Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 4, 1936 · 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1936
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i SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE THREE His Guns Boom at New Deal and His Candidacy Booms in Echo charges, according to press reports. He gave notice of appeal and is at liberty on bond. He is said to have left Albany about 20 years ago. , . NOTICE TO CITY SUBSCRIBERS If your paper has not been delivered by your Albany car-Tter-fejr 6:00 o'clock tail- D. M. Rohrbeorh. Phone Tll-Y. and a copy will be delivered by special carrier. Re-port all other complaints'to the office, Phone 15 The ' Albany Democrat-Herald .Visiting in Portland i Ruth Brandeberry, daughter of, CROWN'S SECOND Itrme. started wandering abot , Hulls (wid. and finally left hi TRIAL PROGRESSES! while Hulls went to slrep. ' . i ' Some thne,Xtfrw'aT4'lIulfs,te (ConiiruMi fmm p.. ,W(,d,-he , awjikcnc d and . tum - --. his head. He saw Cronln standi! prcvimiR trial, he will stjws the hove him at the edxeof ap element of doubt al the present pointing a gun at him Thereaft trial. . ,., i ' ..' he remembered nothing until I "We will show that no one eaincd eonsciousneM in (K Lei knows who shot Hults," McKin- 'f"0" hospital, several days laU ney said. "Neither the state nor 1 thc testimony continued, the defense can say by whom or On cross-examination McKinrn how the wound was inflicted, nor attempted .to fore an admiesii will the evidence prove it" At from Hults that he did not reci r A r: ' - v - - mr. ana Mrs. tan uranaeDerry, is in Portland this weekend visiting i relatives. Miss Brandeberry was ' recently released from, quarantine, i- : : :. i navmg had scarlet fever. Gees te Portland Mary Lee Blair of Albany col the previous trial the defense had having seen Crernn pointing tl 1,Q( Al j lege left today for Portland on a pleasure trip. P. N. C. Clab The Past Noble Grand club will sponsor a Card party in the dining room at the 1. O. O. F. hall Wed nesday "evening at 8 o'clock mem bers announced. TttRIF-T WASH ! lb. Minimum Me gun at him until aftee he hi been told that he was sufferii from a gunshot wound a he 1: In the hospital. Hults was not ce tain as to whether or not 1 memory had returned before after, being thus informed. . The Jury ia composed cf Liu Cyrus, Georgia Ana Blount,' Fn H. Forester, Harry W. Cooley, S. Northrup, F: C. Karnes, Al J. Byers, Arch Ray, Edith Verne Lionel TweeL Eulela. Arnold &i Sadie Hudkins. . , It was indicated that the tri probably will -continue until t middle of next week. ' Cronin has been at liberty u der $1000 bail since shortly aft ward the Jury at his first trl last January disagreed. 19 ' 'MS i ll J-1 1. J) r- u Everything nWely washed eweet. clean and sanitary, and water . THE WEATHER " Oiefon: Partly cloudy tonight: c1Jit( in south nd,.ea! portions; Suidyfulg moderate jo fresh npcihwftit ,wuid of coast. I AicainSuftV. temperetare- yenter-duy locally 4( degt;;minimum temperature lust, night. 32 degrees; .rainfall... 10 inches; river, i feet. Froan Colorado- . Mr. end Mrs. H.'teddle of Colorado arrived in Albany this week and have located at 1227 East Second street. They report they left 1 South Dakota on -account of the dust storms and from there went to- Colorado where .they met the ,r same condition and as a result decided to come to Oregon. - tnoreertily extracted. We Iron all Hat pieces, such as sheets, table f " It -i LJSJ f cloths, towels, pillowslips, etc. (lc teach for handkerchiefs). (Shirts In this wash will be finished for lfe teach.) ' Albany-Magnolia Laundry Phone 5 . Apr 4 a. ' r . ? '.S j ; t ( - . Theta Rho meeting ' The Theta Rho girls club will meet at 8 o'clock next Tuesday evening,' April 7. Joe Says: CT3T" POPULAR DANCE MOOSE HALL , Sat. , Kite. Music by Rhythf maniacs.. Benefit V. F. W. a4p emphasized the claim that Hults had attempted suicide. , On behalf of the state. District Attorney J. K. .Weatherford jr, said the state will attempt to prove by positive evidence that Cronln deliberately shot Hults, but that the youth had no idea of commit" ting suicide; that the circumstances are such he could not have done so, and that no one but Cronin could have fired the gun, inasmuch as there was no one else there to do it. " First witness for the state, Clcrm Peck, county surveyor, .was questioned upon his stirvey of the vicinity m which Hults was found lying wounded and blinded in a windfall pit on the aide of Blaln mountain near. Brownsville, - November 3, after having lain more than 36 hours amid snow and cold. Peck's testimony was designed to fix the location of the scene. Hults himself , was the second witness. , The 19-year old, youth told again the story of the hunting tup which ended so disastrously for