Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 19, 1936 · 1
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 1

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1936
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TWO SECTIONS TODAY FULL LEASED WIRE CaK-4 hw aWrtn 12 PAGES SECTION 1 Oonpfeu CooBfy. But, a4 World Nwa tb day It a-pp-ns. 8-rrln- U Lint County. 9 The Albony De e. :rat-Herald, Vol. LXIX, No. 213 The Albony Herald, Vot. LXI, No. 203 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 1936 c o HEARTY AT 107 FILM BOUND THEY'RE SAFE AND UNHARMED IIC OF llllf RULE ' ,s',. "w . WILL FEfl;JR FLOODS SEND , DEATH COUNT TO OVER 310 REJECT PLAN i AS JDIU COUNTS LOSSES AMATEUR I Ml KM Early Curfew Set; Visitors Von R(bbentrop Declares Cosh Prizes Offered for Singers, Dancers on Friday Night Eastern Rivers Continue Rampage; Damages Mount High X Proposal Is Too One-Sided and Sightseers Arc Refused Entry V ft RYLANDS NAMED M. C. ALLIES GIVE NOTHING FIRES ADD TO MENACE DISEASES ARE FEARED Locarno Powers Agree to Red Cross Rushes Supplies s :- J-rS I Annual Window Unveiling Event Is Scheduled ' for 7 :30 P.M. Blazejs Light Pittsburgh After Power Plants , Shut Down ' Place Troops' on Maginot Lino of Food, Clothing to Sufferers 5 kjft mi London, March 19. Germany will reject a proposal by the Locarno powers to establish a demilitarized zone, internationally po Johnstown, Pa., March 19. Military rule nnd a strict 9 p. m. curfew for 30 days were clamped on this flood-wrecked city today ns Hiram Reynolds, Los Angeles isn t at all surprised that he saw his 107th blrtnday. His tainei was 103 and his grandtathei 107 Ask mm the iprmuia. and he'll tell you be "nevei aorrles." " W , II liced, on German soil pending a fi Red Cross otrtclnls struggled to nal settlement of the Rhlneland Pittsburgh, March 19. Thirty- seven persons lost their lives iit Allegheny '' county t (Pittsburgh during tho floods and fires of th:s last two days, the coroner's offic announced today. The figure was established wltli receipt of reports from outlying communities hitherto isolated. The death toll in the eastern floods wns reported at 133 known dead and constantly rising. care for refugees, and workmen piled up tons of mud and debris. dispute, Joachim von Ribbentrop, German representative, told Ger "We estimate that onehalf the 1 , J man - correspondents tonight. J"-: He made his statement shortly World and Olympic lip lire skating champion, Sonja licnle, of Norway, may soon fiasli a few fancy curves for the. benefit of liiovio fans. The pet I to SonJ.i, Shown liero as alio arrived in New York after turning pro-fi'nuionul, Is on' her way to Hollywood, where, she will, undergo screen tests. after a meeting of the league coun ARRESTS CLEAN IIP JOBS cil, which unanimously passed a Franco-Belgian resolution declar t people of Johnstown have been affected by the flood," said Robert L. Bondy, national. Red Cross disaster relief director, after a survey. "That is 7000 to 8,000 homes end 23,000 to 30,000 persons." . Sightseers Banned ' Two thousand national guardsmen patrolled the devastated area. Mayor Daniel J. Shields closed ing Germany a violator of the Locarno and Versailles treaties. . Powers 'Set Program The Locarno powers Britain, France, Belgium and Italy mean . i ' FLOOD RELIEF time had met and agreed, subject all liquor stores for an indeiinitc to the approval of their governments, on a "program for the basis No less than half a dozen robberies at Junction City are believed to have been explained with the arrest of two men here by Albany police last night, and with the linking of . J. Collins, transient negro, positively with at least one of the thefts. Color, music, entertainment of varied types, headed by a home talent amateur contest and fair "weather, are scheduled to usher in Albany's annua) spring open in on the first dny of official spring tomorrow, Friday, March 20. The weather man, who says fair weather is in the cards, also says that spring will commence at 10:58 Friday morning, Pacific standard time, .The amateur contest will offer ambitious singers, dancers, comedians and what have you a chance to strut their stuff and maybe win a cash prize. The show will take place on Broad-albiTi street io front of the Hamilton store beginning at 7:35 Friday night and must close by 8:20 to conform to schedule, it is announced. Applause to Decide The prizes of $4, $3, $2 and $1 will be awarded on a basis of applause by .the