Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 31, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1936
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v I',;,- 'f ii'tMM TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE NEW TODAY B grade tic C grade S3c The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. r i Pioneer Soldier 11 ' 1 1 4) :-- ---( BIUHE8T Qt'AI.ITT FRI'lt AN NUT troes. ehruh. ruse bur bes, thsde trass. Ji set ftr grit list Settle aclic Bros. Nurseries. Rt a. Albanr nJI-lf 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS RATER AKM INFORM ATlftM SHEEP Lamb ..I8.23UI. Portland Market Review - Count sis a vera re words to the line. ! I Anawrr to rreTloi.PtiI II Indigo. Portland. Ore.. March 81. Mutter and POI BALK 4-WK. OLD WHITI LEG. horn mini delivered In Albany Iota of JO or nor, 4e es. Ceo. Keen. 2I-F-2, Rt. I. Eaat Km Bull. n3l FOR 8A1X-MIXED JEH8EV A lil'tRN. ejr bull, t yr. old. C. U. Roth, I'hoiw 2. F-4. m3l-2 egg prices were unrksnged todsy. JE.iDiW.AiRioJ Prlers ajuoted beluW art too pre-railing at U 'shark . . ee day of puMiearUoe, and are Mkjeet b akaassj at any hear thereafter. OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at pwwaoa'a Drug Store. marlti WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH Oregon triplet cheese dropped one-hall cent a pound. Further advaare in price of both old advanced without Interest M. Bender and new potatoes Is confirmed. Old Des ADS MORI TRAM TWO LINES I time, per word 4 I consecutive times, per smrtf , . . . le f consecutive times, per word ...... "e Month, eonsweutive limes, per word 3lkc READERS Count five average words to lias. Set 'in caps double count. Per line, first Insertion, toe ; per line each addl. liunal insertion, 13c Card ef Thanks, trie. - COPY DEADLINES Classified ooa must be la office before 11 :M e'rivck on day of publication. Copy for Thursday must b la before f KM) a. m. for classified page. I I 'mi If yuur ad appeare incorrectly, soti-ly Immediatels. W aeeept restioti. tibilily for an Incorrect insertion. HON! ADVERTIHICMKNTS A 01 will be taken over the telephone or by mall. This done for the roa-venienre of the advertiser, and remittance ihould be mailed upon the reeeli.t of invoice. Minimum I LL t time SSs M'aimum 2 I.i I time ......4 Minim I LL ( times ........ 85e Minimum t Li. Muath 12.40 . Pkene II - Co. mio-sl BOOSTERS FOB I A LB AT THI ABK chutes have moved to a new high at 82 LOCAL GRAIN M. Benasra a Co. WHEAT) No. I hile. Mj red and to retailers. New Florida and Hawaiian 14 Eiig R ranch every Than. 11.00 per 100. Also few koadnrd chick for the CA8H FOR VOIR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR Market, Paoaa 1331. Lebanon, Ore. ntet are both da vs need. Spinach hi scarce and higher. last of April aad Bronie poulu ani week III Juno. L. E. Arnold, Lebanon, Ore., Phone 1421. m31-al Advance ef 14c in refined sugar I now uiiiirgOTifiy ElUEiA TML AlTHrVAiMnflv 01 Kit vn i airTlT TIN feCfSjs Ie Tv eJd AXiMn S CSfololR nrvomt. N.P Tit TIEIA 15 It I Uft mind. 1 fcuaheL - ' BARLEY I Hansen. 121.04) tea. OATS i White, No. 1. 313.00 ; gray No. I, 3J4.K; gray feed ISO. tea. ,. WOOL effective. Lettuce market Is weaker with prli being hsded. 4e WRITS LEGHORN BABt CHICKS, CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL crowns, bridges, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc F. M. French A Sou. Jewelers. dSOtf (10(. RniM for eelHac la having to Good cabbage fa) held firm up to 3e lb. Wool, per pound .,30e Mohair, pw pound ................ ..We move. Homer Bault, Lebanon, Ore., rare Rose. Swink. Rt S. mil Small avscatloea am higher. Livestock IIOniZONTAI, 1 Type of New Knglandrr of the lsih entury. Thejr wert tlllins. 14 nomia dtjr. 15 Garbed. 17 Tertiliilnr o sir. 18 Female sheep. 19 Vnetuoua, J0X. 21 Welghller. 23 Withdraws. 28 Slelghi. SO To make mend. 34 Japanese gateway. 35 Ascended. 3 Incited. . 37 Performed. 3 8 To slander, 44 Accomplice. Aaparagus la perhaps a trifle weaker to SI Genoa of ' sables. 22 Person Inside. 24 Verbal enigma. 15 Slim. 27 Ship's record. 2 Unit of work. 29 To perish. SI Twitching. 32 Hops kiln. ; 33 Born. 3 Song for one vote. 40 Bell sound. 41 Hew. 1 42 Hair. 43 Silkworm. 44 Snake. ' 45 Leguminous plant. 44 Weight allow- , anco. 47 Moldings. 48 Auditory, : MErery. (3 South Carolina. (4 Northeast. . , MEAT8 . (D. K. Nehergslt Meat Cs.) CATTLE . lower. WAKTKD EXPERIENCED RETAIL . grocery aalesman, well qualified as show card writer and sign painter; Stole particular regading gualiricatioDS In .pli-cation. Address ilox 1348, care Dimuc rat-Herald. mSt-a2 CASH PAID FOR V8ED FURNITURB. etc. "Look in your attic." Chaa. Bohr, bough A Soa, 411 W. First St, Jl-tf SHEEP TO TRADE FOR lM LB. MARK or will pay cash. Freeman Morton, Rt 1, Lebanon Oregon. 1 ; mSO-al FATING CASH WOOL. 14es MOB AIR, 4e: Zimmerman wheat, Hie; any loea-tiona. Sollinat Katahdin eeed potatoes, Ji, and Se. Phono 113, Farmers' Beed Aect.. Brownaville, Or. - mJil-a:i 49 Over. 60 To rub out. 1 S3 To decay. 2 (3 Scoria. 1 Steer ..I4 004J10 Heifers ' I.Oil.OO VERTICAIi Mualcal aote. Thought. . Tiding. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK By U. 8. Dept. f Agriraltare) IS For Rent, Houses, Apt. Portland. Ore.. March 81.-Hogs i Re Bulla 3.001 4. tt Cows, beer 3.0v4.0u FOR SALE S-VR. OLD BIG GELDING : or will trade for raw. A. P. Kudrna, Rt. I, Ail-any. on 4 corners north Knox Butlr. J; -- , OC8-S1' 84 Plot of (round. .4 SS Ireland. 8 Comumes. Gaelic. Cows, cutters, l.Mt,l ceipts 180 ; rather slow ; Heady-week i guod-choice lightweight driveln 310.74ft) 10.31; heavies 310.24; light Hunts 3I0.2SU 10.40; WRITE LEGHORN COCKERELS BY Thur. and Krl. delivery. l per UMI. Bring boxes. Jenks Hatchery, Tangent, Ore.. Phoae 4-r-ll. , mal-s. FOR ' RENT 4 ROOM NICELY FUR-nishrd aid. II. Dukhoha, 434 Daker St. m3D packing aows 38.2841 8.74 ; feeder pig 67 Some wer : 4 enrolled as -7 Heath. Striped fabric, 110.2641 10.74. OUTSTANDING FARM BUT 17! Al'MC 1 mile from town 1SS acraa cultivated, thia farm on payment at 3' per fair farm bid. Frire IWOO.M ran buy cent - TrasV Forrland Bona for Albany. ... Loana On Farms. ' C M. DOLLARHIDE CO. mlt-tf Cattle) Receipt (0; calves 131 quality NICE I NU RMriHEO I AND 1-ROOM apt, for rent. Apply 14 W. 3rd St. Cap. B. Bailey. mSO-al Fiber knots. To Talus; Tegular mllltii t In days. 10 RENT t-RM. HOUSE. CARAGE, GAR- den. fruit VJil E. )nd. Call 61" E. Znd. ; mSl-aS plain ; slow, steady ; no good fed steers of. ;. hogs ;: 130 to 1M pound .......... ..I S.i 100 to 21 pound 9.2R? 10.1 210 to 230 pounas ,., i.TStf t.13 240 to 860 noondi ............ t.KH 0 00 800 pound up i.OOM 1.73 Sows (.0041 .(0 .8HUEP Lambo 17.10431.10 Ewea I.OOU3.00 Wages. 