him. lie reiterated his account of the wanderings of himself and his companion, Cronin, on their hunting trip in the hills south of Brownsville; of their .being overtaken by darkness and of Cron-in's alleged consternation. , Hults again insisted that he was not lost; that he was never in doubt as to their approximate location, but that he Judged it more expedient to rest in shelter for tlie night than to attempt to fight fheir way through the underbrush in the darkness. Hults had no fear of freezing to death, he testified, but ,on the other hand Cronin expressed such fear. After they had perceived the windfall pit, Hults crawled into it, behind the shelter of the roots of an uprooted tree, the witness said. Cronin, after pausing for t 'CO J linn miimnii i'i i v..i. ii i il To Put m Playlet The Albanv branch of the American Associatftm of University Women will put on a fellowship playlet Friday afternoon of next Visitors In Albany " Mr. and Mm. R. J. Williams of fDrilandwerc among thei visitors spending last night m Albany.- i .1. . f V , week at 8 o'clock over radio sta .a tion KOAC. Those to take part are , (Photos by Margaret Bourke-White; Copyright, 1936, NEA Se.rriee, ! Fast beconilng "the leader cf the oppOKitioa" In Congrets by -hi telling bttUes against admlnUtration measures, Senator Arthur If.! Vandenberg Is gaining inrroasiDg prominence ia the Held of po6sibla. Republican candidates for the presidency. Margaret Bourke-Whlte's candid camera here meals, in four striking studies, the ma who halted appropriations for the Florida Ship Canal, fore- -tailed them for the Maine Passamaquoddy project, and. who now is demanding a list of big beaeBcrarles under the abandoned AAA v t the moment when the administration is endeavoring to get Its new soil conservation-farm relief program under way. Ftom GtradaUw . Mrs. C. O. Keester, Mrs. E. C. Fish- -Air and Mrs-B J1. Roberts and er, Mrs. Daniel Freeman. Mrs. nan. w x... iwaiiern oi uienaaie, j rjoya Edwards, Mrs. J. Boyd rat- One, were visitors in Albany last terson and Mrs. Otto Lance. TODAY'S STOCK, GRAIN MARKETS duct the school would cost not less than $700. - "This would be quite a saving to taxpayers, and would at the same time give the pupils better educational advantages," Mr. Bennett said. Curtains Beautifully Washed. Starched and Dried to original sire. 'o hooks or pins. Edges straight. Eerued If desired, no extra charge, Albany-Magnolia Laundry. Phone 6f. Apr 4 MARKETS AT A GLANCE ftijf UaHMI fnai Stocks: Strong and fairly active; There would be. ru stop light? if cornm vrere not dangerous, ,,,, i . iit : J.'L Stuart IniTAffency T Nothing But Insurance ' put their stethoscopes to the chest. Wiesler again listened for heartbeat, the straightened up. In a toneless, even voice, he said: "This man is dead." The hands of the green and yellow clock more fitting for a boudoir than a death chamber which Headkeeper Mark O. Kimberling had . brought into the chamber, pointed to 8:47 '.4 p. m. Four guards lifted the body and hurried to the morgue. Thus Bruno Richard Hauptmann died but not the legend of the Lindbergh case. Hoffman's investigation of the RACE DRIVERS TO : HOLD SAFETY SHOW J Fish ia AUra L. P. Lenoard and Fred Hofliob ne planning to leave early Sunday morning lor Alsea on a fish-ng-trip. . - We-wash yeur Feather Pillows and Beds without removing the feathers and dry them with pure fresh air, and the constant artta-tlem In our New Process Dryer thoroughly dries- and sterilises every feather and renders the pillow' seft and fluffy.' Yoa Wttl be pleased. Albiny-MagnoNa ' Laundry Phone St.' Apr 4 WILL TO BE PROBATED Judge Barrett in probate court yesterday admitted the will of J. L. Welch to probate. The estate includes $2500 in personal property, to be divided among two hirs. John Duilam is named executor. HERE ON THURSDAY ". . , He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in. . ." Hauptmann's eyes were colorless as ice. The dark death chair stood out vividly against the white walls f the little room. ". . . Yea, Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. . ." The words in German, covered the sound of a thin, stoop-shouldered man who sloshed a sponge in a water pail. Robert Elliott, gray hair falling over his high, thin forehead, was preparing the electrodes. . Blue-uniformed guards grasped Hauptmann by each arm. Matthiesen and the Rev. John Goorley, prison chaplain, walked over and stood in front of the chair. Then it happened almost quicker than the eye could follow. Hauptmann paused almost imperceptibly. His heavy shirt was open at the neck, showing a white undershirt General Motors at new high since 1929. Bonds: Quiet and firm led by rails. Curb: Quiet and steady. Chicago Stocks: Irregularly higher. , Dollar: Slightly firmer. Cotton: Around 