Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 7, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1936
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PAGE FIVE THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 1936 no ivd steer offrred, quotable to t9.n0 : few fed hrlfem 33.304i7.S0: Tight slock NEW TODAY CASS PAID FOR USED FURNITURE, etc "Look la your attic." Chat. Rokr beaik a Boa, 413 W. Firat St. il-at i i t l r - i i i r t II ' r'OB SALS AMI TBADE MAKE AND grldimr. 143 lb.; Uo snrtnirer'co. Vi mi. No. of Hala-r on Parifle Hay. Arthur Lewin. "- f Senator's Widow NOTICE CALK A MONTCOMERT. WHO art aSkertUIng la ttita faiur tor worth-baa horse and rows, ai in a way connected wlla snr alaoa. Cecil Motir. ry. as'.!-: steers down to 34.76; low culler and cutter cows 32.76414,73: common-medium cows quotable 34.4i3.s0; good beef row Ale. bh to 3.M); bulb 86 0t3.7S ; vesters 310 down. 33 ' Psrsonal i Anaw to l'rcrtowa l'uslr- 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal FOB BENT l-ROOM MODERN HOI SE. fall at i;s E. 3th. a RHODE ISLAND RED OHI"BLOOD" mini. Olive M.irton. Ihanon, Phone WANTED WOUK ST 9HB OK DAY hy exp. woman, ia lurn. rvl. Lula Norse. Ht. I. Albaay. , i ROIWTERll'ruR SALS AT THE AKN. old Egg Kanrh ever Thursilaj for II per 100. Also few hundred chick for tn but of April and Bronte noulta any week in June. L. K. Arnold, Lebaaim. Or.. I'hun I4SI. M STOMACH ULCER, GAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION virtlma, -why ulfert For uirk raltaf got a tn gift packet of Udga. a dorlar'a prearrtptlM, at Fred Damon' Dru( Stor. m!t-tt JAIlTp tlA'ftl ' Sheep: Receipts 1,400, including 88 dl. reef) saleable supply include five decks California spring Ismbs: few early sale tracked In" springers steady at 810.80 U 11.00 rundVrtone weaker other ; choice woo led old crop Ismbs eligible to 310 or lonoiPw OiPna t r- T-s-ar - r . -. T i 1 T j se - rs.T BONE DRY WRECK WOOD CUT TO length. Madiaon School. 3rd S Madkon. Albany. Or. al-S-B GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. OkLIV. end la any kastth. Lester ChilaoU, )o Saatiaa Rd. Phn 734-R. JtS-tf WANTED MILK COW TO KEEP FOR 30 Miscellsneou Clauifted ua of aamr or will share part of milk. abev; fat wuuled wc ouotsbl 33.304t 3.00. 20 She la fhe.' of Huey Long (pi.), , 21 Tablet. 21 Onsger. 21 To rlM hies. 21 To marry. 27 Mike lace. 28 Greater. 2) Heady 31 Reference. 88 To soak. flax. 34 rWmoans.' 36 6ilkorm. 37 done. ' Sows 3.001 3.34 SHaiEP Lambs 37.304(3.10 Era 3.a4i3.M Ywrliagt 3.0vtJ. VKAL Liv 7 He Dressed , ltVd POt'LTRT (Solft a Omeaay, No. 1 bcas, i to lbs. I7 No. 1, bens, aver lbs. ,.,.17 No. I medium bra, aver 3i lb 1 6c No. 1 awdiam bens, uader 3, lbs. ....13 Colored Wrings .17 No. 1 broilers, 1 ' to S lb., ....... 