Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 8, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1936
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- PAGE SEVEN THE ALBANY OEMOCR AT-H E R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1936 I.Kt'.; 2.40 caae: Grapefruit: Ariaana Florkla II.IKI4J4 Jt rase II arade Jit C rrade ' 21 , Hkkr Laint Ht.M,l.o The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. Lemon ; California, fancy. la2JU.M TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS ; WANTED EW ES WITH OR WITHOUT CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL j Urah. Alao brrf A nio. & K. Kifh.r. emwna, bridaaa, filliair. old iawwiry. I Allny, Rt. 1. I'hone I3-K.I3. ' aT-a-S watrk eaae. u.-. M. K ranch Sou.' , - . Jeweler. diotf , FOR SALE HEAVY TEAM OP BLACK - 1 i banea. and yra,. true aad wund. see CASH PAID POt UVED PURNtTUBK. , ; Guy Thomi n. Club Paul Hall. Albany. etc. "Look ta your attia." Chaa. Rokr. aa-8 buk A So. 411 W. firat c dt-tf wanted for cash old or worth- 21 Help Wanted, Female keea kneaaa and ow; Jhi di ad amaiala if . - - - RAIKS AMI INFORMATION Count aia averac wore ta the line. 41 yuu ail iiMar inroriui-tly. iwte. - . 'mitMiiBilv. Wr accept ri-aiwii-i ttitiity Iwt i.m lncvrr.t lMa-nMM , NEW TODAY ) wE( kin; imu school blim;. ' J.umiwr 14 and up. I'tanka. flooring. I i4ltS. .heeling tiS. ikC 2x12 K'jxIH (Oil I 1 2. Caiine A mmildina. brinks 1 ; per M. Pipe, lath, dry maud nil to length. ' Rakameo on job Jrd kUd.wn St.. AJ. bany. On. aS-lt-S' FOR BENT 4-R00M MODERN HCVSR. 1 Portland Market Review Portland, Ore, .'.pnl A - All buttir prieu advancrd one cent a pound today, except flrata. HutUrfat waa booated on rent. There I a firmer one for amall tiard Prtrei uoti4 tatiiw aw iau ore alliov it II f rUvi a i h. and are ub)l ta baaa n rt krrtev ! , AM MORS THAN TWO UKRB 1 iim.-. i-r w-ird , . .2e J euiierauttf tthiei.. l-r wore ....4 a na--inivi' tiuw. r.c onl ..... 't M.mth. tmiiMieutivr I. prr word 2 NK A Count five average word tu line. ill . !. ifciuul. vUIH Ivr lint. firat iMwrttoa. Sue ; per Mae each additional inaertion. lie . " lard of Thank. oc. ' " 4 , COPt HEADLINES Claaairied eoa rauat be la of fir before 11 :04 o'clock oa day ef puo-liraiioa. Covy fur Tkuraday auat be. ia before 1:00 a. a, fur claaairied pair. at; choir t 6()?. i.CM) bu. FRESH yjiCETABLM PnUtoeas Local. II. SO rr.lal: Klamath IJ.i'Sti !.6 cental ; Srappnoa netted at ma lt.oarl.7l; Drachutc nttted rrrn i:.uoy f .21 ctntaL Pt Callforn a l4.OD1i4.SI hamper. Oliry: C.Hforn'a K.IO'iil.H crau. Spinach: The Dalle ?c: loci toit boa. .-.-'. Onioaai OreB Il.tHll M eealai. Tomato t Mexkaa, 14.10 lua npacked. parked, . . Lettuce: Ariuaa. 117511.00 rtt Imperial IS.oOfil.M erata. Sweet Potateeai California tl.M 10-lb. trite s coatbera yama ll.M era. ' I'HON: ADVUKTIhKMkNTS Ada wall be taken uvet tkv telephone i b' . Th a H lur lm- con wreM uf Ihe dvnhcr, and rtmit-tance thoaild ba aiaib-d uiwa the rerelH of Invoice. Minimum I Li. I lime ,264 i LI. 3 linn We Mimniiun 2 Li. - timet bfie Mimiauin t LI. -Month I2.M Phone II ia jiuud tendUion. Cat and Moalaumery. . WAKTKO EUHUiLY WtMAR TO DO J I'hone collect S3-F-12. Corvcllia. raJUlS I houaework fur elderly oouple at Weila-j 1 1 ... ' j i dale, bo waahlna. Inquire A. A. Carrrtt, CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS Rl. 1 Albaay, phun . aTUi hnram and cow. Day-old calve. I'h. 1 ; --- . -- ...... , . M Ft 4 Albany. Cecil Montvomery. mli-tf 33 Personal LOCAL CHAIN K. Sendtr a 0 WHEAT: No. I whit 71c i miavd, 73a buahrl. oranitra. I Practically ao rknye In lemna. or ! trapefrult. rtd and Ixiuialana (trawberrlr priced around I ITKI to 14.00 for 14a. Better ton ia the apple market for low Carafe, tanks ipuC Call at I2.1K E. ih. , ai- 1 a 1 1 ' FOR BALE HANK EN BARLEY I A LOO l-grain oat. IU lb., apticlel prk to Iota. Widnur Itroa., l'riune gx-r'.a. aa-lli' HAKI.KV : rlaninn. SKI.HU 'n OATS: While. No, 1. . SI8.00 s Rray No. priced atock b renerted. 1. in.Ni mv feed 120.00 Inn. I Old putatur firmer to hiuher. 1 1 Hay, Grain. Feed STOMACH ULCER. CAB PAINS. AND WOOL ' Aaparaau la la laraer mpply anul low. INDIUKSTION firllma, why aufferT For Cauliflower: Rcaebum II.7IU.I.! Call. O.' il n., Mimil . . . - . Ilk r. fOR SALE CORN ON TBS COB, I LB. quick relief yet free i ft packet of I'd.. Poultry, tlrinir (. Joe WooldrWire, Rt. J, l'i doctor' preacriiitkjn, at Fred Dawaon mi. wcat of Dcver. v. .' : al-8 "Drua 8tor. tn!4-24 Moliair, art pound 42c 1 " ca in pne ror rame , rorni i.b erata. Mi ,T- . , Beach sock. - Rhubarb i ilotbouar, extra fancy ll.M; r',B I bL..k.J. f 1 - .iLkll. klMl -- at , . 1. I ... . .. . WANTED 114-INCH WINONA OR g Ruxhfoid n for rata. Adolf Kittil- 1 balcm. Ore.. RL t.'Uoa aon. ID. E. Nekerall Meal C.l CATTLE wanted - baled clover or oat30 Miscellaneous Classified and vetch hay. M. Sender A Co. a'- nnvMiiw "-'. '- ' j e.v , cirataw per o-io. aox . for local field crowa. I field frowa l!.0o( 1.40. ' lm I Cucumber I Local, hotboua, I5c4ijl.ll PORTLAND LIVESTOCK diajca. WANTED TO BUY UVE CHICKBN8. Hinhrat Cah price paid. Phono 04. Harry' Market. - SHEA APARTMENTS TO RENT IP-per 115,00 and lower Tripp A Murphy. aS KON-RJ5aiBENT8AT8"HELL! Never la ih bbtory of Albany hat there km houae toed of like value at 1Mb price. Two ritr in lot. ' paved ilml, fnilt. fine loratkiB. tht bow ttarlf would toat 1000 Is replace i hardwood noon In front rouma, fireplace, full baa-nrnk This property ia offend fur a frw days only at Until), which l only a frac-lloa of iu real value. Located at fit Wat UVf EXCHANGES TRIPP MURPHY REALTORS 4 Acre Paaltry and eneral ranch and owner will consider email ilace or pn. Bacon 1 tttlMUje Ih. 14 004t.vl , t.OOftf.M l.orMi,4.2 jirif4.0i . I WU.M rT-' ; , , ' r- 'painting, wall papering, inter- S For Sale, Wood and Coal j tor decorallnc that dlfferenL Phono 41 . .H.L. Wilbur Damon A Clln Snyder BONE DRY W RECK WOOD CUT TO i m-IO-tf (By U. B. Dept. of Arlealtare) Portland. Ore.. April Hoen : Re. oripta knu ; ateady : (ood-ehoiao drlvein ROOSTERS FOR SALS AT THE ABN-old Kit Ranch every Thuraday for II aibdy a lancer atock rancb NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALB By virtue of a mortgage fore- ilrvci irft nviwiiirUn litntwl l 4Us. I16.7I1X10-M: load Iota ouotabl to 111.00 COM Its Art. ruck, awner .cUlm, ll'Z.T?. . Li. lenrrth. Madiao School, Ird A Madiaon, Albany. Or. a2--8' heaviea IO.ouiill.Mi llaht llyhta 110.21 , "vii'Bii . ni.vuiiiyu iaucvj uv Li id Hle-em Heifer Bulb) Cow, beat Cow, cutter. BCkGB 1M ta III Bowad 1M ta III aotanda ....... 