Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 9, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
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THURSDAY, APRIL' 9, 1936 PAGE FOUR THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT -HERALD, ACDANY, OREGON Sub-Strato Sea Hop; Air Acer's Aim THIEF TAKES STAGE MONEY Canton, O. The burglar who took a roll of "money" from the home of J. E. Ricker undoubtedly spend it. It was a roll of "stage bills" which Ricker had won in a game of "Monte Carlo" with friends. The burglar overlooked real cash, jewelry and-silverware. TOWN BANS MISTLETOE j Pennebaker, to clean all trees of Tulare, Cal. (U.PJ Undcr-thc- mistletoe. The parasitic qualities mistletoe kissing Is destined to be- of the mistletoe growth, he de-come a lost art here as a result of (dares, undermine the vitality? of orders from City Man after Hugh 'trees and finally kill them. HAWAII OFFERS RACIAL STUDY GREAT HELPEHS OF III MED i got a shock when he tried to SMI iklM&M- Honolulu. Educators and schol- j are representing a score of nations J will convene this summer at the, University of Hawaii, itself a living laboratory of racial varieties, ! to discuss the human problems of the Pacific. . j Hawaii and Yale universities, ' assisted by the Cranegle Corpora-! tion, win hold the seminar confer ence on education in Pacific coun-1 ! (L-''-Vr; nm ii n nr in mm ,m i kit i i r 4 . . . " ""Sin ; ocean .A CV -r2) j 4----U- n tries, from June 30 to Aug. 7. - i Delegates will duscuss the ra-1 ciul, cultural and educational problems which have arisen from the modern contact of peoples, and will interchange experiences and My-Te-Fine 3-Sieve 2 No. 2 Cans 27c ideas. . My-Te-Fine Cream Style picnics No. 2( 8c lie Tender, juicy kernels prepared ' The selective membership of the seminar will include directors of education, school principals,- government and mission authorities, social scientist and social .work Those famous Northwest peas in the preferred 3-sieve size. 2 picnic tins 19c) Vole Brand 5-Sieve Philadelphia Five American! are Included among the "10 great humanitarian! of all time" lifted by social worker! and civic lead era of the United Campaign, an organization devoted to social reorganization and progress here. ' The 10 men and women nominated as a result of a cross-section vote conducted among Philadelphia citizens, are: Jesus, Moses, Florence Nightinrfile, Abraham Lincoln, St. Francis of Assisi, Jane Addams, Chicago, Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, Julius Rosen-wald and Andrew Carnegie. The ballot was conducted to turn attention to the manner in which religious leaders, scientists, statesmen, social workers, philanthropists, and other leaders have worked together for the attainment of social reform. The United Campaign is appealing to greater Philadelphia for $4,488,000 in a maintenance campaign for the support of more than 100 hospitals, health agencies, youth training centers, and children's organizations of the Community Fund of Philadelphia and the Federation of Jewish Charities. Among other "Immortals" to receive strong support in the voting were: William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army; Father Da-mien de Veuster, who worked among -the lepers on Molokai in the Hawaiian Islands; the pioneer German printer, Gutenberg; Herbert Hoover for his work in Belgian relief following the World War; Charles Dickens, John Milton, Beethoven, Mahatma Ghandl, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in cream style. My-Te-Fine Whole Kernel 3 No. 2 jn Cons JWC The Northwest's finest golden bantam corn in whole kernels. 2 No. 2 ' Cans 19c ers. Nations to be represented in-j elude Australia, Canada, China, I Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand' and the United States. Represcnta- j tives are also expected from ' American, British, Dutch and , 71. Wf SIM t 1 I Tasty Northwest peas, thriftily priced. (2 picnic tins 13c) French dependencies in the Pacific. f . L-1 i a l ; f ..Tf juujctn iu oc rrviewea range i m ns iiiiewseMi A 6000-mile, sub-stratosphere flight from Dallas, Tex, to Psrls, to tent, benefits of flying In lighter air, la Hie ambitious aim of Clarence Cbsjuberlln, pioneer ocean pilot, right, with the type of plana he will use pictured above. Tlis Douglas air liner, with two 1000-liore-power