The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 18, 1931
Page 3
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'15AXi_ JI . A Y 18,_ 1931. .LR < ARK.) COUH1RU NEWS W IG I 1ST Illi When Flames Swept Historic Dartmoulli Edifice PAGE Human. ;u f oi a «;ft hi- riia; Ihe subject is eleener '. l! ll If bl(:lii-.i-:( Li'li VCS tint liV r- i::-. of fi,-:-::ln-'. I ;-.••_• human • n-.-i.- i.'.- '.":•'.'-'' I'' pi-ii.iu.' ,;-:ent n.\v h : -"'if'il U-:' :l :-.' 1 U;i'..|j:l; J'r.wn •. Wil'.ard in hi; expe-rimcn'.r V'.'ov;-.! that p.uiiie.i pi^s. and ,:ts may b- Tro'/e:: Miff for i 1 r.1 cf s'.v(-~! hours :-nd r,'> i'i a healthier condition than n v.-c-i-..' r.r---l P'.:t tr> sleep eio t'ini> raturo, it \vas suited t:-e F'r.'rol I-abr.i-atovles, ol -h Kr. \YLll-ii-; 1 . IN hen ~j. i> tho bclifci cf the chemist v.-l-c-i: l!i.- ii'tali":-!!: i' V':-d i; cn".-U b? aru-h'-r] Lo lus- i Leiir;?: wii : i henefit-'al r:.'-nl:s V/ill.a: cl I:.--in wiih '.'1:2 I:!P.C- rf i 1 . ;'::ii-?a rij in an icf ;t r.u.Tir-Jiv c:-ir;trufl?d a: a .' t Hlv can b: p'.ur-e-r- • ll;c her.rt of the animal anel • in \ aiiKJ'ji'ls of radium C', bf i-.ijc:'c.l into the LS io nrevei'it clnlli:vr eT • rl. IIP \: m'.y i atin - ir. hrrar.h n [radi:rUly to the iiero poi- re it is ke[i' Cor several hour: n the trrr.ceral'irr- is rilo-. 1 ."': ichl bad: lo the fre r zisr :t. C>:y:^(n is pi\en Ih3 aninia •.•avyiiv; qii: l .:it:l:er; at r inline tc tci-i;:cratu:c. Arvmals Gained Wckiit •I::;i tai-.:n fro::: the ice chest Flio-.v.d rvr.--v.Td vi;or i?:;:es r.^parr-v.tly \ver? re- i-V, their rtanrh bcn?fiit r d ar '. • i-ninod v.-chhl rapidly': Dr. ci- tin •h!.: r.;iiki:!j nwU t::;;:lj shows (In erumblinj wMls of hbloi-'.c Chris: CVII-;M- a'ii;n! :.M.lh C-j!>:t cai::pus a: liainvcv ;-J. IT. us th.-y appeared IL d a .aln-it Church, on Ihc the Ilcicc llainc 1 :; irg lo\v«s li: an :-.trmpt io <.-o::ilj:v. ihe r.iptcly s.n-c:u!in.r. . Vi lire hrisadc a'.ic.l liv? cuinr.AnU-3 (ro.n six suvrouiirt- blazo. Cr:;;in 01 list lire' wi'.s iindotormlt:e(l. Here's Love and Succew; i» You i Uitall— Ifig!) scnool cln:n:i: !!,:•>:•• ii-l!o:i, IlJV. J. \V. C!ir.:::;v'r.-!:ii. * * i Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Called:' speni Tiiesdny visilinj Mr. nnd Mrs. Alvy D.ivis at Brnyi; Cily. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ilirr;!: ::f Luxora I'crsoniil : f larrisoii I laic \Vill (;ivi; Wilson Graduation Talk ,!i I Mrs. Jim O. Allen. • ul I:'.dia:iUjiOM < ;. hr! Hlday niilu Mrs. O. C. Driver v,;^ hoLt .v; irj Ihe coii'.rac-t club, icsv.ii.- ;i dclicioiio buffet siipp'-r rfter which severed jji-.mcs o' biui^c • — -.:.(! \\ Ii.'Lll r-i-M l *' i ii-.iuv.a visitiiij in the home of M:. j vcn . ,. IVC( , ,,,,,, ,3].,,.,...,,,, ; .ut-.;i :; cirl Mrs. Ottingsr. The t.vo mm Vltre pl - :s . iu Mesdames " Sam are brothers. ir- MIES Thcinu Farmer, v.-iu h:i; j' bc-cn visiting relatives in St. T.oniv ,'M WILSON, Ark.