Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 6, 1936 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, April 6, 1936
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MONDAY, APRIL; 6, 1936 r- PAGE SIX T THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, AC D ANY," OREGON OUT OUR WAY' By WILUAMS H. CHANDLER EGAN DEAD; FUNERAL IS HELD AT SEATTLE STATE LEAGUE SKEDS GAMES OAKS HOLD TO LEAD; MISSIONS national amateur there In 1929-H was on such a commission that he was taken ill in Everett, Wash., last week of lobar pneumonia. Egan was educated at Harvard, in fact, was a Harvard collegian when he won the national amateur, . , t..rviiinff hriHf his WldOW, Seattle, April 6, :Private funer- services were held here today ( I LIE AROUND 1 CANT EXPlAlM vEM, BUT I CAM , . Ty MOUSE IN SMOGTS-I IT, BUT THE" : J ' I EXPLAIN ITA . I EVEN OUTSIDE IN 'EM-J ACE VOUGO f- rN-iAPE LIKE r EVPLAIMTOME WWY UPSTAIRS AND ) AND SOU Yl THAT SHOULD I I TWE5E ACE AMV S WAIT, WMILft ill K.E&P OUT 1 fl NEVER BE SEEM -j J, DIFFEEEMT THAN) FIX TMESy OF THIS, J IN AkJVTUIWG BUT lU v-, 5H0OT& J PANTS- J I BACK. V AN OVERCOAT IJ,. v ' y-- NjgfJi Sr-T1- p i '(jil'lt, v f DP 1 ( TOR 14 WES STILL SECOND S3 i iionai Chandler Egan, former na- are his mother, Mrs. William C. Euan, of Chicago and a daughter, i 1 WHilzh amateur golf champion, wno Eleanor Egan Everett, awo oi - While tiit Albany Oaks' ultun-itim it home remained unsetUod, died at Everett General hospital . , ., ... .... vesterday, following a siege of lo- Oakland Oaks maintained their bar pneumonia Pacific Coast league lead Sun- Xne 51.yeP '0,d Champion and day by splitting a double bill one of ,he toremoitX golt course thry took, the firrt atep toward or ranizlnf a ball team, lor the 1936 tttsm yesterday by signing Into w wi uie im w r architects in the country, was un winding up a week aeries with 8be t0 itave 0t death despite tw two Lebanon High Will I Ploy Eugene Friday tjhnnn ffincrbil) Baseball the state Mafue, , Jim Ault who pitched theOaki into the chamDiontthip last year, the southerners on the long' end of a five to one split. Glenn Gahler checked the Oaks, blood transfusions and constant administration of oxygen. His body was cremated. The ashes will be sent to his home in practice began the first week of. allowing only eight hits, to win renreaented Albanr at the meet in ipite of the (act that he haa announced hl.i intention to work the first game 4 to 3, but the Bedford .Ore. WE'RE AS NEAR as your tele-phone whenever you want information on insurance. Don't wait until you have a chance to drop in at our office, or unt l we call upon you. Owen Beam Agency 225 West Second Street 475-B , Opposite Post Office j elsewhere this aummer. and will not be a candidate lor uie manag ewhtD. , At the meet In Salem the Vaittic Last Bay team came dsck in xne, , gia went i0 Everett ten days seven inning nightcap to slash 'ago t0 design and ,UpcrviSe Con-the offerings of Buxton. Kimball ,truction of the American Legion and Carnett for 12 safeties and a memorial golf course. Working in 6 to 8 win. . chilly, wrt weathtr, the two-time Seattle won both ends of a winner of the amateur title con-doubleheader from San Diego, 7 tracted a severe cold which dcvel-to 4 and 2 to 1. The dual victory oped lnt0 pneumonla. Hi wife, ran the Indians' winning streak to Blso in wUh , was at Egan-S took In a t even In member, Wood burn, Increasing over the prcyloua lite of ii x club. The openlnc date ivai tet for May 24. A iplit aea-ion wot adopted, and a three-itatne play-off arranged for the eham- IVldl CII MIIU a lai ,v .jwit.uv . v - turned out for the sport this year. Seven lettermen. Claude O'Brien, Stan Parrish, Jack Baker. Carl McGowan, Floyd Donovan, Ken Blatchley and Marvin Brown, are back to put experience into the 1936 Berryplcker team. Eugene will come to Lebanon to play the opening game of the season on April 10. , . The entire schedule follows: April 10, Eugene here: April 14, Corvallis here; April 17, Springfield there; April 21 Junction City here; April 24, University High there: April 28, Sringfield here; May 