Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 28, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1936
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.PAGE SEVEN THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT -H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1936 Personal 33 , graue ,. SHKKP TODAY'S MARKET An Ancient Monument Uuib i6'UU.uu j GOOD EXCHANGES IDEAL SUBURB- I WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-an 15 acrw, well imravtd with modern J kaa burses and cows; also dead wiirasl t convenience and owner wania eood city 1 In ol tundilluh. taie and lonijiuniery, property. Have another fine smaller acre- ' t'bjiie collvet JJ-Curtallu. iiue-al aite with nwdirn eunvvniencca where own j ' " ' . will .ce,.,t hsif in uuua .it, uroo-lFOR SALE ILTS. It-IN LBS., II STOMACH I'LCER. GA8 PAIN8, AND INDIGIkSTION vietlms. why tulf.r! Far quick relief get a free ait packet of Udga. a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawson'a Drug Store. Klk-tiK 0 Miscellaneous Classified Answer to Trevloua Put1e tr ( SKOer piss SU-ll UlS." Gal Jalutl. Z mis-is NEW TODAY WAKTEl-WOOL, MOHAIK Caib advanced on contract. No fhUntt charycd. Wo always pay market price. See us before you aril. SAM r RACER Albany Baraain House. Cor. '.'nd A Baker. WANTED TOOLING. HOTEL Ot SIGHT aril restaurant. Board for woman part salary. Hot tl. Cobers. Or. mJH-au sell and ive " 01 Bwaa- Large Chevrolet Track, trmi or mivht trade for Prices Quoted below are loose pre-vaiilng at II c-'cloct a.' oa day of 4Mibllcatioa. and are-ubeet u ehanae at any boar tWevafier , a soud fa i-ra cmiity. Set far baildiaes to rent ft month. Tripp Marphy Realism. . atMf NOTICE CALK A MONTGOMERY. WHO , CASH FOR OLD AND WORTRXElsS hums and. cow, bay-ouj caUes. I'a. 14-P-14 Alliany, Cecil MuntmHiHry. snU-lf 13 For sale, Miscellaneous HOniZOXTAI, 1 Hun rock figure I It In In 11 To RiUt 1! Mohammedan nymph. 11 Lion.. 15 Wine IS File. Portland Market Review I 'ur l land. Oie., March 'is.--Late arssion of the I'roduce Escl.nge showed a loss of t to IV lb. In butter prices. The larger loss being in t-rtme first which Is now luted oa a price jaskt ilh first or Ust grade butter. Itatterfat was cut c lb. There was no chsnge in egg prices for the week end. Receipts continue liberal but demaad In genral is sufflcint to keep volume cleaned up. With recent improvement In prices, there is a better all-around feeling In the potato trade here with wholesale values grsdually climbing to parity with the eotsnty. are advertising In this paper for hones and roars, are In no way connected with my place. Cecil ai2t2t FUR SALE 1 MILK GOATS. ONE milking. Golden Cocksr Spaniel, female, Edward Neuarbwander. Hau-lwood Add., care A. C Stellmacher. ' mi LOCAL 6 RAIN 'M. Senders a Ca. WHEAT I No. I white, s"-; red aad snlaed, bushel. HAHI.ETl Hansen, 121.00 ton. JtlH'A a Lit "iLii-& lIa R tflRiOiEnRlOMAjL A tfa III iOiLloj 1 AjNnjL t R lA YjAjn j 0" 6 6 y ftlj iQIA f B-IT rTY!ETt t IM Af sqt CHARLES JcIaIuTloc tfoiN mns jjiutsiTij iciE tttfc HUGHES 6trt3iP li p oIk f ir 1 1 id 1 els zfv 0 noTA Nif 1 1 iio iajz pje n ailLIp enUojun sei klTtfelfttrlDenaiLTbTstai'titrsi FACTORY HORSE COLLAR SALE Discontinued nirmWra, broken lines, all alsea. kinds. Sale ends April 4. 