Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 9, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
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Vr THURSDAY, APRIL" 9, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE RURAL POWER STORKS FEED ON LOCUSTS Cape Town Storks coming from Europe in groat flocks, are solving South Africa'! locust prob-Vms. The storks have acquired a Tulsa Gops Sniff 'at Dust Now taste for locusts and this sea-; DOG LEARNS SIGN LANGUAGE since it was six months old. From DOG MAY HARK IJEGAI.LY I son they have destroyed so many Everett. Wa-h. U.P A wx-ycur- simple movements of Moe's fin- Kurt Kilo, Ont. W' The right 'that the government's annual lo-fold Pomeranian- dug, owned by gets, the do will obey such ssg- of a dug to bark us passing aulo- cust campaign costing $10.000,- Louis Moe, has mattered the siyn mils as "Come." and -Go", "Stop mobiles has been upheld here by '000 a year has been suspended, lanmupic. The dog lias been de.if Bai'klns" nnd "Sic 'Em, Tip!" County Judge T. B. Livingstone. Sctllinu a test tine, the jwfce rulod tliat if a dog chases horses ! he's a mischievous animal, but he's nut mischievous if he chases and lurks nt automobiles. LINES SUPPLIED FROM TACOr.lA Editor's note: A. C.' Heyman, ' ' writer of the following article; is leader In the movement favoring1"' creating a people's utility district in Linn county: ;; 4 . , 4f By A.' C. neymaa ' Our last article reviewed the re- " " suits of the hydroelectric plant ,0e 1 1 ii ii i ii-. J J Variety mk 71 ' (rj) 7&m!c4ve2ij-.x&az I - AjLy I Li V " -9 'i " i our "';,r ""'i'. pr - I p.-"'' - f 1 caster v ,. -? Dn w rr.oi.a APfil - A Price, for ' C & c SC - 9C .59c - 15 Ponder acum fva"ue. KJJ ,wwnea Dy me cry or Tacoma , . i which gives a residential rate for 4 jelectric current of 44c p kilo jwatt hour for the first 20 kwh, 1c""' af1 v V , ; V I k J p V . $1 Automatic x v One-Hand Lipsticlts 39c A lptirk I. ksntlvmc "brixhnl puld" rw, w.lh ItiKtntitus bli-k or ml nulunutl liili. ftiilt, - cnamr nil nM.ilh, In M'I'T. miilwrrr. Illlil or m, Jiiim, Inhlr inOrlilii. M.idv by -F un vtuvlv " furmuU. Wh.W t9 hut. Fishing Supplies r per nwn ror me next soo kwh, and all over 520 kwh kocs at He. If a . customer ued 100 kwh a month the total cost in Tacoma would be $1.70. whereas th same amount " of current In Albany costs $4.50. : " If you figure the percentage of " increase of Albany over that of Tacoma you will be surprised. . 1 But in thii article we wish to' pass up further comment about', Tacoma and tell about one of the rural lines supplied with electrical current by the Tacoma plant at ' wholesale prices- and distributed over its own cooperative lines to ., its country members. ... - ' 0 There are sever) cooperative country lines radiating from Ta-. ' coma. Of these, we have written" to five asking a series of ten specific oucstions for information. " Four have replied, and we are pleased to be able to give ' our readers the data of these com- panics. These replies will be in-"'.' teresting to all country people expecting to use electrical current from Bonneville, i . " A The Loveland Mutual Company with headquarters at Graham.' Wosh. has approximately 70 miles '. of rural lines serving about 330 members, all rural. , v . . .! - The secretary, Art Crate, said the construction cost per mile 4 fe DEEP-CUT PRICES . C X 'fTrr TO f! SOc Froatilla Lotion 25c V jJllU Ifyf I Ti 'Mih 100 Fred Meyer 5-Crain Ai- UlW i -'AXAS if DEEP-CUT PRICES 50c Pint Antweptic 15c 50c Frostilla Lotion 25c 100 Fred Meyer 5-Grain Yuu don't have to be hungry to put an a nnaebaK In Tulaa, Okla. Though