Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 20, 1936 · 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1936
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'ItMIUIfMi' FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 1936 T H A U BANV P ImOCR AT 1 H FRA LP, ALBA NY,, OREGON PAGE TWO Leavn for Toledo LA TK. VOMPiSTK i nual district meeting to be held at Sliedd. Tied HofUtli. Albany realtor. Life in alaskan mission told cy FARM instructor left this moaning on a business; trip &,y evening l 7:30. They , will j-hew two litis of motion pictures ti.ken in Alncu und will also exhibit a large collection of curios brought - from Africa, The public is cordially invited, .to hear , Mr, rnd Mr. M'wpt. ' 4 1 MISSIONARIES TO TALK : Mr. and Mis. Y.ym-X Miver. , pending a furlough r.l their fL-tner heme 'in Corv:illis, returned 'missionaries from the Cameroun. West Africa, will speak at the First PrcHbvtcrinn church Sun- ankle. Mrs. Georgia and Mrs. Leon Boycr are working in the telephone office this week. Dozen Eggs Average Fourth Pound Each to Toledo. ! W i 1 V fP iff MY I Tlie Ladii"' Aid uf be Metho-, , , . 'r" ,,'i' ! church mot Wednesday in tViiiL the basement of the church. Mrs. V Kid II If I lUlliK AS w. I), porter. Mrs. Edd. Zimmer- mun, Mrs. Dorothy Mcrriam, ana M. i. HoU'rt Archibald were in NOTICE TO CITY ' SUBSCRIBERS If your paper has not been delivered by your Albany carrier by 6:00 o'clock call D. sr. Rohrbouth, Phone 718-T and copy will be delivered by special carrier. Report all other complaints to the office, Phone 15 The Albany Democrat-Herald Richard Knott, agriculturalist at the Presbyterian Mission Station Shedd charge. Mrs. Porter and Mrs. at Haines, Alaska, gave an inter Attending Convention ' Superintendent Rex. Putnam of Albany public schools, president of the superintendents' state organization, and Lester A. Wilcox of Lebanon schools are In Salem today to attend a meeting of the organation. e ting descr?Dtiori T'of life in the far Shcdd-Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Z.mmerman each gave a reading. S tTl"Z?LVl ''a: Sutchwcll of Sulem visited Sun- Mrs. F. C. Kinch won the prize north and answered questions at in a contest which was presented duy . at tho home of his mother, inursday's meeting of Albany Ki m'H C'"": Mrs. Nellie P. Satchwell, Typical Pcrformanc- Results A 1032 Ford V-8. driven G9.723 miles, and with maximum cylinder wear of .018, skyrocketed from 343 miles per gallon of oil to 2,790 miles per gallon, nta 50 miles per hour, after the installation of X-90 rings th., . ,.,t,- uL'. Frunic Weber and James Jane of Mrs. Phillpot of Halsey is assisting with the house work at the Wallace Sprcnger home. I BIG SPRING OPENING DANCE Moose Ball Room Fri. night. Mar 19-20 i Glen Acheson is again staging at the Charles Davis home. The Nelson brothers of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Knott, left for J- A- Blankenshfp""SUHday. . Seattle on his way back to his' Mr- and Mr- Jonr Cox went to work. I Salem Fridar where Mr. Cox will Twelve eggs that should be able to lay credit to -a record of some kind are, now on display, at the Northwest Poultry St Dairy Products Co. Their combined weight totals 45'4 ounces, which an average of almost pound apiece. Eleven of the unusuul specimens were supplied from the Jess Hansen poultry farm in Corvallis, whilc-the twelfth, which measures 6 '4 inches by 9'i Inches, was brought to Albany by J. H. Biegel, Route 4. Anyone interested In seeing the display is cordially invited to come in at any time, said Dave Rylands, local manager. and '-Perfect Circle Expanders, have finished reroofing the homes The Kalnes mission is similar ' attend the educational conference of Mrs. Annette Wilson and Edd. 4UA XT m It .Li! J ., i . nf Kiln,iHnlunl(.nla nf lltv ir. w. A. KJ LllliUirill JBrm vt nuvtHiuiiguiw va. VIIUUI9, 1 ...;,u u Play at Oakville Talent of the Oakville neighborhood are presenting a pliiy this home between Albany and CorvaU Dcaji L. O. McAfee of Albany f"!vw,:"' wu" """"uu" ,w it la unrmrfsd hv tha nonami eoiieee leciurea 10 trie ntnr nnaa i evening entitled, "Night Owl, it Mrs. Dale Forbes of Albany, of the Shedd high school Wcdnes Assembly of the First Presbyterian mystery comedy. church and cares for SO native In THE HEATHER Oregon: lncaasing cloudiness tonight and Satlrday; unsettled in west portion; cjuler in west portion Saturday; increasing southerly wind off coast, - Maximum temperature yesterday locally, 68 tlegrees; minimum tcmpeature last night, 35 degrees; river. 