Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 27, 1936 · 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, March 27, 1936
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PAGE.TWQ.J.. FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1936 neighborhood, an orchardist and for Edward Ellis Sox, born recently in Portland. Morning Star grange, W. T. Mer- Dobeth, Cox File farmer, wui an Albany business f or Recorder Pott visitor this forenoon. Eminent Jurist Oliver Coldiron of Lake Creek grange. Mr. Burggraf is Linn connty chairman for music week. Justin Miller has been named Al- Season Opens Mar ft list of entertainers for annual Ladies night on Friday, April 3. Fred Nutting read an hnvrtation from the Eugene Kiwanis club to attend their 18th anniversary party at Hotel Osborn Monday evening at 6:30. Edward Sox won the attendance prize given by Mark Weatherford. He was also presented with a well-filled savings bank a custodian The filling season M ClcanXak "ftmraree to lYerlous Paitle notice to rmr " SVBSCKITSntS I! your paper hai not been delivered by your Albany car rier by 6:00 o'clock call D. M. Rohrbouch, Phone 7U-Y and a copy Uill be delivered by special currier. Report all other complaint to the office, Phone 13 The Albany, Mnoerot-Her&ld 'bany hairman. Two new candidates for the office of Linn county recorder have tijed, boih from Lebanon, and '".in democrats. opens way d mm year instead ot lhi 15th t the miinth oa nrpvifuia. Ar 1st With Iron- ' ly announced. The snow rs 30 Frank L. Snyder, Albany black- Henry C. Dobesh seeks norntTUj- 1 1 I . . j: 1 : . I Inches deep at the lake, accord , ' " n, c ;tion on a platform alleging that dow of the Imperial Cafe, a pom- ,.Mv ..-i" T-.i,.,, ' A, s ing to last report. Basinets Visitor Homo n AUjilyt STctclfTA 50NJA vlrlt'Al ItHf HLN1E ttZll 0" R EWffTlMjnQ ft To ; A fi rTvoTTTo TntJo najETLiAiTje ojATpjsnLJ0-I AiLfisc.oe afc A if AdleUi jAilM "jt i tjjDjjyieyN Ejtr" fSl6TftYTitrl li '6TCrftTl INSIST UPON tettamade of Iron. Snyder has y Conscientiouj made many objects from wrought "j p,,", " ul !. iron, including flowers. mwn.:n'n tional designs., etc. Although this memb?r 'h -1' ,' 00 F.lnd work is done more as a hobby, f.jf,',0 PyM lodges and has i. SnvH Son have manv rail, i lived in Linn county 15 years, dur- B. E. Christenson of Corvallis transacted business and visited friends hi Albany yesterday. loC'Alj, for hand wrought iron work and!'n the last five of which he has Electric Kaiors now $10 Hurley's Drug Store- m26-28 PERFECT THE WEATHER ------ OREGON MUTUAL Ft RE 1 INSURANCE CO.! 9 McMlnnvttle, Ore. OFFERS YOU - an importunity : TO SAVE 20 to 30 ' OS TflE COST OF VOlU FIRE INSURANCE! i , Policies are ' NON-ASSESSABLE SEE US EMMETT & PEARCE AGENCY 3rd and Broadalbln Sts. Clinic Building Phone I7S-R samples on display at the shop show what can be done along this Ongun and WashmgUm: R&ln CIRCLE 1 Bush Thlcktis. I To clutch. Fin whetaions. lOTurkUh tilt. 11 Salutation. , 12 He U a by profenlon. IS Those ho letter. 2S Throst secretion. 28 Malea. 30 Dane Step. 31 Wagon track. 34 Prophet. 35 Imitation " pearl. S Jesting. 37 Wrinkle. 39 Finished. 42 Johnnycak. 44 Rootntoi k. 45 Part of eye. 4 Lairs. 48 Sailor. 4 Priest. GO Monkey. 2 Postscript. R5 Corpse. ' HoRJEbNTAL lljoit .lxnpor-. tint ud In tht U. S. A 12 Trumpet no'lw. 1J Kkk ot nahi 14 Braided quirt II Esile'a nest. 17 Ancient. 18 ImbectTf, It Aawmimeot amount. 20 Hound. 21 Oriental oY lpi' pattst., 22Ri(ht. - 23 Yoa. . 24 Type Mandard. 24 Preposition. 27 Distinctly thtorr. . . i 2tll Is in the U. 8. A. Court. S3 Wooden i banket. 34 2000 pounds. 34 Ilia title, chief .. line. Prom Crtbtree .4 been in business at Lebanon, he seys. -'.?.