Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 16, 1936 · 3
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 3

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1936
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I . " MONDAY, MARCH 16, 1936 - . . THE ALBANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY OREGON PAGE THREE LEGAL NOTICE Hodges $J2.18; W. W. farsen.' $178 90; R.'M'ckinney $1.19; Merle Playwright Cast e forNuntinl Scpnc V n Hiniuin siaxes iw z3;iM0rrU $M.34; Martin Pickens, LATE, COMPLETE NEWS OF NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS $7,171 Mer seoh MrMillin sill Oil- l:i ifi. T. l : J'V'J --J 0 bed with sciutic rheumatism and her grandmother is just up and around after an illness. Mr. and Mrs! C. P. Moody and daughter Cordon of Marshfield spent Saturday night and Sunday here visiting with Mr. and Mrs, Dana C, Rossmah and daughter. Fern. annnlSSSBtnnnBnssnsssssssanSSSSSmSSSSSSSaSannannnannnSnnnnntBaSSSB I C.lrejine Martin $6.00; Pacific Tel. I h Til.'$4.8n; . j Health Officer C. E. Fortrhillcr $25.00; F. A. 1 tVH.-n 3.on; .lame V. Drmkurd ' $1 50; Elmer Wads win t-i H.23; n. rt. M.ller $13.50: A. G. Prill $3.50; W. W. Allen $.75; . Indigent Soldiers . ! Ralph I,. Canton $83.03. V Widow's Pension Selma Alexander $?0.00; Lura Ferries Standard Oil $5: B. F. Howard C. li. Evans $1.34. Miscellaneous Dent F.' Stcwiirt $17.50; Hon Fisher Daning Mill $9.55; Porter's Fxchnnse $95.00; General Road Fund $27 4 2: Rufus llolman $47.00; Albany Democrat $24.80;, J. W. Goin $21.30; Greater Oregon $23.85;, Kufus llolmim $H49ti; Harrisbtirs: Dulletin $5.25; National Reempliiyment $90.00; O. S: Agri Proceedings of the Cour.ty Court for the jwnth'of March, I9.itj. compiled by K. M. HuWIl. and pubi.sned to MCtum 1'7-S, Oit'go.n l ows. , "'liilli allowed: Registration and Election A..E. Simmons -$4.00; Goldia J. HusMll $U.aU; Albany Pl.ining Mill J'; J. i. Appellate ki.Uil; Fred tiialy' $3,00; Anna Bom,r $3.UU; Aiaud bt'iKits Si-'H'i Clare Cms.? Joe-Elliott $3.U0; Hooker A Tel $23 80; Lucille J. Peppcr-rlU v- S"1'1" $3 00; C. C, Sim-ling $15 00: Frank Tavlor $10.45;' mons $li.I2; Fir Lumber Co. Glenn P. Wallace $15.00; Albany j $21.6!); Elbert Swink $12 07- Av-lnntinn Co. $29.50; Eugene Con-, erv Swink $12.07: Art Slater crete Pic $52.50; General ' Tool $,)8.?4; Frank Webber $7 17- C Co. $23.11: Irvine's Garage $94.80;' H. Ware $89.75; Everett Waiters Giimore Oil Co. $4 .HO: Union Oil Sfl.58; Elmer Wntters $3 58- Le-$70li'l; Western Auto $22.48; G. n- f?i,v Anderson $7.78; Chas. Adams eral Tool Co. $7 28. S7.1 7: Victor ChiHers- $11.97; MARKET ROAD Fl'ND " j Harry Cairnes $11.97; .General Stiver i Suver. Mrs. W. J. Kerr attend-d the funeral of her eous'n, Rav Brown, at Corvallis Rfhndnv. Mr. Brown wai killed Friduv uh Mr and Mrs. Frank Cansle and' daughter. Leila, motored to Sheridan Sunday to attend a golden wedding anniversary of Mrs. Gan-i log rolled on him at the mill where SK. "unt cultural Collese $1250.00; Rawl Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Stralcy and Alexander $15.00; Mary J. Bennett $12.00; Florence Bland $20.00: inos $.1,00; Recorder's Office $1.00: Albany Sand ft Gravel $74.55: Road Fund $505.34: J. W. Galla- t.ura rttit.