Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 11, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1936
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SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGF SEVEN NEW TODAY, PAINTINU, WALL PAI'EUINC, INTER-kr daaoreiinv thata diflrrvnt. Phone i at Sll I.. Vkilhur Dawnon A Claire itnrHrr WANTED FUt I ASH OLD OR WOKTH-Ires bora and rowa : alao drad animals it In good condlllon. tale and Monlnomrnr. I'tmne rollrct U-P-IS. Corvallta. anM-nlS- The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. Young Sportswoman TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS . 13 For sale, Miscellaneous Anawor lo rrrvlous I'uzrlr 1 HELP TBS NRtDT The Salvation Army nenle fruit. 'abln. rkihlnn jrM.. to help needy peon Id emervtaey eaeee. Moacy. too if , wm FOR SALE HAND PIECED TULIP quilt, lit. Writ Mra. B. P. Lull, Leb M.C;C.R.A.E. A E R U 00 HOH1ZOXT.M 1. 5 A (Irl sthUto.' ISho nceli Price aueted below are la pro-vsiUng at II 'lock a. as. aa day of poott atioa. ' and are aubjeet a anaa at anr hour therearter RATES AND INFORMATION Count all average worda to the Una, II four ad appears Incorrectly, notify ua Immcdistelv, We aceatit raepon-nbllily fur one incorrect insertion, PHONE ADVERTISEMENTS Ada will bo taken ever the telephone ur by mail. Thia la don lor the eon-wienre of the advertiser, and remittance thoiild be mailed apoa the receipt of invoice. anon, Ore. ab-lt I twiilHbwt W bav no tobrphon. r1 T ft A D EiS but brina' 'a what yoa hav to donew ai drop w I card and we'll call for tt Cam rot ha lb mmr.i -wrMiwc freak MR lasted all around, in. old, good flatj, 4 no. I row. ' H. F. ftrmilli at Psyetievill. . all-ll FOR SALE WEAKLING PICS. II WKS. old. Carl KM Harrleburs Or. Rl. I. . ilM! WANTF-D-DF.PRNDABLE Vlll'NG MAN to work, oh Turkey farm. (40.00 mo. , and board. Willard Herman Harriafourv. Ora. . all-la FOR SALE SIlTVtAB OLD JERSEY row. fresh price (in.Ou. O. I.. MarDuw- : ; WRECKING t BIG SCHOOL BLDGS. 5iA v e ADS MORS THAIS TWO UNCI I time, per word 1 consecutive timca, per won! ..,. 6 conaecutlve timea. per word ...... e Month, conaecutlve time, per word fe READERS , Count five average worda to lino, 81 in Ml douhla eeamt. Prr line, first Insertion. I0e ; per line each additional Insertion, lac. Card of Thanka. (Oe. COPT DEADLINES Claaaified eoor auat be la office, before 11 KM o'clock an day of publication. Copy for Thu radar moat be to before iOO a. am. for claaaified pare. Lomber II and Ha Plan lis. floorina hVn a.,l, . Kaal Plrai St.. A lhaay. i aidtn, aheetiat tt. Za. till I4l and I tail. Caainaa 4 mouldiaaa. Brick It ( rTnTfirDijlfi I IPlilE'DOP O A ..lac Sunday School to - Present' Program DULA ft K par at. ripe, lata, ary wooa tut to lenata. I Salcemaa on job Ird dt Madiaos St.. Albany, Ore. aS-le-8 Minimum t LI. I time M'nimum 2 LI. I time Minimum 2 LLS time Minimum f Li. Month Pboaa II ....Me n.M A;60E; EQAB C iZC AH0 A-MLJUUl C ECflE. LOCAL (iKAIN M BwMawirt A Co WHEAT i No. 1 white 17ti red and mixed. 7ie kuanel. BARLEY I rlaaeca, Ul.M ton. OA Til i Whit. No. 1. 