Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 8, 1936 · 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1936
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PAGE THREE THE ALBANY D E MO C R AT-H E R A L D, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1936 SWSLAW BRIDGE NOW OPEN FOR TRAVEL! Presbyterian Choir To Present Cantata Scio Council OK't New Mill Building Josephine E. McKinney. For a number of years he kept (he htmo and pustoffice at Berlin where he had lived continuously since 18B3. which he was discharged Bt LouH-! BKOOWVG TO EE TOWC vllle, Kentucky. Brooding and starting baliy For a number of years he was chicks will lw tha tuple of H V. ........ ox u. ti . ,,iiini. i1M Svinth Thursday iiwht at 8 OYliK-k and l.lso in the holt 1 bui im-s,. In a( Conm-r school, it wai an- - "e cume to Lvtunuit lo make noiihcrd' today by Cecil One.' The ,L, home. clan, a WPA project, is free - . Scio. (Special) The Scio uwn Lebanon. TSpecTiH ) cantata "Hail the Victor," by , He was a life long member of tha Methodist church. j Surviving Mr. Gilbert are the ' w uiuw, Josephine E., two daugh-u-i , Mrs. Violet E. Smith of Port-laud and Norma Jane, at home; 'two sons, Jot and Jack, both of Lebanon; two grandchildren, Helen Jo Gilbert and Arthur Lewis Gilbert; and two sisters, Mrs. Francis Hammer and Miss Mary ! Montague, 1 if-i : - I ' council voted unanimously at the April meeting in favor of a resolution Krantinx permission to tha Scio Mill & Elovator Company to erect a one-story frame building on the northwest corner of Mill and Main streets, on the property formerly occupied by the Sundance hotel. This property was purchased several months aso by the mill company and the 78-yeidSold hotel building has been rated to make way for the new structure-. The petition for the, building permit specified that the proposed structure would have a frontage at 34 feet on Main street and 100 feet east on Mill street. The roof and walls arc to be covered with corrugated Iron, according to the application, to build, which also fixed the time for building "in the year 1936. 1 - Alley RlMEMERANCIS Celebrates 99th Anniversary V '! .1 Aiirea wooier; win "tMypresentea by the choir of tha. Presbyterian church on Easter Sunday at 7:30 o'clock under tne direction of Mrs. Hugh Kirkpatrick and with Mrs. Jack Elliot at the organ. The complete program follows: . Prelude, Mrs. Jack Elliot; invocation, Or. Divon; "God so Loved the World," soprano solo, Mrs. Hiram Groves; "Behold, I Show You' a Mystery," choir; "Then Cometh Jesus," tenor solo. Ralph RecVes; "Gethsemane' and Calvary," choir? "From the -Sixth Hour and at the Ninth Hour," bass recitative, Ed Payne; tenor recitative Ralpl Reeves; -"Behold the Veil of the Temple Was Rent in Twain," choir; ''He Was Wounded for Our Transgression," bass solo. Dr. J. G. Gill; "The Wondrous Cross," choir; "In the Tomb the Savior Lay," quartet Mrs. Lester Wilcox, Mrs. Ray Jo lin, Mrs. Reed Clark, Mrs. Ralph Reeves; intermezzo, Mrs. Jack Elliot. ' Part two "As It Began to Dawn," choir; "He Is Risen," soprano solo. Miss Claralee Cheadle; "The Easter Bells Are Ringing," soprano solo, Mrs. Harold Irvine; "Hail'the Victor." choir; benediction, Dr)Divon;- postlude,- Mrs. Jack Elliot... i t 1 Mirs Enter asp pier for jrounclf. v4 , I.. " V ii J,ouc '(?vt