motors, will carry a navigator, radio equipment, about 1600 gallons of gas, and be sealed for liquid oxygen In the high altitudes. As the hop, set fur June, will require 2000 gallons of gas, Cnimberiin plans to refuel over New York, as Indicated by the loop on tut route shown In the map. Swansddwn Calte Flour large package . from language problems and local economics to anthropology and psychology. Representatives will have an opportunity to study first hand the co-mingling of races, since Hawaii's population is a veritable "league of nations," including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Sampan, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, American, English and many other people. The seminar will be held in conjunction with the regular summer session of the University of Hawaii and is expected to draw students of world renown. J i . " V - ." - -. ... ' I, -if. ' r "1V jL. CARROTS Fancy Bunches ' 3 for POTATOES Klamath f f , No. 2s Dw lbs. GRAPEFRUIT Arizona Seedless Doz. LETTUCE ' Fancy heads for ORANGES Juice Size D 10c 75c 19c oz. 5C Fewer Horses Available , For French Races District Meeting of My-Te-Fine Tomato Catsup, tall 14-oz. bottle 12c Palmdale Butter Beans, No. 2 can 10c Libby's Fancy Garden Spinach, 2 tall cans 15c My-Te-Fine All-Green Asparagus, lb. tall cans 14c My-Te-Fine All-Green Asparagus, No.2 cans, 2, 35c Vale Brand Wet Pack Shrimp, tall cans 11c each My-Te-Fine 16-cu. in. Matches, carton of 6 boxes 17c True American Brand Matches, carton of 6 boxes 15c My-Te-Fine Fruits for Salad, 2 tall cans 25c My-Te-Fine Sliced Freestone Peaches, lb. tall 11c French's Bird Seed, with Biscuit, per package 11c Souvenir Brand Cross Pack Sardines, 2 tins 15c Allkrisp Soda Crackers, 2 lb. box 19c Fred Meyer Dan-Dee Coffee, full lb. pkg. 15c Mellowdrip Table Syrup, large 24-ounce bottle 18c Jersey Corn Flakes 5c pkg. My-Te-Fine Assorted Preserves, 20-oz. jar 19c Seedless Raisins, 4 lb. pkg. 19c White Star Tuna Fish, -size cans, 2 for 29c VUta Best Patent Flour, 49 lb. sack $1.29 My-Te-Fine Fancy Grapefruit, No. 2 size, 2 for 25c My-Te-Fine Milk, tall cans, 3 for 19c. Sunladen Tender Peas, 2 size tin, 2 for 19c Libby's (full ring) Sliced Pineapple, 2J size tin,. 2 for 25c Armour's Sliced Dried Beef, 2-oz. jar 11c Armour's Deviled Meat, 4 tins for 15c At Fred Meyer Grocery Dept. E.O.S. Held ot Shedd Train Wreck Plot Charged to Woman EV3.J. B. Coffee I ib. . can Mrs. J. W. Cox; publicity,-Mrs. Marlon Nagel. The meetings will be held the first Tuesday in the month. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sikes, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. De Moss, all of Lebanon were present at the meeting. Mr, Sikes gave talk. Weather Seer Predicts Four Colder Years Shedd. (Special) The district meeting of the Eastern Star was held Saturday evening in the Masonic hall with Willamette chapter of Shedd and Thurston chapter of Harrisburg exemplifying the work. Mrs. Inez Glaisycr, worthy grand matron of Oregon, was present. Mrs. Isabella Lowe, grand treasurer from Troutdale, was also a guest. Matrons and patrons representing other chapters who were visitors included Mrs. Winifred B. Dyer of Portland, Mrs. Cloy Collins of Blue River chanter nf Eu Pensacola, Fla., April 9. Railroad detectives charged attractive Mrs. L. W. Vann4today with hiring two negros to wreck a train on which her 70-year-old husband was engineer, hoping he would be killed so that she might marry another man with his insurance as dowry. a. Only the fact that the negroes did not understand the action of a train wheel's flanees on rails ONIONS ln SST ' 12 lb,l9c At Fruit Dept. LIMIT 2 lbs. thwarted two attempts to execute) A SBSBSSiBai the plot, near Cantonement, Fla., authorities said. Sheriff H. E. Candy said the negroes, Allen Langston, and Allen Kinlev. 