Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 17, 1936 · 5
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 5

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
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THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD., ALBANY, OREGON PAGE FIVE TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1936 Tortland Market Reviaw :...,.!. Oi, . M.i.-li IT. Patter flrt NEW TODAY The Democrat-Herald Classified Rates. 1 15 For Rent, Houses, Apt. il'OH KENT Mill'KWV APT.. IIKAT, I dee. rvfriaeralvr. Call at :' W. aid. j I'hoiie '.'. ml 4-1 1 Religious Leader TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS hiIi'iiiiiii' one Imlf cv"t a pound linlay. rag rum were howled one cent. 1 N w isriiiiiDs from Munila are firmer and hu-hcr in puce as a result t In-1 Anawrr lo rreflnna I'urrl IIOI'1.ONTAI, HlR MKNT 4 HIMIM IMIV, NSTAIKS A 1,1.. furnihf,l. Private tut h . .114 t .'nd St.. Alliany. . mla-llt". ya.olRIT 1, 5 To day U day U 10 V.Ot Prires auoted beltiw are tana nre-ailina at II e'ilock a m an day at rutiih'atlun, and are subject b taanis at any hour thereetler . Ip A ff H 1 0 1 P i E D TT Va.mJ lAtlTHNtt U onA.c T I I .-, a 1 . day, . tlt'.M Cn'ning dillisiul. Iiacr iirii'cs are iiinfirnieil for leituev. Hi" it ia a siarnty of uuality celery, i ltumhiirg I'rm-i'oll is selling mostly sjcfti II, nil ciair. Vialla Walla spinach Is in more liberal Miipply and M'lling chiefiy II hi biix. tirlirr demand smiwmg for hothouse rhubarb at late prices. Potatoes and onion, are pisitirally ft TD 0 0 FOB SALE I WkH. PHI. 11. I'aul (intr, Hi. .1, Albany, I mi. on south highway. mi; FOR BALE WEANLINU PU.ti. BEN KoielW. Kt. 1, Albany. Fhon St-t'-fi. wahhingthn for ore-ion u km with "', tn cultivation, baian.- pastur. fenced, ruaniaa lr, we.sWlil euhsnae for stor propoil w. small ranch or auto ann. ONLY jM.M PER Al'REi , 140 urn west of Corvallis lit this bargain price for Immediate disposal, TRIPP A Ml'RPBY, REALTORS. ml7-tf HATES AMI INFORMATION Count six avcrag word to the line. If yi.jr ad appears Incorrectly, nrni- TV'U iBIWilit!. W ccH rrsiwn. i, till Iv for ,.lir ii, correct insertion, PHONE ADVERTIMEMKNTH Ada will be taken oer the telephone i r it mail Thai H di ne (or (he en- lenience .J thi aiirfit,er, and limit lance ahould be mailed upon the rei'llH uf invoice. Minimum 1 LI. -I lime 2Sr M nimum t l.l J lime lue Minimum 1 Ll.-I time Die Minimum it Li. Month I2.1M .. Fhen II ADS MORS THAN TWO LINES I time, per word !c 5 consecutive times, per woru , ,.,.4e 6 ronutivt tunes. rr amd . .... .It Month, rohsceutivr time, per word 2oc HI! Allan Count five average words to Una. Hct In csi'S doitblv cuiint P. r tine, first insertion. 20 ; per lin each addi, lioiiat insertion, l&c. Card af Thanka. 10. COPY DEADLINES Classified eot mint be In of f ir-e before II :K) o'rlock on day of pub-lirat ion, Cony fur Thursday must be in briar IrM a. 