op"' il Some little recMn- fi hrwDd of caoaV. tf Edgar Lewis Gilbert Buried on Thursday YJ If II fume, itationery.or even a' greeting card fcj enougU. See oar fin stock of Euter frfnembriaces at aqr Lebanon. (Special) Joseph H. Alley, probably Lebanon's oldest resident, oclebrated ' his ninety-ninth birthday at his home on Hiatt street on Saturday. Friends and neighbors called during the day to extend greetings and best wishes and on Sunday his daughter, Mrs. Charles Wells, arranged a dinner party in his honor at which seventeen close' friends and relatives wer6 present. Several birthday cakes, the gifts of friends were served during the day. ' Born in Scott county, Virginia, on April 4, 1637, Mr. Alley grew to manhood It) that state and, at the opening of the Civil, war ,he chose to serve the Union cause. For six days he trudged through wooded hills and fields until he reached a Union camp where he joined the 39th Kentucky Infantry The Siuslaw 8rldj I open for traffic The kcene shown hera la caravan prd going over tha new bridge during tha neon haur Tuesday,' March 31', when the brldoa was epaned for travel. This bridge la tha first of the We.Coaet highway bridges be opened by the it.ite hlghvBy commlaalon. Ferryboat service (laa been discontinued at Florence, The' picture Is tcken from the Glcnada side of tha river looking toward Florence. Official dedication ceremonies will take place May 23 and 2. ..' n (sute'mw f BSOaey-aui prices, DawsonuDirtin Co. Pack; 3, The Club Woman's Half , R. M. Lance et ux, Id Tp 19 S Lebanon. (Special) Funeral services for Edgar Lewis Gilbert, who died at his home In Berlin on March 31 after a several years illness were held at the Harry C, Howe funeral home tin Thursday afternoon. April 2, at 2 a'clock. Mr, Gilbert was the son of Professor J. L. and Adelia Gilbert and was born in Eugene November 18, 1865. In 1883 he moved to Berlin wherein 1908 he married Miss R 3 W & Tp- 9 S R 3 W U " reacriptioh SpecfalUU ' " ' 23 West Firaf Street Phone 42 " KOAC Radio Program flour " i ne noia Approacn in tc-ture Planning" Prof. Bernard Hinshaw; 3:30, Music; 3:45, The Monitor Views the News; 4. Musical Stories 4:30, Stories for Boys and Girls. 5 n. m . On the Cammises! 5:30. Linn Securities by receiver-to R. M. Lance et ux, Id Tp 19 S R 3 W & Tp 9 S R S W. R. M. Lance et ux to Linn Co., roadway in Tp 11 S R 2 W. Ml 1 i I I Il TTT' v Wednesday, April 8 for three years' service after IU L-'-l 1 '.L... . John M. Beard et ai to Linn S p. m. On the Campuses; 5:30, Music: 5:45. The Vespers Led by! Music: 5:45. Vespers E. W. War-'Co., roadway in Tp 11 S R 2 W Rev. A. L. Lonsberry; 6, The Din-1 rington; 6, The Dinner Concert;! D. M. Duvall et ux to State of ner Concert; 6:15, Oregon State id: 15, Swindles to Suit Portland j Ore., WW VSAC, Albany property. Crange; 6:30, Evening Farm Hour j Better Business Bureau; 6:30, Eve- Glen E. Acker to Gordon Win. 6:30, Things Seen and Done ning Farm Hour 6:30, Farm Act Ward et ux. Id Tp 9 S R 3 E. . Floyd Mullen; 6:45, Market and , Information; 6:45, Market and crop! R. S. Lankmack et ux to Chas. Wm9 crop reports and weather fore- j reports and weather forecast; 7, cast: T, Clyde Walker "Progress, Animal Husbandry; 7:15, Hops; Burkfcoldir' Host to Kentucky Fox Hound " A thoroughbred Kentucky R-B fox. hound on or, about