1 Roost! I Stag ,...1 - tees - " AU Prim Ar DBsrd Albany ' Caaaa RetarwM '. J Extras .. .....Its Standards ..17r Extra medium Tsc Standard medium ....13 brea -atrss 13c IHrty strm 17c l4rriiM J. . e IV PaJWta ....... lie Ptw wm 13 FAINTING. WALL PAPERING. INTER-lor decorating that' different. Fhea It or S13-U Wiibor Dawma Clair Snider ,' nt3-tf I IN lU 4 R N U 0 ift jA OEJRTAiS A! R f f t J PI A ML A! T It ISl ' THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices wer named to be ef feellvo today : WANTED ELDERLY WOMAN TO DO koueewortt for elderl eoople at Well-dale, bo washing. Inquire A. A. Garnrtt. Itt. 4, Albany, rhone SS-F-S. ' al-O' wanted" To'sufvs (hickenh. Highest cash prim paid. I'hone IU4, Harry i Market. ;3 i aJ- WANTED BALED CLOVER OR OAT ami vetcn hay. M. Krndara A Co. a"- WRECKING t BIG SCHOOL BLOCS, Lumber 34 and up. Plank, flooring. Iding, aheeting Jxl. txi. lill I'.xl" and 313. Caainn moulding. Brick 31 per M. Pip, lath, dry wood cut to length. Bahamas on Job 3rd A Madiaoa St., Albany. Ore. a2-3-S Good paature. Vkn. Hnlbroak. 8. Ferry St. FOR BAjLE ."BMTTElTANirWBITE brood sows with 21 pin. SN. Grimm alfalfa aeed, Un aeed oaU. wheat, barley and clover aeed: Katahdin potatoes. IS A 3c. Paying He Zimmerman wheat any location, toe wool. 0e mohair. Pnyih ftO for oat and clover bay. I'hon 113 morn-inira or evenings. Farmer Seed Account. Brownsville. LAWN .MOWERS SHARPENED BY automatic anac1iin Warner Hardware, phon 3S1-J. BIO-al bVE DltRlAT2TO:Fl ' : .tT.j fArlijtifirx-e r?n MORIZOXTAI, 'lWho ia pictured here? 8 Bh was appointed to the V. 8. A. . 1) Black. 14 Hangman! knot 1( Grandpa rental. 17 Ancient. 18 Laiy person. II By. 20 Tiny. 21 Italian river. 21 Co on (iiiuhIc) 24 Thing. 28 Need.- 25 HIrIi terrace. ; 39 Challenged. 33 Stir. 35 Grata blade. SSDue. 39 Cubic meter. 41 Spruce. 42 MoIrI. 43 Disperses. 45 Wrath. 4 Work of aklll. 3 Perrheg. Butter: Cub 31c: standards JO'ic; prim flrsU 34ci firsts 2',c lb. Cheese: Oregon triplet IH,; Oregon loot I ''. Broker will pay S hslow tuotation. Egg: Produce Exrhang quotations between dealer : Extra large 1 tt ; iiaadards larg 17e: extra medium 17c; standard medium lao.. Jobbing pricm 2c higher. MONET TO LOAN ON WBLL-IMPROV. d farm. Low rat Ik. Wav Bala. Albany. fio-tf of 40 Measures THE RIGHT W00D-TBE RIG8T PRICE. Claud Wright, prion 3-J, U3 E. tin St miO-tf ELF TBR IfEEDT Th Salvatloa Any good trait. WANTED EWES WITH OR WITHOUT lamb. Alao beef pin. 6. E. Eirher. Albany, Rt. 1, Phono 12-F.tS. ' a7--S 13 For sale, Miscellaneous : VEAL akle, clothing .etc, to help aeedy psopla ia emrrgiacy am Mower, too. If yoa asm to coot rib at. W kavw a tslepkeoe, kt srtng what yea bavo oai of 4rP a ewrd and we'll ami far h Capt-SeH Bailey 4a Eaat flrt St.. Albany, 8 Vegetable , 8 To bow. 7 Precious metal. 8 Slia Trill in ber slain husband's place. 8 To doze. 10 To affirm. 11 Container v weight. 12 Deity. IS Southeast. 47 Musical note. 48 Resin. CO Packs sway. 51 Subs. 55 English' coin. 57 Mother-of-pearl.- CS Guided. 6 Modest. VKRTKML 1 Nota In scale. 2 Instrument. 3 Shoe bottom. 4 To finish. 3c ..13 HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT A HI NUT treoa, hrub. row baekea, ahad tree Sead foe prio liot. Sottleaaelor Bnn. Nuraerie. Rt. 3. Albaay. Ul-tf FOR SALE 1131 HUDSON LIGHT I Sedan. Economical to operate. Nice flnhh nd upbobtery and run excellent. 