'ra. fnr classified pa. POM KENT MODERN, CLEAN, FIVE-ri.m hi'iiw, H. Alo ice box fnr sale. Inquire at "4 K. let Mt. ZZX'J EIAK AG E 0,0 A L (W A DM u r n i tai h in I ELLSWORTH APT HEAT. OVER- i itu.'fed lurnllure. I'h. II. tut Ellsworth, i at-tf IS- Lost, Strayed, Stolen LtW T, E I THE R TOGETHER OR SEPAR-alely -4 while weanling plga between 'Alhan mid Mnrnin ISiar tiranit Hall. 1 I'hnn i:i-M, or w rite Cecil Co, r! i!. Albany. ml-IH Itt lF IF i t l I'M 13 Flour boi, 15 Many tale art told about, him, 17 Him. 18 Tissue. 21 Small eart. 22 To become dispirited. 24 Lending.. 26 To eipress gratitude. I ft Mnlaturt. , 30 1'nlt ot work. 34 Dyentufln. 35 CravatN, 39 To bellow, 41 Paitry. 42 017 ot torrow 4 43 To hurrjr 44 Region. 49 Word. '48 Fume. 4 3 Know glider. 50 Dry. 51 Musical note. 5! Corpse. , 54 Therefore. 55 Postscript. I 1 FOR 8ALE OR TRADE-TWO BOTTOM In In. Jnhn Dei-re plow, almuai new, tor a 3-14-in. plow, Widnirr llrothera. Ri. ;--Phine 74-K-4. mls-m (.000 WOOD PRICED RIGHT. DEI IV-errd In any length. Lexer Chilrnte. t Sam, am Hi. Hh. ne "4-R. i.'O-tf 12 For SleUed Cats 11 Portion. 12 To degrade. 14 To frustrate. ID Rubber tree. 17 Celebrated. 1 Unit, 20 Not In scale. 21 Deprived of tcetb, SSKlnrr ot llaslian. 21 To loiter 25 To rent. 27 To worship, 9 ReenibllnB aslics, 31 Wild duck. 72 leopard. 3D I'dssesxed .15 Vehicle. ( Eye tumor. 37 Writing fluid. ,1ft Year 40 DlKiinlted. 13 For sale, Miscellaneous 30 Miscellaneous Classified FOR SALE Rt'ICK 1? STANDARD Sedan. Clean car, runs and kxika ex-reptivnally good; i.ri iiixhI, Make of fir. XIH K, ih St. mlD-17 PORTLAND I.IYESTlXh lH U. S. Dpl.,ef Agrirallaret Portland, Ore, March IT. lings: Re. ceipts 1111 ; steady, good-choice driveins tin. Ml ; no load lots offered; turntable to tin. 15; lieavica around Stu ; 'light lights .','.'( lO.'i"; Iscking aows lli.;'5n K.tiii ; choic feeder pigs to 110. HIV. . CaMlr: leciipls H" ; calves 15; supply limitrilto odds and ends, mostly ah good Icng fed stews "of fered. 'uuolable to Uk ; few tarty sales steady to weak; no few common' heifers IS.iiiMi ,nii : fel beef Inifvis to Sfldu or above; low rutter and ruiter cows 92.iSti3.iS ; common-medium cows 14.001 J. 01) ; good beef rows to I.VJi) or above s bulla 14.7311 i.00 : good vralers IH.t1u11if.110, selects saleab'le to 1111.00. Sheep: R,cclpis '.'HQ: hiad choice clipiied liiniba ateady at tiM: eery lightly sorted; other offering negligible; choic wouled lanilis iiuotable tu fit1 ')0 : good fed ewes tuotahl to 15.60; atrictly choic lightweight ewe saleable to SO. Oil, FOR SALE MARSHALL STRAWBERRY planu. selected stock. Hfnry Ammnn, Rt. 1. Albany. Hrrav.l Hill. Phone Ji'ldr-aun K-F-14 . ml4-n ' NOW IS THEt1mK TO BUILD THAT new home, repair or remodel tha old Inn. I-et nt figure with yoa on your 'work. I ran help you design your "near I hum or rest rang the old on. Alaa draw miur workin nlana. it svara !. 2 Form ot "be." 3 Neuter pronoun, 4 Domesticated. 5 To Rasp. 6 Toward eea. 7 Wigwam. . 8 Provided. 9 Dove's cry 10 Astringent, 11 An earthly In named after him. 46 Rallwfty, 47 Hone. 49 Iberlnn folk. 50 Southeast. 51 To ttelze. 53 Loom bar 54 To ooze. 58 He U an aaint. 