Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on November 1, 1967 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 1, 1967
Page 3
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Redlands Daily Focts Wednesday, Nov. 1, 1967 Poge 3 October a dry one High temperatures usher in November Blue skies and warm tempera-; c;ly. The average normal rain- turcs ushered in the month of fall for October is .9-1 inches November in Redlands today I but Redlands recorded not one with mercury readings reaching;drop. 93 degrees al 1:30 p.m. | November also averages alwut Forccailcrs called for rising .94 inches of moisture. Last humidity and decreasing winds vcar. the month produced .70 for Southern CaUfornia, a boon, inches in the city following ncar- to weary firefighters after a'ly half an inch in October, threc^ay siege of battles with^ ji^^^^^i ,j„^^ beginning, ..umerous major fires and Uic'^f .^^ reason on Julyj elements. . 1 i. is less than one inch (.S3).! October in Redlands was a ;,-„rmal precipitation total to I month of Ideal Ir^ian summer j ^ ^. j^^^cs. ! cays. Temperatures failed to „ ... , , . , ' r«ch the 100 degree mark and, GasMh wiU be a little high- I cr this month for most Red-. 'lands residents. Ma.ximiim: Investigators probe arson in parsonage Investigators are probing evenings were temperate. Precipitation was tlie only;^ , , ,, ,. . , , beneficial element lacking in the :\'^"'P^"'"^<^=^ =*hould dip into^ inc oO degree range on several i occasions during November. j Last year, tlie overnight lows dropped to 36 degrees on two late November nights, but readings in the 40's and low 50's «crc most common. i Skiers take heed — before the md of the month the fir.'t iieavy snowfalls of the season sometimes arrive in local ,. , . • ^. • mountain areas abovQ, 5.000! fire last night in the parsonage j^^j | home of a Redlands minister ^^^^ ^.p^,.,^^ Bureau"piciicts! TRICK OR TREAT BACKFIRES — Two costumed youngsters peer from rear window of auto that qccidentally struck and injured 3l}-year-old Redlands girl as she ran across Brockton last night during Holloween visits to apartments in the area. The injured girl's candy-laden canvas bog, which was labeled "Trick or Tre at," lies beneath rear of car near tire. Talking to driver Elcazor Soto is Police It. Don Walters. (Facts photo by Herb Pasik) Trick-or-treat caper ends with girl hurt as a possible case of arson. Fire officials .«aid the general alarm blaze, reported at <:30 p.m., caused an estimated StOO damage at the home of Rev. Clifford Martin, pastor of I h 0 Second Baptist Church. They said the fire apparently was touched off in a bed uith a flammable liquid that was ignited. The blaze, according to arson investigators, may have been set by someone who to^^cd the flammable liquid through a uin- dow. They said Rev. Martin was unable to explain why anyone little temperature change with^ highs reaching 95 degrees in ihc Redlands area tomorrow- only -14 shopping davs bclore Christmas. GETTING EVEN? — Mrs. Vernon R. (Nito) Edmondson. of 306 Ash street, greeted "trick or treot" visitors to her home in this ghoulish hollway setting lost night, complete with a creok. ing from door, eerie background music and ghostly lighting. Rising out of on authentic cosket, she welcomed young condy-seeking guests with o hideous cackle, then held out o basket of goodies initially hidden inside the cosket :over. What was the point? "Just gef- tina even (or ail these yeors," joked Mrs. F.dmondson, whose husbond, base chaploin at Norton, hid behind the door ofter opening it slowly hr each visitor. (Facts photo by Herb Poslk) $2.183 million In Las Vegas Scherer gets Tower bid Louis P Sclicrcr. Redlands In addiiion to the show-room eating facilities en liir :Tih general contractor, lias been theater, which is similar 10 door, and on i!u' 2Jih liixir .t awardi-d a contract for SL'.ISJ.- others on the Las \egas Strip. 1, „ ,"'.„ , ', (100 for the final phase of the the comravl calls for conslruc ""^ ""'^'^ Chad McClellan to speak to UR Fellows Nov. 21 would attempt to burn doxs-nlhe^28.