crowd. Mrs. C. E. . Williamson, Mrs. Lylc Cain and Justin Miller will serve as judges gauging the volume of applause. Dave Rylands, manager of the Northwest Poultry and Dairy Products plant will act as master of ceremonies for the contest. Mr. Rylands has had much experience as a professional entertainer and promises to keep the contest moving along smoothly and keep the crowd entertained..., t " '"Xrn"aleurs Wishing td compete of negotiations with Germany. The program was not published, but S FUND . t ires Menace rittsburrh Pittsburgh, March 19. The rctl glow of three fires illuminated this flooded city of 1,000,000 population today while the waters of the Allegheny nnd Monogahela rivers re ceded slowly from the multi-million-dollar "golden triangle," tho business and industrial district. The military was in control to prevent looting and panic. A series of explosions rocked at section adjacent to the triangle Just before dawnl giving a sense of terror to a city in inky blackness because of tho failure of electric generating plants. Boat: manned by WPA workers and vol- untcors poked about through th wnter-lnnncd walls of hotels. unofficial French sources said it period. Tho mnyor nlsp issued a proclamation providing 1. A 9 p. m. curfew effective for 30 days. 2. All fcightsccrs and visitors to stay away from the city, 3. Utmost precautions to be taken against fires. included the following points: 1. An appeal to the Ha cue tribunal to decide whether France's Fred O. Ostcnrieder, 19, of Eu fs. f -u gene was apprehended by Officer . Washington, March 19. Presi dent Roosevelt today called on the nation to contribute generous' live thousand rcfugets were given shelter, food and clothing Clay Kirk after he had been told , mutual assistance pact with Russia by Roscoe Ames that the youth ! violated the Locarno treaty, as al-had attempted to sell a 30-30 rifle leped by Germany, at the Ames hardware store. Of fi- 2. Temporary security measures cer Kirk found Ostcnrieder as he during negotiations, notably occu-was attempting to sell the gun at.pation by international troops of a Here's the first picture to reach the United States showing Lincoln Ellsworth and his pilot, Hollock-Kenyon; following ther rescue from Little America after their thrilling flight, forced land ly to the Red Cross for flood relief, and declared all agencies of government had been coordinated in the task of relieving distress in 15. Red Cross stations, in schools and churches. 20 Reported Dead Many children were developing sore throats and colds. The Red ings and hiking journey across Antarctica.. The picture shows the i . ; j : . . . .. n . 1 .; demilitarized zone in German ter another store. jbnnks, office buildings and busi mircpia pair iiuiiu iiitr wuiae iui iiic-ii uuvviuuic. ritory only. Upon questioning, Ostenrieder . , 3. Preparations for general ne admitted that the gun was stolen and that he had an ncco'mplice, gotiations with Germany, con Cross national medical director, Dr. William 1). Kline, is. coming BARNEY OLDFIELD SAYS OREGON I ANS REQUEST who he said, could be found at forming to Adolf Hitler's European a local rooming house. Chief of Po- peace proposals. here from Washington. Thirty DRIVING TOO FAST nurses are on duty. lice Chandler and Officer McBride 4. An agreement by the British searched-the rooming house and and French general staffs , for the found John Nelson, 34.along with ' stationing of British nd Italian ness houses, flash iignts ana lanterns providing their only illumination. , i Tho explosions came from tM Uireo story plant of the Solid plumbing works, pricks flew out ia clouds as the Walls crumbled and flames 6hot upward. Two automobiles In tho street wera buried beneath debris. Tho plant la at the- end of tho Liberty bridge across tho Monongahcla from the flooded business district; , .. , The Red Croxs Avasjbrlnglng In truckloads of food, but caro of the refugees was handicapped by lack fICES FIGHT Ore- Portland, Ore., March 21. large quantities of loot contained detachments In front of the French in several sacks. Maginot line of frontier defense. of gas, heat and light in many Nelson surrendered without 5. Reaffirmation of the Locarno of the relief stations, Johnstown, scene of the disas resistence and was taken to the treaty during the period of nego Washington, ' March 19. Prc i city jail for questioning. Inspection tiatUns. gon motorists drive too fast, Barney Oldfield, dean of American auto racers, said here today. "Oregon motorists