Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 24, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1936
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THE ALBANY .DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 1936 NEW TODAY WANTED SPRINGER COWS AND heifer. Aio tram work horwea for ssle. Wsltrr NrUun, lt t n.-'l-II' OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT j at rwsn'a Drug Store. ajarllf ' 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. I WE HAVE A Bl'YER FOR A COOD House, rjw in. around $400, I1, At'lttS. i run house, barn, lots of fruit ; a nire little place Huo. Iihi ACRES, marly all cultivated : will trade for amall ptare between Albany and Portland. C. M, 1'Ol.l.AKHIDE CO. m-tf Irtlarl MarWi Rowvow Unwna: California fancy t5.o04(t.7i; I'fMiand. Ore.. March U. 8lsnd.rd , 1 " s '.-' case. ruWs 4lvaneed one-half cent a pound to-J . Crsnbrrrtcs: Local 2Mb bs. St 104 day. only ehang in the butler market. J ' 5 ; SI. .b u2. on. ' . , FRESH VEGETABLES ' Kaa price were unchanged. j I'utstoc,: Local SI-&1; Klamath St. 65, Bittef action was sugsottd for old j Schappotiie netted gems l,6; Doscbwie potatoes. Redmond and Klamath Fall ; netted grma II 6S cental. were holding stocks at firmer prices. t'dery: California. S2.Mj2.0 crate. FOB HALE -in FEKIIKR plUS. U LMS. to a lbs. dale Jaket, S mi. ej ul Shrdd. m24-r. CASH FOR OLD AND WORTHLESS horses and cows. Day-old rare. Ph. 14-F-14 Albany. Cecil Montgomery, mll-tf TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS Pries suoerd below er I Hue pre ailing at tl 'work a, as. oa day of euUkaiwH. sad are subysct to eaaag at aa boa IbsrsaHer. . FOB RENT MODERN HOUSE. 8 ROOMS on Broadway, Iniiuire 405 K 2nd. I'hoit 8711-L, m2S.2i FOR RENT 4-ROOM DOWNSTAIRS Apt., fura. Private balh. 34t E. 2nd St.. FOR SALE BAT MAKE. II YKS. Ol.ll. Will take ami ev. I'siil Wranenb-a. Bt. 2. t ml. north of Knox Hutlr. m24-2B WANTED A COOI I'SKO SINGLE HISC . grain drill, ft. preferred ; alio euuld ue a good tandem tractor disc. C. H. Murphy, care Trips Murvky. m?4-2 . For Sale Houses FOR SALE MOPE BN I BOOM HOUSE. Well buUI. good location. Ideal for elderly couple or small family Terms if desired. Adore Box 4418. cane Democrat-Herald. ' m.'-25 Poultryi Ff c Peaa: Csllfornia. 2.26it.7i hamper. FOR RENT t-ROOM DOWNSTAIRS furawhed alt. Larie, well arranged, Abo mall uitai Apt. 234 Baker St. mJ-'S Booming prices ar showing for Mexican tomatoes as a result of the thnrtsge In th Florid emit. Albany. Or. ml'J-Si" VALLkY FA KM FOR SEATTLE It Hera vn Highway anil mostly in cultivation srish grove for wood. Fair tarn buildiag aad Uvea In Washington and wiU tal pmuerly mi that (ur hi equity. Insurant loan sSIHmi. 11 Aera Rent-Sell all under- culllva-tion and on fine road with livable build- FOR BALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Abo Custom Batching. Brewster's Hatchery, Crabtree. Ore, ma-as-S Lsttur I firmer. Another shortage of rl bananas la FOR RENT MODERN APT, HEAT, elee. refrigerator. CaU at 323 W. 3rd. Phon 248. m!4-tf Spinach: The Uallr Tertt l.uo anil Walla Walla ho.,,, , Onions: Oiegon, ll per toll lbs. Tomatoes: Meairan, K 40 log reparhrd. parlted. Itture: Arisnna t2.iS4iS.fM: Imperial 12 erat. Khtibark: Hut houa. sstra faacv 11.11 1 inown loeally. Market la overaupplied with apinarh. Good jumbl park apflrs are getting Inrs. Five arm ale bearing berries. II .: Acres with building for rant 150 rash. 