I medium hens, No. 1 medium hens, Colored springs ... No. 1 broilrn, I'i over 3'y lbs, .... 14c under 3'i lbs, ...,14c .YI!e to 3 IU. ....... ,lf.e , Is Iwr , NON-RESIDENT BAYS SELL Never in. the history of Albany -hu there been a bouae told of like value at this price. Two extra ' fine lota, laved sires, fruit, fine location, the home Itself woukr cent IWD to replace ; hardwood foori la front room, fireplace, full basement. Thia property b) offered for a few days only at $3100, which la only a fraction of iu real value. Located at 522 Went FOR SALE 4-GRAIN REED OATS. N. N. Ruth, I'hone L'S-F-S. ai4-l FOR SALE ALFALFA SEED, lite LB. Call at SuS E. 5th. ' alt-lH-S TRADB 3-ROOM HOUSE IN ALBANY'. well located, for Dslkas proiierty. Address Box 1731, care Democrat-Herald BI4-13 Hissstecs . . . Stasia , FT" 7 -i jfjasa"" .j o T o w Mm" "Zl t'V; : 3T""""" " 53" """" """"SiT T" "" "" " 35T 7" 35 -io "" T T" "" i TT fS-"" 55" "" sT ii" S3" "-"S3 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby Riven that the undersii'nt'd has been duly appointed by the County Court of the Stato of Oregon for Linn County, Administratrix of the estate of Anson I. Say lor, deceased, and has qualified. All persons having claim auinst the estate of said decedent, are hereby required to present them, duly . verified, within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administratrix, at the office of Marks & McMahan, First National Bunk Building, Albany, Oregon. Dated and fust published this 18th day of March. 1938. KATIE SAYLOR, Administratrix of the Estate of Anson I. Saylor, deceased. MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon. Attorneys for Administratrix. March 18 25 April 1 8 15 EGGS All Prices Are Delivered Albany Cases Retamea Extras IKc Standards Kc 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous EXTRA GOOD FARM CLOSE IN. HIGH-ly improved and ideal location and all fixed for dairying. This farm fat offered at a sacrifice and IIIHJO rash will handle with king and easy terms at low interest. If you are in the market for a good farm see us at once. Mortgage Company Says Sell, good 6 room house on terms JtOQ each balance 16 per month. Tripp 4k Murphy, Realtors. al5-lff 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal DIRECT FROM THE MILL 11-lNLll mill ends, fine for cookstoves, 13.00 per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, 33 in load rots. Sawdust and shavings. Albany Fuel Co., Inc., 313 Calapooia 8t. Phone 32. aftf i Extra medium , ,,..I0e I Standard medium .....13c Krown eatras .....13e .Dirty extras IHo I'nilergrsiUis 1,1c 1th street. Drive by but do not disturb the tenant.' Pleaae act quickly on tola ai It will not laat IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 t.Ktf FOUND AUTOMOBILE OR TRUCK LI-tense tag number L-2-215. Owner may have same by calling at Democrat-Herald and paying for ad. ,15.1.7 WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS. 7 wlce. old. Hollywood, 60c each. Will trade for young fresh cow. Mm. c. A. Bault, Tangent. ,13 SHAKES WANTED FORTT THOUSAND 3-Incb shakes. Bidders are invited let leave sealed bids for delivery the laat of this month with the city recorder, Albany City Council. alt-16 WANTED WOOL wt MOHAIR Cash acham-ed on contract. No Interest charged. We always pay market price. See us before you sell. SAM FRAC.F.R Albany Bargain House, Cor. 2nd 4 Baker. raiH-al'S Livestock Puileta .12c Pee wees 10c ' ' VEAL Live , 7e Dressed . ,..12c RUTTERFAT A grade Xlc l"8ED GAS RANGES ELECTRIC ranges -oil stoves -electric and gas plates lowest possible prices. Rebuilt used ramies, large stork, only 19.73 and up. Bent possible values at Albany Bargain House, 2nd A Baker. al5-17 DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. Fhone collect H-F-14. Albany. If no answer, I'hone ll-F-4,. Corvallts. roU-tf LITTLE EAGLE EYE By HAROLD GRAY II (rails ilt C grade ...,29r BHEKP Una .,....... ....IS.t54jC9.00 YOU MUST COM6 OVER AND SEE US AGAIN SOON ANNIE- I k J . in ': via AND TH' WORRY- KNOW1N' THEY'RE DUE TO LOSE EVEN TH' UTTLE THEY HAVE DOG GONE IT. SANDY- I COULD HOUSE CLEAM AS A PIN- BUT THEY'RE 9 POOR- AND TH' THINGS YUH CAN SES WITHOUT '.OOKIN - TH' WAY THEY SACRIFICE FOR ONE CURIOSITY I S'POSE-BUT I HAD TO SEE FOR MYSELF-. GEE- HARDLY ANYTHING IN THEIR HOUSE TO EAT- FURNITURE ALL BUSTED AND MENDED- BAWL! WHY DO SUCH THINGS ANOTHER- KEEP CHE.ERIN. HAVE TO HAPPEN TO SUCH A 1- m t EACH OTHER JJP- . .. NICE PEOPLE? ,, ...fai come fry frrioFTEM-il KW'gV7.: THANKS AND V0U 0 ML-i-M (.Jf r, ...''