Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 21, 1936 · 7
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 7

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1936
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Saturday, march 21,1 936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN SHEEP i '.NEW TODAY Ijimb rOR SALE DOMESTICATED BLACK-berry, Loaaaherry and red raapberry planta, JuKn tlrens, Seravrlhill near Jel-fenon. I'hone t-r-4 Jefferson. Mar IP-SI DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND row liiikfd up free of ehanic anywhere. I'hon ll-F-H Albany. If no anrr. I'h. collect U-K-4 Corvallie. . mU-lf HIU THICK FOB SALS, ItlJ LONG wheelbaae Chevrolet with cab and large Wd. tV'i r ainrht luuWi r a aood work borae on asm. Tripp A Murphy RealtersJ Noted Musician TODAFS MARKET QUOTATIONS FOR SALS 4S4 HOLLYWOOD BABY I chirk from bloodleeted hena, c each Mb, Ben Tharp, Tangent. Or, in: 1-23" 4 Business Opportunities Answer to Prvvloua rui.le WANTED AT ONCE SHEEP PASTURE, liveatoeV including beef of any kind, huata, veal. sheep, eowa and heller. 8. E. Elch r. I'hone W-K-13. Mar lv-i.'1-JS HIGHEST QUALITY FRIIT N" NUT Inmw shrub. rr0 bielw, hade Iweas Send far pric list. 8ettlemelr Bra, .uixrin, rti. a. Aibani. atl-tl Prires quoted below are tnoae Bre sailtag at II a'cksck a. as. oa day af publicatwa, and are subject to chaar al any hoar thereafter. SAW MILL MEN ATTENTION. 24 Wanted. Miscellaneous ' I have mill at-tllngs from 1 to it mil- i lion ft. very d liable, will furnlah full I information, call or addnaa, Leon H. r'iah, ' CASH rOR OLD AND WORTHLESS honea and eowa. flay-ol eNa. Ph. 1 4 F-14 Alliany, Ceeil MonUomery. mM-tf Portland Market Review Portland, . Ore.. March 21 Accumulating wsainras continue to be shown in the butter litualtvn locslly- Buttcrlst market hu held a ' faiily at rung tow with the.brller weather and an inrrtaiing demand fur ire cream. Morsel fur etraa eontinuea to hold a firm tone with price showing practically M further a-hannea on the open market at the wrek end. Record p'rr are h-ld In the market for live chicken and especially for light weight Irihorn. which ars very srsree in all coaal positions. There Is a good movement of onlona but low prices are continued generally. Stocks held at cuuntry points ar seasonably hisvy. Albany, Or. Mar 1P-21 PAVING CASH WOOL IK, MOHAIK ! IS Sue and II advance. Paying 21c for barley, sue for wheat. Phone 113. rsrmer' Seed Aut., Urownstillr. Or 3 mi'l-l r 1 I, 5 Cd Bar la Fares MS arm with 120 cultivated bslanc good paatur with creek and living water, Usual farm buiktinaa. Price fJ.BOO tarma only 1404 down and ten yrara to pay In at ( per. rent. 1 1 HT Grain. Feed For Sale Houses WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH advanced without Interval. M. Sender A Co. rnlO-al CASH FOR VOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR Markrt, t'hon 1331, Ubanoa, Ore, - JBjiiiljHB s rr a o ins i M-eiNjTiM T KlElNiM3(LiiT tTLnTja Alnuisteisn i cIo nis RUTH IqtR'EiA n caIrioC ST. PTaTlIT aWp t DENIS iTctviejN NOL it 10 NIEOG ZfyO L S TTJC AlN .TTML" l a wjrts c fitojo MSjT'CiA P tfv tsC a TtsJCtc Pba rji.1 DTA".Wc!TlRSnf IEA!ClR1EtR FOR SALE ZIMMERMAN SEED WHEAT DO bu. John Kiddrra, Suver. mto-t3 j ALBANY. SALEM AND EUGENE, LOCAL GRAIN j M. Readers A Ce, WHEATt No. -i -while. red and silled. 