'Trip Marshy ntl5im. Bi!4-tf ELLSWORTH AFTR. HEAT. OYER. stuffed furniture. Ph. 3. 801 Ellsworth. FOR SALE 40 BLOOD-TESTED. I YR. old Plymouth Hock hena $1 each. AUo 3 atarted ehkka, Hollywood atrain, loo each. Mm. Bea Tharp, Tanaent, Or. m24-26 FOR KENT JROOM MODERN HOUSE. aaraae and garden. Call at (18 W. 4th for Information. m24-2 scare. 1 For Sale Real Estate Rnaebarg cauliflower prices firmer to j cholc to per IS-lb. bog. i 13 For sale, MisceiLaneous WRECKING 1 BIG SCHOOL RLDGSV, lumber fur tt ttt. Plaoks. flooring, cribbing, aiding. Zxt. 2x8. 2x10 Joists, lumber and timber. Bricks $4 pr M. windows, pip, glass, elec. fixtures, lata. Dry wood out to lengths. Se salts an a Msdisoa school, 4th A Madison. Albany, Ore. ' Mar 19-26-S FOR BALK SEKD 8IZS KATAHDIN hMher. 8m rhoic P'Anjou pears offered 33 Personal Lurumaera: Loral, hot koaa fWe4tLU doxeo. , Sweet Potatoes : California. II. 0 per .10. I', rrate; southern yarns l.M per crate. around II. I& box. 1C ACRES. SOME CLEARED. LOTS OF timber to pay for place at 114 per A. Gravel road thru place. 3500 handle. F. i. Benton. Lebanon. RL L mHU24-8 i For Sale, Wood and CoI potato". t2.SU ; largr siacd 13.00. Stor. f d in. Albany Seed Company Whse. Pay in fin rerlained Victory oats; ill Han. j srhto barley ; Hue Zimmerman ahrel. any i location. Wool. Sue; mohair. Sir: 11.00 FOR RENT t ACRES WITH BUILD-ingn and fruit, ( mi. eaat Albany on Lebanon market road So. of Pric arhool. Manno Erb. Rt. 1. Albany. M24-2N PORTLAND LIVESTOCK -(Br V. aw ltpl. f AgricaHsre) Portland. Or., March 24. Hogs; Re STOMACH ULCER. GAB PAINS. AND INDIGESTION victims, why suffer For quick relief get a free gift packet of Udga, a doctor's prescription, at Fred Dawaoa't Drug Store. m24-a24 Keal Estate Iranslen, -dsdvance. Selling Bin Tag Grimm Alfalfa, ceipts 200 ; alrady i gand-rhoic drlvein to III.OO; heavies llft.onfii 10.21; light HIGHEST liUALITT FRUIT AN NUI trees, shrubs, rus kusbea, shod trees. kn.l for -aric list. SettlemcWr Bros. Nurseries. Rt. 8. Albany atl-tt ANYBODY WISHING WOOD. SPRING delivery, at R. E. Stewart, 1I&2 W. 12lk. ' m2S-28 IIO.TSIllOll; load lota absent, quotable 30 Miscellaneous Classified file l Grower Certifiratioa, J4. Wheal ' straw, 16.00, ( buying H selling Ladino clo- wr, Mr : pasture alsiket "e. Farmers Seed i Arrt., Phone 113 evenings, Brownsville, ' Or. , m24-26 lights llft.OtMi 10.50 ; packing sows t.S0i feeder pig ll0.2,Mt 11.00. Trade 29 LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY automatic machin. Warner Hardware. Phon JJU. : mlO-alO Cattle; Receipt 100: calves 11; slow; around steady ; few medium steers 18.60 WANTED CUSTOM IR8 FOR t-FT. green slab wood at 12 per cord. C. C. Cameron, I'bons 40U or 704-L. 2J-24 FERTILIZER Ford Ammonium Sulphate for farm, ganiraa lawn, orchard!, etc. 10 lb. bag up. Alexander Motor Co. Your Ford Deal er. ' m24-26-S WOMEN MAKE GOOD MONET TAkTnO orden famou Janalene