^,^rv Landmark Tower at Las tion of shops for mens «car. parsonage. The possibility of a;iwomca's «ear. furs, jeuclry Hallow een prank apparently has; " ' been mlcd out. officers said. dancing egas. iwomcas wear. lurs. jc»cu-y I-ouncc siious uill ix- "ii the i Scherer i'^ aUo finishing an and a recreation area with a first floor and 27lh floor and 'earlier $2,400,000 contract fori'3'"S' swimming pool, large re- n,ain ..^how in the new show- complcUon of the tower. Mn -if |^l;o_n _P ^_l 3D^/';f^|;h'S|'theater. balance of the floors are ��� hotel rooms. The Landmark To»cr will i .A tri'.k-or-trcat caper on Hal-|Companion raced the,or treat" bag in her hands, wa' i lottccn night ended in near trag- i street toward the car which struck by a westbound car dri< ;criy for a 3':-ycarold Red;liad deposited them in the area, en by Eleazcr Soto. 28. of 113' •lamis girl who was accidentally, a short lime earher. police said. Herald street. He was not held struck and injuretl by an auto She was taken to Community Two costumed youngsters, wh' a."- she ran across Brockton ave- HospiiaUhy Redlands ambulance, apparently al<o had been take: , nue near Lombard drive, clutch- triatcii for multiple abrasions on trick or treat visits or ha' : ing a bag of candy, police re- and a<lmitted for observation, attended a PT.\ carnival in th. 'Porte<l. tier condition this morning was.-.rea. were in Soto's car whn The child. Tin.i Horton of 1027 iL-ted a.s "good. " the accident occurred. Po^t street, was .'truck about Police said tlie child, wearing! According to police, a witncs r-4i) pin. a tew blocks from a Halloween mask and clutch- -itiing in a parked tar 75 lev her home as she and a young ing a canvas, candy-filled "trick Irom the accident scene saw n: .lulu drive up and Tina aiio • another child get out. The witness told investigatin'. otliters the children walkei across the street ami went to- the doors of several apartment buildings on trick or treat calls. R,,'"am^ araircnllv e^caivHl ^' '^'h"'"' McClellan. Within Los .\ngclcs sports cir- •"'.'"^ "id Tina was struck ar u- un^calhH from C '"rmer president of the Nation- cics. he is known as the man -vungsters ran back toward lnl,c ?^niX .een night Prani!: a" Assn of Manufacturers afld who brought the Dodgers to Los <'^e car that had brought them, sicrs and vandals, police re- •""•''"'f assi.>tant secretary of ..\ngcles. having repre.-enlcd the iml.- i.idualcd t(>Jay ;commerce, will address iho an- city and the county in the trans- The mo5l -criou-, incident re-^""*' ""c Lnivcr- fcr negotiations, [vrtivl as of this morning in-=-''y Redlands Fellows Nov. McClcllan-s interests have mauntflinC \oKed a fire touched off by," taltpn him m fnrni^n lanrfs fr,..; lllWMlliVillia Community not bothered by nranksters Visibility of improves 21 in Los .Angeles. taken him to foreign lands, fre-: ' andals who poured gasoline on "i^" ^ friends of the qucntly on business for the U.S.' the lawn at Cope junior high:^''''^*^''*''y <»P«<:ted for the government. He has had a.ssign- ,schf«I at about 6 p.m. Firemen^"•a<l'''0"al'aU event, to be held mcnts in luly. Germany. Yugo- 1 y-jjibjijiy „f ^^c mountain^ .-ai -i a fi>c-fo(n t)y 10-foot >5lch ',"JJ|"^ ^'^''^"'^allrwjm of the slavia.C^^^ Redlands was better ir 1967. than it w a s ii' the same month of 1966, accord Loalon Post \Mor,,rthTc:^no:iJ:by>r cascade, and related lacili- Legion rOST buiWing and coffee shop. ;'«^- nianc hot cake construction of the final phase: When completed, the Land- piHIia HWlWWnv; is.on a 24-hour-a-day basis, sev- mark Tott'cr will have a largc^ ij^^ greatest a;!raction m ofgr,.ss was scorched.'bmni announced pan under technical assistance breakfast * " '"^ J' IH <- area.- Mr S<!,rrcr sa>s oth.r damage resulted. Cniversily President George H. programs. From 1955-57 he ,^ DreaHT«91 630.,„, ^.nncr ^ho».ro«m Pround floor ^^g™! dining g^,,^^^^ contractor The sounds of e.vplo<hns f,re., served under appointment (mm^ j ,„ observations made by thr TTie annual Ametican Legion !h"|er ready for a grand open- °" "^"^ ^'^ iTn -e wUh °" '^'•n^'""^''"" "••"^k"> --haltered the night in Prc^'rni of the Manage- President Eisenhower as assist-;Dgj,,. fa^^ ^u.