Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 19, 1936 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
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THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1936 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY, OREGuN PAGE SIX PARIS SUGGESTS LONG TUNICS Tame Pussy Lures Bobcat to Death Scio Board Reelects Six School Teachers MEDICAL MEN ! CIIEER VICTIMS I ;0F HAY FEVER . r .. Ui.0Vy 1 . fSSlf.lhrtril I V Ai.iKciiic hull Fiid.iy night, Marc' L'll, Mis.; Jo.iphine Uftchell i: ti e dii'ietur, Mis Jean MiKce, studi'iil of tht-iHiii slili; 'college, is spetidmii lix ,-i;iiik vacation at tn-r hoim lien . Tuesday evening Miss Me-t-v aUindt-d a patty in Alban) tm-n ci I the home of Miss" Murium Lackey. Friday .morning Jean and her mother, Mrs. Paul McKc'c, will motor to Portland for u two day business and pleasure ii ip. .vii's. Leo Mars returned to her iiiiye in Hairisburg after spend-,iig M'veial days with her moth-t , Mis. Evalyn Wall, who h,.& ln ill. " . j ' Scio.f Special) Six of Scio's present teachers were re-elected for Hie year 19.JG-37 at a school board meeting Monday evening, March 10. , ' J, l. Tumblcson, high school ; principal, was the first to be I named. He will receive a yearly' atiiry of $1451), an increase of $50 i over the present ycur. Francei1 I'atterson and Cecil Elder will receive the name salary, $JS and $100 monthly, respectively. Two more i teachers will be elected to meet . fi v - MT 7 '. -' V Scio. (Special) Anton Lee, Scimdinavmn winter care-taker at iireitenbush Hoi Springs, keeps a house-cat. The cat, so far as Is known, hadn't Riven him any trouble until one niisht recently when its scent, attracted a bold and hungry bobcat. The house-cBt lay curled on the back porch of U-c's cabin. In quest of the cause of an unusual noise. Lee srrive-d outside, just in time to save hist pet's life. One shot into the body of the big feline marauder settled once and for all his attempt at feeding on the tame members of his species. Breitenbush, in the Cascade mountains sixty miles east of Scio, still lies blanketed under several feet of snow. WW fut1 i; ?J ; i. '', f- ' ' i state board of education standards. Mrs. Melvin Wilson, first and recond grades, Marion White, third' and fourth grades, and Ger- Cleveland. Ten Million Amcri-1 cans allergies people , who gel; hay fever from weed, asthma! from leather beds or hive from anything from strawberries to an old-fashioned "spanking con; cheer up. They may be smarten than other people. I Equally cheering news is that they may be cured s medical n- starch uncovers more and more ( about what is commonly known ; a .allergy, formerly defined as a sensitive constitution. The Brush Foundation in West-I ern Reserve Univrrsity's medical! I W. r t ,. " , i. " - . Ni ',tM"-!--Vs,'.f Loughlin to Urge ,- Eugenics Marriages 1 "Jh ; ? 11 IS trudo Tut, fifth and sixth grades, I were re-elected at a monthly salary of $80 each, equal to the amount paid this year. Fred Rond-armel was chosen janitor for an- "" - 'J f ' Salem. Ore., March 19. Dr. S. s I). Laughlin, Willamette univer-1 sity sociology professor and advo- i cate of chloroforming all the state's i j other year, at a salary of $45 monthly, a io increase. . Insurance policies on school fur-, niture and buses were ordered, re-' newed. I rhnnl has inrrpn;pfl the fund of ! 