7K buahel. BAHI.EY t Hanarn, 121.00 tea. ' OATS: Whit. No. I. 120.00; any N... L 124.00 i gray feed 420.00 tun. MEATS (D, E. Nraergall Meat U. CATTLE Steers I4.004I4.UD Heifers 1.004,1.00 Hum.a Tradi. M'll, rentala. Writ Box 27. Albany. I'pone avenina 2SS-J. Call SPECIAL SALE GROUND DAIRY FEED, i evening or Data, Zvt E. 4th... Albany. OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUCBT at rwuai'a Drat Stor Bsarltf ; Incaai Prertr. r hav a fin In-coma property that waa obtained thru ka company and they are anxious to aell aam. 1240a raah would handle. A k it u tai- o - . 1 i ;.. HORIZONTAL 1. Conrert player. 14 Iniceiiuous. 15 Indian. 1 Armadillo. 17 T.fK of nh. IS Dard. It Indigo sourc. CO To permit. 21 Mullterry bnrk. 22 Scottish apeech. 21 Kxlsta. 5 Net. 27 Nf gatlvo. 21 li U by birth. 30 Type standard. 31" Mature person. 33 Kindled. 34 Spain. . 35 Flour factory. 31 To etHTete. 3? T piece out. 3t Stocking. 31 Like. 40 Northeast. 11 Timber tree. 12 Salt springs, 13 Transpose. ISA defile. 19 Lava. 20 Fibrous tissue band. 21 Examination. 23 He is a of sons. 25 Thin muslin. 28 Poker stake. 28 Law. 29 Naval helper. 32Iievee. 36 Throne 38 Nymph. 39 Excuse. - 41 Puddle. 42 Market. 43 Wrath. 44 Street. 43 Consumes. 4C Also. 47 Possesses. 49 3.1411. 50 Musical sot. 61 Chaos. ' 1 For Sale--Real Estate CASH PAID FOR V8ED FURNITURE, etc. "Look In pour attic.'' Chaa. Itohr south A Sua, 41t W. Fint Su - Jl-tf $20 ton. M. Sender A Co. nCO-JJ . FOaTsALlW;)DtJUAI.ITY CLOVER hay, km or cut. Hug Ehrlirh. Phone 1S-F4I, Rl. 3. Albany. Mar IP-SI , FOR SALE 4JOOD DRY EAR CORN. IC I lb.; houaehold gonds. aiimv farm tool. T. Cummlnira, I'hone rt-F-22, j mL weal of Crablne. Mar I9-?1 nd real buy fur 12,240. Tripp A Murphy, Kealtwn. m2Mf 144 'ACRES. SOME CLEARED. LOTS OF timber to pay for place at S14 per A. f:nl road thru nlae. 1600 handles. V. 1 SOUTHERN OREGON I Fina suburban place, want farm In J. Benton. Lebanon. RL 1. ml-2t-S 1 PORTLAND LIVESTOCK Ry V. S. Dept. af Arlrllar Portland, Ore., March 21 - lings total fur week t.eill. Comnsred one week sgo, msrket strong to 10c higher; bulk 144-214 II drive uu SKJ.404ilO.40. necluiible loU late 'SI0.7S, huid kU aioatly S10.7. 24U-260 lbs. 410.011 f 10.24, 274-S7S Hat. S0.5MI 10.00. lle-140 CASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD. DENTAL srowns, bridass, fillings, aid iawalry, watch taaea, ate. F. M. French A So. Jeweler. dtf valley, will assume . i : 11 ' " i7 acres, pear sbrdd. on fine stream, g For Sale, Wood and Coal 6 Poultry, Eggs VKirncAii 1 Malt an em. 2 Provisions. 3 Tumult. 4 Night before. 5 Myself. 6 Animal lover. 7 Virginia willow. Witticism. 9 To exist. 