8TERN-UEItG'S FACTORY. Albany. m27-S-S for sals s-yi. old big gelding or will trade lor com. A. K. Kudrna, Rt. Z, Albany, on 4 corner north Knox Butte. - - mausi LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY vapor. OATS: White. No. I, I1S.00: grsy No. For Sale House It Visible 20 Hoar Phone 33IJ. Blp1B U I24.M! ,rW MS... wa, WOOL. FOR SALE FURN. t-ROOM HOUSE. monthly payments. Addresa Bos ISO, care IM moeral-Hcrald. ml'i-M MONEY TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV. I J""J " ""V 4 farm Vow rate Inlrrcttt. Wm. Bain, j - MEAti 14 Paca. . II ' ordered it built. 17 God of love 18 Bartered. 19 Motherly. 24 River mud. 25 U untie 2 Part ot hand. 27 War cod. 29 To counter sink 31 Exaltation 33 Profit. 35 Cereal itraaa. 31 To perch. 39 Skillet. 40 Period. 43 Balaam. 45 BUI ot far. 47 Stream. 4 $ Three. 49 Hoc. tl Stream tibatructloa 5 Meavure ' 63 Sound of pleasure 55 Father S For Sale, Wood and Coal 81 Form ot "be -2 Bone. 2J Mother. 2,Oanes. 21 Dance. 28 Poepa. 30 Be vera ue. 32 Funeral liyiun 34 Contained. (U, E. Neaertsll Msat te-i CATTLE . r-ORTLAND LIVESTOCK By U. S. Dept. of Agrkallars) I'ortland. Ore, March !H. Hisi Week's total 4110; compared with one week agol Market mostly It Is Ue higher I week's WRECKING I HlU SCHOOL BLIW.S. Lumber IS aad ap. I'lanks, flooring, siding, sheetina 1x2, . tvll 2',tlll and Sxll, Csiink-s mouldings. ' Bricks II per M. Pipe, claaa. lath, dry wood Vat to lemttn.' Salesman on Job 4th A Mad-isea St.. Albaay. Ore.' .' mM-a HIGHEST QUALITY FRUIT AN'TlilJT tree, shrubs, rose burbea, shade tree 4. nd for - price list ' Setuemeier Br us Numeric. Rt. t. Albany b2i-i TBUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW LOCAt Steers Ul NMK FARM 1 ACRES WITH 1M under rullhatiua and HW arm excellent level pasture. Ta rye farm bulld-inys. I'rtca very reasonable with 11750 cash sad easy terms S'j per rent and 1 total of 10 years to pay out in. i Oeed 11 Arra Ranch with 60 In cultivation and balance pasture with aprins water. 8U room heuae, la rue barn, Pay only 1650 cash, balance S'j per rent. Kur real farm buys today are Tripp A Marphy Readers. . .- ml'ltf ANYBODY WISHING WOOD, SPRING , delivery, are R. E. Stewart, lie W. IStb. ' , , - - mil-is' ed amund corner from Bank, of Albany. I Heifers Radios, telephones, motors and sksttrksl Bulls .', appliances repeireo. rsone 2S-r-V . 1 f24-B28 GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DnXlV. ered in any length. Lester Cbikote. ISO Sanliam Rd. Phone 734-R. JiO-tf 35 Rivulets. 37 Clooe. 38 Rodent. 31 It alaiids'nrar VERTICAL ; 1 Senior. 3 Pertaining tn - poles. 3 Balker. 4 Detached. ; S Northeast, 8 Exclamation. 7 Skin ot a goal ChrlHt ma 9 Boat. 10 Musical mile 45 North America, 47 To decay. 48 Point. 50 To ncalter. 52 To be 111. 53 Pertaining "arum."" 54 To doie 66 It U a lion 67 Rut hat a head tn 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous Cows, beef Cows, etittera, .......... HOGS ISO to 160 pounds 160 to 210 pounds ....... 210 to 2S0 pounds , 230 to 350 pounds ....... 350 pounds up Bowe ....... .r.V. .r... ...4Mftl ... S.Wl.0O ... 3.oou4.II ... .00tC4.M ... I.MSii.M ..