Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on April 1, 1936 · 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1936
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286520 r PAGE THREE " THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1,1936 dio where she wasn't known. She a r said it as much to convince herself as Tim. How long will you be gone?" , 3 1 we, by the proper preparations in advance, keep them from being the uncontrolled curse they are now? "Oh, just a few days." He looked EnUt4 t Alhanr. Oman, BMrtoffle M had a list from the Modtls' League and there were several on it that she hadn't visited, but she hated to be away from the. apartment. She thought possibly some word ' might come from Tim. down at her, smiling. "Think you mwIIm k)L Maaabar Unit Tnm aa XBA Nxrc San EaUalUM ltW. Milan and fubltobtn APRIL FOOL He hadn't said anything about calling her over long Distance, Dm still Toby thought he might. Not MORE POLITICAL CONFUSION I V J ( iJ A '' ' i: X ' we GET THE ' ." d: (8 POLITICAL . 7 A 111 . I PARTY UNES- yy i V t y v! ! TRAiGTep ' J , , ; ; f V. X Vj V-" OUT, WClA Us-'.. k- T - HAVET0CET f. 1 -VvV- ' If-x rJ classification! iv: nHiiyo , ?t I '' 'T fil1! PLACE OF THE YUU ' SX' IV) TERM, 'SILK" rkll V V that there was any reason lor it. be able to look at her himself, di csn't lie? Hu doesn't want every other follow within a mile looking at her us lhmgh he couldn't take his eyes away. I thought I'd bet-ler get out of there before I got into a row" The idea of Tim being drawn into a light because of her was horrifying to Toby, but with it came a surge of relief. It hadn't been because of Carol Marsh that Tim had wanted to leave the Seville Club! Catol hadn't had a Imnt to do with it. It was because of Toby hciscli becuuse Tim was m devoted to her, "wanted Iter to himself," he said. She raised shining eyes. "I didiVt know anyone was staring at use," she said, "but, oh, Tim, I'm Just to assure her that he was all right and would be home soon. No, you're not going to get stung if you read this. At least that is not our intention. The following is merely the best explanation we can find as to why .you are afraid you are going to feci foolish before you finish. Harriet s Iiun J , Clyde Sabin, oru-n will miss me? "I might." "So that's all you've got to say. is it? You might! That's how I kland with you " a a a She loved having him rail at her like this. She said, 'Well. I expect it will be sort of lonely." "That's better! Though I doubt if you mean it. .You'll be stepping out with some other fellow I" "Tim, you know I won't!" "Listen, don't think you can fool me. 1 know yo .r tricks, young woman. You're i.jt putting a thing over on me" It ended with fioth ot them called her when he was out of town. ' In (he first place, no one seems to know just how April Fool or All Fools Iuy started. Generally lUBKUmON BATES DEUVEHED BY CAB&1EB OM 9MT. . la tUM tl.M la Boat), ia advaaet !.: On aaoat. la aaVaac W Y MAIL Llaa. tWata. Varioa, Laat aa4 Llawla MDtUa. 9a . la advana .............. IS.M la BMAtka, la a4vaaa t.ZI Tar awatka. la aaWaa .......... Oa avtti. la advanc M Hall EawaWra la 0. B. A. Oh ar, la adtraao MM tla MMtfca. la aaVaa Ml On aoaata, a avae M fvt oy, aa train aa aawwtanda . . . .H , la ankrtaff rbaaraa af attma aubarrft. ar ahaaW aWaa a-fe Ud a a raklteaal Daltf Ee4 Buadai Ta Daawciat-BeraM ruMlahUa Ca.. Ia, a laatptadaat AfWraoe Nawapaptt M. C. Iwmm A Co, National AaW Mates Bipiwnnthna, it is believed that the event had its glad we came away. i fit i lib lUist i . a i mm i w i l i i "So m I. Now, how about treating it as a jjke. which made Part of the time Toby argued with herself that she was suie to hear Irom Tim. At other times she made excuses for him. Why should he write or call when he was only to be gone a tew days He hadn't been definite about it. She didn't anow it "a lew days" meant two or three or even tour. Surely it couldn't be more tnan that! . The first duy dragged to a close and the second went even more slowly. Harriet, coming in late in the aiternoon, saw Toby curled up on the davenport, a discarded magazine at her feet. origin in the festivals attending the beginning of the new year, which on ancient calendars started on April 1. This is not specific, it easier for Toby It was so mucn ft better not to bt serious, not to show how she rtally felt. At the however, and is only a guess. It is known that the inhabitants enuance of the apartment she asked, "When did you say You were leaving. Tim?" of India have for many centuries He hadn't said, but now he told been accustomed to playing her. "Early in the morning . I won't call you because you'll be pranks on each other during the feast of Huli, which takes place WHAT CAN WE DO? asleep. Then I won t see you again? " i te ii I -.