-klnu (Kim. "..-.....j- Earl Sm-ll S2.10 00: Anhpttn TinHnll Albany JVmocral $1.20; Tedlock i : vi T i He- was working. FunerHl service were held at the Kfenev chapel nd burial was in the Lock cemetery north of Corvallis. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. AlcCustion of Elect. 'ic SRIiOi Maiy E. jo.u.i; r.i.esi I'ueh 7.0U; Miller Bruson j2o.oo: Hazel Burress 3 m D.,Tomion $13 0fi; R. A. Cale J7.SO: W. H. Knx.m ST .'ill little daughter are moving froni Hal.-ey to- 'Brownsville to make their home. Mr.' Stralcy has employment, here in the sawmill and also is assistant mail carrier to - - , (i-((iT-xIVA 0ur,vv. 11 I 111- way $35.97: lister Johnson. $11.95; Pete Johnson $11.95; Earl Low-d-n $7.17; Cortis E. Long. $7.17; Glenn McClain 19c; H. V. Me-Clure $2 39; Earl McClure, $2.39; Charles McClure $2.39; W. J. Pet-t't $5.37; Martin Pickens 865.80! tc Forstrr $2.50; Uirdon & Hodgp $94,18; Pacific Tel & Tel $4.95; Oregon Automobile Ins. Co. $20; Rawlings $1.70; J; M. Pipe. $(155; Lebanon Hdwe 30cr Tom's Auto Slum 3rie: Standard Stations $1.50; rail City were visitor .t th 10 ' Sweet Home. I Miss Marv McNeil of Monmouth Davis-Douglas home Sat urday. m m a " - - -. jvir. ana iwrs. j. a. couey nd spent the weekend here visiting ;v 4' r.EXF.RAI, ROAI1 Fl'XO T. J. Drinson $129 75: Roy Row-man $100.75: V. W. Barr'$81).75; Kvle Beard $7898: Flunk R-rkrr $107.55: II. M. Hrvant 57.42; Rhh BInnrhnrd $107.82; Ed. L. lWi'ie $.16.98: James Cnrhwn. $7975; Geo. Cornwell $48.75; W. Elbert Rice $16.73; Roy Roth. Scott Chrismnn 20c: Portland G:ir son, waiter, or hedd were Sun- with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.; age $1.50; Ed. L. Boggie oggie ottiiiit i s 90.UV, viaru rwiifi, Crabtree $l!S O0: 31advs Dow I Aiio.v fsn.nun r $2.aJ; Ll.ner Wads- $20.00; Katie Edwards $15.00- Cer-, worth bli.OO; W. L. WriBiil ? a.JU; trlide Farmer $ I S.Ofi; Rhode Gen-;j- C Wooky $8.50; M rv $25.00; Ettn Ma vGallea $35.00; ! Sheilffs Office . J Flln Grien $S5 00; Pearl Hobson I, A.. E.,b.mnioiih f2.5u: Herbert $20.00; Lela Hoffman $15.00; Eva ' SlKfltuu $I.tW; J.k.Mills $126.31; T- Hendcwon $25 00: Verda Hess Amy KlRoss M24i7:-Tlttlma Clem .WO.00; Freda Hvder $15.00; Crys-i.w. inci Kddy 3.u.:- T. G ' n ' J h-crMpr $30.01; Mary LeveM i HotKe.nmn SiO.uO; . Leona Zeh ; t , : '".I'd.'ieMr.r$,5;00:..nJ.,ra !s-,.ViMi- .i.,m, inm,it h'k- MarvJ M'i'Kh 25.00: .Pearl Miller aay dinner guests of the Harold Ceorge MfNeil. $14.3(1; SI. 19: Othal Rice $4.78; Ray Rigrs I. It. Cornell f717; W. R.' Robnet $12.54; R, Bernard Holf S2.39: J oury iamiiy. . gobert Davidson is hack in $22.70; Harry Dmkel $8.78; Ray-,- Robnett $62.80; Charlie Shaw. .... . r ! 111. T. ..I VI li li.-a lir,.it..n ct 1 "T . 1 mt'iui 1 nun hi riii t cuiiui 5 v uiumi 5 1 .1 1 , vr iriK u Caron $lt:tfi; Harrv Dinkc SkSl lMl; W, II. Gillett $2.39; F. T.l''T Repair $4.25; Etzel St Van; A. I.. Downing $Gfl99; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and fnrr.ilv school ofter'a few davs illne. from Salem were dinner guest; of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Harris Sunday. George Cross motored .to Portland Their daughter, Geraldine, is able Thursday where the ladies enjoved to be out again since her recent ill-; the, opera "Martha." Mr. Hill ml Gmther 589.75; A.. L. Haley,! Handle $58.59; Harvey Ransom ;n,.m.m V7SOO- K,f., Mri' I Flora Murphy $15.00; $59.2i;H, A. Gambill $89.75: Dnlf ioK.