Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 16, 1936 · 2
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 2

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1936
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THE ALBANY. DEMOCRAT-HERALD, ALBANY; OREGON PAGE TWO , MONDAY, MARCH 161936 Uiu Sf!x lymily. Hi a aUo the fir! viskn that the RUiirsr.'.ied piw-', Tl.u Alb ttiy ilub wus host to the j ed if Salem unci M.uiim county ' UTILITY SETUP King Steps Out as Prince Charminrr DECISION ASKED . iCuniinurd tram !' Oi)rl ..illUwII.IU u1 X V' . . X ilflLi:, j lTUIII 1111(1 un - .1 111.1 L . kiuuwi K-iii;i al . BUiv'i - i til v w uv il I HI UVCill ItiWl? jai.). and Wis , N-h' Anderson, many cannot voe. whereas the '.,.uj oi Zi'im Parker, local , fu' yuulii toTTV't'.' , Puitluiid. lit fatli'.'i, lormwly guurantor powers, lrit.f.i and . home tt-unonucs instructor. i - j with the coi)oratio.T ctir.nniasion Italy,, can. ' A.;u,liii with tJie arrangement! WOI'LB BE C OMMITTEEMEN ; in S Urn. is piaiticuig law u Al- ' i and the Little Entente : . ; . the iollowins committees: It. Aveihi ff of Tallmon precinct tUny, huving tahen over hi fa ftoumanja, Czechoklovukia - and UiU(Gilkcy and Merl Dec Brown. jand E.X. Ayres of Lacomlir have ' commerce by a utility holding I NOTICE TO CITY SCBSCKlHERS If your pupor ha not been delivered by your Albany carrier by 6:00 o'clock call D. M. Rohrbouth, Phone 71S-Y and a copy will be delivered by special carrfcr. Report all other complaints to the office, Phone 15 The Albany- Democrat-Herald thei e bu:iine.. Mr, box ,U - w Jugoslavia were re-ported satii- nciii. u iin.uly; iiene i-ocnnti-. ued wiih the cuunty clerk tleclar- company whose business consul Ra'vcfn PofAnti'l "today tomake 'lied With the council's decision be-group 4iscuMk.ns; Barbara Tripp.; itii-ns oi their candidacies for pre-of the "exercise of tho duties, .i.u 'i.c. jitt..t ut i, her grand- catue thiy felt it avoids the trap jci.o.atiuii!;. Boiothy Baton and;; net commit! .i.-masi. each in liis priikKcs and rights conferred by .n. .,iuu.r nia iaia iw vm. i ney .iy iouif e unruner. lunviKoiM.t'siicctiVe precinct. Uoth ure dem- the owncrsnip oi au we of subsKfcary u.,ied Hitlers secoiiJ condition Paula Hunter, reception; Joyce .uciais. . . jing voting stock Wanted Truc-K drivers and ail i v. at .degncd to provoKi a iu.t re- . btciimac-ncr, - registration; biien , : public utility companies, none 'of which is cntiatcd in interstate ; fim tc-rat-liit aid Wmil Adf presunt union drivers, to attend ijcction, which would give the im-( ii(.ur, chocolate mix and Thelma commerce.'' Chaulleurt and Helpers union, presaion that France and her alliei ; Unkson and Grace Helen Looney, nu cling St. Francis Hotel, 8 p. m., tonight. Come whether you drive mozm hud made the council slam the eo-cd Jfrolic. Members of the bo door in Hitler's face. hi-Y associutiuit served the lunch- j con and assisted lt recefitiun df or not if you are interested In union oriiunrVatlun. Union Local No., 57.. - mlS 6 ALBANY HEC &. . WEATHER Oregon Generally cloudy to- GIRLS HONORED See Our Vindow Display nUthl and Tuesday, probably with rain in northwest portion: normal SALEM COPS ARE INDICTED IN PROBE Has Mnjor Operation-Mrs. Helen Mason of Albany underwent a major operation this (Conlinurd fro Fun Oiwl temperature; moderate southwest to west wind off coast. Maximum W morning at the IJridtfwater hos gave ai artificial respiration demonstration and Linden Launer led (Contlnurd from !' One! temperature yesterday