111.00; gray No. I, 1:3.00; gray feed 120.00 ton. WOOL Wool, per pound lOr Mohair, per pound fit MEATS D. E. Nebergall Mtst Ca.l CATTLS ' Halsey (Special) Members of the Sunday school will Dresent an tK.Hk.tlT tlVALTTT PtUIT AN NUT trom. ahruba, rooe bueteo. had tree. ) and lor pruj liat. Settkmeier Broa. In'AN-A 0 AHVU P Narovrar. Kb 1, Albany alt-tf hour program Sunday morning I during Ihtt regular church service I riuut'om. " I Uncle. 10 Behold. 1! Light. 11 To n- IS June flostrs. 11 Linn. 17 Sisna. ' . IS Tubes. lOBpiln. " "' 21nsln. ' 22 trull flaisb. 2 Aquatic 1 ' mammal. 24Mtrle toot 2( Hair ornament 21 To peruse. 32 Lacerated. 3S To lift a p. 31 Plot ot srais. 31 Minute akin opening. 3) Writing tool 40 Chart. 41 Deity. 42Bronx. 43 Heart. 44 Chaos. 45Buhel. it Grief. POR SALE WHITE LEGHORN Pl'L-leta, I wka. old, 4Ac each. LraU-r Bault. Tanircnt. ala-ll WE HAVE SEVERAL VERT PINE ' range apeciaut la addition to tb one mentioned in our regular a da. Mountain 8taa Power Co. Ill i at ine Methodist church. Mrs. I Daisy Wahl, Mm. W. A. Briggi and i Mrs. Nellie Smith are in charge. st . 11 Back. II To bath. 1) Bef one! 14 Eyt. KGardan tool. It WfaW't frame, IU Therefor. HTyp of frull. 20 Ortans. HMyaelf. 22 Ta proportion wrongly. 25 SlorehotiM I. 27 Indian. 15 Quotes, IS Right. .10 Negative. 31 Make lac. ,2 Coir devlfe. SI God of wgr. 34 Wrath. 3JTo bfllow. 36 Co oh (niUHli't. 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR KENT 4 HOOM BOUSE, BARN. chicken hnoae, garden sunt, I m 8- on Oak Creek. W. H. Matney. alO-II Steers t4.ftMJt.iit Heifer I.OOyl.OO POR SALE LOOSE BAT, II PER TON. .Good place to load with truck. Victor Bull , l.oti4.! all Yale. Oakville. Cows, beef , I 00(i4. 00 Cow, tutters, 1.00U1.II ine program win include: Recitation of welcome by Richard Pence, hymn by congregation, prayer by Hev. W. A. Briggs, chorus. Golden Glee Girls; men'i chorus; recitation, four intermediate girls: '"Easter Bells." lnter- DIRECT FROM THE MILL 14-INCH , mill end, fin for ewkatovea, 13.10 per cord. Heavy old growth 4 ft. slab, II in 'load Iota. . Sawduat and' (havinge. Albany Fuel Con inc.. Ill Calapooia 8t. Phono M. . -. , . alf ell, 1'huoe l-F-2. Albany R. F D No I. ' ' " ' ' j all-U POR IALE ZIMMERMAN SEED WHEAT ' Mc . H. 1- Burrk, Phone S-F-4U all V APPtES BRIMS CONTAINERS SORT 'yotfr own. ar 4 boxes, (I.eo, Mm. E. '. Sbedd. Shedd. Ora. all . liON. RESIDENT BAYS 8ELL Never in the history of Albany haa there awn a house told of liko value at Ikia priro. Too antra fine lou, pavrd street, froit. fine location, th house Uaelf would mat I HOW to replant hardwood floors in front roam, fireplaee, full bsae-meat. Thia properly it offend for a few dart only at 38, which la only a'frac lioa of iu real value. Located at HI Wfat Ilk street. Drive' ay but do not diaturb the tenant Pleas art quickly on this at it will But .teat, , " . . t , lYNt? L, HOP. Phone 100 a-Bt POt SALE 8EXED COCKERELS, II. M HOGS 4S, She shoots lo . :VKHTir.l 1 She g s national champion. ! Pertaining to Ir. 3 Small Sap. 4 Tranxposed. t Hread maker, Night before. " Musical not. 3T Fst. 3S2.14K. , 31 Ache. 40 Veal. 43 Dovg's rrf. 44 Tldlmi. 