- Harriet knew that Tim was away, though Toby hadn't told her whete he'd gone, bne thought Harriet might be inclined to criticize it she knew. Harriet semed to "Not for a few days. I'll give during the last week in March and ends March 31. It is also known that April 1 has you a ring as soon as I get back.' "loci's go there. I'd rather go theie any place I know." So they went to Alfredo's, and, sitting at one of the softly lighted (able, dancing to the same music they had danced to before, .Toby Kit again the magic oi that earlier evening. She forgot about CUrol M.ush; forgot that, even for a moment, she Had known the sharp pains ot doubt. a Toby said little. It was enough to Iook up and see Tim beside her, to catch his smile and smile back at him. She thought he looked especially handsome tonight t'hougn, of course, Tim was always handsome. She listened to everything he said and made suitable answers, but when he was not peaking she semcd to be in a world apart a world of happiness and beauty and music that went on and on without ending. Alfredo paused at their table She put a hand on his arm. "un. think Tim should have a job. been anciently observed in Great Tim, 1 will miss you!" i Hello,' Harriet said, taaaiig off, Britain as an occasion for festiv "And 1 11 miss you, Gorgeous. her hat and tossing it on a cnair. ity, but the fooling feature did not But it's only a tew days. Now I'd better be getting along. Got to get up early, you know" come into vogue in England until What's new?" "Nothing. "Anyone call me while I was away?" 'Tim, take care or yourself." He laughed.. "Ot course I will." "But something might happen." "no. "Well," said Harriet, "I've got Her face was serious. "You'll be driving and sometimes there arc news lor you. 1 stopped in at the League on ice to get that check they've been holding for me." accidents. Terrible things huppen. Oh, you must be careful!" Toby wasn much interested. . With 400,000 persons thrown out of .'employment by the eastern floods,, the federal relief problem is aggravated and its needs augmented at the very time when it was hoped that the relief load might shrink. . - .. '' Perhaps this additional unemployment will be but temporary, but for the time being it is acute and demands relief action. While the Hood-caused unemployment is apart from that born of the depression, the two types are similar in this respect bota re the result , of forces which aeerri to be beyond the scope of human control. ,There isn't a great deal that can be' done about a flood for instance. When the snow lies banked deep in ;the, mountains, piled up hi huge i ; drifts along every watershed, waiting to be touched off by the spring rains so that every- litUe creek becomes a min 'Listen, Gorgeous, I'm going to but she waited tor Harriet to go be all right! Now you run along and Tim assured him that everything was as it should be. Toby's neat t "eenoed the words. Oh, yes, indeed. Everything was as it on. wen ' and get your - beauty sleep and Well, I thought you might like stop worrying about me. will you do that" should be. Everything in the whole to know that you wont have to worry about your 1 friend, Carol the last century. The Scotch have a cute way of making fools out of people on April 1 by sending them out to hunt "gowks" or cuckoos, which explains the now common association of the word "cuckoo" with foolishness. This is all quite vague and not deeply informative, but it is sufficient to say that, we have April Fools' day for the purpose of having fun as long as the other guy is the one who gets fooled. This is fun at any time, but April 1 furnishes a conscience-salving excuse. So you have been fooled only if you expected to find out exactly what it is all about. Anyway you found out why, if someone disagrees with us, we call him "cuckoo." "Yes, if you'll promise" "All right. I'll promise you X world! It was not until they were on their way home that anything won't be in any accidents. Does that satisfy you" Marsh, lor a while. Hetty Turn-bull was there, talking to Sally and I heard her say .tnat Carol's out of town. She's gone to a house-party in Maryland." ; happened to change ' her mood. Then it came very suddenly. He took her in his arms then and Tim said, "By the way, I won't kissed her, and for a moment she (To Be Continued ) be seeing you for a day or so. I It was ridiculous. It couldn't be It was ridiculous true ' ' clung to him. Toby said, "Oh, Tim" and then smiled brightly. Friend of mine has asked ttte to drive down to Maryland with him. He's got a place there he's been determinedly. "It's all right. Roux Shampoo Tint She waited silently while Tim got into his coat. Silently she went ahead of him out ot the street. Itl had been rainini! and there were know nothing's going to happen. Civet Graying Hair 1 know you'll come back soon wanting me to see ; "Oh!' It was a foolish little ex "That's the girl. Good night. 8Y LAURA LOU BROOKMAN ij6 NA Sm. fc - I little puddles on the sidewalk; The tlamation. Toby went on quickly. iature Mississippi when that happens, there is going to be a flood somewhere, and about all we Gorgeous. "Good night, Tim." , hoping Tim had not noticed it. ou t e going?" aomewhat uislurbro one wnmu wnrn, ahortly aftrr their arrival t the fashionable Seville Club, Tim imifts on IravinK. cold, damp air strueK ner cnecKs; it was refreshing. "Lklcn, Gorgeous " Tim was beside her. ' How'd you like to go Perhaps they are hoping they won't have to execute Hauptmann before he dies of old age. After all, it was only for a few "Well, 1 can't very well get out of it. You see, he's asked me a can do is to hold our breath, get rowboats ready and hope that things won't be so bad. days. Toby reminded herself of a lustrous, Natural "Young Look" that all ' " Admire NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY before. And to Alfredo s you know, where wc couple or times v went the first night we had dinner thought the trip might be good for BEGIN HERE TODAY TOBY RYAN. 19. work brhind th Jewelry counter of a lnc Mnhttn dc-partmtnt atore. Sbe pou for a photograph to be uwd in a tore advertiivment and MARTY WATT, the photographer, tell her h hi a "camera" fare. Ducharged from the atore due to the eeheming of Jealou MAL'KINE HALL, Toby hu difficulty finding another job. Then b meet Marty Hmtt and he lenda ber to BEN BLAKE, manager of a model agency. Toby regiatera at the agency, ae- this several times the following day. She told herself she had been going out too much anyhow, and a rest would be good for her. He-sides, there were things that she me. i ve oeen iticKing arouiia town CJfAi ir.u , together? I'd like some place that Toby fought back the hateful, i m'i ns big as a circus tent. Where Similarly, the creeping paralysis of an,' industrial depression seems to' be' something that we don't know how to check. We can see it pretty close lately." Spring's here. April fool. STETTER RITES HELD Funeral services for William Stetter, a business man of Albany for manv years who died March 27. "Yes , Toby agreed. "II m sure the outrageous thought. There was I can have you to myself. I dont want tvery man in signt staring could do sewing and mending and the reading she'd been intend it will be good tor you. What sort of place is it, Tim where you're coming, just as. we can see the at you" . "Oh.. Tim, they weren't! no reason, she told herself, to connect Carol Mursh with Tim's sudden change of nvood. Why, he ing to get at and hadn t. going were held Monday afternoon flflf fuming. Things begin to pile found the headwaters of our But when she started a task she "Down on the Eastern Shore. eurea work aa a model. "Weren't they? Maybe you did soon found herself doing some' r't notice it, but I did. It got on my : Just an old house that has been in At a atyle ahow where ahe ia modeling' scarcely knew Carol. He'd mnde New An Oil $Q.S0 Permanent - - , WALKER'S ' Barber and Beauty Shop Shoe shining In Connection IIS Lyea 8U I IfaoM I7IX atrial system goods are pro ahe meeta CAROL MARSH, rich thing else. She was restless, un na that clain when Tobv lind snokei ' nerves, enobbiah. She