they might hinder him In txentlnit rrtme, Mutnrryrle To lieenian Sandy Headrlck sppre rlatei these gauif dust flitera worn by Tula cop on windy dny when thlrk clouds of dut whirl Into their fare. The In-expensivo "nnsebana". are die carded eck day. m w n 4 i v. t i-""-- - x .n ... lyau Dan-Dee .Tapered Fly Lcsders I ft 8e Carlisle or Rnerk single gut bait Hook 6 for iOe :x, r S-ft. Gut Leader. -lb. test, 5c Dan-Dee Wet Flies, silk body tied on Imported hooks, S for 25c Dan-Dee Flies, Double winged or Buektail, 10c each Silk Enameled Fly Line. 16-lb, test. 25-yd 49c Supreme Quality Waterproofed Japan Silk Casting Line, 18 and 24 lb. test.. 25 yds, 45c Colgate Products 40c Giant Shave Cream S7c 40o Palmolive Giant Shave Cream 37e 40c Giant Tooth Paste 33o 40c Giant Tooth Powder 33c 40c Giant Shave Cream Brushlesi 37e My-Te-Fine Products 50c My-Te-Flne Tooth Paste 23c SOc My-Te-Flne Shave Cream 23c SOc 10s My-Te-Flne Blades 23c. Harrisburg High's Seniors Plan Play 4-oi. Jo rs Sweet Sixteen Harrisbure. (Special) The varied considerably, depending on hich school senior class is putting the size of wire and Doles used,. pirin Tablet 19c Full Quart Worthy Brand Russian Oil 33c Quart Milk Magnesia 29c $1 Enos Fruit Salts 89c $1.00 Bisodol 57c $1.20 Scott's Emulsion 94c 60c Hopper's Restorative Cream in tubes, 33c 60c Neet' Depilatory 44c 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste 25c 75c 100 Abbott Cod Liver Oil Capsules, 10 minn., 49c 75c Quart Witch Haael 29c 50c Full Pint 10 Volume Per-oxide 15c 50c Pebecco Tooth Paste 39c 50c Hind's H & A Cream 39c 100 Saccharin Tablets 7c 100 Hinkle Pills 7c $1 Philipe Lipstick 55c 60c Condensed Jad 33c 75c Qt. American Oil 29c Was 35c Cake Cheromy Toilet Soap Frtnrk Kan, aniurliil pay -wlara, 1 f rmirrant : laaav Special purchase of 4320 jars, fresh, new stock cleansing, cold or tissue creams. Laree ' size jars, made to sell for 50c each. Quality guaranteed! . NVf5'I5, K.m. duul'le nlmil O.wmn-V in, .Han raiurbiadt w It I. i-ii Avjk until blade rtcnilncl. nU the finishing touches on their play. Deductions from the financial "Aunt Siimantha Rules the Roost." statement would indicate that the The feature character of the play cost is approximately $743.00 per is Siimantha Simpkins, a sour old mile. maid cumpnipnlng for village The by-laws of the company mayor, It will be taken by Phebo state that the membership fee is Isom. Samnntha is a man hater but $50. In addition the members paid, her .beautiful niece, Sophie, taken enough more to provide for the by Martha Cook, and Polly, the entire construction cokU ot - the " maid, Lorene Murgulh, are deter- lipes, thereby eliminating all in-' mined to have romance in their terest charges and amortization of lives. A love potent mixed in capital costs. f !('. lemonade lands things in a merry i This mutual company pays the mixup, and from then on one hil-' city of Tacoma for electrical cur-arious situation, follows another rent as follows: ' ,i , until the conclusion of the play. A First 9,000 kwh ..i . 2cper kwh headlight in the comedy interest Next 7,040 " ..... lc " '" is the scene where two old bache- Next 20,000 H ... . V4c " " lor boys played by Frank Lutz and' All over these amounts 3 mills Ralph Hone try to out do each per kwh. ; ' . other in gaining Sumantha's favor. I This company distributes this tral)1. ' ltnn lantmit ik., I a I h r Irerly. SOc My-Te-Flne Tooth Brushes 29c XT4 roTcuu - - -- , T Cannon r .1: ' . . . . ' ! a: ' $1.25 Clothes Basket 69c - 5i-i"T .u Kit C 1 . nd InHrUlx: sr ,The piny will be presented at current to its country customers at Charitv Grange hall the night of the follnwinff crvits: April 17. LM r-Vnl Pr Vitomin Products LiT' br3!W Sc .;'!, L I 3 . - S Norwich Hslie.ii. S9. ' 'VMI ." 