Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · 13
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 13

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
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k. .Wednesday, march is, 1936 THE. ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD,' ALBANY, OREGON PAGE SEVEN Corvallis high seliool he entered ,ry Abraham, Mrs. Ed Zimmerman Oregon stale college but, due to nrwiH.-rt rinrina ih. wi, William This Curious World rgu3on ill health, he was forced to drop , v his, studies. His illness has ex- in8, Needlework and two clever tended over ' number of years, .centcsls w-erc enjoyed. First prkc-s went to Mrs. J, W. Lamar, and Mrs. J. C. Clay who tied with Mrs. He is survived by his 'widow, his parents. Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Jones of the Willamette district, and two brothers. .Jic Jones of Eugene and Ik-an Jones. . ' rrecrkscn. Second awards were received by Mrs. Harry Sprcngtrr unci Mrs.. J. W. Lamar. Mrs. Claries Ronnenkamp assisted. The ! in Dallas last Wedne sday to attend a district meeting of.,. the ; Neighbors of Woodcraft. C' i Guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. lester Conser last Sunday ;were Mrs. Lula Calloway, Virtus and Fred Soohale, of Portland, and ; Mr. and Mrs. Karl Cunningham ' and Mrs. Elizabeth Truax and son , Gerald, of Millersburg. i Jillrst L. R. Reynolds suffered a : bad scald last Friday morning when her hand caught on the handle of a kettle of boiling water, throwing the boiling fluid into her clothing. - ... , Mrs. Laura Jv Blume has completed her duties in the office of the secretary of state in Salem. She was in the auto license SEWING CU B MEETS ciud will have a one o clock lunch- Ida reona. (Special.) Mrs. pick eon at the home of Mrs. Duncan wbs hostess Inst Thursday Freerksen in two weeks, afternoon to the members of ;tho , TULIP TREE IS KNOWN ALSO A3 WHITE- WOOD, CAfMOE-WOOD, SADDLE TREE., AND) YEUDW POPLAR. ' CURJOUSL.X THE NEAREST RELATIVE OF THIS american tree: IS FOUND IN THE CHIfNESE INTERIOR. Demoerat-Herald Want Ads. Putter Sewing club. In 'the ab. senee of the president. tr. Hon- 1 r. f m t r sttvict m Lures You into the Yard and Garden j Tangent 1 Tangent. The Tangent Bridge 1 club met at the home of Mrs. Er- nest Harnisch Thursday afternoon. IHigh bridge scores went to Mrs. : George Koos. and low to Mrs. E. , O. Newport. Guest prize was won i by Mrs. Kenutze. Guests included I Mrs. W. D. Shirley. Mrs. K.A. Hul- bert. Mrs. Hugh Richardson. Mrs. i Kenutze and Mrs. Ann Davis. ' J A. O. Peterson of Seattle visited ; at the home of his sister. Mrs. John , Brown, a few days last week. SHARK Slake the work more enjoyable by usintr new, convenient tools. We have them! Something different a new lawn mower, turf edgers, shovels and lioe.s for ladies' use. v Lawn Mowers $6.50 up , Garden Hoes and Rakes, 50c and up Wo Sell Lilly's and Germain Flower and Garden Sea-Buyt SeVds at a Seed Store ' were: used as bv the incas. POLARIS, Faye Muller of Milwaukee is spending a few days visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Muller, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Forster and Mrs. H. B. Obermeyer were business visitors in SalcnfSaturday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Speer of Sweet Home. Mr. and Mrs. Price Speer of Eugene ond Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Obermeyer were guests at the E. O. Newport home last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Newport spent lact finnHnv at Rl.trlontt ,riLi(lnrf HIGHLY COLORED ACCESSORIES MAKE STRONG ACCENT FOR LATEST STYLES THE POUE. STAR, IS TRUE fsJORTH ONLV TWICE EACH DAV (WHEM IT IS DIRBCTLV AND CHRBOtV &EtW, THE LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS vn POINT OP TRUE NORTH) 'I without their showing a sign of 'strain. Crushed goal, pinseal calf, baby liulf, and plain calf in matt and ifatinv fini ,hes are the leathers I , ...... w..v.,,, nv . ' vi f, v n, , 1 1 1 1 1 , ai me nome oi jvir. ana Mrs. t,. L-rabtree . W. Lindsay. POLARIS is not exactly pver the North Tol. Therefore, as we oliserve it for period of 21 hours. It makes a small clrrto !n the : hea vciiu. 