^iliary Weather hotcakc breakfast will be held '"S ^tt^rs eve. orn; casino ana loun^c ^^^^^ ^^^^^.^ financial various parts of the ciiv and menl Council for Merit Employ- ant secretary of commerce for ,s ,a,jo„ near the Southside Fire Saturday morning from 6:30 to ' problems caused a delay of .sev- ..g^s reportcilly were thrown by "lent. Traming and Research, international relations. He aUo s ,ation at Garden and Mariposa II am. and it is free to 196S 1A #-.I^—— — ^^ .aAaM AMA J«S»«A «» eral years in completion of the car-borne youths at the La Po.v. -McClellan has been working was general manager of the j^^^ mountains couW be see-i project. Mr. Schorcr has built a<!a Hotel and sc\eral homes, tnroughoul the state to open the American National ENhibition in;all but two days of th. many building.v and liousmg rie- ()((,cia:> at Vallcv Prep -loors of employment to mem- .Moscow in 1939. another request month or 29 days of visibilitv Uelopments in I!c<l)an<is starling School rc()ortwi that' vandals bers of minority groups. from Prc.<idcm Eisenhower. ;in the 1930> Fi 'r the past 10 had srrnared paint on the out- Long •inlercsted in education. McClellan. chairman of the years he has liciii doim; consul- „( ij,^ facility. McClellan has served on the board of the Old Colony Paint 4j.sjblc 29 days compared to 22 Las Vc- Tiie „niy arrcM> made 'ward of -.rusices of the Nation- and Chemical Division of Con- la^, year and at sunset 18 davs paid up members and their families, it was announced today by Don Montgomery, commander. Hot cakes, eggs, sausages and extras will be on the menu with sour dough pan cakes a siK-cial feature. The annual o\cnt is held in the clubhouse at West State .street. Mark Shupc is chairman of '.' the committee assisted liy Larrv Larscn. Boh Lawrence. ('•^•'^''•<"^" Sherrill Wood, .too Eslrclla. How- Ro.-,i-oe L\da. welfare admin Welfare deparfmenf hires 17 addifhnal employes 1966 there were 25 day- suririsc the mountains wen- SAN BER.NARDINO iCNAl— is the worst thai can happen if crabic c-onslmction in Hiring of 17 additional employ- \ou don't get these people:'" gas. divi<iing his time ?s in the welfare department, to Lvda answered that the coun-his projects there a.-id nicci;hcioad"ofinc"reasingwel-ty 'would lose some federal fomia. (arc needs, was authorized Mon- lunds. requiring an expenditure V bv the Countv Board of Su- "f ^"cen £175.000 and r200 .(jOO of county funds. Hiring the workers, it was disclo.'cd. would ' cost less than S70,000 for t h c bolwcen m Cab- ard Chandlec'and buaiie'Bick- islrator. told the Board he would ^^^^ ^1^^ , le. probably bo back to ask for supervisor Ross Dana pointed more help "More people arc go- ^^^^ gharri al budget; ing on the relief rolls than I had.askcd Lyda to try t<il Wrong car to hitch ride with made night mxolved two adults book- at Merit Scholarship Corp and CliemCo. also has .served as compared with 20 days, eel in City Jail for alleged in- the llaynts Foundation and is a president of the Los Angeles, January and February. 1967. s.iMcjtion in separate incidents.ipast chairman of the board of Chamber of Commerce, the Los ;ca,| „itb the best visibility in Tile only llalloucen night in- trustees of Occidental College. .Angeles World .Affairs Council the past year, •iiry riporlcd involved a 3ycar-'Hc is an Uccidental College and ihc .Merchants and Manu- old girl accidentally hit by a alumnus. taclurcrs .-\ssn. lar whi> on her "trick or i— irrat' rounds on Brockton a\e- nuc. Telephone PR man Stewart W. Phillips, manager .All Bryan Taylor. 6G, M San, Kaiser gets boulevard. can get off." he said. ; , , . , , „ Supervisor S. Wesley Break'«?di^''Ta1 "iwi^^r^^^^^ . of pubhc affairs programs i-jProtested the welfare.but^enonif^^^ General Telephone Elcc- 'aJ^pa.vfrs. saying he had bcenii,-. ^aid Dana "so 1 am nolit? AIL ,1 . . C » . ' Service CorporaUon i„!reeently consultedby a «_oni_an |5 'oin ;tiV .