—Dr. HarrLsoi Hale, head cf t!ie science depart uient of the University of Arkan Kss. will deliver the- commence nienl addrets to 11 graduates com l)i-ising the. 1931 class of the Wil son high s:hoo] In the scliool audi Ma relumed home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. l>?e Perkins of Tcvre Haute, Ind., are hr-rc- visi:- inr in the hc-mo of Mr. Pc;-ki:is' paiencs. Mr. and Mis. P. M. Pi-.-- \ kins of this city. j Mr. and Mrs. lio^er Crowe of: .wn. En: Krviivn, R J. Gillasple. . i) lli-cs •rnr.':. r. Hudson, u. ^.. t° r ium here Friday evening ••ivi-a- 1 Phio'l V'il'l'ims Fd- 2 -' u 'l'lwnas will be presented an •••• 'sil'ii'mrn and Mi's Chsrhs scholarship mi'dr'- •- - same occasion, and olher con Litlle Houk. Mis: Sue i I5rj\vu v.on lii^.h scor. i-,cr . a Etnltjait. Ark.. visit?:l ^fr. mother. Mrs. B. D. onrt Mr. .. and Mr.s. J. E. Duncan of trih citv. |, Mr. and Mr.s. Crowe were oiirou:e \ lo Lo'-rhvilK Ky.. lo l^e D.-ri-v. - t i:rnest Lefl:-r acrampanied by liir. . grandmother. ?,Irs. Luin L-:f!:r. V.-L-VC ' | in Oran Thursday evening visitin? Mr. Lofler's parent.-, Mr. ani Mr--. • 1.. 1,. Lefler. Mrs. Him Lrfler ra- ' thot exc.-rin-.e-nta wiih v.ouid produce like results. H probability criminal fn• ".hi-.-h rpriir.' froai iir^y-.t- r'r.ndnlai' aclivity. tusilJ be - hf- s'aled. •. \'/i!li-.rd ir, a Tiussian. He uated from tip Up-iv." of n nncl lain- r-tt-mVd the City ^gc of New York and Cohir- v. T 1 ' 1 is ?'i o!d. ChemL-sr Kayir.niu V.'alker r.ntl Hayli Society—Pci7.o?.al livt-rani and M. Br-rnstcin '.vere .tibses tn li:" Mississippi Cuunly v: r ll l,n:lii-- Aid. r-t ll:e llor.:. 1 Mis, l.:vera:-.t, supiier was scrv- scholarshii) ini'dals awarded en the 'on. and mencemen! activities wlilch wil ^rnVd! prcccPd '.he Kraduation exercise I include anniinl cliis.s day cclebra j t:on on '.he afternoon of May 2' ' and the baccalaureate sennor., which was delivered by the Rev. I Wan-en Johnson, pastor of [lie Wilson M;t!vxlht in the auditorium ol Hie First Baptist church . here Sunday morning. May n. Delia Kay is valedictorian of Ib? - Personal Schooner Stranded Off Connecticut Coast Fifty tin",'.-,. Indudln-j m?mhm f the Jim:.::- ami sailor cljsvs nn 1 I'embers i.f ih-.- fiu-ully of Hi™ O r - eolLt HlBli -,,-imcil aitende 1 ihe Jnti- nr-senlor h.ip.iuii'l. which -HIM.lull, shers In t'-i- numerous social af- airs rnmpiinu-niini; ihe si-ason'5 j-aduaii-s. Hulll around a nmeiiay motif, ?v:y (!ela-l of ihe banquet, whirl) vns servttl Friday rvenln« In Ihe ij;h scliinl audilorhun, was In HC- Mil wliii Mi" s;)hii of o llowe-r uar- k-n. The aiulifuinm llself W.T; ran- "rlcrt it:l i a Knrdrn bv means of vlllows. 1'i.^c-s t!-al twlnixl over irel- '•als and hu;;c ba?kcl.i 1 blossonn. The b.nniuct (able In the cenlcr if Ihe Ltiiiliioiiiiiii was deeonUed vlili bartels t.f ]- os ... s nnd soft shad- d pink i-and-.'labra, mint runs an- 1 )lnce cards were done In rosebud notifs nn:l f.ivors for th" clrls wiv nlnlaliiri' rcvsj.;(-s. while llu- bavs vere c.aeh presented a .sln-jlo biit- onhole bud. - : School isfj. repi-rsjntejl by a lare.