210 la IM pounda ...... . 2(0 to Ml pound M pounda tip ......... Sow BHbEP LAWN MOWERS automatl aiachin. I'bone ill-J. SHARPENED BY Warner Hardware. ' aal-alO in June. L. E. Arnold. Lebanon, Ore.. I'hone 142t. I v a"-S ih otrttl. Drift by but do not dialurb Ihe .1 S.W . I f tt 10.15 , I 7t 0.71 , 1.71'lt I 00 . ?.00j) 7.71 , i.Ovaj? I.M neat- Fkaa art Quickly a thia aa it will Otiofl! pckin w 18.10; feeder pint Circuit Court of the State of, iio.2M W 7I. gon for Limi County in Suit "No. fid heifer, eliyibl. around MAOII7.00; ,''on. and ' WilbtlP B. i... ....... ..j M ', 4.. tSlorer, Walter P. Storer. et aL aluna in yaatr and wanta to retire on email place. IN Acre SUack, baauliful creek and all mod land with kite bottom. Federal loan Katoa and owner waaLa amall acreaae toward Salem. V ' Sis lata. Taceata. owner want most anytkint la thia country. Tripp a Marpky RaoJter. i aittt COOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT- PELIV-errd in any Unatb. L-rU-r Ckileato, 110s Santiam Rd. I'hork, 734-R. J20-tf THE RIGHT WOODTH kThGHTVrICE. Claud W riant, phone 031 E. Itb St. ' ratO-tf laat IRVINE L. HOOD. I'hone 30 a.KU MONET TO LOAN ON WEI.L-tMPROV. ed farm. Low rare Intrrest. Waa. Rain. ARmny. . , fl-tf WHITE LEGHORN COCKERELS- BY Thum. and FrL delivery. II per 100. Briny box. Jenka Hatrbrry, Tancvnt. Ore., I'hone a-K-Jl. - : 1 b-?t tkninntfl ' niktiBin ruitiitinit wr NORTH ALBANY ACKEAtaE ndy lre right on the highway, good comraoB-medlum 4.S0til.l0; yood beef i ' BKLF TBB NEBD1 The Balvatioa . Army need fruit, eearr. . .7.ol M .. t.Oowrt.M a -'V v iiuwiiu, ivi rij KVJUllB OUU to me directed, I shall, oa the Bwea Liveitock V. fruit and nut. The beat buy aver w. i run ana nut, in neat Buy ever a I.00CCI.M Vearllna 18th day of April 1936.' at the able, dotal. te.. o help aeody people In emerrency eaw. Money, too. ff yoa sd in North Albany at only 11,6. rAtivn irinra icrv risv ivn ....... . - tinkaM A un I IRV1NW U , HOOD, i'bone IV0 kty. Owner my have Mm. by j uu ' 13 For sale, Miscellaneoas MIKHMT IrtlAI-ITY FHU4T AN HUT teoa. ahmba, raw buehe. kado teaea. -ad lm unce liet ' Settteawier Bro. Nuraeriea. RL I. Albany . aiMf cow picked op free of chart anywhere. ..IV, .11 Vic VIAL ilv Drraaed POULTRY if. I. ar arti frt a. I aT.II m ear la contribute. We bav ao teWpbaM kul brin 'a what yoa have to donate ar drop a a card and we'll call for H. Capt. Beet "alley. 40 Raat Flrat At,. Albany. hour of one o'clock in the afternoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction, for cash, all right, title and lXoxxr.t-Her.ld office. 7 il-l Pllo,w 'lT'M' Alb"?' tow to 11.00; few bulU 1 early top Wr 110.00. Sheep 1 Receipra 100 1 few plain aprlny lamb unaold. held around ateady I aeltert talking ateady or bp to 111.00 for choice drlvein aprlnc lamb 1 No California aprlnt-r offered i rive deck la Tueaday IM 7W tower at S10.2ltfl0.l0: order (laaaea acarra, nominally ateady ; choice woo led old crop Umba Quotable ta 111 and above ; we lt.S0ttl.O0, 14-tf rhono ll-F-4, Corralli. (SwUt A Caaaaaayl . No. t bene, 4H to I lb. ....ITc A ACRBW RIVER BOTTOM L d betn Holley and Crawford- vilitf, ht betJkrn highway and rivtr. Tbu-. al eoUViffrred for