Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 10, 1936 · 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1936
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON FRIDAY, APRIL' 10, 1936' PAGE. TWO. Mexican President Stands at Altar to Flay Priests ' R. A; Hulburt attended a creamery meeting In Albany this week. hpld Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mr. It. D. Gates, one mile south of Mary's river bridge on the highway, leading south from Cor- vallu. r NOTICE' TO CITY gl'SCiUBEK9 If your paper has not been delivered by your Albany carrier by 6:00 O'clock Calii " D. At Robrfeouth, Phone 718-T and copy will b delivered by upeclal cawler. Hoport All other cnmplainU to tha .office,- Phone 15 -'. ' The , Albany Democrat-Herald ' Lost Portfolio of A.-U. S. Con jgelist from Portland, will give a Monitor Views the News; 4:00 1 short sermon, after which a break-Musical stories; 4 0, -Stories for I fast will be served at the com- i Boys and Ctrl IS .munity hall. There will bean East-; s:oo. On die fcmtuses: 5:30, er sermon with appropriate music music; 5:48, What- thtr Educators at the Sweet Home church at 11 are Doing: 6:00, Tbe Dinner pn-o'dock. At 7:3fr p. m. Evangelist c,.- 6:3U. ' Evening- Farm Hour Sundstrom and his singer, Miss fjew Publications; 6;4V, Market Hickson, will have charge of the and ci op reportt and' weather fore-1 evening service, at which they will cnst; 7:jo, music; 7:45 Science news sing several Special numbers. of iheVeek; 8:00. music of- the Mrs. Nora Palmer, who has been roasters; 9:00-8:13, Ublteti Press a guest at the home of her son, news. ' 1 - ( r - . test musig. Finder plcsi phn6 i - 37Q-Y by pat. noon., Eeward. La-Roy Wampr, Sunrise-, ., . alO Prof ram at North Albany The North Albany Parents' club 1 1 1 1 coacn narry raimer ana lamuy, 1 since Sunday, left Thursday for) , her home at Portland. 'Corbett Serves OS'i - is sponsoring a benefit program at the North Albany school house this evening. The program Is to be conducted by Mrs. Charles Childs and Loren Luper. . Is , OregoVs Goyt;rno iut iiigu M.IMXM wiu m car- nival April 24. It will be sponsored j by tbe freshmen class, who will be BMifiti htf thth vnrinna nr-ff nnWn- I TJIK WEATUM '( Son Born A 8V4 pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shelby of Terre-bone. Ore., on Thursday, according to word received here. Mr. Shelby attended Albany college and Mrs. Shelby was Gladys Hag-lund :of Albany. His mother, Mrs. Noah Shelby of Albany, left today to see. her first grandchild. ' DANCE ALBANY MOOSE HALL Oregon Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday, with light rain in, northwest" portion: no -atianifrrjin temperatyrej ififtle southerly wind oft, coast. Liximum temperature ycstei tiny1 locally 6& aefw. Minimum itempif ature, last night 51 degrees, ftiv-r 5.3 Int, . , , . - SM-MMN . : - ' - Returna to Portland---- Mrs. Ola Brown of Portland. tions of the high school. A commit- , Salem, Ore., April 10. Henry tee will purchase ptizes for the'1 Corbett. Portland, was govern-carnival while at Portland Satur-,r of Oregon again today as Gov-day. I einoi Martin went; to1 Bremerton, The Lebanon high school band Wash., to spend the Easter holiday under the direction of Vernon Wis- i with his daughter,- Mrs. "Schuyler careon, gave a concert Wednesday N. Pyne. evening. The boys and girls quai-l Governor Martin will 1 not re tets sang several numbers, and; turn to the capitol until next several solo numbers were given Tuesday. Co. bett became, gpyqrni by high school students. The band 1 or through bt g president of Ibq is practicing for the competition t R.nate of the state legislature. "I "3 , 3. . n a 1 cor va 1 us. who has been visiting for, several days at the home of Mrs.( W. )i. Davis, left today for her home in Lmm i ii(,t,J Alta Hedlund, teacher of the .VI vu t Portland, fifth and sixth grades, is ill with mumps. Mrs. -Genevieve Overton is substituting for her. Schilling flavo nY- VWtor In Albany .v Iff Fri, nite strictly modern. Sat. note popular, old time. a 10 Leave lor Chicago " Mn and Mrs, Paul Ochsner left today for Portland to remain overnight Visiting Mr.