8 S They ' wero 11 NOTICE CALE MONTGOMERY, WHO are advertising In this paper for worthless homes aad row, are in no way connected with , my place. ' Cecil Montgomery, i mi4-a2 DEAD AND WORTHLESS HOR8ES AND cow picked up free of charge anywhere. Phone collect I4-P-I4. Albany. If no answer. Phone ll-F-4, Corvsllis. mU-tf fered, quotable to 38.34) common-medium heifers 14.4041.7.00; low cutter and cutter cows 33.0O4r4.40 ; common-medium cow 34.O0ti4.SO; good beef cow quotable to summoned on 111 minute's .11 Sea eagle. To accomplish. FOR RENT MODERN APT, MEAT. elee. refrigvrdtor. Call at - W, 3rd. Phone 248. ' dlMI 34.34; bulla around 34.28tiA.74i medium FOB SALE ATTBACT1VB BUNGALOW residence In Sunrise. Hi arm ground. 40 Mt and fruit trees, lame chicken how, douole garaae, fin water. Inquire of K. B. Schorl. m31-2 good vealcrs 18.004) 0.80; choice quotable to ELLSWORTH APT. HEAT.' OVER. stuffed furniture.. Ph. M. oi Eilswwrth. I leanings .....,....... e.evi.uv VIII. 310.40. RIVER BOTTOM. TENNESSEE DISTRICT north of Lebanon with running water. 60 acres with s acres Etlcnburg Strawberries and I acre Marshalls with some raspberries. 40 acres under culivatlon. balance pasture along creek with wood lot. Six room house with running water, fair barn and out buildings. All choke bottom hind with Immediate poaanualoa for only 1100 per acre oa term of halt cash, bal Sheep: Receipts SO; nominally Heady; choice fed lamb quotable to 310.40; good-choice drlvelns around SlO.OOty 10.24 1 few Personal 33 WANTED FOR CASH-OLD OR WORTH-Iras horses and rows; also dead animals if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery, Phone collect SS-F.12, Corvallis. mlt0-al3 MODERN 4-ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT. Inunire 43V Montaomery St, Albany. ril-aS good spring lambs 311.00 ; common-medium lamb In alight demand at 3.00( 10.24: STOMACH ULCER, GA8 PAINS, AND ance I pears per cent". good-choic ewva IS.S04i4.00. INDIGESTION victims, why suffrrT For CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old calves. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany, Cecil Montgomery. ml4-lf Far Gesd Land See Trip a M sep by Rsahsrc mSI-tf THE Plimiirc tTrnivrji quick rellaf get free gift packet of Udga. a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson' Drug Store. -' ' m24-aJI4 The following Driers were named ta he FOR BALE IS EWES AND LAMBS. AL-fred Citroen, Rt, 8, Albany, Ore. ' ---- bol-nl WANTED MARRIED MAN EXPERI-enred dairyman, non-smoker preferred. L, C. WillUimon, CorvaJIU, RL 1. Reel, aenoe. Well. 31-aS-S effective today i 8 For Sale, Wood and Coal 13 For sale. Miscellaneous 22 Situations Wanted Butter i Cube extras, 29c; standards 28er prime f lists 28c; first 28c lb. Cheese; Oregon triplets 14',c; loy I4',e lb. Brokers will pay 44 cent below GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELIV-ered In any length, Lester Chilcote. 10 GOOD TRAILER FOR BALE. GALE JA-ket, Shedd. Rt. 1 . m30-31 Br "J" & T - T" io ii ? " " TT IT" " """"""' IF" """" " "" is" " "7" i " "JT T "T" T T " """" 1ZIEZ y - ZIII : .