a few day at inly , A Wil ke aoldiera' bonua r- tifkaA I part ol all. TABOO PITT flV REAITTTFa interest had and poacessed by FOR SALB t SPOTTED AND WHITE brood aow with Zl put. 1100. Grlmra aU ROOM FOR SSM TURKEY EGGS IN OUR - incubator. G. M. Aawrrle. Jefferaon. fhon Jefferaon 48.F-I. ag-lO Trades No, S ban, ovor I lb. , 17 ina.1 nana, ovor wa, ,...,.o , , - - - " . " Toledo. The University of To-No.i atedhm her, over sv. lb. ledo year book will not contain said Defendants, or any of them, on or since the date of execution of the Plaintiff's mortgage, in and No. 1 medium hen, under l'i lb. ...lie ...I7e TRADE ALBANY PROPERTY FOR how in Lebanon. Addrea Bo 1120, car Democrat-Herald. a7.l yffaWffc-Mt. .- WNIED TO RENT TS TO 100 ACRES WANTA V- FLA Tor LIGHT OAK ,h"' Pur land for i month. F- H. Colored eprins No. 1 brollera. 1 to t lb., .. the usual "beauty section" this year. Editors are fearful" of stu-dent and sorority "politics." ...11 to the following described real Ifalfa seed. 24c i ed oata, wheat, barley ,and clover 'seed ; Katahdin potato, 24 Sc. Payinpj U Zimtoerrnaa wheat any'b 'cation. Sua wool, 4e laokair. Faylnt 110 ' for oat and clover bay. Phone IIS nvorn-I inya or eveninea. Farmer' Seed Account, Brownsville. , a7-t property, to-wit: .. 7 . . lie 15 For Rent. Houses, Apt. deak V Atypewer drawer, or will riouicr. nioany, rnonc 34. in. enable' A V f" V.T ""tL" EXCEPTIONAL VALUES aonabl. V1 . No. ill", car Democrat. ,. . Jt Ronater Staa EGGS Al Pitr- Ar DeUewred 4 lb ay Cas letame ELLSWORTH APT. SEAT. OVER aurfod furaMu. Ph tH4 Kllaworta. Herald. T4 a , ' r enuin , -- - ; ! !??!ymout,,f" " i WANTED MILK COW TO KEEP FOR CITY TREASURER'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned Treasurer of the City of Albany, Oregon, has on hands funds to redeem General Fund THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The follow la price went named to be effective today 1 Butter: Cub txtraa S2ci" atandarm SI 41 prim firat SK'je: flraU SO lb. Cheeaet OreBoa triplet U4t Ore yoa loaf 114. Broker twUl pay 4 below quotation, t - ETaj Prodae Exahany auotatlon between dealer : Extra Ian 18 1 atandarda larva 17e: xtraa medium 17c; atandarda medium lac. Jobbing price 2 htahef. FOR v REM S-ROfikf Pi ABTrovn i t-nero let upon loup f ... tn .h .n of -Ilk mt-U ..14 ..17 24 Wanted Mi-eMaoeotis ..14 ..134 Extra StotMbtid Extra awdiua . , , 8taa dard medium Brows extra ,, Dirty ttr Underyrade Pallet houae. ba itt. cait.'. sarden end ' yM ! Good pasture. Vvi. Holbrook. 8a. Ferry 8t. fruit. 111 ml h E. Al. 8-10 ,M C,vroto M ! 1 B7-I , ,1 v " ,u m Chevrolet Sedan j fOR BALE L fT. ALLWETAL ROW- 1M Chevrolet Sedan FOR SALE AND TRADE MARE AND bow'- IU ca 1 Montirkiery 8L al-ll 1,21 Buick Blndrd Sedan j yeldiny. 147S lb. : alto .printer tow. 14 I ' d S"'ni 19301 Forta- i-L No. of Hilaey on Pacific Uwy. Arthur , warrants from No. 274 to S26, inclusive, for tho vear 1Q3V InLerfttt WANTED WOOL a MOHAIR C.h advanced on contract. No tator-t win rom of pubu. charyed. We alway pay market price. Be rn.inn n, ,u:. r.rc ..IS ..17 ..IS ..lit ..10 PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES im.-ijr Bins, BLUON- ..aii il low aa iM.lw. iheweara are all Lewin. 