The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1947 1 Killed, 7 Hurt In Train Wreck Streamliner D trailed By Broken Track; 3 Car* Roll into Ditch ^ CORSICANA, Tex,, Dec. 2». (UP) T^At least seven persons were In se- rloiis condition today from Injuries suffered when the last three cars or * streamlined Burlington passenger train jumped the track and JBLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Television May Be Major Influence In 1948's Presidential Campaigns NEW YORK, Dee. ». (UD^-Tht tlnued. "By the end ot 1948. a tolnl coming year will be one of the | of approximately 750.000 Is foreseen, greatest In the history o( radio, "us and It may rench 1.000,000. By that a science, an art and an Industry," j time, it Is estimated Hint tin- New so strong will be television's Impact York area will hiwe .400,000 sets, as a mnjor economic and social I Figuring six viewers to cadi recciv- force, David Sarnoff, president and' er, the New York audience will be chairman of the Radio Corporation ' about S.400,000. of America, said today. I .. Base d upon the progress to date, The Republican and Democratic within a year, television, measured national conventions and the presl- | In consumer prices will approach the dentlal campaign In 1948 will be , status of a J500.000.000-n-year i,,_ dustry, and It will grow in size with the years." rolled Into one man 10-foot ditch, killing More than 50 persons were Injured In the wreck, wjiich authorities said the outstanding events on the air —in both sound and sight, h« assorted. "Television." he added. "Is likely to do more to revolutionize was pinned between twisted coaches. Sheriff David Castles and High i new techniques to benefit from vl»- . . - •, , •• »«1 radio. Their dress, their smllei inient last; and gestures, all will be Important. ea when he How they look, us well as what they two or the say, may determine, to an appreciable extent, their popularity." He added that IB television sta- Former Banker Dies MEMPHIS. Tenn., Dec. ta. (UP) —Funeral plain were being made today for George D. Hale, former Monettc, Ark., banker and farmer who died litre late yesterday of a iirt ml nek. HU was 84. PAGE MINI- Re*d Courier Newi Want Adi iw^.^v,v.\N\.v\sN*ftNi;t;^,^x\'^^^j>A\^^.;;:^' i j^:;\«;Nti^iit» Christmas Trees i Holly & Mistletoe K Cedars—Any Size (:. * ^Special Price* to Rutlnen Flrma, £ ChurchM and ScliuoU Place Your Order Howl | Moreland's i MUSIC STORE H Phone 4222 ill go. Diicuii ^»>iu ^HMieg ana Hign- ne added that 18 television sta- way Patrolman "Red" Arnold usedi lions are now on the air and estl- I automobile jacks to force a hole In mated that in 1348 there will be | the trap large enough to extricate approximately 50 television stations • oln1 '- or more in operation. I .,1 "Between 150.000 »nd 115,000 tele- "His body was half in one car and- -•• -««,•""< '••>" *•«,*.••« .^.«^K in another." Castles said. "He : v ' s ' on receivers are In use," he con- Bis trapped at the beltline. He held i en pretty well, leaving us to our •work and not trying to give us orders. "About all he did while we were working was to sav over and over" •I want to see my wife and child again'." Among the most seriously Injured wer« W. O. Wiley, George Williams, and William L. Latson, all of Port Worth, Texas, members ol the diner crew. They were scalded when their car, the last on the train, slithered down the »teep Incline and crashed to * itop on Us side, i Other Injured Listed Others who were Injured seriously included Arm Potter, Houston head Injuries: Mrs. O. s. Lewis, Hous- I ^ijn, chest Injuries: J. E. Patterson. [•Houston, full Injuries undetermined; and J. D. Baker, Semlnote, Okla full injuries undetermined. Th« train, a Zephyr enroute to I Houston, was traveling at about 45 ' miles-per-hour when it struck the broken track, according to Conductor L. R. Calhoun.. He said the train was traveling over a fill In the right-of-way when It was derailed. The wreck scene was in a pasture on the farm of R D. Fleming about five miles South of here. It was not easily accessible by automobile, but hundreds of motorists drove through the fields to the tracks. Castles said that when he arrived the scene was one of confusion . "People were milling around looking for friends, or relatives, or baggage, but there was very little hysteria. Almost everyone seemed to be In pretty good shape," he said. .• Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Say, fellas, here's your chance <o really jet the canr toeelher. The Rustic Inn is opening the Chick room for dancing ntrhtl; with no cover charge. Come In any nifht afler mealtime. (8:00 p.m.) New Hours: 11 a.m. 'til 12 p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut at Division Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm... The Wm. 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Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks east, 4 blocks 401 East Cherry south, Hlytheville Hospital Phone 2422 Plumber Takes Own Lite ROOK ' Ark - DM)— Dr. Gordon Holt, deputy Pulaski Cour.ty coroner, today termed' the death of 57-year-old Thomas Calder a suicide. The Little Rock plumber , allegedly ended his li!° yesterday by firing.* shotgun into lus mouth. Officers said Calder had been de- •pondent since hij youngest son was killed in Europe. Surviving are his wife and one son. The United states has more wian 80 ipeciei of momuitoes. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Aa? T. L. MABRY US MISSOURI «T. FH. M27 I Hove On Hand At -All Times and equipment Several tractors ;^,ix new a JOHN DEEHE, FARMALL and other makes. Also, I have for •ale it all times 70 to 80 head of rnulej. Terms can b« arranged. Will trade for most anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE I Mile 8. »f Br*fga4ocU THE STORY: Tkr police s»r«- tlon m» !• find oml if Art h»4 brrn drunk HI iht> pHrlr. Blnrr »!• rnr bji,l hern Ruinic at lop upt-rd wh*» 1C plunged «vrr th« clIIT. 1 NMMiirr i Firm hf wa* lobrr when h« Icll ilir Jinn*?. IUK I hnl nr^ht I 'akr n InniliErr full of whi«Ver •truelC !• ardcr la •!*<». * • • XV F DON'T know how long the telephone had been ringing before it penetrated my slumber like a (og bell off Santa Monica pier. 1 struggled up out of the depths and lay there blinking at the bright sunshine and finally realized that it was daytime and that the telephone beside my bed was ringing. I lifted the receiver and said, "Hello." "Mi»s Donn?" •Yei." "This is Madge Narney. Are you going to be at home this morning? I—I want lo see you." I was more than a little surprised. "Yes, I'll be here. You know what has happened?" "I didn't until I reached the studio. It's horrible. The papers are full of it." 1 still didn't understand why she w»nt«d to ice m«. "Well, come on over." 1 said. "Do you know where 1 live?" "Yes. 1 round your address in the phone book. I'll take a taxi." 1 crawled out of bed and looked in the mirro and decided I'd better do something before Madge Narney saw me or thcre'd be another person thinking we'd bad a wild drinking party the night before. A steaming hot tub, a cold shower and a brisk rubdown. I iuit hid time for that and to run a comb through my damp hair and get into 3 robe when the doorbell started ringing. It was Madge, of course. "Come in." 1 inviled. "1 haven't had breakfast, yet Perhapi you'd Join me?" She lookec* at me nervously and hesitated. Then, "All right That will be fine." We went clown '.he stairs and into the kitchen that was golden with bright sunshine and 1 attached the toaster and measured four cups of water and four tablespoons oi collee into the glass colTee maker and turned to Madge. "What was it you wanted to sec me about?" • • « pOR one w/o had been so eager to talk to me, she oddly reluctant to begin. She twisted her gloves in her hands. Her face was quite pale "Who was here last night, Miss Donn? I mean while Avis Vaughn and Art Cleves were here?" I told her. adding, "Weren't their names in the papers?" "Yes—but I Liougln there might have been someone else, too." She looked me full in the face for the first time. "Ar« you sure. Miss Donn, that there was no jne else here all evening? Nobody, who stopped in for just a few minutes, maybe, when they were missing by? Or something like that?" Her words brought Jimmy Peters to my mind, and his skulking around outside the night before. And 1 thought 1 saw light. This girl was interested in Jimmy—and she was jealous. That must be it. She kncv; about the crush he had on Avis, and she thought he'd been here with Avis last night. "1 assure you. there was no one else here. Miss Narncy. Not while Avis and Art were here. Jimmy Peters *as here later—bul that was after the accident." 