'M Vitamin Products 50 Norwich Halietps 69c MEASLES SPOIL RECORD Iln rrisburg. ( Special ) Measles spoiled the school attendance record of Vern Bronson, son of W. I. Bronson.' Vern has ggne to grade school for eit'.ht yenrs, to high school for two yenrs and was well along in the third yenr. He hoped to finish the 12 years without being absent or tardy, and then he took the measles. He soon got over them but the rorord was spoiled. I'm'1 - 60c Values Italian Balm (r Dreshin Sale harden Uoolsil 5c per kwh for the first. 20 kwh.' 1 . 3c per kwh for the next 130 kwh. Hie per kwh . for all over 150 . ' kwh. ; .- -. - - ' Mr. Crate further; states, thct the average country home using a water pump, washing' machine, electric iron, and lights consumes t from 60 to 90 kilowat hoips per month. . The companys financial state- . ment as of August 31, 1935, gives the company a net worthof $65,-: J 124.54. This figure Includes a re-- . serve fund of $14,661.73 and cash! on hand, $1,402.02. "'..'- , . . , In conclusion, if we assume that , . the average country customer uses : 75 kilowatt hours per month he ' pays for this amount in the Love- ' ' land Mutual Company $2,65 whereas in Linn County under A private ownership of the electrical utility, he pays $3.75 or an Increase i of 41 Mi per cent.- '."..v., . ,; . . Anniversary.Salc " Will last Monlh , lOO a Pure Penn Oil 2c All ..for 75c Volue Stationery - "SheeU Qr 50 Envelope i . . f $1.95 SCIENCE ADVISES AGAINST MEALS LOW 111 HEEDED "BULK" Reports All-Bran Supplies . This Dietary Adjunct Rnafofei Vellum Writing ' can SI.25 SuperD Perlcs $1.09 23 Squibb A. B. D. G. cap. $1.09 100 Abbott's Cod L. Oil cap. 49c 10c Squibb Adex Oil 79c See Mead's Viostcrol 53c Laxatives 25c Carter's Pills 15c 25c Feenamlnt 17c SOc Cascaretts 34c '"" SOc N. R. 28c 100 Hinkle Pills 7c ' Squibb Items Quart Mineral Oil 89c Pint Mineral Oil it Acar 59c 100 Aspirin Tablets 39c Pound Epsom Salts 31c Pound Soda Bicarbonate Sic $1 12-os. Cod Liver Oil 79c Pepsodent Products Pnc Wrh Polish tooth pte c 50c High Polish tooth Powder 28c 50c Antiseptic 38c $1 Antiseptic 79c 50c Junls Cream 38c $1 Junis Cream 79c Sanitary Goods 35o tin Quest Powder 29c 200-iheet 9x10 Kleenex 14c 500-Sheet 9x10 Kleenex 29c 12 Kotex regulars 2 for 48 Kotex economy size 62c Rmulir She aia Drraltln lutlon fur Hie ikln, and fial fr'" '' Hal-Un Holm, the favovltt hand lutlon of Ihow who raaanl tlwir anixar anrr. (M both thaw tuMi'try riw Itm al a Fird Mtyrr aavin. paper, large size sheets and large envelopes. The finest Pi-nnfiylvanht crude, ivfintl the Ion it residuu.n prtwew, which lmn it is complete homopentous oil, t cannot break down in your motor. I'm-tret ycur car with the finest 100 per c-nt Pur Penn.. iax inciuJtd, tfie fki if, Save On INDIA TIRES Fn4 M.yrr brinn you tbra funiom lint quality INDIAS at prina thut mtan rial aaviniri. Let ua n-iita.'p yuur old, orB tirca now! With the recent announcement of a great anniversary event com-' memorating the twentieth year hii concern has been serving western motorists, R. W. Dill, local' manager of the Western Auto Supply company calls attention to the fact that the occasion, which will continue for a whole month, celebrates the opening of the ; first Western Auto store in the west, and brings scores of greater sav-.ngs to motorists. ' .. Some of the special features of .his event include an extra trade-.n allowance on old tires, to purchasers, of" guaranteed , Western Giants,' specially reduced prices on