7- I a before you tell. I in; lite, itiri lietiet, A each. 13W I reconditioned and tua ran teed. , j - , SAM FRACER ' E. B. WILLIAMSON. Pee Tbeae ar the priest retailer pay wbole- VEAL Treasurer of the City of Albany, Ore. 11 ,8' ALBANY AUTO CO. j NOTICE CALE A MONTGOMERY. WHO Albaay Bargain Hoaae, Cor. 2nd A Baker. I ' i ? 1 i l Buickt and Chevrolet! aH-l Sn i are advertiiin in thia Bauer for worth I .va..9a I Llv Sc Dated and published this 8th day t I OZAMK KAni0' kaa korae. ami cow, ar. in a way con. I . "7 J salera, except whar oXherwla atatedi ButUn Print. A yrad 144 Rk In parchment wrapper, U'y ia'caroa!, B yrade, parchment wraper, SI4! carton Draccdj .....12V,. vwHawnj Hiuj.i fj itpw. tBB ti.H. n i i Hinfirriiiriiirain wnni Jtia ' - w.iik aa.i. . r 21 ua 1 ar tea iTiiiepn a - ar-vv.rB mrrrfwm rr m 1 nia . BUTTERFAT A gradt 12e S44 H). Butterfati Portland delivery: A grad. A W ' 1 t """ naiav. av aaaaa, ctiiwt I awvy-j. 17141 Willi Hlf lllwlKV. VfCII jnuilkKliIO' I ULU UHI1 E.A p I Jl I KtO VUKB? PVJUSI t Vk fLJl iiva iOOUi j 1 ij al-10" i Ink Result ry-', m2-ll at rwon Druf Store. marltf ' . ' April 8-10-13 i j- j I LIFE GOES ONE " " ' .' delivered at leaat twice weekly I44t lie HAROLD CsHA lb.: country route UtlUet B rad Ufr S4c lb. i C arade at market. B Grade Cream for Market! Buying price, bulterfat baalt, 4 m. Cheeaei Selling price to Portland retail- t Tillamook triplet 21c i leaf 22c lb. Tillamook telling price to wholesaler : Triplet lie ; loaf 20 lb. Egg 1 Buying price of whole let i Ex- tra llti atandarda 14c I extra medium That prUon of the John Smith and wife Donation Land Claim No, 47 lying within Sections 20 and 29 in Township 12 South Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian described as follows: .... Beginning at a point in the North line of said Claim 29.60 chains East of the center Muddy Creek: thence South 2 30" West 10.26 chains; thence West 30.86 chains to the center of Muddy Creek; thence North 10 East down the center of said Muddy Creek 10.42 chains to the North line of said Claim No. 47; thence East on said North line 29.60 chains to the place of beginning. AL10, Beginning 10 chains South of the Northeast corner of said Claim No. . 47; thence West 14.53 chains more or less to the East line of the lands formerly owned by Martha Morgan; thence North 9.30 chains more or less to the center of Muddy Creek; thence in the Northerly direction down the center of said creek to the West boundary line of the John Wilson and wife Donation Land Claim No. 60; ,thnce South on West line of said rloim to the place of beginning; Also, AU that port of the West half of the Thomas Cannon and wife Donation Land Claim Not 48, lying within said Section 19 Townshio 12 South of Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian that lies Weajt Of the County Road; A'scC All lots 2, 3 and 10 Jn Section 19, i Township 12 South, Range 4 West of the Willamette Meridian; v. The land hereby conveyed containing in the aggregate 165.44 acres, more or less. Also including herein, all lands adjacent to the above Which have been acquired by giantors by iiccretion. . HERBERT SHELTON ', lie ; medium f IraU 15 ( ocrard 13c ; pullet lie doaen. Milk 1 A grade, Portl.nd delivery, U4e lb. bulterfat baal for I per cent. ' Llv Poultry 1 Portland delivery, buying