-> csei'av made un of roses, fnr^et- ne-nois, ^rlalJ dragons and pansU-s. was held bv t':e toaslmastr-r.\W:iltei- Cox, who is president of the Jnninr class. The iTspimse lo the lo?sl- ma^lcr's welcome was made by Jet:!•> Driver, iire-sident of the senior class. Mis. C. \,. Moore Jr., principal of the high schcol nnd senior class snonsor. represenied the molhev of Ihe gardr-n and talked on I be nnr- tu;-e of the (lowers. Hamelle Woln- lertr. choosing from loaslmaslcr'f nosegay, an emblematic pansv. lalk- ed on thn-.iLjhlfulness, or tlie Intel- lerlua] side- of school life: G. l>. Waddcll chesr: a rose, representh) LP the social side of school life, and mad" a short t-.ilk on the .sublect: Ah: Nic-hots. e^eosin? a snan .trn 1 :on as re.^"s?ntatlve ol scl)->5i activity, lalkci on athletics. Lavern" Schurlock ^ove a nreUy Ihou;" about school memories nround foreet-rne-nel chosen from I nas^cav. and -Supt. Grovse Diyle the cf» r e of ihe l.Tiise Vales sang dy " StraniKd^solidly on Ihe rtwks of 1'cck's Lcd?e, oil Nonsulh, Conn tWH ill »™. I" (he lKicki>i-cuii(l, iiftsi- Its cr-w c,f O l'-hl tlircc-inastc:! schoDner w. , talked op ^arden. 'Roses ol l j lcar- Tlie prouTarn was. rrramed bv the - rh*-'-. >>v their s"- Wellnnn. nnd -t D "" a Kn >- « valedctorlan o 11)3 snr - "'" M ^ 1 ^ Wellnnn. and -the ! cl:iss ' Nona Crevvs ls saliitalJi-ian! dclicl0115 r "' lr rmlr « mm "- nrr;111 "i an(1 oH>er graduates arc Howard j^ »' n °' vrr <" 1 ' nr5 nn<1 A"^m. wa- | Norwocd, Dorotny Williams, Fred i s " rw Harold Smith and Carrcll Jon* | *"."", Lucille Glrdley, Camilla of the bffh school. | Qunin. I/iii Masscy, Evan'<eline ed bv I be domestic science elos? • "-J .....,^^ ..... nj,^ VIL1^6 ViM'. UHIL li:k,l.kY: •. Tnurscay for an extended visit with w n.j be" nccompanird horn- by Mr. and Mrs. Sleeve Hill. Mrs. Fin- Mar-arei MofTilt. teacher in Icy is Mis. Hill's mrjih.T. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Cullsn of Can- aif.n, Mo., arrived i:sre T]nir.vjay lo spend the summer wiih Mis. Cuilen's mrjlher, Mrs. Jim I'.ittcr- the I,e->:in3'on hi^h school. Mrs. llichard Reverie is cci'.fiiiE: 1 . , to her home this \veek on account „,', . * . ,,r iu., nrc Gins irio o f , . foil. Mrs. Cullrn. who JTr . a ',i d Mrs . si(tncv EvcmSi Mr , E ulah Landnun, Mrs. Joj Miller of diplomas anli j av,ai-(is., an addro-s by the vnledic- ! lorian and tlie Kalutatorian. vocal solo by tlov.-ard Norwood an:l a girls' Irio by Dorothy Williams, i lidiih Millcan and Fay Douglas, j — •— --^ ^.LLI^I: LJ^IIUI lull, .MI&. du- iMlllcrl he- marriage Miss Viola Patterson. anri daughter. Joe Ann were Bly- wns emplcyed in Canalou ; .chcol. : thcville visitors Monday Mrs. A. B. Dliilblill h£fl as h.