-i.- r.wi. v j i'Ooldie McNeill $15.00; Constance riess. . transacted business. I Weslev Kester is drivine a new' X'errv. Moody, son of Mr. and tlerVlcUi htSM $I600: Mnr' lm i . ?' I-1 . a ! Packard $15.00; Alice Parks $16.00; r"'u c'-'i iV nil Mjirthi i. Parsons $20.00: Amv lens Cymp $.(u; Henry Doublcday 1 iwa.,.,., ti;m. r.... a num. ' Fred Moody, has recovered s.r una w. i. n.err a new irucK. $89.75; W. W. lirsen $187.76: B.i$i 80; Foust ft Robinson $6.00; F. S. McClun $8.75; John McNeill W. Fleetwood $5.40; General Road $67.83; L. Pitman $56.54; Jack I Fund $126.00: Clarence Jungwirth Rhodes $16.15; Joseph O. Schrunk' $103.87; Edward Jungwirth, $8.78; C. C. Scott $4.99; D. Slider; $U.D: J. K. Jungwirth $78.98; $78.15; F. Uhrhammer $:i5.00i(Jim Kimery $7.17; Linn Lumber General Road Fund $U8C.21; Gen- $14.74; Moore Dry Kiln $3.50. ernl Bridge Fund $10.70; Ralston! . Motor Co. $932.00; Parry Lumber I BUSINESS VISITORS n the measles put is not DacK T. l.ronso $89.75; C. K. Galbraith $70.45: G- o Hayes $89.75: Walter llnpkins $11.16: Fred Howard $53.01; Rov Hildroth $18.84; F. E. Ineram $?3 .53; 11. L. Jones S9.00; Geo. V. Kr-ndig $13 48: R. J. Ken-dig S139.7S: C. L. I-efflcr $89 75; B. S. McClun $21.95; A. L. Pal- $15.00 Wilhelmtna Plntt $20.00; Lillian Powell $30.00: Clara Pres Miss Olive Johnson spent ihe weekend visiting at Crawfords-Ville. j W. J. Kerr took Jack Countryman, who has been in poor health for several months to Dallas to consult a doctor Tuesday. in school. j Mrs, .Fred Moody spent last weekcrfd visiting friends in Portland. ! Miss Edith Button returned to tHalsey Tuesday evening from her Suliiry Kliiiitev iHliovet, aulbol of -Hroactway'a roiniiHr "Men lu White" and "Dead End' drain is expected to -"tar to a weitdms no w(tli Doris Dudley, youtig actress, wtio lii obtatoed tn ao-nulinVnl o' .Dei childhood Diai-nag to Taodore Kurrus. Co, $54.02; Standard Stations,; -Mr. and Mrs. I,ee Gaines of the ton $35.0jl; Lily A. Rathman $15.00; Maude Rhinewault $15.00; Al-ce I. Roberts $35.00; Rachel A. Ros t.1.50: li. & M. Co. 4a.U'J; twoKtf 'Cliapmun 5274.75; PaiKway. Motor !S.2.7l; Pacuic Tel. & Tel. $9.35; ; Standard Oil Co. $2.00; .Irvine's i Garage S1.25; Fiank Taylor j Son al.75; Woods Bros. $o.U0. Clerk's Olfice I E. G. Arnold $125.00; Lila Hoff- r... : , ... rmviocnce neinnnorhood are nmong .he Jut of town visitors spending this afternoon in Albany. n.uu; Lillian is. tcocner $!(Mu;, $19.13- Jpck John Hostettler of Woodburn home at Dever where she spent the Rhodes $25.13: Ravi- dim Kit is i i.u Wnlter Rice $705; 1 D. Sliger $1.60; F. Uhrhammer Aui-e nosers sin.uu; Aieta Minnner nii-h til ir- school for several days. .,.. w'Krei ncnunj . Rose Ray $19.13; Ernest Rice : 90c; Jack Rhodes 90c; L. Pitman hcott $13,00: Mary M. Sitter imhkiv t if cui.i-i tan on- ah m..