locally 55 degree. Minimum temperature last night 86 degrees. River 4.9 the' group in tinging. Thclma Dick pital, neruy woiz uiiacrwvm . a tunMllertomy tins week end at the llOKpltnl. , feet. Launer also sang a 1 roua nouse wa a rendezvous lor j legislators, recently lost his beer mi) atidXJr. duet. A) - w an im .i, i m. ..ium "-'j 1 "ayaja I a aj ay aF I f I . . , -J If m -. ... t - . ', ti,..r ! license at a meeting of the state Eight IToup discussions Die la Corvallis '. W. It. Lance. merchant of Cor. took place and tne conclusions of j luor , control commission, and l IIU0 IV.I iaeli discussion were recorded far vallia for the last 25 years and an CARD OF THANKS We Vish to thank our kind friends and neighbors for their thcjuKhlfuhusi and sympathy extended to us during; our recent bereavement, and fur the beautiful Mowers. uncle of R. M. and Otto Lance of Albany, died at his home there at presentation later to' the entire as- ln report, tne jury saia, evi-sembly. These discussions covered ! den h.a? revealed official toler-the tollowing topics: Money-earn- ,anct- "c1 negligence, which ing activities, led by Helen Lam- P" enabled gambling of practi- 4 o clock Sunday afternoon. Funer al services will be held from the Kecney mortuary at two o'clock Mrs. Jessie Abraham tKfit of Silverton; program sug-ZiS X luesday afternoon. and ,on. Allen. ml' .W b? Marlon ' H T extended" uma" ."""has" NEW 2 -EG G POACHER Poaches more delicious, better ci,h i . ul" . proportions of a vicious organized, by Norma Smith, Lebanon; ad-, Apt ,lrpvin . linnn vofh Brv! KeUrn From Fortland . looking eggs. I I c, tu . TODAY'S STOCK.-4 G RAIN MARKETS Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stuart of Albany made a trip to Portland yesterday to bilhg borne their 791 V uvea health value. , Eaiy-clean dome (laughter, Bdlty, "who has been taking a course there to become a IEB.SI.1I covert flat bead. o. Brouy. i.ueu u, the . needy as .well as upon Kohlhagen; conference meetings. those mf,re abe to m'ect the 11Mt, ted by Dorothy Dallon, Cottajtc- wmw it has invlved upon pri-Crove; initiation service and ntu- i Vlte izens als, led by Qio Russell, Albany; ; . ..pyrtieuju'iy vicious were the advertUing.led by Barbara Tripp. J iTl n Z Albany; occupational. ,led by , city Saletn whcrc orn. Helen 5m)th, balem. ciuls permitted the operation of professional nurse. She will be at home until , about the first of June at which time she plans to NEW 4-PIECE SAUCE PAN SET Ideal lizes 2tits., 1 J qti.,l qt. and lli ptt.( Smooth bottoms. following trie iinar-assembly al ( every known type of gambling c189 A 4 MARKETS. AT A GLANCE By I'nlted Press Stocks irregularly 'higher featured by utilities. Bonds irregular, and quiet; some European issues firm. Curb irregular; utilities higher. Chicago stocks irregular. Call money of 1 per cent. Foreign curriencios tlightly easier in terms of dollar. Cotton irregular; distant months easier. Rubber lower In moderate resume her course of study. ' Salem Visitor Chester FiUwater of Salem was among the guests spending last night at a local hotel. easy-ciean rouna corners. Hard, thick sheet Aluminum. Smart flat beads. 4 the high schol a chapel service was conducted at the Methodist church .iir tlie delegation by rtcv. M. M. Stock er, pastor of the First Pres-bylciian church, and included organ numbers by- Mrs. Hazel Ew-ing. The spiritual message pre EG. S2.95 covers. 