-y | M rs . Jo l m n an)! ; o ; M crn ,,',h gitesi her rtaughfji- and Fan-in-!a\v. 5pcn t (he week-end with her siiier. Mr and Mrs. T. G. M,-.;nmey . Mrs . l!ic !wd Reverie and family. -~ s . ^.mi.c and Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Dur- : M rs . Max«-ell of Memphis is Ihe Kelley of the Mennhls Juvenile .iam o. San Anlomo, Tex., wha ar- | gucst O f her pareuls, Mr. and Mrs i Court addressed two hundred par- riv3d ( t:eic Wednesday. | Walter Wood. i cms and [cnchers in the high school Mr. and Mrs. Frank Estes are i j r j ss Martha Matthews of Manila ! auditorium he-re Friday evenhv, on r-liill r^nrniinrs in rll| ri n d Mn W. J. Driver s'.. Chiilos E. Rfr. W, J v Driver i r . nf Mr?. Kelly Addresses „.. ~" J iijiu i*-!* 1 -. iti 1 ** 1 "!;!:! ' ii Wifsoii Parents, Teachers Fnn of wm" v ". ^ n ' .si'i^r. Mrs. TV P. .!-> C'lrcnM Art. T,..i^ _...„,, I CP*' wns «'!iin--or '•! Ark.— J Camilla! "5. charlev Trflinor was ho=trs- ix o'clnrk dinn"r .Tinn'-.-iay rejoicing over [he arrival of .. _ pour.d girl. Dr. and Mrs. J. w. Hr.ed<?.< wi-re . ifemphis Thursday visilinj th"ir (iau^hter, Mary Rue, ivlio is a student of St. Agnes AcaScmy c,I thai day evening. Ml. and Mr-. Hitll.- rmi s. all teachers of the rra^ i!s. sdatn-s n. I.. Gilbert. \Viliiard rnd .1. V. t.',"v of this c ! t" v.n'rd bv Mc.sdimos Jin: and C'-'-l'r, Potts of Can.iMi- lie attendc'l a lunrh.von an-1 ^ni-ty r.f : 3p /••a:?:ic-nn L"- L--:::ia-v T'li! r <:lay r.t Rik,- 1 -,i bv Mr-. J. c! Mr-lcr.: nt ?'G. A. Auxiliary of t'-2 -Ran-. "Inirch ^avc a farc'.veT. nlenic :-,er nf i'le G. A.'s n:rl h.1' h-e" ;iini scho.-il hero f-:r the pa-t but is now leaving for Inr • near Fnrin^eville. the Armory hill t'r.o Junhr-. t!;e rlavti high school with a-i rat^ iMiiitiift and danc^. The ry ivas l:r-.i.tifu!ly dec-oraled 1 sprint flowers. f?rns. nn:l t'-i^ |sr rl.if.s c^lor;. hhjn n ;i f i \-:]Y_'..* • l.irtir-3 o' !hc Christian cr.urih •I. 3 program was: Tcashna^'.fr Ivlasterson: we'eoin?. Odis Ball: Inrr-. lierfiTi Sl-iefT: nmrt"' n- Burr--?. 0.1'« B?M. Iv»n A.;- \Villi.iin Kliouvie. "T:i» Lami Out"—A. Gra.1v. C. !!arnr:-. • ranford, C. Dimran. E. V/il• ;; voral sell. A. KUIT^S: pro |.- of r!a--s. Aiii"? Orarlv. Islra fiiru:.-h?d mnsl; for danc- a visitor in Luxori f i\iC3:3ay. ! Will Evans Is crnA-.UIy iil at ; home we.-t of Osceola. ' Mrs. Ora Hill Is visiting friinds reUinicd hrjn-.o Thuis- ' Mr. and M:s. were visitors in B. W Blyllicviilci Cold Is Blamed lor Failure of (!a!;bai.>;r. lo Jlcad quartet'.e. I'.efrcsliir.entE were .serv- ..- ,.^. e.1 by Ihe domes'.ie seience depari- T. ,T. Wilkins nnd W. t:. Hurkc mcn '- "' Ihe Wilson hi;h fclnoi (oi- >.L-:nrious fanners ".'.3 :tcd early fe.bbn lier havn had •1 ?:n fie;wer rnd go lo seed with•;. '. ;o ::ii:>-» hcr-cK nc.--rd:ir; 10 ~-. C. ilawks, lccr.1 p'.ani. d,a:"r. ..I'..-- sa\s l'r:e oiliiC'tion a--o exists r. v.Tbt'.Tii Te:ir.cSou<: to a much ?r:atcr extent. Hawks ! The 7th grade class shower?:: ! t!:-jir teacher, Nir?. llorton. v.-ith a | basket of fruit and candy Tuesday ! afternoon. I Mrs. Bailie E:nd'; was j>: ij visiior Wednesday. and Miss Hazel lirock allended .... who show at BIyiheville Wednesday. Ifisies Orlena Hires. Evo and !