- OcHsner brother, Kenneth,' and tomorrow they will board the Streamliner for Chicago. They will make their home tfiere; Crabtree . Crublree. "The Church f Christ are observing Easter by ivjig a program Sunday evening it the Aid hall. Mi', and Mrs. Joe Kitchen and . bildion, Mrj. Kitchen and two giandsons. from Alsea, who were visiting relatives and friends in C.abtree Sunday, called at the J. K. Reiley home. Other callers included Hwmer Davis and Mrs. Tim liellcy and daughter. . Teachers elected to teach the loltowing year are: Mrs. Ida Becker, upper grades and Miss Ruth Datr, primary for Crabtree school Mrs. Velrqa Boyles is to, teach the upper room at Riverside , Mrs. Francis Push at Lake view and Mi s. PhilippL foe Griggs. . Frank Foster, was taken to Corvallis recently to ; consult a doctor.. : . Albany visitor Saturday from Crabtree . included . tbe following lamilies: J. K. Reiley, Mrs. Francis Kelley, C. O. Pape, Homer Davis, Thomas Edgar, Frank Bet-zer, Carl Norman, W. C. Easton, Slack Leighton. Prine and Lowe. Mrs, Velma Beck and son. arrived here from Southern Cali-fornit last week. Mrs- Beck is the eldest daughter of William Gear-hart, who is seriously ill, Mrs. Ida Becker and son, Dale, were visitors at the Davis home Sunday. Virgil Edgar, who has been in tastern Oregon several weeks working, returned home Monday, ill with the flu. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Easton visited at the Stewart home Sunday. Tennessee Tennessee. As Wilbur FiU-water was driving his motorcycle from Albany to Lebanon Saturday about 6 p. m., he collided with the auto of John Morris of Lebanon who was just leaving the farm of nis son Elmer. Fitzwater was thrown about 20 feet badly injuring his face and one knee and was taken to the Lebanon hospital where he remained several days. Mr. Morris was not seriously injured but his car lost a wheel and the motorcycle was badly wrecked. Mr. and Mrs. AnrW TTnonr nj m, I J. F. Branson from Roseburg was among the business visitors spend - ing last night in Albany. I KOAC Radio I I. Program I 1 A . First pieiidiiii o! ..Mexico tq eutcr a Rowaa Camoilc ctmrcs in nuioy years. Uitaro Cardenas' la abown as be broke sil precoileai or ftaqdiog ki toe altar of .C'udad Ooniales cdnrcb to charge tfiat ..prleata'were responsible (or it ciseb to mat (ova in whirb-l were killed and 30 wounded. Tbe rlo broke out as worshipers emtrgoq from tbe rtq- r'niifn'il etiurca sod Dsttled a, mission group h thai a axotaiomg Maslce's syiitifl of botlal ' -i.iioo , bitterly opposed br tbe church. I On Business Trli -. '- ' ' .,,,.... It. M. Dill, manager of the Auto Supply store, is leaving this afternoon lor Portland to at PtKIITEKITE HOLD- - . U huit at an. ppca house st.theuc ' " ' 1 " hnme hore Sundav on the occasion tend a meeting of managers there WIRD CEREMONY their lmiending golden weddin LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY - NEIGHBORHOODS thia evening. ( , , To Visit Daughter MEXICAN . Chili Powder D. A. K. Meeting The Daughters of the American Revolution are' to meet Monday night at 7:1 o'clock at the home of Mrs. W. Pi ' Canning, 838 W. Seventh street for dessert dinner and a business and social hour. Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett is to be Cvsistant hostess, , ' (Cottnw4 from Pmm On I W. S. Weaver left yesterday for As the cald night wind bites tbrqugh, the. mountains, 4 .strange Friday, April 10. 