price 1 Colored hen, over 44 lb., 17tfll under 44 Ha.. IKiKlOei Ifghorn hen, over 14 lb.. 1IJ!17 under 14 lb., 16fMt leghora broiler. I It Ul lb., lK(lt L . M- R - ... y VWCOULPNTSEE IT- MORNING- J Clft HM HM VEAH-A nrH SrWV HIM L0OKIN' INSIDE MYRAJNORTH, Special Nurse lIYSTEIt FAVORS QUICK action' ' i ' By Thompson and Coll do 14 lb, va ITvileci colored pringa, I lb, and ay. IMfSO rotate, SlrCvC; prkln dura, young, 14il7t get llttlZ lb. Llv Poultry 1 Belling prio by whol. taleral Light hen 15(k4I4 i Bwdium baaa l417e 1 colored hen 19c 1 brollera ltfii 17e; tpring 22c; prkln duck young 17M ISci do colored lOAOIIc; capon, over 7 lb., Ilttlt lb. t guinea hen, 10 each. Turkey t Drraaed, celling price to retailer! 1 Mo. 1 hen. 21c: tarn 22f2:t lb. Turkey Drraaed, buying prirer New crop bene. No. 1, 22c lb. FRESH FRUIT Appleai Deilctooa, extra faacy, 11.70; do faacy 11.41 ; Mewtowa. extra fancy, 11.70: do .fancy 11.41; do face and fill, fancy. Sic ; do face and flit, choice, lie : SplUea. berg, extra fancy, 110; do combination, I .21 1 Rome Beauty, jumble, 24c lb.; WiBeaapt, extra fancy, ll.M; do fancy, ll.40 do Jumble, extra fancy, Sc lb. Banana t Bunch 64c; hand tWle lb. Peart! D'Anjoa. chore, 11.71 box. Orange 1 California navel, faacy, U.IO KJ.25; choice; atandarda 12.11 case. ' UERE't. MV 5IGNKTURE OM TWE UERE't. MV 5IGNKTURE OM TWE VALUABLE IMFORMATrOKU wm OU, BY THE WAY- CEPOCT TO MB ' ' IMMEDIATELY, WMEM THOSE TWO AMEEICAK15 ARRJVE FROM VEMTUBA- "SPVSeiOEATU WARRAMX EH? I'M CEerAWTUAT UWDEK TWE aCCUrvTSTAW-CE?i It WOULD BE r wVVXJOC- rwn 1 THANJK5, YOUR. I 1 np-T Jr , i. rll6UWE53.'l S-1ALL JKJ THE MEANTIME, MVCA AMD LEW WEfVJ HAVE P3EEN LVlMa CESiDS TWE TBACKSv". IMt.TWE HEART OF TMEUBAKJIAKl JUWOLE, FOR TWO CkVrrS, J TMAT'&TEAWSE TRANCE TWE ORIENTAL. 16 ABLE ' .TO PRODUCE " OUe APMICAL WIS1E5 ME THEY HAVE VALUABLE iMFORMATOM I Sr I ; -H ATTEWD TO THE HAVE VALUABLE IMFORMATOW L7 UNWISE TO WAIT TILL FOE. OUS. COUMTEY Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon PHILIP HAMMOND. SUNRISE FOR. THIS. r PER-SOtJALLY bw -ar 1-lf feXSCUTlOM t ra.i ' at ' ' k rt w. 310 Guaranty Trust Co., Bldg.. Portland, Oregon. ; . . i Attorney for Plaintiff. March 18 zs ai ia NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the Mi undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Ltah Countyt Administratrix of the es m tate Of Anson 1. isayior, oeceasea, and has qualified-All oersons having claims .gainst the estate of said dece " CttSwAWrmqM ' Y5k NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT . " Notice is hereby given that the undersigned as the Administrator of the Estate of Sarah Jane Hollo-way, deceased, has filed in the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, his Final Account as such Administrator, and that the said Court has appointed Saturday, the 18th day of April, 1936, at the hour of Eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day as the time and the County Court Room at Albany, Oregon, as the place for hearing of said Final Account and the settlement of said state. , Any and all persons having objections to said Final Account are hereby notified to present same at said time and place and then and there make such objections. PAUL JANSEN. dent, are hereby