45 Bundle. 44 Cud up. 47 She was In the'U. a : women's national rhnniplnnahlp ELLSWORTH APTS. BEAT. OVBnV rtuffed furniture. Ph. M. 0 Klbwnrth. - . '- "-' - '- a-tf 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous FOB SALE THREE VERY MCE building iota in the 100 block on Eaat Second St., juat Weat of the canal on the North aide of the atreet. Addreaa P. 0. Box I, Corvailia, Oregon, or telephone 14. : " ' , " - " ". " v , ' '' ' all-It 110 to 110 pound I S.TI 10 to ZIO pounds" I.26W10.SI 110 to !M pound 1.71441 t.7l UQ to lot pounds Ml4 S.OO 111 pounds bp I.OOtJ T.71 GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. Obl.IV. errd In any length, lawtef Chilcut. llud Santiam Kd. fboa '.Jt-R. li-tf Sowa I.00 1.10 SHbKP mediate girls; wacal solo, "The I Holy City." Robert Nelson; song, I "Easter Day, intermediate boys: trumpet solo, ."Hebe Lullaby," Wellington Bond; flower pageant, ; "Spring in the. Brown Meadow," ' primary chijdren; pantomime, "Early in the Morn," older member, of fiundav school. - THB RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wright, phone t-J. K. 4th St. nais-tf Lamb l7.lotttg.ta Ewea , t.auui.10 WANTED WOOL A MOHAIR Caab advanced oa contract. No Interest charred. We always pay market price. See u before you aril. "r--SAM FRAGF.R Albany Bargain Hooae, Cor. 2nd 4 Baker. ....... anzs-a2l OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at aoa' Drug Store. aaarltf Yearlings M0t4t.M VEAL 14 Furniture Live !tt FOR SALE ABOUT 47 CQOD YOUNG laying beiuT, Black Minorca. Some Red and Rock mixed. Abo I young freak milk goata, good milker, and one taorbughbred Saanen billy goat not related to nannies. Pleaae call raomiag for tb cklckene and bring boa. Will keep ahut np In the. chicken houae till noon. Will aril everything. cheap. Aloi Vana, Ru 1, Scio, Ore. a mile from Richardaon Gap Bridge and the Bohemian Mall, eouth on the 8cio Providence Toad. all-14 Dressed 11 V per ion. 'Oakwood Poultry Farm, Tan- NOTICE TO CREDITORS gcaf. Or. all f FOR SALE I ALL-ENAMELED WOOD range. IxlZ Aiminater rug. t breakfast act. IttS E. lat St:. Albany. aia-ll' POULTRY (Swift 4 Company) Notice is hereby given that the No. I hen. 4i to t lb. .....17 CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL crown, bridaes, fillings, old iewoliy, watcb eaae. etc t. M. Prencb 4 Baaa, Jewelers. dSOof - i Livestock No. I ben, ever S lbs 17 No. 1 medium hers, over I'i lbs. , ...IS No. I medium ben, under I '.a lb IS Colored springs 17 No, I bnlilera. 1 to I lb. lt CA8H PAID FOR USED Pt'INITURB. etc.' "Look la your aU" Cbaa. Bohr-bough 4 Son, 411 W. Pint St. jl-U Monster le Stags It Personal II BEAD COATS, NOT SHEARED. It each. Lester Holt, Selo, Ore. alo-ll j GUERNSEY BULLF()R SALE, WELL I bred, m yr. old. R. A. Hutchira, 24 j mi. B. E. Shedd. Ore., on - Miit-Wooda Ranch. - : ' . s-ll' I DEADAND WORTHLESS HORSBS AND cow picked up free of charge anywhere, ! Phono collect 14-F-I4, Albany. If no ans M ACRES. STOCKED EQUIPPED Located on good road and all in good atato of cultivation. 