1, Eugene there; May 5, Albany there; May 8. University High here: May 12,. Albany here; Mav 15. Corvallis there. iiyc ir Bim dyB wen a w bedside when he died. cage in we.sertes ana puiica mem within hall a game of the second- Henry Chandler Egan, the "grand old man" of active golfers in the United States spread his great play over a span of more than three decades. place Mission Reds. Howard Craghead and Osborne were on tHe firing line for Seattle in the first game, allowing 10 safeties while Hile, Campbell and Born in Chicago in 188). he took TONITE ONLY A NIFTY DOUBLE BILL u i i f .: j. i i i I i f j , ' i -,m m s j - i y .' a'a fnonihip. AJbany a onenmg date at om will be June 7. ; Albanya' aitualion atill, remains In1 the air. They have signed into the loop.but must yet arrange for iritlmvent of .old 4cbtst. reconstruction of a ball park, and the pctual formation ot a team. With h removal of Jim Ault from the field Of possible managers, the case js left further in the -air. He had been counted on to lead the Oaks ti well as to take a turn in the mound duties, r -' . '.. Several of last season's players are" attempting to clear up the debts left from the last two years, The debts have run Into slieable rums, presenting a serious obstacle to -the formation of a team. Should Uicy settle all bills, though, only ivia i jthort steos would be left FEEL MISERABLE Home went to the mound forlup golf a ,ad and was a slim San Diego, yielding U hits. Frank 1 8trlpling in J903.when he won Shellenbaek pitched the second medal honors in the national ama-for the Padres and Lou Koupal j teur championship at the Nassau "L08:1.1,0, . I country club at Glen Cove. L. I. The Missions, meantime. wcrejXhe imm0rtal Walter J. Travis splitting with Portland, conclud- won the championship in that Ing their -series with four games lournament. pitching featured both the morn- The next .year Chandler Egan ina game, which the. Missions Ba-, -,sraH ih naiinnai nma- WHV MOTHER GET OCAV , 4.-6 Ul Mmmjt lost, 3-to 0, and the afternoon teur, and won the title at Baltusrol, comrci, which uie wvh u a deIeating Fred Herrshoff in the Ii THIS SPRING? AT this time of the yrar when you ye suffered from colds or grip feel rundown and generally miserable it's lliiir lo put your 1 to 0 margin. nals eieht up and six to play. He TDCUSYtJ Hobo Carson blanked the Reds Pictures Team Wins Olympic Trip; Bishop Named to Squad New York, April 8. Westerners Cal Knowlos, and Sam Baiter, In the first game by cutting them off with three hits, while Lloyd Johnson went him one better in the second contest by shutting out the Beavers and allowing them only two safeties. By Henry McLemore UIU4 Pnu BUfl Crmpii4fM Hollts Thurston was the victim honsc fit orrttr with Lr. J'irrce's Coldfn Medi'al Divmrrv. It will ttimuUte the appetite, improve Ihe action of the Momarh. making the food tame better and riinet bctlfr It, hu been helping both men ami women for nearly 70 yeaia. Buy now of your drug7ist-don'l wait! of the Beavers' fireworks in the retained his title in 1905 when he defeated D. E. Sawyer at Chicago 8 and 8. In 1909 he was runner up to R. A. Gardner, losing in the finals 4 and 3. - Twenty years later, in 1929, he reached the semi-finals of the national amateur. That was the year the title was won by Harrison Johnston over Pr. O. F. Willing. That was the year that- Johnny Goodman, the kid from Omaha who had not yet been born when Chan Egan won his first title, dethroned the great Robert Tyre Jones, to the entire amazement of the golfing world. He was named a member of the 1934 Walker Cup team which defeated the British team that year. Egan moved to Medford, Ore., in 1 monopolized places on the United forwards; Frank Lubin, center; States basketball squad picked Carl Shy and Duane Swanson, I today by the American Olympic guards; McPherson oiler, Francis committee to represent thisi Johnson and Tex Gibbons, for- country in the August games at : wards: Joe Fortenberry, center; Berlin. Jack Rapland and, Bill Wheatly, I Not only did all 13 places on wards; U of Washington, Ralph the Olympic squad, announced