batteries and oil, as Well as on many other auto needs'. House-paints, too, may be purchased, at prices materially 1 lowered during .his' occasion. ., . j " FRESH TOBACCOS AT DEEP-CUT PRICES f ' ' lfc r " '""J J Scientific tests have shown that meals which miss the proper "bulk" tend to cause common constipation. This condition causes discomfort, and may lead to headaches, loss of appetite, even serious disease. Avoid these faulty meals by adding: Ki'llugg'g All-Bran to your menus. It supplies generous "bulk" in convenient form. This absorbs moisture, and gently exercises and cleanses the system. All-Bran also furnishes vitamin B and contains iron. The "bulk" in All-Bran is often more effective than that found in fruits and vegetables ss it does not break down within the body. Two tablespoonfuls daily are usually sufficient. If not relieved this way, consult your doctor. Kellogg's All-Bran msy be served as a cereal with milk or cream. Sprinklo over soups, salads or other cereals. Or work into appetizing muffins, breads, waffles, etc. It adds a delicious nut-sweet flavor to your recipes. How much better than taking patent medicines sometimes harmful ! All-Bran is sold by all grocers. Made Ly Kellogg in Battle Crek. Electric Clock Sale! $2.50 Round or Square - Round or square $ 17 A -ehape in black or ivory. Underwriters ap,- proved. $2.75 Alarm Clock Samt jtyles, $ AO with alarm. Un- erl derwriters approved each clock guaranteed. ; $1.84 Value! 16-ox. MelloB'lend, Tobacco Pouch . & Pipe Cleaners Smokemaster Pipe $1 Airmeter Tells Ilunildlty Temperature ic Avoid aiekptna and ro.iL I r having U-ni(ivratara anl b'lnjldtty Hcrurau-ly nytHlti'. i u yuu ran nail il at a Klanic. - . i i With Honey for C'urinf Bowl Genuine Smokemaster, qa. complete" with bottle "vC of honey to give it a sweet, fine cure. In gift box. . all for SLjMajry LECTURE SCHEDULED' !j Oakville. (Special) Rev; H. f Irvin of Bellfountain Is scheduled: to give an illustrated lecture, "The Gret Pyramid." at the April meeting of the Community club Friday ninht, April 10. The Lions club, of Brownsville, will contribute music. Committee in charge includes Mr. and Mrs. Otho Fromaiv Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Pugh and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bles. ' ', Sc Garcia Sublime or 5c Jose Vila Cigars 50c Briar Pipe FREE with 16-oz. Half & Half Smoking Tobacco, $1.65 value for 69c $1.15 Prince Albert or Velvet Smoking Tobacco, 16-oz. tins 73c 15c Old Gold, Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Camel and Raleigh Cigarettes, 13c; 2 for 23c; $1.13 cartons 200s.' 15c Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes, Cork or Plain Tip, carton of 200 $1.25, 13c pkg., 2 pkgs. 25c 15c Spud Mentholated Cigarettes, carton of 200 for $1.25; 13c pkgs. of 20; 2 pkgs. 25c 15c Sam'l I. 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I 25c itt ' Tooth ; ' Brushes W : 5c Chrome Humidor XS2. - Ofln Of D1 G h tujri awn i A nam and flavor easy to remember ajEB3L : Prices for Friday Morn Thru Monday Shop early and avoid the crowds, yet make all weekend special savings at Fred Meyer. Ad copies posted as early as possible. h w fi'TUA iltMiun.; ad jwitali rf.nii'arttiuii1. for our (avrrtt ti-mnttm. McMt.rHfat-tarbrnvnt. Ui vai- Made in U. S. A. Sterilized, adult size, assorted shapes. Health-Ade bruihfs, cellophane wrapped. IHg ht fully fn rfwrr.dl, mud f r m ttt firi'-i iinturt.t ftultai tnli'tim. I urn i m coin(;!fU lh Iflrtl Vf'ii'jr 'Jtrif tn'tt. A tf'iiy (me ituiiintr riWlr. tfTd Hi a YiartluB tit tt ivrmr prlt. - - -

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