Dreeaea. ' Linger!, iw, 'r drtaaea, too. No houa to houa eanvaaaing. Experience unnecessary. Start lre time. Information givn personally by Barnes. Albany Hotel. m24-2S SlT.00 ; good longfeds auotabl to 17.16 or TO TRADE ALBANY PROPERTY well located for good houa in Eugene Address Box 441", car Democrat-Herald. m23-2 LOCAL GRAIN - s( fl sags ra A Ca WHEAT; Mo. I whit, ; red and mUed. ac bushel BARLET: Hansen, IJI 0 tea. OATS: While, No. 1, S1S.90 ; gray No. 1, t?4.00; gray feed S2S.M toa. MEATS ID. E. NebsrgaU Meat Co.) CATTLE Steers .ls.M.s4 Hrifera .0(iLM Bulla ". S.0OU4.II Cows, beef S.0v4.N Cowa, cutUrs, I.S0j2. HOG8 ISO to ISO pounds ,. S S.'iS ISO to 210 pounds f.tMl 10.21 21 to ISO pounds .&( IMS 2SO to 850 iwunds S."6ru. t.00 tag pounds up ". 7.71 Sows S.001I; S.M BHiiEs Uaibs t7.IOitt.SII Ewe 1 00Jt.Ot Tearllngs t.0tj.0 VEAL Llv ; H4e Dressed t2c POULTBT (Swift a Csmpaay) No, t bona. 4 U t lbs. .....It No. I baas. vr Iba. It No. 1 medium hens, over St, lbs, ...,14c No. 1 medium hens, under J'a lbs. ...,14c Colored sprifgs 17c No. 1 broilers, l'i to t lbs., le gooslara er tags Its BGGB All Pries Ar Ulleed Albany ' Cass Betraa Extras tc Staadarda ISc above; common heifers; low - Ida M. Barnes et al to Guy S. Henderson, land tp 13 S, R 3 west. A, W. Forster et ux to M- W. Black et ux, land tp 13 S, H 1 west. Rose J. Miller to Arnold Miller, Scio property and land tp 10 S, R 1 west. Susannah Benton to Fred J. Benton, 240 A, sec 20, tp 13 S, R 1 wesL Charlie L. Fox et ux to Sain Frager et ux, part blk IS eastern add, Albany. cutter and cutter caws 12. 74414. 00; shelly MONET TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV-d farma. Low rat interest. Was. Bain, Albany. flD-U kinds down to 12.21 ; eommoo-mediam oiw 4.40f.i 9.00 ; good beef cows iiuotabk to 22 Situations Wanted 16.10; common-medium vealer 11.19 tt THE RIGHT WOOD TUB RIGHT PRICE. Claude Wrisnt, phone 208-J, 638 K. 6th gt. n20-tf OLD-GR 4 FT. SLAB stOOD. SPECIAL price this mo. only $2.50 per cd. for 10 rda. or more. SmalWr lots, 12.73 per cord. Adklna Wood Yard. 217 Thurston. Phone 83W. mlS-24 TRUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW LOCAT-d around corner from Bank of Albany. Radios, Ulrpaonea, asoton and electrkal appliances repaired. Phon 29-F-4. f2-28 EXPERIENCED MAN WANTS WORK on farm. John Goodhouse. Rt. 3, Albany. Ore. m'.,3-2S 100 1 choiee to 19.60. . Sheep ; Receipt none ; market nominal ; gad-choir trucked la lambs sslesble srauad t.6Ufa 10.00 ; load lota to I10.3S: good-choice wooled lambs ouolahl 6.604jl .. - GARDEN TOOLS RAKES, HOES. apades, forks, garden cultivators, wh-el barrows ate. pruning tools of all kinds, Albany Bargain House 2nd and Baker. -- ma4-2 20 Help Wanted, Male harold W. Hulbui t et al to A. R. 'Schillinu, 1-a int. land tp U S, i it 4 west. i FARM -SACRIFICE" FARM "s f Nearly S00 acraa. ana at Una county's' "twit bran, fin location, Bvatt liquidate. ;tha) (lac la worth f 100 per acre. Price for quirk sale only $48.50 per ten. Can rll atari, Never again will yon be able to duplicate thia deal. J IB VNE U HOOD. Phon 81)0 ! WANT BTOTKBO FARM 1 Rave good mill and warahou, several acres of land and new boom, esr of debt and valued at trad and aasum If storked aad equipped. i . - IRVINE L. HOOD, Paoae SOS i2-tf NEED ORGANIZERS TO APPOINT RE. j presentatives in local territory. District manager will be at Hotel Albany until Mar. 2a. Phone or ask for Bams. Room 47. . m24-i! isa. '. SPECIAL SALE ON USED RANGES i AAa reduced price on Dresam, TsbU. 