79c- extra. and the practices of other vice to continue unmolested, except for an occasional arrest of one who seemed not to have been 'in on the racket and whom hey would virtuously hail into court as an 'example- and a sop to public opinion." The report said the slot machine "take" in nickels from boys and ' ' i hi - - - i I, I NEW STYLE SAUCE POTS Easy-clean dome cover. Smooth bottom with round easy-dean Business Visitor-., Dennis Cormier, a retired business man of Lebanon, was among visitors spending Saturday afternoon In Albany. sented the necessity of the setting of a definite life goal; of "knowing thyself ," revurence for self i.nd plan for service, , Chapel was followed by a banquet in the basement of the club, where Meri Dee Brown, vice- Ujirls was "immense, and that "a large percentage 'of the relief checks of Marion county were be E locks New York, March 16. Utility corners. Steam seal. New broad-grip bandies; or bail; or one long handle. Also 6-qt. $1.79 4 QUART ' $H9 Again Kiug Kjwarrt Vlll of Ebglr.nd set the world ipeculatlnt about bis matrimonial Intentions by asking, In a message to the Housa of Commons, that provision be made In arranging bis allowance for tbt possibility that there will be a queen; but ba gave do Inkling of the lucky princess' Identity. This latest picture, Just received in America, bows him as Colonel-ln-Cblef of tbe Wclsb Guards, arriving to attend rprenionlal. . ing cashed in pool halls, soft shares strengthened to feature late drink parlors and other estab- Kewhoietrom to go into slot ma- (Regular $2.25). KB. 11.15 early lows after a decline led by uV. . . . r. 'J uT. .iT.. ;.i ,. were business visitors in Albany 'So by an indirect route," the Saturday from Ashland, where steel, but volume was smnll and th"1 ?cudcdt musie f the buyers still were cautious. school orchestra, a welcoming talk Dow Jones preliminary .closing bX IWlfS B,own 8',d u response by averanes showed industrial' 1 5.t 9S ' Florls Nelson of Woodbuin. and a Saturday afternoon. From Astoria MODERN PERCOLATORS Triple-tested; famous for delicious coffee. New styling; easy. Mr anA Mr. T T CI1l..n J S-CUP clean dome cover. off .92, railroad 46.73 off .38, utility candle lighting servile demonstrated-by Clio Russell and associates. Guests nt the conferenae inelud- Brownsville Visiters Mr. and Mrs. Mack Sawyer and . son of Brownsville were business visitors in -Albany Saturday. Mr. Sawyer has been in the sawmill business for many years. Visit at Newport ,' . R. M. Lance and family of Albany returned last evening from Newport where they had been-to spend the day, , . ..-w Visitor In Albany-- : Avery Laswcll, banker at 'Yon- colla, was in Albany yesterday to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. yr. Da vis,. former residents of that place. - Drill SUff Chosen The drill staff of the Corvallis Bakelite handles. Also 4 -cup $1.85 jury said, "throufe'.i t ie generosity of the state and federal governments to needy individuals these governments, or rather the taxpayers, were .unwittingly aid-ingS supporting an enriching the huipan vultures who truly live off 'unearned wealtfi. ' 'illegitimately conceiv..rx-isting by fraud and deception, and corruption of officials, this ( gambling) condition must yp eradieat- they had bei-n "an a business and pleasure trip. Returns to Portland-Miss Marguerite Clark of Port-, land,, who has been visiting at the home of Miss Olga Jackscjf; left for her home lust ev.ening. Reported Better E. G. McReynolds, who has been iii the Albany general hospital Raymond Lastro of Astyria were among the visitors spending the weekend in Albany. '- D. U. V. to Meet (Reg. $2.20); 