57 Irluh flowers. VERTICAL 1 Auction. Livestock : HK.HEST QUALITY FRUIT ANt Ml . tr4n. briilw. ruse buehes. shade trees Svnd fur price hat. rivttk-meh-r Bma. Numerics. Rt. S. Albany nll-tf pericnr as a building contractor, fieo. C. Rirhanh, ii Calapooia St., Taon i;;.r. mii-n-3 LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED BY BOCTHKKN URKMUN Fin suburban plan, want lurnt in valley, will iiiuim, Via ACRK8. near Shedd. on fin stream.' fair buildings, ISSOfl. I'ay for thit likt rnt 170 ACRES near Tangent, a high producing . farm. good building. 12000 will hand', bslaac easy. DOI.LAftKlDE COMPANY. 10 Ellsworth mll-tf FARM "SACRIFICE" FARM Nearly 3ul him, on f Lian county' bail farm, fina location, asust liquidate, this place la 'worth lluo per arrr. Price tar quirk aale only 148.10 per acre. Can Mil part. Never an in will you be aN to duplicate this dral. IRV'NE L. HOOO, rtwaa 300 WANT STOCKED FARM Have good mill and warehouse, evrl acnta of land and new house, clear of debt and valued at $8,000, trad and assume if stocked and equipped, fRVI.NK L. HOOD, Phone 300 f26-tf . NOTICR OUR HATCHERT 18 OPEN day and night. Brine; turkey ejw or hen'a nuts Sun., Mon.r Tar., Wed. day or night. Paclfe Hatchery, Tangent. Or. " - ' , mlt FOR RENT I ACRES, NEW 4-ROoM house, partly furnished, Inquire at 342 E. 2nd. ' mlt-llr ' automatic machine. Warner Hardware. i l'hun aili-J. BilO-alO FOR SALE SEVERAL COOD USED "McClanahan" Incubators, 21 egg (III: 140 egg, till, rerojiditioned. testid. and , sold complete with all parts ready to run, E. E. McClanahan Inc. Co., S8u W. 12th LOCAL GRAIN M. Haadcrs A Ca. WHEAT! No. 1 white, a''! red and mixed. 74c buklvel, IIAKl.tV :. Hansen, tl'l.iM 'on. OAlUi White. No.. I. 1-i' iWi giay No, 1. !'.'(. Wi: gray f-ed ISO.ou tun. MEATS (D. B. Nebergall Meat t a CATTLE Steers tfJIIUtuO Hvifrrs ,, .ulHi.utl Bulls , ,, sum 4.21 Cows, beef 1.0041 4 00 Cowa, eultcra. HOGS t ITiO to 10 pounds I H 100 to 210 pounds Jl.OCI'itlOOO i'Sd to 350 pounds S Sunt K 'l S.'.l) iiaunds up ....V. .Tr.1f 7.iO Sows !, .'i1t t.ti . w- 8HEKF Lambs tlSOfUStO twsa I.ooitf3.00 Yearlings ,.?..t I.00US0 VEAL Live .: 1 r.n-ic DrvnuJ POULTRY (Swift A Company) No, I V-ns, 414 to lbs. lc No. 1 hens, over 6 lbs IKc No, 1 mnlium hens, over S'g Ha 13c No, 1 medium liens, under S'-i Ins t;ic Colored iprlnga .....IT No. 1 broilers, 1'i to ! lbs ..t.'c Roosters 7c Stags 1 10c LGtlB All Price Are Delivered Albany Ca Return ra ENtrns lc Slanilanls ...1 IVr Extra nudium , l''C Standard mcttiuitia .....1 l'c llniwn extras ',.......l?c Dirty extras li'C Itiidirgrsik'S 14c Pullets l'Jc Pee west 10c VEAL Llv . ..c Drvssrd Uc ULTTEHFAT A grade .... .,.!.... ,3-c II gl'llllc II I c C grade : -'.'c SHEEP Umbs IN .SSli O.iW I MONEY TO LOAN ON WELUIMPROV- j d farms, Low rat intemat. Wn. Bain, Albany. flO-tf CAHH HR OLD AND WORTHLESS huneH and chkh. Day-nid valven. Ph. 14-K 14 Albany, Cecil Montgomer'. ml4-lf FOR SALE II WEAKLING PICS. I wk. old. Glc Jakel, 2 ml. went Shedd. mie-18 Fo77aLE-TeTm7m ARE AND GELD. ing, f and V yn. old wt. about 14U0 II James