- ' - ,4, : 'N----- 53 3 "" "" iT" "7" "S?1 " SA "" " " " 6&" " iX ssssa assaJLaasi asssaa aBsssaLass aaaBBsLaaass ' Llee 1He Dressed ...... l2M,c . POULTRY (Swift a Company) No. 1 hrnsw4'? to lb. ..17c No. 1 hens, over t lbs, 17c No. I mediant bars, over V lb. ....He No. t medium hsni. Under 3S lb 14c Colored awrlnga ......I'Je No. 1 broilers, m to t Iba. .14o Roosters .....7e Stag ...le EGGS All Price Ark Delivered Albany Cases Retaraea - Rxtraa 18c Standards l"c Extra medium .Ie Standard medium ,,,.,.I3c Brown extras ...le Dirty extra .........17 Undergrade 13c Pullets 12c Pee wee ....10 .. VIAL Live St FORD EQUITY (2H FOR SALR CHEAP. Wak' Shoe Shop, 21T Lyon 8U m28-a3 Ssntism Rd. Phone "34-R. J20-U quotation. Eg: Produce Exrhans auutattnna h. 30 Miscellaneous Classified THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICK. Claude Wright, phone 266-J, 38 E. th St m20-tf twsen dealers: Extra large 18e; itandarda WANTED WOOL a MOHAIR Cah advanced on contract. No interest charged. We always pay market price. See us before you sell. SAM FRAGER Albany Bargain House, Cor. Znd 4 Bsker. m28-a28 isgm tie; exirsa medium 17c; standard meeting 16c down. Jobbine nrieM 1 esnta PAINTING, WALL PAPERING. INTEM-ior decorsting that's different. Phone 42 higher. Poultry, Eggs or S13-L. Wilbur Dawaon ft Claire Snyder.' mSO-tf PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES These are the nrfeM mI.II-m h..Iv.U. UeJl "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" U.k . Tansent Auto Camp and iter for lease, real money maker, moat have 1200 cash. IRVINE L. ROOD, Phone 300 ' 1 ACRES ON HIGHWAY 2 mile North of Corvsllia, real Uresis at only (1400. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 100 THREE WE8T ALBANY LOTS Three of the best lota in Albany with la red chicken house and garage, not far out worth 11000, will tell for HS0. IRVINE L, HOOD. Phone 300 m25-tf CUSTOM HATCHING HEN AND Tl'R- alen, except where otherwise sutd: LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY automatic machine. Warner Hardware, Phone 331-J. mlu-alO key egg. For Sale PoulU and baby chick. Mrs. T. B. Burton, Phone 836-J. . m30-al Butter: Prints, A grade. 31e la. In sarca-ment w rsnoer. S2e In esrton t R ..H. WRECKING 1 BIG SCHOOL BLDGS. Lumber S and up. Planks, flooring, tiding, (heeting 2i2, 2x0, 2x12 2jiXl8 and 3x11 Canines ft mouldings. Bricks 34 per M. Pipe, glass, lath, dry wood cut to length. Salesman on Job 4th ft Msd-iaon St., Albany, Ore. -mJO-a 1-8 FOR SALE WHITI LEGHORN CHICKS. Dressed parchment wrapper 30c; carton 31 lb. Butterfat: Portland delivery) A grade, delivered at least twice weekly 304.1 S2e lb.; country route 2841 81c; B grade. 23)30e; AIM Custom Hatching. Brewster' MONEY TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV-ad farms. Low rate interest. Was, Bam, Albany. t flO-U BDTTERFAT .13lie ...te Hatchery, Crabtree, Ore. " mt-aS-S A grade C erred at market. SHE WALKS ALONE B Grad Crsarn for Market 1 Burins Bv HAROLD GRAY price, butterfat assis ti4e lb. Cheese! Sellins pries to Portland retail' era i Tillamook triplets lies local X2e lb. Tillamook Ml Una rire te wholesaler i GEE, I'VE SORE GOTTA STUDV HARD- THEN DO TripUt 141 loaf ZOe lb. Kir t Buyinf price ol wholesaler t E : LOTS O THINGS DIFFERENT i rKOM TH WAt I LEARNED 4raa 141 tandarda 14c; extra nediuau ic: do awdlum firsts 15c j undergrade JZ I 1 V A 13e : pullet ISc do sen. Milk: A Portland delivery. .84 He Orph an lb. butterfat baata for 4 per rent. Live Poultry I Portland delivery busing (trie i Colored Kesia, over 4 It. 17U18; wnder 4H .. ll4V18c l tea-bora hen, aver S'i lb., 16H1c; iiader l lb., Iftitrie ! f f, . AfWHO IS HER, K I DUNMO HEfHE! CeSRWlN I HEV- J0HM- SHH-THERE "SHE. NME S , WHERE SHE'S BOOKS HOME TO STUDY-) ! I J. crJI hJIE' ' SHE. GOES . lUHWllj NNIE- I ( cRoM. j) -- sJ WAsIT . " I HER OVER- WE'D 5 uc i iwS?T WHO CARES, J. TO SK HER OVER j ?; N FOR ME' , 1 NEVER