5:00, On the Campuses; 5:30. music; 545, The Vespers--led by Rev. D. Vincent Gray: 6:00, The Dinner Concert; 6:15, What Trust Companies Do- 6:30, Evening Farm Hour; 6:30. Battle of Bugs; 6:45. Market and Crop Reports and Weather Forecast; 7, Agricultural Economics; 7:15, Oregonians and Their Hobbies; 8, The Oregon State System of Higher Educution, George W. Peavy, dean and director of forestry and president of O.S.C.; 8:15, We Write a Story; 8:30, student Forum; 8:43 Music; 9-9:15, United Press, News, procession win move away irom Bremerton, Wash., to spend a few days at the home of bit daughter. i't - . . Rummage Sale Frl. it Sat Hotel Albany Bldg- Benefit' Jr.. Band. Sponsored- by Albany Schools. ' i i. . a9-10 DR. CHAN LAM each mvcndocAt the hpd the 4 oes la California t procession win be a "puero blow Mrs. Robert Pollak (nee. Mar ing an unearthly melody on a pito "i a file fashioned from a garet Stevens) left last, night for California to spend the next two Weeks with her husband, reed. , . ... Basinet VUitor V ' ' . .. following the "pitero" will bo, B. T. Kumler of, Brownsville Chinese , Medicine Co. Natural rrnwdic for diHrdrrt of : liver, toiMch, slaniki, (kin A ariir ayttrm of men and women, Vow diMovery Icr ausar diabetes without the ate of Intulin, It yearn in htuliuata. two men bearing lanterns and then transacted business and visited friends In AJbany yesterday , will come the "Criato" the brother who, has been selected as the hon anniversary, wnicn occurrea wea-nesduy. Approximately 10(1 persons called at the home of the aged pair to feiicltau? them. ' Tbe reception followed a family dinner at which 17 were seated, including - Mr. and Mrs. Wtflurd, their five children, Clenn and Everett Willard and Mrs. Clyde Wihlambon, Albany; Jay Willard, Eureka, Cal., and Mrs. P. T. Ploy-hurt, MUftoula, Mont; eight grand-chidldren and Rev. and Mrs, Jesse Lacklin of the Corvnllis Methodist church. . During the reception light refreshments were served- Mr. and Mrs. Willard were married April 8, 1886, in Bedford, hi. They and their children moved thenta to Kansas and Colorado, whence they came to Oregon 23 years ago. Mr. Willard farmed in the Knox Butte community for some Mine and then moved, into Albany. The bridegroom of half a century ago Wednesday is now aged i Orleans. Orleails Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arnold tajle ui the Albany ,5ori-eral hospital Sunday to see Mrs. Hufip .Ehrlich, and baby daughter. This Is their second child and first daughter. Mr. and :' Mrs; J. L Applegate, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Applegate drove to Harrisburg to visit1 Sunday to see their son and brother, Ralph Applegate and family. . Mrs. Clenn Faxon and daughter, Barbara - and Mrs. Francis Lutz called on Mrs. J. O. Andrews Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Tedrow of Portland spent the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J, J. Bennett. Sunday they drove to Alsea tq spend the day on a fishing trip. Mr. and Mrs. James Gregoroff Business Visitors l. ored one for the re-enactment of the crucifixion. Over his head will J. J. Miller. A. V. Wells and Paul Slegerman of Portland were ' Saturday, April 11 9:00 a.m. The story hour; 9:30 the Half Hour in Good Taste, "What Next?" 10:00, music; 10:15, Guarding Your Health; 10:30, The Naturopathic - Y. T- Iaa. N O. Phralcians Uoetaim loom 1 aad business visitors spending ..last be a loose, black cup, much like a hangman's hood, because the identity of the Cristo is guarded secret to be known only by the brothers. District Chief Coming This-weekft meeting of Albany Kiwanis club 'will be held Saturday noon instead 'of Thursday 'In Mder that the officiul visit of Irwin H. Jones, Pacific Northwest district governor. A number of members of the local club ere in Dallas today to attend a- meeting of clubs of district No.1 9, located tn tha W,illrrwtte valley, and will lemaun eyor ior r a, 1 dinner and mgni in Aioany. VWttos? Its Alba! The penitente soon will be Junior Matinee, Parrish Junior soaked with his own blood as the party moves up the hill and the "Cristo" is flogged at every step. Mrr and Mrs. KdrrylrHrfkertoh Of Dufias 'were in Albany yesterday to visit Mrs. Pinkerton's father, I, VenHiaa Thratee Blda-Cot, ?lit Ifii Broadalbla Su.. . At-bany. ., Of fire Haunt I p. m. to 6 p. m. Taeaday and Satuedar Only. Consultation. Bleed Prraaun aad Urine Teeta Free a( daughter, Roberta Bell, of Albany were Sunday visitors at tlie Will Unger home. j Lon Collins is slowlv He will carry the cross on 'his duncu thia evening,, j . . . - Fred DtawsOtntauja rfcf--rotier, Stowell Dawson. ''" ' High school, Salem; 11:30, The International scene; 11:45, music. 