Caldwell. Rt. S. Phone 4H-F-S4. ml.1- DEAD AND WORTHLESS HORSES AND cowa picked up free of chant anywhere. Phone 14-F-14 Albany. If no answer, I'h. collect U-F-4 Corvallis. ml4-tf WANTED DEAD AND WORTHLESS hones and rows, R. A. Cale, Phone col-left 3:t-F-l2. Corvallis. nil3-al3 St., Eugene. Or. fl!l-mJlj 24 Wanted, Miscellaneous (RAGS WANTED WE FAY CASH FOR j old rags. Bring in whatever you hav. j Alliany Bargain Hiiiue. -nil A linker Kill RiMMs! I TRUAX RADIO SERVICE NOW LOCAT d amund corner from Bank of Albany Radio, telephone, motors and letrtial appliances repaired. Phone 29-F-4. , f24-iB2"' HELP THl NEEDY The Salvation Army needs frulU. vegs-ablea. elnthing .etc. ta help needy people WOOL AND MOHAIR WANTED. CASH advanced without- interest. M. Senders ! a Co. mlO-al IT" " "" iT" IT" """ T " i """" T" ei " " " " : : ' h W W A6 " ) I III I I I I I' I I I T In emergency raies. Money, too,-. If yoa 'are la contribute. We have no telephone, but bring 'a what you hav to donate or drop a card and we'll call for it- Caps. R.. M.ll... sin r. tin, ,., Albany. THE PRODUCE EXCHANGE The fol.jwinir prices were named to be effective today: llutler: Cub extra 3i'vc; standards :iij; prime fimts SPjc: firsts 30'j Ih. Cheese! Oregon trlplrU 10c ! loaf 17c lb. Jlrnkera will pay 'j rent blciw quulatlons. F.ggs: I'rmlure Kirhange. uuolaliona be tween dealers; Kxtras In me I0r; stand-aiiU huge 17c; extra mnlium 17c: standards medium 17c dnsvn. Jobbing price 3e higher. I'tlRTLAMI WHOLESALE PRICES 'J'htse are the price retailers pay wholesiilri'K, except whsio otherwise slated : llultor: Prints, A grade, ,Hi,.,c Ih. ih (arrhiueiit wialna-r, afilc lb. in cartons: II grade, pnrrhment wrapper, Slic: carton .11 'e lb. Itulterfnl; Portland delivery: A grade, h liveries at least twice weekly 84fy :nc : country routes DL'i'ii 35e ; II gmde S2(t3ac; I' grade nt market, H tirade Cream for Mniket: lluying price, buttrrfat Iwsis, 411'gC Ih. I'h, eie; Selling price to Pnrlland re- CASH FOR YOUR CAR. WARDEN'S CAR j Market, Phone 1.1:11, llianon, Ore. ! m-at' i 4 Business Opportunities j6 Poultry, Eggs FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR ALBANY property or farm nearTwo story fireproof concrete service station and storage on Coast Highway at North Bend. Ore. OLD UNITED STATES COINS BOUGHT at pewaon'a Drug Store. asarltf FOR SALE WHITE LEGHORN CHICKS. Ainu Custom Hatching. Brewster's Hatchery., Crabtree, Ore. mS-alUS an. Arfdnan P llJ l.hril.l n-,-. 9 For Sale, Machinery ! CASH PAID FOR USED FURNITURE, etc. "Look in your attic." Chaa. Bohr-bough 4 Son, 41S W. First SL Jl-tf : GASH PAID FOR OLD GOLD, DENTAL MODEL STKKI. 