-i, rj,i mnn- ai. I .1.11 Want AH Brn RhiiIk Mrs. Dick Duncan entertained in,a" $ojio; mrtene AriMd Hvas an over night guest Wednes-1 weekend and the .first two days of day of E. G. Harris. While here he the week, as a victim of the mea-called on several other friends. sles. I Miss Dorothy Anderson, who has I Miss Mary Umstead of Mon-been quite ill, is improving. She mouth spent the weekend here vis-has been absent from sch6ol for iting with her cdusins, Mr. and the Potter club at her home Thufs- I .u: Pac- ftl. & lei. $7.95; Kaw- aI10:o Cae,n. SVlbbi $15 00;: J. O. Schrunk' $439; Melvin Sweet bin'y Sand'& Gravel $37 1.20; Geo. day afternoon. j lings 5.0; iY. nft. V 1 I.. . Henrv Schulte $46.25;. Cany $13.00; L. W. Drager, $6.38; 4I.I.UU, (Hiwn-lie i III pill iauu, lnhn Cnvtnr P7- Arlhiir Winln n.v, V.,nA CAOII id- I , Kecordrr s ornce Pauline Wilson $90.00; Pacific Alida Thomas Mrs. Eldon F.Cross. Brownsville it V 1 n "r,r,,iS2B.2; C. Walker $40.82; W. O. ; Kier $39.55; Dale Bullis $3.72; Muriel lllOmf-7illti,,l,i 13S4- Aif niuliii-linn it vln riullia M ? I iiii-nu'im. HulU. Thomoson $15.00; Tel. St Tel. $4.15: G. T. Hockcn- son $?5.00;-Ethel Wallace $15 00; Brownsville. The Women's ! smith $5.00; Rawlings $2.55; Shedd I ST0PPED-UPV IInostrilsJJ Una May White $25.00; Pearl : Foreign Missionary society of the Treasurer's Office about two weeks. I Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lamphere Visited in Salem from Wednesday until Sunday. j Mrs. Clarabelle West returned to Salem last week a,fter having Fpent a couple of weeks visiting "her grandmother Mrs. . Minnie Shedd. Mrs. J. A. Blankenship M. E. church sponsored a South Mary Ingram $2.35; Boone's Sales Co.. $23.46; J. H. Allison, is $11.07; . Geo. Bennett $37.62; $285.09; Albany Planing Mill 85c;! Harold Chance $15.25; J. IT.'Cor-Albanv Auto $203.55; Albany Bur-nett $9.56; Raymond Duncan, gain Houio $16 60; Alexander Ho-; $31.36; General Road Fund, tor Co. $114.07; Ames Hardware; I $182.87; W. H. Gillett $26.73; Hol- Whitaker $25.00: Emma Whitney $25.00; Martha Whitney $22.50. Poor Account .entertained wnn a omner iasi : American luncheon at the church., Cook. Store $2.00; Letiore Powcli aunaay in nonor 01 ner son jonn s ( parlors Tuesday evening. Each-birthday. The table was beautifully table was decorated with a large I decorated with spring flowers, j fiilg anti fman place card lllB lemon Garace $5.35: F.d. Haver Western Auto Supply $.29: C. T. 1 $7.6u; Pacific TeL St Tel. $4.25; J. L. Stuart S25.00; Surveyor's Office Glenn A. Peck S7O.20: Wm. f I'm Mfltilholalum - 111 lnnrl S?J (HI- M(-ninnlrl Hrns 1 James. White $fi0..00: Hammond Lumber Co. $5.92; General Road Fund I Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Allen and ior ir aoc. mrs. nand painted by Mrs. Eva Arnold. $1,35; Ballon Si Wright $51.08; W. E. Bums $f!0.23; Barde Steel Co. $56.78: Bureau of Labor $5.00: Lyle Bicbee $31.87; F. P. Coulter $3.75: Ren Clelan $36 50: J. W. lo Mp open th nostrils and permit $74.80; Frank Starnes $1.49:- Henry Schultz $40.67; Harvey Tharp. daughters. June and Mrs. Lester Ii",sl u "c"f "" 1 ravor cara nags representing the ; Standard Oil Co. $13.29:1 Cooper $9.57; Clarence Jacobsoni$2.10 Hoist. Mr. andMrs. J. A. Blanken agricultural products, birds, etc. of freer brvthln Ames Hdwe. $2.85: Barrett Bros. YrHt $6.4: Marin Da- $6.40;JDawson Drug $5.35: Grocer-; Conelimd South America were displayed. A special South Amerjcan menu was i m $20.91; O. C. Thornton $15 83;t William Zellmer $33.46; J. N. Burnett $87.16; At. E. Burnett $41.82;: General Road Fund $167.00; Gib-j $11.25: Dailv Jour H.'s.iMimil veteria $38 35: R. A. Hullwt $2.50; venport liaUtht were Sundav dinner guests bf Mx. and Mrs. Willis Allen. I Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Douglas and family and Mrs. Miles Davis were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sellers at Salem Sunday. ship and the guest of honor w The Priscilla-club was entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of MVs. Jji)hn Cox. Roll call was answered with St. Patrick's Hurley Plumbing $64 69: Lee's rial of Commerce $6.00; F. C. : 1.7d; Pacific Tel. & Tel, $4.10; Assessor's Olfice Lilla O. McCoy SI 10.00; Earl Ellioit $110.0u; W. C. TtinplcUll $1.00; Alba.iy Priming Co. $i.7a; G. T. Huckensmth $.70; Pacific 'it!. & Tel. $4.00; Rawlings $4.35; Frank Tnylor & Son $46.50; C'curt Iluuse 1 served. The speakers of the eve- ' ning were Mr. andMrs. Elbert E. ! Read, missionaries from Chili, who ' are studying for one year at. Ore- j I gon State college. j I Bakery $20.49: Murphv Seed $2.70; i Dannali $1.00: Elec. Steel Foiin-! McDonald Market $5 15; Fred dry $218.96; Exide Battery Elec. I Payne $4.00; Jess .Safley $4.00; $17 41; Factory Motor Car Co. suggestions. Mts. Frank Pimm, and 1 Alan Ritchey and Milven Couey If you prrirr n 4i tlii-Mt spray, call for th -MEW MENTHOllTUM LIQUID . In handy hoftl with dinypir son Motor Co. utic; .lloiiemon Garage $7.00; Tom Giwge $29.87; Paul Hathaway " $5.07; Moody Hardware $1.15; Ivan Tandv, $6.39; L. P. Dawson $7.17; W. H. Eggteston $6.58; Andy Elswick. $2.39; Ben Fisher Pl.ining Mill, M. Senders Co. $44.35; Warner. SHU4H: r "onauglity Machinery Co. Hdwe. $1.89; Bureau of Lnbor 1 '03.5n- Fisher Imolement $23.56; $.00; Anderson General Mdse. General Electric $7.58; Gibson Mo- flnniinil Rnn4 funrl tQO OR- t'ir f'll 1 fill P.111 IjlurinrO f'll have been out of school for several ! Mrs- JL;eo,?e nanaler ;D0 " rc' days.with the flu. j cevt irst prizes in contests pre- Mr. House, who has been em-'jf"1?'1- G"t?"! "rv GeoreS toloyed by Carl DeArmond. has Gardrr Mrs. W W. Abraham and cone to Astoria -to work. Mrs. j Miss Katherine Pugh. The hostess jr,,,co .vnprt tn inin him sonn was assisted by Mrs. Githens and Mountain S:ates Power Co. $59.-1 57; Portland Uaj St Cuke $.95; t. w u.uu.i on. n. rnt 72e- Itnnovniiin llilu-f (IS.- IfnrrU $14.45; Wm. Filkins $7.17; Gen- Cumnungs li airier $84t: r. ( S2.00: Doolev nros. $j).S0: : Kunolv I0.M: T. II. Hulbert. i eral Road fund S62 1.50: C. J. Bet ! Mrs. Ida Benning has traded her residence property in Brownsville and some real estate in Albany for a place east of Lebanon where . she will make her home. Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Wright and .daughter, June, Mrs. Clara Starr, Miss Violet Hoy and Mrs. Anna Gamble went to Eugene 1 Ml T ens Rirtriera rrtnrned . Mrs. Zimmerman, Danniils $517.32; A. L. Shelton ,Kollowav Gror. -$.65: Hamilton '$3.30; J. F. Hufford $14.40; Hiram; AN DIEGO The Leroy Starnes horn? was the I I $80.71; Jack C. Wiieat $15.04; Groves B3c: J. E. Haieltine Co. Store $10.10; Irish Hammctt $22.37: E. Leurhing $9.80; Pav St Save $12.50; Safewnv Store $13.00; A. N. Simmons $1.50; G. E. Warner , Circuit Court ! Kathleen K. Miller SU.OO; Ralph jHenon S7.50; N. E. Irvine $7.a0; J. K. Weatherford '$27.20; Pacific i Tel. & Tel. $6.25; pome Friday after having, spent a 1 jcouple of weeks at the springs hear Pacific City. 1 ) Mrs. Hattie Ruef of Independ-1 ience spent Wednesday afrfernoon ivisiting Mrs. Rube Walker, and her mother. Mrs. Ka,te Vanderpool, Wednesday. Mrs. Gamble and Mrs. Starr remained in Eugene where scene of a gay birthday party last Sunday in honor q( Mr. Starnes. Dinner was served at noon. The following guests enjoved the oc-' casion: Mr. and Mrs . Frank' Starnes. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron . Starnes and daughters. Hattie and 1 ' .$98.32; Huffman Son,75c7 Hur-; lev's Plumbing $2.82; J. M. John-sort $58.05: Ed. Kcllenberger 25c; L. M. McKnight $3.60: loggers St I Contractors $62.94: Munnell St 'Sherrill $114.15; Magneto Elec. $9.60; C. II. Minturn $5.50; Mountain States $47.70; C. R. Nokes $10.70; Oregon' Auto Wrecking, $26.23; Pacific Eisemnn $25.30; ! Peoria Garage $1.00; Pacific Ma $12.00 . . - Jaik ' Cummings Trsf. $21.00; Grill Cafe $85.12: Hooker Elec. $1.80; Mountain States $17.49; Pacific Tel. St Tel. $2.60. . . Bridges Katherine. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Starnes. Jr.", affd son, Donald, all of at. Wells. Mr. ana Mrs. waiKer are leaving the last of the week for their home in Alberta, Canada, af-Jter having spent most of the winder here. ter $2.74; Berniee Kizer $238.45; Henry Morey $16.37; Martin Pickens $100.40; O. M. Rankin $89.75; White Hardware $9.00; Geo. Canoy $339.00; General Bridge Fund. $3.60; General Road Fund, $1-187.13; Hugh Kizer $428.80; J. B. Keebler $82.57; Merrill Smith, $8.00; Tom's Auto Shop. $2.00; Byron Bates $7.17; D. C .Cook, $9.50; Roy Do Wall $14.93; General Road Fund $233.00; Kendle Service 50c; H. C. Logsdbn $4.77; N. I. Morrison $4.43; Kenneth McDonald $137.60; R; W. Montgomery $89.75; Marion County, $1,-608.43; A. N. Pictrok $4.22; Paul Roncr $105.20; General Road Fund $30.00; Arch Ray $30.61; G. II. Ray $1.19; R. L. W.irth $4.49; Guy Van Brunt $36.00; Rose Ziel- Mrs. Gamble underwent an operation on her eyes Thursday. Harlan Bones had the misfortune Tuesday afternoon, while engaged in logging operations on the Fisher tract south of Brownsville, to be caught bv a log with the result that bone in his right leg was broken. The break was jusft above the ankle and the injury will lay him up for some time. County Court & Commissioners Owen Beam Agency $.47; J. J. Barrett $2.3u; H. A. Uvuii'lnncr $112.30; H. F. Warren $U2.oU; Pacific Tel. & Tel. $14.95;. Justice Court Victor Olhver $65.05; J. F. Mc-Glothern $6.00; Riley Shelton $3.-00; W. A. Ewins $2.00; Ed Mycra SS2.00; Earl Michaelson $2.00; M. C. A. Childers $38.01; Barrett ! The Ivy club was entertained : jWedrtesday afternoon, March 11,1 1 by Mrs. W. J. Kerr and her moth- j Halsey; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Albert-son and daughter. Kathleen, of Pine Grove. Wj-B. McCormick and Mr. and Mrs. Starnes and family. Phil Mcrrtam of Newburg is here visiting with his family for a few days. . . Wallace Sprenger is very ill at his home, with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shirley and chinery $34.02; Frank Phillips. $2.50: John A. Roeblings Soiib Co. $156.10; Rawlings $7.35; Z. T. Stin-ciphrr $7.40; SchoU's Store $2.37; Snap on Tool Co. $46.42; Barret Bros. $53.86; WnT. Bain Agency $8.50; Acnes Holf $64.00; Beard Estate $76.00; Gibson Motor Co. EL CORTEZ HOTIl ROOM AND BATH $50 MOM asV A 0 AY r ,k , ! i L. Southard $2.00- Hui vcy A company Bros. $4.55; Froman St Barton $8.20; Ben Fisher Planing Mill $44,85; General Road Fund $247.