'etc. Unfinished ckair only r. Albany ilargaia How. 2nd and Raker. m24-2 I WILL SELL OR TRADB EQUITY ON WOOD CUTTERS WANTED. W. U Smith. Rt. 1 Lebanon. Or. m23.I6 GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELIV-ered In any length. Lester Chilrotc. lo Santiam Rd. Phono 734-R. j20-tf THE PRODUCE EXCHANCK I winniired J .Marshall to d & HELP THE NEBDT Tbs Salvatloa Army awd fruit, vaaw-ablfa, clotniag tc, to help ady people In emergency oases. Moawy, to, if yod ear to contribute. W have a Wlephons. but bring ' what you hav to aonst at drop a a card and we'll call for M. Caps. Bert Bailey. 840 Eaet Flea, St.. Albany. Th following prices wer named to be Marshall, land tp 11 S. K 2 West. effective today) 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous Frank Cawrse to F. W. Northruo 11 Hay, Grain. Feed PAYING CASH WOOL 88c. MOHAIR 3Sr 80e and tl advance. Paying 82c for barley. Sir for wheat. thone 113. Farmers' Seed Aut., Brownsville, Or m21-24 FOR SALE NO.' I WHITE WHEAT, tt bu. sacked at barn. Abo mix 'train for row feed. 31 ba.. bring sacks. C. B. Can. Rt. 3, near Blacksmith shop oa Brownsville Road., m21-24 Uutter: Cub atras, 30c ; standard 2e; grim first 20c; firsts 2e lb. Cheese: Oregon triplets, lie; loaf K. Broken will pay ' j cent below quotations. Eggs: Produc Exchange quotations be-tweeB dealers t Kxtra larg lsc; stamlarda lagr 17c ; extras medium 17r i alandard meeting 16c dnarn. Jobbing prices t cents higher. PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES land tp 11 S, R 1 west. Mae E. Troutmun et vir to Linn county, roadway in tp 13 S, K 3 west. C. A. Troutmun et ux to Linn county, roadway in tp 13 S, R 3 Wt'St. John Hoyerly et ux to Unn county, roadway in tp 11 S, R 2 BIG AUCTION SALE, THL'RS.. MAR . 10 a. m. Entire larg stock of Lebanon Auction Hons, nothing reserved. Everything gors to the highest bidder. 1T W. Sherman, Lebanon, Or. l24-2ft SPRING CLEARANCE OF GOOD USED CARS Priced fraal 133 to J7J1.M 1K.H3 Buick Sedan. w. w. 1034 Chevrolet Sedan, mo Pontine Sedan. 1R3I Pontiae Sedan. 1D29 Chevrolet Coach. 1030 Chevrolet Sedan. 1028 Nash Light Sedan. 1924 Studeba'ier Sedan. 1921 Buick Sedan. Sec these at ALBANY AUTO CO. -Our Terms Are Bight m24-26-S Extra medium .13c Standard mediums .....12 WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CAfiU advanced without Interrst. M. Senders Co. mlO-al TO PRESENT "MIKADO Lebanon. (Special) - Members of tiic Lebanon high school glee crub, under the direction of Miss Irene Moore will present 'the light opera "Mikado," at the high school auditorium on the evenings of April 2 and 3. The sale of tickets will begin in the near future. 3-GRAIN SEED OATS ZIMMERMAN seed wheat, Hanschrn barley. C: W. Walker Rt. I at Fry Station. m2S-2S These ar th price retailers pay whole- ' west. Ciraham for 29 or "30 Ford. Cbev. or Livestock CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR Market. Phone 1331, Lebanon, Ore. m6-a (Dodge. Low mileage, good condition. 