'Only twice a day. then, when It In directly hove, or directly below, the North Pole of the fky, does It ncliiitlfy lit In the direction ot true north. Crabtree. Meetines are beine ' Mr. and Mrs. Ed Grell. Mr. and .liked 'best but if you go 'for novel- vnu vt'ill find Ihcm to Vol If held each Sunday. Wednesday and Mrs. J. E. Jenks, Mr. and Mrs. 343 West First Street ' I IHU-;.1V:, phone 84 ' 1 hi-ail's content rnaay nigms in we v-raoiree " . au ivus. Glove News Whatever other community hall. Preaching and E. O. Newport were guests at a kind of cloves vou buv be sute tne meetings are in charge of Mr. dinner party given at the home girls. Carolyn is a member of the was born in The Dalles in 1904, - i . a a nix .1 .TY.-T...,.- XT Tk.T sophomore team. She was an but had spent practically all his overnicht euestr at the home of life in Linn and Benton counties. I to have one pair of mannish ones. . uiCKerson. nciures oi loreign - ", wpori Florence McGuire after the game.j After he was graduated from UiolCfcHBtii Cut shoit . . . one eutton to De : . jt.,,,.,.1 a-t,,h. cmiiia ui oaiviu i ...... uuu wuiui;a -1-'. . . ' .IL. I 1 1 .ILK.tO ...I iJ .UI Jieuian Komnson Is eolne to and exact, buttoned uii either side of the wrist, or slashed at the back ither side of visiting with relatives here. unippo oi torvains spent last from Albany each day where she has employment at the Howard real estate office. i this the short way to glove u,, , Ivn. HAccefScries Seldom' Match. There chic. An' these are the gloves j ber$ of Lebanon Line No. i2lo4f l3.-ay of- Troy; Idaho, spejit Mr. and Mrs, Holland McGuire I Is a Popularity or staruns u win ,eor w.iin yuui uuiunu , a.-clda whether or not to join with a few days last week visitina his Contrasts and Pleasine nnd daughter Bobby are staying in Albany at the H. M. McGuire home this week and Rolland is driving : Harmonies suits and coats, in uoovKin. mere ccrirai The line has not been parents. Kcv. and Krs. J. P. Bray. u i;jthmg smarter . . . and they connccteti with c?ntrr.l for several Vohldieek end Mrs. Slider are i-slr em e 1 y important in yCirs. of Long Eoach. Cal., left for their fabrics. " . i The Good-V.'ill club met Tues- hoiv.s Thursday after a two weeks' the milk Uuek while II. M. Mc-l Color rules accessories: Thw Doeskin gkivcs are way up m day aCtemoon with Mrs. Nellie visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs, never has been a season in an shopping career r'tand I wasn't h "li v heu it comes to .smartness. Deutler in Lebanon. A ')0t!ixk" Peter Christenson. i when handbags . Mu;t of them ere w&jhable, and dinner v.'ns enjoyed, about 1 o'- , Mrs. Liliio Westcott was a bus-1 ' tic-' rPro is one siiT1Plv wonderfi.1 clock, by the members - pvesenl. ; iner-s visitor in Salem Thursday. born yesterday and gloves and every other ac cverv other Guire is having dental work done ; and eiijoying a visit with his bro- j ther in Seattle. 1 M'r. and Mrs, Stephen Overhol-j ser of Tangent ond a friend from j Hoseburg called at the Frank! Johnson home Wednesday. , ,' Mr. and Mrs. D. "W. Porter were ' Iiosts to members of the Scravel-s V S . . '.W.V:''V;-Y.'- , - H 0 cessorv was so busy being color- j variety from fcnfiianu. in, icainei- airs, ursuia venrs una encrao ox llful. That's why you mJst shoppy ecn treated to keep grime, rn 'nterestinR prosram. Musllnr-, Scravelhlll f with the-, utmost care, and asm " .P';nU,ng. ga et S ewnr Scravelhill. Edwin Sorensen i hi A-our oetif ensemble thoucht- riri gloves have enormou, snip w n tut c i m. lie next meet- - m EN FINE FURNITURE! hill club at their home Friday. U ; Vi" -.1 . j . i :n.i;in i-iiT-i. 1 likr lliem immense- inn w ii oe neiu wil l j.irs. usury " '? fully, with great regaid as to whui . -"-t'OiiA. cc. i i m inim immiiiM Y , of quinsy the pust week. lie is- goes with what. ... -v . ' fl 'the bnsht colors . : he' lav "Hob-oblin House" reported to be improving s'owly. Ideas in the Bag-There ore r.h tweed,, with knits, with m -Jtiri t Friday K J"rs- Tcssie Robinson nnd dnu- I I Kits of new ideas in bags and vov. j??"'M, JL at the Aid hall by the Jefferson nl?r "'ah nnd Dawey Kr.nnon I are going to have a great doal oi '0& youns peoale. This mystery play were guests at a birthday dinner New Sprint LIVING ROOM SUITES U fun choosine yours. Firtt of nil. v, ,v.1 .iiit-. ..-i.- nnmnrrf. ma :n.M,i nononr.g c.arence ixiinon r.l jus . . 1 .