Bishop, center. by Dr. Walter E. Meanwcll oft Jim Needles, coach of the Uni- New York, April 8. A prominent publisher suggested to me on the eve of my departure from Flordia that I write a book concerning my four months stay in the south this winter. Already 1 have chosen a title: first while Radonits and Ulrich failed to hold the Missions in the second. At Sacramento, the San Francisco Seals walloped Sacramento twice, winning the sertes three games to one. The first game went to the 1935 league champions by an 8 to 4 decision and the second 10 to 1 in seven in copitrMction of a park, and actual formation M a club. , pale'm, QreM April The Ore-gun State league drew up its shortest baseball season schedule In the circuit's history. . '. Fourteen weeks of play between I ttven teams will start Sunday,' May 14, and end Aug. 23. In the Jesgue are Albany, defending chamoloni? Salem,.,, Eugene, fiend, Toledo. Wood burn and Hop Cold of Portland. Cottage Grove i ot" another Portland team may be! BcHad before the season starts. I The season will be split for the second time In ihe last few years, and a two-out-of-three title series , will be played if necessary. The schedule: May 1 74 Hop' Geld at Bend; Sal"m at Eugene; i Albany at Toledo;,, Wondbum bve. May SI Bye at Bend: Hop Gold at M,.tt P.irl. WK.. Pirtwl Wlsconsin, go to the west, but vcrsal team, was named head "The , Memoirs of M'sieu Henri teams from that sector dominated coach of the Olympic squad, and 4 III kerJWilad McLemore," or "Savannah's posi- the Olympic tryouta which ended Gene Johnson, coach of the Motion as a Naval Store Center." The . last night in Madison Square i Pherson team, was named assist-' book will be on sale in the late, Garden. ant coach. Dr. J. A. Reilly, Kan-' fall provided: j The Hollywood, Cal., University , sas City, will be team manger. I nings. In this week's play, Los Angeles opposed the Missions at San Francisco, the Seals go to Antrican pall 1910 and bought a Rogue River (1) That I can remember enough Pictures team won the tournament! In addition to the regular squad, San Diego to meet Padres, Oak- j valley pear orchard. Of recent memoirs. years he had maintained a winter f in breath-taking game with the 1 13 players were named as alter--McPherson, Kan., oilers, 44-43, ; nates. The head coach may pick avenging a loss to the same team! any one of the 13 for the Olym-I In the Denver A. A. U. final last i pic squad if any of the present' (2) That 1 will ever write the memoirs if I do remember them. (3) That the prominent pub Usher la 'ever able to. wrangle himself, a Job with a publishing iana crueriuins rui iiauu auu Seattle plays at Sacramento. Ctnter Restraining . Circle Established n l4 ' month,. The U. of Washington, group arc unable to make the which lost to the oilers in the trip. ' ,v semi-finals, won third olace bvf 'The alternate sauad: Fd Love- house. home on the Monterey Peninsula, California. ! He won the Pacific Northwest amateur title five times, in 1915, 1920. 1923, 1925 and 1932. He won the California state title in 1926. : He also won the western ama-1 teur championship in 1902, 1904, 1905 and 1907. i Egan was one of the smoothest, easiest players in American golf. Mi That the publishing house downing the Wilmerding, Pa., Y.'rich, Bob Egge and Charles Wag. won 'Which he gets a lob will M. C. A. team. 48-33. nor. II. of Wa;hinsrtn:.. Don Easter Cards Make Easter a day of good cheer this year. -Choose"' cards that re-' fleet the sentiment of Easter from our larye and varied display. And come in early while our stock of cards is still complete. Priced from 2 for 5c up RawlingY STATIONERY & PRINTING CO. Woodburn: Eugene at Toledo; A1-' bany at Salem. .June 7 Bye for ( Hop Gold;. Toledo at Salem: Eu kene .at Albany; Woodburn at Bend, June 14 Bye at Toledo; I Hop Gold at Salem: Albany at Woodburn: Bend at Eugene. June Jl Bye at Albany;. Hop Gold 4 j Eugene; Woodburn at Toledo; Sat . lem at Band. June 28 Bye at Eu-rene: Hon Gold at Albany: Bend PLUS 1 1 , publish my book, if I write it. I By winning, the Universal team j Shields. Temple; Ed Campion.'De , But drat, those details. The. pre- won the right to place eight men Paul of Chicago; Kent Ryan and sent plana call for the book to on the Olympic squad, but only , Ed Wade, Utah State; Fred Crum be published in three editions seven were chosen because one land Tommy Evans, Wilmerding, I super-klassy, bourgeois, and peas member of the team deemed it Pa.. Y. M. C. A.; Ike Poole and New York, April 6. The national basketball rules committee has made 'three changes in the rules. They are: 1. Establish a restraining circle of 6 feet in radius for jumps at center. , lontunce lower His strokes were the embodiment of what pros have been trying to teach duffers for years. He was xmtatn'ii VV Oleria stusrt ant. The auper-klassy edition will inadvisable to go to Berlin. I Jim Lee Howell, U. of Arkansas; be bound on the east by mother Th enmnlnto mmH fnllnwa-1 Willinm Kphmirft inH Varnnn. 1 2. Allow substitutes to talk to often referred to as the "stylist" their teammates immediately on of American golf. at Toledo; Woodburs at Salem. I June Jh-Bye at Salem: Hop Gold at Toledo; Bend at Albany; Eu-j gene at Weodburn.- July 12 Bve at Woodburn: Hop of pearl, on the west by stomach Universal, Art Molner; Don Piper, I Vaughn, McPherson Oilers.. . a of ermine, on the north by the, - ,; I entering the game. Having played on mwt of the Mediterranean and on the south pennies In the sugar bowl, so you saying "I'll be dad-burneaV but by convention. Its price will be will be able to buy ono of jthese hp really N;iicl wus. .1 .1 . . . 1 .. . 1 : .. 1 : . : . - , I - " TOMORROW ONE DAY ONLY "NAVY WIFE" Claire Trevor Ralph Bellamy Chapter Ml. Sheer Libel (1 SroniDiuve, ana yuuie a h.imt i w if tou t'uiiimn; ! you buy one. .1 Chapter 1. Dizzy Dean and the W VKiwrt tn miiltn mnwt nf nur Dm Prablcm. (Whv rioos I hp St. shudder when I even contemplate 8. Permit four instead of three principal courses of this couniry legal timeouts. England and Scotland, Egan for The committee voted to table many years has devoted consid-a recommendation to establish crable of his time as a golf archi-two 6-foot circles at either end tcct and has designed some of the of the court, where all jumpoffs, finest courses on the Pacific coast, except those confined to the, He supervised the remodeling of center would be held. the Pebble Beach course for the (old at Bend; Toledo at Albany; Eugene at Snlem, July lft Bye at Bfjid; Hop Gold at Woodburn; Toledo at Eugene; Salem at Albany. Julv 26 Bye at Hop Gold; Salem at Toledo: Albany at Eugene; Bend at Woodburn. Aug. 2 Bve at fiend; Hop Gold at Salem; Wood-burn at Albany; Eugene at Bend. Auf, ft By at Albany; Hop Gold at Eugene; Bend at Salem; Toledo at Woodburn. Aug. 16 Bye at Eu-jtene; Hop Gold at Albany; Toledo at Bend; Salem at Woodburn. Aug. 2 J Bye at Salem; Hop Gold at Toledo; Albany at Bend; Wood-burn at Eugene, , Jaf ferson Baseball v Schtduli Announced money on the bourgeois edition. Louis cardinal' great pitcneri jrou It-will be bound in aluminum and steadfastly refuse to pitch if there ! stitutmg suit against an author, if you tear the pages out it will Is a Great Dane tethered beside iyo" mustnt miss this. You 11 make a very acrviceable omelette him in the pitching box! How did j have enough for a two pants pan. The peasant edition will be this phobia begin, and where wlll, sult- ,. a mess. The pages won't be end)? . . , a bcrcd and they won't be in order. Chapter 3. Joe Jacobs and Har- " WARM M Our reason in making this edition' vard (What was .behind Max Pnlo Alto, Cal., April 6. Glenn so thoroughly unattactivc, of Schmeling's manager's refusal to S. (Pop) Warner, veteran football course, is to boom the sale of accept the chair of English at coach, observed his 65th birthday the bourgeois, or money-making : Harverd?, And why docs Jacobs, I today preparing to leave his winter edition. Ilvhcn crossing the ocean, refuse to 'residence here and return to Phil- As I have the book roughly 'have clothes hangars in his adelphia, where he opens spring outlined, it will be a dazzling closets?) i football practice. with his Temple pageant of