- ' s.; .. .26 10.23 ,. .. SU (,O0 ., 1.Mi 1.TS , . l.S4f (.30 ...r.ot.M ... I.0O3.M .., FORD EQUITY KM FUR SALE CHEAP. WIH Shoe Shop, lit Lyon SL m'J-aS i the THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wriirtit, pltone 26SJ. 634 E. th St. 20-lf WANTED TO FIND GOOD HOME FOR female shepherd pup. Call at Kmurt 8 hop or 618 W. 2nd. ' ' nVJI-S'i HELP THE NEEDT The Salvailon Army needs fruits, vsge--ablea. eloihlns Mt.. to Kelp needy people in rmerveney eases. Money, too. If ysa anr tn .nirlhule. We have no telephone hut hiine what yon Have to donate ar dmn s a card snd we'll call for H CspC Ws'W 4 ra s-j, aiti Albany " NOTICK OF FINAL'7?' 41 Iniquity. 42 Type measure. """'SHKE.-i 43 Pedal digit. 44 Male rat. OLD tWITED STATES COINS BOUGHT t swon's Drue Store. surltf lambs ... 11 Hay, Grain. Feed F()R HALE BALED REDCLOVER HAT 112 ton. Phone 2S-K-32. Sill Walker. mss-a jgwee ...j. SETTLEMENT i s-tsasa it I. WANTED GIRL OR WOMAN FOR eeneral housework on a farm, 112 prr mo. board and room. C. R. Weber. Halsr'y, Or . ' nR8 WE HAVE A BUYER FOR A tJdoD Houae, float In, around 11500. 11 ACRES, S room houae. barn, lot. of fruit i a nice little plan 11800. LM ACRES, nearly all cultivated: will trass for small place between Albany and Fertland. C. M. DOLLARHJDE CO. mU-U VEAL S Poultry, Eggs Notice i hereby given thai the Ui .............. ......,:4e undorsicntd as pxpeutrix tit th Dressed, ......v. ......l2Vs, bulk. li to 310 drlve-lns , 310.Ttirl0.Ht. few to 311.00; Insd loU mostly 111.00; ISO to tin pounds .7SU 10.30, few to 310.73: 113 to U0 pounds 310.MH11 10.30; few 133 to ISO lbs.. 310.13 and 310.83; packing Urn to good feeder pigs 3l0.0Vlhl0.3o; good sows 3.2Si.0O, most sales 3M0; mcdi. a .choice 310.73 ; strictly choice quotable to 311.00. Cattle t Week's total !; calves 343: compare with week ago) Most classes 33 to S&o higher, lower priced rows up very little, sealers steady to strong; bulk fed steers Ss.73tt1.30. few to 37.30 and 37.U, latter new high for 1038; commond down to, bulk fed heifers 33.30(13.30, few good light hellers 37.oeiii T.M .slso new high for this yesr; low cutler snd cutter cows 1 S3. 1814.33, common to medium 84.301 3.80 ; good beef cows to 33.38 ! good to choice Veslers 33.304jf3.30 1 selecU to 310.00; common down to 88.00; common to medium slaughter calves 84.804r3.3ft. Sheep) Week total 3IK3 ; compared with week ago I fat lambs S 8to Sue higher, fat ewes steady to t3s up. other daises nora. mat ; load lots 7 to lb, fed lambs 810.00 tl 10.80, top 310.30. new high for such lambs sines 13301 god to choice trucked In lambs tH.80U10.00; .common to medium 87.8001 0.38; odd yearlings 38.00; good to choice ewes 38.8fli.0O; common down to 33.00 : shor newes 84.00 down. WQOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH advanced without Interest. M. Senders AC . snl-al CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR Market. Phone 1131. Lebanon, Ore., m-a , ' routill. will and estate ot M. H. Wilson, I I (Swift A CemOaar) FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Also Custom Hatching. Brewster's Hatchery. Crabtrre, Ore. rot-sS-S' .....le deceased, has Tiled In the County i No. i henssy, u s. lbs No. i hens, over lbs. ........ No. I medium kens, over m lbs. ....14c Livestock No. 1 medium hens, under SVa lb. , JOIN W.P.A. TYPING CLASS. keepint eloa aor both. Prof. A. H. Gillette, Instructor. . . - mtP CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL crowns, bridge, fillings, old Jewelry, watch cases, eta. F. M. French A, Sou, Jewelers. ' dotf CASH PAID FOR V8BD FURNITURE. eU. "Look la your attic," Chas. Roar, bough A Boa, 411 W. First SL Jl-tf -uuri tn t uiii iuuniy, wrcgon, ner final account as such executrix and the said Court has fixed Monday, the 30th day of March, 1936, at the hour of two o'clock In the afternoon of that day as the time for the hearing of objections to said final account and the settlement thereof. ' -i ' , FOR 8 ALE S HEAD YOUNG MARES nd 1 Reldins. all well broke; 2 black mares well matched. G. B. Lrever, Scio, Ore. m2"-30 Colored springs tic No. 1 broilers. IV. to I lbs., Its K Ts a s o t sRfc Stags .'...'.. Ife , EGGS -.- . All Prices Are ttellvered Albany FOR SALE USED B FLAT AMERICAN Superior Clarinet. Call Mrs. C. J. Kely. ?. " mis Caaas Returnee I rj - r ? T" 27" "" " "" SST " ""7 77" "" e9 " 33" 5T" " " $&" " " 3T" "" 3T " "" "" 3s" "" T a?" 3a" T" 35" " "" "" " " 53T TT T " 7T "XT 7 "44"45" 35 " TT" "- T" "T 55 "" 5" T 33" "ST T 53" " "T" - T T Jy 3aT hi I I 11 1 I jj H 1 I M 1 5 For Rent. Houses, Apt. Any and all persons havins ob- Estras ise irotions tn salrl finhl niwitint 'nr Stajtdatils 1( hereby notified to be- present at I " W fsitfit A . I. ....... ise tie WILL TRADE II MO. OLD REG. JER-aey bull, dark color, for horn, preferably brood sow that will farrow soon. Al so want to buy 10 ton barky. State price and variety. . Marvin Crawford. Slvdd. Ore. ' . m2 Ss-S FOR 8ALEi00D YOUNG T E A M geldings and 7 yrs. old. wt. 35U0. R. O. Cenier, Comer Sla., Phone S-F-22. m2-2 said tme in the County Court ' c,rura iuui Room in the Linn County .Court i f?' .i"'"-v- House, in the City of AuyJ'JP?r,,M v- FOR RENT MODERN APT, HEAT. elee. refrigerator. Call at 120, W. 3rd. Phone 248. v ' ml4-tl KLI.SWOKTH APT". HEAT, OVEaV stuffed furniture. Pb, U W Ellsworth. a-tf .1,. ,ISc .I2e .lie .IOC Leak "BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY" Look Tanaeat Auto Camp and atore for lean, real money maker, must have (200 cash. ' IRVINE Lf HOOD, Phone 300 II ACRES ON HIGHWAY f allies North of Corvallls, real bar. eain at only $1400. IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone S00 THREE WEST' ALBANY LOTS Three sf the beat lets in Albany with lam chicken house and larare, not far out) worth (1000. will aell for NS0. IRVINE L. HOOD. Phone 3V0 mSS-tf Linn County. OreKon. and then' j.;. -?.'"" THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following V rices wars named to be effective today! Butter: Cube oatrss. 80s: standard let; prime firsts S3 We I firsts te lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets. 13c: loaf I7e. Brokers will pay H sent below quotations, Egsaj.fywugg, Esshanaw quotations be VEAL , auu tiicic; riitine auvn kujcluub. .. SOPHIA WILSON, , ..3c wvw,.v...4.. ...... 