'Auk Ifor Chan. Buckle. 1026 E. 1st St, 24-2 Brown extras Inc tlndrrgrailra , 124 PulleU 12c Ps wees ,,, lOe VEAL - Llv I Sc Oessed 13c BVTTEKFAT WANT TO BUY OR RENT SPINNING COOS BAY GETS SNOW WANTED FOR CASH OLD 0B WORTH-less horses and cowa ; also dead as i ma la if in good condition. Cale and Montgomery. Phone collect 33-F-12. Corvsllis. miiO-aU wheel to leara to ipln. Mrs. Winona Marshfield, Ore., March 24. A CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL crowns, bridge, fillings, old Jswslry, watch caeca, tc F. M. French boa. Jewelers. 430U :Afee. Rt. 2, Albany. m24-26 A grade 30c thin, coat of snow covered hills surrounding .Coos Bay today. A foot of snow on Eden Ridge B gradr 2Sc C grade 27c ' SHEEP FOR SALE COAL BURNING BROODER stov. set of heavy harncas 4 -see. black-smith harrow, two 14-in. Oliver walking plows. Sudtell's Auction Market, foot of Broadalbin St. m24-2.'i .FOB SALE BLACK MARE, WT. ISM j Iba. AIM weanling piaa and drill, Chris sS. Miller. Rt. 4. Albany Pkone O-F-2. I m24-2-S DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND rows picked up f re of charge anywhere. Phone 14-F-14 Albany. If no answer. Ph. collect ll-F-4 Corvallia. ml4-tf hampered logging operations CASH PAID FOR C8ED FURNITURE, etc. "Look la your attic.' Chaa. Rohr-bough. a Son, 411 W. First BC Jl-tf Lambs M259.0I where 600 men- are employed. HAPPY CIRCUMSTANCE Rv HAROLD GRAY GEE- HERE WE WANTED TO TOtMORROW HE'S TAX IN' ME Funny how th' r alers, except where othsrwlw atatd ; llullr: Prlnta A grade, 32e lb. In parchment wrapper S3 in carton ; II grsd, parchmeot wrapper Sic ; cartons S2c lb. Butterfat: Portland delivery: A grade, delivered at least twtc weekly, 3J"u34c lb. ; country nuts 304(33 B grade, JUKI Sic; C grsd at market B Grade Cream for Market: Buying; price, butterfat has la 6.1 '.jc lb. Cheese; Helling pric to Portland retail-era; Tillamook triplet 2le; local 22 15. Tillamook selling pric to wholesalers: Triplets 19 ; loaf Ms lb. ( Kggat Buying price of wholesalers! Extra Ike ; ataadarda lsc; extra mediums 16c: do medium first lie; undergrade I3; pullets ISe doaen. ' Milk; A grade, Portland delivery, l'ae lb. butterfat basis for 4 ;r rant. Live Poultry; Portland delivery buying price: Colored hena, over 4' Iba, ITHlKc: under 4' Iba , 1H( 19c ; leghorn hena, over J'V Iba., 161 lac ; under lbs. 16irrI6e; leghora broilers, 1 to 2 lbs., I7Ul(e: springs, t Iba, and up,. 194120c; colored springs, t lbs. and up, lvftixOei muaters HHi ; pekin duck young, 14.17 ; (ess I K1 1 2o lb. ." Live Poultry: Belling price by whole salers: Light hena 14c: medium hens lSKjc; colored keaa IS I broiler 20di!lc; springs lvfti2uc; pekin ducks, young, 17c; do col. ored 10M 13c; capons over 7 lb., 24j2Se ; lb. ; guinea nana 60 each. 11 i I U t 1 ! Little ! Orphan things vuh want MOST ARE TH' ( THINK OF IT, SrSNOVN COR OME-- AMD f U cl "UNCLE" JACK- HE'S TH' KINO O' UNCLE I ANY KID WOULD I iBEPROUD OF- STAfV SO BVOLt, BUT WERE SCARED TO ASK- AND "UNCLE" JACK WANTED US TO STAY, BUT WAS FRAlD TO