The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1947
Page 7
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KONTUY. OTCBMBta W, BLTTHBTTLLl (ARK.y COURIER NEWi PAG« Traffic Bans Set Up in New York City Still Digging Out from Under Record Snowfall NEW YORK, Dec. ». (TJI>>—All •pon-tMential traffic wa» barred 'trotn th« street* today while 19,000 workmen struggled In nub-freezing temperature to'clear away Friday's record- breaking 89,000,000- ton snowfall Mayor William O'Dwyer, who flew back from • California Tica- tlon to direct handling of th« emergency, wld only trucks carting food, medicine* and, newspaper: and funeral cars would be allowet on the streets. All other commercial trucking. Including railway »x- pr«<« deliveries, was banned. "Hie. main traffic arteries lead. Ing Into the city have been clear ed. Subway and commuter train; were operating near normal. Many local businesses still were halted, al thotigh those on main avenues were functioning. Flight operations turned to normal as more runway were cleared at IA Ouardla Newark »lrport«. At leant 65 persons have died as a result of accidents and over exertion In th« East Coast «lorm area sine* the 2S.8 inches o{ snow fell. Pood, fuel and mail deliveries in New York were irregular, but few case* of hardship were reported. Th« most serious fuel shortage developed late yesterday when Thoracic Hospital In. Brooklyn reported it.^ supply exhausted. Police and sanitation workers rushed fuel trucks through drifts Isolating the Institution and refilled the hos- pital'i empty tanks. Police . received 492 requests for fuel, and snowplowg cleared the i£?y for fuel trucks in response to Wie appeals. In some areas, where milk and bread trucks were utir.ble to rcnch 1 isolated shopping centers; the trucks parked along arterial high-' ways and house wives bought the: produce directly from the drivers. It was estimated the most of the show removal would run as high »s »1,000,000. The Board of ESstimate waj to meet today to appropriate the first »3,000,000 Jor snow removal. O'Dwyer appealed to every able- bodied resident to pitch in to help clear the knee-deep snow from sidewalk*, i He ordered police to tag every car still left in the streets—every street was lined with > abandoned, snow-covered vehicles- and urged motorists to make every effort to have their automobiles towed out of the way of snow plows. The city's 20,000 police were placed on 12-hour shifts. Firemen were working 16-hour shifts. Some 2.500 vehicles were pressed into service to remove the .snow... ____ An additional half-hour.: of snowfall yesterday worried some officials who feared a repetition of . Friday's nine-hour storm, i<lilch [W swept away all previous records, including the 20.9 inches which fell 111 the famous blizzard of 1888. The 99,000,000-ton total snowfall wa« computed by o'Dvryer on the b«s4j of the weight of .a cubic yard of snow, the depth of the snowfall and the 320 square mile area of the oity. Putting on th* Dog Price Control P/ea Termed 'Propaganda' WASHINGTON, D«e. J». (UP) — Sen. Znles N. Krton. R . Mnnt., nalrt .oday President Trumim's "own political confusion" caused him to ask for renewed wartime price controls. •• Ecton said tile President "know he was not goliiR to gvl what he nskrd for." He snlrt Mr. 'minimi yielded to "prpssurl/ort propnRitn- da" In asking Gonpiess for conlvolft over prices and paces," tot-ether with rationing and the ncco Ing evils. ull production nnd "selective curtallinent"i of foreign exports would go far toward solving the problem of souring prices, Eclon <Ald. Me laid the Republican Congress enacted only » smnll part of Hie President's price control program becnnse it "rices not yield readily to score iiropniiuiirin." Eclon charted that getting emergency Winter relief funds for Kii- rope WM the President's main purpose in calling tht special scislon and that the high noiit of living was thrown In »s a reason becnuw "looked good en paper." 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Carolina Police Two Arkansas Colleges JUf«me Grid Re/ationi :OONTVAY F - Ark., Dec. »--CUP) —Arkansas state Teachers of Conway and Arfcansafi Tech of Ritsj>ll- Yil!