16. confessed that fnr 50 In gene. Visitors were present from Coquille, Troutdale, Eugene, Albany, Portland and Junction City. Contort, Mass H. Helm Clayton squinted at the sun the other day and hazarded a guess: That the region east of the Mississippi, if not all the region east of the Rockies, will be colder from 1936 to 1940. That the driest years in the east are to be expected between 1944 and 1949. That the midwest need not expect another drought until 1964-1968. Clayton, kndwn widely as a long-range . .weather forecaster, bases his predictions on sunspot cycles and data accumulated by weather bureaus in the last ISO years. Paris. A decrease in the births of thoroughbred horses In France will have an influence on French racing of the near future. A serious drop of entries for the race classics in 1930 and 1837, s compared to last year, as a result of the detrease in births oi the racing stock is shown by figures Just published. In 1932 there were 2.04S births of thoroughbreds, 1,793 in 1933 and 1,578 in 1934. Thus In 1934 there were 467 fewer births than in 1932 and 213 fewer than in 1933. This, it is explained, is mainly due to the reductions forced upoa breeders by economic conditions and against which a fight is being waged by all racing circles. Figures of ' entries for four classics follow: Prix de Diane (French Oaks) at Chantilly In June: 1934. 244; 1930, 2i0, and 1937, 192. This represents a drop for 1937 of 52 over 1935 and 18 over 1936. Prix du Jockey Club (French Derby) at Chantilly in June; 1935, 177; 1938, 240, and 1937, 228. This is decrease for 1937 of 48 entries over 1935 and 12 over 1938. Grand Prix de Paris at Long-champ In June; 1935, 528; 1936, 479, and 1937, 421. This shows decreases for 1937 of 105 from 1935 nd 58 from 1936. Prix Royal Oak at Longchamp In September: 1935, 283; 1935, 261, and 1937, 224. This makes 39 less for 1937 than in 1935 and 37 less than 1936. - hand the promise of $500 addition- al they twice pulled spikes-fromj rials over which Vann'i train i 1 My-Te-Fine Hand Packed It i , 1 My-Te-Fine 3Sieve ' Whole Beans I I af 2 Cans 2 1 ifif ftf I 1 Not a string in a carload San- Rosy red tomatoes from the I? i D t i-iori in ttitomine tiam valley grown tender. J tVVUC UUkl WWII 141 MlOllUMW passed. The rails spread and buckled under the train both times but because Langston and Finley removed spikes only from the inside Tail on a curve, the train passed safely. Had the outer rail been loosened, railroad men said, the wheel flanges swinging outward with the weight and centrifugal force of a speeding train would tasty. Silverdale in Puree O No. ZVz NAMED FIRE WARDEN Lacomb. (Special) W. E. Downing has been appointed district fire "warden for Linn county to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Jack Vernon who goes to Salem where he will have employment in the state forestry office. Mr. Downing is moving his family to Berlin this week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Phillips will move to the Downing house, having leased the farm for a year. SPAIN SAVES OLD CONVENT Madrid. The San Francisco convent at Baezn, recognized as having artistic importance, will be acquired by the Spanish state as a national monument. The Academy of Fine Arts recently repotted that the proprietor of the old convent had transformed it into un olive oil factory. Vale Cut Stringless Am Cans I5c 25c ONE SHOT KILLS TWO DEER Frederlcton, N. B U.R Clur-ence Wade, Pcnnlac guide, killed two deer with one bullet. He said the deer near his home and fired at one of them. The bullet went right through, and struck another deer standing behind, fatally wounding it. eV Cans certainly nave made the plot ba FV I I IVt success. - m mi mi i s Economical for Spanish - stews, spaghetti, etc. (2 tall cans 13c) It 1v I f t'.,. ..- ...,miiV,.:- Northwest grown! A value 4 i .tinner in a good, tasty bean. POLICE RADIO EXPENSIVE Toledo Sheriff James O'Reilly V- 1 . complained that 65 cents per call ; 4. v,.. Tl & i ..i 'A. I A- A" 7 charge for use of the city police radio was too much to pay every time he wanted to summon a dep ART PIECES TO KANSAS Emporia, Kan. (U.PJ Two bas-reliefs from an Italian cathedral have been purchused by the Emporia Slate Teachers' College. They are "Angels," by Maestro di Travaso. The originals are in a Milan museum. u .. .. - a uty. So the county contracted tot Millions Spent on , Auto Engineering JJ?JZ In Our , Meat Department Free Delivery Thone 22 m if re pay 50 cents a call for use of the police radio, with a $25 monthly minimum. D.