GET f UCtE- A. MiWHi? . TO MAKE, FUDGE J J ' ' RK OF HER: M BUT WHERE DID VrnKi'T Rc i iv L tC lev horn broilers, 1 to I lbs., 1718i spring, t Iba. and us, l((2vei eolored aprina. I lbs. and up, l)4(20e rooster Seise; pekla suck youns, 144117c: llri2o Ik. Other Oormctf NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of mortgage foreclo I! I ht M. rMrrhi. ipm. ke r sure execution issued by Circuit Court of State of Oregon for Linn TiW H V H., Mi,.M.I . HM?OLT links East of an interior corner of said D. L. C, thence South 212' East 38.34 chains more or less to the center of a county : fbad, thence West along the center of said county road 4.47 , chains, more or leas, to a point due North of the place of beginning, thence . South 2.00 chains, more or less, to the place of beginning, containing 56.26 acres, more or less. ALSO, Lot No. 1 of Section I in Township eleven South, Range three West of the Willamette Meridian," Oregon, containing 12.30 acres. ALSO, Beginning at the 1 Northeast corner of the North ' projection of the Donation Land Claim of Christian Miller and Mary Miller, his wife, being Notification No. 712 and Claim No. 41, in Township' 11 South of Range 3 West of the Willamette Meridian, in Linn County, Oregon, and running thence South on the East boundary line of said Claim 14.33 ' chains to the center of County Road to a point which Is : 4.00 chains North of a corner of said Donation Land Claim; thence West 2 rods; thence North 14.33 chains to the North : boundary line of said claim; thence East 2 rods to the place of beginning, containing 701 00 acres, more or less. , Save and excepting from the foregoing described premises a tract of 1.32 acres conveyed by Maggie Ackerman and M. Ack-crman, her husband, to Fay M. Miller by deed recorded at page 251 of Book lis, Records-of Deeds or Linn County, Oregon, and a second tract of 1.60 acres conveyed by Maggie Ackerman - and M. Ackerman, her husband, to Fay M. Miller and (Uounty In suit: "No. 17528 AN TONIA J. LEININGER, Plaintiff vb. ALBANY HOLDING COMPANY, a corporation, Defendant." therein pending, and to mo di AN OLD "FRIEND" MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll rected, I shall on Thursday, the llf ' rekf .lii ' if WE'LX. OOM FIND By-JlNGOf TME TRAIN IS BEIMO WELD UP by UBANJIAM TKOOP5 .' OUT WMAT fr I 1 ! 1 SEIZE THAT rvWsl- lj . 1 "r ' , if . rWr?M WE' ASFV.I GOOD MEAveNS! f I MU5TMT, !, t MM -A TMEOFPtCROF f LET WIKA L ... i m m Z zzzjssz tef WONPEfc? WWAT TWEY , r-v want "MIS' ALL I r , f VVil' ' CAWjia, 3Utn day ol April, ma, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon thereof, at the frost door of the County Court House at Albany, Oregon, sell at public auction tor cash all right, title and interest hud and possessed by said defendant, on or. since the 6th day of May, 1933, in and to the following described real property: Beginning at the southwest corner of the D. L. C. of John Earl and Frances .Earl, his wife, Not. No. 1713 and Claim No. 60 in Township 11 South, Range 3 West and Claim No. 41 in Township 10 South, Range 3 W. of the Willamette Meridian, -r said southwest corner being situated in the northwest quarter J'- I'D e 4.,,-si i IaL i.fiS-o 1 It I 7 THE MAGPIE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Verl V. Miller by deed record-ed at page 252 Book 118, Records of Deeds for Linn County, Oregon. The said premises hereby conveyed containing in the aggregate 68.34 