- Claude C. Cox likewise promises "Courteous, Efficient Service" and bids for the Townsend vote with the statement that tie Is "100 per cent for the Townsend Plan." Sum Noble of Crabtree was an Albany business vtsitotv this fore noon. Classes Called Off WPA classes scheduled for the high school building Friday fright this week have been called off because of the high school carnival, it is announced by A. H. Gillett, instructor. In wt portion -ana local showers orl'hiiw riQrrlM hi east portion toiligat isnd Saturday; temper-irture - Ifelow-normal? (reh changeable Vlndj, "mostly' tvt-st' to smith-west on cOiiK.t, 1 , . Mavlmum temperature yesler-U$ lociilly.- 50. decree. Minimum temperature. 14s( flight 43 egrees. HainfulI,l.55.'iiJtbt Hivpr, 3.3 ft. Meeting Well Attended PISTON The young people's district con RINGS LIQUOR EFFECT TOltmWCTU vention of Evangelical churches, C4To wash lightly. Lt Darren. 67 polihe. ' VKRTM'AIj 1 Wedge-shaped pieces of wood. 2 Stag. 3 Melody. 4 Roll of film. STo corrode. ( Song tor one voire. Oslty ' ' 3 Dower f ' , ' property 40hllr4d ,41 To tesr tkchei.' 43 All rlgbt. 44 Neaps. 47 Ballot rholit. M Black bird 51 Region. 52 Punitive. 53 Writing tool. which convened at the local church last 'evening was attended ,' ' . rr-r Rr ported III :,"' by approximately 200 young people from the various sections of (Continual rota Far On) - the district. Rev. Halbig. Fifty persons were served. Seminar Scheduled A seminar on "As I See Religion." conducted by Dr. John Bennett of New York City, will open tonight at 7:30 o'clock in the home , economics auditorium at Oregon State college. Other meetings are listed for 10 o'clock Saturday forenoon, 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon and 9 o'clock Sunday morning. Visiting In Albany, Mrs. Tooze led again in singing Miss LeIa,,Bry,, secretary of the Albany chamber of commerce, is reported ill -today and confined to her horn." Mn'ft-l Vfi - - .'. a. ii.i . .' ' . Portland Vlsltor-v v i ' II. Johnston .of Portland was orn"E!lU!' vtjltrjtrs upending- last flight iolAibuoy cm a business Miss Dorothy Lee Jones of is spending a few days vacation in Albany at the home of her to open the afternoon session and Miss Aldrich outlined the five-point five-year Frances E. Willard DR. CHAN LAM grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. G memorial program, consisting of child wetfare, citizenship, evangel Wire- - ical woric peace efforts and temp erance education. Maves to Albany- Jack Canoy of the J, C. Penney TODAY'S STOCK, GRAIN MARKETS trom Dew-y"" Gilbert QwjshAng nf ibe Dever Chinese Medicine to. . Natural mnadiaa for diaordrra of . liver, stomach, glandi, aVtn A urinary ayiten of mm and woman. w diatowry " trr aumr diabetes without the ua a of Insulin. IS rrars In ' taMna, Harold Frezee of Albany college told what the college evangelical league is doing towards spiritual betterment among college students. store of Lebanon ha sacceptcd a position with the Montgomery Ward store of Albany and com A Revolutionary New Expander-type Piston . Ring ' . THAT Stops oil-pumping in the worst cylinders, at all speeds. Restores original horsepower. Reduces compression leakage to a minimum. Restores gasoline economy Checks cylinder wear. Stops piston slap. You can have these wonderful new rings in your car if you tell your garageman. TROUT SEASON OPENS APRILS How's Your Equipment ? "Quality Tackle for Particular Fishermen" J. H. ALLISON PARTS FOR ALL CARS 113 W. Jst St Phone 535-J menced work this week. explaining that the movement was t"rii7inatH Knra turn voai-a arm Ku MARKETS AT A GLANCE Stocks fractions to. 2 points lower in light trading. -Join W P A, TvnlnP ("! Rnnk. I-. i w vuia mm m Bruce Coie, college graduate. I a IS M i 16 7 j 6 9 10: II i?" 73" " " "" a 'J. 19 , HQ SI :f: STS5T-' jf, -3T - 144 Hi 4 I , liJT.J v sir "" "r T" " Ti 7 " 5 ST !""" 