Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 18, 1936 · 4
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 4

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, J?3 THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-H ERALD, ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FOUR EUKOI'EAN STATESMEN -WORK FOR I'EACE permanent mental disability, al most always congenital, while in sanity in its many forms is due tMtni at Albanr, Uwn, pwi-tt aaaUI. WiwMt BEHIND THE SCENES "IN WASHINGTON : BY RODNEY DUTCHER to utmost 'us many causes;, -and UaM PrM di.d tlii'ii. ' Do I havv lo have the )hlowrdplS.'" "Why. yes." . Toby got to her feet, gathering up her purse and gloves. "I'm sorry," she said, "I I guess I've changed my mind about being a model." (To Be Continued) ana KCA N.wa 8. He EaUblUM ISM. may nr may not be of hereditary origin. Insanity may he cured but Editara ana fibltabrn , , W t, ;ko ana ft. R. CiMlaa. COMg OH MOW FEU LAS Ler'S CSX THiS.ETrtiOPlA4 AFFAIR GLEAMED OP SO WE CA4 CO HOME AMD CET .READY FOftTHEMExT BIG WAR imbecility with rare exceptions is incurable. The study of insanity is JiY RODNEY DUTCHER -K4 Irrvlra SlaC t'arrrpaaral WASHINGTON - Twelve years v. progressing, but science is at an impasse in regard to idiocy, save with those few cases which may T ago that doughty old war rior William Jennings Bryan, Letters to the Editor possibly be blwneable. upon cor SUBSCRIPTION RATH DELIVERED BT CAKK1ER Om faar, la advanca In toontht, Ip advut .......... 11 OM MMtk, W ilM .......... to ST MAIL Ilka. Bt, Hariefc Ua Llaaola ounllav Oa r, I a4not .............. It.M tlx aontla, la adnm ............ THtm awntla, lai advinea .......... 1.(1 On auMih, In adraiu .W Br Mall HwWft-li U. . A. rectible glandular deficiencies, and much insanity is of a psychological V . 1 aided him and he appears to have been so successful that there will be few voices raised against the president. a THEY laid Huey Long in bis grave months ago, but the famous Women's Committee of Louisiana organised to drive Huey from public life It stilt after his colleagfp. Senator John Overton. C'hrglng that the Senate has used "the whitewash pail to destroy the right of petition" and that the committee's petition containing sworn charges legally nature, while Idiocy is a purely pathological matter. If Dr. Laughlin's sensational in terviow was reported correctly he Oaa aan la 11.00 ia awatH la Adnata I ' Ona awatk. la mirm ............ . does not advocate death as the best Par aovr. aa tralna and arwaatandt , , .ol cure for insanity, but confined himself to idiocy. Furthermore he Ia aporrin rkaaan of addnw lubarrd an ahxuld lnn a'w id !! a- drawn and alleging fraud in Over merely suggested the lethal moth-od as Incidental to a general pro gram of cleaning up the race. To the editor: Here we have some more it "IT". You just cannot keep sound philosophies out of you columns as long as Human Magnets push and pull intellectually in one accord. Having observed Dr. Palmer's sound doctrines in your January 25. 1936, magazine section: You will observe, that in my confidential letter to .the Dr. it specifies, not for publicity,or for publication unless by my siffiature. Thus you may have my signature to print my letter and the Dr.'s sincere reply. Honorable Judge Daniel C. Burkholder. PnblahMl Dalit Euapt Bonoajrs ' Tka Ewmotrat-Hcratd Pobllahlnt Co.. In a ladcpfndmt Aftaraooa) Nunpapar addnaa - - ton's election hasn't -even been referred to a Senate committee, the women's organization, cf?alr-maned by Hilda Phelps Hammond, is circulating a chain letter II. a Moon Co, National Aavaf There ore tirqes, both in cases- of ttalnf lUitaaawtallwt, designed to incite protests to Vice Idocy and of hopelpss Illness, when death Is preferable to life for PEACE BY TREATY President Garner. . a a VyPA finally Is getting out tome ' counter-propaganda which everyone concerned, but the most that should be done about such cases is to remove inhibitory stat To settle1 the European situution tool tae piatiorm in me smitn-McAdoo fight at the Madison Square Garden convention and received a terrible booing from the anti-McAdoo delegates and galleries packed by Tammany. Today Democrats are discussing the likelihood that Al Smith will 'receive a similar but perhaps worse dose of t'e If he rises to attack the New Deal at his party's convention In Philadelphia perhaps worse, because Roosevelt forces will control