12:00 Noon Farm Hour, 12:05, United Press news; 12:15, Agricultural Engineering Students; 12:40, market and crop reports and weather forecast. 1:00 p.m. music; 1:15, The World Book Man; 1:30, Programs on parade; 1:45, music; 2.00, The Brit from an atttack of pleurisy which has kept him bedfast the past two weeks. Leiters UnctairaexV ' , Xb fallowing letter remuin un 77 and his bride of that day is 72. r Ceidie Chaa. N.D. Charea. - - . and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patapoff and daughter, Jean Marie, were Easter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Patapoff. of Peoria. Mr. and Mrs. J. D, Howard and daughter called at the J. I. Ap- called. UiT: at, tiw Pt Office: John Andrews, Mrs. J. W. Bryant, Mr. Mrs. Eva Seaman and son. Low-, ell, came Saturday for a visit with I her parents. Mr. and Mn T. w . Wid Mrs. Elmer Bait, Herrn Boss, Tw Baaaba.ll Games . t The baseball; game played yesterday afternoon between J"ortIi Albany- and Tliuareude tea mi at Riverside resulted- in-a'sou of 6 to- & in favpr of North Albany. A game this evening-is U be played by .the North Albany . and Moun Officio! Signature Urged on Petitions ish Isles Travelogue; 2:15, music;1 il Gumbill. 1 2:30 Romance under the Water; 2:45, music; 3:00 Travel Paths of iplegate home one day last week. America: 3:15, music; 3:45,' The Our' Prescription for . EASTER CHIC. and a sure ' tonic' for that "tired of it all"' spring fever. - HENS. LAY BK EGGS While some eggs are bigger than Densmore. Lowell is enjoying a vacation as Portland's high schools are closed for this week. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Blacklaw and son billy spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Carter of Halsey. Mr. and Mrs. I pa Rilvou in tain View traintam- tba.ortiwAi-4 shoulder. The cross is fashioned from rough timber 'and often weighs as much as 800 pounds. The standard drags on the -ground and the rough timber will bite into the "Cristo'a" shoulder and back. Following the trail of the cross will be other member of the chapter, also stripped to the waist and bare-footed. They will march along in measured step and each will carry a cruel whip in his right hand. The. whip is fashioned from tough' fibres of yucca .or cactus. The lashes Tire plaited from the fibre and cut like a knife. With every step he takes the penitente will, flog himself on the back until the blopd comes and the man's back is. a raw mass, As the procession moves along men will break from the ranks and Mrs. Lottie Hense and Mrs. Earl Shearer of the Oakville neighborhood spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hulburt.'tta Doris and Orntjillp Girl to Womanhood thbse laid by two White Leghorn hens belonging to Mr, and Mrs. County Clerk Russell today issued a request' to petition signers that they place on the petitions the'same signatures under which they are registered.-Some signers are reported to have complained", the county clerk said, that their names hud been stricken from no- s Arthur, Robert Ohling are out of I l.Scio a few days last week with hw school with the measles, W.OSkeen, 120 Geary htreet; this couple has issued a challenge to anyone who can produce two hens who more cunbiatentiy lay bin Mr. and Mrs. William Fat a port sister, Mrs. Shelton, who has been and Mr. and Mrs. M. Mohoff of . in frail health for manv months. eggs, Mrs. Skeen displayed at the Remove - that .irritating dandruff and choose "a flattering coiffure. titions even though Uioy are re- i Peoria, accompanied Mr. . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. Hollinesworth ' and Mrs. I MO need for girls i or women to suf- ' fer every month i from periodic pains, ! Jieadache or side- ache, - In -girlhood j and womanhood Dp. . Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a very beneficial tonic. 