. y.iw . I" 'vi': -rl1' Little Orphan Annie . Other Comics 3vH4 f COME OVER MUST COME OVER AND i I. :? 1 TOMORROW ho. V- SEE ys- V. Portland Market Reiw Portland. Ore., April 15. All butter prims wrre lowered one rent a pound today, except extras, which lost one-half cent. ' Butterfat showed a general loss of one rant. Furs ware unchsnmtl. Potato priors continue their boom for old crop at both the source and hrre. There was very little offered at Oregon points for the day. First new white Hawaiian are due Thursday. Onion market Is active for old crop. Fancy quality lettuce la firm; others weak. There continues a dearth of quality, green peaa. Oranges are moving better with Improved weather. Rhubarb is wesk and generally lower. Spinach prices have dropped. Cauliflower Is a trifle weaker. 7 No. 47; thence East on said North line 29.60 chains to the place of beginning, Also, Beginning 10 chains South of the Northeast corner of said Claim No. 47; thence West . 14.53- chains more or less to the East line of the lands formerly owned by Martha Morgan; thence North 9.30 chains more or less to the center of Muddy Creek; thence in the Northerly direction down the center of said creek to the West boundary line of the John Wilson and wife Donation Land Claim No. 60; th"nce South on West line of said claim to the place of beginning; Also. All that part of the West half of the Thomas Cannon and wife Donation Land Clairri No. 48, lying within said Section 19 Town.hio 12 South of Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian that lies West of the County Road; A'so, All lots 2, 3 and 10 in Section 19, Township 12 South, Rnnge 4 West of the Willamette Meridian; The land hereby conveyed containing in the aggregate 165.44 acres, more or less. Also including herein all lands adjacent to the above which have been acquired by grantors by accretion. . HERBERT SHELTON Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon PIULIP HAMMOND, t 310 Guuranty Trust Co.,1 BJdfi., Portland, Oregon., ' .. Attorney for Plaintiff. ' ." Mfirch 18 2.1 Al 8 15 ' Wl i r.TTWI;. -1'W 1. . . , . 1 I mm, Nea t ja lijis Mtf ! NERVE WRACKING MOMENTS MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll UYSTER-IF TUT-TUT - WE DOM'T VOU DOWT 5HOOX Kim TMlKieS O0VXI W.BZB, MV WAVEWT YOU A 5IU6LE 5WEED OF WOrJOE?OEDER VERY WELL.TUENJ.' 5ERGEAMT-HAVE YOUR MEM MOW THE- PIG DOWNf, AT WILL I'LL WOT OIVE WM THE SATISFACTION! OP A HVSTEB I'M CjO.'MG TO FALL ON.VDUR AME-BICAW FCiEMO - , 5UM'5 FCISWTFULLV WAEM TODAY) EW? C0MTWUE5 THEM TO PIEE-I'LL iM Ul r"! PORTLAND LIVESTOl K (Dy V. 8. Dept. sf Agriculture) Portland. Ore.. April IS:- Hoga; He-crips 81)0; active j mostly ateady ; bulk lightweight drlvelna $10.7BMO.5 j heavies lin.2S(fi 10.(0 ; slsnghter piga and light lighta II0.0W.I ln.35; parking sows SK.60; feeder piga 110.78. ! .'9J Cattle: KerelpU 100; calves IS; fairly active ; mostly steady ; few mrdium steers held abova S7.26 ; good longfeds quotable to I8.IIO and above; common-mntium heifers $r.rii(.l.2S ; low rutter and ruttrr cows t3.onrifi4.fiO; common-medium 4.75W 5.60 ; good beef cows to f.00; bulls IS.Onft K.BO ; medium veakrs $7.5(14 8.5(1 ; rhnice tiuotsble to tlO.00. J Hheep : Keceips 50 ; nnminslty I Ntesdy ; tt-iirked in wooUd lambs saleable around ID, 75; choice load Iota to 110.25; ilrivein spring lanilsi up to flO.OI) or ahove; grod-i hiilre load luta quotalile to II 11.50 ; wonled ewea 95.