1 - - . . I -JjJLl; keeping class, or both. Prof. A. H Bonds. U. S. governments andl Patricia Holt sang "Touch not Naturopath! Y. T. Lam. N4. PhTskiaoa upatain Boom 1 d Gillett, Instructor. - m27p domestic torporation issues lower, the Cup," accompanied by Mrs turo lower aiier onei seinng : Augsburger; Alice Graham, Al From Corvallis 1. Veaetlan Theater Bid.. Cor. Flrat -end Broeulalbln Sts.. At- flurry, bany college librarian, told of the peace convention which she attended last summer: Mrs. Augs i . II ban. i Mr. Peterson of the Mountain States Power company of Corvallis transacted business and visited t.' V Office boon: t p. burger read "The Sale of a Lady." m. to S p. m. Taaaaay friends In Albany yesterday. Call money of 1 per cent. Dollar strong; French franc weak. , ; r Cotton tip 1 to 9 points: below day's highs. Rubber barely steady in light trading. Old Folks Day ana BaUfdar Only. ConeultatloBj, Bloed Preaaure and Urine Teats Frtt t TAX DISTRIBUTION Next Sunday, March 29, will be DECLARED FAULTY observed with an appropriate pro Coldie Chan, N.D. Charge. gram - at the Santiam Central school as "Old Folks Day," it Is an HOV'DpES a pill know' v22sre togo? When you take ' Wdlcine, It goes everywhere, so -some is bound to reach the rlht spot. ; your problem' Is to .Itnow where to go for your medicine. That's why .we keep reminding ou of pur , prescription department. . 4 . . ,, ,, HERE only the freshest, finest drugs are used. Here each Prescription is compounded with skill and care. Here, too, a registered piiarmacist is ALWAYS on duty. Your doctor will tell you this is a dependable place to bring your next prescription. HURLEY'S nnro ktohb nounced by the pastor, Rev. J Fred Stillwcll, A bouquet of flow To Return Home Dr. and Mrs. D. V. Poling are ers Will be presented to the oldest expected to return home today or person present. tomorrow. Dr. Poling, representing the state educational institutions, (Contlnur from Part One) lion dollars. The tax rate is 3.51 per cent on the average, or $4,550,-000,000. If the property were assessed on the basis of its earnings, or on an income of $95,000,000,000, the tax would be something over 3 billions instead of 44 billions. In other words, he said, taxes consume 62' Jo of the income from real property. In Oregon but 2rc of the school Spring Opening Stocks New York, March 27. Stocks today were adversely influenced by weakness tn the French franc which focussed Wall street attention on the gold bloc's ability to retain present dollar rates much longer. Dow Jones preliminary closing averages showed: Industrial, 155 -52, off 2.21; railroad. 47.17, .off 0.68; utility, 31.81, off 0.52. Volume approximated 1.550,000 shares compared with 1,870,000 shares yesterday. Curb sales were 502.000 shares compared with 680,000 shares yesterday. The annual spring opening of has been on a tour of several weeks, visiting the high schools of the state. the Corvallis stores is scheduled for this evening. A committee of Albany business men have been Exhaust Gas Tester 6 Engine K-Ray Just installed. To introduce this new way of Trmmg Motors, we will conduct a FREE TEST FOR 'ONE WEEK STARTING MONDAY ' Drive your car in for a free test. NEUMAN'S ELECTRIC SHOP Third and Washington Street Albany, Ore. MODERN DANCE Moose Ball Room tonight. rr27p major operation recently at the Bridgwater hospital, was dismissed yesterday from the hospital. s Returns from Portland-Mrs. A. Stenberg, of the Sten-berg Ladies' Shop returned to Albany today from Portland, where she had been on a business trip. Goes to Portland-Mrs. Lloyd Scriber ' left today for Portland to spend several days visiting at the home of Mrs. Mary Freeman.