1 thought I had guessed right. She seemed instantly relieved. She took the cup of codec I -f- fcred ncr and * piece of toast and some marmalade and began to eat as if she hadn't had any breakfast either. Having eaten me out at groceries, she apologized again for bothering me and left and I was free to go back to sleep. I decided to finish my nap In the patio which was awash with warm noon sunshine by this time. • • • AWOKE to look straight into ai cool and noncommittal a pair of gray eyes as I have ever seen. I struggled to a sitting position in the deck chair, glared at the intruder and gathered additional facts. He was tall and he had thick dark linir combed straight back from his forehead, and h« was too thin and his face looked awfully tired. "Sorry 1 frightened you." h< said. You should be." 1 was trembling. "Don't you know enough Lo ring a door bell?" He said patiently. "I rang it for five minutes and then 1 started looking around." Some authority in his voic« checked rny anger. "I'm Lieutenant Leiphan of th« Lo» Angeles polic* department," he added. I asked him to sit down and when he did so I noticed the discharge button in the lapei of his plain clolhos suit and about the same moment I noticed his right hand with its stiff unmoving fingers. My eyes went back to 'nis face. He held his hat between his two hands, swinging it casually back and forth. "I'm here to ask you some questions about last night." he said. "I've already told the polic* everything thai went on here lasl niRlil." "I know what you [old Rader and Matthews. I've read their notes. But I want you lo tell me again. I want to know who was here. ' Everybody. And exactly what you had to eat and drink." "1 don't sec the recson for this." I s:»Hi. "Just because a couple of people were killed in an auiomobile accident . " "They weren't Killed by accident." Leiphan said. "What do you mean?" "They were killed by premeditation. Murder li whit w« call it, Mist Donn.* (To Be Continued) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople fl NEVER SAW A DOS TRY \ 10 RUN WITH OWE KXTT STUCK OUT LIKE THAT BEFORE - WHUTS TH' HE'S HOPIM 1 TO HIT SUMP'N THAT'LL PUT SOME PUSH IW HIS DRIVES-HE AIW'T GITTIM' AMV PLO.CE OM TH' SLICK LIMOLEUM. SAY,sort! iNe SOT A. 8iDie>S A SCHOOLTEACHERS 1 VJATOV PAKT.V, Atoo t DOI^ST VOAO ~ TO GO ALOiE.' IF SOMeb PROF CORNERS MB TO -. DISCOSSTHACK&RWS PANEL'S, 1'tLGET THE FlCST HEAri-, ACHE TNe HftO SlWC6 TUB COMftWCiAES T.OMAHP,\Ni<ei ME.'-— vJfiWNA COME ? , 6GAD,FATHER.' HovJ DID YOU <3TL)M8L& IKTTO SOCH A RT- FALL?— t WAS EXPECTING ^foU TO ASSIST M6 A9 TOAST MASTER AT THE OVJLS CLUB — ITS ALMOST A SACREO DOTY THW X CAMfi< ESCAPE VJILD W5RSES couuosirr DRAG HIM FKKCKI.KS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB I'LL HEtT >Ou.SUH, . ON THE FIELD OP HOWUrt! YOU M6AW YOU WANT TO STEP OUT IN THE AU-EVT I AM A SOUTHERN 6CNTUMMJ, SUH, NOT A BACk-AlUY BRAWLER; SECOMDS . CALL YOU OONT surrose HE MEANS A ---- •>. -Bur TNATJi SILUV/ W3UUXJT.. We RE YpUH SKBWDS! WE'RE M*iKIN& . ARRAMSEMENTS . THE DUEL.' 'Well, if Dinkey Jonet's mother is almost ready to let him • mok«, just tell him your parent, almost gave you p«r- mlislon tool" PRISCILLA'S TOl Hel/a. Lester. Santa Mutchetl. he good Willie Comes Oul MICHAEL O'AIAI.LEY and RALPH LANK IT SORS60T COID, SONYA. WAITING OOT5IW Out the cold night air was finally beftnnin to worK onWIHie's fuddled bralrt. WHIN WE OFT HIM HOME AND ME STARTS TAIKIM6 DON'T WORRY. MONEY. II* JUST MYBROIHERJ, TAKWOOOOD CARS Of YTXI.'GO MCK JO 51IEP. n(CfSSA^T^FM^7f.\ABOUT DIAMONDS, SONYA/WHERE ARE MM/USE 01 AD ! DftUGfitD HIM AND YOU DRUG HIM PWIED HIM UP OUTOfTHI JOtNT. Out even trair«d men cirt for£et to check < hood for his gun, and Sonya wasn't trairwi). Not for that, at !««»t. WASH TUBBS HWEWT TIME TO EUPLMN, WOW. LENC ME MOUR P^PER, AND WMT HERE! I'UE SOTTOU4E 1H6PHOME! HMM...1HMS SVKIXNuE! I'W SURE THE SHE R£*P, IIMF MOUP, ms W».MTEP — MAW, UNDER FWE FEET f THE VOUWQ LM3H WHO I CKME BUCK HERE TO USE \VOUK. PHOME...WHERE!S- PHONEf _ _ GUESS SHfS TH'O* WHO WENT OUT TH' BKCKCOOR A F6VV WtNUTES AliOl UP MO RUSHES TO THE BOOTH Hough and Rcndy Ry FRED HARM AN r* HtAPBW - _ PAY l"\£ SHOW INDIft^} HOW-TO stwu-urv S^^o^t SlGNW. WMORSS CODE-' -•--^tarf-.w.!-. iir»w ur&Brv i jnirvsJiy PMAJLJI 1 SrfTiw AROlWOPREAMIM,e£DyiHOSE 610RIES X OIDT*M£«TOLD,/ PUCrlK*' ^, WltBE If YOUO WORKED ' Well, U'I's lie (Joint; COOTS AND ilKlt HUDDIKS EDGAR MARTIN

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