1 S Lost, Strayed. Stolen. Executrix ,13c DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cows picked up free of charge anywhere. R3WARD FOR WATCH LOST AT OR- MARKS & McMAHAN ' . . BUVTERFAT ; I Ot .r..u f I'honr collect 14-F-H, Albany. If no ana- ioc leans last Sunday. U C. Korf. Rt. , I Attorneys for ExeCUUiX. -;- A & tween a'ir ' larte lHc; standard wer, Phone 11-F-t, Corvallis. . .'...'............ITc-htlfe list "extras medium' 17c; standards mls-tf Albany or Corvallial. : taitM : ' , Feb, 29 Mar 7- 14 11 28 B arads meetlnf te dosen. Jobbing prices, t cents do taaey II.4S: do face ani fill, fancy. 9 higher. THE. LITTLE WORDLING , PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICE! These are the prices retailers psywhole. 1 " " ! , aajawssssssasaas.isasasssssisasanw I sale re, ' except where otherwise ststd : We ; So race ana nil enolce, 'ie. opnsea- . kerc, extra fancy tlMx eo eoaibinatUin, 1. Si. Roma Beaaty. jumble. IK Wlneaaa extra fancy U.S '. da fancy U 40 : do jumble extra fancy ie lb. Bananas: Bunch le; handa l6e lb, - Pears! D'AnJou extra fancy II.U; da fairy 11. U; Bwe eomblnatloa faas and BUT OM TOPICS OFT5ENERAL "1X1 OF COURSE, SHE IS A LITTLE Vl RlTT THAT VOUNGSTER. .. Bui ten. Prints, A grsde. Its lb. In psrch INFORMATION rtER' KNOWLEDGE tS V THE WAVY SHE PSSED THIS Yesterday surprised a look f-OGGt ONI SOrAE POINTS' HTTLE WEArvON CLASSICAL SUBJECTS i ment wrapper, S2c In carton : B grade, parchment wrapper 10c; cartons lis lb, ehAA3JNXi. AND THE LO.IUL WW III! EXAMINATION ' WMV , IT 5 fVSTOMlSHINC, MISS STRICK-HOW COULD SHE rr4SWER ; " THOSE QUESTIONS SO SHE' ARRIVES At HER CONCLUSIONS, rVNltNl HISTORY-- Butterfat: I'ortlaad dfllvaryt A grade,; places her with ila IN.' HER EVES THAT WAS AS OLff and wise as tims- where has she come from- what mas she seen? already she's lived HMSflV ;i THOUGHT, t KNEW Hit Me box. ' - Oranges 1 California navel fancy M.tti dsllvsred at least twice weekly 32e lb. 1 1 country routes X8ti32e; B grade, Ji30o; II ri j 1 cholea f2.:tj,I.M; atandard U.U rase. C grade at market WHOM ARE OVER A VEAR OLDER MORE THAN I EVErs WILL, Grapefruit 1 Arlsona tl.10Ul.10 nasal rXCCURATEUt ?, B Grade drrara tor Market! Buying 1 THAN 5HE- Florida 14.0064.21 caaa. price, hutterfat basis 8l,C lb. Lemons: CalKoraln fancy W.00aj.7 .Cheese 1 Belling pries to Portland retail lehoiee .0Mi 5.25 esse. Little Orphan Annie tid Other ormc eral Tlllansaok tiipleU tie leeal I2 Ps. Tillamook selling price ta wholesalers ! Triplets IMi loaf 20s lb. " -' FRESH VEGETABLES Potatoes 1 Local $1.50: Klamain II. Ml Schappoose netted gema 11.10: DeachotaS netted (ems ll.U rental. Celery) California. l2.Kt.W erata. Peaa: California. I4KI4.7II. " Kcssi Buying price af wholesalers t Ex trea IKcj standards 16c j extra audi urns lie) do medium firsta Uc i andergrade lSel pullets lie dosen. ' Milk 1 A grade. Portland delivery. IWs lb.' Wterfat basis for 4 per cent Lis BaaUry 1 . Portland delivery buying price I Colored bens, over 4' lbs. 174f lei under 4t4 lbs.. ISMlDei lex bora hens, ever ''fMM-kT ' "i'"'ti'- l r ' artrr Tr.tjw s V K.