3350. Phono SS2-L. a-7 rloth. - , 41 Doctor.. 44 South America.. 48 Sharp and hamh. 48 To lend. 43 The bow. 81 Balsam. 82 Valley. -53 Antelope. 84 To harden. 51 nbrn. Drsmed . BUTTERFAT ..31c ,.30e ..tie IS For Rent, Houses, Apt. 1 For Sale Real Estate TRADE ALBANY PROPERTY FOR bouse in Lebanon. Address Box I4B3, rart Drroorrat-Hcralrf. 7.3 POR BALE CORN ON TBE COB. Ic LB? Bring aek. Jo Wooldridge, RL 3, l' L west of Dever. a"- ' NORTH ALBANY ACREAGE Dandy acre riirht on th hiirhway, good house, fruit and nuts. The brat buy ever offered. In North Albany at only 11760. . IRVINE L. HOOD, Phono 100 ACRES RIVER BOTTOM Located ttetveaea Bolley and Crawford-title. Tight between highway and rirer. Thia faj real aoU. Offered for a few days at tnly $800. Wil ltako soldiers' bonua cer. tifieato a part or all. IRVINE L. HOOD, Pbone 300. aMf A grad R grad C grtd Lambs .. SHEEP ELLSWORTH APT9, HEAT. OVER-(luffed furaltur. Pk. U. (OS Ellawarth. TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS .33.0-M FOR BALE BY : OWNER 3-ROOM houae, 4 lot near Albany Colics, barn, ben house, garage, electric water aystem, bath, aeptic Unk frait, garden. 31300. Bmall dowa payment, be!. Ilk rant at 3 per aent interest, lnauira 337 E, 3th St. Phono 104-J. a-7 I Portland Market Review j Portlsnd. Ore., Aptil 7. Cub first' and i prim first advanced One-helf cent a . Prim quoted! Velow r tkom ar. tailiag at II r'cleek a. as. a aaf af pnkllrattoii. aad tr ubiact to eaaag t any hour tbtreaher. 6 Poultry, Eggs 32 Training for Poition WILL PERSONALLY INTERVIEW MEN willing to work hard to qualify for good-pay poaitiona in AIR CONDITIONING and Refrigeration btnineaa. Prefer men now employed, willing to devote torn apare with fair education, mechanically Inclined, tint to preliminary training to become in-tailalioa and aervic npert. Write fully, giving age, phone, present occupation. Utilities Eng. Inst., car Dnnocrat-HeraK. - --: , -7 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous WHITE LEGHORN COCKERELS BY Thur. and Fit delivery, 31 per 100. Brine; boxes. Jens Hatchery, Tangent, PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES . The an the price retailers pay whole alers, except where otherwise stated: . Butter: Prints. A grade, 33 S lb. in parchment wrapper, 34 in cartons: B grade, parchment wrapper, SiV ; carton 33 Si Ibl. Butterfat: Portland delivery : A grade, delivered at least twice weekly, 33 W 33e lb. J country routes Sltll4r; U grde 3243 83 lb,; C grad at market. S Grad Cream for Market) Buying price, butterfat bails. 334 lb. Cheese: Selling pric to Portland retail sra; Tillamook triplet 2le loaf tire lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers : Triplet 10c i loaf 30 lb. Eant Buying pric of wholesalers: Extra 13c- sundard 13c; antra medium Iter medium first 13c; undergrade 13c; pullet 13 do sen. Milk: A grade. Portland delivery, 38( lb. butterfat but for 4 per cent Liv Poultry: Portland delivery, buying price: Colored kens, over 4t lbs., 17tle; under 4 lbs., ltMUlOc; leghorn hens, aver I'i lbs., 16m 17c; under 8t, lbs., 16J16c; leghorn broilers, 1 to 1 lb., 1341 lc; do IU lb, up 17418c; colored spring. 