-52; Lulay Bros. $30.41; J. M. Pipe $5.40; Herbert Shelton $65.41; fred Wodtli $13.88; Harry Dinkel $'16.38; Elmer Hoist $139.75; B. S. McClun $72.43; Jess B. Walton $4.18; Ray Rich $14.36; Jack Rhodes $10.77; 1. O. Schrunk $89.99. ' ier, Mrs. Annie Brown, at meir home. Quilting was done. The hos-.tess was assisted bv Mrs. Wesley Kester and Miss Olive Johnson. Visitors were Mrs. Ernie Keltz and Laby. Mrs. O. M. Allen, Mrs. Hat-tie Ruef of Independence, Mrs. Lester Haight, Miss June Allen and Mrs. Edwin Larsen. Crawfordsville, was a visitor in Brownsville Tuesday, while on his way to Lebanon to secure parts for his mill. son. Merlinv Mrs. Mary Hammond Wight $9.00; J. C. Woolcy S3:00; Insane J. C. Booth $7.80; School Superintendent ELa Butts $60.00; W. E. Finzer $.53: G. T. Hocktnsmith $10.00; ! and four children, all of Florence, and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Farow $1.01); F. T. Ginthers $9.97; Geo. j inski $6.72; A. L. Downing $23.21; H. Gumm $10.50; Gottfried Gro- Fitzgerald Transfer $534.60; Gen-man $'?4.0O; Kellenborger $2.25; ; eral Road Fund $1158.28; Jack Carl Kowitz $60.00; Lardon & I Gallaway $8.40; Befniee Kizer, D.-H. Want Ads Bring. Results of Spokane and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Farow of .Alberta, Canada, were weekend guests at the home of Mrs. Marv E. Duncan, Lois Sprenger has been sick with a cold and unable to attend C-MnU, MM. It. a. HwriHl l Halsev Halsey. The P. T. A. held its regular monthly meeting Monday mm ipvening at the- schoolhouse. An lAchievement day committe consisting of B. M. Bond, Qran W. Frum. D. H. Sturtevant.. C. H. Da-tvidson, Robert Nelson. George Cross, Carl Hill, and J. Alan Wick- -mil )1Li u.j.u .mu in wiiiii.i,. . iiiiiniuil.iinuni).tiiwiii i. u i m y:y ..trvymnm in I ii.inilii n n inn mini mif - ijjpi. I u nw mini iMjjjfcjmiiMWiiujniii fmmil. iinmil im'i ii p numm niunin m jham was named. George Cross held a round .table discussion on the subject of "Child Behavior." SAN FRANCISCO $19.50R($UNDTRIP Airs. W. H. Robertson was hos tess Tuesday afternoon at the vi"- : mu 'home of her daughter, Mrs. Donna Cross, to the Missionary society of the Church of Christ. Plans were made for two special meetings to be held April 7 and April 10 as pre-Easter prayer services. George Cross, senior class advisor and play , director, -has announced an excellent start on the class play, "Oh. Aunt Jerusha." three act comedy to be staged April 1. Miss Esther Bas of Coburg is assisting with the household duties at the B. M. Bond home. Mrs. Dolly Pence was a business and pleasure visitor in Albany Tuesday afternoon. Lyman Pence is one of the latest victims of the measles. , George Alford of Oregon City camdHo Halsey Saturday night and remained over until Sunday eve-ring with his wife and daughter who were here with