^',-hi/°eUT." "'"'^""'-^ "" """"" •" Dana added that in his district he found that the reduced staff and the new methods employed in welfare were disturb- .•nu u u .. '"^ '° "^'^"'y P*"P'''- "ho^home. ;The comract calk for > i„f,l «f "The bab>-..mer was he.^own ;ao not have case workers call- officer Don Kurtz, the draerimo^ to 'e ^Jlm Til being booked Rainless October proves favorable for crops the Net VorrCilyrhar ^^n-n-am^S able to get off weUare but u^ director of pubUc relations for fWe to search for a job becaui* Uie General Telephone Company ,7"'In cluId Lk of California. Parker Sullivan.!babysitter while she could look president of the California firm,""" announced today. Congressman Jerry Pettis, 33rd District. CaUfornia. today! . Sure enough, the driver slow-i announced that Kaiser Stccli\ . , . . , „:„>,,-,. cd down and stopped. jcorporaUon has been awarded!'^8"'^""""' "'Sh-iaf In the long run. Taylor got a contract for the raaufacturc his free ride, but not to his,of ammunition bo.\cs (M-2A1). Although rainless. Octoiier pertion of the harvest season, was a favorable month for crops. Prospects for the new crop of according to the monthly report \ alcncias continues unfavor- thc County Department of > able. The crop Ls small in size well as volume although nor- Padua Hills play "Fandango Ranchcro," a production by Uie Mexican Players, will be featured through November U in fie Padua Hills Theater at Claremont. lights follow: . jmal growth occurred during The new navel orange crop;'""^ month. Prelimihary csti-| has improved somewhat through'"'atet of 110 field boxes per normal fruit growth although it'Jcrc U the lowest in the last i^ still late in developing. Crop,"* icars. volume continues to be light i The new grapefruit crop is with variations between groves also light in relation to previous and within groves noted in all years. Fruit sizes are approach- citrus districts. Light fruit split-; ing normal although volume is ting is evident in all areas for cc^isidcred some 100 boxes less ans." I lion, approved the added staff,! next" while being booked on ihrouch August. 1968. Before the Board finallv voted I although A.vala said he was vol-1 an intoxication charge. "Tlicse boxes will be produced ^. , , u . j to hire the new workers " Surer-i ing "relucUDtly" for the mo-l •He even tried to sell me his at the Kaiser installation in Fon-:""* ""^"^ Presently eslimat-,than the .-ea.son just completed, isor Ruben Avala asked -What'lion. bell for a dime." .s.iid Kurt/, tana." slated Pettis. i'' "^'^ '"^'^ bo«s per acretonlinued good fruit growth may \isui nuui .1. .-1. oia a.ivv , ^ ^ the couuty. cause an upward revision m the The present Valencia orange P'<'*P '" forecast of 330 field harvest should terminate early be.xes per acre. !n .November. Iieavy cuUagcdue .All apple varieties reached: to granulation has plagued grow- maturity standards during Octo-• ers of this crop through a good ber with fine quality fruit now — bring harvested. ^ i Scouts to pick up bags for Goodwill Saturd JOSEPH L. STOUDT ay Saturday is "Good Turn Day."'at moderate prices in the Good-; Boy Scoots who di.vtribut«d ,vill stoies providing funds for' Goodwill bags throughout the ^pcralmg costs and ser-j San Bernardino Valley and des- » >- » crt areas last week will com- ' picte their door-lo-door cam- The International Brotherhood i paign by delivcnug the filled of Teamsters, Local No. 467 ,1 bags, to G<wdw_ill Industries. be furnishing 35 trucks and; This IS the 19th annual Good Turn Day conducted by the,''""" ^ood Turn Day col ScouU of the Arrowhead Boy' lections. Seoul Council. Scouts of thci Hundreds of adult volunteers!tors. ?L'!'-1-'!!!?:;«'" donating their time; P^*?^J." *'^n8 'or 1968 of-.r Don Leonard to head local Realtor board Convalescent hospital names administrator lands area will be participaUng! . „ . • . ., ficers today ,L„ ..