10 Narrow way. 43 To misRovern, 48 Tipster. 47 Stan. 48 Courtesy title. 49 Needy.' 60 Container weight. 51 The tip. B! He Is a . S3 Hi father trained him first In . 15 For Rent, Houses, Apts. FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Bulla Cows, beef Cowa, cutters, HOGS ISO to 140 pounds 140 to 210 pounds 260 to S50 pound 150 pound up Sow SHEET Lambs Ewca Yearlinas ', VEAL Live Dressed .. 1.00 V 4.2S ,, l,OOV4.0r .. .1 Ito . I.OOtXIO.OO . S.40H I.7S , 4.Tt(ij T.SS . 4.7AM -! . .I7.S0(S.M ,-.uUI.M ., I.0OU4.44) 'Sie ....... W-it THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT PRICE. Claude WriiiM, ittone 26-J. 638 E. th St. - , tB2Ctf OLD-GR. 4-FT. bLAo IOD. SPECIAL lair DUHdinga, ttujoo. ray lor tnia like i sent. ( Q ACRES near Tangent, a hiah pro? during- farm, pood buildings, litwo will handle, balaar eaay. i 1 DOLLARH1DK COMPANY. I 120 Ellsworth mU'-tr , - 1 ' FOR RENT MODERN APT, HEAT. rlec. refrigerator. Call at 424 W. Ird. I'hone 24K. ml4-lf Ala Cuatom Hatching. Brewater'a Hatehery, Crabtree. Ore. ms-S AROUND 7is CHICKS DUE TO HATCH . 14. Will aell all or part. Phone 10-F.4. Glenn Ea-tman. Mar l-21-S 41 PilUr prires this mo. only - per ed. fur 10 eda. or more. Smaller kits. 42.74 per cord. Adkins Wood Yard. 217 Thurston. Phone S33-J. IS-24 ELLSWORTH APTS HEAT. OVER-uf(d furnitur. Ph. Si. SOS Ellsworth. a4-tf -I 9 For Sale, Machinery FOR SALE NO. I WHITE WHEAT, tSc ( bu, sacked at barn. Also mix ((rain tor row reed. Sic bu., briny ascks. C. B. Cass. Rt. S, near Blarkamith ahop on Urawnsville Road., ' au!t-24 i 18 Lost, Strayed, Stolen ' GOOD WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DELI V. 1 ered in any length. Lester Chilcote. Iu Santiam Rd. f hone 734-R. UO-tf WANTED ONE HORSE DRILL ALSO I I Livestock FOR SALE J BOTTOM JOHN DEERE . dia plow, 7-fL Tiger drill. Chaa. Arnold, ebedd. Or.- Mar 19-21 FOR SALE OK TRADE FORUSON tractor with pulley and governor, for horses or cattle. C. M. Bryant. Rt. t. Lebanon Ore. Mar lt-21 ItM. t.7SM0.2ft. 133-1 0 ll. up to 110.40. Packing sows Ss.23ni8.M. Feeder pigs IO.004ll0.45. Cattle: Ttotal for Week 2.2H0 ; calves 130. ' Comiwrrd one week ago," market generally 25c klghar, bulb only steady, veal-era III up. Bulk fed eterr 44.601,17.15, few 17.25, top 47.SO for five load V7 to S.17S lb, weights, common steers down to I5.JH; fed heifer 45.60'i4.4O, light cutlery kinds S4.UO. Ixw cutter and cutter rows 42.75 to 3.74. shelly kinds down to 12.04, common tu medium grsdes S4.t0$i S.O0, good beef cows 45.25US.60. Bulls 47ti'5.50, few to SS.43, cutters down to 4.00. Good to choice vrslrrs 4H.6O4iV.60, aeleeta la 410, common down to 46.50. Sheep I For week 2.8K5. Compared one week ago, fat lambs strong, ewrs unevenly higher. Iad kits fed 78- lb. lamb 40.764; 10.00.. drivrina mostly 9 2MlH.SU. Shora Umhs 48 251 36; add head 60 to Ml lb. spring lamba .S0 -.11.40 ao criterisn; good to choice we 15.0041 4.00, common to medium S.OOttS.OO pood work home. R. W. Tripp, Albany, LOST Sit RIVERSIDE DB LUXE truck tire on Corvallat-Alhany wetld highway. Finder call Conalli 26-F-J. Re- i wsrd. m20-2S I 30 Miscellaneous Classified t Dmmii a'iia FOR SALE HORttEB, WT. I4S0 TO IM , Itia., "v mi. eaat airport beacon light. .WANTED SPRINGER COWS AND Frank Hoffman, Rt. 1. Albany. Mar le-21 heifers. Also team work bones for sale. 