their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Gormley. Mrs. Alford returned-home ,with her husband, but ReneeTerhained longer to assist with the household duties as her grandfather is confined to his PLAY SAF-taVe the safest, smoothest highw ay in the world the road of steel rails. Ride in a big, roomy, steam-warmed Ach or chair-car on any of our trains for these low fares. Comfortable seats. No "rest stops"; clean washrooms are always handy. L'AIGLON, IN CHICAGO, RENOWNED FOR ITS CONTINENTAL CHARM AND CUISINE. In this famous and delightful place, known for years to connoisseurs, Camel cigarettes are a popular favorite with diners. "Teddy," (hfl genial host to the lively crowd you sec in the picture above, says: "We find our patrons know not only good cooking, tlicy know good tobacco. Camels are the most popuUr cigarette among L'Aiglon guests." WIZARD ON SKIS, Sig Buchmayr, says: "It seems to me that after good food there's nothing like smoking s Camel to aid digestion and build up a fine feeling gf well-being." ' . 150-POUND DYNAMO! Tommy Bridges, of the World Champion Tigers, says: "Ball players hive to watch digestion. I find Camels a real aid irt helping digestion. They set me right!" Li ., 'Even in most aaravated cases Smoking. Camels eases iension siim- burning stops and rcomforj folloius the SLEEP wbile you speed along thru the. night. You can go in s fine, improved Tourist Pullman for the tares shown above, plus a small berth charge. Soft, wide berths. Clean, spacious dressing'rooms, porter service and other Pullmaa facilities. Resinol wlaies digestion and f osiers a feeling of well-being! . , . Again antl again, we make up for lost time by eating in a'liurry. Digestion must meet the sTrain. : How fortunate that smoking Canuls during and . after meals definitely stimulates digestion and helps to ward off the effects of pur hurried, nerve-wracking life by aiding and restoring Roux Shampoo Tint Givei Graying Hair lh LTkl M& ' -I it a lustrous, Natural 4'Youne . Look" . that all Admire , . . the natural flow of the digestive lluids.Today, the pleasure of smoking Carncls is being ever)' TRAY SEHVlCE-a great money-saver in out ooachcJ and Tourist Pullmans..' Coffee or milk ic, sandflies 10r, ' doughnuts 0c, ice cream 10f, fruit it, etc. Also 'delicious full-coarse meals at low "prices in dining cars. . where recognized as a comforting and healthful your taste. Enjoy Camels for their matchless blend of costlier tobaccos for their energizing "lift" for the. welcome feeling of mil-being they bring you. Camels set you right! part of the art of dining. Canicls arc : ably mild. They nt'vcrgtt on your nerves or tire $0-50 New An Oi' s trrroi rmr-ir BECK! Manv a time mv unnui h lii-lit. Fermfrfipni - - - . WALKER'S Barber and Beauty Shop Shoe shining in Connection tlS Lyo SL Phone C79S kMssW SinMNMl MM AHWHtsI AWW ens in a hijUi spot- but you wouldn't know it from the hearty way I tit I'm very careful about keeping good digestion -1 smoke Camels. They belp (9 stimuLwe my (ligestioo," C. it. Nokes, Affnt -l- Camels are mado from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS Turkish and Domestic thart any other popular brandT , riione 37

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