nearly all. the delegates, as well as the galleries It would be the first time, politicians point out, that Al ever had to "take it!" The Farley-Hurja Btmtegy will designed to make Smith, who ndoubtedly will be a member of tha New York delegation, look -as lonesome as possible. But it isn't clear yet just what Al Intends to do. No one will try to stop him It he wants to address tha convention. He may sit tight and reserve comment until afterward. Any such dramatic gesture as a "walk" from the convention hall would be greeted by a tremendous raspberry, it private remarks of practical politicians in a position to plant the booing squads mean anything. Farley has been busy ironing' out various state situations from which anti - Roosevelt delegates threnUned to emerge. Death of ex-Governor R He hie chaaged the situation Jim faced in Maryland and willingness of Senator Walsh ani, Governor Curley to sit to-1 Kvther on a pro-Roosevelt delegation front Massachusetts lias utes, and then only in extreme by signing treaties with Adolf Hitler should elicit a smile from the cases. To condemn an unwilling may prove somewhat effective. Newspapers everywhere are being told of the percentage of AVPA money going into their states which is being used for permanent improvements, such as highways, parks, playgrounds, public subject would be out of harmony with present social attitudes, but to permit removal of those who have already been condemned by buildings, waterworks, and sewers. nature to unalleviable anguish Harry Hopkins is authority for the assertion that S6 per cent of with consent of the victim or those all WPA projects consist of "addi responsible for him would certain Dr. E. Payne Palmer President St. Joseph's Hospital-Phoenix, Arizona. My Dear Fellowman: Having observed, in a Sunday Daily for my congenial home en-varionment: First by impression from your photo: Then, gave just dues to your "Ten Rules of Omis-sion,'. interested in authentic history only, or sound philosophies of life, or death. I will now kindly ask your personal, and confidential, not fori publicity, understand me: You are! not to print my inquisitions nor your reply, unless my signature in-; dicates otherwise: . j Here we have it between you and ' I: You specifically, an-1 tions and Improvements to public ly be the more humane method. However, it must be agreed that property." The other 14 per cent of WPA funds goes to white-collar projects, sewing, and other production projects for use by the unemployed. - in general the better means of at-tackins the problem is through eugenics - and education rather than via the more direct, but less The answer to charges of vicious politics In WPA adminis shocking method which Dr. Laugh- tration in several states hasn't lin proposed. He himself suggested been found. If there's an effective one, it will have to .consist that. of vigorous action. . (Copyright, Vjli, XKA Service. Inc.) nounce in your last paragraph in said treatisa: (no one has the right to bring dentil to himself or another except it be tlia judgement of a jury and court) Now you ore set to answer this Coos River 4 Leaf Does he not??? ! should be considered in the hu- Should cursed, affected, cul-, man. Human ancestry is of creat Clover Nor Lucky rest of the World. Europe's statesmen should feel no surprise at the laughter from the sidelines as they bind the German dictator and themselves with solemn vows, for the spectator know that if they would only look at the record they would find that this modern world has neither the will to honor treaties nor the capacity to enforce, them. Treaties today lire precisely what Von Bcthraann-lloll-wec said they were In 1014 scraps of pnper, decorative and satisfying to hang on the wall, but more or leu worthless from any practical ttandpoint. A generation oho the great power! signed a solemn agreement to respect the territorial Integrity of Belgium. The one result of this, was that 1 good part of the World War was fought In Belgium's front yard. . After that was smoothed over, the powers signed the Versailles treaty, keeping1 revolver-jammed in Germany's rib? to make sure that she wouldn't renege at the last minute. Since then the Versailles treaty has been whittled down until today M. Clemcnceau himself wouldn't recognize it. . There was the Locarno treaty, iorn asunder by Hitler Just trie other day, There Were the far eastern treaties, which worked until Japan