personalities, a seeth! Chapter 9. The Lawn Croquet university squad npril 15. Warner ing source of facts that don't mat- j Mystery. ( Who is the mystery man has been a football coach for 42 ter about peaplc who do. For the; of lawn croquet, and how did he years and the Warner system) of first time the mask of imperturb- manipulate the betting coup which! play is employed by hundreds of TASTE You can ' 'fx-"'-- ,. t the quality ablcness, which sports celebrities rocked the croquet and badminton ; young coaches throughout the na- You can tion. the Quality insurance wear (but cant spell) will be; set of three continents?) torn asunder, revealing them as i Chapter 341. Babe Ruth and they seem to be. Let me give you the last golf ball. (What did Sul-a few chupter headings and hints ton of Swat really sny when he LICENSED TO WED A marriage license has been Issued to Lloyd Sllva,: 26, Grants Pass, and Mary Wilson, 25, Albany. as to the contents, and see if you sliced his ball put of bounds on don t start tucking away your' the tenth tee? History has htm Kb -. v y A : : rf i,W i-0 -i ;.nr m a aKraralv I mm .W wm mm Jefferson (Special) Principals and coaches of the Santiam league met af Aumsville and drew up the baseball schedule for the 193d season. ' i The first game sehedulrd for Trlday with Turner here, had to bo called oft on account of the rain; so it will be played on a week day; the date to be arranged later, Jefferson's schedule is as fallows: April 17, Si ay ton at Jefferson; April 24, Jefferson at Aumsville; May 1, Mill City at Jefferson; May 8. Jefferson at Turner: May 12; Jefferson at Stay ton; May IS, Aumsville at Jefferson; May 23. Jefferson at Mill Citv. The Jefferson high school girh have been practicing Softball for the past three weeks. They have a lot ot good material to start on. and Should improve during the season. The girls will play the other teams in the Santiam league during the coming aeason, and probably some practice games. The game. which was to have been played with Turner Friday was rained out, so will be played later. The schedule is as follows: Stay-ton at Jefferson, April 17; Jefferson at Aumsville April 24; announcement later for May 1 : Jef-fTsoh at Turner May 9; Jefferson at Staytori May II; and May 22 game announced later. . . ..I i.- J 1 I I I I I S W 11 Ml LT I i ?V-af f VV; : i i n fl i a J r-M f I r. t J u ill inai.iT)gij)ffloi? ( ,:! , 4 , ( I t 1 1 , 'i I , iHt (nH i'.'ci.'ti )) !((: - .;la V"",t-3iC:) SEE th Two Jackets of Cellophane, that seal-in th Prli Crop, Doublo-Mellow goodness TASTE the Prlxe Crop Tobaccos ... they give that marvelous Double-Mellow Flavor i J ' N' ' 4 'y '-"I I TWO FIRES HARMLESS Firemen " Saturday controled a. flue fire at the Floyd Hopcroan home,; 818 East First street and another Friday at the F A. Muller home, 540 East Second street, both without attending damage. V Bringing "DouoIe-MelotaVs" to you, in any climate, as fresh as they come off the cigarette machines. In giving you, in Double-Mellow Old Golds, the finest tobaccos ever put in a cigarette, we spare no expense to seal-in that Prize Crop Tobacco goodness. EVEN before you open your first package of Double-Mellow Old Golds, you'll see, at a glance, the extreme precautions we take to protect the ity of this delightful cigarette. Two jackets of Cellophane safeguard the contents of every package like a vacuum seal. McDowell's $hoe Store The Home of Natlonaly Advertised Shfes tHt ( WIOTWt MAM-CIt DOUBLE-MONEY-BACK OFFER as mad te amekers tinea Oct 6, 1935 Smoke half a pack el DoaUe-iVaOoitf Old Colds. If you're not pleased, mail as the wrapper and the remaining ten cigarettes at any time before May 1, 1936, and we'll tend you double the price you paid for the fuU package, plus pott-at. Address: P. Lorillard Co, Inc, 1 19 Wert 40th Street, New York City. , MOOIl M I 1 MOOtt IS ass HAnr moJLri AavSng laaarv be kaW tyuippeJ ititA fommu fuulina AaUtawUtftar fur lunta uitluut altrtridiy 0 veil Sts. FHAGEQ FURNITURE CO. It V V maW W - lKES!CA1ittTCTIIAU..-ttH0C$ Established 1760 ' IT

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