\ra- Ke George weu Osccola visitors Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. iVi',1 Wood were visitors in Blythcviile T;ic.-day. M"r. ann Mrs. Ej Evans of O;- ceola attended the (;r,adip.:1:n c::- the subject ol the parents' duty and responsibility lo U'.e child. The program included group sinrj- ing. a talk by Mrs. O. M. Hill, rc- jcer.tly elected president of the Wil- Tlns-eat i sc » P. T. A., on plans and objec-, lives for next year, and a report by! 11 Mrs. A., 3. Catchings of Basseti' T of the recent national P. T. A. con- greso meeting in Hot Springs. The talks were inur.spsrsed with vocal numbers by a local negro was M-inn<"- or l-t'-.Inlin W. nfle-mon ••>"! cluh invii : n BV WM. K. JlcKl-:NSi:V icrn-lar) ISrid;,- I.r.rjue III the stralsht forclni; system, ilnnn ars nrilvcil at when inte!- Ifieut bidillnt; between partnei-s're- •e:ils Unit Ihf combine:! tsvo iuinds io!d seven or cluht tink-k tricks BRIDGE Whi-n ii side Is vulnerable and they make a eaine-Kobig declarallon which you double, the swing can easily average to ' be worlh two average rubber names; thercrore, dou'l double doubtful conlnicls, cs- whc-n it will L-K'? lh-m _ " v -" ..... " itiv mv.'-j Pimm} wncn n win yH"- lh?m Seven to seven nnd onc-hulf quick finme. Parlneis will soon learn tliiU ricks in t!:e 1m linn:ts v,'|ll K cn- i lliiouuh aauml iilddlnx Uicv oil' i-ally produce n small slnni, while , ncciiratcly determine llic number 'of lrrht tn nl.,1,1 A ...i „., , t._i» ..1.1 ' t . , . , » • n- iiniuijxi ui eljjlit to clyhl nnd one-lialf t|iilek 'ricks will generally produce n jrand slam. The beginner nt contract s'.muld t . , , . , » • n- iiniuijx nlsli card (rlck-s in llielr liiind there Is not much Annly/.lii(r remember, however, Hint there arc 'system, wc'lhirt Ihiit- nany pltfnlls on (be road lo a successful slam— such as distribution. duplication of values mid so forth. An almost certain small clam should not be jeopardised for n lonbtful grand slam, and it is better to miss the few slams that come up In an evening than lo work i;i / Mrnlf;lU fore 1 LIB the many bonuses. Aqnln let u-n<: formerlv \v. .T. t!:e program. \VARM.\<; OIJULIt ... says in that lection ercisrr. here Thursday night. '10 contli'ion ha^ pn/zlcd not only Mesdames H. S. Astnnore a:::l 3. ::.-mrr; hut t;.d men. W. C. I'el- v - Frazijr of O.-ceola were vh-ij:-. 1 ; '" :i. rxlcnripn h.vlii'iilli'ralist for , i« 1-nxorn Wednr.-dav. •'Is: Univrrsity of TcnncMcc. made 1'.: folio;-in^ coin:i-.eiit last w;ek ir: ;!:c Cre'd n. T nn.. Eui:Tpriro: "I--ro£t'-p;-cof c.~.bbr;:e plants . .. Tarlhr-r south by s.r.v!nj seed returned Friday from Sf. ;RY COURT, CHTCKA- DISTP.ICT. MlSSISSIPri V. AiiKANSAS. r'isioiiri G!.ate Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, vs. No. 4U25 H. O. Siernbeii;. et al, Do- Xliss Margaret sp-r.d- J'f, n ra oC1 n l;l "j S - w "i lil e V -- rrI ' ! " nb> ifceoln"" 1 da5S """ rcln ' livcs f " ' A. N. Marlln and Mr.s. A.' N. MM- \ir '^.ri \ir« M • w . r i !''"