3.8 feet. day morning. The Woman's Christian Temper dian children. The Indians in that part of Alaska are more oriental in Leave for Home-Mrs. Charles Haglund and ance union met with Mrs. Kinch appearance than the Indians in the on Wednesday. The subject was daughter of Coos Bay, who have Performance With v I unnea aiaies ana 01 a lower type a world Tour with the W. C. T. been visitjng relatives In Albany U. The work in various Darts Second Hand Goods Records Required and Portland the last few days, left for their home yesterday. Perfect Circle X-90 Piston Rings Juniors to Meet Oh Sprint V station-John McPherson, a student at O.S.C, is spending the spring vacation in Albany at the home of The Junior Maccabees will meet at 2 p. m. Saturday In the Knights accompanied Mrs. Hazel Ingram hire Tuesday to attend the East-em Star meeting. Mrs. Forbes is past matron of the Temple Chapter of the Eastern Star of Portland. - Tennessee Tennessee Mr. and Mrs. McDonald Linkel and son Gary, were here from Upper Soda vicinity for a visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Evans are moving to Roaring river after a several months' stay here. R. A. Elliott and L. W. Dens-more jlrove to Lyons Monday on a business . trip accompanied by Mrs) Densmore and daughter, Mrs. Wagy. The many friends of E. E. Mun of intelligence. Half breeds are of lower intelligence than either the whites or the Indians from which they descended, said Knott. Inmates are sent there through recommendations of Presbyterian ministers throughout Alaska. , Haines Is 90 miles north of Juneau, Alaska's capital and largest city about 4,500 population and is 1,200 miles from Seattle. Haines has about 400 .inhabitants.-one- III his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. u, McPherson. ., . , , . or Pythias hall at Second and Lyon streets. rnrtr.,.t rs,.,.!,, v.nn la a cnipntlfin -pxnandpr-fvne rintf. sound Enforcement of a city, ordinance that regulates pawnbrokers and dealers in second hand goods and junk with the purpose of restricting : purchases of stolen goods and facilitating the tracing of stolen articles was launched today with the printing of blanks which the ordinance provides must be furnished by the of the world was studied. Arrangements were made for a public meeting to be held in - the Methodist church, Sunday evening, March 28. Roy Miller and family have moved to Bellfountain where he will be employed. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Arnold have returned to their home after having been ; away for several weeks. Mr. Arnold has been visiting with his sister, Mrs. Andy Brown at Warrenton, and Mrs. Arnold has been with her parents near Crawfordsville. Wallace Sprenger is still ill with pneumonia, but reported improv Attend Conference Members of the Linn county court left this morning for Eugene to attend the annual session of the state common wealth 'conference. half of whom are white. The only in engineering design.-Perfect Circle X-90 stops oil pumping immediately and keeps it stopped. It restores original horsepower, top speed and gasoline economy. There's no piston drag or over-heating with the X-90 no difficult installation problem no wenr-in period Don't you want that kind of performance in YOUR car? You can have it if you specify Perfect Circle X-90 rings on your next engine job. Drop in and see it. J. H. ALLISON PARTS FOR ALL CARS 113 West First Street Albany, Ore. Phone 535-J city to such dealers. . army post in Alaska is located about three miles from Haines and maintains a garrison of 300 men, Wanted Springer cows and heifers. Also team work horses for sale. Walter Nelson, 1st & Lyon. m20p Daughter Born ' Mr. iftid Mrs. Robert Sapp are the parents of an 8'i pound daughter born Tuesday morning at their home on Sixth and Jefferson street. Both mother and daughter are reported to be doing well. The baby, has been named Lucille Golden'. The blanks Will be distributed by the city police. "The ordinance requires that when a dealer receives second hand goods he must fill in a blank The mission is located on 300 acres of land, IS of which are cul sey, a lormer neignnor nere, are tivated. On this