(0 down. 6 WORD FOCrvOAL EXECUTION. I " I TELL YOU NOTHIUG! Y. SB Wf A m SEVERAL DESULTOPy SHOTS R1MG OUT AS. r-JVSTER CASUALLY TURNS Wt BACK AND WALKS TOWARD THE BARRACKS ; THErsl( SUDDENLX ATINJV SPECK. IS SEEN IMTHE TDWACD THE KJOETM : -7 6, wjtavier. MAKING 5P02T OP JACK, AS THE RCIsJG ' SQUAD AWAIT5 FIUAL COMMAND m Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants and professional pec pie listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Cull on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in The Democrat-Herald. U t i 'k ' GIVING I II M SELF UP FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ATTORNEYS THE PKODUCK EXCHANGE The following prices were named to be effertive today: Mutter i Cube eatras Sic; standards :i2Vjc; prime firsts fit ; firsts 31c lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets, ltiU.t; Oregon loaf le lb. lirokers will ray k below quotations. Kiins I Produce Exchange quotations be. tween dealers: Kxlra large IHc ; standards large 17c; extras medium 17e;; stamlanls medium lie: Jobbing prices 2c higher. PORTLAND WHOI.K8AI.B PRICES These are the prices retailers pay whole salrrs, except where otherwise stated: Huteri Prints, A grade, 115c lb. In Piirehment wrapper, 36c. lb. In cartons; II grade, parchment wrupiwr 34c lb. cartons 36e lb. B Grade Cream for Market: Buying price butterfat basis, 6314 lb. . Kutter fat: Portland delivery: A grade, delivered at ( least twice weekly, 86( 36e ; country routes il'uMc; B grade S4'(i36c; C grade at market. " I'D LIKE TO 3E A UZ rM SORW THE this Situation I DOKIT KWOW THE ' PROCEDURE, IN A. MARKS It McMAHAN Attorneys ai Law 1st Nat l Bank bldg Phou 19M AUTO FREIGHT TO SPARE HE THE POLLYAWWA , MR. KTGXSEY, NEVER MAS ARISEN, "1 '' I MYSELF OKI "rtXJ, MR. CASE UKE THIS, BUT CRITICISM OF FOLKS LOCALLY; IN THE ' CASE Or A MIS5-IKIG JUVENILE ! VH DO VXl THINK BLT I CANT AGREE WITH SttJ ! THE BOY SIMPLY GOT HIMSELF A ROAD MAP AND IM HERE TO PROVE ;. I VOUCHED FOR THAT BOY IN GOOD FAITH 1 1 SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts, Phone 371. UP, . McGOOSEyJ SERGEANT ) K'W S 4 " " yj LET u J 1 WHO DOUBTED NUTTY'S WFi oicu.PPeAnpT? scrammed: CAHPET CLEANING r-r HONESTY.' V.'ELtsrtUlL HrVE TO COWVIKICE A rf ; ( court; i suppose, THAT Mxi AREmt :; GUILTY OF CONSPIRACY; IN -f'iu T AIDING A SUSPECT TO f'fZ, THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. Urst Phone 7 si tlLM 8EKV1CK HURLEY'S DRUG STORE rOH nvprntsht film assrvlrss l i FUNERAL DIRECTORS V, Mas rORTMXLLER FUNERAL HQM1 Dav or Nieht rthonsv 47-B INSURANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY WE DON'T THINK THERE WILL EE BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Mfoey "iL : JUMpiKj'JiMMIWy- f ANjyOKJE ELSE. VVAUTA " J to loan, farm security. WHY- "V KiMC?LUistLt, . CX"OM. MEN -STCPON IT HIS CCYAL HIGHMESS ' I iky t- A NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of a mortgage foreclosure execution issued by the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County in Suit "No. 17147, The Union Central Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plaintiff, and Wilbur IJ. Storer, Walter P. Storer, ct al, Defendants," therein pending, and to me directed. I shall, on the 18th day of April, 1936, at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction, for cash, all right, title and interest had and possessed by said Defendants, or any of them, on or since the date of execution of the Plaintiff's mortgage, in and to the following described real property, to-wit: That portion of the John Smith and wife Donation Land Claim No. 47 lying within Sections 20 and 29 in Township 12 South Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian described as follows: Beginning at a point In the North line of said Claim 29.60 chains East of the center Muddy Creek; thence South 230' West 10.28 chains; thence West 30.96 chains to the center of Muddy Creek; thence North 10" East down the center of r.iid MmWy Crrt-k 10.42 chains to the North line of said Claim PRODUCE u ai - a A j I lssir. n MAKE TH SAK't. "f f MISTAKE HE DO ? " JX?. MiGHT 6 NEEOlM' ' h- MiGHT 6 ) WE'RS-x NEEOlM' 1 n dor. Ov'E2 IN TH S. PALACE? t nr. 7 v n ' as" i i ww w V. MAJESTY- s?;3HT WTTH 1 US.' SWIFT AND CO.-ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry.. ve and cream. '. i ,4 Mm. ( fas:2 WASHING MACHINES I s i OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor wasnors. I J t! - sTl " . WELDING - BLACRSMITUlNCl Mqq SNYDER St SON - BEAR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened. P. WELL DRILLERS . C. E. GOnDINIER & SON Well Drillers V solicit your inquiries Eugene, Oreguo TTKs-.l-V . I . K " v ( Hit 3' M ,i Wi.v il t M su'v siVat ."fd J T J

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