« will re9ume their iootbftll re- Ifltionc after a two-year lapse at Ru£fiellviU« n«xt Oct. 22, Th« announcemeent wa« made bf J»ff Parrla. athletic director of th« Con way school. Both - teams went through the 1947 season undefeated and vere declared co- ehampions of the Arkansas Intercol leglftt* ConferetMW- CHARLESTON, 8. C., Dec. M. ' <UP) — Charleston County police i today held a young woman for in- I vestigatkm Us determine if she 1* Paula Wclden who has been missing from Bennington, Vt., girls school over a year. A girl fitting her description was picked up by county police Saturday after a tourist camp operator spotted her from a newspaper picture in the Baltimore Times. Lt. Julian P. Williams of the Charleston County Police was -in charge of the case and has questioned the young woman for several hours. She ;has nob admitted being the missing Paula. Williams said he is not yet convinced this is the right girl, although many of the features coincide. He talked by telephone to Archibald Welrien, Paula's lather, last night and got additional descriptive material. The girl who spent the weekend in county jail will' He given another interrogation today, plus a move thorough examination by a police department matron. Welden told Williams his daughter had a scar on the left leg above the knee. Miss Welcteu disappeared from the Benniiigton College Dec. S, 1946. A tourist camp operator reported feo police that a girl fitting her description stayed at his place off and on for several weeks. Once she registered as Jean Welden and again ss.Mary Garrelt. The latter name turned out to be the dean of registration at Bennington, Williams said h« learned. The girl being held is five feet five Inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, wears a slle six and one-half shos, has fair complexion and blonde hair. Williams believes the girl's eyes we brown, howe.ver, whereas Paula's are said bo be blue. • Williams said a bellhop at the tourist camp said the girl told him she ran away from a college sometime ago. but she would not repeat that to the police. 'What do you haw me her* £«1" she asked William*. When he told her, Williams said she asked: "In the event 1 am that girl, what Five Survivors Of Wrecked Ship Found Wnrclnt Joseph tfng»n, lofl, oonnriitiilfttw 'Pony Murlno, Inmate of ttio | Staievllle Prison In Jollot, Illinois, afler tho u. 8. court released Us j decision ^gmtiting Marino a now henrlng In a isisii holdiip-nuirdor. Marino, an Italian Immigrant, hi\s served 32 years of a life sentence. (NEA. Tele|>lioto.) Meat Consumers Must Get Along With Less in '48 CHICAGO. Bee. 'iO. (UP) —Tile American Meat Institute jncrtlclcd today tlnil In 1948 ench American vlll have lo l« satisfied with 12 pounds less meat than h« nte thU year. T Per capita meat production, however. »-ill be five pounds nbove the ircwnr average, the institute sald.i records discloses Saturday tlml the This year the! nvcrngo Amcrlcnn nte , nn " oll>s velerun populntlon hns U.S. Veteran Population Hits All-Time High WASHINGTON. Dec. 29 (UP) — A review of Veterans AclnilnlolrnUon MANILA. Dec. 29. (UP) — Five nore survivors of the wrecked Danish motorship Kina have, reached shore on a smnll Island near Samar and a tnotorljoat has i>ecn sent out to find them, reports reaching Manila said todny. Tiio report wiu> radioed from Calbayog, Samar, where the Norwegian rescue ship Samuel Bakkc Is giving. shelter to 24 of the 29 passengers nnd crew of the ship who have been rescued so far. Five'of the survivors, two with broken bones, are under treatment In Santo Tomns University Hospital here after being flown from Calbayog Sunday in a U. S. Navy seaplane piloted by Lt. Cmdr. William "Ace" Kauber, Beaumont, Calif. The smTivors snld three American women passengers, who "behaved mnrvclously" during the Christmas night tragedy when the Kina was dashed ashore In a rag- Ing typhoon, still are being cared for aboard the Samuel Bakke. The Americans are Miss Ada Es- penshndc, 33, of Chicago, and two whose addresses are unavailable. Miss Louise Rasso and Miss Anne Malek. All three are War Department civilian employes. The typhoon which wrecked the | Kina and spread a swath of de-! struction across the Philippines, In- 1 chiding Manila, blew itself on(, at sea today at a. point 200 miles i South of Tokyo. 