8 room farm bouae with fireplace, preaaure water ayatem, barn 30x40. double garage, I poultry bouae, etc Family orchard of variet fruit Place itock ed with 4 or f cow. 200 ben, hone, ne eeaaary machinery. ' Price 4M60.0O with naaonable terms. TRIPP MURPHY. atl-tf i 7"" r7 "b" To" ""Tj ir "" " ii" "" "7 nr - 5 " 7 2 f j, V "" " 3T ir pkrC-.: ""T"if " T 4Q T" 4i H 11 ' M 1 Hl 1 1 tt: EGGS AU Pile Ar Delivered Albany Cases Rotamoa la NO. IJ 8TRAWBF.RT PLANTS PROM yuan plants, J. A. Miller,' Rt 4. Al. ". Ore ' u,-t ' all-14 1 1- , . buy now '. ""' Raw Modern Heaee, P, Iota, close tsWebeoL price ilo. oa down and 111 per ana. i . . 111 Arras, Tangent district, 'a real farm and exceptionally wall improved, the kind M ret onre ln a lifetime. Price 117500. C M. Defiaralee C. aetf t- . . . ' - . FOE SALE M ACRES, TWO BARNS, , small ho vine, moat aU farm land ; rreek i two atilea from Brownavllle. main road. Prfee fta.0fl per aci-a ...' , Pin stocked and., equipped ICO acrea. Price (8.000. halt cash- 103 acrea. It cultivated, two barna. food ail room bouse, creek. Federal Loan 14307. 129 Tor equity; fine buys, L. B. Morae. Brownavllle. Ore. ,u STOMACH UI.CER, GAS PAINS. ANp INDICKSTION victims, why iuffrr? Fur quirk relief get a free gift packet of Udgn. a dortur'a prescription, nt Fred Daweoos Drug Store. mZi-s24 undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oiegon for Linn County, executrix of, the will and estate of Melissa Young, deceased, and has qualified. ' , All pecson$ having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby1 required to present them, duty verified within six (6) months from the date pf this ntftice to Jhe undersigned execur trix at the office of Marks & Mc-Mahan,- in-thp First National Bunk Building, " at Albany, in Linn County, Suite of Oregon. Dated and first published this 14th day of March. 1938. MARV ALICE HAMILTON, Executrix. MARKS Si McMAHAN, Attorneys for" Executrix. V March 14 21 28 Apr 4 II 17 It lie wer. Phone ll-F-4. Corvailia. mt4-tf Eitrs ...A...... Slsndarda , Extra medium .... Standard medium Brown oxtra . . . Dirty extra Undergrade Pulleta 6 Poultry, S .Its NOTICE CALE MONTGOMERY, WHO are advertialng in this paper for worth- CHICKS FOR SALE REDS a ROCKS, ' lO.e. Jrnk Hatchery, Tangent,. Ore. al0-ll Pee o Mire1Uneoutt Classified PLOW, DISC AND DRILLING CAN drUI rape and clover or rap and ryegrass. Will Haya. Rt. 1, Albany, ml. 8. Fry Sta. or are Fisher Broa. alO-13 CHICKEN AND HOME-MADE NOODLES'. tit plat. Coins Farm, halfway from Salem to Albany. alo-lf VEAL 17 .. lie 12 10 7c lit Mc lea borae and cows, ar in rta way eon-1 aoeted with my place. Cecif Bsonurom-ryv ' " - mJS-ai ; CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS ho race and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-(f i.ivo ,.; Dressed ,, CUSTOM HATCHING HEN EGGS AND " turkey eugi, any amt. any time. Al bany Hatchery, 8. Perry St., Albany. Phone 134-J. Mra. T. B. Burton. alO-IS UTWEPAt A grade GOOD NEIGHBOR ANNIE B grade .. C grade Lambs .... St .SIX ..PIIUI.N SBBKP s WELL . HE CAN'T HELP BEIN rVMD HIS NWE IS COTHBErtT- HIS FOLK.S SEE POOR OR FUNNY LOOKIN'- Hf J AWFUL POOR- there's thmt jones kid- he sure works- NOT TO BLAME FOR HIS NAME. nob00v at school ever pfs Anv tention To him, cept TO TEASE HIM- HE'S ALWAYS r TP- EITHER- f FEEL AWFUL SORRY NEVER SEE HIM BUT ftLvNfc" f FOR TH LITTLE. FELLA HELLO CUTHRPRTf WHAT HE'S BUSY- J nH... rr " . "s l t i - i i I . I ill aaaaaaaa I aaaaai aaaaaaeasaw liri s I I I Little Orphan Annie t sfVnd Othet Comic' Portland Market RvrJw Portland.' Ore., April 11.