8 -cup w ui up .11. Volume approximated 1,830,000 shares compared with 2.560,tiQfl shares Friday. Curb sales were 607,000 shares compared with 337,-0H0 shares Friday. red C. A. Howard,.. state superin RE 6. $2.50 $2.19 (Reg. $2.75). The Daughters of Union Vet erans will meet Tuesday niyht at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. CHICKEN FRYER & DUTCH OVEN Extra thick. Drip -drop bast- tendent of public instruction; Miss Kohlhagen; Mrs. Sarah Case, state supervisor of nursery school aud parent education; Florence Beai'ds-ley, of the Oregon State Normal school. Monmouth; R. W. TraVen- ' Grain ' Chicago, March 16. Wheat fu M. A. Klopotz, 1150 West 8th. for for several days for treatment, is lOVi" SHE ing cover. Fuel- a social evening. reported making good progress. tures reacted fractionally on the board of trade today, reflecting t095 tor, principal of Salem high school; saver steam' vent; steam seal bead. ' Also 12 'sue $3.95 From Shedd " easier foreign cables, the more op Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Puuh of high school; F. Z. Carlton, secrc Pythian Sisters ht been selected, Ia rxxt Ik. lm..A.... 1. -, . I. RE 6. SS SO (Regular $4.95). breaking of the brought In parts of Visiting Parents-Jack Hammcll, jr., of Portland, Is, spending the day in Albany at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. Hammcll. Shedd transacted business and visited friends in Albany Saturday afternoon. w KMl VII wic: iiiiiiuiuij wum Hi Wll? Pythian" Sisters district conventi6n to be held in Albany In the near future. . Schilling Jiuy pepper in the larger sizes. hoot ipiat you save 2oz. pepper l6 .4 01. pepper 15 8 oz. pepper 25 (f We have a hair cut for each Try us. mH-16 Visitor In Albany-Clinton F. Stoddard of Troutdale arrived in Albany hist evening on a business trip. member of the family. Terminal Barber Shop. tne winter wheat belt. At the close wheat was Mi to H cent a bushel lower. Corn was H to V4 cent lower, oats were H to Vi cent lower and rye was "4 to ?s cent a bushel net lower. Pressure was not heavy, but buying was limited. Selling dribbled into the market persistently but losses at no time exceeded a fractional range. laiy 01 incsiaia icacners association, Salem; D. A. Emerson, assistant state scnooi superintendent and William Wymer, state vocational education superintendent. Following the banquet an initiation demonstration for home economics clubs took place at the Veterans' Memorial hall, given by the Corvallis club, aftcu which the pio presentation and a" "co-ed" Irolic took place. 1 . Roscoe Ames Hardware Attend Funeral Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fischer and a number -of -friends and relatives were in Albany Saturday afternoon to attend the funeral services of Mrs". Fischers' brother, Julius Abraham. , . Visitor from I'nlvrrslt.v Laura Margaret Smith, a stud 216 West First Street Albany, Oregon ent in the University of Oregon,' V. B. Morgan Out W. B. Morgan was on the street today Vor the first time in six weeks following a major BBsaaaHBsaBamBxVRflBi and society editor of the Eugene Morning News, is spending the day in Albaiiv at 'the home of her COUNCIL REJECTS parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. V'J i HITLER CONDITIONS Smith. Returns From Portland-Miss Mabel Keebler of the Democrat-Herald office returned last evening from Portland where she hacL been to visit her tister and friends. ... v. Leave Hospital Mrs. Floyd May of Albany, and son, Ronald Earl,' were dismissed today from the