are driving faster on the open highways than Californians," Oldfield said as he chewed his famous cigar, f'l drove trous and far-famed flood if 1BH9, counted its current flood dead at dent Roosevelt's $1,500,000,000 work-relief program met strong 20. Reports reached the city that S : MULLEN DECLARES -NO ENDORSEMENT GIVEN CHICK DOPE congressional opposition today from blocs seeking to increase and earmark the funds. House lead the Qucmahoning dam,-12 miles above Johnstown, was leaking for the cash prizes are urged to register as soon as possible at either the Snow Peak dairy, 210 West Second, or at the Rawlings Stationery and Printing company, 123 Broadalbin. The deadline for registration for the contest is set tor 7:15 Friday night A piano will be on hand for use in the contest. " Free Balloons Joo Unveiling of the specially decorated windows displaying the choicest of spring merchandise selected by local' (Merchants will take place at 7:10 o'clock. Judging of the windows will be started Soon afterward by a commit ers predicted, however, that the from Salem at 45 miles an-KUir rnposai could be passed quickly badly, in imminent peril of go ing out. and all along the way cars pass ithout "gag action. and preventing loss of life and property. A resolution calling upon the president -to transfer $5,000,000 from relief funds' to tho American Red Cross for use in flood stricken areas was introduced by Sen. James J. Davis, U Ja. In a proclamation, he asked contributions of at least $3,000,-000 for the Red Cross, saying 200,-000 people had been driven from their homes in 11 states, with indications tthc number would be materially increased. There was a dramatic tone at a special press conference, attended by members of his special flood committee headed by Secretary of War George II. Dern, when tho president emphasized that ev-erytnin) possible was being done by tlic federal government to relieve distress. He read latest reports from the flood area to Major General Edward M. Markham, chief of army engineers, nnd indicated chief needs in the flooded nrccs were clothing, food, medicine and housing facilities. The president said in every flood locality the CCC wiis working to rescue people, patrol streets, clear away debris and guard of the loot revealed that it included alj manner of merchandise, much of it positively identified as having been taken from Junction City homes and business establishments. Ammunition for a .22 automatic pistol and he rifle was identified as the property of the Twin-Oaks Lumber company at Junction City. .Flashlights, the pistol and miscellaneous merchandise was contained in the sacks. The men had with them also a woman's coat which had been reported stolen from a car at Harris-burg. From the men the police learned (.publican opposition . to the cd me up as if. 1 were tied down to the road." proposal was expected, but ad Oldfield said he believed state ministration leaders watched for MILL CITY WINS OVER UMAPINE IN mation of democratic resistance County Agent Floyd Mullen today issued a denial of claims reputedly made by the representative of a Tacoma, Wash., concern that the county agent has recommended a poultry remedy which the salesman is attempting to sell Linn county farmers. Mullen said that he has in no "Wheeling- Hsrd Hit ' Wheeling. W. Va., March 19. Fourteen persons were killed and nt least 20,000 were homeless today in tlio Krcat Wheeling industrial oroa, flooded by rampaging Ohio river wnters which poured down from Pittsburgh. - . Gravest danger was in Wheeling proper, where eight wero killed by drowning, explosion and exposure. The Ohio roso to a stage of 52.3 feet eclipsing the stage of the great flood of 1884, Wheeling island in tho Olu river between WcsW Virginia and Ohio home of 10,000 persons and largest inhabited river island., in the country was submerged. - Parents Asked Block . Scarlet Fever Spread CONSOLATION TILT anxiously. Unless many democrats bolt the majority party leadership the bill will pass quickly, they said. Mr. Roosevelt was said to have informed close advisers he stands laws should fix a maximum speed of 50 miles an hour and patrols enforce it rigidly. He said he considered 60 miles an hour the ab-solute'maximum compatible with safety and added that there are only a few drivers mentally and physically capable of safe driving at 00 miles an hour and only that Ostcnrieder had recently way endorsed the remedy, and served a 10-day jail sentence at that nn tho nthpr hand