-Butter and egg markeU remained unchanged today. While the trade a re nsd eapaeted low. er prices on asparagus, acton of big retail outlet in putting the price war down, broke the general price liat her for the weekend. ". M In general th pries on Munrf killed pring lamb la down a trifle along the wholesale war even though a few top ar moving at the extreme . point Other meat unchanged. While quality of local iplnach we unusually' good too much is being offered and prieea here dropped ostremely low for th weak-end wlh soma Block carried over. Laat mlnut buaines sin the ' chicken market was not up o expectation with bo me carryover reported in light weight bene but prices appeared unchanged' although dull, "vV'tr "" FRESH FRUIT Apple: Delicious, extra fanes, (1.70; do fancy (1.45 ; Newtown, extra fancy, (1.70 ; do fancy (1.46; do face and till, fancy. 66c ; do far and fill, choice, 66 ; Spltien. berg, extra fancy, (1.40; do combination, (1.2(1 Rome tleaaty. Jumble. 2 He Ik.; Wlneaaps, oxtra fancy, (1.66: do fssey, (1.40 do Jumble, extra fancy, 6 lb. Banana: Bunch 6 Mi : hand 64(6 lb. Pan: D'Anjou, choc, 1.7( boa. Orangea: California navel, fancy, 11.04 (tl2(; choice f2.764J2.66; standard (2.(6 eaae, " 8 tra wberrlca ; Loiiwlsna. S.7( per Ji-bog grate.' ;.. ;,. i' . ,,' ' Graiiefruttl Arianna IJOJ2.40 eaae; Florid (4.0(4.2( caa . FRESH VEGETABLES Potatoes I Local, 61.50 cental; Klamath (2.264(2.60 cental ; 8csppooa netted gem ll.eocnl.7S: Deschutes netted gems (2.00j 2.26 cenUt. Ieaai Cslifornia(2.a(2.7( aaett. Celery; Calif orals 2.104tS.7( erst.. Tomstoea: Mexican, (4.06 lug repacked. packed. Lettuce: Ariaona (S.o0i(.2S Crstej Im, lierial (S.0(i4f (.26 crate. Spinach: The Dalles 76c; local 7026 box. Onions: Oregon SI.ISs71.IS esnUI. Sweet Potatoes: California (l.te (0-lb. erst: aouthera yams (l.M erst. Cauliflower: Roaeburg (1.764(1.(6; CslU fornla (1.86 erst. ' Rhubirb: Field grown, (6;90 bog. Cucumber: Local, bothnua. S(cjIU( doses. ' ' ' New Potstoes; Florid (2.(0 crsU: Hawaiian (2.50i2.65 per 60 lb. bog Tessa (2.53.00. Asparagus: California (3.60j2.7( i I t"""i' m Caaae ii tiiiio TURNNING THE TABLES MYRA NORTH. Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll CXJlCK .' BEFORE IT . gpi I L ' J, WHILE IN I Twey EEtaAiM rWyr s t wabum, I ; y ' i - AM-ral'S THEGIClI SOMETHING I JACK? 1 I (5 CAB GUMS, I ,. RAVIKiG ABOUT QUEEbHEBE L, MISS NOETJ-I JZZ& ffi&t " I REALlZINfl THE ; 'alllft. , . - DE.aPERrEWE.'5'5 OP TJE ' WMXgZ -zPy JWyM 1 SITUATIOW, LEW WEM f&LI PS (W , 7Ji&VVS PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (By V- S. Dept. of Agricaltsrel Portland, Or.. April II. Hug; Week totsl 1186; compared with week sgo: Market atesdy ; good to choio 161 to 210 lb. driveina (10.7511 10.86; load lota lil.K'n 11.00; 