small tract under sorry that he is still bedfast at ing on which is provided space for Knott's supervision the children Mr. and Mrs. L. St. John drove ! bis home in Albany suffering from Business Visitor-Francis Kiiwr, well known farmer and stockman of the Rowland neighborhood in the southern part of the county; was an Albany business visitor yesterday. Jitney Lunch by Women' Baptist church Lac Drug Store Bldg. Sat. beginning fct 10 o'clock a. m. v . Mar J9-20 raise more potatoes than they can description of the article in detail, time of the transaction, price to Eddyville Sunday where theyTrneumatism. viiitmi with ihpir rtaiio-hw MrB John and Ed. Douelas are Dre- ! if use, as wen as general true crops Stanley Henry and family. -paring to set out a field of redl criptioh and name of the person In and the hay used In their dairy. The farming season is from May to October, when heavy frosts be selling the article to the dealer IT'S EVERYONE'S FAVORITE! gin. June is the hottest month. All kinds of Jjerries do well there but fruit trees have not been In summer the days are long and the growing season very fast. Benefit Profrsnj' St A benefit program for the Children's Farm Home Is to be presented at the.Unittd Presbyterian church " Monday evening. Mrs, Charles Childs,' drafoatic Instructor, in Albany high school. Is to play a leading part. Lieutenant-Governor Manning, and further, information identifying the goods. Articles purchased directly from manufacturers or wholesalers for resale are excepted from provisions of the ordinance. The police will file the records thus furnished for reference and use in investigations of thefts. The Albany ordinance is simil-lar to those at Eugene, Portland and other Oregon towns, according to Chief of Police Chandler. A provision requiring that those of McMlnnville, spoke briefly on Hoy Starnes was injured last raspberries on their farm here. Thursday afternoon while trying Mr. and Mrs. Will Blacklaw to train a yearling colt. spent Sunday at the home of her Mrs. Adda Y. Dannen, who brother, Layton Davis, in the teaches in the Alsea school and Spicer district. Eugene Dannen who is principal Mrs. R. A. Elliott and her of the Crawfordsville school, both daughter, Mrs. Grace Webber, spent the week-end at home. spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Poland en- Marsh and Miss Blacklaw. tcrtained a group of neighbors Mrs. Kate Shortridge who had and friends with a party in their been called here by the illness new chicken house last Saturday and death of her brother, Warren evening. Guests included Mr. and Douglas, left Saturday for her Mrs. Dinsmore from Sclo, and Mr. home in San Francisco, going as and Mrs. W. G. Abraham and son, far as North Bend by auto where Frank, from Corvallis. she visited her brother, Harry Mrs. Minerva Cooper of Al- Douglas and family. bany was a dinner guest at the : home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cor-: fof-forcrtn nett. Thursday. , .Jerrerson Thu Calvin brother' of fun. f Jefferson.-Mrs. Charles Hart, the divisional conference which is to be held at Dallas April 10 and 11. Albany was urged to send a Band Plays nere Prof. Loren Luper announced this morning that the Lebanon high school band under the direction of Vernon Wiscarsen was giving a concert at, a special assembly of the Albany high school students, at 3 o'clock today in the auditorium of the school. At Local' Hospital E. . Munsey of Albany underwent a tonsillectomy this morning, at the Bridgwater hospital. Mrs: E. L. Baker of Independence submitted to a minor operation at the same hospital today. Vlsltliwr At Ashland Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hodges are spending a few days in Ashland at the home of .Mrs. Hodges' brother. They are expected home this evening or tomorrow. large delegation, ,, , Dr. Joe Gray announced that Ladies Night will be held Friday. April 3, instead of next week, as Business Visiter John Ridders rjot the ;'Suver neighborhood in 'Benton county transacted business . and visited friends In Albany yesterday after-neon. ,., , f ,i ! ; (hi Hi! previously planned. dealers who loan money on personal property be licensed as pawnbrokers will also be enforced hereafter, the police chief said. Rex Putnam read a communica ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER'S Ask for it by name tion