3 lbs. and up, 194120c roasters, OftOe; pekia ducks, young, 144111c; gees liyile lb. Liv Poultry: Belling pric by ssbele. slers: Light bens 16l6"c; medium beos tKUnc; colored hens lUc; broilers 16i 17e; aprlnn 33c; pekln duck young 17tt 13 i do colored lOtjnSc: capons, over 1 lbs.. 34': 16 lb.; gainea ben. (0e each. Turkey : Dressed, selling pric to r toilers: No. 1 hen, 33c; torn S34J22 lb. Turkey t Dressed, buying price: New crop bens. No. 1, 32c lb. FRESH FRUIT Apple: Delirious, extra fancy, $1.70; do a-3 Or., Phone 3-F-31. pound oa th butter market today. hutterfal' way boosed on cent. Ea-f trad rag waa ateady, but without prio chant. Ther was greater 'dm tad for live poulry for th Easter trade. Price firmer t frartipnalr" big her. Mexlcaa tomatoaa are lower. New sola tarn ar firm and higher ia Lettuce Is firm. . .' pot. . . ' . Ther ar practically no beets, turnips or rsdlihes on the market. - - Old potatom continue if tnngthea In pric bsr. . . ,t Artichoke ar firmer an to $2.30 box for best,'. ' . NON-RESIDENT 8AYS BELLI SO acre farm In Benton County with new hows. Karate and poultry houae. About Si acres o cultivation and In crop with one. third of crop to purchaser. About 30 arm of food oak timber,' estimated to cut 753 to loo cord of wood for which there la 'find market. Price reduced on account of akkne from 15000.00 to 33373.0. One-half eaab, balance u. terms.' Tripp ft Marpky. ,' . . . . LOCAL GRAIN i 34. Senders a Co. WHEAT: No. I white 73 j red nd mind. 73e bushel. BARLEY t Hansen, 311.0 toa. OATS: White. No. I, 318.00; gray No. 1, I'.'S.nC : gray feed U'O.OO ton. WOOL - Wool, per pound SOe Mohair, per pound 40c Livestock i i T A 6 e 7 HT" n Hi Tu "T" JiT" " "T 15" "" "T" T 7 eT" "T T" "" H 53" "T " " T" """ " "" aiT " " W 33" sf ST" " 7 3S 3?" "" " "T V T - r - jt "" "-r " "" " "" " w , ; ; ':. j ii " 33 33 i itk' " 7 ---v-r a FOR SALE HEAVY TEAM OF BLACK hone. 7 and t yra., true and tound. 8e Guy Tbompaon, Club Pool Hall, Albany. MEATS Ncbtrgalt Meat Co.) CATTLE 34.30O3.M 3.0tj3.M , WANTED WOOL MOHAIR Cash advanced oa contract. No Interest charged. W alway pay market price. Bee u before you sell. SAM FRAGER Albaay Bargain How, Car, tmi A Baker. B23-a28 DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cow picked up fre of charge anywhere. Pbone collect I4-F-14, Albany. If no ana. wer. Phone ll-F-4, Corvallia. m!4-tf OUTSTANDING FARM BUY 171 ACRES 1 mil from towa 16 aeraa cultivated. fair farm fcldua. Prio 38300.00 can huy T thk) farm on easy paymenta at 3',g per cent. . , ; Trad Portland Ha for Albany. ... Lmm On Farm. C M. DOLLARHIDE CO, : BSS-tf Heifers ..... Bail ......., Cowl, beef , , Cows, cotter. WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-tea horae and cow alao dead animal If la good condition. Cab) and Montgomery, Phoa collect 33-F-IZ, Corvallia. m20-a!3 OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at rr"o Drag Stora, marltf HOGS PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (By U. S. Dopt. of Agriraltr Portland, Or.. April 7.