-H. Want Ads Bring Results m nv Our shops are festive with Easter foods, candies, gifts and apparel, in typical Fred Meyer variety and at typical Fred Meyer savings. Chocolate - Covered Fruit and Nut Cream 1-lb. Easter Egg, in Gift Box, 29c each. Name on Egg 5c. i sfrnr niiT nr hatp m Easier Ham Half or YYhele Carstea's Val Pak or Swift's Premium 26k lb. Millions and millions of dollars are. spent every year for motor car engineering. But it is difficult to estimate the exact amount according to B, H- Anibal, vice president and chief engineer o f Pontine Motor company. "During the last ten years Pon-tlac Motor company's own engineering development expense was well over $8,000,000." says Anibal. "At least another four to five miljion dollars have been spent in that time on Pontiac design by the General Motors research division, the Proving Grounds, Fisher Body corporation and other General Motors divisions that supply parts such as generators, starting motors, batteries, spark plugs, hardware, etc. And all of these millions do not take into account the engineering development work of scores of outside suppliers. "The above sums expended by Pontiac and General Motors include research, design, development, experimental work, laboratory and road testing, building engines, transmissions, axles, frames, btakes and dozens of other units, as well as complete experimental test cars." vcne uui ur unicA We certainly have been in a i Easter Candy Basket Filled with Easter no- y 5 velties, candies, and milk chocolate figures. Others from 10c to 98c. "Y i Candy-Filled Eggs Foil -covered Easter 19 Egg, packed with Fifth. 53' Avenue chocolates, some gaily foil-wrapped. Also larger size at 89c. VZrAZT Chocolates 2 2-lb. box of pur fa- na. mous Fifth Avenue ljr chocolates, the finest that can be made. The Easter gift of good taste. Kiddies' Fancy Flat Baskets. Ideal for Mailing, 39c each $1 Pink and Blue Bunnies 49e At Fred Meyer Candy Dept. . Giffft Baskets Filled With Fancy Fifth Avenue Chocolates Ttwrv'e si full two uoumto of rich. kilch?n-frtH rhocotate in thin py KhkUt bkt, wmpird in rello phunp anil bvril'bond. Piflh Av nui art the favorite? thocoiat of 89c Sugar Cured PICNIC SIIOl'LDERS 4 to 8 Ib. average 19jclb, Pure Lard 60 lb. tub, IQc lb. Ture Veg . At Fred Meyer Candy Dept. ,1. w tr vv groov at our house. I'm mostly to blame because I kept saying that we had to save money on food. So my wiie did her part And one of her little savings was on coffee which wasn't so good. Of course we knew that if we ' drank Hills Bros. Coffee we'd have something that tasted right always. But we had the, idea that it cost more than we could afford to pay. Well, the other day my wife found out that our . ideas were miles out-of-date. Listen do you know that she was able to buy Hills Bros. Coffee at practically the same 4 price that we had been paying for our many experiments? Well we learned our lesson but it still burns me up to think that we Shortening TOWN-SENDERS ELECT Lacomb. (Special) At a meeting of the Townsend club held Wednesday evening the following officers were elected. President. Urban Shrode; vice president, E. W. Bartruff; secretary, Mrs. Marlon Nagcl; treasurer, Mrs. Mabel Henson; advisory board, H. C. Pyle, Mrs. Glenn Osbom, Lee Gaines, J. W. Cox. J. G. Curran and Dan Sturgis; chairman of program committee. Mrs. Arthur Phillips; membership committee, Mrs. Pertha Bowen, social committee. 4 Ib. 8c Ib. f i '$r . I ( ,.,-'"' jT J j Limit 33c. Cream Fudge 29c lb. Assorted Salted Nuts, 47c lb. Easter Carts 25c to 69c After Dinner Mints, 19c lb. 2 lbs. 35c Hand-Decorated Easter Eggs. l!c; others in individual boxes at 23c and 35c each. With name written on 5c extra. Jelly Easter Eggs 15c lb.. 2 lbs. 25c Cream or ' Marshmallow Easter Eggs. 19c lb., 2 lbs. 35c Creme de Mints, with green Jelly centers. 19c bag. Eggs, foil wrapped, 6 for 25c 5c Chocolate Bunnies. Chicks, Roosters, etc. 6 for Chocolate Novelties 5c ea. lOc ea. Milk chocolate bunnies, hens, ducks, and other candy goodies in tradttionel Easter forms. The 5c novelties are 6 for 25c; the 10c ones. 3 for 25c. At Fred Meyer Candy Dept. Little Pig Three Link Sausage, 21c Ib. 1938 Spring Lambs for Your Easter Dinner Fresh Taught Alaska HALIBUT Sliced 14c lb. For Defter ItUeults m could have been drinking Hills Prices for Friday-Morn Thru Monday It's convenient to be able to Shop early on Friday for your 'Veekrnd nivds. and still make all Saturday savings here. Marshmollow Candy Eggs 2 XKc lbs. Also cream center Easter Egijs 13e lb,) Bros. Coffee aU the time Schilling IIAK I jVII J0i l?TTtoTl

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