- 1 v - -- ' home in Albany recently. top handler are tcps'. "Whrrl" Uicv were first shcn last sensor, wo JOXES KITES 11IXD Peoria. (Special.) Graveside funeral services for Kenneth Jones were held nt the Pine Grove cemetery last Friday afternoon follow--ins services at the Madisort street Methodist church in Corvallis. Rev. Morris Goodrich of the United Brethren college church at Philomath officiated. Kenneth Jones Ho.irv Amnion, D. W. Porter r.nd Crrin G.;ii'.ii worked 'at the ITci'- fMTv m velours, pi Millersburg. Miss Sylvia Covey moi:y hr.ll near Co'.tonwosas Inst ; has completed h?r work in Salem Tuesday and Wednesday. Mem-: and is now at the home of her par- bm's of the Santiam Central local ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Covey. of the Farmers' Union have thej Mohairs, men loved being able to sw'tng a bag along when they walker at a clip ... so don't think th designers would give up the ic'ea so soon. Top handles arc included agcin." a:id with a vengeance. The l'oriak shape continues to be smart. It is a great favorite with mfv nnd I csneeiiillv likfi it mm) friezes, tapestries favorite colors, this soring are rose., blue, rust i and green. AH Louis Drager, of Merrill, Ore., hall leased and have built an ad-. spent last Sunday night nt the dition to the hall for a laro staso i home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.. and. dressing rooms in prepcrntion L. V. Drager. He was on his way , for R series .of programs to ba giv-. to Portland on a business trip. - ;cn by visiting locals rnd comtr.un- 1 Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Nelsoli inade!i!.k-3. I w v price rango to suit every purse. . with suits. Another of the newer camel's hair coats, they .string aJ '4 shapes - t'- i' with cut off cor--aieiig perfect ty. in uns same ram- : 1 nm his- ive. a kind of pagod i lv 1 have sC-en - other c.ocheted f business and pleasure trip to Sa- Jaime Sorensen. daughter of ij litis,'us a .cum oi pagoa.i . cm ,lf thi.m i.., lcm last Thursday. , ..Mr. anc! Mrs. Martin Gorenson, H shape that u m harmony with all VIJ"?V , t w ' Mrs. Delia Wilson relurned to' and Floyd Caywcod, son of Mr. L the othvr Chinese fashions. c,"f,it,'tl . , a- the home of her mint, I.L-S. A. B. ; oil'.I Mrs. W. Caywood, prominent Patent leather important Pal- ri.. y m e of ten daintj uu,uSh to Cus,er last Tuesday af,cl. epend. , ,,oun3 pPOpic of tho community, l'ent t!eiming and -glow- v.itli join ei cliLiel,- sowral lnonths with her fa- wera married in Yrneoaver Ti-es- iiwiiwn "ian iinffcn 'mm Occasional Chairs, and Rockers Lamps Tables Rugs Smokers . Ottomans all the necessary pieccH to complete your living room.- I ing, is the pet of the season. You tlier, who has been ill nt Ashland,, day. i-.-rnuoi: t rocks. Fabric Clove.- First v...,-v. . .. -Iiiexpo . Kv . a win sec n in every snape uiioti ( wrs A u uregory returned to, lisrl Jicciemn-nn o,f Jm.eponci-the sun. big bays and small, dark .five as ihty are, fabric gloves aiejhor nome here fcst Friday evening ence wr.s a suest .it i'.m l1c'.)i::soi rim, .,f ,.. ,,. i lvi, mi ndriuslv nonular. v e nave . .i-., . o...,.i.. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fion'i Jonnson nnd I things about these new ones is ' i u m fashioned in all the I pleasure- trip in Longview, Weshi, that they can carry out the vogue nwWtl style of the season, and an(j Portland. Opnl Soilmess motored to Tan- for color so brilliantly. Red:,.lhey are knockouts. ou will find; Loran Murdock wa3 unnbls to' gent Thursday eveninj nnd were 1 greens, bright blues, yellows, w;thcm in every color under the ; attend school last weak -becaucsyf guests at an oyster suppur at the i ious pastels are perfect in patent, sin. from darks to lights, . from of illness. -.: . ?. v :r-irl,.ome-d a:id- I.&B.- Ctep'.tea for thev retain their good looks , pastels to blights, in white, andi Mr. and Mrs. Robin Truax of j Overholner. BEDROOM SUITES arc Modernistic This Spring after weeks and weeks of " carry-! more and more white. (Portland visited at the l.onw .'efj Carolyn. Qrciw stnytd la Altanyl ing. Why? Because the leather' C'tume gloves of fine kidskir i Mrs. Elizabeth1 Truax lat Tu$r , t"uc3day .evci'iinfj for lha basket-1 mav be wined off with a damn i"e very much in the picture, and day 'and Wednesday. ' 1 ball game between the sophomores d i bfffef'f i Cxi i4vfi 7 -: if if cloth. ail keo't'as briifht and clean !"eu will find that no other glove Mr. and Mrs. F? N, Barne were t of the high school and theTQllege t as the day ou "bought them. will ever take their place in fash- New smart among