acres and all lying and being situate in the County 'Of Linn and State ef Oregon. HERBERT SHELTON, Sheriff of Linn County, Oregon. MARKS & McMAHAN, . , Albany, Oregon, ;' , Attorneys for Plaintiff. ; ' - Mar 31 Apr 7 14 21 BY BLOSSER of Section One in said Town-" ship 11 South, Range 3 West and running thence N. 35'36' West 34.72 chains to a point which is South 3.V3IV East 15.04 chains, distant from the northwest corner of the west projection of said D. L. C, thenco N. 56"50' East 22.29 chains to a point on the North boundary line of the West projection of said D. L. C, which is 27.40 chains East of the Northwest cornpr of said West ' projection, thence ' East 5.04 chains to a point whirh is 47 1"."i..V 1 -N 437 OH, MRS. COOK.THERE'S NUTTY WE; P ADC . v , VES...I GUESS SOMETHING I THINK WHERE OLT TO GET 4yJ THE ATTACK svris hlt AH I MRS. PRAITLE...1F VOO DON'T MIND.. 1 TUINX IT VvtXlLD EE BEST IF MOS.COOKt 15 LEFT Ai-OMfi.ANQ f ZT7 I BROKE .( THE NEWS AS ) GENTLY AS POSSIBLE J .. . . IS. ,SOME MEDICINE YXI SHOULD fWOW! ISI SPITE OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED, "THE SYLVEST IN, T1R5. J PRATTLE ) II HE LEFT A LONG oJT HAS PASSED, KIGHT FpECKLES f NOW'-' f I MUST '" MRS. I have WILL MXJ PLEASE TELL THAT TO 9 ER TIME AGO.... I A THE OTHER MEMBERS OP YOLR SEW AND CHAT GUILD M m CLUB. Mi HAS NOT CHANGED CAWT IMAGINE r WHAT'S KEEPING HIM ! I HEAR rX EVEWTHOYXJR I SON DOES SHOW DOWT (CRIMINAL TEN-UNDER- DENQES, FOP STAND WHICH HE HAS BEEN PUT IN ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you aaw their ad. In dM Democrat-Herald. , ITS OPINION OF el .1 YXlJ SOMEONE .NOW? V-' FAST WORK BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP -J','?' I met i ccf) rvii'r vti i AWCI6HT-I WILL DO (OKAY. GRAK1D I TELL VTJH. &UZ -THAT I GOTTA CO SUWPiN ,s7 .- .;v -j Mp vmi'vp nnwp rr S'JMPiWt AN' y DONTwrZE2 -I WIH Bio Dinosaur op oc?) about rr?5Ay-ou'CE VOL) LUCk- MEED TLOOKFOe TH' MAGICIAM A20UKiD IS A MENACE TO TH' a '-TV - m ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ' ,nlf. .AM rORTMILLER FUNERAL HOSU MARKS & McMAHAN n, Nivht ohrmsv 47. B Attorneys at Law 1 - 1st Natl Bank Bldg. Phone 29S INSURANCE WEATHERTORO h WYATT OW EAM AGENCY 122 W. First Phone 19 Opposite P. O. Established 1811 AUTO FREIGHT WM. BAIN. INSURANCE. M'mey i to loan, farm security. ' SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight produc " ' " Daily service to and from all ' i . points. Gasco Briquettes and coal SV7IFT AND CO. ALWAYS II dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sts, the market for eggs, poultry, Phone 371. ' and cream. . AUTO REPAIRING) SHOE EEPAUUXQ T. IVHULERY-S AT KELLY'S " S?"? Garage. Towing & Wrecker, pb 80 Lyon. Motto, Quality and Sorvtos. EEAUTY 8ALON8 WASHING MACHINES , OTTO K0O3, AMES HDWE-MBLDRED'S BEAUTY SALON- Maytag,Ea.y, Thor WashfTt m8 W' W PhP WElLNlTTBICaSS CAstPET CLEANING SNYDER It SON .- BEAR KLXC'A- , , ing frames, axles straightened. . THI SHADE SHOP, 408 W. rirsi n phon " WELL DUIXLE R S FILM SERVICE , ( , " C. E. GORDINIKR & SON "' Well Drillers HURLEY'S DRUG STORF TO! ' "We solicit your inquiries overnight film wvU. ' ku,wi;, Oie,,io BUT, WATCH ME BACK UNTIL y HERE, fOCT ME -I'M- J COMMUWiTy-VOj'.E YES STEP. I t'VE DONE IT' GOTTA'OO.SUMPIM IN. i 71 ABOUT IT' r v t- cm l Vel Mm 1 1 1 r.jiAzn-n'i.vr y iss 1 i r 1J4 v r stsvicr imc T y acc J 5 rT Off. s . : ; : " J

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