decided to have a go at Manchuria. There were 'the vari Murshflcld, Ore., March 18. A one: How about establuhinff only prus De maning inroaas to divine "ONE" criminal court to be en- blessed homes??? For no other tored into: No venues, but, 3 ; reason Ihrtn moronistic envy??? indues firm on bench, less vour! Hoping that you can respond to importance when contemplating marriage. The essentials for successful married life date back to the participants' ancestors. It is ridiculous to consider seri clump of good luck four-leaf 19)6 NCASnct lot BY LAURA LOU BROOKMAN clover stuck In his lapel, the body iurv. unless naid out of the nocket 1 this as fraternal as it is submitted 1 HUG IN HCKE TODAY TOBY RYAN. IS, wurks bhind- tha ously the pedigree of fowls, dogs. of the offender: Ko Drosecuunc at- tor your personal attention: ny: of Pearl' Albert McCutcheon, Coos River,, farmer was dragged from that stream early today by state Jrwrlry cotinur of a Uryr Manhattan itiir. Sha jmmm-i foi- tthotoitraph to b uwd in a Hurt advert Iarmrnt and police. . Discovery of the body ended an Hiatt grinned back at lie. "That's the spirit," he said. "Someday I'd like a picture of you like-thatone hand up and a big smile. Might be able to sell it for an ad. Well so Ions, kid. Remember I'm betting on you." They went to the door together. Then Hiatt set off Westward and MAKTY HtATT. the hotoraihtr. t. tin h-r iha haa a "ramrra fan. you can fill out this card. Have, you had any experience as a model?;' ' Toby said that she had not. The girl did not, as Toby had feared, look as though this was a shocking admission. Instead she said, "I'll let you know when Mr. Blake can see you." Toby retired to the farthest chair and began to fill in the card. She wrote her full name, udress and the telephone number at her roming house. In the space opposite ase she wrote "19", opposite weight, wrote 110 pounds. She was 5 feet 3 inches tall, wore size 12 drosses, four-A- shoes, "9, 21',i hats hnd (i gloves. Toby had written many applications for employment but she had never seen such a card as this. Absorbed by her surroundings, the time slipped by quickly. She was startled when she heard her name called. torney nor defense attorney fees ; Honorable Judge Daniel C. Burk- I horsoa. and herds and disregard allowed in criminal cases in such holder. j human ancestry. Mixed marriages, established-courts: Not even fee- Honorable Judge Daniel C. Burk- i. e those of different social, ra-less, attorney assistance, unless at ! holder. cial, physical, financial, intellec- discretion of the 3 judges: Making Holley, Oregon. tual, political, and religious beliefs, sure of the actual criminal, before Dear Judge Burkholdert ido not result in happy or satisfac- the judges pass their decisions??? j Your letter of January 28th was ; tory mnrried life as a rule. Alright here is the other one ; received. The rush of business has! If those contemplating marriage Positively abolish all divorce, prevented my acknowledging and; should think in terms df eugenics all-night search for the man. McCutcheon drowned when his cur went off a dike road into the ad Toby (oaa lo dinn rwlth BILL BRANDT who worKn In ait advertiainit m:-ncy. A fw daya later Toby luaca hrr job. joining stream. due to th achrmlna of jraloua MAltUINB I Toby turned east. She was aware, IIAI.Lh alio tmiiluyfd in tHp jcwli-ry courts in America, establish strict answering it sooner. 'childless home and birth control Toby'a rfforta to find a new Jnl. arr marriage codes, using sound andj l thoroughly agree with you in ; would not be in existence today. frultlraa. 8ha mreU Marty liutt. th- phii- Yours very truly, sane matins principles before mar-; many of your views. It is BARBS E. Payne Palmer, M. D. tnKranhrr and conriil abut bm liniicn-rd. Hiatt aaya auddt-nly, ' I Vnow a man you ouKht to ," as she walked, of a feelinrf of excitement, n warmth that brought color to her cheeks end jnado her step lis'lit. Oh, if she really' could get such iij, job. could earn halt as much moiifcy as Hiatt had mentioned.. It would be a fortune! She thought. "But I'm not. like those girls in the advertisement. They're beautiful!" ; The photographer hnd seemed N(W till ttN WITH Tilt-: BTOltY STUDENTS VISIT SALEM Jefferson. (Special.) Students of the public' speaking and psychology classes of Jefferson high school spent Thursday in' Salem riage??? and then resort to t.ffi-;iier that our jury