'alter Nu. la A I an. Ml4)ja 13 For sale, Miscellaneous FOR SALE HORSES AND MULES, 124 LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY automatic machine. Warner Hardware. Phone 331-J. ml0-10 FOR SALE NEW BUGGY OR WILL trade for llvratork. Addr.M Bon 4371, care Democrat-Herald. m20-23 71 7" S" 7" o" " " iu it i i& I jo "" " Ti "" "" "" 5e ' "! e - - - -j j- , i7 - -ar ; 55 5 P 1 L ; fJ ; - . , mmmm v "-"41 j . ""5T" : ITT "Ts 7 hi 1 1 1 111 I I i"i I I rn MONEY TO LOAN ON WELL-IMPROV-ed farms Low rate interest. Was. Bala. Albany. flO-tf POULTRY (Swift A Casspanyl Nb.1 hens, 4 to 4 lbs. 14 Noil hen, aver Ik. lc No. 1 medium hens, over J1 lbs, ,...14e Na.l medium hens, tsndar St lbs. ,...I4 Colored springs .17 No. 1 broilers, 11, to 2 tt. I(e Boosters . . I, Stag ,4 . . 14 EGGS All Prices Ar Delivered' Albany Cass Retaraa Extra ! Btandarda ..17c Extra mediant .lite Standard mediuma ,.14 Brawn extra 17 Dirty extras .........,......14e Undergrade 4c PulleU I2e Pee wees 10 VEAL Live , S Drased I3e BUTTERFAT A grade 12a B grade ..lie .WILL FAY CASH FOR LIGHT CAR. j Prefer '1.7 or "118 Chev. Troy Nance. 12th A Hit! Sta. mil 1 iFARM "SACRIFICE" FARM Nearly S00 acrea, on of Lin a county's' eat farms, line lecatio. must -liquidate, hi pae is. wsrth 1100 per acre. Price lb, to 1700 II. Good ages, prices rca- i aonable. Ray Scott, S mi. north Albany on Pacific Highway. . m-'O-SI j WANTED FOR CASH OLD OR WORTH-leas boraes and eowa ; alao dead animals if In good condition. Caie and Montgomery. Phone collect J3-K-12. Cervallia. m20-al3 FOR SALE 21 FEEDER FIGS, 55 LBS. to 83 lbs, Gsle Jskel. mi. west nf Rnrdd. m20-23 FOR BALE SEVERAL GOOD USED "McCkinahan" Incubators, 240 rgp I1U; S40 egg, $20. reconditioned, teated, and sold eomplrte with ail parts ready to run. K. E. MrCldnihan Inc. Co.. 260 W. 12th St., Eugene, Ore. f21-mll TRUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW IOCAT. ed around corner from Hank of Albany. Radio, telephone, motura and electrual aoplianrea repaired. Phone 2K-F-4. R4-m2S ie ouf g.ou per acre, can aell part. Never again will you be able to duplicate this deal. I IRVINE L. HOOD. Pboas 300 THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The following prices wet named ta be affective today: Butter: Cub extra S2'3e: atandarda tHcj prim first SIL,- first (oifee lb. Ckease: Oregon trtplrta 14c i loaf 17 lb. Broken will pay H cent below auotationi. Ects: Prsduca Exchange quotation between dsalsra: Extras Isrge 19c; aund-rd Isrgs Ike; ratraa medium 1H; aland- rds medium 17c dosen. Jobbing price 2c WANT 8TOCKED FARM Have food mill sad warehouaa. uwnl WRECKING 2 BIG SCHOOL BLDGS., lumber for IS A up. Planks, flooring, cribbing, aiding. 