156 pounds of meat, the largest per capita consumption III 38 years. In a yenr-end statement. John T. Kiev, clmirmaii of the meat institute's boavd of directors, snirt that tliis ycnr's meat production totaled 23,200.000,001) pounds. He estimated next ycnr's production at 21,500,000,000 pounds. Next, year, he said, animals will be sent lo market nt. lighter weights, because of (he need for conserving grain. There will be less "finished" beef for choice cuts of meat, Krey~ B nid. Krey dirt not mention prices, but he said that "consumer purchasing power for meat U expected to remnln at a high level In 1948."" University of Chicago To Take Over Atom Lab OAK RIDGE, Tcnn.. Dec. 20. (UP)—The University of Chicago will take over .super-vision of Clinton Laboratories at the atomic city Jan. 1. • Name of the spot where much of the nation's atomic Information I developed will be known henceforth as the Clinton National Laboratory. Monsanto Chemical Company has | been operating the laboratory up to now. Very finely powdered coal, prepared by an Improved process, enriches oil fuels used hi Industrial power plants. rcnched n new peak of 111.600,000. The records also showed dial more veterans participated in government al<l programs during 1047 tlmn In any previous year. Of the loin! number of veterans 14,(585,000 are from World War II nnd 3,884,000 from all other wurs and the regular military establishment. RECTAL DISEASES (All Trpri F.i The present vclernn population Is Approximately (hrce times wlmt II wai In July, 1915. Veterans lu all types of govern- meiil Unlnlnx program* reached a new pciik of 'J.800,000 on Nov. 30. Them were 2,6«,<WO In eilHcnllon nnd training programs under the G. I. Mill of HlKht.i ami 254.000 under the Vocational Rehabilitation Act. [ Although new applications for unemployment nllowanccs gradually declined, the lotnl number of vet- ovans •wllc.cUiiK their $20-i\-wcek compensation was approximately 7,800,000. Officials suld It will bo higher when the Dt'cciubqr flxurc is available. The overall cost of veterans luiiimployiucnt compensation has been $3,tia«,66l,127. ShiuiKhal lle.i In about (he same latitude as Mobile, Ala. kenlit<-k\ Straight Sour M(islt 1 00 Proof ltDWSTONE BOTTIED IN BOND Hnrrclt Hamilton, Inf., OUirihuior, I.ltile lt»rk Army Schfdules Trial* For Olympic Athletes WASHINGTON, Dec. M—(UP)-. __ ... _. _, Hie Army disclosed today that It j are you going to do with me? getting ready to find its best! "\\ f are going to return you to your parents," Williams jnid he replied. "If this girl is me and you send is men for. the 1948 Olympic* competition. me back, I don't have to stay," he said she told him.- • • Read Courier News Want Adi. The Army will hold athletic cham- « }ushlp tournaments in boxing, rinis and golf during 1948. Army and Air J\>rce men will take part in the boxing tournament, scheduled tentatively for June 1 to June 20 at Fort Sheridan. 111. tentatively for July 15 to 28 In Winners in each weight will com- th? New York area.- pete for places on the 1948 Olym- The Bolf tournament will be held pics boxing team. from Aug. 15 to Aug. 31 at Port The tennis tourney is scheduled ! Lewis. Wash Officer Killed as Negro Runs Amok in Cell Block FLORENCE,, S. C.. Dec. J9. (UP) —Tension - eased today: in: a prison cell block where a Negro prisoner ran amok Saturday night and: killed one policemnn and wounded two other officers hetore ha was shot to death. The Negro, James Tnylor of Greenville, Ala., grabbed a pistol from Sgt, A. M. Bailey when officers entered the bullpen to separate Taylor and another Negro who were fighting. Firing wildly, Taylor killed' Patrolman Grady IWnrtin, wounded Bailey tn the chest*and head and shot Pntrolninn R. S. Bellamy In the j arm. Despite .his wound, Bellamy j managed to draw his own pistol and . fired one bullet into Taylor's head,' I killing him Instnnlly. X Look! - - - Champagne for New Year's Eve---And It's Inexpensive! 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