-Hogt Re-eeipta 100 ; steady ; good-choir drlvetns S10.7Sji.88i load lots dnrotabl to ll.n; heavies scsree ; slaughter pigs 310.00 tx; packing sows around 83.83 ; feeder pin quotable 31 . i 10.73. Cattle i 100 ;. ealee , 10 ; - early sales around steady at Monday' f5 lower elos ; ' 3.0VU4S3 . 3.tJ4.v . l.04jt.M 3 3.73 . 3.26G10.2B , ."sy 1.73 , 8.-6M (.00 , 7.00 t.78 CASH PAID FOR OLD COLD. DENTAL crown, i bride, filling, aid jlry, watch cases, etc F. M. Froach a Boa, 133 to ISo pounds 1(0 to 310 pounds 213 to 130 pounds , 253 t 380 pounds , 330 pound up . . WE BAVE SEVERAL VERY FINE rana apeciala la addition to the an mentioned la our renter' ads. MnunUin Bias Jowr Co. , ., fit CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS hone and cow. Day-old calve. Ph. 14- F-14 Albany, 'Cecil Montgomery. aU-tf Jewelers. dtotf ! WAKE UP.; McKLOSKEY Bv HAROLD GRAY YOU'RE COIN. L idokooWCk! VUH GOT 'CH! McCLOSKCy. fUNM FELUOVM - W-A TmL' . ( TH' BIG A jOrphan V Annie fancy 31.43; Newtawas, extra faner, SI.T0 ; do fancr 81.43; do far and fill, fancy, SSet do far aad till, choice, 33; 8itsen-brg, eslr fancy, 31.40; do combination. 81.28; Rom Becuty, Jumble, 3Vj lb.; Wlnesapa. extra fancy. 31.33; do fane. 31.40; do jumble, extra fancy, 3 lb. Bananas ! Bunch BVaf i hand Ve lb. Pears; D'AnJou, choc. 31.73 box. . . ' 1 Orange I (California navels, fancy, 33.00 63.231 choir 82.733.33; Unuara 33.33 case. Grapefruit! Aritona 31.80Q2.4O " case: riorida 34.004.33 rase Lemons r California, fancy, Io.31il8.t0 ce; choir S4.60lif5.0O rasa. FSE8H VEGETABLES Potatoes I Locsl, 31.80 cental; Klamath 31t6t3.3 cental; Scapnaos netted grin 31.304rl.73 1 Deschutes netted gem 32.00t 3.33 enUl. Pern California 34.3041 4.33 hamper. Celery I California 3X.0ir3.73 crate. Spinach: Th Plle 33c local 31.004c 1.10 box.- - ' - ..'' - Onions: Oregon 31. 1SSI.3S cental. Tnmatoe: Mexican, 34.00 lug repacked, packed. ' Lettuce: Arisona. 32.7t3.O0 crat; Imperial 33.0043.60 crate. 8wet Pouioea: California 31.30 30.1b. crate; sout hern yams 31. Wl crate. . w fnfe mmm mm im - : i Mnd Other Comics 'T .Tfei fe atl?", A DEATH WARRANT MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll TOTMS IN THE MEAMTIME-, j wvster, wrrw JACK 1. STILL HIS PEISOWB,l ARB IVES N WARUM, jection of said D. L. C, which is 27.40 chains' East- of ' the Northwest corner of said West projection, thence East: "5.04 chains to a point wtltchMs 4" links East of art interior corner Of said D. L. C, thence South a 12' East 38.34 chains more ar less to the center of a county road, thence West along the center of said county road 4.47 chains, more or less, to 'a 'point due North Of the place of be ginning,' thence South - 2.00 chains, more or less,' to the place of beginning, containing 50.28 acres, more or less; - ALSO, Lot No. 1 of Section 2 in Township eleven South, Range three West of the? Willamette Meridian, Oregon, con- talnlng 12.30 