SCHOOL- GES- A REAL HOME- AN UMCLE- AND COIN' TO SCHOOL-- IT'LL SEEM SORTA FUNNY. AT FIRST, TO BE UVIN' UKE OTHER KIDS- HARDEST TO ASK FOR- 11 TO 5AV SO V nr Daniel Jimeifield to Walter Michael et ux, land tp 13 ii, it 1 west. Leona Kraynik . vir to Lester Foster, 40 A, sec 17, tp 11 S ,R I east. Grover D. Newman to Verna May Newman, undiv. Vt int- part blk 126, Hackleman's add, Albany. Herbert Shelton, sheriff to F. D. Calwey, lund tp 14 S, R 2 east. Erick borgstrom et ux tot Chai. E. Steyaeit, land tp 11 S. R 1 east. M. M. Woodworth, Kdn. et al to Frank Marshall Stevens et al. It 9, Dilc 3, hacKleman s 4in uua, Albany. Frank Marshall Stevens et al to Arminda ti. McPherren, tut 3, blk 3, Hackleman a 4th auu, niuany. Henry Blakely to Hugh C. Blakely, land tp 14 S, R 3 west. R- O. EUichman et ux to Manni Erb et ux, land in Albany. Eugenia Scott et al to Rosa M. Chrisman, und. Mr int. Lebanon property. . R. A. Babb Hdwe Co. to J. C. Kimmell et ux. Mill City property. Caroline Bode to B. C. Bode, Lebanon property. - . . Ida M. Benning to Julius Mc-Kinney,, part blk J, Moyer's add, Brownsville- C. H. Lindeman et ux to A. G. Cai sner, part blk 10, Ralston's 2nd add, Lebanon. T. W. Allen et ux to Linn coun-tp, lund tp 9 S, R 3 east. Minerva J. Cooper to Dan Nof-ziger et ux, land tp 11 S, R 1 wesL Leonard . Weed to Hurley D. Weed et ux, 23.36 A, tp 14 S, R 1 west. Hallie Thomas Endlcott et vir, to C. H, Thomas, und- 1-3 of 80 A, tp 12 S, R 2 west. R. W.. Tripp et al to Martin C. Heilman et ux, land tp 12 S, R t west. aV . Annie ? . ' . j And f i Other Comics j if vl Turkey t Dressed selling pric to re. tallersi No, lhens, 23c; toms 22f22i.jc lb Turkeys: Dressed, buying price: New crop hena, -No. 1, 22c lb. " FRESH PRUIT Applea: Delicious, extra fancy 11.70; do tl A VOLUNTEER SAILOR MVRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll fancy, 11.46. NewUrwns, extra fancy, 11.70; do fancy 11.46; da far and fill, fancy, 95c; do face and fill choice. 76c. SptUen-berg, extra fancy 11.60; do combination, 11.86. Rome Beauty, Jumble, V'tt lb. Winesap extra fancy 11.16 : do fancy $1.. 40 ; do jumbl extra fancy 3e lb. Bananas: Bunch 6c; hands 6(i6c lb. Pears: D'Anjou xtra fancy 11.36; do falcy; Dose combination far and rill 90c box. ' ' . Oranges : California navels fancy 13.20 : choir I2.76IM 2.86 ; standards 12.66 case. Grapefruit: Aritona 11.8012.40 esse; Florida l4.OflW4.26 ra. 1777T J5 THIS TU1; RECOVEPD OATlCk IT VEel WE AY& TWEVVE TOSSED TME WMOLE THIM6 MySTERlOUS, JACK -WW WERE THE PRISONER TMAT'S SOMETHING FOR. US TO FIMD OUT IF WE CAM- I WAS LOOK.IM6 OUT OF TME PCRT-WOLE.WWEN TME CAPTAIM AN' CREW SKIPPED SWIP-TMEV PUT OUT FOR A SMART UDOKIMG, GREEM YACHT vVP PCIDMFD WFCF LEPT r I laa fw i 1 IF VDU Wl5M,5lR,TCAM SAILTMIS SMIP-- IM MV YOUMGER CAYS, I WAS MATE OM A SNIP IM TME CWINA SEAS , AROUMD, MELPLE55J FOR A WEEK TMAT'S GREAT i LETS STEP OMTME-ER- tAiiiirsJ' LEFT PEHIWD? 1 CWAIMED BELOW 1 " 'TM l gT.vf 1 73 1 . I! ! . i ," Ifisfll? -wk 3W i REDUCED PRICE SALE ALBANY RESIDENTIAL LOTS Albany Collece will sell any or all of the Lots and Parcels Listed Below st Very Attractive Prices - 1 V' w. f WW 7, J,t v I. ' - 1 -n "37 Lots 1, 2, 3. 