Albany Osteopathic hospital. Writes from California I IContiniwd frara Pare One) Fred llluinberg, of Hondo, Cal., a suburb of I.os Angeles, writes the Democrat-Herald asking about many old time' friends in Albany his former home. lie. reports that he has beisnne blind in one eye, From Ol.vmpla Dr.' "Wayne llridgcford, of Olympia, a fointer resident if Albany, und a brothcr-ih-law ef Fred Dawson, spent the week-end in Albany. hi f but aji.le to be about. Here from Klrm 91 of motorists vote Associated Aviation Ethyl Visit at McMinnvUle Walter Ten Brook and his father of Bandon, who has been spending a few days in Albany, were visitors In McMlnnville yesterday. i , FromlUlvy - Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Nice wood and son ef Halaey transacted business and visited friends in Albany Saturday, j Arthur Itoyle, son of Mr.- and Mrs. E. A. Uuyle and Oeori,e Kel elation of the Locarno and Versailles treaties, on which, France's demands for sanctions were based. Council Not Competent The first resolution dealt with Hitler's voting rights. The second declared the council is not competent to discuss Hitler's demand for consideration of his peace proposals. The council's attitude was that Hitler's peace proposals concern only . the Locarno powers Germany, France. Belgium, Itul) and Great nrituin.. .and..not. lh'e full council. . Tin; decision that Germany cannot vote if she sits! with Jhe cuun-cil was based on the Itcnrno pro- From Junrtlon it.v - Donald Dunn of Juiictioii City is In Albany for the day to attend the funeral of his mother, logg, son df Mr, and Mrs. Frank Kellogg of Salem, upent Sunday and today in Albany visiting at the Lebanon Visitors ' ,,' , , Return from Ashland home of D. i. Smith. Boyle is a Miamluoii tit Mr. Snuili. Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Livengood Mrs." Jr V. Emmott nnel her wide UlNUm in coast- and E. J. Lanstrom of Lebanon father, J. J. Putnam, returned (Certified by Western Union) 0asiio)i 3tbd Co..- "N; J At Albany (ienrrtl Nelson Zeller tinderwcXi) a ton-iilleeton.y inurniriK at the Albany General hospiUil, Keitin Hob-iiison of C'or valhs was admitted yesterday for medical attention, having Milfcitd several cracked ribs in an. automobile 'accident Saturday and Mrs. Harold Knapp received treatment yesterday at the hospital for a .hand infection. Meeting Tuesday The Albwiy orunch of the American Association of , University Women is to meet tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock at the home of Mis. Otto Lance. An interesting I a- tf. : :.K: 'vW. fl., , 4lf, I I -JJiJJ fa atrJiJ,rtr M.. . I i ' aMk. I ,0fi -. "'""a . ,?? 'ts. I 1.' f J a.' " f., 1,tS. ( f kpmgram is to be held, members announced.. , Small A'l-Occasioii Frock Is Yours ... o Make-and Triiunph In! . Pattern 254H Stjlc-cuhscinus woniiii (and don't say you aren't one!) will find the promise' oi smartness ful-lilled the minute they slip into this trim, young frock a simulated two-piiH-e style. Fresff and new as the fust breath of Spring, it answers tur more occasions, than your fondest dretnns dared hope, .and in et-ry way lives ip to its promise of easy, making. " Every sue. from fourteen to forty-four w ill love the way shoulder darts ease fullness 111 the botiice ilie peplum's snug, trim fit, and the sniait fronting of buttons. Choose a printed silk.' cotton' or silk slut ting, or vmd color solid crepe. Pattern 25-ttt is ava'ilaMo in 14, lf, 18, 20. M. 38. 40, 42. 