1 , . ORANGE Sirri.R SET North Albany (Special) Fair-mount grange will hold a covered dish supper at the hall Saturday night at 7 o'clock. A program of talking pictures offered' by the Mountain States Power company wUl follow the supper. The usual Friday nitfht dance at the hall has been cancelled because of the style show in Albany, hopelessly feeble-minded and socially inadequate wards, said today he would sponsor a eugenics marriage law at the next session of the ' legislature. t A law which would have re- quired both men and women to submit to mental aa well as physical examinations when applying "I A knowledge on allergy with a rogues' gallery of the "criminals" who rob many a person of the best of health. A strange thing about this Cassandra-like allergy business is that a feminine nose may be bulbous can't stand orris root face Dowdera or because pollens of for marriage licensee was defeat ed at the last legislature. 1 n-H Wnrt Mi flrini? Ri-snlts lZ ft ,"fsr... . flowers and weeds mukc it thutj way. .Stomach Trouble Included Allied ailments run the gamut m. m M U M from skin disorders to severe i IMor a barrel or monev choking and jitornach trouble from a bite oi cantaloupe. The purpose of the Brush study mi-"1 ' i i i" '' if f n my friend-but a barrel f-V'1' of quality! r 1 1 1 1 -s; vj- j' -'Li: 1 i i i i - I is the tracking down and elimination Of allergy "gangsters." One thousand allergic children already have been tested in research. While the foundations nailery of X-ray pictures definitely shows what harm allergic ailments can do to growth and normal development in children, the current studies of Doctors T. Wingate Todd and Carl C. Francis projects a ' beam oi pride for allergies who have reached adulthood. They should, for some yet unexplained reason have sparkling energy. The social maladjustment of their adolescence may have become executive ability or a sense of the esthetic. Colicky babies may grow Into men and women of re i lL2r'w , Jefferson Jefirrson, Sunday evening the local Christian Enrleavor of the Eviinceliciil church dispensed with their meeting, ;iiirl 14 members mid friends of the society motor-id to Salem and attended the Christian Endeavor and worship sirviee of the Lvaiiuelical chinch. In the group were Kev. Herbert Liiriiu tl, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ua-vidsnn. Mis-:es Helen and Laura Kills, John Kins, lleulah and Vir-Kil Wilson, Mis. Nettie Keeves, Allern and Elaine Chilton, Mrs. Skiliin.;s, Ruby Marcum and Ruth iJilVIS. H"'v. Ilai vey deVries announces that because of so much illness, the aimuii! church night program uf the Methodist church, which was to be held Thursday night, has been postponed until later. . A number of rea estate deals have been made in this district reciiitly. The Hart St Coin agency report the sale of the 10 acre tract north of town known as the old Cpok place, to Mr. Purkerson of Oklahoma. The 20 acre improved tract on the Greens bridge road two miles southeast of town has been purchased by C. O. Davis of this community. Charles Uait has purchased the J. G. Mm gun farm just north of Jefferson. There are 84 acres In this place, mostly rich river bottom land. Wold has been received from the PWA office in Salem that the change in the water project for Ji flerson has been approved.1 Mr. and Mrs. Warner Lyons, recent arrivals from Sioux. City, la., have secured employment on a dairy farm near Independence. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Klampe and children, Leslie and Arlene, of Labish Center, were , Sunday i Yes, friends, when you think of quality, think of mellow Old Quaker straight whiskey rich and round and smooth for there's a barrel of quality in every bottle! But it doesn't take a barrel of money to buy it for Old Quaker is The friendly WbhktymxaAivX of your poeketbook, as well as your taste and throat. And so today, why not change to friendly Old Quaker and keep the change! AVAILABU IN OREGON HALF PINT nfV N0.136DRYE ft.i 52 iff-! nCHTWHifyiFI vry day will start light and stay right wUen it begins with