1ILL SHOWN Clevt-laiici UR) A compk'te 1 workinu miidct of the most modern sttfl pliint in tili'ii wits dis-playod horc nt a nu-cting o( the Pnri'hafini A(Jcnt' Association. The hot strip continuous mill " iiifii the innikl follows was piai'od in uporation t Youuks Itowit recently. gon. ' mlg-'.'O B For Sale, Wood and Coal THE RIGHT WOOD THE RIGHT price. Claude Wright, phone 2H6-J. C39 B. 6th St., Albany, Or. Mar H-IHS" I FOR SALE 14-IN. JOHN DEERE, X ! bottom tractor plow good as new, 16-in. Case Sulky plow, .priced low for quick sale. Sudteir Auction Market. W pay cash for furniture. Phone 16-R. mill' erowni, bridges, fillings, old jewelry, watch cases, etc. F. M. French Sou, Jeweler. d,1l)U s HAROLD GRAV TOO GOOD TO LAST Qx, ( COME HOME EWILV. If Tuff YOUNGSTER' 'SIC V' ' ' KNOW lfA i0ST VV ctaVT rrtnirJUP 1 ' 1 G000-BVE, (J MR. BOOT- REMEMBER- Q ' e rue i? LSpJ ' STODGV OUO CODGER ' V '.SrTr1 ANNIE- j FRIED CHICKEN jj SSpSta I ' '' '" GRUMPY-.- SET IN 1 MY Dt VnMF V Js cno tiPPi:i7 U HAPPY- .PiND AT L .ih,. uAV BUT SHE PERHAPS"" THEN I LL COME V TOISt- 11 -THE SrVtAE TIWE SO A ' ll fM MAKES ME FEEL I T HOME SOME EVEMING TO i ) .fPpZT iRLTfli . V WISE" , 7 fyf IF ONLV I SILENT HOUSE; J Ci iinberriea : local. 2r-lh. box-, 1.6 ti 1.71 i eastern, l.TS4t 2.00. MKATS AMI PROVISIONS . Country Meats: Selling pric to retail-cm: Country illrd hogs, best butchers, under I Ml II., UVuHc: vralrrt. No. I. I4il4'jc; light and thin "Millie; heavy 7AiMet cuttrr row, 7r t4r : csnnera cows i 'ii 7c bulls I'rutlc: lambs 17c ; medium I2l 13c : ewes fiftt Idci Hi, Hacon i 2&1J2H,yC Its. Hams: SMiKO've pienie ili!2e Ih. IKIPH AND WOOL Honsi Nominal: 1S:i."i dusters tCifte lb. Wool: 1 : tonlractH, nominal 1 Willamette valley, medium. Sue ; coarse and braid 2c ; tastern Oregon 25e lb. Little Orphan Annie And Other Comics WORKERS FORCED TO MOURN Chungsha, China, All public employes in Hunan Province who fail to attend the weekly memorial service to Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Chinese republic, will have their salaries . reduced, .by 6 pet cent. Dismissal will follow a second offense. , , LEW WEN SPEAKS By Thompson and Coll PRIEST QUALIFIES AS FUES Toronto, Ont Father J. M. Coulture, S. J., is one of the only priests on the continent who is a licensed airplane pilot and who uses his plane . in visitinu parishioners. Father Coulture, 50, won his lpeonse here reeently. MYRA NORTH, Special. Nurse ,?-!--V-.,V': tiillrrs: Tillamnnk triples 21c Innf tie lb. TillamiMik sellinv price to whnlesalrrs ! Triiilrti IPrj loaf Slile Ih. Kirirs: lluvinir irire of wholesalers: Fk-Iras Irl'iMH'vci slanilanls Idr: extra mediums IHr: ilii mnlium firsts Kir; uniler-irrmlr t; imllets iloien. Milk: A itraile. t'nrtlanrl delivery, HKt.jC Hi. hitttirfHt liasis ftir 4 tier rent. Live hiullry! 1'oillMiid delivery huyinir lirire: ('iilnred hens, over 4'y Ilia., lTstlHe; unilt-r 4 1 His., Ibiltiei leuhorn hens, uver l', IU Ui'illlli-: tinder ll'j lbs., 14'nlSc: leifliorn linillrrs,' 1 ij tn i lb., H '11 Idr; lirlnm, - IM. and un. I "t 1'tir ; rusters ttMIr; iiekin ilurks, youna, MulTri verse llfli Vic lb. Live I'oultry : EeJIInir prir by .wholesalers: Liuht hens 14c ; medium hens 15e; rolnred hens lMc: broilers 20ft 21e; aprlnga lU''u2IH'i pekin ducks, youim, 17c; colored Hill Klc ; capons, oyer 7 lbs., 4'ilUt! lb.; Kiilnra hens, S0e each. Turkeys (Dressed): Selling prir to re-tnllrm: Nn. 1 hens, 23e ; turns Hidi 22 'c lb. Turkeys iDresseill: lluyinic price: New crop hens. No. 1. 