• BV " warilK l to appear within Mr. and Mis. AKm \V.:n^rl!ck I „.,„.. cm|i . l |iamcd ,„ in the full. Tiie plants are expected where they have h:en visilinj 110; cnlv to keep nlive outdoors bul alivcs for Ihe past \vnck. lo make a steady idilinujh sicw ' - rel- - ., Mr s. Frank Vollmcr v.-as a Bly- •rowth at nil tjmcs. A co!d sp?il of. Ihevilie visitor Saturday, •en; :hiT.iiio;i. nr a-iy c^nditiD-.i [hat I Esther Evans of Osc?o!a wa-: i>i? nn--s a!! y.o'.vih fcr rs-vfra! weeks, oilla-r in f.-dbpj or field. «ivs the pl.inis an undcrirablo n.-.l ]> riod. oucii a rcsi j-pr;od is t:ndesirab!e. bf.iuse it ce-rrcspriids tc Ihe rest i-tUvc^:: head tuaki:-.-; and sc:d i mnk:n: in the- ordinaly prtcc;s of • cr.tbase seed produclion. 'Hiis process Is supposed to take two sea- sens, but plants that have hrd a rel-biick -re in.-lin'd lo n-n to seed jus: as if tl r.' had a \Mtiter-o rest, when they start Mr. and Mr Friday. Dixie Howard enlcnahicd her | class with a fishing party at Mills | Bayou Friday. About thirty attrnrj- the caption hereof and answer the tcmplaiul of llic pliilntifl Missouri Slate Life Insurance Co. Ualcd May 2, 1931. 11. L. (J.aincs. Clerk. liy Haney Morris. D.C. s. Mrs. E. T). KT't 1 ! Ir.. i 1n i|< -ntlr M : " E'.'-iivn 'Varri f-r n«. h fnd Mrs R. W. AK^'W ri-i-llno"... Ti-vns. tlin fon"«r Miss Mnrv Hale Costnn. v.-ho Is Ihr ;iii».| nf her narents here. ri-Jiefcus refreshme n i c V-TO se-.'-d in I'.VN (-nurses follon'i"" l'i- •.•>ni» and high sco" ,1^170 w n o .u-r.rderj M r s. nt.u Mrr joorpia Grider Willi^mc^.i nf \r-in 'his w'm Is visiUn? rer sistrr. M r , Mrs. D. S. tnncv Raiurrtnv fif(--- if^ra ciitnrtalnM tlie Hh'n mn. i-.-i-f cluh lo which .s'>o Ijc-ion-rp. in- •'i.-iins an o-ir'a tabl^ of r7i:r'is MTh score cluh nripe "->s wm b- PO'l" WOn hftll fl^-C —'"^i nri-r- Mrs. Clarence Ca-ii'i" cut rn-i- 'on favor. A rt"HHo»* sr.1-" 1 cn-irse wns served folln-j-ini thr came. Guesi.'; besides !'•» rlnb m"m- l-f-s WTO Mesdames rhreu-- rir_ '«!". Millon Pone. He-berl <;>imti->n Oolemnn. nnd A. w. IIIT»- Joe Miller u-y w . Crawford.' Ad fjitcni. 2-9-1C-23 ed. CLAIMS CHAMI'ION'\C |:u-cx-.iliou. Prv. J. T!. m soln. ! -n'.n. Rectt— dil: S.a'hiialory. Njliie CSnl- lierilnry. Aim JC.MI Xf>v- -.pnlita-.i Xi.jhl'. Kam-niS: Ciiarlotte McUon.i'lJ claims to hive ''school e:r-.:i = : Adrlrnss. Hi'i. the world's champion lilac hc'l'c f H. Liuibni-ii: Pr-srniifo-i' It Is 12,i fret Ion>;, 15 fr-i; hi..-, n ,\.-. |)lomas. Dr. V/. R I,;j;i; 110 frcl Ihiek. Marianna Pastor Holds Services at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.. M.ay IR.—Rev. C. C. Burke of Mnrtannrt conduct| cd services at the Calvary Episcopal Church here yesterday aftcr- ::rc:i and again tins morning. S, K. Lalimer Preaches at Church in Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark . May 18—Rev., E. K. I.atlmre. p.istor of the First! Christian Church of Blyiheville.! rmidurlert services at the First' Clnl.siian Church here yesterday me.rninq and ev.