a good cup of coffee, Many housewives have found that the freshness and fragrance of Golden West makes good coffee making easy and sure! The modern miracle of Thermalo roasting insure! the flavor and uniformity I Try Golden Wast,,, you'll like it immensely, FLA VOR SEALED. IN-VACUUM Ixlig liuiiri H ii'. mining Vjii-IV cprni); fn.sliion lendeis. ( lc Jenll Arno Iimn iTi'itteil ii. kpet liii nlur one In Muck mid while taffeta, worn over S lilmk moo tklil. A nuil cut on the lines of the . tunics cuiiiplelex Ilic coMiline. gal carriage, " Odds on Keener Intellect An allergic may have been all ribs and kneecaps in his grade school days and had to sit in the front row to see the blackboard. He may not have completely overcome his sensitive stomach. But there's a more than even chance that he will grow up to be a shade smarter and quite overcome the hypersensitivencss of his high school days. The Brush Foundation is engaged in sleuthing, to determine the nature of the enemies of the allergies. At the same time, it seeks to - learn, along with countless other research groups, how to desensitize, an allergic against his particular bugaboos of clothing materials pollen, food, feathers or ,r the TIN ondthe RE-USABLE JAR 75 PINT . . ..... 146 No. 136C (RYt) KOAC Radio Program I Pierce, president, Salem branch, lAAUW; 3:30, Music; S:45, The Monitor Views the News; 4, Musi-cul Stories; 4:30, Stories for Boys j arid Girls, j S p. m., On the Campuses; 5:30, "1 No. 172C (lOUHiONP 11 iSHI guests at the home of Miss Anna Thursday, March 19 m,, On the Campuses; 5:30, : music; 033, vespers oy ev. ! Wm. Schooler; (i, Music; 6:15, What 5 p. Kle.mpe and Mrs. Nettie Reeves. Tiny also visited the Karl Kihs rr .t n 1 - . . . a. mi - Music 5-41 ViKix rs I'd w Drl"u" v "inpHiiies u, o.oii, rarm BRAND 90.PROO i STRAIGHT WHISKEY ' family before returning horn?,. , e,. i, iiarper; , uinnei- concert;. Market and crop reports and wea- ,arPirj "-0IU Market and crop The high school will present the operetta. "Sailor Maids." in the face powder. As you pnfir in BOURBON or RYE If btart the SCHiNtEV MARK tt JrllRIT CttvrH-hf. llfi. ThOliMliifcliTCimrmnv. Iwrnchurfr. tndwna AKricultural Econ- t . , 6:13, Portland netter llusliiess Ihi- thei. forocnst, 7 1 reau "Swindles to Suit ; C:30, ; ,nj,,(,s. 715 1 Farm Hour 6:30 Farm Act Infor- i iifuniriR"; 7:30! The foundation desires also-to 0 a 11 mi, n. min .1, 11 w MaMQssasssMiafcMiaM8ii' fiirti-iiA P. Uuruz "Grape learn how to utilize the allergists' i' mation, 6:45 Market and crop re-; a,,!,,,,, f ..w,in. n r,,Kr- b is special talents. While the dtictors. are engaged i ports and weather fiirecast, 7 II. A. yv'0 Write a Storv Alexander , . .v mi i imm i . . . U A . 1 ' w ' i v W ' ! 1 w ' V 1 W 1 1 1 11 -I. cmagrcn "supplemental ana m- ,,,!; MumC of the Masters; live Pastures for Sheep," 7:15 Hop .,, ,r VniXA 1resR Program; 7:30, Radio Shorthand i . , Conlest-Prof H. T, Vance; 8 Mu- 1 ( OMIl II S PROGRAM sic of the Masters; 0-9:15. United. ti.irml) ( March I ress News. moiling of the community club ' " I was hold in the hall. Friday eve- Friday, March 80. 'nin 'I lie following program was 8 b. m., Hinm'makers'-Hour--,,l,.(.ntlrt: music by an orchestra Manche Ungley, Federal Housing llf Win r,,,,,,, vioiin. BLONDE DYNAMITE! t in perfecting their Injections to immunize with the very substances which spell trouble for an allergic, the Brush Foundation plana to give the public a glimpse of Its' rogues" gallery, Lectures are planned for the allergies themselves and for young victims' parents who themselves mny 'be allergic in one nr a number tt many possible ways Inas bli Sh Site tot ill men figured, except the one she wants! ft. vamin.; 10, music, um., uuaia- m. Ki llv. uu.tar