acres. f ALSO, Beginning "at the Northeast corner of the North projection of the Donation Land Claim of Christian Miller and Mary Miller, his ' wife, being Notiffcation No. 712 and Claim No. 41, in Township 11 South of Range 3 West of the WW- lamette ' Meridian, ' in Linn County, Oregon, and running thence South on the East bounv dary line of said Claim, 14.33 chains to the center of a Coun ty Road to a point -which 18 4.00 chains North of a corner of said Donation Land Claim; thence West 2 rods; thence North 14.33 chains to the North: boundary line of said clairri; thence East 2 rods to the place : of beginning, containing 70100 acres, more or less. "' Save and excepting from the foregoing described premises a tract of 1.32 acres conveyed by Maggie Ackerman and M. Ack erman, her husband, to Fay M. Miller by deed recorded at page 251 of Book 118, Records of Deeds for Unn County, Oregon, and a second tract of 1.60 acres conveyed by Maggie Ackerman "" and M. Ackerman, her husband, to Fay M. Miller and Verl V, Miller by deed recorded at page 252 Book 118, Records of Deeds for Linn County, Oregon. ' '' ' The said premises , hereby conveyed containing lh the aggregate 6G.34 acres and all lying and being ' situate in the County of Linn and State of Oregon. HERBERT SH ELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. MARKS & McMAHAN, Albany, Oregon, . Attorneys for Plaintiff. Mar 31 Apr 7 14 21 VOUR rvVSjESTy,I WAVE MERE THE DEATW WACEAMT FOB. A DAM6EI90US SPV, WMOM Z MAO THE 60OD RDRTUME TO .DISCOVER VVITHIM OUR. LIMES DUWGEOKJ I our iwr WITH HIV TWE UBA.MIAM . CAPITAL 1 1 SPLEWDiaMATOR MYSTtR f VvHAT k?3 VVDULD fvT pooe couMTey to FEAC WOTMIrJG, MIjS NORTW- 1 ' ... :x. ?f;v 'TIS OKILV WAV TO SAVE LIVEi Jj '.J J IM TEAWCE, WE UVE WEEK'S, jf t 'fflf, J3iir TILL DISCOVERED BY rMTIVES V f'tMLy ' i fi ,J COVEEIKJa MVKA VVITH COOL - " T fW-ylTTl LEAVES, TO PCOTECT WER VSMNST TUB -tejtr 'QVir. -srSNSss. WEAT LEW WEM TIES- MIS .V-ilCT VtrrJzyZrn bj4- N- -TO A SJfCK., A"5 A SIGNAL -THEM ; jitffy. - FEVBES TO SrMK INTO TUB im:4B!m " CATALEPTIC TEAICE, HlMSELP DO wrrwouT W . . .aawATJs,a U vou? - I IO , IS Bw ' S Z 3 r. ' 7s J -3 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of mortgaec foreclosure execution issued by Circuit Court of State of Oregon for Linn County in suit: "No. 17528 AN-TONIA J. LEININGER, Plaintiff vs. ALBANY HOLDING COMPANY, a corporation. Defendant," therein pending, and to me directed, I shall on Thursday, the 30th day of April, 1936, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon thereof, at the front door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction for cash all right, title and interest had and possessed by said defendant, on or since the 6th day of May, 1933, In and to the following described real property: v ; Beginning at the southwest corner of the D. L. C, of John Earl and Frances Earl, his wife, Not. No. 1713 and Claim No. 60 in Township 1 1 South, Range 3 West and Claim No. 41 In Township 10 South, Range 3 W. of the Willamette Meridian, said