from headquarters of the Am erican Legion asking that all ser vice clubs protest to the heads of Oregon State college and the Uni Ofekvillc Visitor .. Utulph Cale and son, '-Bob, and Joe Montgomery of Oakville were business - visitor in Albany this forenoon. : ' . tralia. Wash., have been buying Jr.. entertained the Young Worn- q orrtDulsOrv Service dairy cows in this vicinity the past en's club of Jefferson, Wednesday wumFuuvi7 . . few days. - afternoon at her home one milej Decreed Italian Men Mf. ahd Mi's. J. A. Blankenship west of town. The hostess was as- versity or Oregon against the removal of the compulsory feature of military training.' Rev. J. B. Patterson drew the at iii: tendance prize given by Clyde drove to Albany Sunday where sisica oy mrs. weiaon ixiuney. they were dinner guests at, the Mrs. Ned Stephenson and, home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur daughter, Barbara, of Los Angeles Steele. Mrs. Steele is a sister of are guests this week at the home Mw ninnUan.kin ttt Mr. nnH Mrs. M. S Stonhonsnn. I Rome, March 20. A decree was gazetted today requiring ail able-bodied men to serve a period of compulsory military service. -Episcopal Guild will hold Rummage Sule Sat., Albany hotel Bldg. ; Mar 19-20 From Crabtree , ' ' Ray Benight of the Crabtree neighborhood ia spending this afternoon in Albany looking after business matters. Williamson. Olin Stalnacker was in charge of yesterday'! program. 41. aACIIIIldoillu, - I , ' - . ITL. 1 1 I ItU f Ora l. fOllCf OI 1'ortlana was .iiie annual muuui maim cauiii- a business caller at the E. H. Mar- Locey Quits Denver The war ministry announced it would take into consideration the tinancial situation of individuals who are the sole supporters of large families. From Brownsville C. E. Daunherty of Brownsville was a business visitor-: fn' Albny this forernoon. " . - (nations are slated tor March 31, at 9 a. m. in the high school. First graders, neV pupils, and any special cases are eligible for these ex For a Delicious Breakfast We Suggest DOUGHNUTS From our automatic doughnut maker. They add a new enjoyment to the morning meal. DE MOSS BAKERY 212 W. Isf St. Phone. 137 Job For Corvallis Here From' Sclo Mayor W. A. Ewing of Scio, accompanied by Mrs. Ewing, are business visitors in Albany this afternoon. gason home Tuesday morning, Mrs. Harry Sprenger Teturncd home Tuesday from Portland where she had spent several days visiting at the home of her sis aminations, which will be conducted by Dr. Douglas. Vaccination will be given for smallpox as well Denver, Colo., March 20. Percy ter, Mrs. Wesley Brunson Locey, who has been head football coach at Denver university since Mrs. Hubert McDonald was a as one-dose administrations ot tox- SCARPATI DIES New York, March 20: Tony Scarpati, 22, died in Bushwfck hospital today of injuries received Tuesday night during a prize fight shopper in Albany Tuesday. (old for diphtheria. Tuberculin skin 1932, resigned today to accept a Leaves) For Portland-Miss Wilda Baldwin left this afternoon for Portland to spend the week end with, relatives and special friends. Delegates appointed from the iesis win aiso oe given iu any cnuu in school without charge. All high position in the administrative department at Oregon State college. Shedd high school to attend the with Lou Ambers. Herkimer. N. Y.. school students will be required at Broadway arena. Locey is graduate of Oregon to take tuberculin tests unless they Visitor In Albany , .,' , : 5 Harry , W. Bryson from .' ValscU spent last night in Albany. " lsilors In Albany .Mr. and Mrs. R, F. Savage of Cottage Grove arrived in A'buny l:ist evening on a business and pleasure trip. - . . - Business Visitor . Chester McCann of the Santiam schooj district, a recent arrival from California, : was an Albany business visitor this forenoon. . - i i State. The resignation will take effect Boys Athletic association to be held in Salem March 27-28 are Millard Lind, Eugene Schultz, and Alfred Pehrsson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pugh were visitors in Albany last Sunday. Annabelle Price of Eugene is Candidate Visits-Jess Moss, farmer and stockman of the Lebanon community and u candidute for the nomination for immediately and Locey plans to leave for his new lob within the next two or three weeks. It was intimated from official sources sheriff