system is wrong, cient philoprogenitiveness via of ; that justice could be better ad-sound bred off-spring for divorce-! ministered by a group of judges, less unions??? The average juror does not possess That, and childless homes by legal knowledge or training qual-strict birth control for hopeless ifying him to pass on most of the moronist parents: The Almighty leases- that come before courts. And does curse all our modern science, again, I am for positively abolish-of medical and surfiical'deficiency,, ing all divorce procedures. Our CHAPTER VII "Well," said Marty Hintt,' "in the first place he's a swell guy. visiting the state institutions. Their teacher, Mr. Lever, accompanied - "Miss Ryan?" I It was the girl at the desk who I had spoken. She went on, "Mr. And. a friend of mine. But that isn't why 1 want you to see him. to believe that she could be a model, though. He had chosen her The different institutions for tolcratine matine and breeding! present day divorce situation is them now. uo were the Fairview Home of hoDeless illiterates: He wishes due to the failure of the partici- visited lihiKe will see you Uen Ulake runs the Model's for his picture instead of Maurine I 1 through the gate and down the Bull. Maybe she could do it, after this Created Earth to be blessed j pants to consider marriage seri- j (feebleminded school); the state With proper human breeding, likelously prior to entering into the hospital, the blind school, and also "The Models' Leogue'.'" Toby re all. Maybe she could corridor. It's the last office on the right." breed mv world record fowls: married state, rroner- mating tne Nay wooien mius. peated. Tohy followed instructions. Be Sure. Haven't you ever heard fore the last door on the rjsrtt she of it?" She admitted that she hadn't. "The Models' -League," said halted. The door stood open. Toby hesitated, uncertain whether to knock or speak. , The man inside loked up sud AN Ohio editorial nug cents the taxpayers nwd a battle cry. At that, they might feel the better for just an ordinary cry. a In nine yeart, a Toerf oaa ft cur the proma of l.,2fl." Amtrlcani hartiy tmprenxive, compared wUh He record o an ordinary straight razor. Counterfeiters recently were discovered In Ban Quentin. but to date no prisoners have walked Into, the warden's oihVe sml announced a Ktlcknn. '' Hat H'f-tJ ft rtpurte4 fo have a new f.lon.noil-a-pWInrr contract, MiHce for Iht aiiiiing iokm iroi:W-6c-acfiTJ: "(Jo Mae West. uHna woman." a a a It is not too early for the new Japanese premier to berin tseltltiR on good terms with his brother Hiatt. "is an ugeney. Jt supplies models for commercial photogra denly, saw her and put down the phers. You know the pretty girls ou see in advertisements in news letter he had been reading. "How-do you do," he said. "Did you wnnt to see me?" papers and magazines. Photographers hire their models through an agency,' and the Models' League is one of these,. One of the .aaSBM"iaMB,Bafe best; too. Most of the girls- on top in the' business girls, who make $175 and SHOO a week are registered there." Toby uasped. "A hundred and He was ,a . broad-shouldered, oung man, wearing a tweed suit. His hair was dark brown and he had a vtry straight nose and . a wide mouth. Toby, for a fleeting moment, thought she had mot him somewhere. That, of course, was impossible. She must have seen him, -though. All at once, she knew. Ilia, photograph that was it! She had' MfiMiis photograph a dozen tunes, advertising a certain make of collars. Or was it shirts? She said quickly, "Are you Mr. Glake?" " "Yes." . seventy-live dollars a .week! Just for having their pictures taken.'" ous league commitments, which survived until Mussolini sent his men down Into Ethiopia. One and all. they lasted until someone decided to break them and no. longer, And in no case could the other signatories get together and make the document stick. When Japan went into Manchuria, the United States yelled for" action and the British 'just couldn't hair. When Italy went adventuring, the British were all for- doing something, but the French were otherwise cnrjiuiod. When Hitler moved Into the Rhinelund, he sent the French into a fine Gallic fury, but the British managed to retain their traditional calm to an almost excessive degree. , That is the record, find If the assembled statesmen start reviewing, it they mud decide to rjo home nt once. . r'or how can nny 'enduring peace bq devised