-ning. Rev. Laliiner i sccndurlin? rrjnlar services now on each tlvrd Sunday morning and evening al the Osceola church. WANT \ SHORTEST \ LINE ^ BETW1 PHONE r—?— [HAVE us wiirn you llml [hero are Ihou sands of points more lost in each year In unsuccessful slams than are won with slams thai arc bid and successfully made. Sacrifice Sacrifice bidding plnys an Important, part In the game of contract. You should familiarize yourself with contract scoring so that you can readily sum up the possibl? number of points a pair will mak2 If their contract is successful, and by contract bidding, you may b? able to take a worthwhile sicrllle-e. Very oflen you are called upon to choose whether lo double the bid of an opponent or lo bid for garni- yourself. Under Ihe present con- Iracl. scoring, tlie various scores are roughly valued as follows: A .partial, score of 40 poinls or more, due to the advantageous position it gives you. is worth aboul 200 ixiipts. The first gnmc (or first leg) is worth about 400 points. The rubber (same (or second bg) is worth about 600 poinls. A successful small slnm. if not vulnerable, Is worlh about 1001) points. A successful small slam, if vulnerable, is worlh about MOO poinls. Conlracl lubbers averapc to run between 903 and 1000 poinls. It does not, generally pay'to lake over a GOO-point penalty at any time. The proportion of contracl scoring lo auclion is about tv:-> and one-half to one. nitlirnijh contracl rubbers generally average to last a longer p?riod of time, which mijht reduce this figure to two ID one. Moore Jr., shopped iu Memphis Saturday. MLss Mary Ells Miller went lo 1— FXnir raid suit bUUtlnii plnys nn lni|Kntnnt jmrl. 2— Original likls 'mii.-it show defensive quick lricl:s CHANGE .OF. LIFE poa over flftj* years, r womon liavo been taklriK Ciinlul for trou- lili'fl Mkn Mrs. M. C. We.illLcrford, of Talilc- QUih, 01(1,1.. describes bc'low: "I ti.v! ei'olls (tlntlnf: t:li-niKO of life) \vliu; 1 cmilil lint. !it:mil U[l. I ll!U\ CllC hL\l<UtC)LU [ill Ihc iltuL 1 . ) \v;itL tllzzy imil IIILI) ultack,4 of-nan- BPA. 1 r<-:n! iiliuui llltl. FQ I Kni It liotllc to try. It. liulpeil me BO niuuh [hut I ojuthnitjil to tako it until J \VJIH onllruly pant lite crH!<_-al I'JiiiVl gf my Ufy, I liuvo «|VHI fur- tint lo my plrla. It line In-on «• won- iloitul ineUJcIiiu In my hanic." Ihiy CttrJul ^t Ihc ilnig store. n . u CARDUIJ 4—Fordni; bids must, be kepi open until B niue Is arrived nt. 5—Original two forcing bids should not be made unless prepared ta go to game cv?n tliou^h partner has n trieklcss band. 0—When partner makes an ordinal bid and you have -sn'f- liclent quick nicks to pro:luc2 same, you should make n-jnm>> Bind bid which Is a torch):; bid. 7—No Irnmp bids, until re-bid nrc generally denial bids. Vormer Po'icpman : Succeeds as Paslor OAK PAfiK. Illinois, (UP) — Ansel B, Orc-n came here tour years ago this month from the Noithwcst Mounted Police to late over Ilia pastorate of the Church or the Good Samaritan. Under Ills direction, the church has crown frcm a port.iblo shack, stt in a r.v.