3 points lower, Rubber: Slightly higher. Tlie blast of a horn the grind of brakes the screech of rubber as ft grips cement-tha sudden death! This scene, all too common on highways and city streets today will be duplicated up to the very last part here next Thursday, April 10. it was announced today by J. B. Taylor, Montgomery Ward store Holmnn Visit " Rufus' Holman, state treasurer, and Mfs. Holman and Mr. Grif-Jith of the state land department Jvere Brief visitors in Albany last evening at the home of Mr.' "and Mrs. Frank Tuylor on their way to'Efugene. mystery will go on, he has announced, and C. Lloyd Fisher, stumbling down the from steps of the prison a few minutes after the execution exclaimed: "I'm not through with this case by a damn sight. It Is a travesty on New Jersey justice; a blot that will never be wiped out." - CHRISTIAN IDEALS DECLARED NEEDED manager, who told or a sarety show the company is sponsoring and which is free to the public. The show will be staged at 3:30 on at the throat. His clipped head gleamed white under the lights. First Street. Storks New York, April 4. A vast array of favorable news especially for the steel and automobile industries sent the stock market Into new high ground since April, 1931. today in accelerated trading. Tickers were several minutes late. A burst of buying centered on the leading industrial issues near the close. General Motors and Chrysler made new highs since 1929. U. S. Steel and Bethlehem Steel nnade new tops since 1931. Steel common gained more than 2 points while Youngstown Sheet & Tube was up nearly 4 points. Sales in the last hour totaled Gus Schrader and Lew Brown, famous racing drivers will give a His face was chalky, his mouth set. He walked carelessly, indifferently toward the chair. Two steps from it, the guards released his arms and Hauptmann THERE 10 A DIFFERENCE!!! Between the Ordinary City Directory and : 'I'',.' The New 1936 "Wrts.Mo" Business and Pirp&cssioftafl v Mffccttoiry demonstration on how to drive and how not to drive, showing the Visits at Newport Members of Omega Zeta fraternity of Albany, college are spending the week end at Newport and vicinity. Some of the members left yesterday and others today. (Continued from Fmk One) dangers of taking chances at the wheel. Jack Story, 'nationally known announcer, will describe strode ahead and sat down, his the show to onlookers over the hands on his knees. ". . . For Thou art with me," amplifying system. Matthiesen's voice intoned. "Thy .NMdvii. when i the- courM of human eve ; .We have' a hair cut for each member of the family. Try us. Terminal Barber Shop. a4-6 The safety show will provide 660,000 shares or nearly double the first hour's 350,000 shares. The thrills and instruction m good driving for the spectators. Prominent among the stunts will be a dramatic demonstration of ed. In Oregon since the first of the year in one month the sale of liquor totaled $600,000, he said. "In Chicago at the present time according to reliable Information," said Rev. Halbig, "14,000 minor girls are in the houses of prostitution in charge of the liquor dealers." . ' Preceding the address a program in charge of Ralph Knotts was conducted. It included an opening prayer; singing led by Dr. George J. Kenagy; saxophone solo by Helen Kook,' accompanied by "tunnel vision" or the inability to Portland Visitors . L. E. Day, A. Brown and C. L. Haley of Portland were business visitors spending last night in Albany. ", , . ' t see from the corners of the eyes, and a demonstration of the effects of glare at night. A prominent fea Now in the course of publication by The Albany Democrat-Herald From Cascadia Eaye Miller cf the Santiam fire control service and a candidate on the democrat ticket for county assessor, was an Albany business visitor this forenoon. ture oi ine snow win ue reutiu-meter. This machine measures accurately the amount of time necessary for a driver to react to danger. All onlookers will be Invited to test their own reaction times on this machine. ' Chloris Alexander; reading by Vernie Hicks; trombone solo by Lauren Karstens, aettmpanied by Miss Alexander, and two selec day's total of 1,010,000 shares compared with 656,780 shares last Saturday. Curb sales totaled 367,-000 shares, against 234,000 last Saturday. ' - The Dow-Jones industrial average closed at 161.50, up 1.41 points and a new top since 1931. The railroad average was at 49.07, up 0.49; utility, 32.65, up 0.20 and 70 stocks, 58.19, tip 0.51. Grain Chicago, April 4. New crop wheat futures rallied fractionally on the board of trade today, but May met renewed pressure and reacted to the lowest level since November. Winnipeg dropped to new seasonal lows, but rallied to to close with only moderate losses. At the close May was down cent, -while the new