„,» "l and efforts in Ihc drive, as wclli , . ... , for the third year. ' c • ' Leonard, partner in the real Housewives are urged lo JiUjas bcouts. I^^j^j^ j.^^ of Lcenard and the Goodwill bags with rcpaii-| Good Turn Day chairmen arc Harvest of wine grapes is now ll.rce-fourths complete. Adverse! spring weather and labor shorl-j 'a:es have tentied to prolong; , the season. Warm dry winds i have raised the soluble solids j j content but have reduced Ihcj tonnage. Overall .vields arc less I llhan last year although rctums|'y appointed administrator for Don conard. first vice picsidcnt are higher. jthc Terracina Convalescent hos of Ihc Redlands Board of Real-; Walnuts arc being harvested'lital. 1520 West Fern avenue, was promoted lo board 'i "'e Yucaipa district with' Prior lo his coming to Red excellent quality lamls. Sloudl was the Adminis trator of the Casa Content Joseph L. Stoudt is the ncn-- I" able clrthing longer used byJHoy C. IliU. county school su-juary. He wtll succeed Wanda {Gamsey. will take office in Jan-! ••aAirAc luary. He wtll succeed Wanda' and Martin H.'Hale. .^tunz. principal of Redlands Other new officers elected at I High school. Ihts mornings mecling of the Board (>{ Realtors were Margaret Thomas, first vice president; Jim Daniel, second vice president: Delbert Fowler, treasurer: and Charles Parker and Mrs.' Fayrcne Burton, directors. Gen. Couplcind the family. Bags should be. rinlemlenl placed outside the front door b>!^"". 11 a.m. Saturday. Repairable clothing means job and training — hope for the future — for more than 130 handicapped men and women | now working at Goodwill. Har-, old Francis, Goodwill execulivc Williim M. Slinkard, mirlnt director, explained. j private, .vm of Mr. and Each filled bag provides al- Fred B. Slinkar<l. 435 W, About people „^ High-i Holdover directors arc Don mo»l four hours of woik. Fran-!lands avenue, has completed two; Arnegard and Wanda Hale, cis added.. ivceks of training under simu-jwhile Florence KiWay is an as- Clothing is cleaned or laun-jlaled combat conditions in lhc|sociatc director. GOCV)S FOR GOODWIU — Mrs. George E. Eolei, of Redlands, left, is reody for Good TVmrDoy thH Sofurdoy. She hands a Goodwill bog filled with repoiroble clothing for Goodwill to Cub Scouts, pictured from left, lufher Borq^nrdl, Bob CoHisle and David Rawlinion, Scouts be eollecfipg material door-to-door throughout the Redlands area Saturday. dercd. mende<l and pressed. Shoes, furniture, appliances and household items arc expertly repaired. Tlic merchandise is then sold fundamentals of day and night palroling. employment of infan try weapons, survival methods! Board's The 1968 officers will be installed December 6 during the and assault Pendleton. tactics at Camp I held at Club. annual meeting to be Ihc Rcdlamls Country i Nursing and Convalescent hos pital. a 15U-bcd facility localei' in Panorama City. He was formerly associate iwilh Hospital Research, a Cali Maj. ficn. Don Coupland. aud-|fomia Company, for sevci ilor general of the United Stales Air Force, retired from military iicrvice this week, culminating a career that spanned 30 years. Lt. Gen. Theodore R. Milton. C'..mptrollcr of the Air Force who flew here especially for the years: with the Pullman com pany in Chicago for 19 years a. supervisor of training and als' served as an instructor for thi Dale Carnegie course. He graduated from the Vill; I Grove Township high school occasion, formally retired Gen-!Douglas County. 111., and re eral Coupland al ceremonies ceive<l his certification from UK held in the auditorium of Bldg.; iicrsonnci management and bus 528 Tuesday afternoon. Gen. Cnupland resided in Redlands in the late 1950s when he became the first deputy commander for ballistic missiles in the former San Bernardino Air Materiel Area. iness adminislratioo at the Uni vcrsily of Chicago. .Mr. Stoudt and his wife. Lou ise, have been married for 3i years, have two children and .two grandchildren. They havt 'movc<l to Redlands.

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