-amit, lo a large church edifice. The congrcRntion has been enlarged frob -15 to 321. TChen Wishing Wont CLASSIFIED This week only YOUR OLD toivards the price of a new of Osccoln. and Mrs \eclv .. of Chir.aao. who is the curst of lie- '«'»r. Mr*. Hale .Tnckson Mrs. Braxton nm»i , Ihe newlv organized Ibrre tib!r- cov- Ir.act club to which she belongs b-;r home here Saturd.av .. : Hiih score prize was won bv Mr? Charles Colemin nnd second biqh ire was aivnrdert Miss .los"nh"i" M-»',tn«ie of MemnViK wh-v was !>•- neek-end puest of her .sister. Eva Monla»ne. Simple ri-fre.shmenls were serveu follosvine the same • • • Miss Pearl Hollowcll of •••nt dm we"k-end with Annie V. Waddell. rctnrnin<r ve'trr- '•••v allernoon with Miss Josrnliin'- M^nlaeue. who wss Iho «-erV--rn J ;nr=t of her si^er. Miss Kva Mo:i- r 'ie. In Osccoh. ,md Miss Mav- l'-,e Brown, who snen* Ihe «' j k- fiid wiih her parenls. Mr. and Mr. Jesse Brown, in Luxora. Mrs. A. W. Bowen and XII« Mary Calherlne Ward drove lo Jonesboro yesteMnv mornln? and wer- accompanied home bv'their sister. Mrs Atmes Ward, who will spend Ihc summer vacation here following Ihe closing of A. & M. C0 :!eqe all .invMbriro. where she has been .at-1 Inirlmt; school. | Miss Xlarlha Wcllman. Miss I,y-1 dia MeCotvey nnd Mr,, n. I..' Memphis Salurdav for Ire weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Driver anl j small son. John B. ol Little Rock i were week-end guests of Mr. and ' Mrs. W. J. Driver sr. C. Ii. Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Young of O.-ccob. has been elected pre.sidwit of Ihe Phi Delta Phi fraternity at Vaiiderbllt j University, where lie is a junior this year. He will also be a delegate to the fraternity convention to be held in Toronto. Canada, Hal:; summer. ; BAKING POWDER /t'$ double acting Use K C for fine texture and large volume in your bakingt. MILUOHSOf POUNDS USED BV OOB COVFRNMrHT ,, / "'" """* wl " lc >°" CJr! Excfun-r you, oil, fcr , br^. M w AI^,. with porfelcd .ruubt.or, IOODEX. uxl «h, r ouwadlng f Mtl « t Aod-Junog tld. «vtn^i. y Klling-^xdJ pricu fo, p>oj mt ULUr. ^.^ Sufc Temperature at Low Con A1ASKA gi'vw jou in an inttprtravt - K , rcfriscrjtor tn< raultj thjt hjvc btra de- tfmimril as tKctlwtj- (or propn- wff. t.ianlaig ol foodv. li moinrairj lemprra. Ian, cxcn lower tlun thox mrwcd by ll^ lli.rtju of Horn* Rffrigtuikxi. Per. IrtttJ irmiLtion. sritntific rir tirvubl!™ torutjnrly purifying the ta, upmxliu ^TJH);fn»nt of ihtlvo, wh,,c o.»xl m- tfri«>, ill htlp to nviit th, ALASKA in npmtion. ,osy to Clrt for. tad i» POODCX n. Prr^iw. «. ckhlrori LOW SALE PRICES -and S5.OO ALLOWANCE Gilleii Furniture Co. Hlylhevillc, Ark. 1'honc 6SO SAVING VALUES IN OUR WINDOW

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