- lbs., unite; under H lbs, 1 111 16c; CRtVY tf leghorn broilers. .1 to 2 lbs., 174(llci springs, I lias, and up, 19M20c: eclortd springs, t lbs, aad up, 101l20e roosters Hilci pekin duekf young, l17c( geese UCH2 lb. FOR GOOD OLD UBANIA MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse Llv Poultry 1 Belling price by whole. By Thompson and Coll salersi Light bens 14c; medium hens UHci colored hens lSe 1 broilers 20Q21 ; springs lveilOci pekin ducks, young, 17c i do col. YOUR THEORY OP A HMM-YOU say vol KMOW THIS rvVM ored lntUlf ; canons ever 7, lbs., UUite 'MADAME f NURSES (! Ofi COURSE I DO I I'M A DETECTIVE -I TRAILED MIM FROM NEW YORK. WHAT SAY, MVRA? DO VOU WANT TO JOINUPA'JA GOOD OFFENSE BEING lb. 1 guinea hens 0e each. " li in. iitcn cCDcnAi ivu SPLENDID-I'M THE BEST DEFENSE. WY5TER, WWO LA5T Turkeys ) tDraaaed selllag prira to re INttW teT tweHLLf BUT ADMIRAL" VOU MEAM TO TELL US UBANIA WAS ONLY ONE ARMED VESSEL IN ITS MAW ? 1 SURE WIS MAJESM SPECIAL NUKSE tailers) No. lhcna. 2i tome 22U22c lb IS VERY COMMENDABLE' HAD THE NJEOiLAUr YES, BUT SUCM ABOAT7 WE ALCEAPV WAVE 6UNK TWO EMEMV SHIPS -AMD MOSTIUTI55 BEGAN ONLY LAST WEEI.r 3 CAN USE YOU IN -I SMALL RADIO WiSHCHNESS IMMEDIATELY 1 I'D LIKE TO JOIN UP Turkeys: Dreaaed, buying prices New crop hens. No. 1. 22s la. , PRE8II FRUIT .-. lfi f. '.- .-. prepT.rJm THE tup s s- i WITH YOUR SIC IKITWE CABIS,. MVRA AND JACK UNPOLD TMEIK. STRANGE TALE TO THE 1 I li W t 1 aw we 1 hnr 7 ft 1 ' . ll I SERVICE Tf I ' Jill - aT . & y I ,- m - m Apples : Delicious, extra fancy 11.70: do i -y ' - ii mi i r fancy, 11.48. Newlowns, estra fancy. 11.70 notice to .Contractors ' notice is hereby given, That sealed proposals will be received by the board of directors ot School District No. 18 of linn County, Oregon, for the. reconstruction of a Gymnasium-Auditorium building and class rooms on High School grounds according to drawings, plans and specifications therefor,' Commission No. 35-8A as prepared by C. N. Fre man, architect, - Portland, Oregon, The bids will be received up to 10:00 a.m. March 30th, 1938. at the office of C. H. Ralston, Jr., the clerk of said School District, in Lebanon, Oregon. The proposals' shajl be on ' forms furnished by the architect. . Pre-qualifications are to be mailed or delivered to the said clerk at Lebanon, Oregon as provided by law. This work wilt be let in one general contract or in one for general work and ono for heating and plumbing and one for electric wiring. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of 5 per cent of the bid. The bids will be opened and considered at the office of, the Chairman of the board of directors in the Lebanon National Bank building in Lebanon, Oregon, Immediately after 10:00 a.m. o'clock on March 30th, 1938. Plans and specifications, may be obtained at the office of the architect at -507 Concord Build,-' Ing. I'ortland, Oregon. 1 - The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and re-advertise for same. N. M. NEWPORT. Chairman of Board of Directors. C. H. RALSTON, Jr.. Clerk. March 14 21 '28 'ADMICAL OF THE UBAMIAM EATTLE SNIP r NOTICE TO CREDITORS . Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, executrix of the will and estate of Melissa Young, deceased, and has qualified. All persons - having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby required to present them, duly verified within six (6) months from the date of this notice to the undersigned executrix at the office of Murks & Me-Mahan, in the First National Bank Building, at Albany, in Linn County, State of Oregon. Dated and first published this 14th day of March, 1936. MARY ALICE HAMILTON, . Executrix. MARKS & McMAHAN, Attorneys for' Executrix. Mareh 14 21 28 Apr 4 11 awsiia'aact-i--r I A SHOW. DOWN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 'BY BLOSSER ( I DIDNT LET" YOU'RE WUTIY COOK, V) IT ISMT STEALING VvHEW OH,YAH ? WELL OH,YAH?W BREAK W.JTHE PLEASE? ME GO.. GOT TO ARENT YOU 7 YXJRE THE I PON YOU PAY FOR WHAT tOU.WE, J GO INSIDE" GO INSIDE I WINDOW WAS LISTEN, OFFICER, I CDULDNT HELP IT IF I GOT HERE AFTER HOURS...... THE i MEDlQNE WAS' SET THAT DRUG HAVE j BOY WHO HAS SUCH A IS IT? I LEFT MONEY ' -AMD HAVE A OPEN AND I 1 "WIS VWT UsYlL J Store! IJUSTHADTO FOR THIS MEDICI WE mlrt LOOK f A S7CRC bad name around this town! hmm. looks bad, Cook ! ITS STEALING GET TWie VERV IMPORTANT IS CLOSED, MEDICINE .' 10 MY MOTHER DOOU?. 1H,S .,' i ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and. women. Call on them today. Please mention that you isw their ad- in he Democrat-Herald. ' ' ..ii 1 FUNERAL DIRECTORS. ATTORNEYS PORTMILLER FUNERAL HQMJ n nr Viffht rthnrwi avai.R MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 2U4I INSURANCE teiv f h iM WEATHEWORP ft WYATT 123 W. First Phoni II AUTO FREIGHT GUZ KNOWS. WHEN HE IS WELL OFF BY HAMLIN OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. a ' Established Ull WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Bf"ej to loan, farm swirtty. - ' PROPUC SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market fr' eg txwilto snd cream ALLEY OOP T SILVTR WHEEL MOTOR Freight Dalty service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st Sc Montgomery SU-Phone 371. AUTO REPAIRING KOWC'MOM HOME, MDU HORN -HEADED VAP.' Vrti iT-uta dc Acumen vf3- vycn-rri 1 ALLEY OOP, YOU'SE UNDE3 ' ACCEST POB AlDlkir; AND OH, W0, OOP DONT git m& WCOKJG -WE AINT REALLY GONNA PUT YOU IM TH'PrT-.. AWKIGHT-IP VOL) AW YE2 HEMCHWEKI .; ) WANT A TASTE Of WHAT OC DiSlKJY GIVE TH' GCAK1D WI7E5 , JUS' TCy TO )(". PUT ME N YEC CGUMMY t - v 1 vuwnin c?t. jnMviLi.yr 7tK3CLrf ABETTING A DISTURBANCE KUNrvIM AJML' SCAetllVJ In UAYUIOnli? SHOE REPAIRING A CF TH-PEACE' YOU'RE r YOU VE 8EEM GIVEN A SUSPENDED. ROY' v .T-' -"UV-7 1- otvunl 1SENTENJCED TPOA IIODUCF s VVfZCK - MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, 13J Lyon. Motto Quality and Service) SENTENCE HANDED S-1 YEH STRETCH IKJ V STRETCH IN fJS T E. HULERY'S AT KELLY'S Gsirage. Towing & Wrecker, pb 80 BEAUTY SALONS WASHING MACHINES OL TH'prr.' BUT NOBODY ' Din NY ELSE BE TDV TU VAPOKE! otto koos, amfs HDWE, Maytag. Fa"y, Thor Wasrur WELDING . BLACRSMIIliLa MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON 323 W. 1st Phone 458J CAstPET CLEANING SNYDER ft SON e Pe"AR ALIGM ing frames, axles straightened. ?V1 THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W. rtrs Phone 7 WELL DRILLERS ra FILM 8 Kit VICE C. E. CORDrXIFTl Si SON Well Drillers "We onhcit your inquiries Eufieuc, Oregon hur:.eys'C storf. foi overnight film service. til

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