March 26 wandered Into the Holley neighborhood apparently , lost to ., his master and owner. Judge Daniel C. Burkholder writes the Democrat-Herald that in his opinion the thoroughbred is positively of .too high breeding, too high spirited to be humiliated among a flock' of conglomerated mongrels in a dog pound. ' The quicker this dog finds- his master the better, writes the judge, who requests that his message be passed along to any one looking for such a type of dog. He concludes his letter by saying "fraternally for the well meaning of this cougar chaser and his mas-u.r,K. .. .. , in Tractor Design"; 7:15. H. H. 7:30. Radio Shorthand Contest; 8 J. Braden. Sweet Home property. E. A. Berg et ux to Fed. Land bank, Id Tp 11 S R 1 W.Herbert Shelton, sheriff to Dirk Rottink et al, Albany property. L. W. Holgate, dee'd, by Admr. to Geo. Kaczarek et ux, Lebanon property. The Oregon State System of Higher Education H. V. Hoyt, Dean and Director of Business Administration; 8:r5, The KOAC Drama Guild "The Man Who Walked Taube "Plantform Inspection of Products for Canning": 7:30, Mu-sio for the Strings Clara Chapman, violinist; Catherine Jordon, pianist; and Carol Yokum, cellist; COME TO WARDS AUTO ;.S UPPIuY. ;D EPJ sr.... ' A Alone"; 8:45. Oregon State College 7:43, .Municipal Affairs "Inaug- Gertrude Geary ct al to Ray uration of Civil Service for Full Orchestra Delbert Moore con-jmond Elmer Goodwin et ux, Mill Time Firemen in Six Oregon 'ducting; 9-9:15, United Press News. City property Cities Oliver Butts; u:uo. Music; 1 DAY ONLY! WARDS SAFETY SHOW v: - . t r t t Don't miss this thrilling demonstration of . careful and earless driving! Tomorrow, 3;30 p. m. on First treet, between Iyons and Ellsworth. 20 minutes packed, with thrills provided by Gus Schrader and'Lew Brown- 8:15, We Write a Story by Alexander Hull; 8:30, Willamette University Program; 9-9:15, Untted Press News. CONVEYANCES Mary Ziglinski et vir to William S. Bauer, Id Tp 10 S R 1 E. Anna D.. Mayer to J. C. Mayer, Lebanon property, ' Frank Coulter et ux to Geo. Keeney et ux, Id Tp 13 S R 1 E. J. i. Welch to Litta C. Boothe, pt Blk 6 J. M. Ralston's 4th, nacing jjnversi - . Scio Paper ' Leased ! !" To Harrisburg Editor Trade in Those Unsafe,Wom Tiresi EXTDA LIBERAL TRADEin ' Thursday, April 9 9 a. m., Homcmakers' Hour; 9:30, Wayne and Jane; 10, Music; 10:15, Guarding Your Health: 10:30. Mu- R. S. Langmack et ux to Chas. J. Braden, Sweet ome Hproperty. Georgene Stewart et el to Lois Shininger et al, Id Tp 11 S R 3 W. Latitia A. Barry, incom. by guardian to Charles Barry, Id Tp 12 S R 4 W. , . ; Lyon Lumber Co., to W. J. Canoy, Id Tp 13 S R 1 E. Alfred E. Jones to W. L. Bucher, Id Tp 14 S R 1 E. Agnes Hartfield et vir to P. 3. Chladek, ld.Tp 11 S R 1 W. Christine Huhn ct vir to H. L. Shcdd, Id Tp 13 S R 4 W. H. L. Shedd to Christine & Gustave liahn, Id Tp 13 SB. 4 W. ; ac: 10:45. KOAC School of the Air I Lebanon. 