22 lb. FKKSH VKtiKTAHI.ES rutatiii'S: Loral 11.50 cental: Klimsth",; itcniipoiise netted items 1 1. SO; lira-chutes nettrd irem tl,40'a1.6"i rental. Celery: California, fi.2Mit.fiO. I'eaa: California, BfiilOc lb. "T ' Spinarh: The Dalles 1 1. Oil'. 1 i.ll) box: Walla Walla S1.00 box. Oniuna: Oicnun $l.26riii.;i& pr 100 llw. Tumatws: Mexican, 4.0U,4.1iO lug, repacked. Mture: ('iilif,iruiii. J2.2r,r,i 1.011 cnitn. Sweet rotables: California, 11.90 per Bn-lb. crate: southern yams, 'tl.k;, per crate. Cauliflnwer: Local; No, t, HOUrilOc;, do No. 2, tuftrmic; Koarburit HSclii 1 1 .00 ; California 'ifidiKfie erst. Khuliarb: Hothouse, extra fancy, fl.lC; funry 11.10: chilli' IIOc jwr 19 lb, box, box. Cucumbers: Local, huthiiusv, ftScfri f l.iili llllSI'll, New I'olutiiea: t'lorlila. t2.S0 rrutej lln-waiian' 12.40 tier "ill lb box. AiMuiraiiu : California Hli lOe Ih. - IKEKII r'Bl'IT AiifT; Delicious, estra fancy, II, to 5 do fnncyj 1S, Newtowns, extra fancy, $l."0; iln fancy ,I.4A; a face and fill,, fancy, ltf.c; do fare and fill, choice, 7ftc. Spitwn-berir, extra fancy, II. nil; do combination, 11.30., Horn Il. KUty, Jumble, jiVjc lb. Win-ui,' extra fancy. tlM; do fancy, ll.lil; do jumble, extra fancy, 8c lb. llananaar Munch 4 .'.! S; hands S'',titr lb. ' .. I'rara: D'AnJou, extra fancy, 1.;I3; fumy II. is j ltosr, combination, face and fill, Ouc box. Oiuiikc"; California navels, fancy, 12.(10 lied. 71 case;, choic J.ooii;i.uu ; standard 12. 0.1 rase. (iraiHifruit: Ailmiim, l.K'K,i;.40 case; Florida,' t4.nnM 4 28 case, ' . Leiniinsi Calilornia, fancy B.5HHi 5,75 cane; choice Is.ftnurl 211 ran, YEAH - but ( LOOK! HE 5 SITTING UP WERE IN FOR A BAD BLOW, WHAT ON EARTH CAN Vf DO WlTrr YES-JUST IEtVJ yOU NO WORRY 46oard HEAD FOR TIC GOLD COAST CALEB.' WE'VE ABOUT WEOfLACE, 'A1T JACK -v SOMETHING TELLS ME THIS MAN , 1 1 niir wt v BETTER "5TARCH HIM FOR THE P- As. - -Y - HIM ALDNt-nt LL COME OUT OF IT, HY5I CK- 5HALL' I RUN THIS BIRD? YOU 5AY HE'S IN 50HE -KIND OF TRANCE? FLIENDS NECKLACE HIMSELF 0-AN ht LP U3 LEW WEN KNOWS FOR '5SLEN KN0WS J Advent w F0R poRT, jfiOT A LONG T1?EK AHTAQ. WIGHT NOW. . As 1 1 5ae, BEFORE Wt DCIIVEIO. R, A-r. sJkvVl-K. ry e& ful THE GEM5 THE GEMS iS1 NOTICE OF FINAL . SETTLEMENT ' ' NOTICE rS HEREBY GIVEN That the undersigned, as Execu-trices of the Will and Estate of Alice Haas, deceased, have filed In the County Court of Linn County, Oregon, their final account as such Exet'utrict'S, and that the said Court has fixed Wednesday, the 18th day of March, 1936, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon of said day as the time' for hearing objections to said final account and the settlement of said estate. . Any and all persons having objections to said final account are hereby notified to be present at said time in the County Court Hoomj in the Linn County Court House at the City of Albany, Oregon, and then and there make such -ob jections. rt fmw mm mlbUMkm yxM Mi z. yi NUTTY'S PHILOSOrilY BY BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 1 VyOMEW IM SHADYSIDE. I FANNIE BRENNER, i L1LL1E BKENNER, 1 Executrices of the Last Will and I Testament and Estate of 1 Alice Haas, Deceased - , 1 MARKS t McMAHAN, 1 Attorneys fur Executrices, Albany, Oregon. Feb. 18 25 M3 10 17 SOW, I VviNTTD HAVE A TALK " tU kWCU, ITS TOO BAD, BUT SOMETIMES, WHEW I WA KIT YtXJ TO SHOcV THESE R3LKS THBt"RE MISTA!