crops were Ik to , cent higher. Corn was up to off Vs cent, oats were unchanged to off cent and rye was 3b to cent lower. tions by the Evangelical quintet. TANGENT TO HAVE SERVICES rod and Thy staff they comfort me. Elliott watched the guards snap the strap across his right leg. Hauptmann looked straight ahead. Elliott's long fingers reached for the death mask suspended over Hauptmann's head. He fumbled it. He pulled it toward Hauptmann's head and fumbled it again. Hauptmann lifted his head for the first time. His chin tilted slowly up and he looked squarely at the mask as the executioner pulled it down on his head. Hauptmann's mouth ' moved Jerkily. His. lips twisted into a sneer which may have been intentional or merely muscular reaction. Then Elliott slapped the eye straps across his face and, hardly a second later, stepped back to the wall and whirled the wheel of death. The first signal of death was the forward shudder of Hauptmann's body, throbbing against the straps. There was a whir-r-r; then silence. The body fell back. His slim back to the chair, Elliott again whirled the wheel and again the 2,000 volts of electricity shot the body forward. Silence again. . . . Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. . ." i Making blankets look new Is one of .our specialties.' Colors brightened. S'o extra charge of carding. Albany-Magnolia Laundry. Phone 50. . Apr 4 Following the musical program, George Richards, president, presided over a business - meeting : Tangent, April 4. (Special) "Does Communion Have any value which included the discussion of for me as an individual?" is a question which Rev. Jouett P. a number of problems of interest to the general public. It was voted Bray will attempt to answer at to hold nother meeting just prior the Tangent Methodist Church to to the primary- election and invite Fioklin Convicted ,v:,.Lyle jficklirti a former resident jlf .Albany ancj a former mayor ;of Kalama.j Wash.,., was fpund guilty at Kelso by a superior court jury on two counts pn statutory the candidates and members -of morrow morning. The Epworth league will ' meet at 7 p.m. and services will, also be held, at 8 p.m. other brotherhoods of the county to attend. SO THAT WILL NOT BE CONFUSED ' ' ' 10 I . i, ' - ' "v ' ' Let us'enTphasiS!c fhe'fact that th "WHO'S WHO" Business birectory is 'a compilation only of the representative Business Firms, Professional Men and Women, and the Organizations and Institutions of Albany and lArm County. . It is a ' coperativcork 'undertake by the publishers as In community service, to supply the general public with a handy, up-to-date reference guide of the business , and professional structure ef the County :M it exists today. . , .. , ., j. The 1036 "Who's Who" Business directory WILL NOT1 BE SOLD. '""It Will have widespread circulation and will be distributed absolutely FREE to all who desire a copy. This means that hundreds of Directories will be placed throughout the County Into the hands of the householders whom progressive merchants . and. professional people desire to reach. ' ... , ', ... , , In addition to the Classified an alphabetically arranged list of Manufacturers Busir ness houses and Professional interests, it will contain, a wealth of useful Information pertaining to the community In general that will prove Invaluable through the year as a reference guide. There will be no display advertising of any Rind in the book. ' BOARD TO HEAR DISTRICT'S PLEA HAUPTMANN CALM AS DEATH COMES (Continued from Pi One) (Continued from I'm One) as that of Franklin Butte, The A piece of paper rustled. Then a third whir-r-r and Hauptmann's body lay limp against the chair. A little plume of smoke drifted total cost involved in such an arrangement as is contemplated. to myself," he said softly in German. , Silently, h6 knelt on the cement floor beside a cot stripped even of its bedding. His head, clipped to tne superintendent said, should be not more than $355 for tuition upward from the dried sponges on and transportation, whilp to con- the right leg and from the helmet. "... and I will dwell Jn the receive the electrode of death. IS house of the Lord forever," glistened in the light of an over head Duib. Hauptmann prayed. ' For almost 10 minutes the man who knewJie was without hone Matthiesen's voice shook. Elliott lifted the eye strap and peered at the dead man's eyes. The face was turning a pale green. said his last prayer silently. 