- Mrs. Scriber will be joined by her husband from La Grande, this week end. Mrs. Scriber makes her home in Albany with her cousin, Mrs. Fred Ward. selected as judges. According . to reports the event may be postponed on account ot the weather condition. , I tax is paid by the state. Private Visiting In Salem- , Mil.4 Guy Howe Is spending a taxpayers make tip the other 98f of the cost. Some state pay all of the school costs from money raised outside of real property few days in Salem at the home of her son, Loren Howe, a former Albany resident. Lost Between Albany and Spicer, "brown truck ' tarpaulin. Will pay $2 for return. Murphy Seed Store, m27 Crsin Chicago, March 27. May wheat droooed to the lowest level in McGilchrist made a plea for fix more than four months on theimg a limit on real property ror Leave for Kansas- Mrs. Leo Leigh and hor sister, Night Coughs f' l$tikVeheced J without "dosmg." taxation and limiting the taxes to earnings, such as is paid on bonds, etc. Dr. Joe Gray announced a fine Miss Virginia Jackson, left Wednesday of this week for Inde meSUt BLENDS! OTHERS MERELY MIX pommage Sale The women's league of Albany college is conducting a rummage sale in the building on second street adjacent to the telephone office. The sale will continue today and Saturday. Breaks Arm Merlyn, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Couey, of Monmouth, formerly of the Shedd neighborhood, was pendence, Kan., being called there on account of the deuth of their sister, Mrs. Leo Wilkerson. board of trade today under influence of a break of 2 cents a bushel to a new seasonal low in that option at Minneapolis. New crop futures, however, resisted pressure, clinging around previous closing levels. At the close May was down cent, while new crops were cent lower each. Corn was H to k cent higher, oats were Mr to Vt cent rveett V VpoRus brought to the Albany General Lebanon Visitors Mr. and Mrs- Norman Smith of J OREGON'S FAViRITE Lebanon were Albany shoppers Uuslness Visitors . K. J. Dees and D. F. Mooter, Oregon Electric men of Portland, spent last night in Albany. and visitors yesterday afternoon. Trvlt nospuui wuay 10 receive treatment for a broken arm, which he broke at the elbow, while at play nt school today. D. W. Taylor was admitted to the hospital today for medical atention and L. M- Curl, who underwent a major operation recently has been dismissed from the hospital. with the TOt HATTERS Th All Union Musicians lower nd rye was V to 4 cent lower. The two latter markers were around the season's lows. 4 Take Over Class- Miss Edith Bear has taken 1 charge, of the swimming class BASE BILL PASSES which has been conducted by Miss Washington, March 27. The senate today passed and sent the Daphne Wyman. The class will Move to New Residence-Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Safley of the Sternberg apartments have moved to their -new home on East Water street. His parents of Portland visited them yesterday. TUfafcLr I W'N Dont Forget tire $11 Every Saturday Kite continue to meet at 7 o clock Wednesday nights at the Hostess House, Third and Ferry, where house the Johnson bill authorizing the navy to acquire lands in Alameda, Cal., for construction of a . ; Muwii.j ,1.1 " 1 A If.- i fCjriv tickets for the course may be naval air station. obtained. Plan Music Event-Plans for the community night program' May 8, of annual music week were to be made tonight at a meeting to be held at the home ot Lural Burggraf. Members of the committee, appointed at the community music program last May, are Henry Stewart, Jr of Riverside, Mrs. Jess Cross of Hal-sey. Mrs. Loren Terhune of Tangent, Mrs. A. R. Sandner of Ktng-stton, Mrs. Elizabeth Truax of New Term Opens ' Registration is open for the new Returns from Kansas M. H, Gingrich ot the Bussard station neighborhood, who recently returned from