4, Blk. 26, Haul-wood. Addn. 4 Lot S, Blk. 4. Linnmont Addn., Albany. Part of Illk. 40, MonUith Southern Addn. Ita 1 and I, Blk. 21. So. Albany. N1, Lota 7 and I Blk. 00, Mon-teith s So. Addn. Lot 10, Blk. 2, lloack Addn. Lot 1, Blk. t and Lot t Blk. S. Winona Psrk. Lots and 2. Blk, tl Montcith's , " So. Addn. LoU 7 and B. Blk. t, Coltra Park Addn. Lota I and S. Blk. II, So. Albany. Lot I. Blk. IS Chy Vk-w Addn. COST IS SECONDARY BY BLOSSER 5 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FARM PROPERTIES , 1 I 40 Am j near Lebanon. 33 Acres Polk County near Dallas. T 12 Acres Ptrtl Horn Tract. 460 Acre Stork Ranch Bear Home.. TM TAklMQ TrW WELL, I'LL I i. rNUW....BUI lr- ill CML WAR fTDIkl... ) BUT CALL OR wAlTE ALBANY COLLECE, ALBANY, OREGON. H v -Tyy 'YtHJ STAY HERE" WITH . DRUG STORE; AND Y'Vkt -, " ( MOM, FRECK... KEEP C.T GET' THE "" '' j,: .' '.( GIVING HER "THAT ' MEDICINE W f? I -.1 SMET-LIWG SALTS?.'' ' V- BOTTLE , M mavSp' r? IT'LL BE WbPOH A HAVE TO JT. ' GET THAT I HAVE YOU MEDICIKIE ENOUGH ONi-Y MONfcY y LQ-p -V, MILLIOfJ DOLLARS WE HAVE M 7 "OUEV r 4 S ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this pace are known as Albany's most reliable business men and woman. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad. in he .811: i!S ''''M'iiiiiiili'iV kl'U. H'iiji uciuouai-arjaiu. L iff VZZl tIM THE ' KFTY ' Mt " ATTORNEYS s frVHERE AREv X (fi'l'SjC JcW V. !! MARKS & McMAHAN Attornys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 2US r1 ' , I' I :ii::, 1. f J .1 !,:! g . Ja WEATHERFORn & WYATT 122 W. First Phone 19 FUNERAL DIRICTOES rORTMILLER FUNERAL HOMJ fm or Mtarht nhntw 447-R LN8UHANCE OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1B11 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. M-VKJ to loan, farm security. PRODUCR SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS W the market for egst. poultry, tm' and cream, - SHOE REPAIRLNQ AUTO FREIGHT THIS MIGHT GltT EMBARRASSING BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP 1 SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st St Montgomery Sta, Phone 371. WHiLE KING GUZ'5 ROCKRUSTERS , Mm? rACL 5AY.TH'6i2AU0 WIZERS 0 Jf (2b LAYIN' rXJWW'WHy.HE'S J S S'' l BEJ KWOCKED OUT S rV VX. V A COCK r &bJ J l MUSTA 1, AUTO REFAIKLNQ X MY JAILERS lAlf ARE SiNKINO A SHAFT DOWN TO THE CAVE WHERE' IM THE WIZER IS T. C HULERVS AT KELLY'S Garage. Towing & Wrecker, ph 80 BEAUTY SALONS MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON .123 W. 1st Phone 458J MUSGRAVES SHOE SHOP, 131 Lyon. Motto. Quality and Service, WASHING MACHINES OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor Washers. CLUING BLACKSMITH LNG HELD PRlSOWEa BT ALLEY OOPS DINOSAUR., LETS UXXKJON THE GRAND ' WIZER -A vJ - V CAAPET CLEANING SNYDER & SON - RKAR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened. THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W First 7 WELL DRILLERS FILM SERVICE C. E. GORDINJF.R & SON . Well Drillers "We solicit your inquiries Eugene, Oregon, HURLEY'S DRUG STORE FOE gvcnuKu lika servic, , K 1 ara siavict inc. T. m. aid 0. T. 0r. - ,i .ii 1 iiir

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