'and 44 Sii' 3 takes V yards inih fabric. Illustrated step-by-step sewing instruction ineliutcd. .THKRE'S FAR more to complete insurance than writing the policies. We give extra . services at no cost such "as studying? all your fire, risks' unci property val ues, before writing your policies Owen Beam Agency . To exjilinlc the ln-Iief that all pajolines are alike, to prove that one gasoline ttaml out above all others, 300 Pacific Coaxt motorists recentlv passed solemn judgment on a "jmstery fueP, wnrlrr the supervision of Ross Federal Corporation and Western Union. ' . Tlie verdict was 273 to 2791 ff0 that tluY tianu-less gasoline improved tlie performance of their cars. On all counts starting, warm-lip, pick-up. Iiillclitnbin:, mileage-, it proved itself U tter in the impartial mind of the Jury, That "mystery fueFwas Associated Aviation Ethy!,idciitical-in-facttauSat89!dn'enThfYe by Smiling Associated Dealers; certified so by '. licensedchemsU,witaesdbyWesteraUnion. ! 273 to 27 The chances are 273 to 27 that Associated Aviation Ethyl v. ill give you better perforiit' t To Iti lit arse Tonight The Albany' Symphony orchestra wil lrehcarse tonight ut 7 30 o'clock in th First Picsbyteriau cluiich. A large littendance of the pet sonnet of the orchestra la requested as only a lew more ten hearsals will be held before the next concert -early 111 May, it was runounccd. l?5 West Second St. 475-B Opposite Post ' Office DR. CHAN LAM To Mret Tuesday-Alpha Temple No, 1 of the Pythian SMtei-i, will nwet Tuesday- Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) in! , Chinese .Medicine t o. Sathi-al rvfcw-awa tur difctr.arrf of livt-r, ttvimai-h, iana. .kin a urinai-y ytm of nwa an4 tii . -w jntwln rllltfit ttw in.alin 19 yrr In Mwhi. ce and economy tlian you ever knew befor. Kfc.i? iVi a -l- m . ... i Tliatyou'U recognize aild appreciate the dif y coins or stamps (coins preferred) j-''v 'u.m '" ,hc K' of Hall; See-for this' Anne Adams ' pattern.) ""I "I'1' l on streets, it was n-T1I1RTY TENTS t30c) for bth.-'u"uvd J-'1'- Clwi'n Shan-Write plainly name, adduces and "011- M-- K: C- ', Mvlf numtx-r. BE Sl'H-E To ; TATE SIZE. i New Attorney Arrives lie sure to order OUU SPUING I Mr. and Mrs, Edward E. Sox of TTERN .BOOK for smart new J Albany became h.e paieiits of an 1 tni;s that'll fit you and your!H pmnd'son Satmdav night a! to a "T"! Gay, practical the KtimHmiel hospi'tul'. tn Port-- - ")!- to cheer you at work. Iave-1 !nd. The babv was nitmed- Ed-! p,o!,y frocks and sports clothes Uard i;ih iiihI Iv the fust child in 1, liter you at plav. ' Collars, f 1 ' - M-'iuev. , kirt fur nuiltiplying oos-' rjONT CLFFP OKI 1 FFT Naturopath!?' Y. T. lam'N.D. lei enee. 1 hat, regardless oi now you test it. Associated Aviation Ethyl fill give you man, . satisfaction, more for your money, than a.iv 'other gasoline: You be your own judge. . ASSOCIATED OIL COMPANY Make your own trial today S. Venetian Thlr HMa- .' Cof. nnl and MtvarfaitMIl Sit., Albany. Offi.-a lt.upf: f p. .' lu R j- m tuil , , d ,it . 1 , . . , 1 w aa-w(a -w m . I . . . . : ' :': f ;.. , . V J; ' . j M . II A 2546 V SIDE AFFECTS HEART i It t.'lt!Jlth CiAS tMfWHU Jf'trilttt i'H out lii'tiii ntul - iviitn. n ya ifiil rt Patterns' for tots. .Fabric and ao-ceorv hows. PRICK OF ISOOK FIFTF'KN CKN'TS. HOOK AND A PATT-IvRN TOOKTHUlt; TWKNt TY-F1VE CENTS.' ni Slviiil) Ontjr. l'onuHtkin, 11 1 I rwur aril t'rli Jl Ti-wt K r t . of' CvLlw Chan, S l llii-v. Addi - u ders to Uemoeriit Herald, 1'attein -Dcpui'ttncat, iit'Ja't't, M 1 ivbajr tf,. vVl liUtfiJ. i I ' a-

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