alao aeea wealthy TIM u.,- I,,.,., K,if.,,'n Whir ..l-wtiilrl ch,.i 'Ttm wn tVint h rnficnn Vnil able to settle down to anything. It trom the rortmuler iuneral home, with Dr. M. M. Stocker, pastor of the First Presbyterian church officiating. The singers were Glenn Willard, Mrs. Roy Worlcy, Mrs- J. O. Arthur and Miss Ada Pratt. Interment was made in the River- tnts khow s tamny lor years ana years. Near some little town I forget the name of it. He's got some horses there, too. May get to JAMIESON who baa beea trying for aonw : imagine now that it was because j wanted to leave? Really?" !Tim hurl spn Purnl iinrl hrr i Hn w.ia ciimnlntelv cnori-natur- time to pcrauade her to dine with him. was surely perverse fate that fur the first time in weeks she had verv little work. She didn't feci diceci a little;. last er than we can digest,. 'them, prices rise out of all proportion to, earnings, productive capacity is banked up beyond the capacity of . our ordinary channels For a week Tim ahower her with at- do some riding." tentiona and Toby admita to hrrwlf that i mends tlibt ne was in sucn a ca now. "veij, nc saw, ; WI.CH a ' like going out and culling at stu That will be fine." Toby ahe i falling in love with him. she u'huiry to leave the bevUie L'luu 'leilow a girl out no warns 10 ISlde cemeterv. The nallhrarprs were Gus Harder, Glenn Willard, Win, Hoflich, G. A. Flood, L. L. Swann and Wm. Foster. , ,',V, . t'" . . ' r- -.' if! ATTEND FATHER'S FUNERAL Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Morgan of R. F. D. No. 4. Albany, and their daughters, Ruth and Helen, went to Independence Monday to attend the funeral of James Morgan, 82, J. W. Morgan's father, who died at a Dallas hospital Saturday. James Morgan is survived by his widow, three sons and a daughter. The daughter is Mrs, Pearl Johnson, Independence. The sons are J. W., North Albany; Jess K. Morgan, Klamath Falls and J. E. Morgan, Portland. ta accommodate it. v'And then, presently, we have a depression. Like the flood, it finds us utterly unable to erect an effective barrier. It iif.indates thriving industries, produces the same sort of stagnation brought on by high waters, and washes men by the thousands out of their jobs and homes. . ' When a flood strikes, we never doubt that it is the duty of society as a whole to care for the victims and to do everything that may be jjiohe to get the wheels turning normally again. And we are beginning to learn that the same thing" is true with regard to a depression. But we had to take a fearful beating to ., The parallel goes eveh farther. Our engineers tell us that we could dp muchi on a long-range program ;to prevent floods by ritoston control, by reforestation, by ''he' construction of dams and reservoirs, and so on. Isn't the Same true of depressions? Can't STUFFYRHEAD A few drops up rich nostril teducts swollen membranes, clears away clogging; mucus, brings welcome relief. I J , jii'ajaaw w .w,. . . ai aaj ;s .-..-'. J s mT w M M BaV m M jm faf B M VlCKS VATRO K0L 30( double quantity SOc TXf..-. ..:,. T " flak' ' ,4 ...:.,,:.:.:-.. fflBt ?-Vwa ' h. J V A Keep up Your Sloiiic to Preserve itsTaliie! Tour home poeeeaee more attract-ivcneea and comfort, aa well aa alus and aalability, when you keep it in good repair and up to dale. That ia why. ao many alert home owner are taking advantage of our Home Modernisation Loan plan torarry through repair and remodeling project at thia time, when condition fur huild-' ing are ao favorable. .' lHailr abat mmr Laaa Plan This practical, convenient plan has many obtioua advantageat i Monthly payment. 9 Reasonable interest, ' V Three rears to pay. Ijoant from $100 to $2000. 9)orerm Repair. Remtttlelinf. I want my cigarette mild, ot course I hardly think anybody enjoys a strong cigarette. But deli vcr me from the flat, insipid kind. I find a great deal of pleasure in Chesterfields. They're mild and yet they seem to have more taste and aroma. I enjoy them. Get full detail todav. km ak altout our Mortgage Loan plan. J. C. Irvine, Manager K. S. Miller,' Asst. Mgr. Albany Branch They Satisfy, .just about all you could ask for ol the United States National Ilauk OPPOSITE POST-OFFICE Hrad Office, Portland, Orrgan i usiii riorni Btrour mi ixrr tnf nmtini

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