10:45, German; 11, The Story of I Leonard T. Grant et ux to Al-Oregon; 11:15, The Romance of jfred L. Pickefhjg et ux, Id Tps 12, Words; 11:30, The Story of Music; j 13 S R 1 & 2 W. 11:45, Music; 12. Noon Farm Hour I S. H. Gilliland to Walter W. 12:05, United Press News: 12:15, Larsen et ux, Id Blk 61 Albany. Foresters in Action; 12:40, Market; F. B. Pawill Admr, to Ora V. U 11 ALL017A!1CE Harrisburg. (Special) Mr. and Mrs.LeA, Mars have gone to Stlo to take charge of the Scio Tribune"1 tor - six months, having leased that paper and plant. Joe Lytle, former publisher, and Mrs. Lytle will take a trip to Wyoming where Mr. Lytle hope to regain his health. ' ' . H. D. Mars wiir 'continue as publisher of tne Harrisburg Bulletin. Leo Mars, his son, and-Mrs. Mars have been associated with the father in publishing the Bulletin -for bout two years. und crop reports and weather fore-; Powell, Id Tp 1 1 S R 1 W, Mark Skinner, supt. banks to cast. V 1 p; m.. Music; 1:15, The World Book Man; 1:30, Programs on Parade; 1:45, Music; 2, Lesson in Spanish; 2:15, Music; 2:30. The Home Garden "Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Perennials" Prof A, L, SALE! Srtaf4(arrV1tt-UI .LINED BRAKE SHOE Save extra! Trade-in your old brake shoes at Wards! For Chev 30-32,.$1.79 Exch. For Dy. 29-32.. $1.69 Exch. on I7trdt First Qatlily MAZDA BULBS Genuine General Elettrlc 21-21 c.p. for headlights- 15a. 21-3 c.p. 15c. Save about M. An - f --x; 'fatty ... -?t .ooeSi if Is HHiiveii'sialle TTfin;e No SAFER First Quality Tire Madtl The finest first quality tire your money can buy j regardless of price! ' Built "with so much extra " I strength that actual tests prove you get up to 2ipo more SAFE mileage than other first quality tires! Get Riversides New at Extra Saving I Test proved mileage plus Wards LOW prices and extra liberal trade in allowance make Riversides America's outstanding tire "buy" ! Written Guarantee Against Everything Protects you against EVERYTHING that can happen to a tire in service WITHOUT LIMIT as to months or miles! Strongest Guarantee written! Wards Liberal Payments may Be Arranged .' .r.c. '"V Lf- f i WINTER KING !; With V $5.75- taaettaty Etr Power! Extra retertst IS Platsl '24 month aerric adjustntttt guaranUtt . , PROMENADE of Brown bilt Fashions There's Springtime Brake Lining 35c ft FUsiblt molded brake lin-lnf. ZiM ins. Lati lonjr. Internal or taternal brake. BRAKE LINING SET 100 l'UUC Runrite Western on ... SI and Easter, in every line of our new Brown- bilts Anr thrills for budget-conscious odmirers of fine footwear. Per , Gallon 24c Sfirti trith Safety WARDS Auto Parts $1.19 vl Set ttr4 A Set e! lininga complete with rivet. Including Federal Tax, in your own container. FLAT TYPE HORN VHOOSE from an .in spiring collection of Sandals , Pumps y a barrej of quality in evey bottle! Old Quaker sticks to every ruler of fine distilling, In spite of its friendly price i': pi P LINED BRAKE BANDS Motor Oil Sfat (:.;:; la Vr On CMtaMar Now refined by (ha newest processes 1 A-ati-sludging. more full-bodied lubrioatioul Doubly dewaxed fivts twin range protection in extreme1 cola and extreme heat I All 8-A, . grades. qt. an tin. ' BUMPER. $TOR5- - i.Z9 ' '2 Get Wards Low Prices All Ward Replacement Parts are made) to tha Mm S. A. E. ipecification a tha original part that came with your carl You get enact duplication! Yet you save Mora at Ward LOWER Price I H Ties pair 79c Ruat-p roof, chromium plated bra I Ad juiting acrw. For Chav. 28. 28. Complete, ready to install. . . In Brown, Blue, 'White, Grey, Black, Rust. riyi FENDER GUIDE AUTO SPARK PLUGS WIPER BLADES W j Grecian " 33 C ea 69c Save your fn dera. . Smart looking;. 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