2x4, 2x8, 2x10 joists, lumber snd timber. Bricks ti per M. windows, pipe, glass, elec. fixtures, lath. Dry wood cut to length. See salesman MaJifon aihool. 4th A Msdiion, Albany. Ore. Msr 10-25-S , rIKLP THE NEEDT In aaivatun Ara aeru fruits. sga, -itea. clotbina ,eac.. 'la hrii, avedy paopl m vmvriieney caea Money, too. If roe are to roatribut. W hav no lelephon. bat being a what you hav ta Sonata ar dni' a card and we'll can lor a Cap. Bert bailey, Mu East Finn St., Albany. FOR SALE S-YR. OLD COW TO freshen soon. 22 W. 3rd St.. Albany. Ore. Mar 10-21 HAN8CHEN SPRING BARLEY, HEAVY for seed. S23 ton, C. B. Settlrmier, Rt. 1, Box 23. Tangent, Ore'. Mar 1D-21 acres of land and new house, clear of debt and valued at 11.000. trad and assume if stocked and equipped. I IRVINE L. HOOD, Phone 300 f26-tf I t i I 4 I i -A C grade ..tea hither. PORTLAND WHOLESALE PRICES ( TWO MINDS SINGLE THOUGHT Bv HAROLD GK a The art the prim retailers' par wholesaler, upt ather otherwise stt ed: I'D BE IMPOSING PO$ING HE COT ALONG ALONE ASK HER. PERHAPS ON HER TO TO STAY- STILL- IF I THOUGHT IT TO HER . J I fA A FOOL TO THINK SHE COULD LEARM TO CARE FOR THIS POOR HOME A LONELY OLD CODGER LIKE me- grad 13c t pullets 13c dosen. Milk I A grade, Portland delivery. M! lb. butterfat basia (or 4 Par rent. Liv Poultry; Portland deliver buying prise: Colored hena, over 4', lh., l74jISe; under 4'i Ha., IH19c: ley horn hens, over it lbs., 16'tl4c, under i(, IU.. 15itfl4c; leu horn broiler. IMj to J lb.. l7(iilBe; springs, t lbs. and up, 19iti0c; rosters 8'ifc: pskin ducks, young. 14(0171 gt 11412 lb. Turkey (Dressed) l Selling pries ta r. taller: No. I hens, iSo; torn ZU2tt lb, Turksy (Drsssed) : Buying pric: New crop hens. No. 1, IZe lb. HOW CrKJ I HrVVE TH' GALL TO ASK HIM IF WE CAN STW 1 WE EAT AM Awful Lot and he DOESr4'T MEED US- FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS-COURSE I'D BE WILLIM' TO WORK AWFUL HARD TO HELP PAY OOR WAV- WERE FAIR .IR Butter: Prints, A and. S4Ujt lb. In parchment wrapper, 85 Ve lb. la tarton ; B trade, parchment wrapper, 19c; cartons 34Vii lb. . . ButUrfatt Fortlsnd delivery) A trad, dellvarirs at hast twice weekly S4ftf4cj country routes Sid 35a: B grade t'HaMc ; 'ijt I " I BUT C grade at market. i Little Orphan Annie Mild Other Comics m V' l Ml) r.'JllMi 1 ' d B tirade Cream for Msrkrti Buying price, butterfst basis, 43Vje lb. CKeea I Selling price to Portland t lallerst Tillamook triple lie loaf S2e lb. Tillamook selling price to wholesalers : Triplets 19c i lost 20 lb. Elites: Buying pric of wholesaler! E. Irs 18 dosen; standarda 14c; extra medium le; do medium flraU 14c; under. - - s r .4 b Uirl h rrJ--laV NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned as executrix of the will and estate of M. H, Wilson, deceased, has filed in the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, her final account as such executrix, and the said Court has fixed Monday, the 30th day of March, 1936, at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon of that day as the time for the hearing of objections to said final - account and the settlement thereof. Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified to be present at said time in the County Court Room in the Linn County . Court House, in the City of Albany, Linn County, Oregon, and then and there make such objections. , SOPHIA WILSON, Executrix MARKS 8c McMAHAN Attorneys for Executrix. Feb. 29 Mar 7 14 21 28 FIRST AID MYRA NORTH, Special Nurse By Thompson and Coll GO.TO THE CAUL-EX AMD A5 A DIAGMOSTICIAU, LEW, START A FIRE. SOME WARD ALL OF THESE MEN NEED TSl THIS WILL DO SOME 7j IMMEDIATE ATTENTIONJACK, I fCAEfOW OOOD.. . BLTT IT'S NOT7 " fJ t5EE WV4AT VOU CAM FIMD IM I TME MAIKJ TWIM6 if THE SHIPS MEDICINE Y&kZ PLAQUE REALLY MEEDEDf I NA AFRAID YOU ARE LACKING) IM WltOONA n TC AND WOTT TEA WILU DO . WONDERS FOR Twt MEN. BEG- !Y PARDQM;, . THEY'RE JU6TT PLAIN J , 3TAKVEP! J n . . - -s ' 'Dk-M VM NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That sealed proposals will be received by the board of directors of School District No. 16 of Linn-County, Oregon, for the reconstruction .nf a Gymnasium-Auditorium building and class rooms on High School grounds according to drawings, plana and specifications therefor, Commission No. 3S-8A as prepared by C. N. Freeman, architect, Portland,, Oregon. The bids will be received up to 10.00 a.m. March 30th, 1936, at the office of C, H. Ralston, Jr., the clerk of said School District, in Lebanon, Oregon. The proposals shall be on forms furnished by the architect. Pre-qualifications are to be mailed or delivered to the said clerk at Lebanon, Oregon as provided by law. This work will be let In one general contract or in one for general work and one for heating and plumbing and one for electric wiring. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of 5 per cent of the bid. The bids will be opened and considered at the office of the Chairman of the board of directors in the Lebanon National Bunk building in Lebanon; Oregon, Immediately after 10:00 a.m. o'clock on March 30th, 1936. Plans and specifications may be obtained at the office of the architect at 507 Concord Building, Portland, Oregon. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids and re-advertise for same. N. M. NEWPORT, Chairman of Board of Directors. C. H. RALSTON, Jr., Clerk. March 14 21-2B V r f-r 9 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly appointed by the County Court of the State of Oregon for Linn County, executrix of the will and estate of Melissa Young, deceased, and has qualified. All persons, having claims against the estate of said deceased are hereby required to present them, duly verified within six (6) months from the date of this notice to the undersigned executrix at the office of Marks Si Mc-Mahan, in the First National Bank Building, at Albany, in Linn County, State of Oregon. Dated and first published this 14th dny of March, 1936. MARY ALICE HAMILTON, Executrix. MARKS & McMAHAN, Attorneys for Executrix, March. 