1(30 to U0 lb., $U.75'U 10.J5. few to 110.60 snd above; 110 to ISO lb., largely lO.OOti'10.10; few 146 to 1(0 lb, up to 110.76 and abovo; packing . sow 18.26 ttl.00, moat alea IH.6U ; good to choko feeder pig 110.26 10.76, few ouUlandlng l( lbs., 111.00. Cattle: Week total 3486 calves 260; eomusrad with week agot Market mainly 26c lower, aome sale off mora, particularly early: bulk fed steer f7W(i7.7, top 68.00; plainer kind .0 down tot 16.00 ; cuttery eteer down to 14.60; fed heifeca largely I4.60A7,10, top 17.26; common down to 66.25, cuter down to 64.00; lev! cutter and cutter row 62.7S4.25, common medium (4.604(6.60: limit on dairy tvp cow 66.(0; beef kind to (6.00; bull S6.00tC.76, few to (6.00 ; ahelhr kind dow nto (3.75 ; god choice vealera (y.00no.00 1 aelecU to (10.26 ; common to. medium (6,0ftf 6,50 ; plain altughur calves (S.50j6.00;good light calves to (6.60. . - . Sheep; Week' total 6440; compared with week ago: Market uneven, old crop lamb 26 or mora lower ; fat ewea tteady ; early bulk fed woo led lambs 610.001 : 1 1.26 ; shorn lambe 66.0Od(.4O ;' good to choice wooled ewes $5.SOi(,(6.00 ; shorn ewes 14.0 down ; apring lamb movement got underway, (-srly top lorala and Cali Albany Business DIRECTORY The merchants' and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. In The Democrat-Herald. , ATTORNEYS A BOOMERANG? BY BLOSSER FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS MARKS & McMAHAN ' Attorneys at Law " '' Ut Naf IBank BIdg J1 Phone t99 AUTO FEEIGUT . - - p Hi fornia (11.00; later aale (10.60 down. I HE WAS MERE HWM'l SHOULDWT EE IT QUUB a ME MUSTA LEFT WSRJGrfT'.X PIDNT - l b et MlnrrY left M EVlDEKr THRU THE WW-. THE PRODUCE EXCHANGR I i'WOW I'D STIR UP. SUCH BECAUSE HE DlDWT A BH" SURPRISED ! , HE DDORARIV I PPT BUT THAT WONT HELP ME ANY! I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM ! A LOT OF PEOPLE THOUGHT NUTTY SILVER WHEEL MOTOH Freight Daily service to and trom all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery fits Phone 371. V: Th following prices were named to be THAT NLfTTY A DOW ' GEE, I ... WOKIDER j WHILE THOSE WHEN PEOPLE WERE ' HE J PHONING Nt l! NWAWT "ibU ON THE effective today i , r- I I mmm , a-rl PROTESTS, SIMPLY BECAUSE IS GONE. DIDMT THIWK V)TUAT T AAJVII nklT ,nr" p Butter; Cube extras 13c; stindsrd SPOT? I HAD NLTTTY ENTRUSTED 32!-ic; prime firsts (2j first SI tb. WUTTY'D DO A BE CRITIC IZEP ml?'! CAAPET CLEANINQ WAS BAD.... THIS WILL Cheese; Oregon triplets 16 Vic; Oregon loaf 16. Brokers will psy l&c below kr "ID Mf CARE I JUST" THfNQ LIKE A J DISAPPEARED? kEEPINQ H.IM, quotstiona. TBX SHADE SHOP, 4UB W. Plrtt Phrm 7S t' WCrvV RE" CONVINCE THEM: THAT WAS THE WRONG MOVE HE MCJETM AFRAID ? Eggs; Produce Exehsnge quotstiona between dealers i Extra large Uc; itsndards rfi- FILM 8EKV1CB lsrg 17c; extras medium 17c; s lands rda medium 16c Jobbing prices ge higher. HURLEY'S DRUG STORE fOR nwan-nlvM film ;ii!iiirl!.ii,Jyi.i'.iliii-!liirt PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES I A 1 -"aTSi Tbeae ar th price retailers pay whele- iii rilNERAL DIKECTORS WW aalrra, except where otherwaw stated: mjj'W 1 1 1 ''TJ ' " w zz-z mi Butter: Prints, A grade S6Ve lb. In rORTMILLEH FUNERAL HQUM On ve Niffht nhrry t.U parchment wrapper, 36 '-je In carons: grade, parchment wrapper, S4V,c; csrton lit .. . ' if 1 36 '-4c lb. r l i INSUKAMCk Butterfat: Portland delivery; A grade, delivered st least twiro weekly 364(37r asa. 1 ill "I "I W sV 7 - A OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 lb. ; country route 32ti3&e; B grade 34ii V Itll l blIC 35c lb. ; C grade at market. B Grade Cream for Market; Buying WM, BAIN, INSURANCE. M-wey to loan, farm security. price, butterfat basis, 63Vje lb. GUZ'S BIG MOMENT BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP Cheeae : Selling pries to Portland retell- i3 PRODUCE en: Tillamook triplets-21c ; loaf 22c lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers! Triplets le; losf Sue lb. SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN STEAL My DWOSAUa A-WY FfiOM ME, I f - JCIMDA MAD? ILL SAY I Eggs: Buying pries of wholesaler; Ex YOU TELL 'EM I'LL DO SUMPlM.'lVE JUS' n I 111! la-io. if a. Il nan. . .. . aaaay. A rVHA2ZAT? y'SAY TH'fcftAkjQ WIZERS GOT DIWMY fcvj HIS POWER, AW WOW YOU CAMT the market for eggs, poultry, vea and cream. ' " tras 18c: standards' 16ci extra medium NMLLVUH, YWHISKE5ED OL GULLION. Y HELLOt . AAM! THAT BLASTED 6CCN Wft'llN r-UK M MAY I QjMc : He; -medium first U5 ; udcrgrsd 13e; WHEW VQU DIDAJ T sv JTr-S BY JIMG-IU. FIX VOL) U-L TAKE THIS J OOP -Y LCOn J&SANU WKtK KUi " . . I n h ; osw ,J n f . -ansa, t Stul lb M pullets lSe doses. SHOE KEP AIRING um p tuat GUARDS ?'-?ZaA MANAGE HIM MATTEL UP WITH KIN& GUZ Milk: A grade, Portland delivery. 6SM, It 1 lb. butterfat basis for 4 per cent. k ABOUT SUMPIW-AW' WOW TH'COTTER AT ALL ? yEZZie.THA'S' at I ? rvc-rno tlja'c DiwoSAUR TO THROW THI ' i irt r vjv-i i , aao . . - . - MUSGRAVES SHOE SHOP, 133 Lyon. Motto, Quality andSrvlca, Liva Poultry; Portland delivery, buying 1 IS CHASlrJ' MB ALL VHASSA IX w RIGHT -AM' r -- WATTT-S? OVER TH' PLACE HAH f -A nr WASHING MACHINES price; Colored hens, over lbs., I7l8c; under 4(4 lb., ley lc: leghorn ben, over 14 lbs., H-ffHe; nnder SVs lbs., 16'(flc; YOU GOTTA DO SUMPlN II YOU GOTTA V X SUMPlN ,.7 OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. leghorn broilers, 1 to Vl lbs., 16'.llc; do 1 "4 lbs. up 174(1(0 ; colored apring. 2 Maytag. Easy, Thor Washer. lb, snd op, 1920c roaiter, u.Ve; pekin a.. WELDING - BLACKSMITH LN O ducks, young, 144(17e; gees 114(12 lb. Liv Poultry: Selling pric by whole salers : Light hen 1&41 15 "-je ; medium ben SNYDER & SON - BEAR ALIGM-ing frames, axles straightened. 16Vxt(17c; colored ben lc; broilers 1646 mi &yy Xy WELL DRILLERS 17c; spring 2y ; pekia ducks young 17d lac; do colored 10&'16e: capons, over 7 lb., 24426 lb.: guinea bena, 60 each. taszn so II T v-V, I VI Turkfys: Dreaaed, celling price to re tailers : No. I bena, 23e ; torn tlii flic lb. C. E. GORDIN1KR Si SON WcU Drillers "We solicit your Inquiries" ; fugeae, Oxegoa Turkey; Dreaaed, buying prie: New crop nana, No, I, 22c lb. i travT. inc. t. ; ia, y a. at e. iLi

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