required to present them, duly verified, within six (6) months from the date of TWIDGE AND SON BY BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS r . . uj .... . "x.amMammMmp'.w 1 1 v - ;-,L-v 1 vjs. . f dod Jth rpg Liorr r-sfwa- WELL. I HEARD TC V M , lum-iionr.. s T ff V TfHEWrrWAT SETTLES -YEAH, AMD IMA POLL, TWE QTHEJc; PAY, HE GOT veiu ii m t the first publication of this notice to the undersigned administratrix, at the office of Marks & McMahan, First National Bank Building, Albany, Oregon. ? " Dated and first published this 18th day of March. 1836. KATIE SAYLOR, .5 Administratrix of tho Estate p Anson I. Saylor, deceased. , MARKS at McMAHAN. I Albany, Oregon. . . . , Attorneys for Administratrix. March 18 25 April 1 8 5 IT! I NEVER DID LIKE PING :nf3SE CHARGES yvmt w tvw t y RUNK,Wg AREU? AFTER ALL, JJ . ABOLT THE J rry- . J ' THAT DOYAWD I KWEW EIGHTY VOTES TO Administrator of , said estate of THAT, SOMETIME, I'D iTWAi? NhiJQ 5tnpe lh1,w vcrM.LXi urrw- i n CASE 4 . w ' ' . V. JF,Ai .J . Mf THIrTTrUAWD FIND vA REASON !! said deceased. .. '. GEO.. W. WRIGHT, , ' Attorney for Admr. ' V I VOTED ROR i 1 x un.L lb. f VDrricrAfre uiii ' i i r-r H-r-rr . n rr r i . -1 i l m MVepi tr VJJWfr I . Mar 11 18 25 Apr 1 8 ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional pebp' Usled on this page art known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their d to-fbe Democrat-Herald '.!''. ; . .;-;.;-, :-' WlllSui KH24)ili LMAk INSUftANCIt ATTORNEYS OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 MARKS & McMAHAN ; Attorneys at Law Irt Nst'l Bank Bldg Phone 2y WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. M-wey f to loan, farm security y. AUTO FREIGHT A NEW MASTER ALLEY OOP BYI-IAMLIN PRODUCB SWIFT AND CO -ALWAV8 IN the market for egg, poultry trea' 7 I DOME IT? BY 2ACKY, I'VE SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight v Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st Si Montgomery ; Sts Phone 71 . AUTO REPAIRING . , and cream.1 HYPNOTIZED THIS BIG SHOE EEfAIRING HEY, FOOZy.1 WHAT TH' . jA THUMDERATIOM HAS TH' ) 'JW 'i CGAWD WlZEK Dtka ' Cf$' tool: DiKJNY HOKATS . JT T l ? DOJ'T ASK ME.' ) Awi4i1rr'' SA WE 8ETTE2 GO V l !7ADn MUSGRAVTS SHOE SHOP. 1SJ l- v.. V ALLEY OOP Lyon. Motto Quality ana yrwe T C HULERrS AT KELLY'S Gwrsge. Towing & Wrecker, ph SO WASIUNQ MACTI IN'FS CAAPET CLEANING OTTO KOOS. AMKS HDWt- Maytag, Easy, TP' Washwrf. r.30-Jrr- - GlZZiLTY BCO BCO.' 2ACKY-WAKJ " SAY - GIT THIS, YOU BIG YAP -VOU'RE KJO ) ( WHAT HAVE LONGER A BiRD'XXJ NIOWARE ,. k- I VOU CXXlE TO ) . MY BIG DINOSAUR BO0GUAED ) V ; DlNNY? A AN' REMEMBR XX) AINT . , VL V - OCl'i s , AFRAID OF NOTHIM' , ' V . li A lip) ))) y , J U"',,J RT."1 siavict.tNc,. t. m ktco .s rtr WjJ THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W Ftrg. Phrmw 1 BLACK.S.Mrit.iVO WELDING O'V AM' FOOZY- ' K A1 CtOTTA VOCK ) - & f b7v fa5t y Mm FILM SERVICE cvvnro A WIN Rf tn 41.101 ing frames, axlei utrsiahtpned. wtix driller's" mrRLTTS DRUG STORE FOF vwv-v1rM film aeirwli G. E. GOniNIT'H A SON rtlNERAI OIRECTQR' Lr. i . rt-iRTvn.i.rr. nr'r.iLL liUMl ,, Wr'.i J Jt i.iera- . W n-ilu'it Uir iniiiitries" Kuteue, Orron Day or Night pliouo; 4t7-4t I

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