the in. and 4 81 spring colors is London tan. or Scans and flowers A scar H lunsace tan, or saddle. I found dcs with almost every costume THE smade:shop Select from walnut, maple and enamel finishes. New sets have the modern, wanted full length mirrors.. . .' Prices surprisingly low. IS REDY TO SERVE YOU i different stoics calling it different this spiing. For several seasons il colors, but it is all tiic same to now smnrt women have been you and mo. It is a glorious shade knotting a silk handkerchief y of tan with a slight coppery glow, around their necks lis a finish to ; "i There is nothing that can top it Sports frocks and sweaters of all for chic. " " types. They look chic, they have' SPRINGS and MATTRESSES Simmons, Rome and many other well-known brands t o choose from. I Gay bags are seen here and a nice silky feel 'about the neck -1 there. If you have lots of bags.;' '. . they give a touch of color; - buy one. for they are smart, but that nothing else will. Those scarfs -they cannot be used as extensive- oe cieing to be more and more Iy as the other colors. iniporti'r.t. I have seen them In -, Fruits and flowers, in say colors h:ind blocked effectsi ... I have' . i Grow on the smartest l.iprls this : e.'i than imported from Erig- j , spring. . . , i,ind. from Japan and front In.dia. ! '? You will be glad to know that Son.e are no bigger than a mah'S ' ; big bays still are smart... And d- . hundkerchief ,-' and must be: knot- t signers ' h: ve found mure places ted very' simply. ' Others are a I for tricky pockets and envelopes, s urd square, and What tricks-- yen ! & CURTAINS and Drapes i There is almost no end to what cun do with them! Yojii can een ;jj All the spring de-j you can stuff into the new la$r wVnr t'n-m a a l4ou:;e! ' iB . ' signs unci siy.ies, material.-: of every wanted type. Come "in and look over our present stock. If we haven't just what you Yes! S&'s Spiring! : . V S Yes, lovely is the word, and it's new, too. ,The designs this year run to formal conventional motif and blue is the predominating shade. "New Mayflower Designs Wo have received our stock of new Mayflower wall paper and there are hundreds of patterns to select from. Mayflower wall paper is washable, . fadeproof, and sun-proof. And ' it is popularly priced. Cheaper Now Thnn Ever If you are following the trend of the economic cycle you know that you will pay more fctr everything later on. So why wait enjoy those new roonis now. i It's cheap to Raper a room. The average room, 12 by 14 feet square will require about eight rolls of paper, Even if you pay 90c a roll your paper would cost but $.00. And we have many beautiful designs at less . than half that price. If w do your work 'the labor charge is not high. And the work .will be done right Vo rhai re Tor estimallns No charge for trimming wall Paper. ; New' Imperial Line For those ' who want higher quality we carry samples and catalogs of the famous Imperial line, of which you have read in national magazines, It's. Cashable, and superior to other papers. Cninc in and order Irom samples.. Paint Your Woodwork With Rasmussen's Enamels DANNALS Pioneer ' Painter and Paint Store I ' , ( Kt. Plump ,M;o-.l Walnut and Maple DINING ROOM SETS - i Seve'n and eight piece sets in up-to-the-minute designs. Tables extend. to six and eight Jfeet chairs beautifully upholstered jn tapestries and velours. JknH tho fluHcrhtfiil nntnf. rlne. 'mmnn Want, e Can F.l 17 IOl' brines with it an increased nt- d for skin 1 i' ' in nours 11 pei-vi- e.ire for use of the nroducts that will irive I I fhfy you protection from the sun 'and windT m . I Dress Up Your Home Dorothy Gry and Elizabeth Arderi fine 'toiletries will Several Bavarian Patterns in open stock dishes help Kolve your .irob- Iems thi- spring-. WtlJ l jrlad T.j show you what these two fine liriis can olft-r. t . Rug Cleaning Done- in a thoroughly scicntif i- way. All the dirt is removed-, making your rulfs as bright and lovely as -they were when new. You'll In; surprised too, at the reasonable cost! '2 " ' Phone 78 409. West First Street This Spring With' Venetian Blinds' et us how you how in WW w il t-Jurley's DRUG STORE "The store of personal srrvice" FURNITURE CO. expensive they can be in home ! . Ml , Luilu iti u.u ttiiU,!! lilt iLu itu ilu tu M u iiii u.u uii-uiUit uii iru'Uuiii. iti uu i'lVuiu juiiuii u;. u.

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