and Edith Ford. much as such sensitivity is hered-iing Your Health; 10:30, Musii fiiniio; liuet by Mrs. Arthur Plul- nary 10:45, KOAC School ot the Air 11 The cYC. ,, ',"" . ,r n ,; I'Ps .uut Vdnu McKinney; skit by . n"? i'v ?.? V'V 'Uima and Kldmi Ui.v: songs by of music, 1 l:.IO Vocational 1 . .. i, . .e; 11:45. Music: 12, Noon Ml'-;,iu1 IVmell with Growth ' HUSBAND COUNTERS Denial of charges made by his wife in her complaint, and coun Guidonc Farm Hour UV03 News, 12-15 U ter-charges of infidelity are ln-S. Biological Survov eluded in the answer of Charles : and crop reports' 12-411 Market nd weather i-'Uitar uecompaiiiment; play.: Iiaiit'on.i Pull'. Ihi' String," by, Esther and Zola Hazcn, Helen ; Kdujiil' . (.Ii-Mi'o U.utnitl' mid Paul TuriuiUe. Tiie commilttv on pro- 1 i;uun were Volma Wirt. Eltlon F.ny : and Paul ..Tuniidrio. Helen Ed- ' wards, Gwencth Cox and George Pornoll -are the iironram rommit- m 4 few (iWfvrvl irate ditlirie '' ' The ere jong 10 me aivorce complaint 01 : forecast, Stella M, Long in circuit court I. 1 p. m.. Music; 1:15, World Hook here. Long alleges that his wife is 1 Man; 1.20. Music; 1:30. Science at fault, rather than he, for their . Stories; 1:45, Music: 3.. ('imtimiimt maritial difficulties, and asks Education "University. Women in tody of their minor child. 'the Capital Citv" Dr. Helen 'of V ' - I - Y"' " ' v,s '. . - (safe M .: v- - i, that assures you William This Curious World V. Ferguson ACCURACY I lee for April. " " j I SEA til'I.I.S FIRST UIXKIIRS ! Mai bit head, Ma--. - Although ' the "blue hook ol eticiielte". for- 1 liik t';i ilunUiio; of olio's food, sea 1 nulls disregard this social grace ami nil'; eat toed until it has; Kill well -naked, lUTOI'diUg to li.'it! I l..m. ormthol.tgist and ' vaehisman. I BUTTUCFLI EG , DRACiON-PLIES, MAV-TLIES, SAW-FLIES, GCOCPIOfsl-FLIES, LACEI-WlNOrD f-LlCG,-AND AAANY OTHCCi VF LIES',' ACE NOT FLIEG VT ALi. r SPEED'' " ' ' INDEPENDENCE t)l" NOW PLAYING ENDS SATURDAY COMING NEXT SUNDAY ANOTHER BIG DOUBLE BILL y WORLD WIDE NcWS 0OVERAGI 'A differ COAST GUARD 1st iiiM-st: iiF.itlts WUt N OTIIIKS FAIL . iff ANNUALLV SAVES ABOUT AO, OOO, OOO WORTH OI VESSELS AMD CARGO. . . WTTH their: 20,000 . PASSENOEKS AND CREWS. . AND ACTUALty PULLS FCCW THE WATER. AE30UT 3, OOO T1 V 7 Because of these factors the United Press is recognized by. leading newspapers as the greatest world wide newsservice ( hitrlie t h in t liitiese Herbs ltenu'dii's ate liiiu-ptii.-oil-ou.t, their healii.ii virtue 1 has boon tivted luin t'ed-of years in lollop lug ihruiuc C3COWNING ..IN KANSAS.. AGIJCLSLTUsCAL. AUTHOR.1T1 V.C o estiaaate: tuc ANNUAL- DANWjC TO ALrALPA . "f VS1 Ci?OFS. BV POCKET v mil , . - . !.--. Jr i .Vv '.'-- lvV I I GOPH:jZ$, AT A.ISOUT $5,000,000. Full Leased Wir-.-Pisp;li hi ailmenls. S. It. I ons 1 hront. smlisitis. catarrh, ears. liniK-. ustluna, chroniv.' couuh, -tiiiuih. Kali stiVnes, colitis, i on-t!pation, fiiabetes, kutnays, bladder, heart, nerves, neuralgia., rheumatism, huh blood pleasure, gland, skin sores, male, female, children disorders S. H I oiut. 8 practice in t i'":h ":'ivt i!i-t. J-'e tela t alter ether fad. 13H F.. First St.. Albany, Or, Ho. 'i Sunday and With e ii..V II a ill., t.) 2 y 111 :M t- Printed u mi-iM j ----- , 111 S Allison Skipuuith lIlTt M II IKK LADY" THERE can be 110 exact 8timate Tiindw nt the numlier of persons actually ssved from drowning by the United tut. teas tri, since only portion of the crews and ransenrig 00 ills-tn-f(4d ships would lisve been lost, but, In tlu hist di-enile, t" proxiiiistely 00,01)0 persons alresdy lu the 'water have bCuo res- ! , - : , .- -''''. . SlBifl - , . r- - -. . sssssssssssssssssswaaaasl SOT

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