th iriprp. ready, unless substantial numbers Salem, Ore., March 19. Finding the range in the second half. Mill City eliminated Umapinc in the consolation round of the 17th annual state high school basketball tournament today 33 to 22. Mill City led at the half 13 to 12. Seim, Mill City forward, be a comparatively few miles of our highways arc safe at that speed of unemployed are absorbed by private industry, to invoke some drastic form either of taxation or regulatory legislation. The president's declaration of "All the way from Los Angeles, tee of three Corvallis business men, headed by Matt Matties. A large quantity of squawkcr balloons, serpentine and conteiti will be thrown to the crowd, by clowns,, lending a Mardi Gras i touch to the atfair, which is expected to attract thousands to the downtown streets. A style show at the Sternberg Ladies' shop will - - follow immediately . after the ,amateut contest. TJui regular. Friday" night wrestling matches at the armory have been delayed by the Albany Volunteer Firemen until 9:15 to enable all to take in the spring opening events. Eugene for carrying a concealed , clients which are being sold are, if weapon, and that in January An-1 effective at all, bringing the sales-derson had served a jail sentence man an excessive profit, on a drunk chnrge, also at Eugene. According to hand-bills which Both claimed Eugene as residence. tne saiesman is distributing he The two were fingerprinted and guarantees to rid chickens of turned over to Sheriff Swarts andlWOrms with a "worm cxpeller" at State Officer Morgan of Eugene the rate of one and three fourths for transportation there for trial. cents a bird for flocks of 400 hens -Circumstances attending the and one and one fourth cents for gan to connect with . the basket his relief message yesterday that and got 13 points for high scor Oldfield said, ''I never hud my speedometer, above. 50 miles , an hour, and 1 made as good time as some of the fast drivers who whiz industry should shoulder the re- ing honors. zed toy me." (I'leiM Turn to Pair Twl movement of Collins, who was. additional hens. Thus the treat- Bike Riders Warned Of Light Violations Valley Booster Ads Bring Salem, Ore., March 19. Salem went on a scoring spree in the last quarter to eliminate Rose-burg from the consolation playoff of the 17th annual state high school basketball tournament, 41 to 20. Roseburg made an 'unsuc taken from a stage here Monday, have convinced local officers that he was responsible for a series of recent Albany house robberies. At Eugene, where he was taken from Albany. Collins v. as found to be in Dossession of a pocket piece that Mission Convention Flood of Rapid Response Cooperation of parents of Albany school pupils was asked today by Juanil Johnston, county health . nurse, in keeping scarlet fever and other contagious diseases under control. J - Miss Johnston said, tiiat.whtlo the local situation is not yet alarming, its gravity -is such' as to demand attention. Already ous death bus occurred as a result of scarlet fever, f.tiss Johnston said, and several cases are known . to exist. The health nurse asked that all children who show any suspicious symptoms, such as sore throat, fever or nausea, be kept home cessful attempt . to overtake the ment of a flock of 400 hens would cost the grower $7, it was found, while, according to H. E. Cosby, O. S. C. poultry specialist, whom the Linn county , agent consulted yesterday, the same or better effects would be accomplished at a cost of but a few cents for tobacco powder. ' . The salesman who is now reported to be working Linn county farmers, according to Cosby, was ejected from Washington, and later Scheduled Tonight I a Junction City man had carried' the valley by the Portland Press club, which held a meeting ml Evidence is now at hand that the GreatiT Willamette Vallt-y association is accomplishing tangible results. Advertisements were carried in faim papers in Qylt-- leaders, coming within 5 points early in the final period. -Skopil, forward, and Williams, guard, led the attack for Salem to earn 10 points each. Collins was high for Roseburg with 9. Salem led at the half 17 to 10. " . lor years until nis nouse was ic- ' Mrs. M. G. Griebenow, "who with cently robbed, according to word her husband has been engaged in received by local police, missionary work in Tibet for the I Collins was bound over to the last 14 years, will be the speaker. Lane county circuit court grand of the evening at the opening