-iEJ ABOUT TOu! LOOK? EVEW. i-iot 1 bet Those ladies "HEAR WO EVIL, SEE WO EVIL, SPEAK WO EVIL AND U'LL NEVER BE A Success AT A MW BE-TAKEN! FOR GRAKITED, BUT THEY WTTH YXJ : AWD A BOY IS SUSPECTED ) WHY SHOULD EEM TWO THE KID PRCVES HE'S IKIWOCEMT PEOPLE WEVER FORGET THAT, AT LEAST, HE was suspected! rr OF DOIWG SOME- DOMT BE RE Vchrrnti I SELDOM GO WITHOUT r how IK; k -'l-l'S 1 I UK. IWIWG, PEOPLE CTAVlLIf-? t APE TALKIWG ABOLT sewing circle: I i I ", A.J I I , JL MEVEP FORGET PUTS A STIGMA KELLV J 1: I I 1 IT OKI HIM !.' A. . X- A ALBANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY The merchants and professional people listed on this page ar known as Albany's most reliable business men and women. Call on them today. Please mention that you saw their ad In d Democrat-Herald. V.M JA Vir aaswv 4 Si t) 7 IT! J - V ATTORNEYS FUNERAL DIRECTORS rORTMILLER FUNERAL HQM1 Oa or Night ohcm 47.R 4 ' '. , .j?.- MARKS & McMAHAN Attorneys at Law 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Phone 'mi 1NSURANCK Q G WW t 1 - Vveg WEATHERFORP & WYATT 122 W. First Phone 18 OWEN BEAM AGENCY Opposite P. O. Established 1911 WM. BAIN, INSURANCE. Money to loan, farm security. ' AUTO FREIGHT BY HAMLIN SOMEWHERE A VpiCE IS CALLIXC, ALLEY OOP ' PRODUCE SILVER WHEEL MOTOR Freight -Daily service to and from all points. Gasco Briquettes and coal dealer. 1st At Montgomery Sts., Phone 371. 1 r ir.s thecf ninvni hpad v yjrrwf c;ght, mbov SWIFT AND CO. ALWAYS IN the market for eggs, poultry. reaJ and cream. WHEBE O'VA ' THAT.' OL' KIMG GUZ HAS ; rer I 11c 1 sen 1 it i nnin BOY, WE SUCE LEPT.TH'GRAWD WIZER N A TOUGH SPOT HAH WOWT OL GUZ BE BURWED UP WHEKJ HE FINDS US GONE, AN RECKON THEM COMIN' THIS I IF, WE GIT AUTO REPAIRING SHOE REPAIRING TWO PASCALS , FOR UA .idUr-. WAY QUICK CALXjHTi 1 1 L-L HAVE ALREADY BY TH' HE TE21E5 TGIT OL iCt-. LET'S -ft BE TOUGH A r irir- r - . - Ai BIRD OM TW MUSGRAVE-S SHOE SHOP, 133 Lyon. Motto, Quality and Servtcea WASHING MACHINES DtNwy AWAY FBOM T. E; HULERVS AT KELLY'S Garage. Towing & Wrecker, pa 80 BEAUTY SALONS ( GCANJD WIZERS firfT" THAT CAVE WITH f . VI' lilU-4 HE'LL SURE GOME OUT US- hat, rr bounds LOQKJKJ' OTTO KOOS. AMES HDWE- . Maytag, Easy, Thor Washers, AS IFTH'OL' L-T I All MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON 323 W, 1st Phone 458 J i-me'.'j;. BO HAS, AT 7il y WELDING BLACKSAIITUINQ IHAI CARPET CLEANING THE SHADE SHOP, 409 W. First Phnrn" 7R 9. SNYDER fc SON - BEAR AL1GN- ing frames, axles straightened. WELL DRILLERS C. E. GORDINIER & SON Well Drillers "We solicit . your inquiries" Eugeae, Oregon J V FILM SERVICE w HURLEYS DRUG STORE FOl .ovuaij-ut film ervlci ' til ,t"!nvi

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