on the democratic ticket May .13 is an Albany visitor this afternoon. spending the spring vacation with thai all applications for the new bring written excuses from their parents or show that they have had the test recently. Daffodils and shamrocks formed a dainty setting for a St. Patricks party Tuesday evening given by Miss Doris Roland at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Roland. Irish games and contests formed the evenings diversion. Prizes awarded In contests to Burton Thurston, Frances Weddle, Ir-vin Grenz and Pearl Larson. Re ; i relatives in this vicinity. Job would be carefully considered College students who are spend but the general belief was that ing the spring vacation at their respective homes are Jean Satch- For richer flavor and better value .. . choose SC HEN LEY WHISKIES Mn. Waller's Shop Sold CorVallis Man Clyde (CAC) Hubbard, assistant football and head basketball coach, would be given Locey's job. welu Virginia Dickson, Mary Pugh. Victor Clay and Bill Graf, . DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT Moose Ballroom. New and Old Music by Rhythmaniacs. m20 L - .i .in. Here from Salem . W. C. Brown of Salem wa among the out of town business visitors spending last night in all from Oregon State at Corval lis. . , Mrs. Hazel Ingram, grand con freshments were served at the close of the evening to the Misses Frances Weddle, Geraldine Jones, LINK RED CROSS Mrs. G. C. Waller has sold the Supcr-Curline Beauty shop in the ductress of the Eastern Star, made her official visit to Willamette Montgomery Ward & Co. building ASKS FLOOD INadine Shaffer. Pearl Larson, 1 I on Lyon St. to J. W. Castle., of Corvallis, who took possession of chapter No. 39, Tuesday eveninu, Delia Stephenson, . Kosemary Schenlcy Distributors, Inc.. Ntw York a school ot instruction was nciaiorenz. oniriey unu oimw nutanu. (Continued from faaa One) the place Thursday morning. Ida Belknap and Messrs. Jim The name has been changed to in the afternoon. In the evening all of the work was exempli and medical caie. A minimum ot Castle Pioneer Permanent Wavers Improves Barber Shop , i The Carl Huston burber shop on First street is now ready for the spring opening vith a fine new csrpct placed on the floors - " $3,000,000 in relief funds will be and a new system of permanent waves hat been installed. This is necessury to provide care lor the flood victims lor ah indefinite period, until they can return to their homes. Stewart, Don Smith, Leonard Mar-cum, Irvin Grenz, Burton Thurston and the hostess Miss Roland. Miss Rose Green, chief operator at the local telephone office, is ill at her home with a severe attack of the flu. Mrs. S. A. Pease, another operator. Is in Eugene tak-Ing trentmcnts for nn infected called the New Ray - permanent, produced without a machine or fied. Visitors present from other chapters included Mrs, E. C. Fisher, worthy matron of Bamllal chapter of Albany. Mrs. Shelton, worthy matron, and Frank Cochran, worthy - patrons of the Brownsville lodge. Friday, March 27. wan the dnte sot for the nn- heater, a new chemical pad pro duiing heat through chemical re DR. CHAN LAM ' Plea, e take immediate action to 1'ai.M' your chapter quota of $400 action within the pad. - Theastle Permanent Wavors f-'l-' in behalf of these disaster-striken have shops in corvallis nnd tu families. We eel confident that gene and are utf ilinted with shops Tlie people of your community will in Portland. wish to give promptly and gener ou'.y." .1. WW 4- Chime MrsUclne Co. Vi'ulural rvmrdlrt far diwrdrra of liver, toiuch, fltntb, tkin A urinary ayaUm tit ma ana win. Nw diaaaMrry try lunar diabaUw without tha af ituulia. 1 yar la buataaa. TODAY'S STOCK, GRAIN MARKETS SPRING APPAREL The Smartest and most Fashionably dressed women today are wearing hand knit dresses, suits and blouses. BE ONE OF THEM Buy -your yarns and string threads, etc, for these at The Specialty Shoppe MAKRETg AT A GLANCE Naturopath Y. T. I Jim. N.D. Phraiciaaa Upataira Soma 1 and By CniUd Preto Stocks irregularly lower, rails easy. ., . Bonds: Kails weak; v. S. gov ernment and Italian issues strong , 20B West Second Street FREE IXSTRlCTUlNS WITH YARNS PURCHASED HERE .r - r i t, VaaHia ThraUr Blr CT. Ftrat aad 6rtai Ota.. Al-ha ay. ' Office Huarai t p. at. to I p. at. Turada) aaa Saturday Only. Onnaulutioq, Blood ProMura and I'rinr Taatr K r a of curb generally higher. Call money s of 1 per cent. Dollar-continues to gain. Cotton irregularly hir.her. Rubber irregularly higher. Another wire toduy said, that Admiral Grayson will broadcast latest Mood news from the front at 4.45 p. m. today, The committee appointed the seveial chairman to supervise solicitations in Linn county areas as follows: Mrs. Robert Iungmack, Sweet Home; Mrs.