ses- jury yesterday on a larceny charge sion of a missionary convention 1 and placed under $1000 bond. Portland last month in which, the valley . was featured. Governor Martin and -other prominent men ppoke of the prospects for the Wil-lainette valley. A. C. Gage, president of the Press club and edit- Ifprnia and in the mid-western Chief of Police Ch.tndler today issued a warning that bicycle riders who violate the state law governing lights on bicycles after dark will be. penalized, inasmuch as the number of such violations has been found recently on the increase. The warning w?s issued after several local residents had complained of being run down or nearly so. " , The law, Chief Chandler explained, requires a forward light visible for at least 3il) feet under normal atmospheric conditions, und a rear red liyht visible for 200 feet on each bievcle, ' ' from Umatilla county. It was explained that all flocks . .UkV .3 LQIIJ KHia 1 1 1 W . ' .III l- plieS are coming in and C. E. Wil Salem, Ore., March 19. A determined Benson team forged .from school, even though the child liamson, secretary has been mail-., or of the Portland Spectator and ing out folders and questional! i s ; The Angui a Journal, told the From the Headlines By Deacon Richmond ahead in the last quarter to elim inate Ashiand 27 to 24 4n the con which are run on the same ground for several years will become afflicted with worms. Complete information on treatment of this and other poultry diseases is contained jpvll. S. D A. bulletin .No. 1652. according to County Agpnt Mullen, and copies of the bulletin are available at his office.' , solation of the state high -school at the rate of 100 a day the, last I meeting that- Portland's prasper-two days. j ity depended upon the .-growth of Replies are coming in from .ill the up-state, communities and urg-middle western states and from led the cooperation of businessmen basketball tournament today. Ashland swept to a 10 to 1 lead of, the metropolis with. Willamette Curly in the game, but Benson recovered to make it 13 t" 12 at the half. Ashland again took the the i southwest. California leads the list but many, ate from Nebraska, Kansas, '.Oklahoma, Texi'S, Arizona. New .Mexico,-; Coloi ado Utah and other states. valley projects, . The Oregon state highway commission, through the recently created travel department,' is like- lead .making it 19 to 17 at the AUNT HEX Odd Fellows State Head Visits Albany The Grci ler Willamette Valley ' bringing hundreds of inquir- that will be conducted at the Interdenominational church tonight, it was announced today by Kev. H. H. Hubbell, pastor. An interview with Mr. and Mrs. Griebenow appeared in the Sunday Oregonian of December 22. The Griebenows have recently returned from Tibet on a furlough, which they are spending at their home in Salem. Thejf represented the Christian and Missionary Alliance on the Tibetan border. . .Rev. and Mrs. A. I. Garrison, missionaries from India, will be here to participate in the conference services Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Rev. Hubbell announced. Rev. Garrison will illustrate his talks with views of India "and other countries through which he has traveled during his missionary journeys. Services will be held tonight. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:30 o'clock. end of the third quatier, but Benson sank five field goals in a row early in the final period to cinch BY ROBERT CJUILLEN association was organized in Al-1 ies from all over the' country may be apparently suffering only from a mild cold. These symptoms, Miss Johnston said, may indicate scarlet fever, measles or some other similar ailment which would be imparted to other children if the pupil afflicted is allowed to continue in whook and which may result seriously for the victim if not give immediate attention. , , .