14 21 28 Apr 4 11 4f 0V Nf a Sri.lijf IkC . MORE WORRY FOR NUTTY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY BLOSSER ITS PROBABLY MOM BCY, IF 1W COW COULD TALK, THE SHE HASN'T BEEN FEELING VERY WELL FIFTY-CENT DID'lOU CALL ME MOM? I SAVDID MOMT I SAVDID J Vjv a-WPONQ, M0UT, I C3UE55rI SPOKE I lJ HEARD PIECE ' ' CERTAINLY STORIES IT COULD TELL WOULD BEAT YOU CALL ME? YOU CALL ME f ) x Vfi NUTTY f UO nbK,tHJI fcht VlVHTJ m Kr7 GRANDFATHER CARRIED THAT ALL THRU THE ISA LATELY 1 I'LL GO H AND SEE IF SOMEONE CALL. AWOLDCOIWJ NUTTY !! LA HISTORY SHE NEEDS t WHERE'D "YbU BOOK.M BET GET IT? CIVIL war! ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page are known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that. you saw their ad to (be Democrat-Herald A IT. A i i I i i ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AUvTTJIkJ f FORTMILLER FUNERAL HQMJ One or Nlp-ht nhrmev S47-R MARKS & McMAHAN Attornys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 299 INSURANCE WEATHERTORn & WYATT 122 W. First Phone 18 OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1811 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Itf-mey to loan, farm security AUTO FREIGHT FOOZY HAS A SCHEME BY HAMLIN ALLEY OOP PRODUCE SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and' coal dealer. 1st & Montgomery Sta., Phone 371. I GUESS MEBBE I WAS WCOWG, ft0fl. J SUSPECTIW TH' ROYS TUIS TIM& -sH'- VSl SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry ve)' and cream. 8HOE REPAIRING 50 yLETOC GUZ TALK LW XXJDA'CjOT US INTO ViNTD HELPK0' TH &PAWL5) A REAL SWEET JAM -WIZEC OUTA THIS MESS.jOH. NO -WHAT KIND CF EH? HUH.' IF YOU'DA SAP D'YA THiMK I IT LOOKS AS IF THEIR METHOD AUTO REPAIRING Of- OITTIN TH WIZER OUTA T THAT CAVE IS TH' ONLY Sf ' LEPT IT T-MF. I DA T AM? WESE GCNNA MUSGRAVE'S SHOE SHOP, 1SI Lyon. Motto Quality and Servtee ' WASHING MACHINES TOOK A GOOD SOCK GfT TH CXJT- BUT UUjlCAL. UNt T K. HULERVS AT KELLY'S 0u-age- Towing & Wrecker, ph 80 BEAUTY SALONS AT HIS M.4JESTY5 J IN DOIN 30, WE'LL TH LOUT.' s-v chin y THERE IS- . A DAtJGEO IF f FOR BUSTiM' A HOLE 1 (THEN WITH A && FOOZY -YOU'RE 1 I CAW SESi INTKWIZEBSCAVE ' HOLE IN THIS CAVE, ) A rV0NPEC HOW CXlft rwALL, WE TRADED TOO, HE WONT HAVE) I NEVER - SAVIN' HIM) CAVES T STOP HIS NCTHIN'ON ME iVOULDA THOUGHT WILL FIX BAWL . NOWXGIT 'IM AM' OU - V; OF .THAT e I NICE AW B1& ... ' . HEY-V. J2 iVv 1 v heresth ' ' EOCX-BUSTERS ) VK Wl l ' L V j J H ' ',1 " Nt st"ct "c. t. m aro u yT. orr. J 1 OTTO KOOS, AMES HDWE. Maytag, Easy, Thor Washers. WELDING - BLACK SSUTULNO MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON S25 W. 1st Phone 438J CARPET CLEANLMG SNTDT.R SON - BEAR ALIGN ing frames, axles straightened. I - ' "4 I!' I 1 I WOk BBB THE SHADE SHOP. 409 W. rtrai Prion 7 S WELL DRILLERS FILM 8EKVICK C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "We solicit 'imr inquiries Eugeiie, Oregon illlRLtY'S' DRUG dTORE 'Oh overnight fiim service,

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