in a world WhcHn the most solemn : treaties Siave no force? What assurance of peaceful settlement ol international disputes ' can. there possibly be, when nations cannot be depended on either to honor their own signatures or to make their neighbors honor theirs? The plain fact is that the world's international relations todny are in state of antuchy. It is like a wild west town in which even the vlHilantcs have slutted robbing stagecoaches. And the blindest man tun see that such a (.ituatum is going to lead to a great deal of shooting im-Icss. there is a speedy and far-reaching reform. Hiutt nodded. ':Yes, and vou bet they rain it. Posing is hard work. STORIES IN Ol course, only the topnotehers get the high prices. But it's a nice job. I think you'd like it." All the. way to the subway station and during the ride uptown Toby kept repeating to herself Hiatt's reassurances. But by the time she reached the office building, panic had taken hold of her. Willi a gulp, she told horseir, "They can't do any more thnii pus me tint. And I've got to go through with it now. I promised Mr. Hiatt." Kesoiutely she opened the door and went inside. . v The elevator opeartor showed no surprise when she said, "Models' League." He answered. "Fifth floor," banged the door of the car shut :nd they shot upward. Toby stepped out of the elevator to lace a deserted coiridor. She wandered to the right n. dozen yards, then to the left.' Sudenly she saw the door just ahead. In neat black lettering were the Avoids, "Models' League, Inc." - Toby pushed the door open, entered. The room in which' she stood was a rather small office, separated from a larger one by a railing. A girl sat al a desk in one corner et the room. Behind her, lining the walls, were rows of photographs. The girl was talking to a' slender, ' distinguished looking man with jjfay hair. A halt dozen chairs stood against the wall at the right. A man and girl Were sitting there, the man leading a newspaper.. On the left, near the swinging gate leading to the office beyond, was a large screen o,n which a magazine cover and several advertisements, 'each a photograph, had been fastened. - A" small girl in a black fur, coat and red haf - came, through the swtngiv; gate. -paused before the screen. Toby suppressed a gasp. STAMP Hy h S. Kit-in loby s eyes were round. "Do vou really think 1 could do it?" she " "Then I do want to see you. I'm asked. Toby Ryan" "Oh, yes. Marty Hiatt sent you "Of course I do. Didn't 1 tell "Old Hickory over. Want to he a modolw do you those shots I made the other day were swell?" you?" ' "I'd like to try it.' But I don't know anvthiug about posing." "Come in and sit down." Blake Neither did the others'' when they started. You've got what it indicated' a chair nt his-right. Toby noticed that the card 41c had filled out was lyitifi before him. He Kes, kid a camera lace, 1 told you that the other day, didnt 1? picked it up, glanced at it for an WW Well, Mai tv Hunt never misses, li instant, then at the girl. Then In VKXT to Jef-ferson, t he fiery, fUhltiiK Andrew J a c k-son liai been a pulillMK star (or members of the Democratic part y- Opponents might remember him as t tie man who i were you. Id go up and talk to Ulake-" tapped' the edge of the card against his desk. Toby got to her feet. . "Kxcuse "Let's have a look al you from the side," he said. "Now the other mo a minute." she said. There was public telephone nt the ivar ol side now straight front again." jm bourbon yp W0j America's finest blend of " y&j, rr W straight whiskies proof m Iff pint $1.10 N..aoc fevt.rf II QUART $2.15 h.. l!!iaP Mjj . Golden Wedding is three tegjjfe'jyL - - -, : i" j 3 g I? jfe Wl JM whiskies blended... not for J 3 'A Mm lower price but for Better JsT- ft AUll Taste! The rich flavor is iVRrtlV''T'S $$11 .,' always that of the choicest 'V W5 4f whiskey it is possible to I ;fHJ& JVi jf W 'M obtain. Having.tried many J !; ' . l Mv ' l M lli others, people arc finding R .Mi, I H llljJJ$S. that there is no substitute L. I; fyj7&9 f gfjj gm. " for Golden Weddings ? 