1 This is wliat Mn. i Democrat-Herald office two eggs Paul Patapoff and daughter Jean 1 visited Wednesday in Salem with I typical of those emanating from ner sister, Mrs. T. Hendrickson and these two birds. One of the eggs veifc15 . . three and oue-aighth plunge into cuctus beds where they ! Kui.uiY una property registered. The difficulty, Russell explained, arises in that many signers will append to the petitions names that differ from those on the registration books. "For example," the county clerk said, "a voter may be registered Marie to Portland last week-end on a business and pleasure trip. While there they visited the A. Kovalchok family. Sunday they drove to Bonneville to see the dam. The Western Star grange will ounces and the other three and onerhalt ounces. lkth. are double- family. ,v George Ross received word Tuesday of -the death of his aunt, Mrs. Mattie Binehart, of Portland, aged 88 yearra Also that his brother, Frank Ross, a former Linn county teacher, does not improve roll and toss in the thorny spmcs as they call, upon the others to witness their devotion to the sav i II. GoldsKOtth of II Ik Kmou St 1 yolked as are all oi the eggs from NEW An OU Permanent $2.50 these two Uuiis, uccotding to the oany grounds.., , .. , VkslUne itt Albany ' Mm. Evelyn Huddleson of Portland, Is visiting In Albany a few days t the )ome of her naojher, Mr. Wayne. Arnqjd; v ,v , , ,. , "" Gifts and Eartef MTaridia ,at Hjurlfy's Dru4 StprVl -88-18 . ... Game- Association to. Meet . The next meeting of the Santjam Fith and, Game aiHiocUition will be held Tuesday evening in the Albany city ball at. ft .o'clock. All numbers are urged to attend as an interesting meeting, ia anticipated. i., f t ' J Dretaed CMcken. Jo EsMer Susday.. Shook Produce,,, Ph. , : . .. ,.. tt 9-lQ - 1 ., i . j Tsllman Meeting- .,' ... The regular meeting of the Tull-maa community club is to be held this, evening with. , prmyun sented by the women of the club. The general public is invited to attend, . hold their regular meeting Satur- (twners : ' as 3iiuie .umes, 11 no men sign a 1 Sign .!. -.u. -.u" -i,j iour. Finally the procession will reach "Calvary." A hole has been dug and the end of the cross will be mucn from his operation of sev- m-tition with the mime 'Mrs. Johni"" rlY. . . f.':"u. ..1 Stwklon, til., wid: "Whra I wu a girl ' acvclupini into wunanhund I waa ptle and eak Mutlir tavt n Dr. Pitrce's Favor- I lie Pmcriptian and it toon gate relief. I again itll strung and active. Two nolilm of 1 Ilia Favorite Frtatription' waa all I needed." i Vo to your, druggist today. , New aiae, tab. Jot. Liquid $1.00 and (1 35. ' Write Dr. Pierce'a Clinic, HuOalo, N. Y., I for free medical advica. 1 .LEC1QNN AIRES TO MEET Jones.' When this is done the sig WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop 215 Lyon St.- Phone 679-1, bring either pie or sandwiches and . eral months ago and that Frank's cream for toffee. daughter-in-law; is, in a Portland A meeting of the local Ameri nature is stricken, for the registra placed beside the hole. Then the 'Cristo" will be lushed to the cross Mr. arid Mrs. Kenneth Hulburt hospital recovering from an ap- can Legion post is scheduled for of Tangent and Mr. and Mrs. R pendicitis operation with rones and thongs and it will Monday night at the Veteran s be settled into the hole In the Memorial ball. Local Legionnaires will also attend a meeting of the ground. While the "Cristo" is on the cross there is the scene of -wild Willamette Valley council at To. ledo Wednesday night est frenzy. Often a wound is opened in the "Cristo's" side, to BADLY BITTEN BY DOG add further reality. ; Frank Meister reported to the Finally the ceremony at the police yesterday that he was cross is completed. The "Cristo" will be cut down und then made severely bitten on the leg by a dog . that attacked him while he the honored guest of his brother Linn-Beaton Club-, , ... The next regular meeting o the Linn-Benton Women's club will be tion books show no 