- Cora Stone. Foster; Mrs. F, A. IHiden, Brownsville: Mrs. Evelw Schol., Harris-burg: N. M. Newport. Tangent and Shedd, La'wrenco Ta lor. Hulsev; Mi, I'. W. Allen, Mill City; Ed. Myers, Scio; Mrs, J. J. Ransom, Shelburn; Fred Kerr, Lebumn, and Duncan McKcrviier, Cnw-IVitlsville and Holley. Al Albany a chairman is yet to be selected, but' the executive board Unlay decided upon program that will include placing of boxes in the three local banks and at the Red Cross oiftce at Third and Broadalbin streets where donations may.bC left, It is planned also to ask ministers to announce-the drive from i i Goldi Chan, N.D, Tharya. Stork Get Acquainted Special" New York. M.ireh 20 The f itnui influence spread into security 4- murkcts today as railroad issues, 4. SALVE particularly those of carriers. oper ating in the flood zone, weakened On the stock market rail lasses extended to more than a point to n iiniil rnt ns ; March 20th to April lltlincl. Our experience in permanent waving has qualified us to offer you full- guaranteed waves, complete with jhampoo, finger wave mid haircut. , - m bring an irregular tone to trading On the bond market rail issuese dropped as much as 34 points. t price 'iZ-yZ.'''' Sc. 10c.. 25c Dow Joney preliminary closing averages showed industrial 157.42 tHEY 1EAI THE MARK OF MERIT SCHENIEY'S NEW LOW PRICE ON SCHENIEY'S MAYFLOWER up .02. railroad 47 32 off .56, util ity 31.83 off .28. ' GOLDEN WEDDING 75c Piles Go Quick ' Without Salves or Cutting These waves are soft, becoming, and we believe, with more curls than any other shop in the city. their pulpits Sunday, and to ar- j '.'uiiije with the school superintend- ! ent (or donations fcy children fcf the liieul senools, prnhtbly next' Tuesday. 1 The campaign will take place.; iu xl week throughout the county, I Announcement of furthe' plans! will be made- Jitter, Chairman! Aibuthnot sni ttxl.iv. Volume approximated 1.890.000 shares compared with 2.020.000 shares yesterduy. Curb sales were 5fl7.dOO shares compared with 610.-0(K shares yesterday. 90 proof BOUREON America'i ftrat bind of straight ubhiia It's ALL whiskey... 3 'whiskies blenJed for Better Taste... not for lower price. STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY 90 PROOF Here's the mildest. lightest-tasting straight rye whisker you can buy today. PINT 85C ,i3jc QUART l.fiO ia Itching, alardinav prolrudlnir pilao ara taiuaed by ha I cirrulatiuB of tha bhxid ia ia lowar bowel. Tha parta Iwow wrak. rrakby. and llfrlru. Only aa internal rera-vAr tan rrmova tha rauae thafa why rflvaa, uiiwi'ri and cuttina oftrn fail. Iir I.inharitli mrdiriw. HEMBOID. urfH-riia hrraiiaa H rli'a cnniitw, ra-t&inm circulation hlia to rVal and trnythn tlw dinran.d i-arU. HKM ROIIJ '1.10 2& QUART 2.15 2Za PINT Grain Chicago, March 20. Wheat futures dipped to around the low-ct levels this year on the board Of itrade today, while oats again met liquidation and slumped to new seasonal lows. At the close wheat was 'j to Other waves from 11.50 to JYOO, which includes t'-e NEW JRAY. machiiivless. heaterless permanent wave. Castle Permanent Wave Shop AVAILABLE IN OREGON HOME FIRE RILLS SIX 1 Jonesboro, Ark., March 20.- Six ' persons were burned to. death in' a plantation home fire near here' toduy. Thf deiid ar Edgar Mffk.' 30, his wife and two smaal children, his father-ih-law nd bro-' tlier-in-law. Meek mother-tn-law . escaped. , I hiia Ki" .ui', aaf and lax ins ivlirl tu Formerly the Super Curltne oata were down ill 4 m'4h-iomr D,.,..r,,l. f l'il aufrrrvra. It I I R O M M P T AVINE -The gfeat Trench ape'ritif. " For dc,;shlfo, Dujjyet oLktMh $2.00 ( 18'. a'tohol by vo'umc) anJ Manhattans. A N.Iunle import. . Na. 40A ..,. Ut aoa or biuum- batk. ohar at ! 'S cent, com Was to sa cent 17 I von $1. Phone 14 For Your Appointments ..on, ltw., and drug aula avarraihara all 1 lower and rye to 1 cent a bush-liEM-BOJD with tW -uraBt. lei lower,

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