'MiiTnij ; if iMII mellow richness! j -c,JllliS';eti ' liljlii Mjfc 1HIY HA THI ' tfa.! H I " ' I the lunch room and Tobv went to He continued to study her for .She deposited a coin iwut dialed several moments, intently. "Wen,'' the number of the ' enudovinonT igeiuy. he said at last, "we may be able to use you. The registration fee is $50 but that comes out of your earnings. You'll . have to have The voicee of tli1 woman she' IDIOCY AND INSANITY It was the girl the very. same one had talked to earlier that mornmg came over the wire. Toby reported that she had-failed, to got the job at the store because, she had photographs, though. Hotter have three full-face, profile and stana- ing. Yot can have them trade for been to late. ih criticizng the recent proposal by Dr. S. B. Lauglilin of Willamette University that legal bars to "mercy" killing of hopi-less idiots be removed the Oiegoniun wan Something in the girl's face -".I'm Sony," the woman said. I was afraid (if that. Wei! keen Marted the baneful "spoils system" ylikh continued unabated uiitil the xsu.tylnatlnn of f resident CJat field. But Jackson's vershfnera look up..n bl m as a red-)looi)ed executive who tourht In th ltevolutton when he vat only 13. lio crushed the Creek Indian revolts In Alabama and Oorgla and brought about' the acquisition e( Florida territory, and whose vktory at New Orleans wus one of the greats-it American triumphs over .; Britain In the war of 1M:', Throughout liU presideni-y. from JSl'9 lo IS:t7.l Jik!""u's popularity grew rs did that of no oilirr 'preM ili nt after 'him. Almost his first act as the seveutli president of the Vuited Statea was dissolution of pictured on the magauine- cover. The girl gazed at the photograph, studying it impersonally. Yes, indeed. 'it was the same girl Toby became aware that the girl at the desk w(s looking at her inquiringly. The slender man had departed. She said hesitantlv, "I'd like to-seo Mr. Blake." . ' " , stopped him. Toby said. "Oil in ijuch with us. In a day or so thou may ue something. 'But - isn't there anvthinu else Roux Shampoo Tint .... Gives Grayins; Hair I can try today'" I can't afford to be without work V "What is your name?" the girl "I'm sorry," the woman said asked crisply. "KyanTpby Ryan." "Oh!" The other girl smiled in again, "llieies nothing else just now. Porhans by t ie tir.-t of the fi iendly fashion. "You're the girl week " - . . -a Mr.' JUatt telephoned about? "Yes.". Toby hadn't known Mar a lustrous. Natural "Young ' Look" ' iht ill-Admire . . . ty Hiatt "was going to telephone but she would be eternally grate the l'f K. bank. At the same time he took the first steps toward ape-rl currency and' an independent V. 8. treasury. 1'or Ills courage and hardlnexs. lilit trlctidn .I'alloil him -old llickory." ECHO SPRING STRAIGHT VTHISKEY-90 PROOF i years 6 months old... and you ran taste its mellow age in every, golden drop. ful to hini tor it. . "Mr. Blake is busy now," the ders somewhat off the road in Citing the findings of Dr. Wilhelm Larijie-Eichbaum of Germany that many of the world's greatest geniuses have come from f umiles in which there was a . taint of insanity, or have, been themselves inine. . , .' ,, , - , ' There is a sharp line of de-markatlon between insanity and Idiory.'and the two constitute separate problems which require spe-arate treatments, despite the occasional relationships between them. To el imnate idiocy would probably fall far short of solving the insanity problem and- to eliminate insanity would have but little effect upon Imlw'Cllity statistics. Idiocy is ii t tale of profound and Five dl.T. rent Alsolmporttd DUBONNET VTINE The reat French aperitif. (181 alcohol by volume.) For those delightful Dubonnt-c Cocktails and Manhattans. A he nicy import. LARGE BOTTLE $2.00 NcMOA girl at the desk said, "but he'll see you later. While you're waiting New An Oil Permanent - Toby hung up the reectve'r. S'.ie came back to where Hiatt ;wus waning and said, "Well, I'm-going to take, your advice. Where Is. this Mr. Blake and how di-, 1 get there?" . The photographer took a" card from his pocket, v. rote the ad-drvs on it. U was in a building up-towu, easily accessible by subway. Toby tiH'k the card, smiled and brought 'one hand up m a smalt salute. "Okay," she said. ' Never let it be said a Kyan misled an opportunity. I'm oltl" " '1.35 ly. S. a I a u p s picture Andrew Jackson. T ' one jsaued le 1?02 Rive- t lo-UatCs i I":-Mi lh tK&T) and death (JSC). PINT .litrfiTir Jackson Si- . kn'fM tivfti "' t Na. 4C L WALKER'S Berber and Beauty Shop Shoe shining In Connection 215 Lyon SI Fhonc 79R QUART $2.65 Na.uu smarlln9-make your skin R smooth and sofr.un.h -n .esmol m Coprriahl I9 6, " f AVAILABLE IN OREGON (tJ'rlvlil, M..V Stnki, luc )

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