'Mrs. John Jones" Another source of difficulty is the use of initials on the petition that do not accompany the name in the registration . books, ihe clerk said. As illustration he cited the possible registration of Mr. Junes as John Jones, in comparison with a signature of J. J. Jones, who jipght be someone .tUe entirely: . . Futthermore ,lhe county clerk added, some signatures are entirely illegible. He asked that petition circulators be sure that all signature are legible. - Each name on - every ' petition niut be checked with the registration records, . certified ..and copied by the county clerk, and according to law he must be certain that the name 011 the' petition is that on the registration books, was rlduig a bicycle on South GOOD BAKERY PRODUCTS Every Day at De Moss Washington street Swet Home Sweet Home Approximately 12 cars of logs are being shipped daily from the Dollar logging camp to Portland, where they are unloaded in the river at Rafton. About 20 men are employed at the camp at present. The Eugene Lumber Co. camp was closed Thursday on account of the funeral of Harold Dollar. Mr. and Richard Miller are the parents of a 7 pound son, Ronald Lewis, who was Txirn April 3. Special Easter music and a program will be given Easter Sunday morning at the Church of Christ, following the Bible school hour. The Christian Endeavor members will join the Sodaville society at- a sunrise prayer service at Sodaville Easter morning. Rev. Charles Sundstrom. Swedish evan- penitents, METHODIST CHOIR A. Hulburt were callers at the J. O. Andrews home Sunday afternoon. Sunday night dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Patapoff were Mr. and Mrs. William aPtapoff, Mr. and Mrs. M. Mohoff, Kate Mohoff, Emma Dobrinin, Jack, Lloyd, Mike Patapoff. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bayne called on Mr. and Mrs. Dick Mayse of the Hulsey neighborhood Sunday afternoon. Little Cora Lee Hulburt is spending several days in Albany visiting relatives. - Mr, and Mrs. Fred Arnold called at the Oscar Ehrlich home Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Rose Derry accompanied Mrs. Nina Jenks to Salem Wednesday. Mrs. James Gregoroff and Mrs. Paul Patapoff and daughter called at the home of Mrs. J. O. Andrews Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Applegate were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hulburts Tuesday. TO GIVE CONCERT (Uf position oihu: (Continued from Pea Ont KroatW Simple and Simply Lovely Bakery vary"; soprano solo, "Calvary" sung by -Donna Drown; offertory, Instrumental trio, Kamennoi Os-trow (Rubeiuitoin), organ. Mil. Ewing, violin, Glenn Taylor, piano Lural Uurggruf, rart 11 Chorus: "Spring Bursts Today". (Thompson); baritone solo, "Ho- Firemen Celebrate At Junction City Kanna (Oraiuei ) sung lv Ur. Gatchfll; chorus, "When the Dawn Celebration of the sixth anni-versuiy oi the establishment of Was Breaking" (Dickinson), inci the Junction City fire, department was a major leatuie of the month- dental solos by JUrs. Stanley IV-terson and Mrs. Clyde Williamson' (organ, trumpets, trombones and tympaiu): vocal duet: "The y meeting of the Central Willam ette fire Fighters' association at l;vi": '-"'-a We can add enjoyment to your Menus with many delightfuL products 'make it a habit to come in and look over the displays . 1 -' '--':--' '' ' : ' ; - : i 1' '-' --: See Our Easter Menu Suggestion . ' - 4 ' .. ; ' - ' De Moss Bakery 22 Weat First Street V , - Phoae 137 A Flattering Warm-Weather Frock. , Pattern 2582 Here it is! The dress that never Vtaye homel well, haiclly k ever, for it's a frock to win compliments und invitations right and left! Its most important invitation easy inaking goos to VOU who will WMlit this crisp, young frock for Siu ing and Summer dress-up. It's grand for. Young Thuigs, who would look-both Prim und Tan-taluing. GriiiKl for their nuithers, too, tor Us lines be-speirk stuivliies and poist'. Dnuni.