Hesson, Kan., where lie had been for several weeks, was In Albany yesterday. He reports himself glad to return to Oregon owing to the weather term's work in the free WPA typewriting and bookkeeping classes conducted each night except Saturday and Sunday from to 8 o clock in the high school '. .'Special, Communica-iion St. Johns Lodge No., 17 A. V. tt A. M. Friday evening, March fid building under the direction of A. H. Gillcttct. The classes are open both to beginners and to those who wish to review. conditions in thut country. ' Knlihta of Pythias Proirsm I An open meeting will be held : at the Knights of Pythias hall this I evening for the members and their fumilies. The nu'n are to be responsible for the progrum and the women to furnish the dinner I which is to be served at 7 o'clock- Son Bora , 27, 7:80 P. M. Entered apprentice Decree.' Light -He-freshments. A. E. HORNING, Worshipful Master. ABOUT AGEING OF A son. James Dean, weighing W pounds, w'ms born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wllber, of 522 Cala-1 poo in, about 5:30 Thursday after- I noon at the Albany Osteopathic hospital. Ho ia a second child, the other also being a boy. I I LIQUOR! .rtters Unclaimed The following letters remain un called for at the post office: Lester L. Crane, Miss Jean Gray, E. S. Hand. Mrs. V, M. Jeffins, James FULL DO DIED I00PB00F F. Jones. Miss L. E. Morgan, Mr. STRAIGHT BOURBON K. Mirtmier, C. A. McKnight, A ess Nichols, Mrs. Rentch. J eaves Hospital-Helen Mason, who underwent a ManxraM Na, Wit! . Ian m prtc iiwl tor irnvlt know. II l trrhl IM-praof r- ''tMn hlikf. ntiitrml rnt. n uHrallni iwt lln. W-Ilim twiini llaur, H ny V- i 4ialUIra k kw k hM m rii to III wr . I to a' at yxir (alhrr't "iM h ana at t mti aou.lar n Or-(. Try ana Will, ana" a'U ' , alliar. mite 'FOR NOMA'S V J Gnests who really appre- 11 1 . 1 ll They'll like it becsns , a WT. 11 y because it aaWi' II . Craw Llquwifi HI I ttT4 1 1 Apricot, Blackberry, VnII HI 2 Pint .8? IlBjtV llfvifl Fifth $1.31 11 - II J U DatilltJfivmSlnUtri m 0TO" if : trfTlt Pint .85 - Ml H Fifth $1.33 W". If If' 1U Beacon HISl " Distilled Cln - J&' ' Pint .SO ""Sa . Fifth $ .80 IB KIGIIT-FOIITY - ' ' fit ' -i DO YOU KNOW that good apple brandy, made like we make it at Hood River, has a natural kmoothness and palatability which equals years of ageing in other liquor, and costs half as much! Here1 the season: The juice of sound, fine-flavored apples, after being fermented and distilled by most modern methods, contains practically no use . In other liquors this must be ever-come by years of ageing. The consumer must pay these added costs. Hood River "Old Delicious" is made in a new.modern distillery, equipped with latest type all-copper still at a cost of $30,000. The run of brandy is being constantly tested in our own scientific laboratory. Then it is Stored in new charred oak casks. Wherever a fine whiskey can be used, yon can use Hood River Brandy at much less price! Makes wonderful Old Fasbioneds, Manhattans, Sidecars, Toddies. Its superb bouquet makes it marvelous for highballs. It's fast becoming one of the most popular drinks in Oregon. Just try a bottle today! Full 90 proof No. 13C full pint 90c; No. 413 A full quart $1.75. Made by Hood River Distillers, Inc., Hoodi River, Oregon. Of MLSIT 1 'fi'-f- WINE ROMA'S EIGHT. FORTY WINE the party drink of most n joymetit. A product of America's Urgent winery ... Roma Vine Company, Inc., 1.4x1 1, Calif. IOTTLID AT THE WINIRY 1 ' iw t Na.ZI5C rJ$1.50nFTH Sip (Sj,'f IN OREGON ;"35RVE IT STRAIGE3T A3 -..AM-''OLD-FASHIONED " OH m A HIGHBALL BOSTON" Ol. IV itt Moacsl tiiu :; i.n u'ci-U ;3)UttUea: titice-r849 C H. Cra.ti $ont Co. Boston, tint. lnoy, loo, Roma's t:40 Brandy and la Bohtms Wines

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