- , One family hi (he Lake creek district was reported today to bj quarantined with smallpox but as ct smallpox is not prevalent. It was urged that local parents notify" physicians and health authorities if and when" their children become afflicted with suspicious symptoms that cases may be diagnosed promptly, and that they1 watch carefully children known to have been exposed to any one of these diseases. i'bany- last yejr with a member-1 through , iis advc-rti-siiig in Time, the game. Ashland made only four field goals, getting 18 points ctn free throws. Fowler, Ashland X center, was unerring m his aim for eight free throws out of eight tries, making him high point man 'F. M. Sexton of The Dalles, grand master of the grand lod?e of Oregon. J. O. O. ?., paid his official visit; to Albany lodge No. 4 Wednesday night. One candidate was given the first degree during the session. , . Short talks were given by Mr. Sexton; Roy H. Gibbs of'Gresh-am, deputy grand master; Guy Travii of Indcpendmce, special district deputy grand master ior district 5A; George Simmons of with 12 points. "Redmond Octopus From California" When an octopus is found far from his accustomed ground or. we'd say, more properly, far from bis accustomed sea, we will faid, e'er very long, something is extremely wrong. We don't gather figs from thistles nor , from pig's-tails make good ' whistles; we don't- gather figs from thorns nor have much pleasure with our corns. Anything, much out of place, has something wrong upon its face for by its fruits each thing is known; the fanner reaps, just what is sow r.. f. this had been, fruit, for our table, 'twould, had the California lable; like prunes,' that are our very own. but labeled "California 'Grown"; even bur scenery, most grand, oft bears the California brand. There's quite a class of the eastern press that, when ft does not know, will guess; und often makes ,-'ome awful "cracks" and print rihem as, authentic facts, for some have not yet realized that Oregon 1 is civilized. ' ship composed of representative j National Geographic, und other ol the majority jit cities and towns j publications. 1'hese advertise-in the valley. Meetings have beei-ments appeal primarily to tour-held in SalemAr.d Eugene as well i ist travel, but California built its as Albany and leading men in ev-i growth first upon the tourists who ery ectipn are backing the move- j came there, then returned to live, ment, which is designed' to bring j The On-to-Orrgon, Inc.,,-, organ-worthy settlers into tne valley a il izi'tion is likewise RcUing uiider otherwise promote tho interest oijway with iU edcrtrtiig'iampaign. this rich section. I President .Raymond B. Wilcox, C. II. Murpi.y, who, with Wil-jhead of that organization, is also Hamsun, was a prime .mover in : working closely with the Ever the organization, is president. I green Playgrounds association, of With the 'thought that more peo- i Washington and, British Columbia 1 Seed Loan Application Blanks Received Here County Agent Floyd Mullen ()- U.i bahon. noble grand;.H. G. Bor- day, reported that he has at his office federal seed loan application blanks, which will be rendered immediately available to farmers. pie will bring more prosperity ! and through the activity of all of ORANGE PEAL OI T T;ie first censored Orange Peal. Albany college publication, made .s appearance on' the campus today. The student newspaper car ried complete stories on the re-cnt campus row and its outcome with the athletic situation receiving the greatest mention. An open forum in the paper's columns ' was also announced br the odit- ana rcsuii in more industry in mc i uivsi groups wregon- is ceiling valley, the irime purpcrse of ' the! more publicity this yeur than at nr0:iiki7.titin iti Id itiercu thi. txak anv limp in iIk hiKtrirv. , The blanks will be filled in at PLAX LADIES' NIGHT Prof. H. Dillin of Linfield college will talk on the subject: "These Times" at the annual "ladies' night" session of the Albany Rotary club tomorrow night in the Albany hotel dining room, it wan announced today by Dr. Wallace Howe Lee, program chairman. James Jenks and Clarence Val are arranging a musical program. his office, however, only on Mon cm oi i i angeni, aisirm oepuiy ".rand master; R. L, Burkhart and L. I Swan of Albany, both pas! arand masters; and Dr. H. W. Whitelaw oi Corvallis. noble grand of Barnuni lodge, Mr. Sox-ton also gave s vocal solo. Linden- Launer gave a piano solo and a vocal eoIo. A feed followed the meeting. , ulation of ihis section. Much in Albany cotrld reap valuable re days and Saturdays of each week, : ' Pa's, so sensitive '.hat I can't 'brag on somebody's fine house without him thinkin' I'm camplainin' about our..." (Covrrtsht, 1J. fubllsbtn l-Bdltata) the county agent said, at which terest is in evidence, according to the first returns that have tome in. sults from all of this activity by tying-in wijh a riiodest campaign Of her own, suv those in a posi- time al! necessary assistance to farmers wishing the e loans wlli be given. Ftirther interest was shown injtion Vt judge.

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