-i will l.k it in,a printed silk crepe, nr he miijt becoming pastel-shade. MoiinTsuie to favw a dark, basic-coor sheer ir novelty synthetic fur informal daytime occasions. For dre.-s-up, cord laee, -eyelet batiste w voila are jH-rfect. Pattern 252 is available in si?es U. 16. 18. 20, 32. 34, 30, 38. 40 and 42 Sue 16 takes 3'a yards 8H inch fabric. Illustrated step-by -step sewing instructions included with each pattern. , Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) In coins or stamps (coins preferred) for this Anne Adams naltern. Siiviour Liveth" (Wilson), Mr. :md Mrs. Stanley Peterson, violin obb. by Mr, , Taylor; chorus "In Joseph's Lovely Garden" traditional Spanish arrangement by Dickinson; mixed quartet, "Why S-ek Ye the Living Among the IViid?" (Goibel), Mesdames Tom Gikluist. Pete Ployhart. . and Messrs. Peterson und Littler. "Pretty Smooth Junction City last nifchl, according to Olivet: Hutts, chief of the Al-bany tire department, who attended the meeting- Presiding was Vincent Hurley, Albany, who participated in organization of the Junction City department, iiiitl who is president of the Central Willamette association. iurUcipating in the observance were 8fl firemen, representing Junction City, Hurrisburg. Brownsville, Lebanon, Scio and Albany, rittecn cliarler members of tlie Junction departmeul were pretvnt. Chief ButUt reported. From the state (ire marshal's office were E. A. Taylor and Jack Hay es. Mr. Taylor told of the fue- Unfold, Ye Toi'tals," from The Hedemption tGounod), for chorus organ, trumpets, trombones nd tmpunl. Closing hymn "All Hail the Make The Nortonia Hotel Power"; pastoral benediction, post- 1872 Drugs Guard Your Health We hope you never need ANY medicine. But we are keeping over 1800 different kinds on hand to be ready if you do. Carrying so many drugs is an extra expense to us but it protects you from dangerous delay. THERE Is a registered pharmacist in charge at all times. No one else , is allowed to touch even a "simple" prescription. When you are not well, you'll do well to remember this dependable prescription service. HURLEY'S DKl'G STOKE Phone 309 lude. Your Members of the brass quartet The mirror will tell you the same thing if it' a LEE WATER-BLOC. Come iii and -try one on! . f Vufurai at,') LEESTONS - -- - $3.50 ,V . . kriN,:' lJtc' ,or 00th 'arc: Max Rohrbough and Ken-Wnte plainly name, address andjn Bradley trumpets: Loren Lu- PORTLAND Headquatrtera , :.nur.--f?'-' t t . IT. - - cmT,f SURE TOiP-r and Morris lXiwd Irombtws. oliS, . )The tympatii will be played by nm WiOUR SPRING!,,,, Mor(fan. -TTtRN BOOK for smiri neui l tu . . u . j.-.., ,.t.: ........ mens meeting with the Loague of; Oregon Cities at Salem next Monday afternoon for discussion, of the ' nuiuei' of sponsoring an instruct- I ttr tt) Cttifi.- thi Oit--nl inmi,n'. t wfinwiM viiyu lit- " from thes .thatlJ I fit yp and your ,.ntire program at the Shedd Rate I $i.; es l'"V ' T T c.av' practical MetlKidist church thia' week, when ioigumxauons of -Uie state. Chief1 25 un to cheer you at work. Love I the reception, was reported as en- Uilson of Lebanon and Chief Hutts thusiastic. of Albany-discuksed several phas-I 1 e of the spread of fires, employ- Golden Wedding Is bluckboard charts. Garaee jar i-Uuuo Washburn, Juiicjion.City Celebrated Sunday . tm-ty, frocks and sports clothes j ' lot u-r , you at play. Collars, ' f ie, skirts for multiplying cos-, Chic slenderizing- styles. rVterns for tots. Fabric and ac-e..t v new. PRICK OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AND A PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Address orders to. Democrat-Herald, Pattern Department. Adjoining council tire and water committee chairman: Chief Hamo, Harru- gLA!N CLOTHING OO Coivallis. April 10. SHcial) ,' burg, and Chict Ndson of. Junction Cttv also spoke, alter Mayor J. H. Mr. and Mrs. J A. Willard. form- Uth at Stark St. In the center of Portland Miller of Junction City had wel-i JKatu C4" but residents of erly of Albany Coivalli since June, pitt, were coined Uie visiloii, l

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