southwest corner being situated in the northwest quarter of Section One in said Township 11 South, Range 3 West and running thence N. 35 "36' West 34.72 chains to a point which is South 3S"36' East 15.04 chains, distant from the northwest corner of the west projection of said D. L. C, . thence N. 5650' East 22.29 chains to a point on the North boundary lino of the West pro- v IT ii ', - ... MU' , CHARACTER WITNESS i i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER $'LJ ' k jf ... T 'oourseVtV Kikr you ''df)( his ' Hop WHV.I CAI Y HOW LONG ! ICEEP Mr . t,i, 'i'ZCAl RECORD i Y HELL HAVE TO APPEAR RTR Y ). TRIAL AT A DATE SET BY itrv MUST HE STAY WITNESSES ' nirj- ' Imerlni r- irrrl"njr II 4 HERE? THAT SYLVESTER ONCE s i inc. uuvuxilxi -wl-- i . i nc . n RCT THAT TOU'RE HIS MOTHER HAS WOTHING TO . DO VvTIH YOU'RE HIS MOTHER HAS WOTHING TO DO WITH . I'M SORrSry ROR YXI AND THE BO MRS. COOK BUT; AS THE CASE STANDS, XXJR SU,-' BROKE INTO A DRUG STORE, AND HAS ' $HOfVN NO PROOp .THAT HE ACTLIALLY ENTERED INFLUENCING BOt" HtTRfe? i , jo'likE' WILL HE DIDKIT PROVE Y DO ANY- J BELIEVE HS WO!! he DtDNT) h s-- ( MRS- OOOK ZZLr ( INFLUEWaNG ORKED (AS OFFICE BOY -IN A CROOKED CONCEI?M; f AND WAS DISCHARGED J jYy?k, 4 COURT WILL DECIDE: THE J j . CASE ON f YOU? IT,TO MAKE A PUR- , wx V CHASE I . V li fe- , A v' If u fi ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page arc known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. to b) Democrat-Herald. 0 3Mk INSUSANCt ATTORNEYS OWEN BEAM AGENCY 4 Opposite P. O. Established 191 i - Bf in Sn MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Natl Bank Bldg. Phone 298 WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. Mwe ALlYOOP - ' V. 7 10 loan, xarm security. AUTO FKEIGUT ? THL GRAND WISER1 TRUMPS ALLEY'S A5E rt ' ' BY HAJvJLN FEODt'CI SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all WELL, THESE GOES OL DMNV 1 GATOOrOE , GAIOOKIE, LOCK WE tM TH' EYE - swnrr and co. always ii the market for eggs, poultry. .' and cream.- AFTES TH' GCAun points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery StS-Pbone 371. il UJUKs v AGAIN' Vrtl'OtT 11 lU &l,rnh ,rrr,, . ,r- ' r V5itAT A5fc rVOC5 SHOE REPAIRING A NiCE UTTLE SOWS BiCD. MOW VA RP ) ) &ALLOPW . AUTO REPAIRING 1 a" MSI MYSTiC CHIEF IS IN PC AM UVSJLC7 MUSGRAVFS SHOE SHOP, 13J Lyon. Motto, Quality and Serrtot SESSIOKI T. E. HULERY'S AT KELLY'S Gwrage. Towing (V Wrecker, pb 80 WASHING MAC11LNES OF GkiEF' CAWET CLEANING OTTO KOOS, AMES HDVi Maytag, Easy, Trior Washera. v- rrL-.wi?'-J THE SHADE SHOP, 40 W. Fir' 3hon 78 WELDING BLACRSMITU1NO FILM SERVICE SNYDER & SON - BEAR AJUGN lng frames, axles straightened. iPS -A Htm . 'hrf ' kti f j l I J L 11 1 1 'H sv ft 3ravicr. inc. t. m at q u, t ore HURLEY'S DRUG STORE TOh nvwrnlghf film rvire WELL DRHXtRS FUNERAL DIRECTORS C. E. CORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiries ' Eugene, Oregon. FORTMHXER FUNERAL HQMJ Day or Nlbl phone; 447-0, r'""-';"'-1 1 ' '".- ' -55..,.. ...

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