0mq The executioner pulled aside the heavy shirt and undershirt to leave The functions of a BUSINESS DIRECTORY, wHh iU widespread distribution and a City Directory' wHh U limited circulation, covers two separate and distinct fields. . , The BUSINESS DIRECTORY enables the householder to select sad find, the bosmess house with whom be wishes to deal or the professional services he requires,' without loss,, of time. ' The City Directory provides the merchant with a list of prospective ctstomera within his trading area. Both directories are needed In Albany, which ha Tbeen without directory facilities for to long. Their publication will be appreciated by every ritlsei of th community. inen ne lilted his face to the light. The shadows of the cell bars fell sharply across his face. In the death " house corridor the chest bare. Dr. Howard Wester put a stethoscope against the chest. Dr. stood two guards. Charles Mitchell, the county cor oners physician who performed "Now I m ready, Hauptmann said. He got to his feet, the right Ice :'. the autopsy on the Lindbergh bnby, and four other doctors also of hisr brown trousers flapped. It was split lor the electrode. Hauptmann reached out . his USE CHINESE HERBS WHEN OTHERS FAIL EASILY MADE COAT-FROCK KEEPS TINY TOTS TIDY Pattern 2534 Has Mary-Jane outgrown her last summer's frocks? Then it's time to replace them with new ones of the self-help type, like this adorable coat-frock. Quickly buttoned by the small wearer, or off to school ,with practically no help from Mother, thus an all-around time-saver. Mother, or the one who makes the frock, is thankful in .more than one. way, for it's an unusually easy pattern to follow, and easy to keep freshly laundered and ironed. What kiddie couldn't help 'but be proud of such a noble fronting of pleats, crisply starched and action-loving? Accompanying bloomers are on in a jiffy and make the frock doubly wearable. Choose broadcloth, percale, or other cotton. Pattern 2534 is available in sizes 2, 4. 6r 8 and 10. Size 6 takes 3 yards 36 inch fabric. Illustrated step-by-step jewing instructions included. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) in coins or stamps (coins preferred) for this Anne Adams pattern. THIRTY CENTS (30c) for both. Write plainly name, address and stvle number. BE SURE TO STATE SIZE. Be sure to order OUR SPRING PATTERN BOOK for smart new clothes that'll fit you and your needs to -a MT"! Gay, practical frocks to cheer you at wbrk. Lovely party frocks and sports clothes to flatter you at play. Collars, blouses, skirts for multiplying cos-tumps. Chic slenderizing styles. Patterns for tots. Fabric, and accessory news. PRICE OF BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS. BOOK AND A PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Address orders to Democrat-Ueifcid, Fatlera Department. hand to a guard. Neither spoke. Three other guards shook his hand. Plan to stay awhile when yoe visit the New Exposition... TSefe's much to see in San Diego "We are ready." one guard told him. The man who had 30 paces yet to walk shook hands with the min ... ,,,,, i ' Because of this need the Democrat-Herald is asking t)ie support and co-operation of the business and professional interests of. theity in, publishing this representative Business Directory. .i. ... ; . , I A nominal listing charge of $3.00 is. being made for. including a. card in this work. While no personal rolicitation can be made, an invitation will be extended to every Merchant, professional man and woman and each organization and institution to participate In. trie publication of tills representative Directory. , ; . ; v , , IF YOl'R NAME IS NOT. LISTED IN THE PI10NE BOOK AS A BUSLNESS TELEPHONE OR IF YOU WISH FERTIIER PAbTIdULARS REGARDLVG THIS IMPORTANT PUBLICATION, , , a '. ( , RATES isters. Charlie Chan Chinese Herbs Remedies are non-poisonous, their healing virtue has been tested hundreds of years in following chronic With the Rev. John Matthiesen. i 4- Y JSHl ! ujin his spectacles almost dropping off io'S: his nose, in the lead, they turned toward the steel door beside which h i Tftti M T " 2534 1 . r i Hauptmann had lived for more A t A O ( COfTU WO than a year. rri -C The guards said quietly: i "Goodbye." Hauptmann didn't reply. . Not a single condemned man in the death house spoke to Hauptmann. . ailments. 8. B. Font Throat, sinusitis, catarrh, ears, lungs, asthma, chronic cough, stomach, gall stones, colitis, constipation, diabetes, kidnays, bladder, heart, nerves, neuralgia, , rheumatism, high blood pressure, gland, skin sores, male, female, children disorders S. B. Fong, 8 years practice in China, Herb Specialist, gives relief after others fail. 139 E. lira eU Albany, Or. Office Hours: Sunday and Wednesday 11 a.m., to 2 p.m. Call 430 or 431 Directory Dept. B ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD 7 ' '4 Matthiesen's voice rose clearly above the soft shuffle of feet on the corridor floor. "The Lord is my shepherd. . The door opened a crack. "... I shiU not want." Hauptmann stood on tlie thres hold ol 'dealt. , Ski,. tjt . X-

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